Install Kb980182

I am running windows 7 enterprise 32bit. I had a user install update kb980182. After installing the update and rebooting, windows 7 display was off, not loading his profile. The following prompt was displayed: location is not available c:windowssystem32configsystemprofile desktop refers to a location that is unavailable. It could be on a hard drive on this computer, or on a network. Check to make sure the disk is properly inserted, or that you are connected to the internet of your network, and then try again. If it still cannot be located, the information might have moved to a different location.

This is a standard desktop pc with windows 7 installed on the local hard drive. I tried this on another windows 7 enterprise computer and received the same error. Is there a problem with this update? Is there a fix for this issue?

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Kb980182 Problem - Hangs On Reboot

Problem description: there is a new update that requires me to download an important update on internet explorer 8 just recently. The download is successful but the only problem is that the next time i turn on my computer, the computer hangs at the loading of the windows loading bar and i will have to restore back to before the update. This happens a everything that update is installed, and everytime i update the same thing, its hangs again.

It doesn't hang at the loading bar in windows vista after a boot if the update is not installed. The update is cumulative security update for internet explorer 8 for windows vista (kb980182)
Operating system: windows vista home premium service pack 2 32-bit operating system.

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After Win7 Install Should I Install Programs Then Backed Up Files ?

After windows 7 complete install. Should i install the programs then the backed up files or the backed up files then the programs. Windows 7 complete install. Should i install the programs then the backed up  files or the backed up files then the programs. I saw where microsoft recommended installing the backed up files first then the programs so the programs know where the files are located.

I would think installing the programs first would be better to minimize defragmentation. Os then programs, then files.

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Can I Install And Use Xp Programs ?

I'm using windows xp and i have some programs (ex. Learn to speak french dleuxe 9) that don't work in vista & windows 7. If i buy the new windows 7 ultimate edition version 6. 1 can i install and use xp programs without using windows.

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Where Do I Install My Programs To?

I am building a simple installer for some software that i want to install on some of the computers here at work. I'm using a very simple open source installation program, and it wants me to set the default installation directory where the software i have written should be installed. The computers at work are a mix of windows xp, vista and soon windows 7 computers. I have been installing to c:program files before, and that's been working fine.

But since vista came out, its been a bit unpredictable. I understand there is something to do with 'virtualization' of folders, which i don't really understand, and i also believe that this has all changed again with windows 7.

Is there some 'best practice' guide for where to install programs to?  The users who will be installing the software are just regular computer users (ie. Not administrators) and therefore i need a solution that works on all platforms and is safe and won't create security issues.

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Cant Install Any New Programs

For some reason every time i go to install something new, ie quick time, java or itune, my computer is telling me i cant install something until i complete the installation currently in progress. The thing is, i have no idea what is in progress, and have had this problem for almost a month. I*ve restarted my computer and even done system restores to try and clear it up. I also cannot uninstall programs. I was wondering if anyone could tell me how to pinpoint exactly where or what the installation may be. Or if there is something i can do to cancel all current installations.

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Cannot Install Hotfix

Hotfix pwd does not work to unzip the hotfix. I have requested 4 times and have tried manually and copy/paste. This is for the 64 bit patch. I can download and successfully unzip the x86 patch, but i don't need that one (just a sanity check). I can't respond to the email and i can't contact support because msft wants to charge for the support. I just want a password that works for the 64 bit hotfix or someone to contact. This is pretty ridiculous there is no qa around this.
Kb article number(s): 982927
Language: all (global)
Platform: x64
Location: (
Password: *va@3bkm

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Install Media

I've got 2 computers with windows 7 - a desktop that i have just done a clean install with a windows 7 home professional retail license, and a laptop that came with vista that i updated using the upgrade programme.
My issue is that the version of windows 7 i got for upgrading the laptop was 32 bit only (although it had 64bit vista and has 4gb of ram), so i was wondering if i would be able to do a clean reinstall on the laptop using the 64bit installation media from the retail copy of win 7, but using the key from the laptop upgrade package? Would like to get some idea if this would work before wiping the laptop, and help welcome!

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Un-install Trouble

I tried installing an older version of palm desktop (win nt, 95) on a windows 7 system. The install worked, but i couldn't hotsync with the palm device. I later found a vista version i wanted to install, but it requires the older version to be uninstalled first. When i run the uninstall from within add/remove programs, the uninstall starts, but then stops with an error message (error number 0x80040702 - failed to load dll:palmdevc. ) The uninstall then terminates.

By the way, i searched the hard drive and the original installation disc for a dll file named palmdevc, and could not find it. Any ideas how i can uninstall this program?  Not only is it wasting some (minimal) disk space, but now every time, i boot up, it displays a message failure to hotsync, which is annoying.
Thanks from hdjeff

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Cannot Install Wmp 11

I'm still on wmp 10 for some reason and i wanted to connect my pc with 360 to stream videos. I downloaded the update but it was telling me to go get the rollup update 2 or something, so i attempted to install that and it told me i needed to go get .net framework 1. 1 and .net framework 1. 1 sp1. I went to download those and install them, but it's telling me that "the upgrade patch cannot be installed by the windows installer service because the program to be upgraded may be missing, or the upgrade patch may update a different version of the program". I've googled it, tried all sorts, uninstalled sp3 and tried it and nothing.

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Cannot Install Win7 From Xp

I am attempting to load windows 7 64 bit to do a clean install from optical drive boot. I have ascertained that the bios is set to boot from cd. My processor is intel core 2 duo e4500 which supports 64 bit. I currently have installed windows xp  which has been fully updated. On booting the pc the display shows that the files are being loaded in a strip at the bottom of the monitor.

However it then goes on to start to load windows and i only get the initial 'blue flowery pattern splash screen'. It then refuses to go on to the 'install now' frame. I get no error messages.

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Cannot Install Updates

I have an hp pavilion slimline with windows 7. I am having trouble with windows installer. I am not in safe mode, i have administrative rights. The message says that windows installer is in safe mode or incorrectly installed. I cannot run certain updates and i cannot install itunes64 setup. The computer runs and works great except for the installer. I am unable to use or install windows cleanup utility, etc. Any suggestions or links to fix this problem?

I was on the phone with apple support for 2 hrs. To try to get working when i bought my iphone. They suggested several things and finally suggested contacting hp, which was a joke. I do not know where or who to contact at microsoft for help. I am not very savvy with computers.

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How Do I Install Xp Mode On 7?

I need to test a camera that only has xp drivers, but i have a 7 pro computer. So i decided to install the xp mode, but i am running into a problem.

I went to the microsoft website where the downloads are located ( It nicely lists the steps that are necessary. The first step (marked with download/install this first) makes me download a file called windowsactivationupdate.exe, and instructs me to install it and then click the "continue" button.

The program i downloaded is 156 kb, not the 500 mb that is mentioned on the website, and i suppose it is just a program to check the validity of my 7 installation. However, when i install it, nothing happens. I am left on the website with 2 options: download and cancel. Pressing download only downloads the .exe again (and starting it only tells me that it is already installed, pressing "cancel" gets me back to the original web page. I can click the "first step" again, and the while circle starts over.

Either i am doing something wrong (what?) Or the windowsactivationupdate.exe is supposed to do something that it is not. I don't see a new program icon or folder either after installing it, so i can't start anything manually.

How do i install the xp mode?

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Cannot Install Kb2032276

I can't install update kb2032276. I've got win7 home premium 64bit, which is an upgrade from vista and kapersky anty virus. My problem is, that after accepting the installation of this update, it shows that it starts download but no matter how long i would keep my laptop on it still freezes at 0% and nothing happens. Sometimes when it gets through downloading, it still can't install it and the installation bar shows 0%.

Every time when i turn on my laptop, update starts automatic (even though i sometimes turn my internet modem off. ) And shows that its downloading the update, but its still 0%. No error code appears. I was trying to download it from microsoft support page, but situation looks the same - installation constantly shows 0% - no matter for how long my laptop is on. There's no other problem with updates than this one. I've installed later safety updates, but i simply can't this one, so i could really use some help with it.

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Install Freezes

I am running windows 7 ultimate and trying to install a program that they say is compatible with it. It is a scuba dive log program from aeris dive. When i start the setup file it opens install shield & goes through the initial parts, identifying the system, where the files will load etc but when it gets to the screen where it starts setup it just freezes.

I have tried to run it as administrator (i have admin rights) but no luck. I tried to run microsoft installer cleanup utility but that too locks up. I shut off all of my virus and spyware blocking tools and no effect. The file is ok as i can install it on another pc.

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Install While In Bios Or In Xp

I don't know if i should install windows 7 before i load windows xp, while i'm in the bios (boot from cd drive) or should i run it while in xp, when i put in the disk it says install now, check compatibility online. On the directions that come with the disk, it says do it through bios, but then online it says to load windows xp and install it that way (where it actually pulls up the screen mentioned above). So my question is a- what is the difference, and b- which one do you use, and c- under what circumstances do you use it?

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Install On Hp Pavilion A250y

I have windows xp professional and want to install win 7 home i bought at store when i try a clean install it comes up needs device drivers to communicate with hard drive. Where can i get these i have pavilion a250y? I have tried the drivers my xp uses but they dont seem to work i cant get win7 to install on my pc please help.

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Not Allowed To Install Drivers

How to have my windows to allow me to install drivers? It is currently states that i am not allowed to install drivers?

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Can I Install Win7 On A Different Partition ?

Can i install windows 7 on a different partition, say drive d with my current xp on drive c? I installed vista on my drive d and it was a easy task. Can i do the same with windows 7?

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How Do I Install Programs As Admin ?

How do i install as admin? I tried installing a software but it says i cannot install because i don't have enough privileged and must be logged in as admin. Now i know when i used vista this was easy because all i had to do was right click the install file and then run as admin and then i'd have enough privileges and could install the program. However now when i use it it's a different story. When i right click the installation item there is nothing.

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Pc Has Broken, Can I Install Win7 On A New Pc ?

Installed windows 7 family pack on 3 machines, first pc has since broken due to a bad bios flash, can i install windows 7 on a new pc? I bought windows 7 family pack last week unfortunately the first machine has broke (bios rom checksum error) have i now lost this license for windows 7? If i simply replace the motherboard does that constitute it as being installed on a fourth pc? Or is possible to install it on a replacement machine? The original machine cannot be used.

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No Memory In Volume D: When Trying To Install

. I have a gateway. I don't know much about computers, but it's a quad core, has windows 7, 1tb hard drive, 8 gigs of ram. Something says "dx4300 - 01h" if that is relevant. Earlier today, i tried to install softimage modtool for practice in the 3d industry, so i went to  #this link and downloaded it# . So it was all going good, but once it actually started to install , this happened. http://i757.

That's a link to a screen cap i took of the error, as well. So i had my friend try and help. I have disabled my dvd/cd drive, named. Hl- dt - st bddvd ch10f ata device. I have installed vcredist_x86, (c+ 2008, c+ something or other) and it installed fine (the c+ update). But trying to instal x64 (2005), it also says my "volume d" is full, even with the dvd drive disabled.
How can i over come this one tiny error message, and still get softimage? Is it something with gateway? My certain dvd drive? I have not done anything to my computer lately, other than install photoshop.

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Printer Install Fails

Have a new dell with w7-64. Am trying to install a brother hl4070cdw laser printer but, like some of the other posts, it gets to printing a test page and fails. Have tried uninstall, reinstall (sometimes with restart(s) between), let w7 install, then update driver to latest bro has on their site, etc. Other computers (xp-32 and vista-64) have no problems.

Connections are usb to the individual printers.
Other printers (hp dj5740, brother mfc7840w) work fine.
All suggestions will be welcome.

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Install Missing Drivers

I recently upgraded my lenovo t61 laptop from it's original 100gb hard drive to a 500gb hard drive. After installing windows 7, updating and restarting a few times, i noticed that i was still missing 2 drivers, both called "base system device". I went to lenovos' driver web site, looked through what was offered but could not figure out what was missing. I then called lenovo directly and they said that it was a windows 7 problem, not a lenovo problem so they don't know how to deal with it.

Any assistance to resolve this issue and get me my drivers would be greatly appreciated.

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Install Usb Hubs

Computer - new (4 weeks old) windows 7 home premium, amd athlon ii x4 630, 4gb ram, gf8200e m/board, 4 rear/2 front usb ports. I am trying to install a couple of usb hubs onto this computer (and failing miserably). When i connect a hub it tells me it is installing new hardware then tells me drivers were not installed and the hubs do not work. They show in device manager as either an unknown device or as a generic usb hub or as a usb2. 0 hub with a yellow triangle over them. If i try to update them either automatically or manually it tells me drivers can't be found.

All of the hubs are usb 2. 0, two of them are mains powered and one of them is a brand new trust 10 port hub and according to the trust website is fully compatible with windows 7 and does not have and does not need separate drivers. Windows o/s is fully updated motherboard drivers have been updated all 6 usb ports on the computer are fully working (tested with other usb devices - external hard drives, webcam, usb photo scanner etc)all usb hubs are fully working (tested on a separate laptop running xp sp3)if anyone knows of a solution to this i would be most grateful. Thank you for taking the time to read this post.

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Hp Cp2025dn Printer Will Not Install

I have a hp cp2025dn color printer directly attached to a sony vaio sz680 (32b bit) via usb cable. I used to be able to connect directly, then had to reauthorize my win 7 copy. Afterwards it would not accept install of printer. I can install other printers, including hp. After plugging in, goes through 4 step routine (usb hub, hp general files, so other file, then gets to hp cp2025 and stops (big red x).

When i try to install from hp cd, i get error 0x0000007 error. I have gone into registry and removed everything hp and nothing is changed. I need this particular printer for work, so quick solution is appreciated. (And don't tell me wipe and reinstall, because that's just not gonna happen).

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Unable To Get Printer To Install

I am having problems getting my canon pixma mp750 to install on windows 7 64 bit. I have downloaded the required driver for this but when i try and install i get a message saying print spooler needs to be restarted. When i try to restart this i get an error code 1053 and there is also an error code 1813 failed to read description is showing up on this service. I have tried to get support from the comp manufacturer but they have no idea why this has happened and neither does canon the printer manufacturer. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Cannot Install Audio Program

I'm trying to run an old audio program bought 10 years ago on my new pc running 64 bit windows, but it's not working. Yeah, when launched i get the following error: "the program can't start because wmvcore2.dll is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem. "

I've tried launching the .exe in "windows xp (service pack 3)" compatibility mode, but it doesn't seem to work. Still get the same error message. Any thoughts?

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Un-install Keyboard And Mouse

I have a dell bundle mouse and keyboard (bluetooth), and dell monitor. On windows vista. The mouse is screwed up. So i need to install a new mouse and keyboard. I have a logitech cordless mx3200 laser mouse and keyboard to replace it with. My question is- do i need to uninstall the old keyboard and mouse before i install the new one? And how do you install anything if you have to uninstall the old ones first? How do you navigate without a mouse and keyboard to install the new one? Basically how do install my new mouse and keyboard? Please help. I would appreciate a step by step if anyone can help me.

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Cant Install New Graphics Driver

I recently upgraded an older computer [dell dimension 4550] to windows 7 and found i needed a graphics card that supports directx 10. After i installed it & turned the computer on, a standard vga graphics adapter was automatically added with no option to cancel. The instructions for new driver requires the removal of old driver before proceeding.

I went to device manager and uninstalled the standard vga driver but of course, to complete the uninstall, i must reboot my computer. This automatically reinstalls the standard vga again . Please help me out of this endless loop. There must be some simple way to stop this madness!

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