Dell Printer 1500 Laser

Dell will not update the drivers for my printer (1500p laser) - it's in perfectly working condition, so i would like to keep it. I have a pc running xp (on a shared network) so i'm wondering. Is there a way to create a shared folder on the xp machine and when i add files to the share from the win7 (x64 hp) pc, the xp treats the folder as a print que, therefore, i can still print from my primary (win7) to the 1500 laser?

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Hp Laserjet 1500 Printer - Unable To Install Drivers

My hp laserjet 1500 printer needs drivers. Why doesn't windows install drivers for this printer? It quite frustrating to spend large dollar on an operating system, only to find out you can't use your hardware with it. This is how business gets a bad name.

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Oki Laser Printer Offline Error

I'm using windows 7 64bit edition and an oki c5150n laser printer and have downloaded the latest drivers from the website. It always says the printer is offline, and when i uncheck the "use printer offline" mode, anytime i try and print it gives an error, which troubleshoot "fixes" by turning the printer to offline mode and the file i sent to print still does nothing. I have checked the cords, rebooted the printer and computer, as well as using "remove device". Any ideas would be appreciated

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Hp Laser Jet 5p Printer Problem In Win 7

I've spent about 5-6 hours on this, and am pulling my hair out.

I've got a new hp computer w/ w7 home premium 64 bit. And i'm connecting my old laserjet 5p via a parrallel line from the printer, to a male, 25 pin (db25), that is plugged into a female db25 parallel cable that has a usb on the other end. Usb is connected to port on the new computer. The device area has it listed as only a "unspecified" unknown device.

I started with w7's canned programs adding a printer, setting up devices, downloading drivers. Driver updates. When the test print did nothing, then i went onto trouble shooting. When that went nowhere.

Then i went to hp, looked through many blogs/community help sites, and eventually used their tech support for both the new computer area (had me re-do the canned parts, download drivers via devices area, again, and when that failed (again) they suggested i call their "commercial laserjet" technician who said. "It's no longer supported. " And if the driver you downloaded doesn't work, it's ms's problem, not them. " Which (eventually) leads me here.

I went thru the ms canned fix-its, and downloaded manually from hp's site (as opposed to the devices automatic download/updates), only to get a message. "Windows encountered a problem installing the driver. The error occurred during installation, because it is either not digitally signed or not your hardware vendor (that would be hp, who doesn't support it)

So you get the picture. I working a pretzel here. Ms says it's hp, hp says it's ms. And all i want is to use my printer that worked two weeks ago on my old compaq

So, there was one hp clue that i found that seems like i might be closer to the problem a .doc that said, look for a ieee 1284 interface in your devices, and make sure there are no error codes. So, i found ieee 1394's or something like that (i'm not there now). But no ieee 1284's. Let alone error codes

So, i got back in touch with hp service, and how do i get ieee 1284 there instead. They said they don't know, and it's a ms problem.

So, with a little more digging, i found in "device manager" that i could add a ieee 1284 printer. But the drag down list did not have the 5p. So close, but so far, and nothing to update, like in the other device area.

So, i'm getting pretty frustrated that an hp printer can't work on an hp computer, even after downloading a driver from hp. Is this ieeee 1284 something you can set up?

Any clues on how to fix this would be very, very much appreciated

Thanks, drjames

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Canon Imagepass D660 Laser Printer - Cannot Find Driver

I'm looking for creative ideas on my friend's current conundrum. He got a new $400 compaq pc from best buy loaded w/ windows 7 64-bit. All went swimmingly well until we got to his canon imagepass d660 laser printer. No 64-bit driver. Canon will never create a 64-bit driver for it. He loves this printer and does not want to abandon it. We can print to the printer from a laptop we converted from 32-bit vista to 32-bit 7. I'd share the printer from the laptop to the desktop but i believe that would still require a 64-bit driver.

I see only two options, unless someone can suggest another:

1. Repurchase win 7 at retail; wipe & reload the pc with 32-bit. Not sure if 32-bit drivers are available for the internal hardware. No cd came with the pc, either.

2. Return the pc and locate another pc with 32-bit loaded - probably via dell or hp online.
If there is any way to circumvent a problem where there is no 64-bit support for a printer but another networked pc can print via 32-bit, i'd love to know about it.

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Canon Lbp 810 Laser Printer Driver Installation Problem

Windows 7 os wont install driver for canon lbp810 laser printer using installation disk for lbp810 printer. I have attempted to run the install disk for the printer as well as using auto update function in windows 7. It seems the list of printers windows lists does not include the lbp810 model. I have also downloaded the driver from the net which fails as well. There seems to be a compatibility issue with the older drivers used to run printers. Can anyone please help me with this?

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Canon Mf4370dn Laser Printer Keeps Showing Up As "offline"

I just bought a new canon mf4370dn laser printer and followed the instructions that came with the printer for setting it up to print via the network. The printer printed the test page, but keeps showing up as "offline" and i can't print anything at all. I have a toshiba laptop that has windows 7 on it (not sure if that's relevant).

I have very little knowledge of how networks work or how to set such things up properly, but i followed the instructions in the 'starter guide' that came with the printer. The printer is plugged in and turned on, however keeps showing up as "offline" when i look at the printer queue.

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Install Canon Mp390 & Canon Lbp2900 Laser Printer

How do i install my multi function device canon mp390 & canon lbp2900 laser printer on my windows 7 64-bits.

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Error Code 1500

Error code 1500, i get this code when i try to install a program it says another program in installing and i can't find the one that is installing.

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Dell 720 Printer

I recently installed windows 7. I cannot get my dell 720 printer to print. The computer recognizes it, but when i hit print it will not send it at all or an error 0x00000006 comes up. I called the dell service and they said my printer is not compatible. Is there any way around this or am i going to have to buy a new printer just for windows 7? I have tried the windows troubleshooting and a few drivers but any suggestions are welcome. I will repeat things that i have already done if you think they will work

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Dell Printer Compatibility

I recently had to buy a new laptop which had windows 7 installed. I have a perfectly good dell personal all in one printer/scanner/fax/copier, but when i went to the dell site to upload the proper driver, i discovered that they don't provide a windows 7 driver for that model because it is considered "obsolete". Their customer service (of course!) Tried to sell me on buying a new printer to resolve the issue, but quite frankly, i don't use the printer all that often and don't want to invest a ton of money in a new printer.

I tried to install the vista 32 bit version of the printer driver (another forum suggested this as a workaround), but that does not seem to be working. However, i could be doing something wrong.

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Cannot Print With Dell A920 Printer

Cannot print with my dell a920 printer now that i upgraded my dell laptop from vista 64-bit to windows 7 64-bit. I recently upgraded my dell studio laptop to windows 7 64-bit from vista 64-bit and now my dell a920 all-in-one printer doesn't work. It worked just fine with xp and with vista. The dell site says it's not compatible with windows 7. So frustrating. Please tell me windows has a solution for me and that they wouldn't leave me high and dry.

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Dell 942 Printer Will Not Print

Dell printer 942 all in one will not print. I can scan off the printer, but all print jobs are going were i can not see them. Can any one help my get this dell printer to work? Or do i need to buy a new one?

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Dell 966 Printer Is Not Working

Upgraded from vista home premium to windows 7 home premium and only problem is my dell photo all in one 966 printer is not working. When i want to print from the internet, the printer does not respond.

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Dell 968 Printer Cannot Print

I cannot print to my dell 968 printer from my new dell inspiron 1545 with windows 7, need advise. Have already removed and reinstalled the printer driver from dell website for windows 7, but did not solve the problem.

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Printer Dell 948 Not Working

I have recently replaced my computer  with another dell but using windows seven. All works ok but it is not communicating with the printer and reads code 41. The printer is a dell 948 which i cant find in their list of printers but it does give a generic version which still is not recognized. I have also followed followed their instructions relates to the info. Print spooler not working. It started with open administrative tools and finished with general tab next to start up select automatic. I have tried this several times but it still reads code 41 error any ideas please before i go crazy.

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Dell 948 Printer Compatibility

My dell vostro 1710 vista laptop crashes! I buy a new dell vostro 3700 windows 7 laptop and ask, will the windows 7 work with my dell 948 all in one printer - answer "it should, if not, all you would need is to download a driver!" I did that and it still does not work. Called dell tech support and as long as i buy a software warranty for a ridiculous price they can fix my problem from there! Only thing i can figure out to do here is to go buy a new printer that is compatible with the windows 7! Cheaper than buying a warranty from dell! Does anyone agree with this? Not a computer expert here!

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Dell Aio 922 Printer Will Not Print

I am tryng to install a dell aio printer 922 to a new packard bell 64bit pc - the program installed successfully - but the printer will not print - error message - device driver software was not successfully installed , can you help? Error - device driver software was not successfully installed.

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Dell Photo Printer 720 Compatibility

Is the dell photo printer 720 compatible with windows & and dell inspiron 546?

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Dell A920 Printer Wont Work

I have a dell a920 all-in-one printer that won't work under windows 7 (32 bit). Are there any new drivers available from microsoft? The dell website only offers drivers for vista. Windows 7 recognized the a920 and installed it, but it then when i tried to print, it appeared to have difficulty with the spooling. Now it shows the printer icon with the little yellow triangle and say it requires attention.

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Dell A920 Printer Problem - Communication Not Available

Printer problem: "communication not available" with dell aio a920 printer. I am running windows 7 ultimate x64i have tried deleting and reinstalling the drivers for it, but the newest drivers are only for windows vista. Also tried running the driver installer in compatibility mode, i have tried using windows troubleshooter -> didn't find any problems. I contacted dell support -> told me this printer is not compatible with windows 7 even though two weeks ago this printer was working fine on my machine.

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Dell 922 - Nothing Shows Up In Printer Queue

When i hit print on microsoft works document (new hp laptop running windows 7), nothing shows up in printer queue. Trying to print to dell 922. Driver installed but that doesn't seem to be the problem.

Hp g60-535dx notebook
Dell photo all-in-one printer 922

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Dell Printer A10-962 Compatibility

How do i make my dell all in one printer, a10-962, compatible with my new xps, dell tower, and my windows 7, os.

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Dell 924 Printer Not Compatible With Win7

It says that my dell 924 printer is not compatible with windows 7. So does this mean that i either need to buy a new printer or just revert back to vista? Will they ever be compatible? Or is there something else i can do? I just upgraded to windows 7 and now my dell 924 printer won't work. I found on the website where it says that it is not compatible. Is this forever or is it just a matter of time before they will make a driver for it?

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Using 966 Dell Printer After Installing Win 7

How can i get the printer to work after installing windows 7 from vista home premium. My system is  home use with a dell all in one 966 printer.

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Dell 926 Printer Wont Print

I just upgraded to window 7 from window vista my dell 926 printer won't print when i hit print. Upgrade to window 7 printer won't print.

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Dell 3000cn Printer Software Not Installing

Can anyone help with my problem of installing my dell 3000cn printer software, all that happens is display window comes up and when trying to install all that happens is the same install window comes up. I've downloaded drivers from dell but this makes noe difference. Windows 7 doesn't seem to have any help relating to this topic and i have been trying for about two weeks to load software.

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Dell 962 Printer Spooler Has Stopped

Cannot load the printer driver disc. This is for dell 962 printer. Was working before but know tells me the spooler has stopped. Cannot get printer work. Get spooler has stopped error. Printer is dell 962 and was working.

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Printer Driver For Dell Photo 966

Printer driver for dell photo 966 all-in-one printer needed for windows 7. Print driver needed for a dell photo 966 all-in-one printer, using windows 7.

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Dell A920 Printer Fails To Work

Just purchased a dell studio laptop and my dell a920 all in one printer fails to work with windows 7 home premium. It tells me no update for driver available? Driver for windows 7 dell a920 all in one printer.

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