Album Art Size In Wmp 12 Now Playing Screen

Have just purchased new computer with windows 7 and wmp 12. Have transferred my music over to new computer but now i only get a small pathetic sized picture of the album in the now playing screen.
With wmp 11 i had all my album art modified to 646 x 646 pixels using microsoft office picture manager, so when a song was played the album art was displayed full size in the screen which looked great. Is there any way to have now playing album art displayed large instead of a small picture?

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Album Art Will Not Update

Some of the album art in windows media player 12 (win 7 ultimate 64 bit) only shows a black box. When i try to paste the album art, i get the message "album art can't be changed when a song from the album is in use. Please try again later". The albums affected are not "in use" and when i check the file location there are a number of "albumartsmall.jpg" and "folder.jpg" that when opened are completely black. I have deleted these files and tried to paste the art with the above message appearing each time. I have tried opening the black file and pasting a copy of the correct art but that does not work either. Any ideas please? About 25 out of 250 are affected.

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Wmp 12 Black Screen When Playing Live Stream

Looking for help about the well spread issue between wmp12 on w7 and the windows media live and on-demand streams (black screen with audio ok). This happen on embedded player for sure (not sure in stand alone) in ie and firefox. The same issue exists on xp and vista, and it is easy to find how to fix but after searching for hours i cannot resolve it on windows media player 12 for windows 7. If you now what settings have to be tweaked please respond.

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Media Player Album Art

I have one item of music on my desktop that looks like a piece of paper with the top right corner folded down and in the middle is a blue music note and right under that is the characters mp3. When i click on this it starts playing and all there is to see are the controls at the bottom and a big blue musical note in the center. If i right click in it i can select visualization and select things like bars and waves and of course the big blue note that is already selected.

I want there to be a picture i have in place of that blue note while the sound is playing. I have tried for hours inside of the media player program with picture and play lists and all of it. Does anyone know how i can get a jpeg picture in that one media player control window when i click on it so the picture will be there while it's playing?

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Assassins Creed 1 Not Playing Full Screen

I have an amd 3. 2 quad with a 5770ati graphics card all my gaming graphics is great, and all my other games run to full screen with no boarders (stretch from graphics card is ok). Oh an windows 7, great. My problem is only with assassins 1 which seems to run with a windows boarder of some type that i don't recognize, it has in the top left corner a white rectangle with a small blue square in the middle an to the right of that the name assassins creed.

The bottom also has the task bar, the best i can do to make it full screen is right click on the top bar an hit move then just click the bottom bar an the task bar disappears but the top one remains.

An if i go to close to the top during a game with my right mouse button on the move box comes up again. I don't know if this problem is with the game or a windows setting, i'm not very good with my new computer or windows yet.

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Ms Paint Is Very Poor For Creating Pixel Art

I've been working with paint for older windows versions for a long time, and have just recently invested in a completely new system, your windows 7. I discovered that the new ms paint, which comes with this new system is very poor for creating pixel art, and, although it has many great options like the brushes and so on, it lacks greatly in one very important way.

Frankly, all of the pixel must be colored by placing your brush, pencil, etc. In the very corner of a single pixel, and it really messes up what you're doing, especially if you are used to the freer selection on mspaint. I love the rest, but really, this needs to be fixed. I have practically thrown my computer against the wall in the anger i feel toward this one setback. Also, i tried to download the older version of paint, but it is not compatible with this computer. This problem is awful for all of the fans of paint for its ease of use, and everyone i know who uses paint has said that they hated it mostly for this reason. Please tell me you can fix this.

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Artist / Album Doesn't Appear

I copied a joan baez song in mp3 format into the my music folder in windows explorer. When i click on her name, the album name shows, and when i click on the song, diamonds and rust shows. However, when i bring up media player there is no joan baez artist, and when i bring up albums the album isn't there either. In the past i've noticed it sometimes takes an opening and closing of media player for it to recognize all the new songs i copy in but this time it's not showing. I can't add the song to a play-list if i can't se it.

Why might a song not show up, and is there anything i can do to force it to show up?

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Wmp12 - Find Album Information - No Images Appear

Wmp12 "find album information" window malfunction i am having the strangest problem with wmp12 that i have been unable to find any kind of solution for online. Basically, if i right-click on an album and select "find album info", i am presented with the find album information window, but in place of every image that would appear is the small generic png logo. This is what i mean, i have tried sfc /scannow, resetting my wmp library, resetting the icon cache, and reinstalling wmp, but nothing has worked. Does anybody know what might be causing this?

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Cannot Install Wmp 11

I'm still on wmp 10 for some reason and i wanted to connect my pc with 360 to stream videos. I downloaded the update but it was telling me to go get the rollup update 2 or something, so i attempted to install that and it told me i needed to go get .net framework 1. 1 and .net framework 1. 1 sp1. I went to download those and install them, but it's telling me that "the upgrade patch cannot be installed by the windows installer service because the program to be upgraded may be missing, or the upgrade patch may update a different version of the program". I've googled it, tried all sorts, uninstalled sp3 and tried it and nothing.

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Issue With Wmp 12

Yesterday a friend of mine gave me a flash drive which contained a couple of music albums that i wanted to copy to my music folder.

Before i copy the albums to the desired destination (its path being like this c:usersmynamemusicartistnamealbumname ) , i temporarily copied them on my desktop (i wanted to change some things [important: i did not change any names] before copying them to the desired destination) and from there i listened to a couple of the songs , thus adding just those two songs to wmp's music library.

So far so good. But ultimately, i moved the albums where i wanted, and restarted wmp 12 in order for it to update its library to include the two new albums, as it did.

The problem now is that the two songs i had listened to when the music files where still on the desktop (or , if you want, in the desktop folder) cannot be played and wmp gives me an error message that informs me that the file i am trying to play is not found in the directory c:usersmynamedesktopartistnamealbumnamerack. Mp3 , which is true since i moved it to the desired destination. However, for some reason i cannot delete these two faulty entries from wmp's library!

I recreated the destination path that wmp is looking at, when i do this the tracks can be played like normal, then i tried to delete their entries again but with no results.

So, to sum up, i have two albums in my wmp's library that their registered path for the tracks they contain is c:usersmynamemusicartistnamealbumnamerackname. Mp3, except for one song from each album (2 songs in total) . The exceptions' registered path is c:usersmynamedesktopartistnamealbumnamerack. Mp3 , and for some reason cannot be altered nor delete these specific entries from wmp and then add them back again from the right destination path, which means that if i want to listen to these two songs i need to have two folders on my desktop , each containing the respective song.

My question is : why can i not delete the faulty entries from wmp 12? Is there a way to do so ? Because right now wmp does not look in my music folder in order to play the 2 songs, rather in the desktop folder.

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Lan Game Playing

I hope that there is someone out there that can help me. I am running windows 7 ultimate and nis 2010. I have the following problem. When playing lan games ( does not matter which game it is, ) i can not find any hosted servers nor connect to any. I can however connect any computer on the network download and upload to the computes. When i host the games everybody els can see me, se the severs and connect to it. I disabled al the firewalls. This problem is not just one game but all of the.

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Popping Sound When Playing Audio

Popping sound when playing audio, either in windows, windows player, or streaming files, already installed latest high definition driver but the problems has gotten worse, i unsinstall the driver still problem existing, upgraded to windows 7 ultimate.

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Mouse Freeze Only When Playing Game

When i play a game, my mouse start malfunctioning and after a minute or two, it freeze completely. The game run really good, the keyboard work fine as well because i can keep playing the game, it's just that i can't use my mouse. As soon as i go back to my desktop using alt-tab, the mouse suddenly works just fine. Then i go back to my game, the mouse work for a couple of seconds then it freeze again. I cant click and i cant move it.

I used to play games before without experiencing any problems. I don't see what i could have installed on my computer that suddenly cause this problem. The problem affect all my games (far cry 2, left 4 dead 2, bioshock). I tried to uninstall all window updates and all programs installed since the first time i experienced the problem, but it didn't solve anything. Please help me. I use window 7 64 bit.

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Mouse Issues While Playing Games

I used to run windows vista 64 bit home premium on this laptop, but ever since upgrading to windows 7 64 home premium, i've noticed issues with my mouse. Primarily while i'm playing a game, it will have these moments where the mouse will either become completely unresponsive, or while i'm turning ((usually in first person games)) that it'll look like my screens clipping horribly, i can't control it. It tends to happen every 2 to 3 minutes or so, it's very consistent, but it only lasts for about 3 or 4 seconds. Even in this short window that it happens however, it ruins whatever i'm doing at the moment, it's extremely frustrating. Has anybody else had this issue or does somebody know what i can do to rectify this issue?

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Cd/dvd Drive Not Playing Audio Cd

My cd/dvd drive is not responding whenever i attempt to play some cds i bought recently. I have windows 7 home premium and this is basically a brand new laptop (packard bell easynote tj74). When i have attempted to view the error details of windows media player, it will not load any error message box. I have attempted with several cds, constantly getting the same result. I have also attempted to enter the d drive through my computer, resulting in the following message:windows cannot access the specified device, path or file. You may not have appropriate permissions to access the item, there is only one account on this computer, and that is my own.

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Playing Itunes On Media Player

What is the procedure for getting my itunes to show & play with windows media player? Some albums are visible and i have no problem playing them or sync-ing them with my cell phone that is running 6. 5. However the majority of the albums i can not figure out how to get them and all of their songs to be visible in wmp. In some cases, only 1 or 2 songs out of the album will be visible.

I have searched and can not find any distinction between the itunes albums/songs that are visible in wmp and those that are not. I have tried everything that i can think of in terms of sharing and folder/library settings, but nothing seems to work. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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Bsod 0x1e When Playing Media

I'm using win7 home premium 64-bit. About 80% - 90% of the time i try to play a media file my machine goes bsod with code 0x1e. This happens with all types video formats when played in vlc or window media player locally, and when playing streaming video online using either explorer or firefox. It's even happened a few times while surfing and downloading.

Winamp plays mp3's and shoutcast tv with no problems. The last 8 crash dumps all indicate stop code 0x1e with 0's in all 4 parameter fields, however, the source varies: hal.dll, ndis.sys, ntoskrnl, and dxgkrnl.sys. When i was using winxp and win7 rc with the same hardware i never had a problem. All my 64-bit drivers and applications are up to date. Any ideas?

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Problem With Ie / Chrome While Playing Flash

I have been having a lot of problems lately with my browser. When i play a flash video full screen, my complete system hangs up. Everytime this happens, the error logged in the event viewer is 'atikmdag' stopped responding. I have a dell studio with windows 7. Catalyst ati display driver. I generally use chrome.googling this problem leads me to lots of forums where there is a lot of discussion but no solution. Help me out people, lets find a solution to this problem. I know there are a bunch of us out there with this problem.

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Unable To Delete Albums In Wmp 12

After deleting the album from win media player 12 the album remains with the individual songs still listed however they cannot be played. When clicking on the songs i get the following: 

"Windows media player cannot find the file. If you are trying to play, burn, or sync an item that is in your library, the item might point to a file that has been moved, renamed, or deleted. "

I tried going into windows features and unchecking "media features", restarting, then rechecking media features and this does not change anything. Any clues?

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Wmp Play To Stops After Hour

I had recorded a tv program using windows media centre - duration 1hr 26 mins. After completion of the recording i used the wmp play to feature to stream the tv file to a samsung led tv that supports dlna connectivity. After 1 hour of play, the stream stopped automatically and could not continue. I am however able to watch the entire 96 mins using windows media centre directly on the pc. I checked the event logs for the time the streaming stopped and found the following:

Warning level message:

The windows media player network sharing service cannot process the request for uri

'http://[::1]:10243/wmpnssv4/2299935590/ezvemjlfquq1ltdfmemtndq1my05nki0lti2qzbgnui2qzc5nh0umc44.jpg?Albumart=true, formatid=13'

From ip address '::1' due to error '0x80070490'.

Error level message:

Proximity detection failed due to unknown error '0x80004004'. The best proximity time detected was -1 milliseconds.

The error message occurred about 90 seconds after the warning.

I have noticed this in the past as well (streaming for video ending after 1hr) but never played much attention to it. It appears to be occurring with video playback only, as i'm been able to successfully stream hours of mp3 music to the same samsung led tv.

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Removing Sound Files From Wmp 12

I recently let wmp 12 do a scan on my system for random mp3 files. When scanning, it picked up all the system sound files. (Ding. Chord. And a few hundred others) and added them to the library of wmp 12. I wish to remove these files from wmp 12, due to the fact its playing havoc with my backup to the mp3 library, which is pretty extensive, and the autosync always includes the system sound files, which obviously, i do not want in the mp3 library.

"Trusted installer" wont let me delete the files out of my library, which in a way is good, but it doesn't help me in removing the sounds out of the library i don't want to delete the sound files, just remove them out of the library. I've tried everything. But nothing short of deleting the whole media center, and beginning again. Anyone have any ideas?

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No Audio On Mpeg 4 Files In Wmp 12

I have identified that the audio for some of my mpeg4 home videos shot on my mobile phone will not play in wmp12, however they will play in quicktime and real-player. These video files will not play in media center.

The audio for some of my mpeg4 home vidoes shot on another device will however play. Clearly this is to do with the audio format that my phone records (only i do not know what format that is). Does anyone know of an audio decoder add-in that i can download to fix this? I have tried converting an mpeg4 file to wmv in realplayer and then playing it back in wmp12 and media center and that works fine, but clearly i don't want to do that for all of my videos!

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Problem Recording & Playing Sound

I have a gateway nv53 notebook with windows 7 home prem. I installed ventrilo, and i sounded choppy to everyone. This set off several weeks of trouble shooting and tinkering with every possible combination of settings i could find, and nothing helped. I was sure there was some problem with some setting on vent, but i decided to try using the sound recorder under accessories and playing it back with wmp. Every recording i made (10 total, about 1 min long each) came through horribly choppy. I would sound normal and clear for about 5 seconds, then there would be a quick clicking sound where you couldn't hear anything i was saying, and after that i would sound extremely low. Then another clicking sound and i sound normal for a second before another clicking sound puts me back low or sometimes ridiculously loud. I tried my external mic, which works perfect on other computers, and the built-in mic on the notebook. I don't know where to go from here. I don't know if i should be trying to update some drivers or codecs or what?

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Monitor Blacks Out When Playing A Microsoft Game

My monitor blacks out when playing a microsoft game. It will flick to black for a second or so and back to the screen. It does this repeatedly. Any suggestions?

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Wmp Error Refuses To Play Dvds

Everytime i try to play dvds on one particular machine of mine, i keep getting this error:
"Windows media player cannot play this dvd because there is a problem with digital copy protection between your dvd drive, decoder, and video card. Try installing an updated driver for your video card. "Vlc and powerdvd work just fine but i prefer wmp to work (i'm a geek i know - but some of us like wmp).

Windows 7 ultimate 32-bit (all latest updates installed)gateway m675 laptop pentium 4 3. 2ghz, 2gb ram, ati mobility 9700 with latest drivers installed. Ny help would be appreciated

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Wmp - Minimizing To Taskbar And Still Using Volume Control

How do you minimize to taskbar so you can still use volume control etc. ? In wmp 10 [i think] you could minimize the window to the taskbar so you could adjust volume/track/visualizations without having to re-open the window. How can i do this on the windows 7 version?

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Wmp 12 Exits Fullscreen When Starting The Next Video

If i create a play list of videos, despite switching into full screen mode wmp switches back to windowed mode when starting the next video:video 1 (full screen) ends -> wmp switches to windowed mode -> video 2 starts (windowed). Is there an actual fix for this?

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Downgrade Media Player 12 To Install Wmp 11

Want to remove wmp 12 and install wmp 11 on windows 7. I do not like the new wmp and would like to uninstall it, i already have a program that allows me to take ownership of files. A walk through would be nice, thanks in advance. I'm also on the 64 system.

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Wmp Video Playback Freezes Randomly

Setup: windows 7 ultimate x64 clean install, asus m5w dh deluxe mobo, intel dual core 6420 2. 13ghz, 4mb ram, 2 seagate barracuda hard disks 0. 5 & 1. 5tb, nvidia geforce 8800 gtx 768mb (latest x64 driver 195. 62).

When i play videos (mostly dvds or legal ripped dvds), playback will sometime freeze my whole system for 3 to 4 minutes (always the same duration). Sometimes i can play a whole movie without any freeze, at other times it can freeze as early as 10 or 20 minutes into the movie, or as late as 1h30m after the start.

I use mostly built-in wmp12 for playback, but i noticed the same behavior with vlc or kmp players. It also happened once with the miro player, and it also happens when playing wmas on wmp. I disabled all other applications or unnecessary services at some stage, to no avail. This machine has a dual boot with vista ultimate x32 on the smaller disk, but the same playbacks work just fine.

There is absolutely no error in any event log, and i really wonder why this should happen only to windows 7 (x64?). How can i debug this, and how can i fix it? I am starting a new topic for this, as other similar topics do not seem relevant to these symptoms. The weird thing is that the system always resumes after that 3-4 minutes freeze. The only thing is that the wmp playback seems to need to catch up with that delay, video and sound are kind of accelerated and not in sync for a while.

The system is partially responsive during the freeze too: i can see the play button bar when i hover with the mouse over the wmp window, the clock still counts the minutes in the taskbar, at least until i try to click on them: then the donut mouse icon replaces the arrow, and the clock does not change time anymore.

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Size Errors

I was going to leave teh computer for a while so i set it to sleep to conserve energy. When i returned to teh computer, i found that (when i logged back on), the size of things had seemed to change. (The icons on screen and many of the windows i opened, including aol, were much bigger). I went onto the control panel, on appearance and personalization, and tried to set teh screen size back to small(default), however, the computer seemed to think that it was already on small. I managed to get the icons back to small and some programs are normal, but other are huge windows. Can anyone help me get the size back to normal please?

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