Data Execution Prevention Prevent Opening Host Process

I have hp pavilion dv9704tx. Os is windows vista home premium. I have wireless internet connection and i use wireless lan to connect. Recently i installed service pack 1 on my laptop. Whenever i switch on bluetooth to connect to internet i get a message something ssdp discovery stopped working and then "host process for windows services stopped working and was closed" and i have to end the process. Then i get the message that dep has stopped the process to due to security reasons. The network icon on right side of the taskbar shows that there

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What Is Data Execution Prevention Program ?

Data execution prevention can help protect your computer by monitoring your programs to make sure that they use system memory safely. If dep notices a program on your computer using memory incorrectly, it closes the program and notifies you. I have done everything i was told to do to fix this problem and i still keep getting this message. It always says, "internet explorer has stopped working. I don't know what to do.

What is data execution prevention?
Data execution prevention (dep) is a security feature that can help prevent damage to your computer from viruses and other security threats. Harmful programs can try to attack windows by attempting to run (also known as execute) code from system memory locations reserved for windows and other authorized programs. These types of attacks can harm your programs and files.

Dep can help protect your computer by monitoring your programs to make sure that they use system memory safely. If dep notices a program on your computer using memory incorrectly, it closes the program and notifies you.

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Data Execution Prevention Program Error

I keep getting the following error message associated with data execution prevention:

Event type: bex: iexplore.exe  p2: 8. 0. 6001. 18702  p3: 49b3ad2e p4=unknown  p5=0. 0. 0. 0 p6:00000000  p7: 05493cd8 p8: c0000005 p9: 00000008

This is an error associated with windows xp service pack 2. I have service pack 3. The error message appears as a popup whenever i am on the internet, enabling me to report the error to microsoft. All of my updates are current via automatic downloads from microsoft. I have tried every fix and work-around from microsoft's knowledge base and nothing, ¯ repeat, nothing¯ has solved this problem. They do not work!

Please pass this to someone who can solve this problem, or tell me how i can remove data execution prevention from my computer. I have plenty of alternate protection through symantecs norton software.

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Adobe Flash Player Error - Windows Data Execution Prevention

I use windows xp and trend micro. Trend micro is up to date. My problem is i go to and try to download adobe flash player. Then internet explorer has closed this webpage. So then to "more info" which states windows data execution prevention detected and add on that is trying to use memory incorrectly.

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Data Execution Protection Crashes

I was having a problem with repetitive data execution protection crashes when i accessed certain pages - particularly when trying to read my optimum email with a browser. This occurred with both ie 8 and firefox. The last straw was when i tried to renew my subscription for my trend micro internet security. Their app for renewing a subscription automatically started ie 8, which would then trigger a "internet explorer has stopped working . Checking for a solution" window, followed by a "close program" window, followed by a message that data execution protection had been the cause of the stoppage.

However, ie 8 does not close - it just triggers another succession of "checking for a solution, " "close program, " "dep was the cause" messages until i manage to get ie8 to respond to its own close button (the red x in the urh corner). Based on another posting, i started ie 8 as administrator and turned off the dep function - now when i try to renew my subscription, i get a rapid series of "checking for a solution" and "close program" windows, but no dep message. I finally had to renew my subscription by telephone! What can be done to fix this?

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Opening Outlook Data File - Access Denied

I have an outlook data file created and used when i was running outlook 2003 on windows xp-pro. I've got a new machine now with windows 7 home premium. I'm still running outlook 2003. When i try to open the data file i get - file access is denied. You do not have the permission required to access the file c:usersvalued customeroutlook_xxx. Pstr

I am logged in as an administrator. The permissions for all folders in the path and the file itself grant full control. I have changed the owner to my new login.

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Program Prevent Win 7 To Shutdown

When shutting down the w7 system i receive message on screen:
(Waiting for) cl rc engine3 dummy window
This program is preventing windows from shutting down.
Then one error window opens with the following text:
In the top frame of window:¯cl  rc engine3 dummy winidow: qpservice.exe " application error¯
Inside window: ¯the instruction at 0x0026c3f8 referenced memory at 0x000005d the memory could not be written. (These data differ from each shut down). Click ok to terminate program.

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How To Prevent Users From Ejecting Sata Drive ?

Hi, i've a second sata drive (wdc wd15ears-00z5b1 if it matters), that windows 7 thinks is removable, and shows in the "safely remove hardware and eject media" applet, allowing any user to "eject" it. The hard drive is not removable, but sometimes users (non-admin) occasionally click "eject" it and remove from the system, forcing me to restart computer to bring it back. How do i disable this functionality and tell windows 7 this drive is not removable and may not be "ejected" by my users?

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Error Code 0x80070003 Prevent Backup

I have a new laptop but can't back up files. Keep getting this message: "backup encountered a problem while backing up file: c:documents and settings release engineer. Macrovision application data. Error: (the system cannot find the path specified. (0x80070003)" when i try to locate the file myself i can't even find c:documents and settings. Is this something new in windows 7 explorer? I've read suggestions about scandisc etc. But this is a new laptop so i shouldn't be having disc problems already. Any suggestions?

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System Administrator Has Set Policies To Prevent This Installation

When trying to install overdrive media console i get the error "system administrator has set policies to prevent this installation", but i am the administrator. I am running windows 7 64 bit. I have tried to change uac settings but that didn't work, and i tried to "run as administrator" by going under properties on that folder, but the box was grayed out, so i couldn't do that. Any suggestions?

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Prevent People From Changing Account Type / Password

How do i prevent people from changing my account type and password? I want to delete parental controls completely from the registry and system so i can make someone an administrator but i don't want them to put parental controls on my account. I also want to prevent them from changing anyones password or account type. So how do i do this and i tried to disable the parental controls service but they still did it and i had to restore the system. Or is there some kind of way that i can give them more privileges like downloading or installing stuff etc. Without making them an administrator?

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Error - System Administrator Has Set Policies To Prevent This Installation

Op: uninstalling, i am trying to uninstall programs on my laptop and a pop up comes up saying "the system administrator has set policies to prevent this installation". Problem is that i am the administrator and am logged in as such. I am trying to uninstall itunes and its components because an updated version is having problems updating on my laptop.

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Prevent / Stop Automatic Import Of New Audio Files Into Media Player

How to stop automatic import of new audio files into windows media player when i open the program. When i first open windows media player, how do i prevent it from automatically importing any new audio files i have added to my computer. I would prefer to manage this manually.

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Printer Sharing Between Win7 Host And Xp

Printer sharing between windows 7 (printer host) and windows xp. (Additional drivers problem). I have my canon pixma ip4000 installed and working on a windows 7 (x64) machine, furthermore i have a laptop running windows xp (x86). The two pcs find each other in the 'workgroup' and the printer is visible from the windows xp machine as well.

I 2xclick the printer in 'workgroup' and it wants to find the proper driver (x86) to install to the machine. On the windows 7 machine i have to have the driver for the xp machine to find and install. - So i go to the sharing properties of the printer and click the 'additional drivers' button which lets me choose between 3 things; itanium (type 3 - user mode), x64 (installed) and finally x86 which is the one i of course need for it to work with xp x86.

I go and download the canon driver for windows xp x86, and try to add it via the 'additional driver' option, i find the proper '. Inf' from the newly downloaded folder and click ok.

But this message follows: "the specified location does not contain the driver canon inkjet pixma ip4000 for the requested processor architecture. " - Even though i know its the right driver.

How do i solve this issue? Nb: i tried having the driver on the laptop and via the 'workgroup' adding the printer, but it wont work either.

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Ricoh Mmc Host Controller

Hello, not much of an error or anything but, i've been planing on upgrading to win7 from a vista. And no other problems have happened and all the sudden i get a message saying this on the windows 7 upgrade advisor. http://i50.

The only recent thing i did was download a game (ijji) and decided to remove before upgrade (i removed the restore point) which i know i shouldn't have done. I just want a little information. And if i should upgrade or clean install (upgrade is available for my system) but just to make a new start or not.

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Intel Usb Host Controller Drivers

I installed windows 7 on an ibm thinkpad t41 laptop. I realize that this is an older laptop and is not the best choice for windows 7. However, i first installed the rc release on it (a little while back) and everything (except for areo, etc) worked just fine. Now, with this new fully licensed copy of 7, the drivers for the usb host controller are not loading correctly. They appear to be present, but they are not working. In device manager, there is a yellow ! Next to each entry under usb, and inserting a usb drive produces nothing.

I first asked intel about it. They said it is a microsoft issue. They said they manufacture the host controller, but microsoft makes the drivers. This is an intel 82801db/dbm enhanced usb host controller and there are 4 or 5 similar entries for it under usb in device manager.

I don't know why it would work without issue when using the rc and not this new installation. I have disabled, and completely removed the device/drivers from within device manager and rebooted to allow windows to reload the device(s)/driver(s) but that didn't help. I have tried downloading driver installations from intel and that also did nothing for me. I have checked windows update several times manually, and using the update driver button tells me "windows has determined i have the most current drivers".

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Html Application Host Has Stopped Working

I get this error message when i try to play a game that has been installed for at least a year with no problem. I have uninstalled and reinstalled with no luck. I am also unable to open windows media player. Nothing happens when i click on it. Lso, when i try to open mcafee i get a blank white box. But it shows in the bottom right hand corner that it is running. I have tried several of the solutions with no luck: ran the sfc/scannow as administrator. Only went to 78% and told me protection could not perform requested operation. Also, went to problems and reports, view history and this is what i found: 

Microsoft (r) html application host
Stopped working
7/26/2010 12:55 pm
Not reported

Problem signature

Problem event name: appcrash
Application name: mshta.exe
Application version: 8. 0. 6001. 18702
Application timestamp: 49b3ac74
Fault module name: mshtml.dll
Fault module version: 8. 0. 6001. 18928
Fault module timestamp: 4bdfb76d
Exception code: c0000005
Exception offset: 0004ebab
Os version: 6. 0. 6002. 2. 2. 0. 768. 3
Locale id: 1033
Additional information 1: fd00

Additional information 2: ea6f5fe8924aaa756324d57f87834160
Additional information 3: fd00
Additional information 4: ea6f5fe8924aaa756324d57f87834160
Files that help describe the problem

Memory. Hdmp
Minidump. Mdm

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Wmi Provider Host Performance Issue

When i went to the performance information and tools applet from the control panel, under the "performance issues" section, there was a notice that there was a program causing my (relatively new) system to start slowly. Clicking on it, the message on the dialog box reads "these startup programs are causing windows to start slowly. Name: wmi provider host, filename: wmiprvse.exe, etc. " And it also says that the time taken is 23. 3 seconds-obviously a significant cut.

My problem is, i'm not familiar with what the wmi provider host is, so i'm not sure that i want to remove it from startup. Googling it, i can find lots of information concerning it, but very little actually explaining what it is, or if there's any harm in removing it from startup.

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Virtual Pc 2207 Cannot Access Host Drives

On a vista box, i have a ms virtual 2007 virtual machine running xp. I just got a windows 7 box. I copied over the virtual machine files from the xp box: - . Vhd (virtual hard drive file) - . Vmc (virtual hard drive settings file) i then created a new virtual machine in windows 7 based on the virtual pc 2007 virtual machine; i enabled the integration features and checked all the drives.

Created a new virtual machine in windows 7 based on a virtual pc 2007 virtual machine (from an xp box); cannot access host (windows 7) drives from virtual machine when i then run the new virtual xp machine in windows 7, everything runs fine (and faster as well). The one issue i'm experiencing, however, is that i cannot access the host (windows 7) drives from virtual machine, even though i've shared the drives on windows 7. Btw, if i run the built-in "windows xp mode" virtual machine, i see the host drives when i run windows explorer from within that virtual machine.

What is it that i'm missing?  (Btw, it was a *ton* easier in ms virtual pc 2007; i simply "mapped" a shared drive in the settings dialog and then see that drive when i run windows explorer from within that virtual machine. ) Another thought: should i simply abandon the above, install ms virtual pc 2007 on the windows 7 box and then create the virtual machine with ms virtual pc 2007 (in lieu of the built-in windows virtual pc in windows 7)?

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Scsi / Raid Host Controller Problem

Whenever installing windows 7, it will be very close to finishing the installation, and terminate.
Earlier on in the installation it says that the scsi/raid host controller will not work once upgraded. I have upgraded the appropriate drivers, as well as several others; upgrading my bios has not helped, as others have claimed it worked for them.

Windows 7 update advisor sites the marvel miniport driver (which should be up-to-date) and steam to being two problems needing correction; other than that, nothing.

System information:
Currently running windows vista (service pack 1), bios has been updated
32-bit os
Oem computer
Dell xps, m1530

Sata (i believe) - one of my drivers does say sata in the name (said driver, intel (r) 82801em/hbm sata ahci controller may be out of date. )

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Error - Pipeline Filter Host Stopped Working

Error "pipeline filter host stopped working" on dell all-in-one printer 968w. My printer, 968w, often gives the error message that pipline filter host stopped working and then will not print. My printer, 968w, often gives the error message that pipline filter host stopped working and then will not print.

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Host Program Files And Users Folder On Different Drive

Does anyone know of a way i can 'host'(maybe the wrong term) my program files folder on a different drive? My setup is a 30g ssd(windows) and a 2tb raid(partitioned d:/ e:/ f:/)

I know you can mount partitions in empty ntfs folders, but is there a way to mount them as the program files folder? Same with users folder so windows acts as though that is the folder?Why wont this f*n thing work.

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1394 Host Controller Driver Quit Working

Two days ago i was going to put some video on my computer from my sony handycam minidv camcorder using a firewire connection. I plugged in the camera with the firewire and windows 7 automatically installed the driver and it was successful and everything worked great. The next day i was trying to continue my work on it and when i plugged in the camera it says i need to troubleshoot the driver. When i do that windows 7 tries to fix it and of course fails. Is this a common issue with drivers on the vista/windows 7 platform? Does anybody have any tips?

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Control Wmp On Remote Host From Client Computer

I have a desktop with win7 home premium that is running wmp11. It has attached speakers. This is the "remote host" i have a laptop with win7 home premium. This is the "client" computer. These are connected via wireless network. How can i use the client to control wmp on the remote host. So that when remotely push "play". Wmp will play music from the speakers connected to the remote host?

Remote desktop connection is one possibility (if i upgrade the remote host to win7 professional or higher) but does this give the client control over programs (i.e. , Wmp) running on the remote host? I don't want to stream music from the remote host to the client. I want the client to tell the remote host to play music from it's speakers. How do i do this?

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Ieee 1394 Host Bus Controller Missing

I have a new dell latitude e6510 with an ieee 1394 ("firewire") port-the small 4-pin type. Soon after getting the laptop, the 1394 port worked fine with an external drive. Once i got an esata cable, i started using that drive via the laptop's esata port. A week or so later, i tried to install a digital audio interface via the 1394 port and it didn't work. Naturally, i checked the device manager, but the ieee 1394 host bus controller was missing from the tree. I am running windows 7 professional x64. I knew that a new bios update was coming from dell so i waited a few days and applied it today. Still no 1394 host bus controller.

Dell at first thought that there was a problem with the motherboard. But i used the pre-windows boot dell diagnostics utility to test the 1394 controller and it passed three tests even noting that there was no device plugged in. I then plugged in a digital audio interface and reran the tests. Again the controller passed all 3, and noted that a self-powered device was plugged in. (Incidentally, i did try the same external hard drive again via the 1394 port just to be sure that it wasn't the audio interface that was the problem. Again, no go. ) Dell now agrees that there should be nothing wrong with the motherboard (and, thus, the 1394 port) given these passed tests. So, dell recommends a fresh install of windows.

But that doesn't seem right to me. Of course, i'm not terribly keen on having to reset all my settings, reinstall software, etc. But, isn't there a way to get this device to show back up in the device manager without having to reinstall windows? (Yes, i clicked the "scan for hardware changes" button. ) Or is there a way to somehow to otherwise patch windows so that the port is recognized and thus operable again?

Edit: having browsed the other posts before posting mine, but now having reread them, it occurs to me that i should note that my win 7 install came with the computer.

Thus it is not an upgrade; similar posts to mine all address the scenario involving an upgrade. Not sure if the solution is different. Thanks again. Next day edit:i did end up getting the system to "recognize" a new unknown device. Whether that's the firewire controller is still up for debate. I did so by going to the dell support site and just started downloading and installing what was listed for my machine regardless of date (e.g. , Installing some applications which predate my machine's manufacture date).

Maybe not the most informed strategy, but my thinking was "what the _. Nothing else is working. May as well give it a go. " I got through the first 7 listed in "applications" before rebooting. After the reboot, an unknown device appeared in device manager. I then tried to update the driver for said "unknown device" by selecting an 1394 ohci compliant driver. Windows warned me that it couldn't verify that it was compatible with my hardware by i pressed forward and: bsod! Yeah. However, upon the reboot, the device listed itself as a 1394 host bus controller in device manager. Whether that's because it's what it really is or just because i tried a 1394 driver, i'm not sure; but i suspect the latter.

In any case, i tried several of the other 1394 drivers, including the legacy one and a ricoh driver (because the dell diagnostic utility listed it as a ricoh 1394 controller). In every case, bsod. Sweet. Any suggestions about which driver to install or another approach?

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Dns Issue - Pinging Host Within Child Domain

I'm having some interesting issues with windows 7 dns.

Here are the particulars:

Windows 7 enterprise 32 bit machine, joined to a win2k3 ad. My domain for example purposes is called corp. Example. Info. I have a child domain: prod.corp. Example. Info, and in this child domain
Is a host: "test". So, test's fqdn is: test. Prod.corp. Example. Info. In this particular case "test" is a cname, but the error happens regardless of the dns record type.

My problem is if i ping test. Prod i get host not found. If i ping test. Prod.corp. Example. Info, everything works fine. If i do an nslookup on test. Prod, i get the correct results. If i do an nslookup on test. Prod.corp. Example. Info i get the correct results. (This tells me the records work correctly in dns) i have no firewall on my win7 machine, or anything funky.

I have other operating systems in domain: rhel4, rhel5, winxp, and hpux machines and all of them can correctly resolve "test. Prod" correctly. I haven't tried it on windows fista, as we're not running it here.

My c:windowssystem32driversetchosts file contains no entries, and is not corrupted.

I've tried ipconfig /flushdns, /release /renew, /register/ etc to no avail.

I have a reserved ip address in the dhcp scope for this particular machine, but the machine does get its ip from dhcp (not sure this matters, but including it anyway) all advanced settings on my win 7 ipv4 stack match the functional xp machine's settings.

I've done wireshark traces on both my win7 machine, and the xp machines, and here are my results:


1) client machine sends a request to the dns server (in this case, my domain controller) for "test. Prod"

2) dns server returns a standard query response "no such name"

3) client machine sends a request to dns for "test. Prod.corp. Example. Info"

4) dns server returns a standard query response with the correct record.

On win7:

1) client machine sends a request to the dns server (in this case, my domain controller) for "test. Prod"

2) dns server returns a standard query response "no such name"

At this point, the win7 machine gives up, and returns could not find host.
Naturally, i checked my advanced ipv4 settings, and verified they're identical to the working
Xp machine. Any microsoft gurus out there have any insight?

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Print Driver Host For 32bit Applications Has Stopped Working

Upgraded to windows 7 and installed print driver, now when i try to print, i get this message: 'print driver host for 32 bit applications has stopped working'
I just upgraded from windows xp to windows 7(64 bit) and have a xerox phaser 6180mfp. I downloaded the 64 bit driver and installed it. The test page printed out just fine during installation. Now i'm trying to print from word 2003 and from internet explorer 8 and all i get is a message that 'print driver host for 32bit applications has stopped working'. The system cannot solve the problem and i can't find anything helpful on the microsoft support site. Can anyone help?

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Bug - Bsd On Target Host When Connecting To Win7 Shares

When connecting to a network share on a windows 7 professional host, the target host (server) immediately blue-screens. This behavior is repeatable and consistent.


Two windows 7 professional hosts were tested. One host had a fresh load using the hp standard image. The second host had a fresh load using the microsoft retail dvd. Both hosts are members of a windows server 2003 r2 hosted activedirectory domain running in native mode. Default network settings are used on both hosts, obtaining ipv4 addresses via dhcp. Domain administrative accounts were used in all scenarios.

Tests were performed in the following manner:

1) windows 7 professional client to the c$ administrative share on a windows 7 professional target host.
2) windows 7 professional client to an explicit, read-only share on a windows 7 professional target host.
3) windows xp client to the c$ administrative share on a windows 7 professional target host.
4) windows xp client to an explicit, read-only share on a windows 7 professional target host.

In all scenarios, the target windows 7 professional host immediately blue-screens. This behavior could be duplicated 100% of the time.

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Error - Print Driver Host For 32bit Applications Has Stopped Working

"print driver host for 32 bit applications has stopped working" error in qickbooks pro 2009 with windows 7 professional 64 bit. When i try to email an estimate from quickbooks pro 2009 (which uses the quickbooks pdf converter 3. 0 installed in the devices and printers group) i get the following error "print driver host for 32 bit applications has stopped working". Sometimes this also happens when i try to print estimates or invoices using an hp laserjet 1020. Other times i can both email the estimates and print, so the problem is not consistent.

I am using windows 7 professional 64 bit on a new hp dv8t laptop. The problem did not exist on my old windows xp pro  sp3 32 bit machine, it has only come up since i got the new computer with win 7 pro 64 bit (same quickbooks pro 2009 and same hp 1020 laserjet). I have the latest updates from quickbooks pro update, but they did not solve the problem. The problem signature below is from my latest failure to email an estimate.

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Cannot Kill A Hanging Process

The avast! Antivirus program suddenly stopped working. I tried to kill the process with the task manager and pskill, but had no success as access was denied. (I'm sys admin) there has been no new software or hardware added recently to the system. When i restart the pc, same problem occurs again. I didn't find any way to get rid of the avast.exe file or the entire program folder altogether. Tnx for any suggestions on how to kill or get rid of the avast application. Programs you are having problems with error messages recent changes you made to your computer what you have already tried to fix the problem.

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