Website Text Size Very Small

I got a new dell laptop with windows 7. For some reason, all websites appear with text in a really small font size. I've tried increasing font size and even set it to appear in largest text size. The problem is, then it's way too big and looks cartoonish. I also set it to make pages appear in 125% and 150%, which is also way too big and distorts the page.

I also lowered page resolution, but that doesn't work because the system has it set at the max, which is the suggested setting. Any ideas as to why windows 7 and internet explorer and firefox looks so different than xp or vista, etc?

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System Fonts Small After Icon Size Increase

I decided that i wanted to increase the size of my desktop icons. I held down ctrl and used the mouse wheel to increase the sizes. I also increased the text size in display properties from 100% to 125%. After doing this i logged off then on again to see my changes. I found that the system text was far too big to be a comfortable viewing size. I went back to display properties and i changed the font size from 125% to 100% (the default). When i logged off and on again, the text of the system it was incredibly tiny. It looks like the text size is like 8 or even 6pt. I tried looking the control panel to see if there was anything i can do, but i cant find anything.

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Text Size Control Effecting Office 2007 Applications

Under win7 pro 64 bit, control panel -> display, you have the option of adjusting size of text and other items on your screen (from 100% up to 150%). This was also an option under winxp, so i am well familiar with it. However, what's different this time under win7, is that now when you adjust text size via this control, not only does it make changes to your operating system text size, but it also effects office 2007 applications such as excel. This is a big problem.

I have many excel worksheets with charts that were created with specific size requirements for presentations. If i now change the text size of the operating system (because i have poor eyesight) this creates a huge problem for me. I would have to go back and re-configure hundreds of individual charts.

Question: is there any way to tell win7 to not change the size of my office 2007 applications when i adjust the text size under the control panel. Is there a registry key somewhere that is forcing this change, which can be disabled.

I had a similar issue with win7 and office 2007 that i was able to fix recently. Win7 was forcing "clear type" fonts in office 2007, and was not offering any option to disable the clear type font. Eventually i was able to find a registry fix that gave me back control. So i'm looking for something similar to take back control of "text size. " 

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Some Program Opening Small In Win 7

Some of the program windows are opening extremely small in windows 7. For example, i have a sesame street software program for my kids that opens very small, and there is no maximize option available in the upper right corner as is the case in most screens. I have noticed a couple of web sites doing the same thing in ie.could someone provide me with a solution? 

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Lost Office Small Business

I have a sony vaio vgn-sr19xn which came pre-installed with vista and a trial version of ms office small business. I upgraded my version of office online (via download). After completing a system restore and deciding to upgrade to windows 7 at the same time i now have no version of office of my laptop. I tried to downloaded office 2007 trial and upgrade to full version with my product key but was told it's not valid. The trial version of outlook 2007 has since frozen and now shuts 1- 2 secs after opening.

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Installing Ms Office Small Business 2003

I just installed ms office small business 2003 on my new computer with windows 7 pro. No problem installing it however, when i try to use word or excel i get a eula that says i must register. Then i get the message " the activation wizard is unable to find a connection to the internet. " When i am connected to the net and updates come through just fine. I tried un-installing and re-installing the disc but ended up with the same message. Any ideas on what to do?

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Some Text On Programs Get Smaller

Some text on programs get smaller after the computer has turned off from the "starting windows" on windows 7. What could i do? Shall i replace all my text files with my laptop using windows 7? Will that work? What problems i am troubling? Anyone know? "Some" text, not all.

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Microsoft Word In Office Small Business Problem

I bought the m office small business 2007 and installed it on my new computer in july last year on vista. Then i got a free upgrade to w 7 from the manufacturer, and replaced vista, sometime in the fall. All worked fine, until today, when my word is just looking pretty messed up -there is an added icon like thingy on the page screen on any existing word doc. I open or i am trying to create- it looks something like a backwards p with two lines in the tail. Very weird!

I've tried as much as troubleshooting as i could have, but nothing works: i deleted and reinstalled the microsoft suite, i read and searched and looked everywhere, but can't find anything remotely similar to my problem. I'm sure someone out there has seen or heard of this before and might be able to point me in the right direction!

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Shared Folder Stops Working At Small Office

I've narrowed down the problem and done some more research, so i'm asking this question again but more clearly. Sorry if this is considered a repost. One of my clients has a small office with 7 pcs in a work-group. They're trying to connect them all to the shared drive on a pc running windows 7 home premium. Eventually the shared drive on the "server" becomes inaccessible and they get this exact error:z: is not accessible.

Not enough server storage is available to process this command. I uninstalled norton and set the irp stack size to 50 (18 & 20 didn't fix it), but they're still getting the error, presumably after more than 5 pcs attempt to access the network share. The only way to make it work again when this happens is to restart the machine.

My question is, is this happening because home premium only allows a maximum of 5 computers to connect to it's shared folders, or is it likely something else?  Is there a way to reset whatever is causing this error so they can continue to access the drive without having to restart the computer?  Do i have to upgrade the machine to windows 7 professional or ultimate to make it work as a server with more than 5 computers?

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Games Not Running In Full Screen - Small Display

When i installed a game (call of duty or microsoft madness) every time i run other games (gta3 ext)the screen is small didn't have this prob before how do i change it back so all games are a bigger screen again tried to find answer in various settings menu but nothing seems to be sorting the prob the only game thats the right size is call of duty all others are small screen any suggestion?

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Games Open In Small Window Not In Full Screen

When playing smashing games or mini clip games, it is in a small window and not full screen. How can i change this? Also, when ie open i can see the background at the top of the screen (same line as minimize and close icons) and i can see the background on the bottom task bar. Can i get this to be filled in?

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Garbled Text Input From Keyboard

When typing on my keyboard my input is sometimes garbled or rearranged. Running 64-bit windows 7 ultimate. Problem appears occasionally. Goes away when computer is restarted. Might go for weeks without a is on during the day and off each night. When the problem occurs i can plug in a different keyboard and the problem continues. When the problem occurs, i can input successfully if i use the "on-screen keyboard" application.

The garbled characters appear in the same sequence as the key order on a qwerty keyboard. In other words, for example, i might try to type "green" and the characters may appear as "asdfg" or "xcvbn" or any other 5 characters that are sequential on a qwerty keyboard, including numeric keypad. Shift key works properly.

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Text To Speech Stopped Working

We are using some homeschooling software & the text-to-speech feature quit working. On the software's help page, they said to look under the control panel in windows 7 to see if the tts was working. Unfortunately, due to maybe some update, two of the previously-seen voices are missing (only see microsoft anna now) and when running the "testing" part of tts, it doesn't work either.

Has anyone else experienced this problem? I'm not exactly sure when it quit working, as we don't use that feature often, but it's an out-of-box feature for windows 7 ultimate. Anyone know of a ms fix or some other way to make tts work again? My other sound features are working fine, as we use media center for viewing dvds & also use ie & firefox for watching music videos & hulu.

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Merge Multiple Text Files

I have got multiple text files which are generated everyday like:

Abb20100103.txt and so on
Acc20100102.txt and so on
Addrp20100102.txt and so on

I hope now you can understand the file structure. I have around more than 6000 files. What i want to do is merge all the files relating to abb in abb.txt, relating to acc in acc.txt, relating to addrp in addrp.txt and similarly all the other files that i have in the folder. How can i achieve this objective?

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Text Vanishing From Folder Names

Every few days or weeks (depending on use) when i open a media player (i've had this happen with both windows media player and winamp) all the song titles that use asian (chinese and japanese characters specifically, i have no other languages to test it on) text have been replaced with blocks. When i try opening the mp3 files in explorer, all of the folders and subfolders using asian text have also been replaced with blocks. If i try to type the information in again, the characters all turn into blocks immediately.

When i reboot, the information is back exactly as before, so it's not being lost, something is just going wrong with the text display. I have no idea if this is being caused by a program or not - i always notice it first in a media player and then find it in the folder names as well, but since it affects the names of folders in the default windows explorer view it seems to be more than one program failing to render text right.
Ps i have no idea why my post is in grey font, it defaulted to that and if there's a way to change it i don't know. Sorry it's a pain to read.

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Clear Type Text Option

When setting up clear type text, the application will not save settings. My words are extremely blurry when i have the text size set at 100% and can only view text with the size set at 115% or higher. Changing the resolution only makes it worse. (I have computer set to recommended resolution status. )  Any idea on how i can get clear type to save my preferred settings?  Actually, clear type worked during initial set up but after recent windows updates clear type hasn't worked properly.

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Unable To Open Pdf Files Using Office Small Business

I am unable to open a pdf file. My o/s is window 7 and using microsoft office small business 2007. When attempting the following shows on the screen:

File conversion

Select the encoding that makes your document readable

Window (default) ms-dos other encoding

On right side of screen a drop down menu (unable to navigate to english).

I have attempted everything i know (which may be limited to most of you) please assist me as i need to access these documents immediately.

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Connecting Win 7 To Small Business Server Premium 2008

What is required to connect windows 7 pro to small business server premium 2008. Do any special service packs have to be installed on sbs?

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Larger Text Won't Stay

Just bought a netbook with windows 7 starter installed. Can barely see font, and changed it under "tools, " "options, " and set minimum font at 12. I unchecked the box that" allows pages to choose their own fonts, " but am still stuck squinting at tiny text. Is this a glitch, or is there something i am supposed to do in addition to the steps i've just outlined? I am a mac user (have 3, but cannot afford mac's laptop), and generally don't run into problems like this.

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Cannot Save Text Added To .cfg Files

I'm new to windows 7 (as is practically everyone, seeing as how it's a new os. ) And i'm currently running flight simulator x deluxe edition. In the past, on my xp machine, i enjoyed adding scenery items, aircraft repaints, etc. And in order to introduce aircraft repaints, lines of text must be added to a certain . Cfg file located in one of the scenery folders. My problem is, that although i can open and view the content of the . Cfg file, when i add the new text and try to save, i get an "access denied" error message. It simply won't allow me to save!

This single action is the only thing standing in the way of me enjoying the use of the scenery file i've recently downloaded. Any advice on how to get around this annoying issue would be great! I've already browsed through administrator capabilities, and have tried opening the . Cfg file in both notepad and wordpad, but with no success.

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Lines Of Text Crunched Vertically In Several Programs

Several programs supposedly compatibility with win 7, some new & some old have lower half of lines of text missing & crunched into lines above. Such as family tree maker 2010 & dell pc tuneup. Windows 7 compatibility problem solver was not able to help.

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Text Boxes Won't Stay Scrolled Down

When entering text into text boxes like on a forum, often, and seemingly at random, when it starts to scroll, ie when there is more text than the size of the box and it gets the scroll bar to the right, it will keep the scroll bar about in the middle, and every time i enter another character it will jump down to the bottom briefly before jumping back to its original position. So if i am typing fast, it causes a spastic dance.

This happens on more than one forum site, so i'm pretty sure it's a problem with ie8 or win7. I should also note that i wanted to be sure it wasn't any peripherals, so i disconnected everything except the monitor and keyboard. I even took a video of it happening, but i'm not sure where or how to embed that.

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Website Restore Error

So today when i tried to play a game witch i have been for several years on the same computer, it redirects me when i click play now. This redirection says internet explorer has stopped trying to restore this website. It appears the website continues to have a problem.

The thing is its only my computer that this site does not work with, i have tried my brother's computer witch is directly in the other room and it worked fine so therefor it is not the websites problem.

I have tried rebooting my computer using internet explorer fix it and trying another internet source but still no luck, it seems as if something is blocking me from entering the site but i have been on it that afternoon.

I recently posted this on the games forums and it seems it has only been me with the problem people suggested to use command prompt to ip flush and clearing my cache but again no luck. Please help me out here is this a internet problem or is it something to do with my computer.

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Unable To Sign In To A Website

A problem has just started in the last few days where i can't sign in to a website i have done so before many times. It's .

I can load the home page but when i click to sign in it simply comes back to the home page and i can't get any further.

I have cleared the cache including cookies but still no luck.
I have the site listed in the trusted zone.
I have contacted the site and they say it is to do with ie8 so can't help.
I can get through on mozilla but don't want to keep swapping browsers and would like to stay with ie8.

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Cannot Access Bank Website

Customer having trouble with our web site after getting new computer. I have a customer that has a new computer and tries to log in with his id and password onto our bank site and an error about his browser keeps popping up and not allowing him to access his account information. He has a dial up connection with netzero. I am at a loss with this and he is able to access his account on his work computer just fine. We have been trying to solve this issue for 2 weeks now. I (he) really needs some help with this before he goes to another bank and experiences the same problem.

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Cannot Stay Signed In To A Website

First, my apologies if this takes a while to explain. We have 2 laptops. Mine runs vista and ie8. My partner's was originally running vista when he bought it last spring. He recently had it upgraded to windows 7 (64-bit version) and ie8. There is a website that we both sign on to with the same user id/password. I have no problems. He continually gets bounced out and it acts like he never signed in. He tries to look at something and it says he is not a member and to please sign in. Or it says he has been idle too long and to please sign in again (when he's been right there trying to click on something).

Every time he tries to click on something, it bounces him out. You can imagine the frustration this is causing. He did not have this problem until his pc was upgraded to windows 7 and ie8. Has anyone else experienced this? Just for full disclosure this is an adult website and he doesn't have problems with any other website.

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Cannot Download / Connect To Any Website

I'm at work and i just connected a computer to the internet and i installed all of the new updates it also downloaded and installed internet explorer 7. So after i did that i got on the internet to download internet explorer 8 but every time i tried to download it nothing would show up, i also tried to download firefox but that didn't download either. Also i can't log in to anything on the computer i had to switch computers to log in on this website to ask this question. Every time i try to log into any website it says i have connection problem.

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Website Screen Is Filling Monitor

Website screen is filling monitor - instead of having access @ top & bottom of screen to other websites/programs. I've lost the screen i usually have - where you have a top & bottom showing all the websites you have open, and on the bottom, outlook, word, etc. None of that is showing up, i just have one big view of my one and only current website page that i'm viewing. How do i get my other setting back where i can access everything?

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Message - Navigation To The Website Was Canceled

I am upgrading from vista to windows 7. When the install program gets to the point " checking compatibility " i get a message " navigation to the website was canceled " it says to type in a new address. What address? Web page canceled while running windows 7 install.

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Website Blinks When I Move The Mouse

I have ie8 x64, and windows vista home x64. Ever since installing ie8 via windows update, i have had a very annoying problem. Lots of websites, including this page where i am submitting this question, blink or flash when i move the mouse. Just the page and elements on it, not the ie interface or windows task bar. I have read some confusing things as to whether this is an adobe flash player problem with ie8 x64 or just a glitch with ie8, but as it is doing it on this page, which from the source does not use adobe flash, i am not sure it is the problem.

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