Bt Open Zone Over Rides Default Web Connection

How to stop bt open zone (fon) taking over from home hub type 287c. On attempting to run internet explorer and connect to web, bt open zone over-rides the default web connection with consequence access to all services is blocked. Have disabled and removed open zone each time it happens, but as if by magic it reappears. Have changed receiving channel on hub, but resolution only lasted 24 hours.

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How To Open Web Folder?

Opening websites with windows explorer (not internet explorer)allow me to illustrate why i want to open a website with windows explorer and not internet explorer. My office uses a network scanner that stores generated scans to a website address. We could get to the folder by typing in something likehttp://123. 456. 1. 789/file_share in windows explorer.

But now that everyone in my office switched to windows 7, no one can access the files because attempting to open a website address automatically launches internet explorer, which is without the files list, and has fancy interface and customization and blocks any access to the files!My question is simple. How can i open a website address in windows explorer without needlessly opening it with the internet explorer?

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Cannot Open Pdf Files On Web Sites

When we click on various links such the bill pay link on our credit union site, nothing happens when we do it on our desktop pc. There is no message, box or anything . Just no response whatsoever. I also noticed that we cannot open pdf files that are on web sites such as on fidelity investments. For example, the fidelity site gives you a choice of viewing statements in pdf or html format. When i select pdf, no response. Prior till now everything opened fine. Also, we have no problems with this on our laptop. I spent a couple of hours trying to figure out and so far am totally unsuccessful. Both pcs are new and run widnows 7. Do you have any suggestions?

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Website Wants To Open Web Content Using This Program - Csc.exe

Popup every 2 minutes says a "website wants to open web content using this program - csc.exe microsoft corporation". And it literally pops up every 2 minutes, sometimes more often. I need to stop this pop up before i go insane. I cannot find anything about it in my programs or anywhere else that i can access or know in my limited pc knowledge how to access.

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Web Page Does Not Open - Display Driver Stopped Responding

Often web page does not open immediately - pop-up indicates 'display driver stopped responding and has recovered' followed by 'display driver for intel graphics accelerator drivers for windows p(r) stopped responding and has successfully recovered'. What is the solution?

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Default Program / Icon Open Up Issue

My sister recently received an hp notebook as a gift with windows 7 installed on it out of the box. For the first few weeks it was running fine and then sometime last week while uploading pictures from her digital camera on the default program, it did something to where all the icons on the desktop and the start menu are the microsoft office picture manager icon. Whenever you click any icon, say for google chrome, or itunes, it will open up picture manager. The only icons ive been able to get anywhere with have been the system tools and i am not really sure what to uninstall to make the default program go away.

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Hyperlinks Open In Ie8 Than Firefox Set As Default

Hyper-links open in ie8 rather than firefox (set as default). Default program for .htm and .html set as firefox. Win xp pro sp3 updates automatically. Behavior began over last 36 hours

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Web Browser Will Freeze On Web Page With Sound Or Video

So i recently upgraded to windows 7 and have had problems ever since. So initially when i turn on my computer, everything will work fine. I have sound and i can use my web browser without any problems. However, eventually, i will lose sound and if i try to use youtube or pandora or any web page with sound or video the web browser will freeze. I have updated my sound drivers, i have updated flash player as well.initially i was using internet explorer 8, i have recently changed to firefox and still have the same problem. Please help. It is becoming very frustrating and i am beginning to hate windows 7

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" Open With " Default Program Problem

I was trying to change a programme link (. Lnk) to open in internet explorer instead of my default google chrome using the "open with. " Button but didnt uncheck the "apply to all files of this type" checkbox. Now every program i have opens in internet explorer and i can't change it back unless i one by one change every program. Please help me find a way to undo this. I haven't backed up my pc recently so that is not an option.

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Dial Up 3g Usb Connection & Wifi Connection At Same Time

How can i make windows 7 see dial up 3g usb connection and wifi connection at the same time ? When i connect to 3g, it can't see wifi and there is no bridge option between dial up and wireless lan.

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All Programs I Try To Open Will Open In Word Documents

Somehow i've converted all windows programs into a word documents, ie; when i try and open explorer (or other programs), they all open in word. How do i change the settings back, so they all open as they should.

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Web Page Error

I have the following error when i go to my personal web page:

Webpage error details
User agent: mozilla/4. 0 (compatible; msie 8. 0; windows nt 6. 0; trident/4. 0; gtb6. 4; slcc1; .net clr 2. 0. 50727; media center pc 5. 0; .net clr 3. 5. 30729; officeliveconnector. 1. 4; .net clr 3. 0. 30729; officelivepatch. 1. 3; creative autoupdate v1. 40. 01)

Timestamp: thu, 29 apr 2010 21:00:42 utc
Message: '1' is null or not an object
Line: 1
Char: 64159
Code: 0
Uri: http://col. Stj. 0/modules/1/1.js

Can you help?

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Cannot Operate Outlook Web Access

I have a new machine running windows 7 home premium, which i use to access work emails via ms exchange server 2003's outlook web access. This new machine will let me read and open the emails, but not reply to them, or create new ones. It maybe something to do with a setting i may have transferred from my old xp machine (but that worked fine!) As my colleague has the same new machine, and his works fine. So to me that also means that its not something that needs doing on the server at work. Can anyone help, please?

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Cannot Edit Web Page Source

I have a web site that i edit by hand coding in notepad. I view the .html file on my hard drive, click on view and select source. I can then edit my code and change my web pages, then upload via ftp. That was until today! Now the pages are un-editable. The code page now shows up in colours with numbers in the left margin, which didn't happen before. It is not possible to edit the page at all.

I suspect that this is something to do with the windows update that was downloaded today. I was able to establish that this was security update for jscrit 5-8 for windows vista (kb971961) what can i do to make the source code editable again? This is vital as it is the website of a charity that i manage.

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Ie Problem With Password Web Pages

I am using windows xp, ie 8 with a broadband connection. I have a broadband connection and am able to go to my homepage and i can can access webpages, such as and, but when i go to page to sign-in with password, ie says it can't display those pages. I can open yahoo email with password, but can't open aol webmail, or other password secure webpages. I can tell you what i have done with help from my broadband tech support and aol tech support. I have gone to ie tools; internet options and reset everything in security, privacy, programs and advanced tabs.

My broadband company reset my modem from their office. I have unplugged it and took out the battery. Just in case. I have run about 6 different virus scans, including reg cleaners, mal-ware and others. I turned off my firewall in norton's. Started my computer in safe mode. Reset winsock and ip. I'm probably forgetting something. I re-installed i8e. I also installed firefox and it did the same thing. I can open, for instance, but when i sign in it says that 'internet explorer cannot open that webpage'

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This Web Site May Not Run Correctly

I am getting error on page, web site may not run correctly and going loony not being able to find the problem. I have tried running ie(no add-ons) and (compatibility mode) as suggested and no results. Using firefox i do not get the errors, but i can not run web videos. (In youtube i can run videos) in ie8 i even get the same errors using so it is not the web site not being compatible with ie8. Note: i had a similar problem and installed ie8 the problem went away. I was loading a program through a gmail link and the computer crashed with blue screen. No data was lost. But i have had this problem since. Is there a way to remove ie8 and reinstall it?

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Error - Ieframe.dll When Surfing Web

I have an ieframe.dll error message when i am surfing the web. How do i fix this problem ?

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Web Browser And Live Messenger Pausing

I have recently upgraded to windows 7(clean install) however i have been getting very frequent pausing from google chrome and windows live messenger. It pauses while i type and then a few seconds later all the words just appears. This happens on both chrome and on windows live messenger, i have tested on ie and mozilla and still the same thing.

The most easiest way to test if the problem still exists for me would be to just open a contacts on wlm, it will pause for a second, the contact screen being completely white and then it will appear. Does anyone have any solutions? So far i have tried reinstalling and also another thing to note is that recently i accidentally changed a background for a contact during a pause and now i cant seem to change it back, as everytime i try, the screen goes unresponsive for a very long time and eventually crashes.

Here are my active programs: avira antivirus, ad-aware, comodo firewall, winamp, skype. I will post my dxdiag if you guys need it, but so far i have tried many forums and no one seems able to help me. I truly hope this forum can solve my problem once and for all.

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How Can I Delete Web Browsing History Completely

I have tried to delete web history but it will return

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What Are Options For Non Web Based Email Programs Users ?

What are the options for non web based mail users who do not want to use web based mail programs? There are a number of users that do not use a web based mail program and do not want to use a web based mail program. What about those users? If they don't have a compatible windows 7 free non web based program, as windows mail, what can they use? What compatible non web based program does microsoft offer and what does it cost?

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Can't Do Web Searches From Search Bar On Browser

Can't do web searches from any search bar on any browser-"ie cannot display the web page" after cleaning my computer of the cryptor virus, internet explorer 8, mozilla firefox, and safari web browsers started showing the "internet explorer cannot display the web page" error message. I can surf the net as long as i use the address bar to manually enter a site's web address or access web pages from favorites, but when i attempt to do a web search from any search bar on any web page, the browsers cannot load the page. I'm sure some setting is incorrectly checked and just don't know what to look at to remedy the problem.

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Ie8 Won't Display Web Pages

After i installed a blackberry update ie8 won't display any web pages. It seems to start displaying msn in the tab (i.e. It says hotmail, news etc in the tab) but nothing appears in the browser window. If i click on a link in word then the website name appears in the tab but again nothing appears in the browser window. However if i click on any favourite nothing happens at all.

I have tried resetting ie8 and then i get msn as my homepage and can go to links from that page and they all display ok. However other pages, e.g. From favorites do not display at all. If i close the browser and reopen it then i cannot display anything at all until i reset again.

I tried doing a system restore but this will not work and it has failed to go back to the last two restore points. The same thing happens if i open ie8 in safe mode. I have run norton antivirus, system works and other diagnostics but nothing wrong is found. The laptop is a dell xps m1330 running vista ultimate and all ms software is up to date (as of 14th january 2010). Any ideas because i'm really stuck?

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Toshiba Satellite L500 Web Cam Trouble

I have had my toshiba satellite l500 since christmas. The in-built web-cam worked fine with the web cam application. I tried connecting a ps2 eye cam to see if it would work as a external web cam. It doesn't. First of all it just said it wouldn't work. I unplugged it and tried opening the web cam app. It said there is another application blocking. I restarted. Now when i open it, it says "web camera initialization failed. Please check your camera device and restart application or computer". I uninstalled the ps2 cam to try and undo what i did. It doesn't work. Please help. I have no idea what to do! I have windows 7 by the way.

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Ie8 Crashes When View Web Pages With Flash

I've got 2 windows 7 machines, but on 64-bit processors with the 64-bit version of windows 7 installed. On both of them if we go to a web page with flash on it, and then close internet explorer 8, it will, always crash.

Why is that?  I can avoid if, if i go to some other web page without flash on it, but man that can be hard to remember and sometimes the flash isn't obvious because it isn't moving, so its easy to forget to go to some web page withou a flash item on it, but that's not the point. The point is why in heck does ie8 crash just because there's a flash element on the page?

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Web Presentations / Live Meeting / Servers Issue

Hello, here is my problem:i need to do online presentations with audio, video, file editing, desktop sharing/viewing, and documentation support. I will have a communications server running soon. My users must be able to see my desktop, including voip, over a web browser or something that doesn't need installation, for people that don't have administration rights on their desktops/clients, or those who dont use windows clients. Can you please tell me what methods i could use? Is live meeting the right thing for that?

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Recent Download Is Stuck On Verifying Web Page

After downloading webfetti for my myspace profile, the box appears that shows the website is being verified, with the green still flashing left to right in the long rectangle box, that it only has 16 seconds left till complete, &that it's being downloaded to my temporary files, & it's been like this til yesterday evening. I am unable to x out, click the cancel box, left click the icon in the bottom left of my screen to close the tab. It won't do anything. I can't even minimize or optimize, & i went into my computer files to try to uninstall it, & i can't find it in my computer & my diagnostics shows no problems. What & how can i close this out & cancel the download, or just close out the whole thing & get it off my screen.

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Outlook Web Access 2003 Not Working In Ie8

Having just bought a new laptop running windows 7 and ie 8, i now get a red x in the content area when i want to reply/forward an email in outlook web access, which i use 24/7 for work. I read on microsoft's tech forum that others had the same issue in older versions of ie, but the work-around (installing the latest version of the s/mime control in owa) allows me to write in the content field and then promptly crashes ie upon attempting to send.

Oh, and since i am an outside contractor for the org that hosts the outlook exchange mail-server, they've already said they won't put any hotfixes on their server, since no one else has this problem. What to do?

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Media Player 11 Stutters When Loading Web Page

I have windows 7 and media player 11. When im watching a video or playing a song and loading a website separately the audio and video stutter. This happens with my harddrive and my external harddive, no matter what. The website does not matter whether it be pic heavy or not(such as vs flikr)

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Monitor Built-in Web Cam Not Working Correctly

Im using a desktop and the monitor has a web cam built into it and it wasn't activated when it was setup so where do i go to get it activated?

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Connected To The Internet But Can't Browse The Web In Win 7

I'm connected to the internet, but i can't browse the internet. At my own house the wireless works perfectly fine but then when i go to my friends house it doesn't work. My skype signs in perfectly and i can talk to people and make calls, when i try to connect to msn it says dns and key-ports is the problem. I don't know how to resolve this problem and its really getting on my nerves as i really need the internet. I'm not sure how this works but my email address is

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