System Fonts Small After Icon Size Increase

I decided that i wanted to increase the size of my desktop icons. I held down ctrl and used the mouse wheel to increase the sizes. I also increased the text size in display properties from 100% to 125%. After doing this i logged off then on again to see my changes. I found that the system text was far too big to be a comfortable viewing size. I went back to display properties and i changed the font size from 125% to 100% (the default). When i logged off and on again, the text of the system it was incredibly tiny. It looks like the text size is like 8 or even 6pt. I tried looking the control panel to see if there was anything i can do, but i cant find anything.

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Website Text Size Very Small

I got a new dell laptop with windows 7. For some reason, all websites appear with text in a really small font size. I've tried increasing font size and even set it to appear in largest text size. The problem is, then it's way too big and looks cartoonish. I also set it to make pages appear in 125% and 150%, which is also way too big and distorts the page.

I also lowered page resolution, but that doesn't work because the system has it set at the max, which is the suggested setting. Any ideas as to why windows 7 and internet explorer and firefox looks so different than xp or vista, etc?

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Ie8 Desktop Icon Image Size

I am having problems with the size of the image within a desktop short cut icon that was created with ie8. Desktop icons created by other programs are okay. I have already tried going a restore and that did not work. I have done a system repair / upgrade using the install disks and that did not correct the problem. I have tried the ctrl / scroll the mouse wheel to change the overall size of the icon but nothing changes the actual i made within the icon itself. Created a new user profile and still the same.

Now here is the really odd thing and that is i have 16 desktop shortcut icons on my screen and 15 of the 16 are incorrect and 1 is the proper. I have looked at the registry to try and find a link and come up with nothing.

There has to be some way to correct this as at one time the images with the desktop icons were all correct. Also looked high and low through all folders for a possible location of the icon images and come up with nothing. It is as though the actual image within the icon is pulling from the favicon and not a larger image.

The system is a 64 bit and using ie8 in 64 bit is not possible in the adobe flash does not support 64 bit and you spend all your time clicking the mouse to accept images when ever you go to web pages.

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System Image Restore When Size Of C: Drive Changed

I have so far have had great success in restoring from system image (as opposed from system restore) for my windows 7 ultimate x64. Some small clarifications:1. On day 1, i make a system image of c: os (windows 7 ultimate) and system reserved partition (100mb). Say on that day, the c: was 100 gb in total size. 2. On any day after that, i modify the c: partition size to something different from 100gb. This could be because i am reinstalling windows 7 and thought to change the partition size or want to change the partition sizes or any other reason. Say, the c: is now 90gb or 110 gb or whatever, but not 100gb which it was on the day i made the system image.

Suppose, i am not happy with the result or feel the need to abort this install, and go back to my system image. 3. Will system image restore now work, considering that the c: is no longer the same size as on the day the image was made?4. Finally, windows 7 makes a system image called 'windowsimagebackup' or something. Do subsequent imaging overwrite this completely if i choose the same external hard drive i made the first image from.

Second, i have seen that if i change the name of the image say to 'windowsimagebackup290510', windows system repair disk no longer recognizes it. What is the way out. I basically want one partition with different system images say 'windowsimagebackup290510', 'win. Backup050610' and so on. But windows 7 restoring has failed for me when i rename the image file?

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Error - Cannot Create System Shell Notification Icon

How do i correct the error of "led hotkey keyboard hpid09, cannot create system shell notification icon". I get the error on bootup of windows after password has been entered.

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Increase Memory To 6gbs Or 8gbs

Now that i have w7 64 bit os installed, what will more memory do. I have 4gbs of memory installed at this point and would like to increase memory to 6gbs or 8gbs. What does more memory add to what my computer will do. I have a hp that's about 4 years old. I am using a nvidia 9600 gt video card. The only game i use if you want to call it a game is ms fsx.

And if i understand how fsx works it using the cpu and memory more then the video card. So if i increase my memory from 4gbs to say 6 or 8gbs will i be wasting my money? Would the added memory just set in the back ground and not be used?

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Use Memory Flash Card To Increase Ram Of Laptop

I need more ram for windows 7 professional, but my laptop only allows 1 gig of ram. I heard that you can use a memory flash card to increase the ram of a laptop. If so how do you do this? I have a sony vaio vgn-fs550, and it says that i can only have 1 gig of ram. When i ran the diagnostics check for windows 7 it said that i have a vgn-fs840. Why would this be?

My laptop has 95 gig of memory, but a vgn-fs550 only has 80 gigs of memory, could this be because who owned it before me upgraded the computer? If they did upgrade it will i be able to buy more ram for the laptop. If i can't buy more ram, i heard that you could use a memory flash card to increase the ram. If this is so how do i do this?

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Program Fonts

I am having problems with my installed program fonts. They all come across very very tiny to read. What is strange is when i use my e-mail program and type a letter fonts are the perfect size. But not the program settings. On internet fonts are perfect. Its just the programs them selves are so tiny to read. I really hope this is just a simple adjustment i can understand.
This is a brand new acer computer with windows 7 premium and the latest microsoft browser. I also like to thank everyone who volunteers their time and expert advice for people like me.

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Using Un-installed Fonts

I use a graphics program, paint shop pro, to create a many types of graphics. I have collected a large number of fonts (close to 50, 000)over the years which i use in creating the graphics. I do not install these fonts, i simply save them in a folder and then retrieve them as needed. In all prior windows operating systems, i was able to open an un-installed font, minimize it to the taskbar, and the font would show up in the list of fonts available in my graphics program, then when done with the font, i closed it.

Other programs also worked on this premise in using uninstalled fonts. This allowed me to have extreme flexibility in selecting and using fonts from my collection without the necessity of installing extra fonts into the system. This option seems not to be available in windows7, i open a font i want to use, minimize it to the taskbar, but it does not show up in the list of available fonts in my graphics program. Is there a way around this without having to install and use a font management program?

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Program Fonts Problem

Im having problems with my installed programs applications fonts and menu. They are coming across very tiny and hard to read. Internet and desktop icons are perfect size. Even when i write a e-mail the fonts are @ the perfect size i want. Its just all the application software. When i open a program the flash screen is so tiny also. So i would really appreciate some help from all you great experts. I have a brand new acer laptop with windows 7 and the latest internet window explorer. I really hope this is a very easy fix. Im so tired trying to fix this problem especially because the computer is new and im having problems already.

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Strange Program Fonts

I found a large font pack and installed it on my computer. Apparently, adobe fireworks throws a fit with a certain font that i installed, and all of my fonts from the fonts folder were deleted and it wouldn't let me install anymore fonts, they would auto-delete (at least that's what it looked like). I found a solution online which said to delete your fonts registry folder, create a new one, and restart. I did that and re-installed only the standard windows fonts. That fixed the problem and everything seemed normal.

My problem is that on some programs i have, they are displaying strange fonts. They didn't used to do this, but they are now. It's making the programs really hard to use as the fonts are really distorted. It's not on all programs i'm using, only a select few. I've tried reinstalling them to no avail. Does anybody have any ideas? 

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Fonts And Screen Increased By 150%

Since installing windows 7, my fonts and screen increases by 150% on a regular basis and the only way to return to the correct font and screen size is to reboot. I had dell reinstall new display and screen drivers and it still happens. Is this a windows 7 issue? I did not have this problem until i upgraded my vista to 7.

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Graphical Problem - No Icons Or Fonts

So basically i installed a program (acronis os selector) to manage dual booting of windows and another operating system. On uninstalling the dual boot program and restarting the computer, i got an error from acronis saying that it had an error. I then decided to use the samsung recovery tools on my laptop to fix any boot problems - i think this may have been my mistake; using the samsung recovery tool instead of the windows 7 one.

The samsung recovery tools quickly fixed the boot problems but windows is now completely messed up. My taskbar is white, no windows icons appear (desktop icons appear but nothing in explorer) and almost no text appears. It is impossible to do anything. Can anyone help?Thanks, tom. Edit: took me a bit of effort to save this etc but here is a screenshot of the desktop: http://i46.

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Indian Language Fonts Unicode

I have upgraded to windows 7 from xp. Earlier, arial unicode ms used to be the comprehensive font set for all indian languages. Now after upgrading, i find this font set (arial unicode ms) gives wrong results for indian language fonts - particularly tamil and malayalam. In fact arial unicode ms was 'hidden' in the font set - i had to change it to 'show'. I have tried other fonts, but the glyphs are not properly implemented therein. I use unicode with notepad. But, i am unable to exercise compatibility to previous versions of windows. Even if i do, i seem to have lost earlier arial unicode ms version.

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Some Program Opening Small In Win 7

Some of the program windows are opening extremely small in windows 7. For example, i have a sesame street software program for my kids that opens very small, and there is no maximize option available in the upper right corner as is the case in most screens. I have noticed a couple of web sites doing the same thing in ie.could someone provide me with a solution? 

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Lost Office Small Business

I have a sony vaio vgn-sr19xn which came pre-installed with vista and a trial version of ms office small business. I upgraded my version of office online (via download). After completing a system restore and deciding to upgrade to windows 7 at the same time i now have no version of office of my laptop. I tried to downloaded office 2007 trial and upgrade to full version with my product key but was told it's not valid. The trial version of outlook 2007 has since frozen and now shuts 1- 2 secs after opening.

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Installing Ms Office Small Business 2003

I just installed ms office small business 2003 on my new computer with windows 7 pro. No problem installing it however, when i try to use word or excel i get a eula that says i must register. Then i get the message " the activation wizard is unable to find a connection to the internet. " When i am connected to the net and updates come through just fine. I tried un-installing and re-installing the disc but ended up with the same message. Any ideas on what to do?

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Microsoft Word In Office Small Business Problem

I bought the m office small business 2007 and installed it on my new computer in july last year on vista. Then i got a free upgrade to w 7 from the manufacturer, and replaced vista, sometime in the fall. All worked fine, until today, when my word is just looking pretty messed up -there is an added icon like thingy on the page screen on any existing word doc. I open or i am trying to create- it looks something like a backwards p with two lines in the tail. Very weird!

I've tried as much as troubleshooting as i could have, but nothing works: i deleted and reinstalled the microsoft suite, i read and searched and looked everywhere, but can't find anything remotely similar to my problem. I'm sure someone out there has seen or heard of this before and might be able to point me in the right direction!

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Shared Folder Stops Working At Small Office

I've narrowed down the problem and done some more research, so i'm asking this question again but more clearly. Sorry if this is considered a repost. One of my clients has a small office with 7 pcs in a work-group. They're trying to connect them all to the shared drive on a pc running windows 7 home premium. Eventually the shared drive on the "server" becomes inaccessible and they get this exact error:z: is not accessible.

Not enough server storage is available to process this command. I uninstalled norton and set the irp stack size to 50 (18 & 20 didn't fix it), but they're still getting the error, presumably after more than 5 pcs attempt to access the network share. The only way to make it work again when this happens is to restart the machine.

My question is, is this happening because home premium only allows a maximum of 5 computers to connect to it's shared folders, or is it likely something else?  Is there a way to reset whatever is causing this error so they can continue to access the drive without having to restart the computer?  Do i have to upgrade the machine to windows 7 professional or ultimate to make it work as a server with more than 5 computers?

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Games Not Running In Full Screen - Small Display

When i installed a game (call of duty or microsoft madness) every time i run other games (gta3 ext)the screen is small didn't have this prob before how do i change it back so all games are a bigger screen again tried to find answer in various settings menu but nothing seems to be sorting the prob the only game thats the right size is call of duty all others are small screen any suggestion?

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Games Open In Small Window Not In Full Screen

When playing smashing games or mini clip games, it is in a small window and not full screen. How can i change this? Also, when ie open i can see the background at the top of the screen (same line as minimize and close icons) and i can see the background on the bottom task bar. Can i get this to be filled in?

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Unable To Open Pdf Files Using Office Small Business

I am unable to open a pdf file. My o/s is window 7 and using microsoft office small business 2007. When attempting the following shows on the screen:

File conversion

Select the encoding that makes your document readable

Window (default) ms-dos other encoding

On right side of screen a drop down menu (unable to navigate to english).

I have attempted everything i know (which may be limited to most of you) please assist me as i need to access these documents immediately.

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Connecting Win 7 To Small Business Server Premium 2008

What is required to connect windows 7 pro to small business server premium 2008. Do any special service packs have to be installed on sbs?

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Removing " Read Only " Attributes From Fonts

Almost all my open type fonts i have installed on my computer cannot be deleted either from the font folder or from my font management software. When i try to delete the message "xxxx font cannot be deleted because its in use" comes up. (These are not system fonts). In my attempt to remedy the problem i have done the following: i have been able to remove "read only" attributes from fonts by right clicking on the fonts folder found in the windows directory, this helped me remove about 50% of the trouble fonts. (I had to ignore many fonts as i did not have the permissions to remove read only attributes from system fonts and some random fonts i have myself installed. )

Seeing that i t thought it was a permission problem and that the remaining fonts are suffering from the 'read only' problem i have tried to change the permissions to the font folder. To my annoyance there are now simple ways to do this, all my attempt have failed including going into cmd and trying to remove attrib -r+s or trying to delete from cmd the problem fonts. (I got access denied) dose anyone have any other ideas how to force delete fonts or give me full control over the font folder?

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Size Errors

I was going to leave teh computer for a while so i set it to sleep to conserve energy. When i returned to teh computer, i found that (when i logged back on), the size of things had seemed to change. (The icons on screen and many of the windows i opened, including aol, were much bigger). I went onto the control panel, on appearance and personalization, and tried to set teh screen size back to small(default), however, the computer seemed to think that it was already on small. I managed to get the icons back to small and some programs are normal, but other are huge windows. Can anyone help me get the size back to normal please?

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C: Drive Size Is Becoming Large

I used an upgrade disc to upgrade to w7 from vista (clean install) 2 days ago and the size of c drive (w7) is 116. 52 gb! What is causing it to be so large ? Shouldn't it only occupy 25 gb or so ? The windows old file has been deleted. So what is causing the upgrade installation of w7 to take 116. 62 gb ? ( That is not counting the 14. 65 gb recovery partition the system partition  alone is 116. 62 gb. In total the upgrade took an entire 131. 27 gb. What is wrong?

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Pen Drive Size

My cruzer contour is of 16gb. To use it in mac operating system i had to format it and it worked fine but now when i am trying to use in my windows laptop, when inserted the size capacity is detected just as 200mb! I tried formatting but nothing works. It stills shows 200mb.

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File Size Issue

I'm confused. I'm trying to write video files to a dvd. I use sony movie studio 9 pe. It compiles at 5. 4 gb. Yes. It's a long movie i made. To fit it on a 4. 7 gb dvd i used a program to "shrink" it. I now comes in at 4. 2 gb on the hard drive. I can't use sony dvd software to burn it because it says the size is 5. 4 gb when the dvd holds only 4. 7. I know why that is happening. So i' good there. To get around that i tried to use nero 8, it says the file is 4. 8. Again over the 4. 7 gb limit. So i tried using the bundled win 7 dvd burning software. It says the size is 4. 2 and the dvd can only hold 4. 3. Um. What?

I'm on win 7 professional 64 bit on a intel i7 920 processor. Is the 64 bit playing around with the file size? I'm new to 64 bit stuff. I have the latest firmware update installed for the dvd/cd drive. All programs are to their latest releases. I'm stumped.

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Window Size Problems

I have the new acer time-line 14" pc installed with windows 7. Recently, the windows size has changed, and i don't know how to fix it! The problem is that the window (to internet-sites, or any other program), are much bigger than before. And is -in a way- partially hidden by the start-line.
To explain better, here's a photo:


So you see, at facebook (as an example), is the line of applications, chat and notifications quite hidden. It's not the start-line's fault. Nothing wrong about that. Can anyone help me fix this?

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Opening Browser Size

When i open a new browser on ie8 it opens into 2" x 13" window, when it used to open into around a 5"x3" size give or take. This is only an issue in a new browser window or a link, not a tab. When it opens into the 2x13 size obviously i can't see any content until i open it to full size. How do i reset it to open to a size that allows me to see content before opening it to full size.

Hopefully this makes sense.
I'm using vista, ie8 on a laptop.

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