Using Documents Created In Office 2000 In Office 2007

Can documents created in office 2000 be used in office 2007? Can't paste graphics or do mail merge.documents, graphics & tables created in 2000 have been loaded to a new computer running windows 7 with office 2007 installed. Can't insert graphics/photos or copy and paste into documents. Can't make 135 individual labels from an excel list using mail merge as done with 2000. I there a trick to this? Couldn't print or scan either with win 7 until a techie gerry-rigged a fix using another printer's numbers.

I must do a newsletter and mail to 135 people before the end of the week and i am tearing my hair out because nothing works. Online help is worthless - no information on 2000

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Upgrade From Office 2000 To 2007

How to upgrade from office 2000 to office 2007? I have vista home premium installed along with with microsoft office 2000. I have just purchased windows 7 upgrade and passed all upgrade advisory checks. I need to update my office programs though and have downloaded and installed the compatibility pack on vista, everything is fine.

I need to purchase a version of office 2007 now to complete my upgrade to windows 7. This is where i am stuck, i dont know which version of office 2007 to buy as there are so many versions available, i only use word, excel and power-point most of the time and i am unsure if i have to uninstall the old office 2000 first or can i upgrade from it.

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Upgrading From Office 2000 To 2007

I recently bought a machine with windows 7 ultimate 64 bit os. It came with a trial version of office 2007, which i downloaded to take it for a spin. Well now i want to get the 2007 small biz edition. I own the office 2000 small biz ed w/t 2003 upgrade which is on my old computer.

My question is, do i need to uninstall the trial of 2007 and install 2000 w/t the 2003 upgrade to upgrade to 2007 small biz edition? Will windows 7 allow the 2000 version to be installed and upgraded correctly?

And or can i just install the 2007 small biz edition upgrade and plug in my product codes for 2000 and 2003? One last question, if i do have to uninstall the trial version of 2007, will it uninstall cleanly?

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Office 2000 To 2007 Upgrade Error In Win 7

I have a new computer with win 7 installed my office 2000 (which is not supported by win 7) and have the upgrade to office small business 2007. I have an error with the install on the 2000 - is that what is causing me not to be able to install the upgrade?

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Issue With Office 2007 Documents Opened In Ie8

Office 2007 documents opened in ie8 ask for windows user credentials three times. This issue only appears to occur with ie8 and office 2007. We have an internal website that accesses office documents in the same directory as the web page. When attempting to access the excel document from the webpage link an ie8 windows security dialog box appears asking the user to enter in their windows credentials. If the user enters their credentials they are asked two more times before the excel workbook opens. If the user just clicks cancel to the first of the windows security dialog boxes the excel workbook opens without any issues.

I've tried adding the site as a trusted site and this allows me to access the webpage without entering my user credentials, however, when accessing the excel document i am still prompted to enter my credentials. I did read somewhere the office 2007 attempts to access the network separately from ie8 when accessing network office files from ie8. I'm not sure if this is accurate or if there is a way around it.

It appears as though the credentials are not being passed to the server properly, which is what usually happens when ie8 asks three times, however, users do not get the authorization failed page after the third time as the spreadsheet opens. As i mentioned earlier this only appears to be an ie8 and office 2007 issue. Accessing the file using firefox or ie7 or accessing the file using ie8 with office 2003 installed doesn't prompt for windows security user credentials. Are there any solutions to this issue that we could implement?

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Office 2000 For Win 7

I already have office 2000 which didn't work with vista. I have recently upgraded to windows 7 and just realized that now office 2000 is compatible with windows 7. I haven't installed office on the windows 7 laptop. The only problem now is that i don't have outlook. I'm planning on buying microsoft office standard 2007 upgrade $299. 99 which comes with outlook 2007. Since it's an upgrade, do i have to install office 2000 on the windows 7 and then install the upgrade. I'm also wondering if there was a cheaper way to go.

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Office 2000 Compatibility

Have recently bought windows 7 (starter) netbook, on which i was hoping to use my pre-existing office 2000 word & excel files which are on flash drives (i have the 2000 program on disks) but all attempts to use these files engage the office 2007 suite, which i have no wish to use whatsoever. Is there any way round this annoying obstacle ? I have subsequently read that w7 & office 2000 are not compatible but would welcome any advice on how best to overcome this in the least expensive way please.

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Using Office 2000 With Win 7

I just bought a computer equipped with windows 7. I own office 2000 and don't want to upgrade. Can i use office 2000 with windows 7?

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Office 2000 Sr-1a Update Problem

I just bought a lenovo ideapad y550 running win 7 64-bit. I installed word 2000, excel 2000 and power point 2000 using my office 2000 professional cd with valid license key. I wanted to install all the updates so downloaded office 2000 sp3. However, when i ran o2ksp3.exe, whether in compatibility mode for windows xp (service pack 3) and/or as an administrator, i receive the error:

Office 2000 service pack 3
The expected version of the product was not found on your system.

From the ms website it appears as if i first need to run office 2000 sr-1a. However, when i ran o2ksr1a.exe, again whether in compatibility mode for windows xp (service pack 3) and/or as an administrator, i receive the error;

Microsoft offive 2000 sr-1 update
Microsoft offive 2000 sr-1 update did not complete successfully. For assistance, contact microsoft technical support.

See the log file: office 2000 sr-1 setup(0001).txt

And here is the log file:

Starting execution.
Command line: /c /l2

Opening the patch source file, c:usersvalerieappdatalocaltempixp001. Tmpsource.ini.
Searching installed products.

Detected the following products for patching:
Product is not installed.
Microsoft office 2000 professional (9. 0. 2720), {00010409-78e1-11d2-b60f-006097c998e7}
Product is patchable.
Product is not installed.
Product is not installed.
Product is not installed.

The following patches are applicable:

Office 2000 sr-1 core update, {0dc0f122-1b1c-11d4-aed6-00c04f022c53}
Location: Msp

The version of ie installed on the computer is 8. 0. 7600. 16385
Ie has already been updated to the level of office 2000 sr-1 or above

Beginning download of Msp.

Finished downloading Msp.

Error: the file, c:usersvalerieappdatalocaltempsr1patch{0dc0f122-1b1c-11d4-aed6-00c04f022c53}, has an invalid size.

Error: the office 2000 sr-1 core update patch is missing or office 2000 sr-1 setup ended prematurely because of an error. Is there anything i can do to get past this? I am not ready and do not have the funds at this time to upgrade. At worst, i will run without the sr-1a and sp3 upgrades.

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Compatibility Ms Office 2000 Professional

I am in the market of a new computer and need to make a decision which version of windows 7 to buy. What version of windows 7 will work with office 2000 pro? None or does it matter? I have used outlook 2000 as my email client and created an archive folder with many subfolders. Will they transfer and work without any problems to windows 7? Also, will i be able to open and edit the ms word and excel 2000 files i have created from within windows 7? If not, would i first need to install office 2003 or 2007 or in the near future office 2010 to be able to import all my office 2000 data files and open them from within windows 7 that way?

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Office 2000 Word Is Not Compatible

I have downloaded my office 2000 onto my new computer running windows 7. When saving a document in word it does not let me save in the libraries but only my documents and so does not show up when going into libraries/documents in windows 7.

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Error 1706 - Microsoft Office 2000

After upgrading from vista to 7, i am not able to open my access data base. Windows installer comes up, and then tells me to insert microsoft office 2000, ending up with error 1706. I no longer have the discs and i cannot find access in programs.

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Is Office 2000 Pro Program Compatible?

I have windows xp on my 8 year old dell. Planning to buy a new dell or hp with windows 7 home pemium (64). Want to install existing copy of office 2000 pro from disks i have. Is this program compatible? If not what are my options?

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Installing Ms Publisher Only As A Part From Office 2000

Office 2000 professional (or only part of it - ms publisher) and adobe photo deluxe business edition 1. 1 installing on windows 7? I just got a new laptop with windows 7, my old one from 2000 (with winme) is now definitely to slow and, it is to difficult getting anything for it, no support anymore for winme for updates though it is still working with the older programs.

Long story short: i purchased in 2000 the office 2000 professional pack, still have the original disks, if necessary i can de-install it from the old laptop. For my new laptop with win7 i got on boxing day the office 2007 home and student version. It does not come with outlook - which i don't care, i never used outlook anyways - and does not come with ms publisher.

The publisher would be the only part of office 2000 professional i would like to install additional on my laptop.

During "custom"installing i get afair to choose what i do want to install. Do i have to worry about that - in case i install it - the publisher from office 2000 prof. Will make any problems on windows 7? I think i should be able to get an upgrade then later on, online. It would be still cheaper than buying the whole new program.

The same question for adobe photo deluxe business edition 1. 1 (it is my favorite photo editing program).

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Do I Need To Uninstall Office 2000 Prior To Upgrading To Win 7 ?

I am using office 2000 and vista. Do i need to uninstall office 2000 prior to upgrading to windows 7 and then reinstall office 2000. If this is the case, do i have to do this with all my other programs?

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Microsoft Office 2000 Word Installing Spell Checker Issue

Windows 7 message when spell checking in swedish: can not open file: c:program files (x86)common filesmicrosoft sharedproofmssp_sw. Lex f¶r svenska (sverige). The file and permissions are there along with mssp_sw.dll, mssp3sw. Lex and mssp3sw.dll.

Microsoft office 2000 premium
Installing spell checker

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Auto Sync Recent Documents For Office Applications

Is there any way to auto sync the pinned and recent documents for both the office 2007 applications and their taskbar button in windows 7? I find the jump list from the application taskbar button quite useful for me to access the frequently and always used documents.

I know that the office 2007 applications have this kind of jump list as well from the office button.

However, the list pinned and recently used documents in the office 2007 applications did not seem to be the same as the ones available in the jump list from their taskbar button.

Is there anyway to configure the system to automatically synchronize both of the list from the taskbar button as well as the office 2007 applications?

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Security In Office 2007

I grade on a on-line platform and recently since purchasing a laptop w/win7 my "saved graded files" or when opening a previously graded and uploaded document (excel, word) at a later time [to cut & paste a tutorial onto the current work ] once uploaded. Both docs seem to be in touch with the platform. The old work opened seems to launch and communicate a new date stamp with the old upload location (or student) simultaneously with the current work being uploaded into the grade box or drop-box or next student.

Therefore both pieces then show the same time on the date stamp via upload. Lthough it may be the 'private schools' concern. This oddity did not arise with office 2007 & xp nor vista combination. Therefore, i am trying to ask. If this signifies a security weakness in my end (i do have firewalls, etc) or if win7 seems to retain links in order to map to recent places faster? How can i stop the reconnect?

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Office 2007 Crashes

Since updating to windows 7 ultimate, i find my office 2007 apps keep stalling, freezing and crashing; windows explorer also keeps having the same issue. It happens when i highlight and copy and try to paste; when i highlight a selected section of text; when i try to drag ppt pictures; when i try to edit excel documents; and when i am on the internet with ie8.

The consistency of the crashes seems to vary. It does not always happen, but of late it has become more consistent. I have read posts on this and find that many people say they are having the same issues.

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Office 2007 Will Not Uninstall

Tried installing office 2007 pro after clean install of windows 7. Files corrupted, tried to uninstall, cannot, told to use orig discs, did, valid no. Entered, tried reinstall, get this message: setup failed to install the required component ms sql srvr 2005 express (mssmlbiz). Business contact manager for outlook 2007 cannot continue. See c:program files (x86)microsoft sql server90setup bootstraplogsummary.txt. The summary text is:

Product : microsoft sql server setup support files (english)
Product version : 9. 00. 2047. 00
Install : failed
Log file : c:program files (x86)microsoft sql server90setup bootstraplogfilessqlsetup0004_royconant-pc_support. Log
Error number : 1612

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Cannot Register Ms Office 2007

I don't really know what else to do here. I have 2 problems and i really think that the problem is related. Firstly and most importantly, i can not register ms office ultimate 2007. I get the error 701098. It says either a proxy is the problem or its a firewall. I have no firewall running. Defender is not running. Nothing is running but for some reason, ms office is the only thing on the face of the planet that will not connect to the internet.

I need this to work for my college but cant get it to work and ms will not help me. 'i also am trying to tether my blackberry bold 9000 and it will not leave my computer as a modem to connect to the server to act as a modem. Something on my computer is blocking or not allowing and i can not figure out what it is and i cant do my school work.

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Ms Office 2007 Lost And Did Not Transfer

After win 7 professional installation and completing 'transfer of files', my ms office standard 2007 did not transfer along with my (other) previously loaded ms programs. Are these programs now lost or can i retrieve them? I have been using vista since it's release and i have noted no problems of this type before.

I purchased your ms step by step win 7 manual prior to my win7 installation, but was unable to fix this problem. I don't want to loose all my ms word program, data or files. I have tried using the windows easy transfer (win 7) at least 3x w/o success! I don't want to reload the office standard again. I also don't want to purchase a new ms office 2007 either. (I had to reload it previously due to a hd replacement (after it's failure)).

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Ms Office Outlook 2007 Question

I currently have ms office home & student edition and want to buy ms office outlook 2007. Will outlook integrate into my existing office suite seamlessly in the same way as if i'd bought, say, office pro that comes with outlook as standard. Are there any differences in buying/installing them separately.

I'm using win7 64-bit. Please don't tell me to post in the outlook forum as that seems to pretty dead.

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Office 2007 Outlook Problem

I have a two-month old latitude e-4300 laptop with 4gb of ram, running windows 7 pro. It was initially a wonderfully fast machine, but i have had two serious outbreaks of problems. In both cases, i first noticed problems in outlook 2007, which i use to access amy work email account via the outlook connector. The problems begin with outlook taking forever to download my email, and sometimes returning a series of blank email messages with no content. The first time this happened, on advice of microsoft support, i tried to uninstall and reinstall office 2007.

It uninstalled, but would not reinstall. After hours on the line with tech support, the eventual verdict was that my .net files had been and hp technical support both failed to find a solution, other than completely reinstalling windows 7 and reloading all my programs and data – which i eventually technical support suggested that the problem may have been triggered a very large outlook. Pst file, then more than 6gb. So i archived it into several separate files. The working file is now less than 0. 6 gb, my two archived files each around 3 - 4 gb.

The problem with outlook has now returned, intermittently, and the performance of my machine has plummeted to a point at which i am barely able to work. Programs keep hanging in "not responding" mode, simple excel spreadsheets or explorer windows can take 15-20 seconds to load, web browsing has become intermittently glacial, and three times yesterday i had a blue screen failure while working on an excel spreadsheet.

I have uninstalled recently installed software, switched off services running in the background, cleansed programs from my startup menu, and nothing seems to help. Does anyone have an answer other than "buy a mac"? I simply cannot continue working with a system that needs a complete reinstall of its operating system and data every month or so.

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Office 2007 Product Key

The product key for my genuine version of office professional 2007 is not being accepted on my new laptop. It contains a zero that it rejects because it says product key's don't have zeros or the letter o. I can't see the product key on the label that came with the discs that were shipped to me following my online purchase and download. Nor can i locate the email sent with my purchase.

Do you have any suggestions as to how i can validate the product key that i have a note of for accuracy?

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Indexing Not Working In Office 2007

When i open indexing options the dialog box says "waiting to receive indexing status. " And just stays that way. When i go into outlook and check for indexing status, nothing happens (i imagine it's also waiting, but there is no dialog box or other indication). Any ideas? I am running win7 64-bit and office 2007.

The problem started when i noticed that outlook was only indexing my default pst file, not the others that open with outlook. When i tried to add the others in indexing options the dialog box didn't work, so that was when i tried to check index status and found i could not even do that.

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Genuine Office 2007 But Cannot Update

I have a genuine copy of office 2007 running on my machine, and it constantly tells me to update to kb949810, but the update always fails. Half the time it informs me that the update is 0kb in size, but other times it puts it at around 750kb. Either way, it fails and then pops up again saying i need to update it. Frustrating, to say the least!

Diagnostic report (1. 9. 0011. 0):
Wga data->
Validation status: genuine
Validation code: 0

Cached validation code: n/a
Windows product key: *****-*****-77cbj-kytb3-v22fq
Windows product key hash: xn8b7sccpiokc1flf5v4v7cig4u=
Windows product id: 76487-oem-2214525-45769
Windows product id type: 3
Windows license type: oem system builder
Windows os version: 5. 1. 2600. 2. 00010100. 3. 0. Pro
Id: {be2dcb34-18cf-4186-8e80-3d5650252f49}(3)
Is admin: yes
Testcab: 0x0
Wga version: registered, 1. 9. 40. 0
Signed by: microsoft
Product name: n/a
Architecture: n/a
Build lab: n/a
Tts error: n/a
Validation diagnostic: 025d1ff3-230-1
Resolution status: n/a

Wgaer data->
Threatid(s): n/a
Version: n/a

Wga notifications data->
Cached result: 0
File exists: yes
Version: 1. 9. 40. 0
Wgatray.exe signed by: microsoft
Wgalogon.dll signed by: microsoft

Oga notifications data->
Cached result: n/a, hr = 0x80070002
Version: n/a, hr = 0x80070002
Ogaexec.exe signed by: n/a, hr = 0x80070002
Ogaaddin.dll signed by: n/a, hr = 0x80070002

Oga data->
Office status: 100 genuine
Microsoft office standard 2007 - 100 genuine
Oga version: registered, 2. 0. 48. 0
Signed by: microsoft
Office diagnostics: 025d1ff3-230-1_e2ad56ea-765-d003_e2ad56ea-766-0_e2ad56ea-134-80004005

Browser data->
Proxy settings: n/a
User agent: mozilla/4. 0 (compatible; msie 8. 0; win32)
Default browser: c:program filesinternet exploreriexplore.exe
Download signed activex controls: prompt
Download unsigned activex controls: disabled
Run activex controls and plug-ins: allowed
Initialize and script activex controls not marked as safe: disabled
Allow scripting of internet explorer webbrowser control: disabled
Active scripting: allowed
Script activex controls marked as safe for scripting: allowed

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Can I Load Office 2007 Xp Mode?

I have a old program that will not run in windows 7. I purchased windows 7 professional to get xp mode running. When i attempt to "share" the old program (to allow windows 7 access to the reports, and interface with excel), my legacy program interprets this as being run "remotely" - and immediately shuts down. It works perfectly inside xp - if i open up xp mode but now none of my microsoft office products are "registered".

I have attempted twice to load office into the xp "virtual box" ( i have a 3 home pc license ) - but it gets about  1/3 of the way (after about 15 minutes), and says it can not find some msi files.
I am not the sharpest knife in the drawer when it comes to computers - although not bad at applications. Is there anyway of loading office into the xp virtual box when running windows 7 in xp mode.

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Installer Problem With Office 2007

I have installed windows 7 ultimate 64 bit and i have major problems with installer problems w/office 2007, cannot install installer update, installer cleanup hangs up, cannot install or uninstall i have dealt with error 1402, 2203 etc nothing fixes the problem i also have applications that hang when i try to reinstall. Everything points to the installer. I have run sfc scan but do not know how to read the result. There were problems the scan could not repair. I looked at the log but could not figure it out.

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Office 2007 Not Activated Message

I installed office 2007 standard on windows 7 (which was an upgrade from xp). I activated the suite. (Installed and activated as administrator. ) Checking the activation status (options-resources-activate) showed each program was already activated. I created a standard user and accessed the programs from there. Doing so the first time resulted in a message stating that the programs were not activated.

I found a microsoft genuine advantage web page which had a check for communications and browser problems. The check ran and found problems with activex and fixed it. (I though perhaps the mcafee computer cleanup function had deleted something. ) I clicked buttons on the web page to validate the windows and office software. All seemed to be well.

The next day i ran word again and had the same message pop up - the program was not activated. Checked the program (options-resources-activate) and the message says the program is already activated. (I had not used mcafee's cleanup function, so that cannot have been the problem this time. )

I am afraid the program will be disabled or crippled if i cannot get all parts of the program to beleive that it has indeed been activated. What can i do to fix this?

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