Unable To Import Outlook Express Mail

I have a new computer running windows 7. I used outlook express on my old xp computer. I found the file on my old computer with emails, folders, etc. And have it on my new computer under documents. I tried to import the folder and i get an error. I have lots of sub folders and so i decided to import them one at a time. I was able to import one folder, but i can't find that folder now in live mail. I get an error when i import the inbox, too.

So, where do i find my imported mail and any idea on the inbox import error. It doesn't say what the error is, just says an error has occurred.

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Importing Outlook Express 6 Mail Into Live Mail

This has been addressed many times before, but i'm hitting errors each time i try to perform an import. I've pointed win7's live mail in the direction of a perfectly-good folder contain both xp's outlook express 6 *. Dbx files, and have imported these files into outlook and exported them to a *. Pst file (into the same folder).

When attempting either import i'm receiving the same message: "no messages can be found in this folder or another application is using the files".considering the process is so simple i can't work out what i'm doing wrong.

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Migration From Outlook Express To Live Mail

I have read many of ron somer's recommendations with respect to migration issues and i find them to be very helpful. My question is very specific. I have been able to locate all my . Dbx files for oe (now in a separate folder on my desktop) and also my contacts that are safely in a folder in the . Csv format. The migration to windows 7 live mail (wlm) went "flawlessly" for the contacts. However, not so "flawless" for all messages. Although the migration worked to the extent that i now have 5000 messages located in the folder called "unread e-mail" , none of the 200 plus folders and sub folders that used to be readily available in oe managed to make it over to wlm.

I have read in some posts on the web that the transfer may get hung up on the fact that the oe stored top level folder property is "read only" blue check mark and i have read how to change that and then try the import. The removal of the "read only" actually worked well when i was migrating from oe to windows mail in vista since all folders and sub folders made it across in the transfer when i was running vista. However, i just don't seem to be able to have similar success in migrating oe messages over to wlm .

Perhaps ron might weigh in on this glitch, given that going forward i can obviously use wlm for e-mail, it is the loss of the folders that is annoying and perplexing. I tried it again and i end up with 5364 messages in unread e-mail and 3595 messages in unread from contacts "whatever that means". I have also read on some sites that the size of one's deleted items dbx file might also cause problems; however, in all instances, my dbx and bak files never exceed 2 gb although some come close. I would also note that when the import of the messages from oe to wlm is in progress one can see all the folders moving over; however, they never ever appear in wlm.

There is nothing, zip, nada under imported folders. I just find it quite amazing that microsoft makes this entire migration process so mind boggling and fraught with peril that the average user would just throw their hands up in total frustration. I consider myself somewhat above avg re computer skills and even my right hand is up in the air.

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Outlook Express Email Migration In Windows Mail

Recently purchased a new notebook with windows 7, now facing with a big problem. I am working on outlook express in windows-xp in my earlier computer and have loads of email data in it. After purchasing the new note book with windows 7 without knowing the fact that windows 7 doesn't support outlook express, i am now completely stuck up, helpless and have no way rather then to continue my usage of my old notebook having windows-xp for accessing my mails in outlook express as i take references to the old emails in contrast to reply.

I did the back up of my outlook express and copied it to windows mail in windows 7 notebook , but it didn't work out. Kindly help me out in migrating the outlook express mails to windows 7with steps which is the big issue of mine.

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Importing Contacts From Outlook Express To Live Mail

I'm replacing my old xp pc with a new win 7 pc. Anyone know how to import contact lists from separate oe email identities into windows live mail without the contacts getting combined together? I have a personal and business email address, and like to keep contacts separate. I tried separate email user accounts with different passwords, but the contacts still combine. I assume a separate login account on the pc will let me run two separate wlm applications, but that a big hassle.

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Setup For Live Mail As Replacement For Outlook Express

I am new to windows 7, sorry to see outlook express mail program no longer available. I have downloaded and installed the ms live mail offering. I belong to 3 groups through yahoo on different subjects of interest. I want to direct the incoming email to a special inbox for each group. In outlook or outlook express i could set up a rule for directing incoming mail to a specific inbox. I can't see how to do so with live mail. Can i do this and if so how? If not, can you suggest alternate emil software?

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Importing Outlook Express Address To Live Mail Contacts

I am upgrading to a new computer. I ran the transfer program but the address book did not come over correctly. All the address appear to be there, but i had them in several different folders for organization. The folders did not transfer over. I have tried to export from the old computer and import to the new one. I have tried to export as a csv file and import, but the same thing happens. All the addresses show up, but the sub-folders do not. Is there a way to get the subfolders to transfer over?

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Move Outlook Express Emails To Outlook 2007

Ok, i've read huge quantities of info on how to do this. I have my old folder saved from outlook express 6. I have a laptop with xp, outlook express 6 and outlook 2003 on it. I copied the outlook express folder to the laptop. Started up outlook express and changed the 'store' folder to the folder with my old saved mails. All the mail i can see in outlook express. Closed outlook express.

Opened up outlook, choose import and imported outlook express mail into outlook. I now have an outlook. Pst and a extend. Dat file in the documents and setting, outlook folder. So, i will copy these 2 files to a thumb-drive, then go to my windows 7 machine that has outlook 2007 installed and copy and overwrite the . Pst file on that machine.

Is this it? Is there going to be a problem with the fact that i created the . Pst file in outlook 2003? I read a few posts that i should not overwrite the original file, but to copy the new file somewhere else and just 'open' it in outlook 2007, is this correct?

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Migrating From Outlook Express Xp To Outlook 2010

Spent 1. 5 days trying it and it didn't work yet. Saw lots of posts in google already. Goal: restore outlook express emails (. Dbx files) and address books (. Wab files) from a maxtor drive to windows 7 outlook 2010. We work with 2 pcs: 1 win xp, 1 win 7. Tried the following approaches. Only the first 1 works but i don't know how to move forward.

1.copy . Dbx and . Wab files to a win xp machine. Open outlook express and import them. It works how to transfer these files to windows 7 outlook 2010 then? Win 7 is on another computer.

2.copy . Dbx and . Wab files to win 7 machine. Use outlook 2010 to import. Only got 1 file and 1 address.

3. Installed win xp mode on win 7. Use the outlook express on win xp to import. Fold structure is totally messed up different result from #1, which is on a physical xp machine.

4. On win xp, use outlook 2007 to import email from outlook express. Exceed the max size of . Ost file since there are about 7gb of email. So outlook 2007 is crippled. Had to delete all emails. If this works, we can copy the . Pst file from ol 2007 to ol 2010, right?

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Changing Import Destination In Outlook 2007

When i import messages from outlook express 6 to outlook 2007, all messages go to outlook mailbox, by default. Is there a way to change the destination folder? I want the messages to go to an archive folder (. Pst file), not the mailbox folder, because service provider has a size limit on the mailbox folder, and the number of messages to import is quite large. I've tried exporting from oe 6, and importing from outlook 2007. Neither approach allows me to select the destination folder. Please help out.

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Import Storage Folders In Live Mail

I am transferring data from an old hard drive to a new hard drive. I "exported" all my messages, which included a lot of storage folders from the old drive to disc. Now i am trying to "import" the messages and it tells me the folders "are empty or in use by another program". They are not empty. I can clearly see that the date transferred correctly. How do i get the storage folders and messages contained therein imported in to windows live mail on my new hard drive?

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Outlook Express And Newsgroups

Using windows 7 starter. Will be upgrading to the highest version next month - upgrading computer also. I am temporarily using windows live mail to access newsgroups. One thing (as a former beta tester) i have to say. Use of outlook and wlm is more conducive to the business community than it is to the general public like me and thousands of others. Oe6 is most useful to us because there are literally thousands of people in the usa, canada, and europe (with emphasis on france and the netherlands) who enjoy creating scripted stationery as a hobby - mostly middle-aged and retired people.

It's an enjoyable hobby and one that is very much supported by people using microsoft products! I hated to see the updates to outlook express stopped - while i have outlook 2007, i really don't like to use it for e-mail. It is, after all, a personal information manager (pim) and is best used in a company environment on a lan or wan. For people like me, outlook express is the definitive choice for e-mail and newsgroups. There is an interchange of information and help for all users this way. I communicate with hundreds of people across the globe this way.

Some very tech savvy people like cato salid from is only shooting themselves in the foot trying to force people into forums (which i hate) - i participated in many forums on compuserve when microsoft had several there for application-specific programs and i started here with office 2! I was an asst.sysop in a sig (computer-specific). I know my way around a computer, etc. Been using them for more than 20 years now. Started with a sinclair! i like windows 7 (i beta tested win98, me, and xp along with sp1 and 2; i also tested office pro 2000, 2002, 2003).

I like microsoft products, but you folks need to learn how to listen to the people who use your products the most, and that is people like me! When i was beta testing office, for example, i gave microsoft a lot of input (with emphasis on word) on improving the product and i see by playing around with word 2007 that you used some of my ideas! I participated in several usability studies at the campus in redmond and had fun doing it. I tested the wizard for saving your settings. Tested other stuff at the campus too. So. Can we get outlook express to work with windows 7? R. S. V. P. - And possibly release a new version? I really do prefer it to full-blown outlook!

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Converting Outlook Mail Folders To Windows Mail

I copied my outlook express messages files to my new win7 pc and imported them into windows mail. After hours of running overnight, all of the messages were copied into one folder! I have over 100 folders but the windows mail did not replicate this structure.

Question 1- did i miss something or is windows mail incapable of converting over my outlook files properly (e.g. Into their respective folders).

Question 2- if this is something that cannot be done with import, can i import one dbx message file at a time into windows mail so that i can move each cluster or messages to a folder manually.

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Unable To Locate Outlook Express

Windows 7 upgrade from vista, once the upgrade finished, i was unable to locate outlook express on my machine. Why didn't outlook express remain as my email program in the windows 7 upgrade? I installed windows 7 upgrade from vista, once the upgrade finished, i was unable to locate outlook express on my machine. Why didn't outlook express remain as my email program in the windows 7 upgrade? Short of reinstalling outlook express, is their any way i can get windows 7 to recognize my old version of outlook express with all my olf email and contacts?

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Can Outlook Express Be Installed In Win 7 As In Xp ?

Don't have a problem but since i don't care much for windows live mail or any other email program but outlook express. Reason you can add and change scripts on email. Can outlook express be installed in windows 7 as in xp or vista?

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Outlook Express Files And Attachments

I have been using eudora since forever. I just got a new machine with windows 7 on it. I can't use eudora anymore so i have changed to outlook express on my xp machine. I have imported all my folders/mail/accounts and all is working good. However, i can't find my attachments - .jpg's etc. In eudora there was an attach folder and all the files stayed there until the message was deleted.

Do i have to save all the attachments as they come in (annoying) now? Also, how do i import all my messages/mail/accounts to the new machine with windows 7? I see where there is no outlook express on win7. Will i need to start from scratch and lose all my history?

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Outlook Express Email Use On Win 7

I used to use outlook express for my e-mail accounts. I was told that windows 7 does not support outlook express; so i am currently using g-mail; however, i do not like the format for g-mail, and i find windows live mail a nightmare; there is way too much information on the windows live mail page, when all that someone wants to do is write a simple e-mail. Is it possible to install outlook express on my new compaq presario that is loaded with windows 7?

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Transfer Files, Outlook Express From Xp Computer

I purchased a new computer with windows 7. How do i transfer files, outlook express from xp computer with easy transfer cable and only one monitor? I have only one monitor and i'm trying to transfer files, outlook express addresses and pics from the old xp computer to the new windows 7 computer. I have the easy transfer cable but only one monitor.

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Email Program To Replace Outlook Express

I need an email program to replace the no-longer available outlook express, which i have used for years. My computers are online only for uploading or downloading. Since most of my emails are composed off line that eliminates windows live mail and similar web-based programs. Also, since i have years of email archives in outlook express format, i need something which will be file-compatible with those oe archives. It is not worth buying msft office just to get outlook. I have tried thunderbird but it has a few drawbacks which make it only marginally acceptable for needs. What other options are there?

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How To Read Outlook Express Dbx Files?

I have just bought a new computer with win7. Now that oe is gone (omgosh!) How can the dbx files be read? I have extensive files from oe and now find there is no apparent way to read them. I downloaded paretologic but am reluctant to run it. The message says that it's going to make changes to my computer. What if the files are rendered completely unreadable! I ran the scan feature and several "drivers" were listed as outdated. Can that be right? I just bought the latest and greatest computer!

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Trouble Deleting A Photo In Outlook Express 6.0

I'm having trouble with outlook express 6. 0 . I unfortunately tried to send an email to my daughter with a lot of photo files attached from when she was home last weekend and it is too large for the server and it is stuck in the outbox and i can't even highlight the thing to delete it. I can't get this damn thing off my computer and i don't know what to do and it's making my computer run so slow.

Just clicking on outbox and i'm screwed already in fact. You can't do anything once that happens. The hour glass comes up and the computer stalls and does nothing. I have one of a time trying to close outlook express even. Help! How do i get this out of outlook express?

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Does Outlook Express Delete Email From Server?

When outlook express fetches new email from the server, does it remove that email from the server or is it left on the server?The reason i'm asking is because i have been tasked with fixing a problem that involves an unfortunate interaction between oe and our software so i have to setup an oe on a test machine and hook it to a valid email server. If i install oe and direct it to my email account, will it download all of my email from the server to the oe test machine i'm attempting to debug or will it leave the original email on the server?

If it removes the email from the server that will mess up my email as far as my real work machine's outlook is concerned which is set up to leave email on the server so i don't really want oe to delete email from the server.

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Outlook Express Contacts Transferred Problem

I just got a new computer that has windows 7 on it and my old computer had xp w/ outlook express. I did a direct cable transfer of all my info from the old computer to the new one. Unfortunately, it did not transfer any of my contacts and only my messages from before 2007.

I have read the various post here and have finally been able to get all of my messages to the new computer using a flash drive. Unfortunately, i can not get any of my contacts transferred. When i go to the address book to export my addresses, it is grayed out and i am not able to select it. I have found the files and just copied them to the flash drive. The import address on the new computer is also grayed out in the contacts file menu so i can't select that to import the contacts.

I really need some help so i can clean out the old computer to get it out of my way and just want to be using the new computer.

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Outlook Express 6.0 Emails Have Completely Disappeared

I'm using outlook express 6. 0 (i guess) and for the second time this week all my incoming and outgoing emails beyond the date 2/15/10 have completely disappeared.

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How To Retrieve Contact List And Emails From Outlook Express ?

I have recently installed windows 7. Can someone please tell me how to retrieve my contact list and saved emails from outlook express since it is no longer compatible with windows 7 and i can't find it on my program list any longer? Where do i find my contact list and saved emails from outlook express now that i have installed windows 7 and it is no longer usable?

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Cannot Import Video

I have a netbook running windows 7 starter. I am trying to use my new sony handycam and so i downloaded windows live movie maker. I had the old movie maker on my dell with xp and it just crashes and freezes constantly. I thought i would try to do it on the new netbook, but when i try to drag or open a video file, it moves it but has a grey screen with a red round dot and x on it. The clips have the right time length but no video footage or sound. What is wrong? Files are . Mpeg i believe which is supposed to be a supported file.

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Import Video From Camcorder

I have a sony dcr-trv22 camcorder that connects to my computer via 1394 firewire. I'm using windows 7 64-bit professional. When i connect the camera to the computer, the camcorder shows up under "printers and devices" with the correct name, so it appears to connect ok. However, i cannot do anything else with it. I can't import video using either windows live movie maker or nero software. The import software doesn't recognize the camcorder, even though the computer does recognize it and has installed the windows native drivers for it. Sony does not offer drivers for this device other than those found in the windows os.

How can i import video when the software won't recognize it, but the computer does?

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Picture Import Settings

I want to change the import settings for my canon camera when importing photos using windows 7. I had already managed to do this once but want to adjust the settings again. However, when i connect my camera to my pc, it automatically starts importing photos based on current settings with no option to change.

The above is from another thread regarding the same problem i have. The dialog box with "import settings" flashes, then goes away before you can make changes. The person above was given a link to a boilerplate answer that doesn't address the problem.

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Import Favorites Lost Their Icons

I recently installed a new workstation running windows xp sp3 and ie7 (as was my previous workstation1). Can't go to ie8 because it is not certified to run with my company's enterprise software.

I exported my ie favorites from the old pc and then imported them on the new one; all the icons for my favorite sites have changed to generic ones. Why did the icons disappear and how can i get them back to stay? I have visited some of the sites and sometimes the icon comes back and other times it doesn't. Also, the icons don't always remain. Sometimes, for no apparent reason when i launch ie, some of them are back to generic again.

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Extremely Slow Music Import

I've got a fresh install of windows 7 on a new system and am adding music to my wmp library. The music folder is around 60 gb and is stored on my whs. The music import has been running now for almost 24 hours and is finally almost done. This seems like a ridiculous amount of time required to import music.

On my older vista system (much lower specs), the same import took way less time ( i think under a couple hours) and i was on a 100mbps ethernet. With the new system, i'm on a gigabit ethernet.

Why would it be taking so long under windows 7 compared to vista?

Note: i have unchecked the check box to retrieve additional information from the internet, and it didn't make a difference

System specs:
Amd ii x2 250 dual @ 3. 0 ghz
4 gb ram
Windows 7 32 bit

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