Usb Ports Will Not Work

This is a new build. Asus p6t mb, 12gig mem, win 7. All works fantastic except cannot get usb ports to recognize any input. Have logitec 15 keyboard, flash drives, card reader, jam lab, usb hub and others. Device manager shows that all 8 ports are working, all drivers up to date. I have tried the usual methods to fix. Click off the power management box (win 7), unplugged power source few minutes.

Delete drivers and reinstall. Nothing, now here is the weird thing, i can plug in usb devices in all ports and nothing is recognized. Have downloaded all win 7 drivers from the vendors, these devices light up, they get power, but will not work.

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Plugging Usb Keyboard & Mouse Into Different Usb Ports

I have a usb keyboard and mouse. Recently, i had to relocate my computer, so the keyboard and mouse were unplugged. My question is: if i plug the keyboard and mouse back, but not into the original usb ports, will this cause windows 7 to create a new hardware profile, or any other registry changes as a result?

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Problems With Usb Ports

Basically i'm having problems with the usb ports. The ones on the back of the motherboard and the connectors inside on the motherboard. Some usb devices will work great, others won't work at all.

Example: i have 2 sandisk cruzer flash drives. If i plug the 4gb in windows picks it up right away and asks what i would like to do (open folder etc. ) However, when i plug the 2gb flash drive in windows does nothing. The cruzer 2gb shows up in "devices & printers" but i can't do anything with it. I can do this with every usb port on the motherboard. Same results. The 2gb flash drive works. I've tried it on another computer.

I noticed this when i tried inserting a memory card into my card reader. "Devices & printers" knows that there is a pro-gear xm-4u card reader attached, but won't do anything with it. I borrowed 2 other card readers from work and i get the same end result. Windows shows them in "devices & printers" but i can't do anything with them.

I'm using a fresh copy of windows 7 64bit. Installed it about 8 days ago. I upgraded the bios right after windows was installed. However i assumed the usb port wouldn't be a problem so i didn't checked them before upgrading the bios.

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Usb Ports Problem

Im using win 7 32-bit and a asus p4vp-mx mobo

1. I plugged in my pen-drive (tried several of them), computer shows "this device can perform faster" and ask me to plug into usb 2. 0. As far as i know, p4vp-mx usb ports are usb 2. 0

2. When i transfer file into it, it stops at approx 1/4 of the process. After that, it says removable drive cannot be located even though i replugged it

3. Replug, says need to reformat.
4. Tried to reformat, failed.

5. Need to plug into other pc to reformat it before can be use again. The cycle goes on and on.
Is this a virus prob or win7 prob? Edit: forgot to mention that my last windows update was on daylight savings time which was release somewhere in feb 2008 if im not mistaken. Now everytime i restart, my computer resets to 1/1/2002.

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Issue With Usb Ports

Like many other users a i too am having an issue with usb ports in a brand new computer build and clean windows 7 install.

I have tried many of the "fixes" on this board -
 Unplugging the computer
 Uninstalling the usb drivers
 Installing the latest chipset drivers
 Uninstalling ghost devices

Nothing seems to work. Anyway, i built the pc, installed windows, installed the latest intel chip drivers (ver 9. 1. 1. 1020), installed the latest f3 bios, uninstalled the latest intel driver and installed what came on the cd with the mobo and still cannot get the front usb or the card-reader's usb port to work with usb sticks. I even reverted back to ver 9. 1. 1. 1013) chipset drivers with no luck.

I even changed which internal port i had the card reader connected to. The funny thing is the card reader is working fine in both of the internal ports. I can read/write sd and compact flash cards just fine. However the usb port on the card will not work with a usb memory stick, external hdd, or usb flash card reader.

Neither will the front side usb ports on the case. Does anyone know if this is an os issue? A mobo issue, or something else. I am tired of installing an uninstalling things.

I just purchased the following hardware/software:

Gigabyte ga-p55-ud4p (rev 1. 0) mobo
Intel core i7 860 2. 8 ghz
Rosewill case with front side usb/firewire
Ocz stealthxstream 700w power supply
Powercolor hd readon 4350 video card (not nvidia)
Nippon labs internal card reader
Windows 7 professional 64bit.

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Hp Tx2000 Usb Ports Issues

The usb ports seem to send power to an attached device (e.g. A blackberry) for an instant then go dead. The usb hubs show up in device manager and uninstalling / reinstalling them doesn't make them work. The driver for the screen digitizer (tablet) is wacom and installs properly but when accessing tablet properties control panel a dialog "supported tablet not found on the system": the digitizer does not show on device manager either.

Bluetooth shows up in device manager under network adapters, but not in control panel webcam doesn't show up in device manager. I heard about using the acer-chicony driver and no help for me there. With all these issues i wonder if this is a hardware problem - but with details like the usb port registering for an instant then goign dead i hope theres a driver / software / config solution.

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Switching Usb Ports During Backup

I am running a backup and using a usb port in the back of my pc with a hub. After 7 hours i am only 58% done. Can i just unplug the usb cable to the external hard drive and plug into a 2. 0 port in the front of my machine during backup? Also, this is not my first backup and i would like to only backup new or altered files. Is this possible?

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Usb Ports Stopped Working

This error happens suddenly. All the usb devices and the ports are working, they are activated on the bios, but they don't work when the windows starts. In the device manager it shows an exclamation on usb controllers an says about code 10.

If i remove all the devices and then "check for new hardware", windows recognize all of them and everything works fine. But is just restart the pc and the error returns. I've already updated the bios from motherboard (updated it from usb, worked 100%), but when entering in windows. I've tried to look for some drivers, but didn't find nothing about drivers for my motherboard. Is a gigabyte ga-ma69vm-s2 (which is supported by win7) and i'm using windows 7 x64

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Usb Ports Disabled After Every Boot Up

I have been running windows 7 for a few days. Been quite happy with it. Suddenly, my usb stuff started failing. After several attempts to locate the culprit i found they had error messages in the device manager. I re-enabled the ports and presto. They all work again. Great, then i rebooted. All disabled again. I changed/unchecked the power saving mode after reading up about that and it is staying unchecked. But the ports are still disabling every time i reboot. Running a 2 year old hp pavilian. 64 bit win7 installed intel core 2 quad. 3 gig ram. 2 external dvd burners, usb keyboard, wireless mouse. Nothing special.

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Usb Ports Are Not Working In Front

I noticed yesterday that my computer was taking really long time to respond, and after restarting it my computer took 30 minutes to get to the desktop. So i reinstalled windows 7 thinking it would fix my problem. It didn't. It still was taking 30 minuets to load to the desk top, nut now my usb ports in the front won't recognize my flash drive, my digital camera, or my web cam. Every thing flash or kicks on when i plug them in, but my computer doesn't pick them up at all. My computer is really sick and i have no idea how to fix it. Any suggestions?

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Usb Ports Not Working - Error Code 43

Im having a problem with all of my usb ports not functioning properly. It all started around christmas and i wish i knew what i did to make this happen because prior to that all of the ports worked fine. Anytime i plug a usb device in i get a message saying that the device is not recognized. In the device manager under the usb section i get an "unknown device" with or without something plugged in. Ive tried quite a few different drivers and read 100's of forum posts trying to help solve the problem. No one seems to have an answer and lots of people seem to be having the same problem any help would be appreciated.

System specs:

Evga nforce 750i sli ftw - board
Intel core2quad 9450 - chip
4gb ocz ram
Nvidia geforce 9800 gtx - video

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Usb Ports Suddenly Stop Working

Well the problem is that all the usb ports of my computer alienware aurora (dell gaming edition computer) have stopped working in windows. Yesterday they were functioning normally, i didn't install anything or changed any configuration. Today i turned my pc on and the usb keyboard was recognized in my bios set up(i can use my keyboard only in the bios set up) and all the usb ports functioned as well while i'm in bios set up but when windows 7 starts the light in the keyboard goes off and it stop functioning as well as the usb mouse and any other ports so i can't type my password on the log in screen of windows.

I guess it is a software problem but since i cannot enter in windows i can't do anything to fix it(my pc doesn't have any ports for old keyboards and mouse).

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Error Code 52 - Usb Ports Not Working

I have recently purchased a new laptop with windows 7 and had no initial problems connecting usb devices (mouse, hard drive, camera etc. ) To the ports. Since installing a number of windows updates none of my usb ports will now recognize any hardware that is connected to them.

The error code is quoted as follows "windows cannot verify the digital signature for the drivers required for this device. A recent hardware or software change might have installed a file that is signed incorrectly or damaged, or that might be malicious software from an unknown source. (Code 52".

I have been into device manager and notice that each usb icon has a yellow exclamation mark icon next to it. I have uninstalled each usb port and scanned for hardware changes which has no positive affect. I have also tried to 'update driver software' in device manager and again this tells me that the driver is up-to-date for each usb port.

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Front Usb Ports Overloading Flash Drives

My computer is an hp pavilion purchased this past christmas at best buy. About a month ago, after plugging my flash drive in to one of the usb ports and noticing that it didn't recognize that any device had been plugged into the system, i pulled the flash drive out with the intention of trying it over again. The flash drive was very hot to the touch, close to the point of being painfully so. I immediately tried plugging it into my laptop, with no success.

My wife then got her old flash drive and tried, just to see if it was a fluke, but the same problem occurred. The usb port ate her flash drive. It wasn't burning hot upon being removed, but the drive would no longer read when i plugged it into the laptop. It would recognize that a usb device had been inserted, but would be unable to discern what type of usb device it was and, as a result, fail to read it at all.

I have no idea whether the front usbs are shorted out or if this might be some kind of odd software issue. A friend of my wife seems to think the usb drivers need to be reloaded, but i still wonder if it isn't a short in the physical circuit. Has anyone ever heard of this happening? If so, what is the best solution? I've already contacted hp about it and they want me to mail them the tower for a complete system reload - back to factory conditions. I really want to avoid that with all the data i have on this computer, if at all possible.

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Usb Ports Don't Receive Power

When i boot my pc i can use my usb mouse and keyboard but when windows 7 loads up they stop working the power light stays on there but if i unplug them then pug they back in no power goes to them but works completely fine in bios its just as windows 7 loads they stop working help? The usb ports on my new pc don't seem to work.

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Usb Not Working Properly - Ports Randomly Stop Working

I ran the windows 7 upgrade advisor before upgrading on my gateway gt5678 and it did not mention any compatibility issues with my drivers. After upgrading i noticed my usb peripherals are not working properly. My external usb hard disk shuts down about 12% of the way into a windows backup. If i plug in my ipod, there is a good chance it won't be recognized.

Same thing happens with usb memory sticks. If i plug them in, they either work or they don't; it is inconsistent. When one device fails, none of the ports work until i reboot. This has been a pain, because i have several vms i use for development, and half of the time they fail to copy to my usb hard drive.

I opened up device manager and noticed the following for nvida nforce system management:
[Conflicting device list]
Input/output range 4900 - 493f used by:
Motherboard resources

I ran cpu-z to see what chipset my motherboard uses:
Chipset: geforce 7100
South-bridge: nforce 630i

I confirmed on gateway's support website that the chipset is geforce 7100. I went to nvidia's website to get the latest drivers and installed the ones for windows 7 geforce 7100. I am still having the same problems. I am not a hardware guy; i'm a software guy, so i think i am trying the wrong things. I haven't seen a conflicting i/o range in seven years.

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What Tv Usb Tuner That Will Work With Win7 ?

I have just purchased & installed windows 7. What is the specific tv usb tuner brand that will work with windows 7? I already bought ati tv wonder hd 600 usb digital & analog tv tuner on the advice of customer service rep at electronics store, however it didn't work.

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Only One Usb Port Will Work At A Time

If i connect two 500 gb external hds to my inspiron 1750 at the same time, they are both recognized by 'devices and printers' but only the one first connected can be opened in 'computer'. If i then eject both external hds and re-connect (pull out the plug and re-insert it in the same port) the hd that previously could not be opened now opens without a problem, normally. If i then re-connect the first hd, it then cannot be opened but is recognized in 'devices and printers'.

So - both external hds , their cables and the usb ports all work absolutely fine - but only one at a time. This is so in any combination of the three usb ports available. I can open a couple of flash drives simultaneously no problem.

I can open both external hds simultaneously on my tower pc with windows xp.

How can i get both external hds to open simultaneously on my windows 7 laptop, please?

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Usb Devices Suddenly Do Not Work

Ive tried about everything, i think . I have read in forums that a certain update may be causing problem. I have tried to remove some updates but cant find the one that is causing problem. I bought the laptop in feb the device worked then stopped working. I have removed the device and reinstalled still it is not working. Ran microsoft essentials, anitvirus ect. Nothing is helping. What can i do, anyone with advice that helps. Besides buy a mac.

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Dell Studio 15 Usb Devices Will Not Work

I just upgraded from vista to windows 7 ultimate now my usb devices will not work usb universal host controller will not initialize. Dell studio 15 ich9 family usb universal host controller 2934 - 2939, and 293a, 293c

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Gn 8110 Usb Headset Wont Work

Basically i have had this problem with vista too. I recently upgraded to windows 7  from windows xp and so far i am loving it, apart from the fact that my headset will not work. I downgraded from vista(lol upgraded more like) back to xp because my headset wouldn't work before! I have done several things to try getting it to work and nothing seems to. I really need this to work. Im not paying for a new headset after i payed for a new os too.

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Xbox 360 Controller Plugged To Usb Does Not Work

I've windows 7 as o. S, and i'm having some problems with my xbox 360 controllers. When i've bought the play and charge kit for my xbox 360 controller, i heard that it was possible to connect it to te pc in order to play with games for windows live. So, i've started to look for drivers, and i found them in microsoft's hardware official site. I've installed them, then i've restarted my p. C, i plugged in the usb, windows recognized the hardware.

I thought it was alright. But, even if the hardware has been recognized, it doest work. Then i've discovered that "xbox 360 accessories 1. 2" doesn't recognize the hardware, and it is not recognized as a gaming hardware, but as a generic hardware. At that point i've given up! I've surfed in the internet, trying to find something or someone able to help me, but it was useless. Now i hope you'll be able to solve my problem!

P. S: i've already tried to change controller, to change usb port, to change cable, to uninstall and repeat the driver's installation.

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Usb High Definition Digital Tv Tuner Will Not Work

Usb high definition digital tv tuner - microsoft windows xp sp2/xpmce/vista but now upgraded to windows 7. Purchased av labs usb high definition digital tv tuner with laptop with microsoft vista installed - but now it is upgraded to windows 7 and tv tuner and pc games for vista will not work / load. Do not want to purchase new ones - must be able to do something to fix.

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Front Usb Drives Doesn't Work After Installing Win 7

One of the 2 front usb drives doesn't work after installing windows 7 and the other works fine with the same flash memory, but if i connect an external hard d. It works fine on both drives? The power reaches both dives, so the problem not in power or the drive itself?

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Travelite Wireless Usb Headset Buttons Don't Work

I'm having issues with the volume +/- buttons on an asus hs-1000w travelite wireless usb headset. The power and link buttons work, and the headset functions properly, but these two buttons don't. As far as i am aware, there's no reason why; i just turned them on one day and they didn't work - and with the headset being wireless, this is a big issue.

I also tried a friend's wired logitech usb headset on my computer, and the volume buttons on that did nothing either. So i'm thinking that either it's a driver issue (which, i might add, would be funny because the asus headset is "driver free", and there are no updates for the "driver" - believe me, i've researched), or an os issue.

(I have win7 home x64, by the way. ) The volume +/- buttons worked for a couple weeks after i received this headset, which was gifted as brand new and not refurbished. I don't get any errors, the device manager recognizes the wireless usb audio "driver". And something is still up. Any help or guidance at all would be greatly appreciated. I have had this problem, asked around, and done the research literally for months, but to no avail. There isn't even any support for this product on the asus website - it's like it doesn't even exist to them.

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Will Novatel Wireless Mc760 Mobile Usb Modem Work With Win 7?

I use the ovation mc760 total mobile internet usb with a mbr1000 3g/4g mobile broadband n router on two of my desktops, a xp and a vista. Will the novatel wireless ovation mc760 mobile broadband usb internet modem work with windows 7? I would like to upgrade to the new os.

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Usb Devices Won't Work When Laptop Is On Battery Power

I've recently discovered that i am unable to use my wacom tablet or my usb powered external hard drive while my laptop is not plugged in. They simply won't receive power from the usb ports even though i know for a fact they all work. I recently upgraded from vista to w7, and did not have this problem while running vista. Is there a way i can change this? It's a little irritating for me, as i sometimes like to take notes with my tablet using programs like corel sketchpad, but i can't plug my laptop in during class.

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External Usb Hard Drive Problem, Hotfix Won't Work

When transferring larger files from my computer (windows 7) it stops, and then won't recognize my usb device. Another forum identified the nvidia chipset and found a hotfix, I downloaded and ran it but unfortunately i get the message "this update is not applicable to your computer".

I have an acer aspire x1800 (new, which the retailer replaced thinking the usb issue was a motherboard problem), but the same problem still exists on my replacement computer when copying files to a usb external drive. My processor is intel 2 quad cpu @2. 33 ghz. Ram is 4gb. My ide ata/atpui controller is nvidia nforce serial ata controller.

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Com Ports Change Itself

I will try and keep this short. I was using the com 1 on my hp to key my radio. That computer died and i got a new one that has no com ports so i got a usb to serial adapter and it seemed to work but then on its own it will key the radio 3 or 4 times then switch com ports on me. I can reconfigure it and reboot and then it works (for a period of time) then does it again. Any ideas? 

Other devises are working fine on 2 other adapters but they have software that controls them where this one being used for push to talk on the radio (for digital communications) does not it is just relying on the voltage change from dtr dts and ground to key a small circuit that in turn keys the radio, when the voltage drops back to normal it unkeys the radio. Thanks for taking the time to read this, and feel free to email direct to email removed for privacy if you like.

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Xp Mode Cannot Find Lpt1 Ports

I have just purchased a new pc which came with windows 7 pro installed. This machine had no lpt ports fitted as supplied. I use a very old dos based accounts programme which will only print to lpt1. I understand that i cant run dos programmes in win 7 so i have set up a windows virtual pc to run in xp mode and my old dos software runs just fine.

I have fitted a lpt pci card and win 7 has detected this but has called it lpt3 and i have successfully installed an equaly old epson printer to it. My problem is that i cannot get this port to install on the virtual xp mode system and even if i manage that can i rename it to lpt1 and install a printer to it. Any help would be much appreciated even if its just to tell me that what i am trying to do is not possible.

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