Dual Boot Works But Drive Letters Don't Match

I took a 1 tb drive and split it into 2 primary partitions. I installed xp on partition c with an image. I installed win 7 on partition d from scratch.

The dual booting works fine. However, in win 7, the drive i installed win 7 on is listed as drive c. The drive i installed the xp image on is listed as drive d. The files for each, however, are listed on the original drive letters (xp on c and win 7 on d). It really gets confusing with i install a program in win 7. It claims it's installing the program on drive c but it's actually installing it on drive d.

Any idea what happened, or how to correct this? I've set up systems to dual boot in the past and never ran into this problem.

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Dual Boot - Can't See Win 7 Drive After Removing Other Boot Drive

My mobo (msi p7n diamond 780i sli / 570i sli) has a sata raid controller providing 6 sata interfaces
These are organized thus.

Sata 1 - [partition 1 - windows xp] [partition 2 - windows 7 beta (64bit)]
Sata 2 - ocz vertex - windows 7 home (64bit) retail version
Sata 3 - mirror a
Sata 4 - mirror b
Sata 5 - mirror a
Sata 6 - mirror b

The system was originally running xp on sata 1. I added a partition to sata 1 and installed windows 7 beta some weeks ago. The system dual booted to xp or win 7 beta fine. I then added the ocz vertex drive and installed the win 7 retail version, and i am able to dual boot to all three systems just fine.

However - i really want to do away with the xp and win 7 beta partitions and just run with the ocz drive. However if i disconnect the drive from sata 1 the system will not boot up. Can't find ntldr or bootmgr or something similar. I have changed the boot sequence in the bios to point at just the ocz drive - but it just won't boot from it.

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Dual Boot - Move Boot Image To Second Drive

I have a problem with two different drives both running win7, one 32 the other drive64, on a dual boot system. I want to pull the win32 drive, but it also has my boot information for the win64 drive. When removed it will not boot. I have been working on this for 5-6 weeks. I want to remove the win7/32 and put the boot image of win7/64 on the second drive.

I booted from the win764 install dvd, and went to there pair your computer. The placethat displays the operating systems installed, none will show. I have tried bootsect from the command prompt. It seems to work, but tells me no partition on the second drive. Or on another attribute used, it can not find the path to the drive. I have tried rebuild bcd, fixmbr, etc.

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How To Make Dual Boot ? Vista On 1 Drive, Win 7 On Another Drive

Have vista ultimate on 1 drive, installed windows 7 ultimate on another drive, how do i make it a dual boot, where i get choice at startup which system i want to log onto? Can someone give me some easy to understand help with this problem, also, i can only see 4 of the 5 hd's i have installed. The one that does not show is not a drive with a system on it.

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Dual Boot - Xp And Win7 Install On New Hard Drive

I would like to set up my dell laptop to dual boot to xp and windows 7. I have found several articles that go into details explaining this procedure and it seems things are complicated due to the fact that there is no way to adjust partitions in xp. I also just had to replace my hard drive so i have to do fresh installs of xp and windows 7 on the new hard drive so my question is this:

Can i just create the separate partitions needed when i install xp then install windows 7 on the partition i created in the xp install? I have never set up a dual boot before so i'm a newb in that respect. I have the xp pro re-installation disc as well as the 7 ultimate install dvd (not upgrade). Any feedback or links to useful information would be appreciated.

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Xp On Separate Drive To Win 7, Setup Dual Boot

This is my first time on the forum and even though i know a little about computers i could certainly use some advice & assistance here. Presently i have xp pro installed on a 500gb drive(which is partitioned) and i have a 750gb drive that i will be installing windows 7 pro(which again is partitioned)onto. My question is thus: how can i make a dual boot with xp & w7.

These are my specs: drive "c" has xp installed with a partition("d"). Then i have a separate disk with drive "e" which is empty with a partition("f")also empty. Then i have "g" & "h" as my 2 dvd/cd burners. Lastly i have an an external wd my book essential which is drive "j" and the smartware is showing as drive "i". Soin 'my computer' there are drives c, d, e, f, g, h, i &j. I am running a gigabyte ep45t-extreme m/b with 4gb of 1333mhz ddr3 corsairram, performance is by the intel core2duoe8500
Chip(3. 16ghz).

I do not want to have both xp & w7 on the same disk, rather on 2 separate drives. Since i have xp pro already installed as "c" drive how can i make "e"the other os for dual boot. Remember that "e" is on a separate drive. I did have it set up as a dual boot before but my little tacker played his game and things went haywire, so therefor me & all my wisdom decided that i could get it back to normal and yep, you guessed it, i absolutely stuffed it up even more.

Can somebody be so kind and inform me as to how i can make my system a dual-boot once again ?. If you can then i will be eternally grateful. I look forward to hearing from you.

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Installing Xp On Win 7 As A Dual Boot On A Seperate Hard Drive

So yea just like the heading says, can i do that? I tried doing the bcdedit thing, i got stuck on. "Drive :windowssystem32bcdedit /set {ntldr} device partition=x:" because im doing it on a separate hard drive and not a partition im kind of stuck, im trying to look for the command for this. The drive im trying to install it on says "new volume (g:)".

See i have a program that doesn't run well on windows 7, the program has a beta version but its not so good. So until the real version comes out i want xp on a separate drive.

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Dual Boot Boot Problem After Resizing Win 7

Boot problem on dual boot after resizing windows 7 (32bit) switched from drive w: to drive g: i have a dual boot system that boots into win 7 (64) (c:drive) or win 7 (32) (w:drive). I needed to increase the size of win7 (64) drive and in order to do so i needed to move the win 7 (32) partition. Now i can still boot into win 7 (64) with no problem but when i boot into win 7 (32) it windows states that it is not a genuine copy and it is actually on drive "g:"! Anyway to change it back to "w:" because i believe this is the problem.

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Dual Boot - Will 64-bit Os Be Able To Read Data On 32-bit Os Drive ?

If i do a clean install of 64 bit win 7, and dual boot my computer with a 32 bit windows vista will the 64 bit os be able to see and read data on the 32 bit drive?

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Dual Boot - 1 Xp And 3 Win 7 Boot Choices

I've installed win 7 on my d drive, with win xp still on c, with the idea of having a dual boot system. Due to installation problems, i now show the xp boot choice, and 3 win 7 boot choices, with only the most recent valid. How do i purge the b. Boot.ini doesn't appear to be relevant. Win 7 utility boot rewriter program to re-point boot to ntldr will wipe out all pointers to win 7 for booting, but comes back with an extra win 7 pointer, the next time i load win 7.

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Raid Hdd Was Not Assigned Drive Letters After Install

Boot manager installs on wrong hdd and raid hdd's was not assigned drive letters after install. This is first time i installed windows 7 and after updating motherboard bios and mixing the hdd boot order i find out in the end that the files windows require has been installed on my mirror raid instead of the system disk stripe raid. This annoys me a bit, do i have to plug out all my hdd's except the ones i want to install windows 7 on to ensure the booting is independent of other hdd's?

(Another annoyance was that the mirror raid did not show up under my computer, which after installing every driver known to man i found that a drive letter had not been assigned. )

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Security Issue With Sharing Root Drive Letters

I use the wifi ability of my lg ally smartphone to access lan shares with estrong file explorer. When i built a new pc which runs windows 7 home premium os, i shared a couple folders and tested to make sure i can access them from my phone. What i saw was unbelievable.

According to any information i have been able to find about sharing files and folders in windows 7, it is supposed to be impossible to share a "root drive" (the entire drive content, like "c:" and all its sub-folders) in windows 7. You can share a folder, but not a whole drive. Well, estrong file explorer, running in lan access mode by wifi here, is showing me all the drive letters (i have several) of my windows pc, and their sub-folder content on the screen of the ally phone! Even my other cat5 connected pcs can only see the folders i have set for sharing on the win7 pc. I am only stopped from accessing a few folders on the win7 computer's c drive. Aside from that, i can access every drive letter and all of their folders and files, even though i do not have shared folders on most of those drives.

Of course i do not have any of the root drive letters shared because windows 7 won't even let me attempt to do that. I can't explain how this is working, but it seems like something microsoft would want to look into. I can repeat this action any time i want. I did have to create a user account for the phone to even get into the win 7 pc via wifi, but with that information the phone seems to have full access to the entire pc.

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Dual Boot

I am currently running windows xp and need to upgrade for school. My computer has a 120 gb harddrive split into two partitions. Can i use the other partition that xp is not on to install and run windows 7? My primary drive is listed as os c: and the other one is listed as data d:. My system is as follows:

Emachine el 1200-01e. I meet all the system requirements except for the ram, which i will be upgrading anyway. Will it be better to buy a new computer if i can't install windows 7 on the other partition or should i perform a clean install? The clean install worries me a bit because i can't be without a computer very long as it is needed for online schooling.

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Dual Boot Two Drives

I have installed windows 7 64-bit on a new hdd, and i have vista home premium 32-bit on another hdd. Can i dual boot these two drives as they stand and how. With windows 7 64-bit installed on one drive and registered, i have windows vista home premium 32-bit on the next drive and registered, i find a couple of programmes will not run properly on the windows 7 system. So i unplug the windows 7 system and run vista, what i want to know is can i install windows 7 32-bit as a clean install on the vista hdd. Fter re formatting the drive and then making this a dual boot system.

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Create A Dual 7/xp Boot

Is there a way to create a dual 7/xp boot? I have a dell xp system with a relative small and relative full hard drive. I'll probably have to upgrade to a new pc with win 7 in the near future. I have a number of programs that have upgrades upon upgrades (mostly downloaded) and i'm seeing a ton of work in my future. So i've seen some virtualization possibilities (e.g. Zinstall xp7) but is there a way to create a dual 7/xp boot by just installing - as a second drive - my existing drive into a win 7 machine. Don't know if it matters but there is a hidden small partition on that drive as well as the main c partition by the way, in case it's not obvious, i'm definitely not a hardware person.

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Dual Boot Ghosts

I installed windows 7 on a machine that had been running xp using the custom install. Everything went well with the installation and the system seems to run fine. However, at startup i'm prompted to select an os to boot from (windows 7 or "earlier version of windows") which is annoying at best. If earlier version of windows is selected it can't/won't boot and simply goes back to windows 7. Only a single partition shows up in the disk manager, and i'm pretty sure there isn't any other installations of windows left on the machine. I've tried rebuilding the bcd, but when running bootrec.exe/rebuild bcd it indicates number of os found = 0.

Can anyone suggest a way to stop the system from asking me which os i want to boot to?

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Turn Off Dual Boot

I have a created a system using windows 7 64-bit and windows xp professional. My c drive is the win 7 while the d drive is the old windows xp. I am ready to abandon windows xp and go with windows 7 only. My c drive is a sata drive while my d drive is an old pata drive. I wish to disable windows xp and format the d drive.

In disk management, my windows 7 disk is disk 2/drive c: with boot, page file, crash dump and primary partition. My windows xp disk is listed as disk 0/drive d with system, active and primary partition

Since the boot info is on the windows 7, could i just take the d drive out of the system without any problems? Is there a way to tell the boot to ignore the d drive as a drive with an operating system on it before i remove the d drive?

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Lost Ability To Dual Boot Into Xp

After formatting my vista drive and installing windows 7, i lost my ability to dual-boot into xp. How do i restore that dual boot option? I was previously running a dual-boot for vista and xp. Yesterday, i formatted my c: drive (vista) and installed windows 7 onto it, and now i can't boot into xp. I now understand that in doing that i erased the old boot loader. How do i modify the boot loader to allow me to boot to xp?

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Dual Boot With Xp And Network Printers

Win 7 64 bit dual boot with xp pro & d-link dir -655 cannot find network printers. Have logged into dir-655 and it will not hook up to printers. Does have internet connection. Printers are plugged into router. Amazingly finds an old hp 1220c (12 years old!) Which is connected directly to computer. Have attempted to download drivers to "ghost" drive, does not recognize os.

Purpose of 64 bit is for bim files from autocad and vico. Nvida 9600 installed and drivers are available for it. You folks will chuckle at one problem with multiple monitors, cannot renumber them, thus to use win 7 i reverse positions on desk (not desktop) physically so mouse will move from left to right.

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Dual Boot - Mouse Not Working In Xp

Ok, i got windows 7 pro 64 installed and all seems real good with that. I did see the dual boot screen(s) which listed thus:"earlier versions of windows" "windows 7" when i go to xp through this menu, it takes me to another boot screen. It is my original os's with the choices:"windows xp professional" "windows xp professional (tune up back up. )" I 1st go into my main xp and see if all is well. Not! It went through the chkdsk process, and that usually is not a good sign.

When i got back to loading my main xp os, i find that suddenly my mouse does not work. I am not good and using the keyboard to move around in windows. After rebooting i did get to the device manager and it showed that the mouse was working. I tried to restore the tune up back up and it didn't change anything. I am now back in windows 7, and the mouse is ok. It is an usb logitech trackman wheel 2 button mouse, brand new. I have both ps/2and usb inputs on this motherboard.

Important: i did swap usb input locations. Worked fine in windows 7, but nada in xp. Is it a good guess to re-install the mouse drivers in xp? I will be shutting down completely tonight. So in the morning, i just may see it suddenly working. I seen stranger from windows :-). Does anyone have an idea or experienced a similar troubleshoot?

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Dual Boot Win7 And Xp On An Ssd

How do i dual boot win7 & xp on an ssd while keeping programs intact? S the title says i'm trying to have a computer that will dual boot win7 ultimate x64 and winxp pro x86 onto a ssd that is 64 gb. Then i would like to have my favorite 2 games installed on the win7 partition but all other programs be installed onto a 600 gb hard drive. I was able to get a selection after reading around. I first installed xp then installed win 7 but windows 7 overtook the c drive for xp so it was all mixed up. I want 2 partitions. But i was wondering is their a way to do this.

Maybe i should install win7 first then xp. I'm so exhausted on this and fed up with it that i'm about to return win7. I used diskpart to shrink the win xp partition b4 i installed win7 then rebooted and installed win7 using it's "custom" selection to install on the other partition but i ended up with the same results. Then i tried formatting the whole 64 gb ssd and then installing winxp pro on the whole drive.

Then i used magic partition to shrink the xp partition to 15gb . Then i made a "primary" 45 gb partition. And them made it active. Then rebooted to finalize that action. Then i installed win7 on the 45 gb partition and went to restart the computer and their was no windows boot mngr. Downloaded easy bcd to see what was up and it only saw one record of a o/s. If you have any ideas i would greatly appreciate it. For i am at a lost on this great idea i had.

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Dual Boot With Win7 And Vista

After a week of trying to recover a vista system, which was an upgrade to a previous xp pro install, i installed win 7 ultimate 32 on a separate drive (with the vista drive disconnected). And it is running ok. Subsequently, i was finally able to get the vista ultimate 32 drive working, with the win 7 drive disconnected. So, i now have two different sata drives, that will boot, one to win 7, and one to vista. Because i have a legacy scsi scanner and card that will not work in win 7, i would like to keep the vista system, with all my original files and email archives intact, until i can decide to replace the scanner with newer equipment. I have read the faq's about the pro's and con's of a dual boot system, but still have some questions.

If i continue to use the two separate drives, and use the f8 boot selection function of my asus mb to determine which system i want to run, do i have to worry about either system, overwriting any boot or configuration files on the other system drive. I am assuming that because each system was installed without the other drive enabled during the install, that no system files were impacted.

Each drive boots and the system appears to work well on its own. But, as of now, i have been physically disconnecting the opposite drive than the one i wish to boot to. If i were to leave both drives connected, and used the mb f8 boot option to select the boot drive i want, will i be safe?

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Upgrading From Dual Boot - Xp And Beta

I have a dual boot computer with 2 hard drives. I loaded windows 7 beta on one of them and xp on the other. I had a few legal xp disks because my laptop died and so did another computer. I believe i loaded a different copy of xp on each hard drive and then upgraded one of the with the demo version of windows 7 beta.

If i purchase a windows 7 upgrade, can i then load it on the beta7 hard drive and keep my other hard drive with xp? Or would i need to dig out the original xp disk and reload it on the beta 7 and then do the upgrade?

I do not care if i have to do a clean install on the beta 7 drive since i don't have anything important, but i do have important stuff on my xp drive and i do not want to be out of commission while i reload all my applications.

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Use Easybcd 2.0 For Dual Boot Systems

My frustration with changing a xp / xp dual boot to a windows 7 / xp boot was solved in 30 seconds with easybcd 2. 0. Perhaps i missed the referemce to a specific level of easybcd? This is a beta version so one needs to register (it's free) at the neosmart site to do the download. This version supports an option, when you have pre vista os partitions, to automatically create the needed boot.ini and copy the required ntldr and files to the root of the win 7 partition! Just say accept to the prompt offered.

So if you have dual boot issues my recommendation is to look on the neosmart site and forum areas and download the beta level.

Finally a happy camper you can now proceed to play with win 7 while still having my old xp friend around.

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Install Win 7 Dual Boot Xp

I have downloaded 7 ultimate; attemting to install from within xp gives error no drive space for temp install files (there is >60 gb on both partitions of my hp notebook drive. When install from dvd (i own win7 pro) i choose custom and select the correct partition but when win7 starts it has claimed it's partition as c (it had been d) so if i boot into xp programs don't work because the drive is now d and their registry entries are for c which win 7 claimed. I have gotten the impression from some forums that if win7 setup is started within xp this might not be a problem but that always leads to the error above.

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Dual Boot Licensing Questions

I wish to install a dual boot of windows xp and 7 on an older laptop. I'm doing this for two reasons. I have software that needs xp, and i'm not sure 7 will even work well on this laptop (yes, i ran the advisor but others have had mixed results installing 7 on this machine). The xp is the oem install on purchase cd's i bought with the laptop. The 7 is an upgrade version i bought from staples. Ok, is this possible with these versions or do i have to have full versions (which i can't afford on a $250 laptop)? If not, i will have to make a difficult choice.

Next, since i will then have two installs of the same office 2007 and others (one for each os, right?) Is that allowed since it's on the same laptop, or do i need 2 licenses too? I'd like to try this but want to be "legal" and sure it will work before starting. I did search for answers but found nothing definitive on either.

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Dual Boot Win 7 Pro 64 With Xp

Have a dual boot xp 32 bit system. C: has the boot.ini with partition(1) pointing to c: and partition(2) pointing to drive letter f: [some old history there. ] There were installed from a xp full cd oem on the system i build 2 years ago. Line of the system should be another 3 years. What to go to windows 7 64 bit on c: and leave the existing xp 32 biton partition(2), the f: drive letter.

Have read a number of posts here, learning two things:
(1) buy a full windows 7 64 bitcd (have an oem cd on order)
(2) have downloaded easybcd if needed.

I desire two things in the change:
(1) a clean install of window 7 on c: with no need to go back to xp
(2) retain the dual boot so i can get to anxp os if needed on f:

I've seen that some windows 7 install path generate a folder or partition used for going back. I really don't desire this. So my question is how to achieve what i want- (a) should i just boot my system with the full oem win 7 cd in and my system with the bios set to boot from the cd drive first? (B) or do i start, as i've seen in some posts, the existing xp on c:, insert the full oem win 7 cd and then restart my system? My last comment, somewhat off the main topic is: install the os builds i've done in the past for 10 years since windows 95 (98se, xp) i needed to do at least 2 passes to get all the mb updates (current mb is asus p5k-vm) and desired software installed with no or very few errors. So i expect at least 2 passes at the win 7 install based on past experiences.

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Dual Boot Drives Or Hot Swap

I have been using w7 64bit for a few months now and it is awesome, i love it. However my issue is this, i work with video and i have found my expensive editing program and the more expensive io box are both incompatible. The manufacturer has now announced "end of life" on the program and offered a fantastic deal on a new upgrade 80% off. Sounds pretty good, except the necessary io box is only sold at full price $3k.

So i'm thinking, can i use my old xp pro 32 bit drive in a multi-boot set up or is it better to go with a hot swap set up? I would have to leave the external capture and render hd's alone and just change the "c" drive which would only contain windows and the editing program.

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Bluetooth Mouse Dual Boot Pairing

I have a bluetooth mouse that i'm trying to get working under windows 7 and xp. It works fine in both systems except that i have to pair it again every time i switch oses. I had the same problem with a keyboard that was solved by selecting the same pin in both oses. Unfortunately, when i add the mouse in windows 7, i'm never asked for a pin. Is there a way i can force windows 7 to ask me for a pin? Or is there a way i can figure out what pin is auto-selected for me? I've searched the registry but can't find anything that looks like a pin.

In windows 7, i'm using the microsoft bluetooth drivers. Under xp, i'm using the toshiba stack. I've found the "link level security" option in the toshiba driver options so it asks me for a pin every time i try to pair (i select 0000 for the mouse). Is there anything similar in the windows 7 drivers from microsoft?

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Win 7 / Vista Dual Boot Issue

I have a dual boot system with vista on main drive and acts as the default os (c:). I have a secondary hdd (g:) and it has windows 7 home premium installed. Everything was working perfect- the vista boot manager let me choose which os to boot every time i restarted. This past weekend, i reformatted and reinstalled vista on the main drive. Now, the boot manager does not show up- it boots automatically to vista. I got to winre and it was able to find the win 7 installation and tried to repair the startup.

Now the boot manager does come up on restart, but it says windows 7 (recovered) and errors out and wont boot to 7 when i select that option. I tried repeating the winre startup recovery several times and no luck. I don't know if this would matter, but when i was able to boot 7, the hdd with win 7 on it was listed as c: when using 7, but when i use vista, that same drive is listed as g:. I appreciate any help anyone may provide.

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