Dvd/rw Will Not Read Music Or Program Discs

I installed windows 7 now my dvd/rw will not read music or program discs but will read games and of course windows 7 discs. When i insert a windows 7 or a game disc it works when i insert a music disc it wont work.

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Drive Wont Read Dvd Discs

I just did a clean install of windows 7 ultimate on a hp pavilion dv7 1129wm laptop. The laptop has a dvd/rw drive installed in it. After installing windows 7 now the drive wont read dvd discs. It will read audio and data discs, but will not read a dvd disc. It says the drive is empty even though there is a movie in the drive. I have tried to update drivers for the dvd drive and it didn't help, i have also downloaded dvd playback software from the hp support website and still nothing.

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Dvd Drive Either Isn't Found Or Won't Read Any Discs

Upgraded laptop to windows 7 32-bit from vista 32-bit. Now dvdr drive either isn't found or won't read any discs. I've searched on here for win 7 solutions. Mr. Fixit doesn't work with win 7. So i tried the regedit solutions, but there is no upperfilters or lowerfilters in the right pane. Also checked with manufacturer, it is a pioneer dvdrw dvr k17. As far as i can tell this is a pretty standard drive in many notebooks.

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Win 7 Is Not Seeing Game Or Dvd Drive Discs

Windows 7 is not seeing certain game or dvd discs in my dvd-rw drive. I'm using windows 7 home premium for my desktop, and all of a sudden it's refusing to see my game or dvd discs when i put them in the drive. It will see my dvd-rw discs, but nothing else. The games i've run before with no trouble at all, and the discs i'm trying will play just fine on my windows xp laptop, so i'm unsure what's changed to make it act like this. It seemed like it starting doing this, after i burned a disc of some family pics once, but i'm not positive. I've tried uninstalling the dvd-rw drivers, and reinstalling, i'm not sure what else to do.

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Dvd Drive Wont Format Blank Discs

The dvd drive won't format. I have the same problem as some one else on the forum. I get a message"windows was unable to complete the format. " You suggested to go to "troubleshooting". This does not appear on my computer. I get a message"windows was unable to complete the format. " I have tried other discs no go. I hooked in a usb dvd drive and was able to format after 1 failure.

I tried the "update drivers" but there was nothing to update. I had to reset this computer once before to factory settings with dell showing me how, because the internet settings became corrupted and would not change. I have had nothing but problems with this machine since i bought it, a high end dell. Is it dells fault or is it vista? I don't really know when the problem started. Any help would be appreciated.

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Music For Slideshow On Dvd Maker

I am making a video/picture dvd using windows dvd maker. I am trying to add music to the slideshow part of the dvd. When i go to add music it brings me to my music library, then i click that and it brings me to itunes, then i click that and it shows all the albums in my library but when i click on an album to finally get to the song it says the folder is empty. When i look it up on my computer it is there. I am assuming i need to change the file type or something but i am not too computer savy. Please help asap. Need this for a birthday present for tomorrow (1/15/10).

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Cd/dvd Drive Reads, But Does Not Read Cd

Upgraded to windows 7 last week. All went well. Over the past few days, have been ripping cds for my mp3 player. This evening, the cd/dvd stopped reading the media. I can see the drive in windows explorer. When i click on the drive icon in win explorer, the tray opens for loading; however, when i load a cd and close the tray, the read/access light blinks but nothing happens to indicate the cd is actually being read. Brand new cd with no scratches. Anyone got a clue how to fix this?

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Dvd Only Reads Cds But Does Not Read Dvds

I have tried uninstalling the device from my ibm thinkpad t40 and reinstalling it and tried again with the driver signing security fucntion deactivated (from the "f8" pre-boot menu). I know that my drive is capable of reading and writing to dvd disks because i installed ubuntu and tested it. It also used to work fine with windows vista.

In its device properties (right click on the drive and go to properties. Then click properties again) it says that the manufacturer is "standard cd-rom drives". The device description value is displayed as cd-rom drive and under driver details the driver file is c:windowssystem32driverscdrom.sys

I think that windows & is assigning the wrong driver to my device. How can i reinstall my device with the correct driver? When i try to update the driver, i get a message that the best driver is currently installed, a false message.

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Cd/dvd Rom Wont Read Cds

I just upgraded from vista basic to windows 7 home premium on my laptop and now my cd-dvd rom won't read any cds i put into the drive. It still reads dvds fine so i'm thrown for a loop now. My drivers are all up to date as best as i can find. I know it's a cd-dvd rom because before i upgraded i had no problems reading cds and dvds. This is a problem because all my anti-virus and other programs are all on cds. I have no idea how to go about correcting this.

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Dvd Drive Wont Read Disks - Error Please Insert Disk

I recently upgraded to windows 7. The drive worked fine as i used it to install the os. On start up windows wouldn't recognize the drive. Finding that this was a common problem on dual boot win7 x64 i tried the 3 standard fixes (f8 on start up, change letter of drive, upper and lower field reg edit) i briefly had the drive working but after about 10 minutes (while i was using the drive) it crashed and disappeared.

I went to the manufacturers site and downloaded the latest software for it, windows installed this and said it was working fine, i can now see the drive but it wont read anything, every time i put a disk in (any disk) it tells me the drive is empty when it isn't and spits it out. I have tried the windows troubleshoot program from the support site, it detects a problem but cant fix it.

The device manager shows the drive as installed and working. The lens shouldn't need cleaning as the drive is less than a month old. Please help, i've run out of ideas.system - dual boot xp / win 7 x64, xp on samsung 1tb hdd win 7 on maxtor 200gb hdd, 4gb ram, intel core 2 duo 3ghz, asus p5g43m motherboard, nvidia 8500gt gpu

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Cannot Play Blu-ray Discs

System spec:
Windows 7 home premium 64 bit pack for system builders, fresh and first time install on the hd below. Power dvd 10 standard. (Also have flv player and avg free installed) asus black blu-ray drive sata model br-04b2t  <- this is the problem drive. I have already updated the drivers and firmware via the asus site.

Lite-on dvd/cd writer black sata model ihas424-08
Ocz vertex series oczssd2-1vtx60g 2. 5" 60gb sata ii mlc internal solid state drive (ssd)
Evga 121-bl-e756-tr lga 1366 intel x58 micro atx sli micro intel motherboard
Intel core i7-920 bloomfield 2. 66ghz lga 1366 130w quad-core processor model bx80601920
Evga geforce 285 gtx, 6gb ram, and a nice samsung monitor.

The asus drive has yet to play a blu-ray disc on this particular machine. Each time i try to play a blu-ray, i get the error "unsupported disc in drive. " I have done the following:

- Tried corel windvd 9 plus, same "unsuported disc. " Error

- The drive works fine on a machine i built with windows xp 32 bit sp2 and running a trial version of powerdvd 10. On the first blu-ray i tried, it asked what region i'd like to set my player as (a, b, c). I have not seen such a screen on the 64 bit computer above, even after fresh installs of windows 7 on other hard drives.

- Same error on a separate win7x64 install on a different hard drive, same computer. The incredibly unhelpful asus people say it works fine on a fresh install of win7x64.

- Have done all the steps on this post: http://social.

- Have followed the steps on this link:
As you may imagine, this is both frustrating and draining. My level of expertise is high with hardware but i am truly baffled.

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Win 7 Not Recognizing Some Blu Ray Discs

I am having some issues with windows 7 not recognizing some blue ray discs. The drive and discs worked fine until i "upgraded" to windows 7 (32 bit) from vista (32 bit).

System will play normal dvd's. Will play some blueray disks. The ones that it wont read it treats them like a blank disk and wants you to chose how to save info. When you chose to start it and title the disk comes up thats its protected. Its very doubtful thats its a hardware issue do to the fact that it was working fine under vista. All drivers and codecs are up to date form lg "blue ray drive" and cyberlink "3rd party player". There are no error messages.

Here are the system specs :
Windows 7 home premium "32 bit"
2g ram
Amd 3800 dual core
Nvidia geforce 8600 gt
Blu ray drive lg h20l

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Reinstall Win 7 - Create Recovery Discs

I am considering purchasing windows 7 upgrade to go from xp. I do not have my manufacturer's recover disc and they say they are unable to supply a replacement. I know i do not need this to install windows 7. However if i need to reinstall windows 7 in the future will i have to do this in conjunction with the xp recovery disc?

I have windows 7 on another machine and the first thing i was advised to do was to create some recovery discs. I am looking for confirmation this will be same after upgrading and if i need to reinstall at a later date i can use these discs.

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Creating Recovery Discs (not Repair Disc)

We purchased and installed windows 7 - 64 bit in two computers. Neither installation gave us notification to make recovery disks or the repair disc. We found the place to make the repair disc, but cannot locate where to tell the program to make the regular recovery discs. Can anyone tell me if we need to do this? Our daughter purchased a new computer with windows 7 already installed and it gave the option to create all of these discs.

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Trouble Copying Music To Cd

I am trying to make a copy of some music onto a audio cd. I drag my selection to burn list, click on start burn and i get a message in a box saying "windows media player encountered a problem while burning the file to the disc. " Pressing the "web help" button brought me here. How can i find out what the problem is and how do i fix it. I have made several attempts to copy this music. Either nothing is on the cd or it just does not play on a cd player.

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Ripping Music Files

I am using windows 7 home premium, 64 bit. Is it possible to store the same file at different bit rates? Wmp seems to automatically replace previously ripped, identical tracks. I want to see what difference the rates make to audio quality on an mp3 player.

Also, i am thinking about transferring all my cds to my pc (or a portable hard drive). I would wish to do so at the maximum lossless quality.could i then sync tracks from the ripped files to an mp3 player at a lower bit rate (to maximize the space on it)?  Or, would i have to burn to cd and then rip at a lower quality if i wanted to do that (which, depending on the answer above, might mean losing the previously ripped lossless files to the low bit rate ones and having to re-rip the original cds, negating the point of the original storage).

If wmp does automatically replace previously ripped files, is there a work-around solution to enable me to 1) compare the same files at different bit rates and 2) store lossless files and sync from them at different bit rates without replacing them?

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My Music Folder Missing

I have just installed windows 7 64 bit. After i completed the install and migrated my settings to the new computer from a vista install on my old pc, i tried to move the my music folder to a folder on a network drive. No idea what happened, but there is no longer a my music folder available - the one on the network drive doesn't have a location tab and i cannot locate it elsewhere.

In the library, nothing. Probably for an entirely separate reason it won't allow me to add the folder on the network drive to the library because it is not indexed.

I can see the reference to the my music folder in hkey_current_usersoftwaremicrosoftwindowscurrentversionexploreruser shell folders, and it looks just like the other default personal folders there but otherwise no trace of it. All other folders are ok.

Can someone guide me how to simply restore the my music folder as a default?

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Copy Music From Cd To Sd Card

How do i copy music from my cd to a sd card in windows 7? I have never done this before but i was shown by a friend who has xp how to do it via the media player. On my windows 7 ii do not even have a media player icon but the music does play when i insert the cd. I was able to open a play list on the music file that came up but i am lost from this point. I did rip but now what?

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Transferring Itunes Music

I transferred my music from my old computer to my new laptop, but itunes said they couldn't play or sync to my ipod until i authorized them on this computer. So i created an apple id like it said and went through and authorized all the songs and they all said they were already authorized on this computer. Then when i tried to sync them to my ipod it said they weren't authorized. ? What's wrong?

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Media Player Streaming Music

I am having a problem i have 3 computers all on a network trying to share music from media player on my main computer(1). My laptop computer(2) see's the connection in media player and can stream the music from my main computer(1) using other libraries and see's media computer (3). My other media computer(3) cannot see the main computer (1) in other libraries but yet media center see's main computer (1) and shared files? I am a little lost as to why computer (3) cannot see computer (1) in other libraries. Yet the other 2 can see all.

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Media Player Cannot Find Music

My problem is similar to the problem that amanda wise was experiencing except that i am running windows 7. After uninstalling and reinstalling windows 7 for a different problem, i lost my library in wmp. The files were backed up to an external hard drive. Now i cannot get wmp to go and get the files from the external drive. I installed musicmatch from an old disk and it had no problem finding all of my music. I can rip music from a cd with wmp but, a lot of my files were from vinyl and and it is time consuming to replace all of them. I prefer to use wmp because musicmatch will no longer support anything on the web.

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Media Center Cannot Find Music

I have 100+ cd's stored as wav files under my music. They were ripped using exact audio copy and accuraterip. I have repeatedly pointed media center at the directory and instructed it to find my music files but it has not found one. There are currently 102 artist directories with close to 200 albums and more than 2500 songs in my music directory. Media center cannot find my video files either but it had no problem finding my pictures.

How do i get media center to see my music and video files?

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Extremely Slow Music Import

I've got a fresh install of windows 7 on a new system and am adding music to my wmp library. The music folder is around 60 gb and is stored on my whs. The music import has been running now for almost 24 hours and is finally almost done. This seems like a ridiculous amount of time required to import music.

On my older vista system (much lower specs), the same import took way less time ( i think under a couple hours) and i was on a 100mbps ethernet. With the new system, i'm on a gigabit ethernet.

Why would it be taking so long under windows 7 compared to vista?

Note: i have unchecked the check box to retrieve additional information from the internet, and it didn't make a difference

System specs:
Amd ii x2 250 dual @ 3. 0 ghz
4 gb ram
Windows 7 32 bit

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Music Playback Issue In Win 7

Since i upgraded to the retail version of windows 7 from the rc, i have been experiencing issues with my music. I usually use mediamonkey for playing my music but i ran into this strange problem where songs would loop backwards, the seek bar would keep going as normal but the song would skip backwards and keep doing that in similar intervals, which was terribly annoying. Trying to stop the song would result in the computer hanging for a while.

I decided to try windows media player and i found that my music was now skipping sometimes. I have never encountered errors like this previously, and i'm not sure what could be the problem. I updated all my codecs, i updated my sound drivers as i had been using the ones that windows chose for me upon installation, but nothing seems to work.

This is terribly frustrating as music along with simple web browsing and instant messaging are my main uses for this computer.

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Re-organize My Video, My Music Folders

I'm having som e annoying problems with the my videos, my photos and on. I have an 80gb intel ssd for windows, games, and programs, i also have a 500gb samsung hdd which i would like to have movies, music, documents and other stuff. But when i booted the pc from the w7 disc to the ssd, all my user folders was located on my ssd, where they should not be.

Is there any way i could move all my user folders? Can i just cut out and paste the folders, or will this do anything to the system? I know there have been several threads about similar issues, but i have seen through them and i did not get any smarter.

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Media Player 12 Music Files Disappearing

For valentines day hubby built me a new computer and put windows 7 on it, which i am highly starting to regret. Anyhow i put my music i had backed up on my back up drive and it works fine, no problems. Then yesterday i ripped 2 c. D's on to it. I thought everything was fine shut down the computer. Then last night i went to play them and neither of them would show up on my media player, but both were in my music folder.

I deleted them and ripped them again and they showed up on the media player but the second i exit out of the media and go back to it they are gone, vanished, poof. I have tried restore media library and restarted computer come back they load on to the media player i exit out of the player and go back and once again gone. I have tried everything i can think of and still nothing is working and i am getting highly frustrated.

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Unable To Stream Music In Media Player

"my media player was working fine, then suddenly i got this error message. I didn't change anything, but now can't stream music. "How can i correct the following error message? As far as i know i didn't change anything. Brand new computer, pre loaded with windows 7 and ms office 2010 windows media player cannot play the file. A network firewall might be preventing the player from opening the file by using the udp transport protocol. If you typed a url in the open url dialog box, try using a different transport protocol (for example, "http:").

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Music Note Error In Cakewalk Sonar 2

Does anyone have a suggestion for solving the following problem when opening cakewalk sonar 2 ? - Although from the number of messages i have seen posted, it seems this is a problem for most versions of cakewalk. Error flags up as: 'cannot create the staff view musical symbol font'. In practice this means that when selecting the staff view (sheet music) all that shows are different shaped symbols instead of musical notes. I have re-installed sonar and the staff view shows fine first time, but then after one use it reverts back to symbols.

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Downloading Music Legally From Website To Disc

How to download music legally from a web site to a disc in windows 7?

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Moving Zune Music History From Vista To Win7

I'm trying to move my music from my old computer(windows vista) to my new computer(windows 7) using a backup memory drive but zune is telling me that i have to repurchase my music even though it says on the purchase history i own all of the songs. How do i move all my zune music history from a windows vista to a windows 7 computer?

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