Net Framework And Ati Catalyst Control Center 10.6 Problem

Problems with net framework and ati catalyst control center 10. 6 - missing or corrupt net framework files? I have been advised by amd/ati support that the problem that i am having with the ati catalyst control center may be due to a corrupted net framework installation. They suggested that i uninstall net framework and reinstall it. Unfortunately, i have not come across a means of properly doing that. I ran the .net framework setup verification tool by aaron stebner.

The error log indicated that although net framework 4 was installed on the system several files were missing. It also failed when testing the earlier versions of net framework that showed being installed on my system. I am running windows 7 ultimate 64.

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Ati Driver - Catalyst Control Center Is Not Supported

Ever since installing windows7. I get the following message at start up: "catalyst control center is not supported by the driver version of your graphic adapter. Please update your ati graphics driver or enable your ati-the display manager. " I have toshiba p305d-s8834. Going back and forth between microsoft and toshiba, can't get the solution. If i don't fix this, what kind of problems will i have?

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Win7 Will Not Accept Ati Driver & Catalyst Control Center At Same Time

Windows 7 will not accept any ati driver and catalyst control center at same time. I have tried a number of ati drivers. My card is a 4870 x2 2gb edition. The driver that windows installs will not accept any ccc.

I have also not installed ccc and left driver alone. I tried playing everquest 2, first game to install, and it crashes before load, giving me a dx9 ref error. I'm assuming windows 7 has the newest dx package so i shouldn't have to reinstall that. I have downloaded some of these however. I will try a rollback and see if that works. If i could go back in time and never have bought this o/s i would have by now.

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Ati Catalyst Center Incompatibility

I recently upgraded from windows vista 64-bit to windows 7. Windows 7 doesn't support windows mail, which i used for my e-mail. Is there a micrsoft product to replace windows mail with to accommodate 7? Also, my windows 7 is "not fully installed" because of "incompatibility" with two programs, ati catalyst center and google search bar. How do i get rid of these programs to allow the full install?  The google search bar is not on my programs list to do an uninstall.

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Ati Catalyst Control Error - There Are No Compatible Drivers Installed

Ati catalyst control error "there are no compatible drivers installed" for ati radeon x1600. I have two ati radeon x1600 video cards, everytime i boot up ati catalyst control fails to start saying that there are no compatible drivers installed and if i right click and pick screen resolution and go to advanced there is no adapter and it say that everything is unavailable.

But if i go to device manager i can see that the driver is installed and up to date. There may be a chance that its only detecting one of the two card, and that the one its detecting is the secondary so that the primary is reverting to vgasave, but i still cant access either of them.

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Upgrade Tells To Remove Ati Catalyst Control Centre Software

On trying to upgrade from vista premium 32 bit to windows 7 32 bit, it tells me to remove the ati catalyst control centre software. When i try to delete it using programs & features, setup.exe has stopped working and just closes. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

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Lost Ati Control Center During Upgrade

I recently upgraded from vista to windows 7, and i deleted the windows. Old folder because it was taking up massive amounts of space. I thought i had gotten everything i needed out of it but i forgot the ati control center. In the detailed view of the control center i could tweak every little aspect of video, but now all i can do is select a resolution, there's no detailed graphics interface. I would love to have it back.

There was also a creative audio control panel that had 3d, bass, eax effects, and an equalizer that i would really enjoy having again. It was vital to getting the best sound out my 5. 1 hd sound system. Windows 7 is great so far, but without these third party applications, i don't have anything but basic control of my video and sound. What should i do?

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Cannot Uninstall Ati Catalyst Drivers Or Update

I installed win7 64 home premium yesterday. Used the drivers from the asus eah5770 cd. These are fairly old drivers going back to september. I wanted to install newest drivers. Used the catalyst uninstall tool and removed program from software removal, all this in safe mode. Rebooted also in safe mode and tried to install new downloaded drivers (9. 11).could not install them. When i rebooted the machine into normal mode, my ati 8. 66 drivers are still there, have not been removed at all.

Any idea how i can get this sorted to replace them? Funny thing is that the catalyst tools do not seem to be available anywhere on the pc.

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Ati Radeon 9200 And Catalyst - Second Monitor Is Scrolling

Ati radeon 9200 and catalyst. Tv (second monitor) is scrolling and catalyst will not run in win7. Ok, i've installed win7 rc1 in an older pc that i use for videos and such, played through my tv.

Amd 1. 8 1gig basic system.
Ati radeon 9200

Apparently ati quit updating this thing even before vista. The driver will install but the configuration utility will not run at all. If i force it to run it does not show any settings.
I cannot seem to get the right settings using the windows display setting page. My tv constantly scrolls. I also cannot set it to "mirror" my desktop instead of "extending" my desktop using the windows display settings page. Is this a lost cause?

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Ati Catalyst Drivers - Hd 5750 - Black Screen

The first time i installed windows 7 professional (clean install, not upgrade) and installed the catalyst drivers for my hd5750 video card (, everything worked fine. I ended up formatting my hard drive and doing a reinstall though (had a major compatibility issue with anti-virus software and microsoft office, so decided to format the hard drive and did a reinstall). After doing that, and installing the catalyst driver, i'm having the following problem:
The install goes fine, the computer restarts, but when it boots up and windows starts, i have a black screen and nothing displays. My monitors' indicators also change from blue to amber (as if there is no computer turned on or connected to them). I've started the computer in safe mode, and the monitors work. I can then uninstall the driver, but then i can't extend my desktop using the standard vga driver, or get the full resolution of my monitors (1400x900).

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Remote Control Of Media Center

I want to setup a windows media center station and like to control it remotely, preferably with a touch-screen device. Thought to use some slate or any other device with a 7 or 8" touch screen, e.g. The archos 9 (windows 7 starter) or the dell streaker (android), connected by wifi. I don't just want to control it via conventional 1 way remote control (error's up and down etc. ), But actually i would like to have the desktop of the media center on my touch screen device just as if i would sit in front of the pc.

Now i'm not sure if that works at all (some sort of terminal services), and if yes, which products i need an server as on terminal/client side. I've looked in the product comparisons, but couldn't find any details to those topics.

1. For the media pc (server), do i need windows seven starter, home, premium, ultimate? What about the 'n' versions (as seen on the swiss microsoft webpage).

2. The terminal or client, what kind of operating software is required for connecting to the server: starter, home, premium. ?

3. Is there a possibility to achieve the same with devices not running windows 7, tablets by additional plug-ins or applications (that would greatly enhance the scope of currently available products).

4. Or is there a bi-directional touchscreen remote control on the market doing just this that i haven't found yet on my internet research? (I know there's the logitec stuf, but that's just the usual one-way remote control, not what i'm looking for).

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Upgrade Advisor - Uninstall Ati Control Centre

Un-installing ati control center and ati install manager disables my graphics card, i am attempting to upgrade from my current 64 bit windows vista home premium to windows 7 home premium and i am having some compatibility issues. The upgrade advisor is telling me to uninstall my ati control centre and ati install manager.

However, once i do so, this also uninstalls my ati drivers, which means i must use my built in chipset graphics card which unfortunately is too weak to process the new windows aero interface. Does this mean i will not be able to upgrade my computer?

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Media Center Remote Control Won't Work

I upgraded to windows 7 from xp. I previously had the 2005 version of media center, and now have the latest version. My remote control will not work now - the ir receiver does not recognize any input when i hit any button, though the control seems to be working. I do not see a microsoft infrared transceiver listed in device manager to check for driver updates.

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Which .net Framework Do I Need?

My desktop runs on an original vista installation. On my programs & features i have
.net framework 1. 1, .net framework 1. 1 hotfix (kb929729), and
.net framework 3. 5 sp 1.

Do i need all of these flavors? Something is preventing me from installing this update: microsoft .net framework 1. 1 service pack 1 security update for windows 2000, windows xp, windows vista, windows server 2008, windows 7, and windows server 2008 r2 (kb953297). Which is the real .net framework that i need? And then, how can i safely remove all other unnecessary .net framework flavors?

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.net Framework Do You Really Need It?

The other day i deleted the early versions (1. 0 &1. 1) of framework thinking that i did not need them anymore due to there being newer versions installed. My question is three fold.

1. Do you really need this program?
2. If you don't then how best to remove all traces?
3. If you do. I have tried to download them again and can't seem to get them to download.

I got a security update with newer versions and when i went to download them they would not download. I guess because i had deleted earlier versions. I found an article on microsoft update about this problem. It said to download 3. 5 first then go to 1. 1 and back up. I tried this but 3. 5 will not install on my system.

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Which Net.framework 2.0 I Need To Download ?

I need to download "net. Framework 2. 0" to run certain windows 7 programs. When i try to download i cannot find the right one, which one do i need and how do i make it work?

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Net Framework With Rc1

I'm running w7 rc1 on my new thinkpad. All apps work fine except those that seem to rely upon net framework such as schwab's street smart pro which was designed for 2. 0 and is supposedly compatible with 3. 5 in version 4. 20. At first 4. 19 ran fine but when i upgraded to 4. 20 it didn't work at all, although by then i was docked as opposed to running off the undocked laptop (although i don't see how that should make a difference). Also having problems with zinio reader's licensing process. And ssh secure shell won't run. Other than that, very cool.

My specific question is: what version if any of net framework is installed with rc1?

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Upgrading .net Framework

When trying to install .net framework 3. 5 in my new pc that has win 7(64) with .net framework 1. 1 pre-installed i get a message part way through the installation process that says: you must use turn windows features on or off in the control panel to install or configure framework 3. 5, what does that mean? It's ambiguous to say the least, what is it? Turn windows features on or turn windows features off ? You can't do both. The installation fails at that point. Should i un=install ver. 1. 1 that came with my new system (win 7 with 64 bit ) and try a installation of ver 3. 5 or . . . ?

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Net Framework Issue

I have installed windows 7 rc. I have installed windows 7 manager , when launching it message comes as; "to run this application you must first install one the following version of .netframework:
V2. 0. 50727 contact you application publisher for instruction about obtaining appropriate version of .netframework. "

After that i have downloaded .netframework 3. 5 sp1 package from microsoft & tried to install it , but its not installing it. Also tried to turn off & on the feature , but not succeed. What should be the problem; in my installation dvd or anything else. Another thing is that the "troble shooting" is also not working at all giving the error code: 0x80131700.

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Net Framework Updates

Microsoft .net framework 3. 5 sp1 and .net framework 2. 0 sp2 security update for windows 2000, windows server 2003, and windows xp x86 (kb979909).

Microsoft .net framework 3. 5 sp1 update for windows server 2003 and windows xp x86 (kb982168)
Security update for .net framework 2. 0 sp2 and 3. 5 sp1 on windows server 2003 and windows xp x86 (kb983583).

Microsoft .net framework 3. 5 sp1 and .net framework 2. 0 sp2 update for windows server 2003 and windows xp x86 (kb982524).

Microsoft .net framework 3. 5 service pack 1 and .net framework 3. 5 family update for .net versions 2. 0 through 3. 5 (kb951847) x86.

Microsoft .net framework 1. 1 sp1 security update for windows 2000 and windows xp (kb979906)since june 2010 i have been trying to install the above updates, every day i try to install using automatic updates or try to install on shut-down but each update does not install. I also have not been unable to install adobe8 reader update:adobe reader 8. 1. 7 (cpsid_50029)i have searched knowledge base, tried to install separate threads that state 'this is the answer' but still to no avail.

It is starting to drive me round the twist as i am not a 'computer expert' and cannot fully understand the literature used to explain the reasoning behind this issue. I would welcome any suggestions out there and i do promise that i will leave everything in my will to anyone that can sort this problem out! So if there are any kind hearted microsoft experts out there that can save a welshman from going insane i would be very grateful.

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.net Framework Errors

Jit debugging:- to enable just-in-time (jit) debugging, the .config file for this application or computer (machine.config) must have the jitdebugging value set in the system. Windows. Forms section. The application must also be compiled with debugging enabled. For example:

When jit debugging is enabled, any unhandled exception will be sent to the jit debugger registered on the computer rather than be handled by this dialog box. See the end of this message for details on invoking just-in-time (jit) debugging instead of this dialog box.

When jit debugging is enabled, any unhandled exception will be sent to the jit debugger registered on the computer rather than be handled by this dialog box.

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Problem With Net Framework

While attempting to run windows update on office live, i encountered error number 80070643. According to the help page (german) this may be caused by the .net framework. A link to kb976982 was provided in which the option to download a cleanup utility for the -net was offered. This link (http://blogs. Ashx) doesn't work and additionally ie8 reports an "object expected" error. Hopefully, some one at tech support reads this post and will take corrective measures.

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Issues With .net Framework 3.5

*edit* i deleted this post once before. I select windows xp for my post, but it keeps putting in windows 7. I have windows xp:

Install state for .net framework 1. 0: not installed.
Install state for .net framework 1. 1: not installed.
Install state for .net framework 2. 0: installed with service pack 2.
Install state for .net framework 3. 0: installed with service pack 2.
Install state for .net framework 3. 5: installed with service pack 1.

I'm trying to use "speedupmypc" (and a few other programs) that require 3. 5 to be installed. All of the programs have random critical errors, and won't start or function properly. Every time i restart my computer i get a message saying that my .net framework was not installed properly, and needs to be rolled back. Whether i choose to roll back or not, it continues to tell me i have 3. 5+sp1 running, when in actuality, it is not. (Start;run; -> "winver" & start; right click -> my computer; properties both showing "service pack 3")

My solutions (after reading these forums, and searching the internet for hours):

1.completely remove all .net installs, and start with 1, and move on.
2.completely remove all .net installs, and start with 2, and move on.
3. Download the 2-7mb .net framework 3 & 3. 5 install from the microsoft website, and run. (Tried when using 1/2).
4. Download the full installs for both .net framework 3 & 3. 5 from the microsoft website, and run (again, with 1/2).
5. Rummaging through hkey_classes_root, but cannot find what other users are finding, and changing.

It seems to be random, but i either crash while installing any of the frameworks (at random) or it installs, but after restarting, i am prompted to roll back since it did not install properly. Sometimes the install just crashes, but sometimes it says it was a windows installer issue, but i've diagnosed that not to be the problem.

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Cannot Get .net Framework Update

I still have .net 1. 1 because microsoft cant figure what is going on with there .net issues. Can someone help me with getting my .net framework up to date? Updates not working correctly and nobody wants to take responsibility for it. I still have .net 1. 1 because microsoft cant figure what is going on with there .net issues. Can someone help me with getting my .net framework up to date? Updates not working correctly and nobody wants to take responsibility for it.

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.net Framework And Msxml

I am trying to install a game and when i open the launcher i get "this program has stopped responding" i contacted their technical support, informed that i just installed windows 7 from windows vista, and they told me to download the .net and msxml libraries. I haven't seen either of these that are designate as "windows 7" downloads. I did download the most recent .net (3. 5 i think) and even that exe file stops responding. Is their some other windows service or programs i need to update before i can get the others working?

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Net Framework 3.5 - Error Codes 1 And 34

I need to be able to download and update to framework 3. 5. Every time i try to download it i get an error stating i can not proceed and get the following error.

[11/20/09, 19:04:42] microsoft .net framework 2. 0sp1 (cbs): [2] error: installation failed for component microsoft .net framework 2. 0sp1 (cbs). Msi returned error code 34.

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.net Framework 3.5 Sp1 Will Not Install

I have auto updates set to "on", always; since ms .net framework 3. 5 sp1 has been out, i have tried to install it about 10 times. It is downloaded. No error code, just will not install. I went to control panel, add & remove, because i had to reset my entire system recently and there are still many programs missing. I have net framework 1. 0(1. 1?), Nfr 2. 0, and that is all. So i thought i should go to framework site and read a bit. I tried installing 3. 0, then i was gonna do 3. 5 because i thought possibly i should have them if they are out.

I know, my memory is failing a bit, but i remember 3. 0 or 3. 5 had some vista products on it. But i saw nothing of "you do not need these unless your os is vista or 7. " Plus it is in my express, or immediate update everyday-3. 5 sp1 that is. Only other thing i can think of is previously, before my pc _ the bed, and i wiped my hd and reinstalled everything, i had ms office 07 pro, and i have not put it back on because i somehow threw away, or misplaced, and haven't called ms yet to get it, my 25 digit key. Would/will the framework recognize software?

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Win 7 Does Not See .net Framework On Logon

Win 7 does not see .net framework upon log in. Prompts me to d/l .net framework 2. 0, but 3. 5. 1 is already installed.

Prior to loading win7, i did a vista windows update as recommended.

Installed win7 home premium over vista home premium.

Got the "d/l .net framework 2. 0" notice upon logging on.

Went into "turn on/off windows programs", and .net 3. 5. 1 is there, but turned off. Turned it on. Reboot. Still get the 2. 0 notice.

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.net Framework 2.0 Is Required To Continue

Microsoft.netframework version 2. 0 is required to continue. This software is available for free download at: When i attempt to download and install, i get a message that says .netframework 2. 0 is already installed. When i go to control panel/ program/ turn off windows features, i find .netframework 3. 5 checked. I do not find .netframework 2. 0 listed. If i uncheck 3. 5 and reboot, i still get the 2. 0 error message. How do i get this error message resolved?

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Cannot Remove .net Framework 2.0 From Computer

.net framework 2. 0 is on my computer and i want to remove it and it will not allow me to do that and it is taking to much space on my computer and i already have another version of it and don't need the other one. Ive tried to remove the program from my computer and it will not let me. It says can not be removed and it is taking to much space on my computer and i already have another version of it on my computer.

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