Ie8 Sort By Name Doesn't Work

I keep getting surprised about how the functionality of microsoft software keeps declining. Windows media player keeps getting worse with each version, and now ie8. I barely use it because i'm almost exclusively a firefox user, but firefox fails in scrolling some pages smoothly when zoomed in, and ie8 is better at that. So sometimes i use it only for that purpose, but now having re-installed windows 7 from scratch and having imported the bookmarks from firefox, i realize that in ie8 the "sort by name" functionality in favorites is broken.

When it imported the bookmarks from firefox, it placed all the bookmarks from firefox's bookmark bar into ie8's favorites bar, which is great, except that it placed them in reverse alphabetical order! Are you freaking kidding me? So i think, ok, this is really stupid, a multi-billion dollar corporation didn't have one person in the internet explorer team that saw this?But well, i figured i would just go to the favorites side bar, or the organize favorites box, right click on the "favorites bar" folder, and choose "sort by name". It doesn't work! It simply doesn't work.

It does nothing at all. And it doesn't work on the other folders in the favorites tree. And this is not an old, corrupted installation of windows, it's brand new from two days ago, from a reformatted hard drive, and it barely has any programs in it except for drivers. This is just pathetic, "sort by name" has been on ie since version 4 or 5, and now they took it away, but they are so lazy that they forgot to take it out of the context menu. Dded to this, ie is really ugly on the eyes, with that hideous baby blue color all over the interface, especially on the toolbars and tabs. Firefox at least has the anycolor and personas plugins to bring some decent visual taste to it.

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Ie8 Favorites Do Not Work

I have the following problems with favorites in ie8:

Adding a favorite creates it twice (once with the url as name, once with the page title as name)
Clicking on any favorite in ie does nothing (no error, no feedback)

Favorites can be deleted without problem
Opening the url file in explorer opens a print window (the print is empty)
Reinstalling ie8 had no effect and no spyware was detected by multiple scanners

Anybody have any clue what could be the cause of this?

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Ie8 Link With Target Not Work

I have windows 7 running ie8. After i installed some software, some links in web pages are no longer working. I notice that those "a"links have a "target" with something like "_blank", which would open a new ie window or a tab. Basically, the phenomenon is, when i click that link, a new tab is created with caption "connecting to ". The tab is always empty, and the address box shows the url of the original page.

However, for those links which open the web page in the same ie window, seem working fine. I would like to repair the ie8 or windows 7. But i don’t know how. It’s greatly appreciated if someone can provide some solution.

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Flash Does Not Work On Ie8 With 64-bit Win 7

I have ie8 64-bit installed, but flash does not work with it. When i try to install ie8 32 the site tells me i am running ie8. I cannot uninstall ie8 via the control panel. Hoe can i install ie 8 32 bit?

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Enlarge Picture Will Not Work On Ie7 But Does On Ie8

New computer with windows 7: running ie 8 - cannot download adobe flash player and hyper-links work ok; on ie 7 can use flash-player but then hyper-links don't work. Sites such as ebay - the 'enlarge picture' will not work on ie7 but does on ie8. Seems i can't have flash player and working hyper-links together.

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Igoogle Doesn't Work With Ie8

Ie will not open my igoogle home page correctly. Using firefox when i sign into igoogle i get the igoogle page that i have created. When using ie 8 i get a igoogle page but it is not the one that i have set up with my g mail address, it does have some of the igoogle things just not any that i have added. I never had this problem with ie 7. When i installed win 7 about a week or so ago i don't believe i had this problem, if i did something i can't figure out what it is. I do get bing and msn ok just not the igoogle home page i set up with the gadgets i put on that home page.

In addition on ie 8 it shows the sing in but will not let me sign out and doesn't show my google e mail id. When i click on that sign in it doesn't go anywhere, do anything like go to the igoogle sing in as it should. I just reset ie for the 2nd or 3rd time and tried to sign in to igoogle and i got a page that is somewhat like igoogle but isn't my page. I have 3 g mail addresses and i can sign in using firefox with all 3 and they display the igoogle home page correctly.

In addition ie 8 is a hog, slow and who knows what else but at times i need a separate browser and i paid for it and since it can not be deleted from win7 and i'm a stickler for getting what i paid for. In addition i cant install ie7 as it says that ie 7 is not supported on this system. I can't download a new copy of ie 8 as it says i already have it.

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Contacts Sort Last Name

Contacts display. I would like some help with my contacts display. How can i change the way the contacts are displayed in my windows 7 contacts, i would like the last, first name displayed. I have my windows xp address book set up with the last, first, when i enter the information in the xp address book, it is entered the same as in win 7, so when you are in the properties window, all the information is entered the same way "first, middle, last", but when i open the contacts in windows 7, the contacts are displayed with the "first, last name".

Is there a setting that i can change the display so the contacts will be "last, first name", i have tried the view and sort, but i dont see anything that will change the names "last, first". I have tried the "view, sort ascending, descending" but no luck.could some please help me with this problem.

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Automatic Image Resizing Doesn't Work In Ie8

When i open an image in internet explorer, if it's larger than the window, it doesn't resize to fit the window. I've tried setting, unsetting and resetting the 'enable automatic image resizing' checkbox in internet options/advanced/multimedia , and it just doesn't work. This doesn't work, in two separate windows 7 machines, one of them an upgrade from xp, one of them a new windows 7 professional 64bit out of the box, so i don't think it's a hangover from an upgrade setting. Any clues on what else i need to do to make image resizing work in windows 7?

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Folder Sort Issue

What's wrong with my pics folder. I use windows 7 ultimate x64 and i turned off the indexing feature as i'm not a hard core searching guy. I have a folder called "pics" containing all my photos and this folder contains lots of subfolders together with other pictures not in specific folders. The strange thing is that every time i open this folder, i see that the everything is scattered i.e. All folders and files are scattered in order (i'm supposed to see all the subfolders first, then comes the files according to their date in descending order) but after some seconds and without me do anything, they get arranged in the proper order i'm expecting.

I never experienced such behavior in windows xp where all folders remained exactly the same way all the time. What might be wronglso, if i have the indexing service and the indexing feature turned off, why i'm seeing this green bar moving across every time i open a folder? It's annoying and boring really.

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Sort By Name Function Not Available In Win 7 64-bit ?

[1] "sort by name" facility in start and programs menus is lacking; [2] cannot get 32-bit flash to work with windows 7 (64-bit), even though i installed it twice. "Sort by name" not available in windows 7 64-bit version?

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Sort Order In Display Management

How i can switch the sort-order in the display-management? My main display (tft) is connected with vga, the second display is my lcd-tv which is connected with hdmi. But win7 declares the lcd-tv as main-display and listed it as "1", the tft is "2", when i say, that the tft has to be the main display, it keeps "2". In the presentation mode (win+p) it works fine, but when i return back to normal use, the tv is the main-display, and the tft is black. How i can change the sort-order? I want the tft as "1" and the tv as "2"!

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Win 7 64-bit Doesn't Distinguish Between Ie8 64-bit And Ie8 32-bit

Windows 7 64bit doesn't distinguish between ie8 64 bit and ie8 32 bit when attempting to set a default browser using the control panel default programs 'associate' utility. My new windows 7 64 bit pc (luv that i7 920 intel cpu) came installed with both ie8-64 bit and ie8-32 bit (nothing more need be said regarding the absurdity of having to deal with this in the first place - i should have gone with the imac).

Anyway, ie64 bit lacks the flash player cuz adobe hasn't released a 64 bit version yet, per their website. So i can't use ie64 with xm online music stream (et al). Ie32, on the other hand, supports flash player, but won't successfully link to various embedded hypertext links, such as those embedded in an email. My initial solution was to use firefox, which served me well until an application from a local vendor will only work with internet explorer. Sigh.

I've used windows since version 2 back in the 1980s, have become stoic, and can emotionally cope with having to use 3 browsers to get the job done.

However, just for fun, my current burning question is, with two different versions of ie8 (64 bit and 32 bit) installed into windows 7, why doesn't the control panel default applications utility seem to aware of the fact that there are indeed two different versions installed? It lists firefox and internet explorer, but does not differentiate between the two flavors of ie. My goal was to set ie8 64 bit as the default browser temporarily to accommodate the vendor's application.

Fyi, by setting the default, i refer to: control panel | default programs | associate a file type or protocol with a program. Then scroll down to 'http' and click on the change program button. So in my case, firefox and only one instance of internet explorer, with no bit distinction, display as selection options.

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Flashing When Use Ie8

There appears to be some instability with ie8 when i browse since i have loaded windows 7 rc. I also think that the problem may have started when i did a deletion of temp files and old vista files. I really love the new windows 7 rc so far especially compared to windows vista ultimate. Also, what is available for the new windows touch as far a hardware and will i need anything else to accompany it that is not included in windows 7 rc? My computer is a dell lattitude 131l with a athelon 64 bit processor.

What is the real differences or advantages with the 32 bit and the processors and the 64 bit processor? Which should i really use? I have both rc copies on separate disks with their product key so either one can be installed.

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Ie8 Not Working

Until friday night ie8 was fine. Now it won't do anything. I've uninstalled, reinstalled, spybot scanned, ccleaned, uninstalled, reinstalled, followed numerous links to different 'help' pages on microsoft, tried a one care scan (but that won't work because my other browser is chrome). I can't do that run ie no add ons thing because it isn't there to click. I did get to the "cannot display this page. " Once in safe mode but that's all.

There is nothing wrong with my connection on virgin cable because every other program requiring internet works fine. I don't use any third party toolbars because my netbook screen would be impossible to use (it's hard enough now). Desperate for a solution as work on my websites is stacking up and i need to get into office live to update.

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Ie8 Will Not Start

I have installed ie8 two times and get the same experience, click on explorer to start and it does not even start, go to task manager and it says it is not responding, check process tab and there are multiple instances running of the following app dumpreg.exe, and the performance tab for cpu is at 100%. I am a dummy when it coes to these things, and everything i have read is about ie8 hanging up after it is in use, my problem is after tow installs and reinstalls it won't even open.

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Ie8 Crashing Tabs

Im running windows 7 on a standard machine, with ie 8 obviously but just the last couple of days when i start up ie it closes and then says its recovered a tab and give the same code in the address-bar "res://ieframe.dll/acr_error.htm#, " and it will do this every 5 seconds and then it will keep adding "res://ieframe.dll/acr_error.htm#, " to what ever is in the address bar, so if ope ie 8 and i leave it for half a minute it gives me "res://ieframe.dll/acr_error.htm#, res://ieframe.dll/acr_error.htm#, about:blank" don't know what went wrong.

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Ie8 Graphics Trails

After installing ie8 on several different pcs, i have notice after the installation, when moving or dragging an object on the desktop, it leaves a trail or solid sillohete of the object.

I didn't think much of it and thought it maybe an issue with the old pcs. But no. I just purchased the latest, brand new, asus eeepc 1002ha, logged straight on to the net and began updating, including ie8, as soon as it restarts the graphics trail begins.

This is really really annoying and i have not found a solution other then uninstalling ie8 all together, which fixes the problem straight away. This is ridiculous. With sp3 and windows 7 now, i thought these type of stupid issues were gone for good.

If anyone has any possible solution please inform me. All drivers and software are upto date. No third party software or non genuine installed. Brand new out of the box straight onto a wifi network and update causes the problem.

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Ie8 Memory Leak

I recently upgraded to ie8 and after a few minutes of browsing i receive a message that my computer is low on memory. When i check task manager there are at least two instances of iexplorer running, although i have only one browser window open with multiple tabs. Each instance of iexplorer is using upwards of 40, 000 k, my computer then starts to act up slowing down everything. I do not get this problem when running other browsers (google chrome), and didn't have it with ie7. Any suggestions?

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Memory Leak In Ie8

I'm on xp professional sp3. I have 2gb ram. I installed ie8 a couple of months ago, and love it, except for one thing. I watch video online at netflix. Since installing ie8, in as little as an hour, the video cuts off and i receive a message (from netflix) that there isn't enough memory to continue. I can close the browser and open a new session, and go back in, but that's a big pain right in the middle of everything.

After one such instance i looked in task manager, and saw that ie was using a ridiculous amount of memory, with 1, 403, 828k listed on one line, and 14, 320k on another, though only one browser window was open.

I have 249gb free on my hard drive, at present. I checked the virtual memory when this problem first occurred and switched it to allow the system to manage the size. It has 2045 mb allocated for the paging file (though the recommended amount is 3067 mb), and this does not seem to change, even with the out-of-memory errors on netflix; it remains at 2045.

The interesting thing is that i did not have this problem with ie7, though i hear it had more problems with memory leakage. I have also tried watching the netflix videos in firefox, and do not have memory problems there (after 2 hours, it only used ~150, 000k), so it isn't a netflix issue. Nor have i experienced any other problems with ie 8 or memory; only when watching videos online at netflix.

I've tried looking up info generally on the internet, but only find a lot of developer info on detecting leaks; nothing about how to fix this (at least that i can understand or am willing to do on my own).

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Ie8 Final, Out Of Memory

I use windows vista ultimate 32bit sp1, 4gb ram, 500gb hdd, and i have moved the page file to my second hdd. A few moments ago i was on facebook, and when i clicked to open a link it popped out a little message window saying this: out of memory at line 24, 30. " (The numbers weren't the same always), also it popped out another little message window saying stack overflow at line 35, . (The numbers weren't the same always). What problems are those and how can i prevent them from appearing again?

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Graphics Not Showing In Ie8

I just installed a laptop and a desktop for a client both have windows 7. The desktop has no problems, however the laptop does not show all pictures. I have checked the tools and advanced options and pictures are checked to be shown. For example from yahoo's main page , yahoo sites the text is shown but the none of the icons are shown.

Under the today section the picture is displayed correctly. If i goto advance options and remove the check box to show pictures, the picture is not shown (in other words this works as it is supposed to). Also all the boxes around each section are dark black where on the desktop they are a light grey. Any suggestions?

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Flash Problem With Ie8

I have a problem with i.e. 8 on my vista ultimate 32bit pc, and the odd web site where the flash content is only partially interactive. By this i mean that some flash controls on the page will work, while others will not.

I have contacted the support team for the main site this is happening on ( who have advised me to do the following:

1. Clear your cache and cookies
2. Try using a different web browser (internet explorer, firefox, safari)
3. Try connecting with a different computer (at work, a friend, another computer in the house)
4.connect directly to your cable modem if you are using a router (bypass the router)
5. Disable any firewall you may be using to see if it will go through

I have also tried adding the site to the trusted list, and ensuring that activex controls are allowed to run in the advanced section.

This problem has persisted through i.e. 7 and i.e. 8 on windows vista and windows xp pro sp3. All my machines are fully patched (i run secunia psi regularly). I don't know what else to try to fix this problem. If anyone has any suggestions i would very much like to hear them.

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Ie8 Not Running Flashpayer 10

Flash player stopped working after installed a patch for ie 8. Ie 8 shows the flash player 10 as being installed into ie 8 on youtube. But not opening player. Also activex stopped working on down loads for flashplayer 10 and my hp printer stopped with ie 8 ? Had to down load a zip flash player 10 to load it. I removed all old flash payers before reinstalling new 10. I am using apple safari with no problem on the internet. So whats up with ie 8. I removed it and reinstalled it. With no fix. Also tried going back to and older back-up file. Windows vista 64 ultimate keeps saying missing files and never reloads to older windows program at start up ?

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Iframe Errors With Ie8

We access a https site that uses extensive iframes. Since going to ie 8 we are finding that the iframes often will display the following error "internet explorer cannot display the webpage". Has anyone else out there had this problem?

Regardless, can anyone point me to a solution? I have do a lot of internet searches including technet and only find a lot of references to similar problems. Thus farwe have tried various comp modes, added it to trusted sites and we have fully patched ie.

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Edit Html In Ie8

I build a site with google sites, i am the owner of this site, the text, data, photo's. Are all uploaded. Now i'd like to edit the html but when i choose display source i get a non editable 'notepad like' screen. I tried to open the site by clicking the menu bar and choose edit/open with notepad. This way it opens notepad which i can edit but there are no line numbers, the html code seems editable but looks like there's no beginning and no and. Pasting code in this screen looks a bit of a lucky shot. I copied a bit code so you can see what i mean;

(C, 1);break}};h. Jot_removealllistenersforname=function(b){for(var c=0;c
My question is; how can i edit my html using notepad/ ie8 (i believe editing html in ie7 was possible using notepad)my os; windows vista build 6. 0, service pack 1 ie 8

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Email Client In Ie8

I was wondering on a fresh clean install of windows 7 build 7100 with default settings (nothing altered or changed) ie: no other programs installed except the drivers for the hardware etc. How would someone go about choosing the email client. I will explain a little more. When clicking in a link in a website to sent them an email a box pops up with this message.

Could not perform this operation because the default email client is not properly installed.

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Ie8 Freezes In Taskbar

When i start ie8 the icon opens in the bottom taskbar, but the window does not open. If i click with the left mouse on the icon that opened on the bottom task-bar the window still does not open. There is no error message. The right mouse click does not bring anything neither. When i want to close it with the task manager it tells me "program does not react* a check with ms fix it does not show any mistakes. I have reinstalled and installed ie8 several times with no improvement. I tried to reinstall ie7 but with no success.

Even i have thoroughly taken of ie8 with uninstaller it tells me ie7 can not be installed because there is a newer version installed. I'm using xp professional with service pack 3. The only browser working at the moment is safari. I tried opera which worked at the begin but after a few times opening and closing the same problem as with ie8 appeared.

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Ie8 Windows Update

Windows7; 32bit; ie8 today, 3/24/10, the windows update; "update for internet explorer 8 compatibility view list for w7 (kb980302)" was installed on my pc.

Many of the websites i go to on a regular basis following the install of this update display much larger than prior to the update. So much so that i must scroll left to right to view a page. I am using a 22" monitor with the resolution set at 1680x1050. Which is the highest setting i can select, and, its the recommended setting. I have turned off compatibility view and tried changing the text size. Which i have now set at smallest but the web-pages are still much larger than before the update was installed. Seems to me microsoft messed up this one big time.

This compatibility update of course did not affect anything else other than the browser display.
Anyone else notice this change after installing this update kb980302? I don't understand why microsoft would release a compatibility update which is supposed to enhance the display of web-pages under ie8 and yet this update really in my situation, made it worse. I guess i could use system restore to go back to a point prior to this install but is there just away to un-install a kb update?

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Ie8 Links Not Working

I run windows xp sp3 32 bit ie8. I am having trouble with ie8 opening links both in the main window and using the right click open in new tab. As an example of the problem'
1. Start ie8.
2. Go to
3. Enter vpn in the search box and hit enter.
4. I my case the results have as top entry

(A) virtual private networks the second result

(B) how to install and configure a virtual private network serverin .

If i click on the first (a) ie correctly opens that page in the browser window. If i click on the second (b) nothing happens despite showing the link target at the bottom of the screen. If i right click and select open in new tab the first (a) ie correctly opens a new tab and then opens the page.
If i right click and select open in new tab the second (b) nothing happens. Have i inadvertently changed some option in the tools/internet options area of the browser?

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Java Compatibility With Ie8

Suddenly when i access a chat forum that i've been using for some time it tells me that it "requires a java compatible web browser to run" i am not aware that any settings have changed. On the tools/internet options/advanced tab the java (sun) box is ticked as before. The tools/internet options/ security is set to medium as before. I have checked that java is still installed on my pc, and when i tried to download it again it told me that it was already installed. Any thoughts as to what i can try next?

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