Laptop Auxiliary Screen Not Sized Correctly

I have just installed windows 7. I dock my lap top at home so i can use a larger screen. I can't get the larger screen to display all the information i see on the lap top. The edges bleed off, so i can't see all of the bottom toolbar, or the scrollbar at the the right of the screen. I have tried adjusting the resolution with no success. My large screen is asking for 1650 x 1050 dpi, but i don't have that combo in the screen res dialog box in 7. I also have tried adjusting the settings on the screen itself and get some results, but not a complete solution. Any suggestions?

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Hp Laptop Boots To Blue Screen

Recently my stock hp laptop running single boot win7 64bit had a bsod going to sleep. Next boot resulted in startup repair which worked for about an hour and couldn't fix the problem. On closer inspection it seems a lot of files (20gb out of 100gb on disk) especially from the program files directory have been placed in a found. 000 directory. Does anyone have any ideas what happened? There is no minidump directory and no .dmp files. Is it likely to have been a hardware or software problem? Bios testing of the hard drive reports no problems. If i reinstall win7 will the same thing happen again?

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Laptop Periodically Gets Stuck At Welcome Screen

I have a brand new toshiba satellite laptop and it has windows 7 on it for it's operating system. I've done all of the critical and suggested updates from windows update successfully. Periodically i've noticed that when i power my laptop on, it goes through the normal boot-up cycle and then gets to the welcome splash screen prior to loading the desktop, and then never goes to the desktop.

It just stays stuck at the screen that says "welcome". If i power off the laptop and then start it back up, it will give me the option of starting in "safe mode" or "normally". If i choose normally, sometimes it will startup and work perfectly. Sometimes it may take a try or two (still getting stuck at the welcome screen). Any idea as to what is causing this?  This laptop is just slightly  more than two weeks old.

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Dual Monitors Not Working With Laptop Screen

I use dual monitors at work with my laptop using a docking station (2 free standing monitors); no problem with this at work. At home, i have 1 monitor and use my laptop screen as the 2nd monitor. It works, but then stops working whenever i shutdown my computer (the laptop screen is blank when i restart my computer). I was able to get it working again once by plugging in the monitor while the laptop was working. Now, i can't even get my laptop screen to work. I'm using a dell e6400. Thanks.

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Laptop Restarts Itself And Shows Blue Screen

I have dell vostro 1510, i get the blue screen sometimes while i'm listening to music. The fan makes higher sound than usual, then the laptop shuts down and restart by itself. Is that mean, i have a virus on my computer. And is there any thing i can do to prevent this from happening in the future.

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Laptop Boots To Blank Screen And Cursor

My laptop won't boot correctly. Everything loads but instead of the home login screen showing up, i get a blank screen with a cursor. I tried booting in safe mode and restoring but i still get a blank screen. Tried booting a recovery cd, but still get the blank screen. This happened right when i was watching a video, the computer just went black and restarted itself to a blank screen. Anyone have any advice?

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Blue Screen When Connecting Laptop On External Display

I connect my laptop on our external display when i suddenly received a blue screen. It was so fast that i cannot see the error code but i have some info.
Problem signature:
Problem event name:                       
Os version:                                         
6. 1. 7600. 2. 0. 0. 256. 1
Locale id:                                            
Additional information about the problem:
Os version:                                         
Service pack:                                      
Files that help describe the problem:

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Blank Screen When Connecting Laptop To Tv With Hdmi Cable

Blank screen when i connect my laptop to tv with a hdmi cable. I am trying to coonect my laptop ( dell studio 1555 ) to my sony tv ( bravia kdlw4100 ) using an hdmi cable. My laptop is running windows 7 home premium ed. I have 2 questions in this regard - first question is what display settings do i need to change on my laptop in order to get the output on the tv ?

Second question - while trying to get this stuff working i changed the following settings- graphic options -> extend > to digital tv. Since i changed this setting i am having problems getting a display on the laptop ( when the hdmi cable is connected ). Even if i remove the hdmi cable the screen still remains blank and i have to hard boot the laptop to get it working. Is there a way i can get back to my original display settings?

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Blue Screen With A Memory Dump When Using Built-in Cam On Laptop

Each time i use my built in cam on my laptop a blue screen appears with a memory dump. I have done a system restore, error check, defrag, registry clean and error but nothing seems to help. I am open to suggestions.

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Laptop Screen Doesn't Restart After Shut Off To Save Energy

I have a 2 weeks old lenovo laptop g460. When i leave the laptop alone it'll shut off the screen as a energy saving option but the screen doesn't restart when i get back to it. I've tried pressing esc, power button, ctrl+alt+del, clicked the mouse, the mouse pad, the screen on fn +f2 but nothing will restart the screen unless i do a forced shutdown and startup again. Sometimes i leave the laptop alone to do disk defrag using mydefrag, i am worried about system instability in the long run in addition to the sheer inconvenience it causes. Any idea how to resolve this?

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Aero Is Not Working Correctly

I recently noticed that windows aero isn't working correctly on my windows 7 pc. Transparency and features like aero shake and peek are fine, but windows animations have stopped. When i open and close windows, they supposed to fade into or out of the background, but they just appear without any animation. This is the same for when i minimize a window. Instead of fading away, it just disappears. I have already run the aero troubleshooter and the microsoft fix it aero troubleshooter, but neither found anything wrong. How can i fix this?

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Mp3 Not Tagged Correctly

I have a massive (250gb +) of mp3's on an external drive. I have been using wmp for years now. I bought an zune and an droid that i sync with. Now for some reason most of my mp3's are named wrong and have wrong artists info. When i click to play it is a totally different song/artist than what it says. 90% of my music is ripped from my cd's with a few that were downloads years ago when you could use those file sharing programs.

How do i go about getting these corrected without doing it by hand as it would take months if not years to fix by hand. My only thought is to rerip the music but that also would be time consuming. Is there a program that will do this for me or something within wmp?

I won't be on the internet until tomorrow evening. I will respond to any replies and/or questions then.

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How To Connect Win 7 Laptop To Xp Laptop Wirelessly?

Does anyone have a simple explanation on how to connect my win7 laptop to my win xp laptop wirelessly. What commands?

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How To Update Adobe Flash Correctly?

Original title: "hi i was just wondering how to update adobe flash correctly uninstall old or install over old 10. 05 to 10. 1/ win 7 64?"I was wondering whats the best way to update adobe flash due to security flaws i haven't had any issues but i like to keep my software up to date. Also could i just manually update my graphics driver with the windows driver update utility by locating the driver myself for windows or should i do a full uninstall or just install over old driver my card is radeon 5770 with the 8. 66 driver and ccc 9. 1?

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Links And Icons Not Working Correctly

I upgraded from vista to the 64-bit windows 7 home premium addition. I've begun to have an issue where my links, both while using ie8 and those on my desktop such as when clicking on a link within the control panel don't work and i get looped back to my previous page. Also having an issue with my desktop icons not working. Has anyone ever come across this?If i reinstall windows 7 will that fix issues and leave my files/pictures etc safe or will it wipe everything off the desktop? 

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Update Stopped Working Correctly

Windows 7 64-bit home premium on a dell studio xps16 laptop; also have ms office 2007 enterprise; note that the laptop came with windows vista 64-bit and i did the dell windows 7 64-bit upgrade using disks provided by dell. I assume these are oem oses and i do not know if i have repair installation capability. I guess if i don't have that utility i'm going to have to buy the os again in a retail version, eh? Everything's been flawless 'til now.

Windows update seems to have stopped working correctly on ~4/16/2010 after simultaneous (according to time stamp) installation of kb979309 and kb978601 both of which show successful installation.
Windows update now detects correctly that kb979863 and kb981332 remain to be installed. Download had hung at 0% for 36 hours for these two programs when i decided to try stopping windows update using admin privs and copied "windows/software distribution/downloads" to downloads. Old and then deleted the contents of the original "download" folder. While doing this set of tasks, services went into a "stopping" state for windows update when requested, but never "stopped" completely. No errors were encountered in copying the "downloads" folder to a new folder and then deleting contents of the original. I then rebooted. This seems similar to nice instructions in another thread.

Windows update is now back to running automatic (delayed) in services, but the process is now stuck at 5% for the two updates remaining to be installed. I have also manually downloaded both files and attempted to use the stand alone installer but i encounter a "searching for installed updates" error that never seems to find what it's looking for. I have also tried restoring to a point prior to any of this nonsense and, although it appears that restore is copying the critical files according to screen prompts, the result is that restore fails despite having tried a few different restore points.

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This Web Site May Not Run Correctly

I am getting error on page, web site may not run correctly and going loony not being able to find the problem. I have tried running ie(no add-ons) and (compatibility mode) as suggested and no results. Using firefox i do not get the errors, but i can not run web videos. (In youtube i can run videos) in ie8 i even get the same errors using so it is not the web site not being compatible with ie8. Note: i had a similar problem and installed ie8 the problem went away. I was loading a program through a gmail link and the computer crashed with blue screen. No data was lost. But i have had this problem since. Is there a way to remove ie8 and reinstall it?

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Net Framework 3.5 Updates Were Not Configured Correctly

Been receiving update for net framework 3. 5 service pack 1 and net framework 3. 5 family update [kb951847] x86 for about 2 months. My computer keeps trying to install it. It keeps coming back saying updates were not configured correctly. Updates will not install onto computer.

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Voip Not Working Correctly After Win 7 Upgrade

Bought laptop with vista installed, got win7 cd from microsoft and installed it. Magicjack worked perfectly before update, now i cant get it to start. Sometimes i get a message that it is "waiting for the device", other times i get a "ready to call" message, but when i try to make a call i get a dial tone until i start to dial, then nothing. I have been online w/mj tech support for hours. They have installed and re-installed with nothing but "failed" messages. They think its a driver problem or a simple software problem. The magic jack is working, win7 is okay, why cant i get this thing up and running?

My original problem started when i made a call, it went through, i was talking to my contact, and 1 to 2 minutes into the call it cut me off. This happened every time i made a call. Now i cant make any calls at all. Do not have much experience with computers, and i'm very tech wants to push me off on gateway, but all usb ports are working correctly. This is my only problem, internet, programs, all work fine.

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Error - Registry Settings For Application Did Not Copy Correctly

Ms streets & trips 2010 - windows 7 premium, using windows 7 i installed ms streets & trips trial, installed ok, when i try to start the program i get error message "your registry settings for this application did not copy correctly, i have installed and uninstalled several times , but it did not make any difference.

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A Problem Caused The Program To Stop Working Correctly

I have a problem with a game i've been playing. An error message came up one day saying this: "a problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available. " I've uninstalled the game and deleted all connections related to the game and reinstalled it, but nothing happens. Hopefully you guys can tell me what to do to solve my problem.

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Adobe Flash Player Wont Install Correctly

Adobe flash player - won't install correctly. A red x is displayed instead of adobe flash player. I have downloaded flash player, windows vista, and every time it won't install. All i get is a red x-no flash player.

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Error - Notification Dll Is Not Available, Program Will Not Work Correctly

I receive this error when i start up windows 7: "notification dll is not available, program will not work correctly" the title of the error window references wireless issue (which dell confirmed). My wireless works okay, but dell was unable do anything about the error. Uninstalling and reinstalling wireless drivers did not help. Dell says a complete reinstall of windows 7 is the only solution, which i really do not want to do. I'm hoping there is a simple fix. Any solutions?

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Usb Mouse / Keyboard Stop Working Correctly

I originally had windows vista x64 on my computer (it is 8 months old, intel quad core 2. 0ghz, 6 gb ram etc). I installed windows 7 rc in july (clean install) and used it until 2 weeks ago, when i installed windows 7 professional edition (i reinstalled vista and then installed the windows 7 upgrade using the clean install).

Over the past few days, i have had problems with mouse and keyboard (both usb connected). The inputs start acting bizarrely. For example, using the scroll button in firefox causes the font sizes to change in firefox, instead of scrolling, and clicking on links opens the link in a new windows, not in the same window. Right clicking stops functioning. The keyboard input goes simultaneously strange- i can no longer type (for eg in firefox search boxes, or in wmp), of if i type, it uses another command to open something etc.

I do not understand what is going on! However, after rebooting, the problem goes away and everything works fine, until the next time it happens (has happened 3x now). I have tried my mouse and keyboard in my old laptop and they both seem to work fine. I have not receive any driver errors/ virus messages/ malfunction(bitdefender 2010) messages of any kind, and as far as i know, all drivers are up to date.

Does anyone know what is going on? Is there something wrong with my motherboard? And if so, why are there no error messages? And why do things work again after rebooting?

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Monitor Built-in Web Cam Not Working Correctly

Im using a desktop and the monitor has a web cam built into it and it wasn't activated when it was setup so where do i go to get it activated?

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Message - A Problem Caused The Program To Stop Working Correctly

Ultimate seek&find collection 3 pack i installed the game, when i went to play i got this message a problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available. What do i do?

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Bootmgr Is Missing - Computer Won't Boot Correctly

Original title: my bootmgr is missing again. Press ctrl+alt+del to restart after trying to update my mobo's bios my computer won't boot correctly. I have already tried putting the os disc in and choosing the repair functions. This has not worked. It wouldn't even find my os. Finally i found more instructions that lead me to export my bcd to the c drive. After that it finally recognizes and see's my installation when i do the rebuild bcd, but i still get the same error message.

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Adobe Flash Player Doesn't Work Correctly In Win 7 64-bit

Windows 7 with explorer 8 both in 64 bit. I can not back out of explorer now and go back to explorer 7 nor can i go to 32 bit. The main problem is the flash player from adobe. It is a new computer and pure all the way no conversion at all, so no system faults, just the headache of the internet. Oh yes, give me back my outlook express.

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Using On-screen Keyboard To Print Screen

Well, firstly, thanks for making the onscreen keyboard so much bigger and more usable in w7 compared to xp. All good, until you need to "print screen", at which point you get an enormous section of the screen that you don't want - i.e. The new enlarged virtual keyboard.

So, is there a way to use the onscreen keyboard to print just the screen and not itself - sort of like you would get if it really was a keyboard - imagine how annoying it would be for all users if every time they used that function it inserted a nice big picture of your real keyboard over what you actually wanted. This has been a problem with xp, now a bigger one - 4 times as big in fact, with w7.

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Upgrade On New Laptop

I upgraded my hp laptop from vista to windows 7 professional 32-bit and now 6 weeks later my laptop has died. I am going to buy a vaio eb that comes with windows 7 home premium 64-bit but i need windows 7 professional 64-bit. Since i still have the original 2 upgrade discs, can i use the original 64-bit windows 7 professional upgrade disc to upgrade from windows 7 home premium 64-bit to professional on the new laptop?  Will there be any problem with the activation code after i upgrade the new laptop?  Will i lose everything that is already installed on the new laptop if i do upgrade?

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