Win7 Gave Me Bad Information Concerning Files To Delete

I tried to install windows 7 on my desktop computer. I am upgrading from vista, using the 32 bit disk. Windows ran the compatibility program and came back with information concerning items i needed to uninstall in order for the procedure to go smoothly. I did what i was advised to do and now the program can't install because it can't get online. One of the items it told me to uninstall was the google tool bar, one was hardware diagnostic tools, one was intellitype and one was commodo internet security. Obviously one of them, (or all) facilitated getting online. Help, help, help.

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Delete File In System Volume Information

I had a hardware failure last week, which resulted in a new installation of windows 7. However i'm left with a 220gb file in system volume information on a storage drive.

I'd like to delete it, but i don't have permission, nor do i seem to be able to give myself permission to do it.

It's likely the result of a previous backup - however i have subsequently changed my backup procedure and i'm absolutely sure that this does not contain any data that i would like preserved.

Given that it's such a large file, i want it gone.

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Cannot Delete Files

I just moved from a computer with vista to one with windows 7 (64-bit). In doing, i saved a bunch of emails on the old computer as files, then copied them (over a wireless network) to the new computer. The browser was firefox; the files are . Eml filetype. Now, i want to delete some.

I can't delete the individual files: 'delete' doesn't appear in the context menu, and i can't drag them to the recycle bin. However, i think i can delete the entire folder: 'delete' is in the folder's context menu, whether the folder is in the left or main pane. But i don't want to delete the entire folder.

Now this is what i really don't understand. I go the folder's properties, uncheck the read-only box (it's not checked, but solid color), hit 'apply' and 'ok, " i get a window and it's running through all the files. But when i go back to the folder's properties, the box is filled in again. The read-only box for the files is unchecked, but i still can't delete then.

I ran windows explorer as administrator, but it doesn't seem to matter. The 'full control' box is checked in properties. Details.

I even added a "no need to keep" subfolder. I can copy the . Eml files i no longer want to that folder, but not move them, which is what i want to do (to clean out the folder).

What should i do?

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Ok To Delete Update Files?

My son has deleted many files that look to be windows nt updates. I put them in my recycle bin. They are clogging up my space and i was wondering if anything that has a name such as $ntuninstallb932716-v2$ is o. K. To delete without having problems? I have windows home edition 2002.

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Duplicate Files Will Not Delete

When i upgraded to windows 7 everything on my computer duplicated once or twice. I have done an inventory and am trying to delete the duplicate files. I select files and then either hit the "delete" key or do a right click and choose "delete. "

However. After i do this process for a few files my computer will no longer do this. After selecting the files to delete i press the "delete" key or right click to reveal the list with "delete" and neither works. The delete key does nothing and the right click does not bring up the menu with delete in it.

The only thing that helps (sometimes) is for me to close the "inventory" and re-open it. Then i have to re-sort the list to show the duplicate files and try to delete them. Sometimes this works and sometimes it doesn't. When it doesn't i have to close the file and re-open it again. Or turn off my computer and restart it. After deleting a few files it stops working again. L

Deleting all of the duplicate files on my computer is going to take me weeks. Doing when the delete key or delete menu doesn't work could take me forever.

Can anybody help  with this?

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How To Delete Windows.old Files?

I recently bought an acer aspire 5536 laptop with vista and i upgraded it to windows 7 ultimate 64 bit
Because i did not format first i am left with windows. Old files, i manged to delete the program files from windows. Old by taking ownership but i cannot delete the windows. Old file itself, i have seen suggestions of doing a disk cleanup but this does not work for me as i cannot see the windows. Old file
Does anyone know of a way of deleting windows. Old please before i have to do a format?

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Cannot Delete Folder With Files In It

Every time i try to delete a folder with files in it i get "you need permission to perform this action". I used a fresh install on win7, it's the 64-bit version, professional. This happens anytime i try to delete folders with something in them. I made the folders, so i can't see that it's a permission thing. As well, i can go into the folder and just delete the files, and when that is done, i can delete the folder, which means to me that the files were not in use. Suggestions?

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How To Delete Temporary Internet Files?

Temporary internet files question i open up internet explorer, click on tools, internet options. Under general tab i click on settings under browsing history. This takes me to window temporary internet files and browsing history . Here i click on view files. This opens a window with "many"favicons for sites i’ve visited plus some other things. It looks like all this takes up lots of space so i tried deleting one of the favicons by right clicking on the link & clicking delete, but nothing happened. Should i try to get rid of all this & if so, how?  I have already deleted temporary internet files & browsing history.

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Unable To Move / Delete / Rename Files

It's a simple problem but i cant find any solution. I dl a video from youtube (the 'guide' i followed and now i have some files with the size 0 bytes on my desktop that i cant move, delete or rename. I've tried delete, shift+delete, drag and drop in the trash, deleting using cmd. The feedback is that my comp is unable to find the files.
I downloaded a program that delete files at boot (gipo@moveonboot) but it returns with 'access denied' when i select the files.

I've also tried to create a new file with the exact name and when i do it 'disappears' into the file i want to delete, but when i drop the file it is deleted and the original file remains (when i rename the file theres no warning that it's the same name as another file). I'm out of ideas to approach this problem so please help me! Running w7 home premium on a dell studio 15 (don't think it matter but anyway. )

Ps. The files is just annoying and not dangerous in any way, also the ending is just a '. ' 'example. Flv. ' ds.

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Softwaredistribution.old - Is It Safe To Delete Files And Folder ?

Is it safe to delete files and folder of softwaredistribution. Old? Recently i my muweb and wuwebcontrol was damage and i try to find a solution to fix it then i read some forums in microsoft that you can fix this if you try to rename the softwaredistribution to softwaredistribution. Old then go to windows/system32/muweb.dll then delete the muweb.dll and wuweb but my automatic updates not runs even i try to choose the automatic updates. After that i try to download the microsoftfixit50203 and install it to solve the automatic updates problems. But the automatic updates didn't run. I open the windows/softwaredistribution why the softwaredistribution. Old still in there?Now i have two folders naming softwaredistribution and softwaredistribution. Old in c://windows is it good to my computer having duplicate folder but different files inside because the other one is new?

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Administrator Password Required To Delete Win 7 Old Files

When i attempt to delete the "old'files i receive a notice saying administrator authorization required. There is no option but either 'try again' same results or 'quit'. I have read a couple of items here on the subject but not on actually deleting the file. I need the space back on c drive. The files are also to large for the recycle bin. Do you have to delete a few hundred at a time. As i have been working on the laptop it seems like some of the files are still being used rather than they have become redundant, that so?

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Setup Raid Array Delete All Files On Old Drive

I added a new drive and set up a raid array. This deleted all the information on my old drive. I already performed a clean install of windows 7 home premium on the new array. Now i cannot use my product key because i have the upgrade disc. Is there a way for me to input the keys to my older versions of windows so i can use the upgrade key? If i call microsoft, will they activate my windows if i provide them my vista key? I am trying to prevent installing the entire os again.

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Delete Win 7 Failed Install Files To Free Up Space

Windows 7 install failed and left install files on my drive. Now i don't have enough room to install again. How do i delete the files and free up space. Error had something to do with not finding setup.dll or setup.dll was corrupt.

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Rescuing Contact Information From .contact Files

Here is my problem - i successfully migrated all of my data onto a new windows 7 laptop - including all of my contacts which were beautifully arranged under the contacts folder within my user profile. I then, being careful, copied all of the files onto an external hard drive for in case my new laptop failed. (In fact two external hard drives being extra careful).

Unfortunately that is exactly what happened. I now have all of my contacts in a folder on the external hard drive - each of them is a file. Along with the windows 7 machine dying, i also lost (it failed) the original drive that had the csv exports of all contacts. So now i have .contact files but now windows 7 machine to copy them on to. (Only xp machines available - i never had vista).

Any suggestions how i can import the .contact files into something - ideally i'd like to end up with them in a csv file again because at least i can read that in emergencies!

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Can I Delete Program From Program-files (x86) Directory ?

Why is windows media player in the program files directory (i assume for 64 bit programs) and also in the program files (x86)? It runs ok from either. Can i delete it from (x86) and other duplicates as well? I also note that office 2007 seems to be in the (x86). Does that mean it is not a 64 bit program?

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Bad Windows Updates

Windows just sent me a update that freezes windows explorer in about 1/2 hr of use. This is the third time they have sent a bad update to me. The worst one was a virus that piggybacked on a update, it prevented me from getting access to the inter-net. Do they ever check a update to see if it's worse than th problem they are trying to cure? Don't they have a virus check on updates before the send then or a virus block to prevent them from infecting someones computer?

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Bad Cluster In File

Woke up this morning, turned on my computer and now for some reason, it won't load past the welcome screen. I didn't install anything yesterday, when it was working just fine. Windows didn't install any updates while it was shutting down. I tried booting in safe mode with networking, does the same thing. But it does boot in regular safe mode. When i would start it up regularly, it sometimes went past the welcome screen but stayed black.

I was going to choose "startup with last known good configuration" but when i restart the computer, it won't let me get there. It just goes to the screen saying i had a system failure and if i want to boot in safe mode or regularly. Help me please! I just bought this in august 2009. Here are my system specs:

Windows 7 home premium
Amd turion x2 dual-core mobile rm-74 2. 2ghz
64-bit operating system
Disk drive: st9500325as ata device
Dvd/cd-rom drive: hl-dt-st bddvdrw ct10l ata device
Display adaptor: ati mobility radeon hd 3650

Update 1: i was able to restart when it was in safe mode and was able to choose "start up with last known good configuration" but the same thing happens. It gets to the welcome screen and just sits there.

Update 2: after just leaving it alone while it was restarting, it stayed on the welcome screen for about 10 minutes, then went to the black screen for another 10 min. Then this warning popped up:

Dwm.exe - application error
The application was ubable to start correctly (0xc0000006). Click ok to close the application.

I clicked on ok then it just went back to the black screen. It has stayed this way for about 5 min now.

Update 3: still tinkering with restarting and booting in safe mode. Now, when in safe mode, a balloon message pops up in the system tray saying "microsoft isatap adaptor - device driver software installed successfully". What is that?!?!?

Update 4: i tried performing a check disk, was able to put in command while in safe mode. After restarting, it started counting down the seconds until it started the disk check. It froze on 1 second. It has now been sitting here for 5 or so minutes.

Update 5: i did a hard restart on my computer. After a couple of hours of the check disk scan, it found a bad cluster in file 294017. My computer started and now my network adaptor is not working. I can't get on the internet! I restarted the computer, worked just fine, but still no internet. Also, the screen keep going black then back every few minutes.

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Persistent Bad Image Error

Can anyone tell me how to upgrade to w7 ultimate, i bought a copy 2 weeks ago and have been trying ever since to get it to load but it keeps hanging at 70% expanding files, i am currently running vista ultimate and have ran the compatibility program which say i should be able to use the 32bit disc, i am upgrading because i have a persistent bad image error everytime i boot vista, all startup programmes are reporting bad image with google desktop this has been removed but is still persisting.

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General Midi Driver, Sounds Bad

I recently installed a new motherboard/processor on my comp and windows 7. Everything is 5-10x better, especially recording. But i have one major problem and i can't find any help for it online (i've searched for hours!).

The midi sound is terrible, playing a midi file or just within a program like guitar pro. I write my songs in guitar pro so i need this fixed asap it's driving me nuts.

The motherboard i have is the "gigabyte ep43-ud3l"

In guitar pro, it can't play through a full 3 minute song without sounding like _ by the end (going off time and the sound just gets worse and weak) it can't do slides. You do a 3 fret slide on a guitar and it hits a random tone in between notes and i dunno everything sounds awful! The drums are backwards (57 crash used to be on the right and now its left). Oh and when you do strumming on the guitars, there's an annoying glitchy click and the rhythm is off time etc.

Is this a general midi problem with windows 7 or is my computer just special?

This whole post probably sounds like a rant, if more details are required to get some help/tips just lemme know and i'll answer any questions.

I almost wanna go back to xp just so i can use guitar pro again, oh and the rse sound engine is the worst thing ever, so that isn't even an option.

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Dxdiag.exe Bad Image Error

I am running windows 7 x64. Yesterday i noticed that my game assassin's creed which ran in directx 10 mode earlier was running in directx 9 mode, so, i tried to force it in directx 10 mode but it gave error and exited. Then i tried to run direct x diagnostic tool dxdiag.exe but it is not opening up. It gives an error "dxdiag.exe- bad image c:winodwssyswow64d3d10.dll is either not designed to run on windows or it contains an error. " And when i press okay button then it says "error: could not load dxdiaggn.dll".

I have tried reinstalling my latest graphics drivers but no avail. I also tried updating directx but it says that i already have the most recent updates. I also have all the updates installed via windows updates. I have been using some registry cleaners but i have undone all the changes even after that it doesn't work.

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Blue Screen Bad Pool Header

Sometime last night my machine started giving me the bsod, its poped a couple of diferent messages but the most common one so far is bad_pool_header i have also gotten page_fault_in_nonpaged_area. Those are the only 2 i can remember, i checked and all my drivers are up to date. My machine is as follows

Amd phenom ii x4 955
Xfx radeon hd5770
4g g-skill ripjaw ram (ddr3)
Corsair h50
Asus m4a785td-v evo am3 amd 785g hdmi atx amd
Seagate barracuda 7200. 12 st3750528as 750gb 7200 rpm sata 3. 0gb/s
Lg dvd burner - bulk black sata model gh24ns50
Microsoft windows 7 home premium 64bit

I get the problem about every half hour, bellow is the last error report it gave me.

Problem signature:
Problem event name: bluescreen
Os version: 6. 1. 7600. 2. 0. 0. 768. 3
Locale id: 1033

Additional information about the problem:
Bccode: 50
Bcp1: fffff900be910494
Bcp2: 0000000000000001
Bcp3: fffff9600061a002
Bcp4: 0000000000000002
Os version: 6_1_7600
Service pack: 0_0
Product: 768_1

Files that help describe the problem:

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Disconnected Bad Drive And Computer Says Error Loading Os

Whenever i restart my computer it goes to start up recovery and the description says bad hard drive which is the drive i used to have xp on if i disconnect drive computer will not start says error loading os and as far as i know there is nothing on d.

Disconnected bad drive and computer says error loading os

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Logon Failure Unknown Username Or Bad Password

My laptop is running windows 7 pro. I have created a vpn connection  to my workplace and saved the connection credentials for any user of the laptop. This works fine, but when i try to login to the domain i get the error: login failure:unknown user name or bad password. This is after using the switch user option and then using the network connection option, this brings up the vpn login window, i re-enter the vpn login credentials, the machine connects to the vpn and then goes to a welcome screen and this is where i get the error message. With xp pro this did not happen, the machine would connect to the vpn and then display a domain login window. What am i doing wrong?

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Bad Pool Header Error Appears Randomly

The same message of "bad pool header" comes up every occurrence. Have reloaded windows 7 3 times and rechecked all hardware/software. It comes randomly perhaps once in 10 days or twice a day whether on-line, in a program, or powering down. On stand-alone laptop.

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Bsod Memory Management And Bad Pool Header

Problem is, built a new system, mobo, ram, cru. Power supply all new. Runs pretty good but highly unstable, anyway, the bsod seems to happen mostly while doing updates to either windows or drivers. I suspect something to do with the ati driver that came with mobo but i'm at a loss here as i got same bad pool header or memory management bsod during fresh install. Ran memtest 11 passes 0 errors.

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Unable To Install Win 7 - Setup.exe - Bad Image

Alright, so i have been currently using the demo version of windows 7, which recently expired. I'm attending college at the moment and my school offers windows 7 to me for free.

I have already downloaded windows 7 (64 bit) from my school and burned it on a dvd+rw blank disk. When i throw the disk into the drive, i click "run setup.exe" after that i get the following error message:

Titled: setup.exe - bad image

The content of the error message: e:sourcesspwizeng.dll is either not designed to run on windows or it contains an error. Try installing the program again using the original installation media or contact your system administrator or the software vendor for support.

Thats about it. I would really like to get this up and working asap. Being at school, i'm on my computer a lot, and my expired windows 7 demo version shuts down every 2 hours.

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Signing In Information

Recently i occurred very weird problem which i havent found any solution to: my ie8 doesn't remember any signing in, i get disconnected from every forum/email/other sites require loging in every few hours. I always mark the "remember me" option, but nothing happens, i need re-type the username and password. However the login information is remembered , i mean when i click the username bar i get a list of used usernames.

I've been told its related to cookies saving.

Well, the inprivate options is disabled.
I dont use ccleaner software.
History is kept for 20 days.
Security is set to medium-high.
Privacy is set to medium.
I dont delete my cookies in any way im aware of.

Im using windows xp home, sp3 nod32 as my anti-virus.

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Product Key Information

I have learnt that if i am purchasing the windows 7 edition (anyone from home premium), then i get two dvds for installation of windows including one product key - now, by two dvds, i mean to say that one dvd carry the 32 bit version of windows and other the 64 bit one ! So, i wish to ask that the product key used for activation is same for either 32 bit or 64 bit version of windows, or both version (32 bit and 64 bit) would require a separate product key. Of course, if i am only activating any of the one version at a time.

In short is the product key for version 32 bit & 64 bit is same or not ?

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Cannot Access System Information

I have an acer aspire laptop that worked ok until a month ago. Started with every time i turned of my computer it started to do automatic updates that took about 30 min. And then when i turn it back on it tells me that the updates were not correctly installed. So i tried to access windows update to check and then realized that it wont open. I click on the symbol for windows update and a window comes up and closes before you can click on anything. Same happens when i try to access my system information, click on the symbol and a window comes up and closes. What can i do?

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Cannot Track My Shipment Information

I got a email from acer regarding the shipment of my windows 7 home premium upgrade. But i have not been able to view the tracking details for the past whole week though in the email they had specified that i won't be able to view it within 1-2 business days. I contacted their customer service twice but they said they will reply me back in 10 days time. What should i do next? Will i even receive or no? I reside in qatar. Had ordered for the upgrade through acer's website and they have shipped it through tnt express.

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