Vertical Lines

I have a dell xps m1330 for over a year now and the warranty is up. It originally came with vista and when windows 7 came out i bought it and installed it. I've used the hardware compatibility to make sure my notebook could handle windows 7 before i installed it and it all passed. After installing i updated all the drivers and got everything to work fine with the new os.

A few months go by and it starts acting up, freezing then shutting off, restarting. After it comes back from freezing it will be a black screen and all fuzzy then restarts and all i will see is vertical lines with 1 big thick black line towards the middle right of the screen. I've tried plugging in a vga cable to my notebook and switching it to my desktop monitor and it works but all i would see is a blue screen with a bunch of "s" all over the place and distorted writing.

I've done the fn+power button and went through the whole diag process and found no hardware or memory problem. I was told it was my screen/inverter so since the inverter was cheaper i replace that and it worked fine for about 30min and acted up again. So i assume it would be my screen, but how would the screen make the notebook restart?

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Cursor Has Vertical Lines Behind Pointer

I have an ati x1200 amd turion 64. I have windows 7 home premium 32 bit. The cursor just started having verical lines behind the pointer. I have tried changing and restoring to the default pointer but nothing helps. I only want the pointer not the vertical lines. I checked ati  website and i have the current display adapters. I have downloaded windows updates. My laptop is an averatec 2500 series. I recently upgraded from vista to windows 7. The pointer has been okay until yesterday is when the vertical lines started appearing.

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Taskbar Vertical Vs Horizontal

I have always been a fan of the bottom taskbar until windows 7 came out and now it is stationed on the left and i use small icons. I love to pin all of my program on here, and when i open any more, i have to scroll left to right to access them. I noticed if you dock the taskbar on the bottom, they automatically shrink in width and after about 30 of them are there, it creates a scrollbar for them, but this can be fixed by making the taskbar bigger. They will then wrap around. I tried doing this with the vertical alignment and it doesn't do anything except expand the width. Is there a way to fix this?


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Get Screen Back To Normal Position From Vertical

The screen is in the vertical position (sidways). How do i get it back to normal position?

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Select More Than One Lines Of Data From Different Place Of Page

In windows 7 can we select more than one lines of data which are in different place of the page (not continues lines) through mouse or keyboard and also can we copy all those different lines at a time to paste some other place in a single shot.

- Right now i am unable to select more number of lines which are not in a sequence in a single page to copy those lines of data and paste some where in a single shot.

- Is this concept implemented in the windows 7?

- Is there any provision (method) to select multiple lines which are not continues through keyboard or mouse in windows-7?

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.jpeg Files Display With Colored Lines

Jpeg photo files imported onto the computer sometimes appear corrupted with colored lines running through them or chopped into pieces jpeg and also raw files are sometimes ruined when they are imported, the same files imported onto any other computer are ok. Probably 20-40% of files are corrupted on importing no matter how i do it, whether copy & paste or using import software or whatever. I tried upgrading to windows 7 and that didn't work. I ran the sfc/scannow fix and it found no problems. Has anyone else heard of this problem?

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Dell Studio 1737 Horizontal Lines

I just installed windows 7 on this dell studio 1737. I was using the pre-installed windows graphics driver, but am now using mobile intel(r) 4 series express chipset family drivers. Here is an example of the problem i am having at it's worst.


Now, i just discovered tonight that switching to 16-bit colours will fix the problem entirely, and still leaves windows working great, so i can live with that. But i am worried in case this is a hardware problem, in which case, i'm pretty screwed, right? Given that this isn't a graphics card, it is an integrated chip. Thanks for any help. Edit: this computer has worked fine on vista for about a year now, with no display problems in that time. It has only just happened, right after i installed 7.

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Lines Of Text Crunched Vertically In Several Programs

Several programs supposedly compatibility with win 7, some new & some old have lower half of lines of text missing & crunched into lines above. Such as family tree maker 2010 & dell pc tuneup. Windows 7 compatibility problem solver was not able to help.

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Pink Lines While Left Clicking And Deagging

I am running windows 7 64 bit . As long as i remember i didn't do anything foolish in the hardware or something but i have this trouble. When i click the left mouse button and hold it while clicking and then drag here and there i get pink lines that are killing me and making me unable to use one software.

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Font Size Wont Change / Lines Overwritten

Both in hotmail and in ebay having trouble with the fonts, i can use italics, bold, underline but font size is tiny and i can't change it, both in hotmail when writing a new message and in ebay when writing a description in the "list an item to sell". Also, lines of type already part of a web page are over writing on top of lines;  on one page i had a typed form to answer questions but the last line was typed over the submit box so i could not hit "submit". Is it a mismatch between win 7 and ebay's and hotmail's programs? Or can i fix it? Have already tried control panel- appearance/personalization and on the internet the page settings. What now?

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