2 C: Drives In Explorer

I seem to have 2 almost identical c: drives on my laptop, which previously had both vista and win7 on it, and now only has win7. They're both called "win 7 (c:)". The first appears under computer (which is under desktop) and has 45, 454, 684, 160 bytes of data and the tabs under it are: general, tools, hardware, sharing, security, previous versions, quota.

Then, (under desktop) i have d: and e: drives, network, control panel, recycle bin, followed by the 2nd c: drive. This has 45, 454, 704, 640 bytes, and the tabs are general, tools, hardware, and previous versions. I can access any folder and file through either c: drive icon, with the only difference that if i click on a folder in the first c:, it opens a new explorer window, while if i click on a folder in the 2nd c:, it opens in the same window (which is how i like it). Why is this the case?  Any help to get rid of one of these (and have folders open in the same window) would be much appreciated.

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How To Remove Flash Drives, Personal Media Drives ?

Does anyone know how to remove flash drives, personal media drives like we did on vista? I hooked up my personal media drive to put my pictures and files back on my computer after a clean install of windows 7. I don't see where to safely remove. Does anyone know?

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Missing Drives

When i open "computer " it only shows my c, d, e & f drives, e & f are my2 dvd drives. I installed win 7 in my self built computer and after i installed win 7 it did not show my card reader drives as vista did. I have actually had to do a complete (format hd) install for a 2nd time.

For whatever reason it never has shown my g, h, i, j, k card reader drives in " computer", it looks like they are not installed yet if you put in a compact flash card or an sd card or any media it takes you can download pictures or whatever is on the cf, sd or what might be on the card you put in to be read with no problem? The usb port on the card reader works fine also, so the card reader is functioning ok.

Now: if you go to device manager & look under disk drives you see this. So they are all there.

Disk drives
Generic " compact flash usb device
 Ms/ms pro usb device
 Sd/mmc usb device
Sm/xd "picture usb device
Hp photosmart 8200 usb device
Maxtor  stm3500  ata device

Then: if you look under portable drives you see  all the card drives;

G: h: i: j: k:

Why in computer" doesn't it show the card reader drives as it did in vista? 

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Logical Drives

I am experiencing challenges with a logical drive on my laptop.system - windows 7 home premium. My system storage hardware consists of physical drives:-c: and d: one internal hard drive partitioned with d: containing recovery datae: cd/dvd drive g: usb connected expansion drive for backup procedures i utilize macrium reflect to create an image file of c: and d: on drive g:this operates successfully and i have previously recovered the entire system via the macrium boot from dvd and restore procedure. No problems with this.

Now - the current circumstance. I accidentally moved to drive c: via windows explorer the current (and only) backup image file on drive g: doh! This image file has now disappeared into thin air. What i a left with is a logical drive q:all programs and data on drive c: are present and operate successfully. The problem being that the available space on the hard drive has been reduced by the size of the 'disappeared' image file (90gb).

Windows explorer informs me that i have c:  d:  e: and q:when i attempt to select q: in windows explorer the message is "access denied". Lready attempted solution - uac turned off and chkdsk options /f  /r  /x tried. The problem still exists - i have 'lost' 90gb of available storage space. Chkdsk c: reports 400, 000 files 450, 000 indexed entries, 400, 000 security descriptors another utility i possess reports zero files and zero size for drive q:the problem appears to be this logical drive q:how can i dismount or delete this drive q: ?

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Missing Cd Drives

So ever since i installed the rc in july, my cd and dvd drives not shown up on the my computer window, however it keeps poping up a 3. 5in floppy drive which i don't have nor do i even have the cable for one hooked up to the mb.

I have gone through the device manager and updated the drivers, the device manager shows that i have both cd and dvd drives hooked up to the mb. I have been able to successfully install programs off the cd drives only as long as they have an auto run feature. Problem now is since there is no icons for the drives so i cant explore any cd or dvd, and any dvd or cd not having an auto run feature cant open, i don't even get the notification window that a disk has been inserted into the drive. I haven't been able to successfully find any 64-bit drivers on the manufactures webpage for the drives. Anyone know how to fix this or whats going on?

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Xp Partition Drives

I had an old hp computer with windows xp. The drive was portioned into two by the manufacturer. I recently changed the hard drive, motherboard and the processor. Then i loaded a windows 7 oem. I forgot to copy the user files from my old hard drive before doing the above. I used an ide>usb adapter to read the files from my old hard drive but the windows 7 is only showing the system files but not the user files. How can i see and copy my old user files onto the new hard drive.

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Not Able To See All External Drives

I have window 7 home premium (64bit) and i've got 2 wd externals and 1 seagate external connected (all work fine) and i connect a third wd external and this drive shows in my device manager, but not in the "my computer window" and i can not access this drive. The same drive works fine when i remove any of the other drives and on another computer. How do i get this drive to show. All wd externals are 2tb and the seagate is 500gb. How do i get the third wd accessible?

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Easy Transfer - Drives Other Than C:

My system is set up to have non-c drives for all user files. i.e. My documents and user file defaults go to "d", there is a swap file drive "s", and a images (software images, downloads) drive "i". Will wet copy everything (300 gb !) Or just the information on drive "c" which is about 20 gb? I just need to know how big an external drive to get my hands on.

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Dual Boot Two Drives

I have installed windows 7 64-bit on a new hdd, and i have vista home premium 32-bit on another hdd. Can i dual boot these two drives as they stand and how. With windows 7 64-bit installed on one drive and registered, i have windows vista home premium 32-bit on the next drive and registered, i find a couple of programmes will not run properly on the windows 7 system. So i unplug the windows 7 system and run vista, what i want to know is can i install windows 7 32-bit as a clean install on the vista hdd. Fter re formatting the drive and then making this a dual boot system.

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Can I Swap Hard Drives?

I have two dell machines both bought with windows 7 ultimate. I have had one of these machines for six months and the other i bought this week. The new dell pc is much faster than the older pc however the older machine has so many apps installed and it is running exactly how i want it to. My problem is i have virtualization software and images on the older machine and i don't want to go through the process of reinstalling on the new pc, therefore can i just swap the hard drives. I'm aware the os license number is tied to the mac address. But i would like to know, would it be a case of just going through the authentication process again via the internet.

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Problem With Hard Drives

I have a wd 750g black hard drive set up as the primary sata drive. I have another 80gb hard drive accidentally set as the 4th sata drive rather than secondary. I installed windows 7 on the primary hard drive, at least i thought so. Seems that it only sees the 80g drive. It has installed windows 7 on the smaller drive. And in the windows explorer that is the only drive that i see. Bios has it right and in the hardware manager, it shows both hard drives. I am very confused, can anyone help me?

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Mirrored Hard Drives Gone

On windows 7, running 2 1. 5tb sata hard drives. While burning a cd the system reboots. On restart no boot disk found. Using windows cd startup repair nothing happens for over 2 hours. I used my external hd with xp pro on it to start up system. After its running plugged in sata drives and they did not show up. I was using mirrored drives to keep my files safe. I do not know what to do next. Any tips or help would be wonderful.

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Mapping Network Drives

I'm trying to map 3 network drives on our vpn network, but cannot seem to do it with windows 7, works on xp but not windows 7. We have a vpn network between 4 office and they have there own ip range for various reasons. 192. 16. 2. Xxx is head office192. 16. 3. Xxx remote office 1192. 16. 4. Xxx remote office 2192. 16. 5. Xxx remote office 3 ( i sit on this range. But travel between all of them)all the workgroups are the same, we do not run a domain. I need to map to a external network drive that is on ip 192. 16. 2. 249 but it wont allow me to do that is i sit on the 192. 16. 5. Xxx network.

I also need to map to a xp machine drive that is on ip 192. 16. 2. 28 but it wont allow me to do that is i sit on the 192. 16. 5. Xxx network. Ll the other xp machines on the 192. 16. 5. Xxx network can connect to the external drive but not me?I'm the only one running windows 7 on my notebookny ideas? Thanks johan

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Expansion Or External Drives

Please can someone help with an infuriating thing that is occurring. I bought a seagate 2tb expansion drive which is plugged into usb port on my motherboard, all recognized no problem but. Every now and again it will activate and the annoying windows trumpet keeps sounding!Can someone please tell me how to avoid this all the time, and the fact that it is not a drive problem, as despite being in contact with seagate and following instructions to format the drive, it still does the same thing!Now being relatively new to windows 7, could it be down to power settings or something like that. I just want the trumpeting to stop!Many thanks for the experts to oblige.

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Cannot Reconnect All Network Drives

I recently upgraded from vista pro to win 7 pro. I have one drive letter mapped to another vista pro machine. Since upgrading when i start/restart windows i get a message "cannot reconnect all network drives". I can click on this message, double click on my mapped drive with the red x, and all is fine until i restart again. How do i get this to reconnect automatically again as it used to? I have already tried:

1. Mapping another drive letter. Same thing
2. Reloaded the old driver for the net card as win 7 updated it with the newest.
3.networking is on office setting, not homegroup, same as before.
4. This is a peer-to-peer network. No changes have been made. I have verified the workgroup id-ok.
5. I have tried turning network discovery off/back on. Anybody know about this?

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C/d Drives Full After Upgrade

After i upgraded to windows 7 from vista via the student discount download, my d drive was so full it couldn't contain one full backup. I tried disk cleanups, disk defragment, and running norton cleanups on the disks, deleted all previous backups, but i still can't make a full backup on the disk. If i delete everything from the d disk, except the system restore, its about half full, and can't run a full backup. I also noticed my c drive is unusually full after the upgrade. Some friends of mine said possibly vista is still installed somewhere on my hard drive(s), since that's what happened to them, but they solved it by "reformmatting" using their installation disk. I used a download, however so i don't have any disk to use. Any suggestions as to what i can try next?

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Mapped Drives Problem

Windows 7 drops mapped drives from windows 2008 domain server. I have a windows 2008 domain server, and several windows 2003 file servers. I have 30 plus windows xp clients and now have 4 windows 7 clients. I have a login script on the server that maps out several shares; 2 from the win 2008 dc and 3 from the windows 2003 file servers. The script works fine and all shares on all clients get mapped; w:, r:, s;.

The problem is that on the win7 machine after a period of time the mapped drives get disconnected. Big red x shows up. If you click on the drives you get errors saying error occurred while reconnecting, local device is already in use or you get error message saying the specified network name is no longer available. If i keep trying long enough the drives reconnect and i can then get into the files.

This only happens on the win 7 machine and only happed to the mapped shares on the win 2008 dc.
Mapped drives on the other win2003 file servers never go away. I do not lose my internet connection or my connection to other server, pc or devices on the network. I have turned off auto disconnect on the server but that did not help. This is a serious problem for windows 7 and my office and i can not find a solution on the net just a lot of finger pointing. Does anyone have clue?

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Two Internet Explorer

I have a hp pavilion notebook pc. I was running vista home premium. I had a "free upgrade" when windows 7 was released. I followed the install (update not clean install) instructions for windows 7 and everything showed successful. My problem is i have 2 internet explorers. 1st- "internet explorer (64-bit)", 2nd is listed as program(x86) internet explorer. My computer is running a 64-bit system. This happened when i upgraded to windows 7. I thought (x86) runs with 32-bit system. How do i correct this? Problem installing other software.

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Explorer Error

Iv been having this issue for quite a while now and iw as wondering what may be the problem. So the problem that i can getting is that when i want to refresh my desktop i get a "windows explorer error"  and then it begins to look for a solution to fix this issue, it then restarts itself and teh computer goes back to normal. There are at times that it goes on for a while like it is in a loop.

At that point i would have to restart my computer in order for it to work normally. Are there any solutions to this or should i just format my computer and see if this gets fixed. Please let me know guys cause this issue is getting extremely annoying.

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Explorer Is Very Slow

One one of my machines windows explorer is very slow. Additionally the standard file open/save boxes in applications are very slow. I installed a windows explorer replacement and it is very fast. I can live with the replacement (in fact i kind of like it), but the open/save boxes are still slow. And no, there is no malware on machine. The drives are not full, and any way it appears to unrelated to how much free space there is on the drive.

Just so there is no confusion, this is not internet explorer, but windows explorer (most people access it by clicking on "my computer" on the desktop. I say this because have searched around there seems to be confusion about which one is asked about. I have tried the suggestion about thumbnails and indexing. It has not helped.

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Explorer Crash

Problem with windows explorer, recently my display freezes and i will get the following error and i have to restart windows explorer  description: a problem caused this program to stop interacting with windows.

Problem signature: problem event name: apphangb1 application name: explorer.exe 
Application version: 6. 1. 7600. 16385  application timestamp: 4a5bc60d  
Hang signature: 7b67  
Hang type: 16897  
Os version: 6. 1. 7600. 2. 0. 0. 256. 1  
Locale id: 1033  
Additional hang signature 1: 7b676df8497201f45c40dc23ba67f84a  
Additional hang signature 2: 9e90  
Additional hang signature 3: 9e90249be26e35facd61ba097c4e9b58  
Additional hang signature 4: 4c4a  
Additional hang signature 5: 4c4ad7529a34983b6293625c48169922  
Additional hang signature 6: 4c4a  
Additional hang signature 7: 4c4ad7529a34983b6293625c48169922

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Apphangb1 In Explorer

Running windows 7 ultimate 64 bit my computer has been slowly deteriorating. I have run various scans (including panda in safe mode) and i am reasonably convinced that this is not a virus issue. When i run in safe mode everything seems to be fine. However, when i open in regular mode my desk top items are the icon for a blank page. More often than not, i can not run a program from the start menu. It generally searches and then hangs. Programs in the icon notification area generally are accessible. There are no program icons in the task bar, either blank pages or clear blocks.

Explorer hangs for various actions, including trying to customize "icon notification area. "
The problems really presented when i added a lacie backup drive and installed genie software (backup manager 8 and timeline). I have deleted those programs but the problems remain. I was able to backup in a variety of ways but i was not able to create a disaster recovery disc or create a system image in windows backup. The genie backup manager 8 indicated that volume copy shadow would not initialize. Their web site offered a solution which suggested some changes to windows services.

I tried it but it would never backup. Further tinkering (including installing a registry cleaner-since deleted) only produced a situation where windows wouldn't boot all. I was able to boot from my windows 7 backup cd and repaired windows start up. The computer is operable right now. However, intermittently access to applications is limited so it's not just a visual problem. How can i use the fact that windows in the safe mode appears to work to pinpoint the problem and eliminate it?  I am close to reformatting and reinstalling and praying the backups are there.

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Explorer Crashing

I am trying to access my school's protected wireless network, i have it all set up according to the it website, but when i connect to it, it says getting looking for credential tiles, but then windows explorer crashes, and windows explorer restarts. I dont know what to do.

Windows explorer

Stopped working

‎4/‎18/‎2010 9:27 am

Not reported

Faulting application path: c:windowsexplorer.exe

Problem signature
Problem event name: appcrash
Application name: explorer.exe
Application version: 6. 1. 7600. 16450
Application timestamp: 4aebab8d
Fault module name: facredprov.dll
Fault module version: 2. 4. 7. 1
Fault module timestamp: 4a42b18b
Exception code: c0000005
Exception offset: 000000000004401a
Os version: 6. 1. 7600. 2. 0. 0. 768. 3
Locale id: 1033
Additional information 1: 1940
Additional information 2: 1940b450cec62c3708beb66f6cfd8beb
Additional information 3: edc8
Additional information 4: edc89a3b597097c00a632dc82bf0d7ab

Files that help describe the problem
Memory. Hdmp
Minidump. Mdmp

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Explorer Keeps Popping Up

At desktop or during use of my windows 7 64bit ultimate the windows explorer window will pop up, the top right side of the window where the search box is will blink rapidly, the window will not close unless i type at least two letters into the search box then click the red x to close or if i open task manager and end task. This has happened since day one, i have tried a repair/upgrade and yesterday finally had enough so i reformatted the hard drive and reinstalled windows. The first time at desk top the windows explorer poped up same as before. This does not happen with my windows 7 32bit ultimate machine. I have tried for seven months without success to resolve this issue, anyone out there have any suggestions?

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Explorer Is Not Responding

I purchased the 3-pack family upgrade windows 7 package. I have two computers, one is a sony vaio running 32-bit os, the other is a dell xps m1530 running 64-bit os. Both machines came factory loaded with windows vista and were not experiencing any problems. I formatted my disk drives before upgrading to make sure there were no ghost files or anything vista left behind.

Both installs went perfect with no issues. Right away both machines experience the same problem. When i try to copy and paste files through windows explorer (pics, mp3's, documents. You name it), the system just hangs and i get the message "windows explorer is not responding". The only times i can copy and paste is right after a reboot. If the system stays running for longer than 10 minutes and i try to copy and paste files it hangs. It doesn't matter where i try to copy files to other directories or usb key's. It just won't work. It only does this when trying to copy and paste. Other than that there is no problems.

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External Hard Drives Disappear

My external hard drives "disappear" and are not recognized by windows 7 after it's been running for 5 to 30 minutes. I installed windows 7 on november 1 to the computer which had been running vista since its purchase in july. I have two external hard drives a 250 gb seagate freeagent (it has its own power source hooked up via usb) and 1 tb hp personal media drive (slides into the personal media drive bay of my hp computer). I have had the seagate drive for two years, and it worked well with my old computer, never a problem. I have had the hp drive for two months, and it has experienced only light use.
Last week, after windows 7 had been installed for a week with no issues, when i went to save a .doc file on my seagate drive, it said that the drive could not be located. I ended up saving the file to internal disc and restarting the computer. After the restart, my computer recognized my seagate drive, and i was able to save the file. A day later, i attempted to save an image i had been editing, and the same thing happened. The problem began to occur more frequently.

Then, last night, i opened itunes and tried to create aac versions of songs from 2 new audio cds. Halfway through then ten songs on the first cd, an error message popped up indicating that the seagate drive was no longer there. After another failed attempt to import the songs, i popped in the other cd, but itunes could not copy the files to my desired directory. I changed the directory where i save files to the c: (internal) drive, and songs were successfully copied.

I restarted my computer and tried to import songs on the seagate drive once more. It finished the songs on the first disc successfully, without incident. Then i put the second disc into the cd drive. After importing one song, an error message again popped up. I clicked the computer icon on the desktop, and it indicated that the seagate drive was still there. I double-clicked the seagate drive, and instead of displaying files and folders, all it said was "this folder is empty. " I then disconnected the seagate drive from my computer. The computer folder still displayed the seagate drive as connected to the computer.
Fearing seagate drive failure, i pulled out my old computer and hooked up the seagate drive, just to check. All files & folders on the seagate drive were present. I decided to hook up my hp personal media drive to my old computer and proceeded to copy all files on the seagate drive to the hp drive. This took about two and a half hours. I then hooked my hp drive back up to my new computer and tried saving word files, image files, and importing audio files from cd into itunes. Again, just like the seagate drive, things worked well to start, but after 5 or 10 minutes, the drive had disappeared. Every time i restart my new computer, the drive is there for anywhere from two minutes to half an hour, and every time the drive disappears.
I have tried going in to disk management and rescanning disks. I have tried going in to device manager and uninstalling both seagate and hp disks, then restarting the computer, and then hooking them up once more. I have no idea why the drive would be recognized for a short amount of time and then disappear. I have checked for loose cables. It's just bizarre because i didn't really notice any issues with either drive for the first several days after i had installed windows 7.

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Shortcuts To Files On Drives Disappear

On all my windows 7 machines, desktop icons that are shortcuts to files on drives that are not always mounted (primarily truecrypt virtual drives) regularly disappear. I keep many important links to things that won't fit on my taskbar (especially since windows 7 does not easily allow individual file or folder shortcuts to be pinned to the task bar anyway), and i really don't appreciate the operating system deleting my shortcuts.

These icons are work to create and organize, and the os keeps destroying them. Not acceptable behavior from an os. It is absolutely mystifying that this problem does not seem to appear on this web site, as a simple search on the web indicates that lots of people are struggling with this issue.

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How To Use Hard Drives And Flash With Readyboost ?

How to use ready boost, and what are the requirements for using portable hard drives and flash drives to use with ready boost? I have windows 7 64bit ultimate edition and am trying to get ready boost to work on my pc by using portable hard drives or flash drives. I have 2 portable hard drives(iomega 120gig, seagate 250gig) and a cruzer sandisk 8gig flash drive. All these devices when trying to use ready boost says that these disks are not compatible or not supported. So what do i need?

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Cannot Access Internal 1tb Drives

I upgraded to windows 7 from vista and now cannot access one of my internal 1 tb drives (not the boot drive) containing 330 gb of music. I have ownership of the drive and have tried several suggestions on other forums which have not worked. Again, i get the message "access denied" when i attempt to access my k drive with my music on it. When i attempt to access the drive, i also sometimes also get a message that says "the recycle bin on k: is corrupted. Do you wish to empty the recycle bin for this drive?", Which i do but there is no change in access to the drive.

I have reloaded windows 7 once with no change. I have attempted to take ownership of the drive, but it appears that i already have ownership. I cannot however change anything under the security tab under properties. Each time i try to change anything, i get the message "access denied". Can anyone provide assistance?

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Readyboost Internal Hard Drives

Its to do ready boost. So here my question how do i use ready boost on my internal hard drives? If you don't have this feature then i would suggest to add this in as windows update people want to use their internal hard drives for ready boost so you should include it not just for external but should be internal as well i would suggest that you pass my message on to the wright depart and tell them what i said about adding ready boost for internal hard drives and that you should do this with a windows update and you should do this aasp.

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