Itunes Failed To Install Properly

I have just replaced windows vista with windows 7 for my hp laptop. I have not been able to play my itunes music since the replacement because itunes though got installed would not play. I have tried to uninstall and delete all remnants of itune, quick play and other associated software. Can anybody show me what to do to successfully install and make itunes to play?

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Cannot Install Messenger Or Itunes

I just recently got a new computer with windows 7 on it. Naturally i want all the programs i had on my old one on here. When i open up messenger it says it needs to be updated, so i let it do what it needs to. When it starts the installer it gets to 57% and than stops. It gives me error code 2203 and says another program was preventing the installer from finishing.

I don't have anything running and i have it close everything when it asks. Regarding itunes, i downloaded the 64-bit installer after i realized the 32-bit won't work. I start it up and it says that something is preventing quicktime from being installed and that itunes requires quicktime. Then it closes. I don't know what to do.

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Kb980408 Update Install Failed

Installed win7 pro on my hp desktop two days ago. Installed about 30 updates without issue but am getting hung up on one of them.

Kb980408 keeps failing. The error i get is: "windowsupdate_800b0100" "windowsupdate_dt000"

I downloaded the update and attempted a manual installation but that did not work either. I tried microsoft fixit and it did not resolve the issue even with aggressive mode. I've tried running the system update readiness tool but that didn't work for me. I've pasted the log at the end of this message if it's of any use.

The only antivirus i am running is microsoft security essentials.

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Security Update Kb972270 Failed Install

Security update kb972270 will not install. I've checked the services. Msi for windows installer, automatic updates, background intelligent transfer, and cryptographic services to make sure they are on automatic and started (per microsoft chat); i've disabled my av (endpoint), checked to make sure all other installs are done, and it will not install. Anyone have any ideas? This is the message after the failed install:

Installation failure
Error code: 0xd000007b
Try to install the update again, or request help from one of the following resources.

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Error 25015 Failed To Install .net 2.0

Just purchased a kodak esc9 printer. Spent 4 hours yesterday on  chat, then phone with kodak customer service attempting to load software. Told me to call back today. This must be a windows problem. The .net 2. 0 software is on printer disk, tried from disk and later from win download site. No luck after many, many, attempts after making different changes. Recently installed hard drive in different pc, had to recover windows, not a pleasant experience. That took days. Grrrrr. Is this related?  Have auto update turned on and am up to date with win and anti-virus. Any suggestions?

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Kb980408 Update Install Failed At 35% In Win 7

Kb980408 stops at 35% while installing, reports install failure and then reverts the update and restarts. There are no install problem codes shown. Should i just ignore this update? I don't even know exactly what it encompasses.

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Installer Has Been Corrupted After Failed To Install Office Update

My windows installer has been corrupted since a failed to install office update (kb981715). Now i cannot install adobe reader. I have vista home premium, 32 bit on my dell inspiron 518 (purchased march 2009) last, april (2010) i had a failed to install update (kb981715) for microsoft office  2007 and after many , many hours working with a microsoft tech support, i finally was told to just hide that update because my "windows works plus" didn't need this update.

However, i believe that this "failed to install update" removed part of the windows installer and i have been unable to get updates for adobe reader and after i uninstalled that software, i could not install that new download at support page will not accept my correct product id, so now i can't even get that help. What will happen if i try to download a new windows installer?

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Updates Failed To Install Through Win 7 Ultimate 64-bit

I have recently upgraded to windows 7 ultimate 64-bit. I was having some issues which caused some important and recommended updates to fail. Now that i have the issues fixed, i would like to go back and try to update the ones that failed. How do i do this?

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Delete Win 7 Failed Install Files To Free Up Space

Windows 7 install failed and left install files on my drive. Now i don't have enough room to install again. How do i delete the files and free up space. Error had something to do with not finding setup.dll or setup.dll was corrupt.

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Error Code 643 - Net Framework 1.1 Failed To Install

Code 643 i have uninstalled net framework 1. 1 because it failed to install the service pack updated about 50 times i have installed framework 3. 5 and the updated service pack for 3. 5 but when i check for update the 1. 1 keeps showing up. I have uninstalled 1. 1 , i have used the widows clean up program i have played with this for days and tried everything i could and nothing works my dad has to same problem on his computer.

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Usb Flash Drive Driver Install Failed / Not Recognized

I plugged in a flash drive to my laptop the other day and i got the plug and play message, it downloaded the driver but the installation failed. Now windows 7 will not even recognize that the flash drive is plugged in or try to install the driver again. The flash drive still works on my main computer just fine and other usb devices including other flash drivers work just fine on this laptop. Device manager and computer management under administrative tools do not register it as being plugged in either.

I could not find a way to check if maybe the driver did install and was corrupted. Is there anything i can do?

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Microsoft .net Framework 3.5 Failed To Install With Error Code 643

Microsoft .net framework 3. 5 service pack 1 and .net framework 3. 5 family update (kb951847) x86
Installation date: 9/26/2009 1:09 am
Installation status: failed
Error details: code 643
Update type: important

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Hard Drive Failed After Win7 Upgrade - Can I Install Win7 On New Hdd ?

Vista preloaded hard drive failed after windows 7 upgrade. Can i install windows 7 upgrade again on brand new hard drive? I just recently purchased windows 7 upgrade on microsoft online store and created a disk with . Iso file. I went ahead and installed it on my vista-preloaded hard drive that came with my pc back then. It worked fine but it was my hard drive that was faulty and now i need to purchase a new hard drive. Can i still install the same windows 7 upgrade on my new hard drive and still be able to register it genuine?

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Failed Ir Usb Cir Install Usb Card Reader Problem

I have a reasonably clean and fresh w7 pro 32 install on a fujitsu lifebook t series tablet. I recently bought an epraizer card reader to enable me to import photos from a cf.

On installing it for the first time, the driver installs failed. The driver it failed on was the ehome infrared receiver (usbcir). To the best of my knowledge, the device does not contain an ir device of any sort.

I inserted the same device in an xp machine and it worked fine. Have i:

(A) wasted my money, (b) encountered a known problem with a simple fix (do tell), or
(C) tripped over something nasty i don't want to know about (see a)?

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Itunes Will Not Open

I'm trying to open i-tunes from icon on left of screen but it's not opening at all! It used to work fine! I'm clicking my i-tunes icon at left of screen but although for a second or so the loading circle appears it quickly goes away and doesn't load/open. It used to work fine and all my other applications seem to be working. Only thing i've noticed is that when i switch my lap-top on it tries to update i-tunes and (i think it might be real-time player but not sure) but takes an eternity but also doesn't manage to complete this. It goes so far then gets stuck.

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Itunes Program Stuck

I have windows 7. My itunes program is stuck on the desktop. I can't use it, i can't close it, i can't move it. It's just stuck there. I can use other programs, but when i close them, the itunes program is still stuck on my desktop. It doesn't go away if i right click on the itunes icon at the bottom of the screen and click close. It doesn't go away or respond at all if i try to click the red x close square at the top right of the program window. It doesn't go away if i turn off the computer and turn it back on again.

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Password Authentication In Itunes

I subscribe to 3 podcasts from rss. using itunes. They require passwords. Two of them will download but they will not logon automatically using the scheduler and will not save the passwords. I have to enter them by hand every day. The third will not accept the password at all. I get a windows security box saying the website requires "unsecured authorization (basic authentication without a secured connection)" and will not go through.

I have changed security settings in internet options, i have unchecked "require authentication", i have added the site to "allowed sites", i have created a rule, i have contacted customer support on their side without result, i don't know what else to do. I never had this problem with xp. I've been using itunes for these subscriptions for 5 years.

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Itunes Installation Error

I used pcmover to move programs and files from an old xp unit to a new windows7 unit. Itunes will not work on the new unit. When i try to update itunes it tells me "this itunes installer is intended for 32-bit versions of windows. Please download and install the 64-bit itunes installer instead. "  No matter what i do to uninstall the old version, i still get the same message. If i try to reinstall the new version, i get the same message. I have tried to remove all apple software through
The control panel's uninstall process. Nothing works. Can you help me totally remove this software (and hidden files) so i can reinstall the 64-bit version and resume use of my ipod?

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Itunes Compatibility Issue

I bought a new laptop from dell with windows 7, 64 bit. I am apparently having compatibility issues with windows 7. When i open up i tunes i cannot hear any songs from my playlist or songs i download from their site. It's not my computer because i have sound otherwise. I have installed and uninstalled itunes several times to try to fix this problem, but to no avail. I have also sought the help of the support specialists team from dell, but they were not able to fix the problem and were quite rude. Does anyone out there have any suggestions?

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Installing Itunes 64-bit

I am trying to install i tunes 64-bit, but at the end i get this message "the i tunes installer is intended for the 32-bit version of windows. Please download and install the 64-bit i tunes installer instead" i am positive that i download the 64 bit version.

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Transferring Itunes Music

I transferred my music from my old computer to my new laptop, but itunes said they couldn't play or sync to my ipod until i authorized them on this computer. So i created an apple id like it said and went through and authorized all the songs and they all said they were already authorized on this computer. Then when i tried to sync them to my ipod it said they weren't authorized. ? What's wrong?

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Win 7 Will Not Activate Itunes

Windows 7 will not activate itunes when i edit my audio tapes on my hardware it also does not complete windows downloads. I have just changed over from vista to windows 7 and i am having trouble in trying to use my hardware the hardware is tape 2 pc a system i have used well when i had vista i cant transfer my audio tapes after editing and i cant get it to work with itunes please can you help here. Also windows 7 will not download all my updates.

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Itunes Program Icons Issue

Lnk file type issue: my lnk file type was under the itunes music player program, instead it should on a shortcut type from an unknown application. One day, all of my icons turned into itunes icons, i turned it into the geek squad and they said i had a virus. So they fixed it and turned on my computer. As soon as i installed itunes again, the same problem happened again.

I looked into it and found out that my lnk file type was under the itunes music player program, instead it should on a shortcut type from an unknown application. Is there a way to get things back to normal so i can have my itunes back and my programs back to normal.

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Playing Itunes On Media Player

What is the procedure for getting my itunes to show & play with windows media player? Some albums are visible and i have no problem playing them or sync-ing them with my cell phone that is running 6. 5. However the majority of the albums i can not figure out how to get them and all of their songs to be visible in wmp. In some cases, only 1 or 2 songs out of the album will be visible.

I have searched and can not find any distinction between the itunes albums/songs that are visible in wmp and those that are not. I have tried everything that i can think of in terms of sharing and folder/library settings, but nothing seems to work. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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Itunes Will Not Open In Win 7 64-bit

I just installed windows 7 ultimate 64-bit on my pc that was previously running vista home premium 64 bit. I installed the 64 bit edition of itunes 9. 2 on my pc, after installation i found that firstly it saved on the program files (x86) folder which is strange to say it was the 64 bit edition and secondly itunes would not open at all it does not even give any error messages or failures it just would not open. I opened task manager and saw that itunes was running as a processes under itunes.exe 32*, this is also strange because i downloaded a 64 bit edition but at-least shows that itunes is running.

I thought that maybe an existing program or process on my system was stopping itunes from showing so i started my computer in safe mode then opened itunes and it opened perfectly! This is very strange and i would prefer to use itunes in normal mode somebody help!

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Error With Compatibility Mode For Itunes

Itunes.exe has been set to run in compatibility mode for an older version of windows. For best results, turn off compatibility mode foitunes.exe has been set to run in compatibility mode for an older r itunes before you open it. I am running windows 7 64 bit. I transferred itunes to my new computer and this is the error message i get. I turned off compatibility mode and still get this message. I talked to apple and they said it was a registry problem. I would not touch the registry without professional help.

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Itunes Freezes At Sync Mode

Ipod classic will not sync with my new windows 7 64 bit laptop seems like quite a few people are having this problem, well i've tried most of the options and still have had no luck. When i plug my ipod into itunes it recognizes the ipod but then freezes at the sync mode, the only way to get out of it is to go to task manager and exit there, ive done all the reinstalls etc. , But still have no joy the ipod will sync on my old xp machine, but i want to get rid of this and just have my new laptop running, is there anything i can do?, Or is this a problem with windows 7 64-bit and itunes.

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Artist Is Not Listed In My Itunes Folder

Finding "lost" i tunes when i search folders under i tunes in my music library, i do not see the artist folder listed. However, when i search (using the search box) in music libraries, my i tune(s) come up. My i tunes is not able to find my music even though the tab reads my last name>my music>itunes;  the artist is not listed there. When i drag the successfully searched itune into the itunes folder under my music, it does not show up. Furthermore, in itunes, i cannot access my music at all:  there is an exclamation point that shows up as soon as i try to do anything with any of my music;  the message reads:"the xxx song could not be used because the original file could not be found. "Hope someone can help.

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Upgraded Win 7 Erased My Itunes Folder

When i upgraded to windows 7 it erased my itunes folder that contained all my music, apps, cds and such. I want to know what happen to my file. I know upgrading isn't suppose to mess with any of the current programs or folders. So, where'd. We have done a complete search of the drive and can't find anything. I know when you clean install it will create a windows. Old file but since it was an upgrade this folder wasn't there. We uninstalled and reinstalled itunes and it didn't help. I don't know what else to do.

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Flash Player Crashes And Itunes Issue

This issue is very frequent and i am really tired of it. I am almost ready to switch to a mac! So quite frequently when i am watching a video on youtube or another streaming video site, randomly the flash player will crash. I have discovered that when flash crashes it brings itunes down with it as well as the ability to play local video in windows media player (itunes will open but will freeze when i try to play music) . Nothing will work again unless i restart the computer.

Everything is up to date etc. I'd like to know if there is a way to track these things to find out exactly what is causing the crash. There must be some kind of software to give you an insight as to what is actually contributing to the issue so it will make it easier to diagnose and fix. I have searched the internet and this seems to be a very big issue although no body knows how to fix it.

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