Speakers Dont Work

Bought windows 7 yesterday (experienced with xp)

Yesterday (16th january) i tried to get sound into my headset, so i figured i tried to do as i always did with xp.

Start - control panel - hardware and sounds - manage audio devices - properties (for main speakers)

At action: i choses inactivate, at that moment the speakers icon disappeared and i lost my sound in my speakers ever since. I cant find any sorts of configuration/controls over speakers. However before i did this my speakers worked perfectly normally. Now i have to use my headset to even be able to hear anything.

Please help me, how do i get my speakers icon back at sounds configuration at the control panel
Im not very good at fixing computer problems so please respond in a way a "dummy" would understand.

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Hot Link Buttons Dont Work

When i load some web sites the hot link buttons aren't working. The problem just appeared. I don't remember any changes to the system. Running windows vista) i am talking about buttons that you click on on a web site that call up pop-up windows. This one site i frequent has buttons that i have always clicked on to call up results pop-ups from bridge games.

All of a sudden when the site opens the outlines of the buttons are there but no filler and no functionality. What has changed and how can i fix it?  I've tried changing cookie settings, and tried to find answers in various help areas. I know the buttons work on the site because i have checked on other computers.

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Logitech Quickcam Express Webcams Dont Work

I have an older logitech quickcam express v-uh9 that doesn't seem to get detected by windows 7 (64bit). Old drivers don't work under compatibility mode and also auto detect doesn't seem to find a driver for it either. Software seems to install properly but then just keeps saying to plug in my webcam (i've tried every usb port i have on my computer). I have another webcam that has the same problems (from retail plus).
I'm guessing that his might be a trend with older web-cams?

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Speakers Work But No Sound Through Headphones

I'm using windows 7 starter on a dell inspiron mini 10. Up until 2 days ago i could play sound through either the speakers or the headphone. Then the headphones suddenly stopped working. Sound through the speakers is fine. Before the headphone jack stopped working i use to get a message whenever i plugged in my headphones saying - information you just plugged an audio device into the audio jack. Now whenever i do, i do not receive the message at all. But i do get the message if i plug the headphones into the mic jack. I have tried checking all the setting, running the audio trouble shooter, but nothing seems to work. Please help.

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Programs Dont Run In Win 7

I am having a problem with windows-7. I have done a upgrade from vista and found that was a mistake. I did a reinstall as a dual boot because i still needed vista to run the programs that would not run in windows-7. I found that windows-7 is a bigger problem than vista. I had to do a download to run my hp printer that i bought in january of this year. I still cant run my hp photosmart 812 camera. The software won't load. I can't get microsoft age of empires-2 to run with good graphic.

I have about four more that will only run while i am in vista. I have written to hp and they have no plans to update their software. I ran the windows-7 adviser and my computer passed. If i had it to do over, i would not have gone to windows-7 from vista. I have not found any reason to change to windows-7. I am going back to vista and just write this off as a bad experience.

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Error - You Dont Have Sufficient Access To Your Computer To Connect

I am running win 7 home premium via parallel desktop 5. 0 on my mac and am trying to add a printer using bonjour service. In the past, when i was using the win 7rc, there was no issue, however this time i keep getting the error "you don't have the sufficient access to your computer to connect to the selected printer". Can anyone help me in diagnosing this problem. I know this issue is not with parallel setup, as the rc is working fine.

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No Sound From Speakers

I bought my laptop 1 week ago and attached my old labtec lcs-800 speakers to it. For first week they worked well but today i started my laptop and i couldn't hear any sound with the speakers or without them (they worked perfectly so far). I troubleshooted and i'm not sure do i have sound card (if via high definition audio is sound card i have one). If it is sound card and my drivers are fully updated why i can't hear any sound from my speakers or computer?

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No Sound Through Speakers

I am running windows 7 ultimate x64 fully patched. My sound worked fine when i first installed and had a soundblaster platinum card installed. I removed the drivers and uninstalled the card so that i could put a soundblaster titanium in instead. The card worked except i had some static. I uninstalled the old soundblaster drivers and installed new ones. The sound stopped working. I removed the new drivers and pulled the titanium card. I also ran a registry cleaner in safe mode.

After rebooting, i reinstalled my original soundblaster platinum and the exact same drivers that i had originally working in the system. Still no sound through the speakers. I have checked all configuration settings and validated they are as they should be and were previously when the system previously was able to output sound (although this is my home pc, i am an it professional and very knowledgeable about such things). The speakers work with another computer.

Not only do the sound drivers show as installed, when i go into the control panel sound and test the speakers (selected as default), i can see the green sound meter working but get no sound through the speakers. The obvious answer is to reinstall the os from scratch and i'm sure things will be fine. The issue that i have is a problem that many seem to be having when drivers are "changed" via upgrade or the clean installation of new sound drivers - even after all traces are removed. This isn't a soundblaster driver issue as i mentioned the exact driver i used worked previously. I have installed no additional software. Seems like there is something that has gotten corrupt within windows 7 and prevents the output of sound. Can someone please help?

Motherboard is an asus p5n7a-vm with an nvidia chipset. I am running with 8gb ram. All current revisions and have not changed since the problem began.

Troubleshooter finds nothing
System restore does not work either to solve this issue

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No Sound From Front Speakers

I've just got a new unit with w7 pre-installed and can't get sound when i plug my headphones into the front speakers although they work fine when plugged into the rear speakers. I've been through all the usual stuff in the control panel & playback devices (including advice in previous posts) but i find the advice about downloading drivers, reading the motherboard, etc are confusing and usually outside my ability. So, anyone found and fixed the same problem?

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No Sound Coming From Speakers

My sound for my computer isn't working anymore. Using the sound troubleshooter just tells me that something isn't plugged in, when my hdmi cable is. I haven't had any trouble with this tv that i use as computer/tv/ xbox television since i got it in march, but it is almost for sure a computer related issue i would bet. The sound still works for my cable tv, and the same hdmi cable when i just used it for my xbox. Any idea what setting or whatever needs to be fixed?

I have tried restarting many times, and disabling and enabling but i don't know what to do. Says speakers are not plugged in, but my digital audio hdmi is?Opened up computer and made sure there were no loose plugs. And sorry i posted in vista section earlier, didn't realize it until now. Headphones and mic work.

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Error - No Speakers Or Headphone Plugged In

Error "no speakers or headphone plugged in" after running the audio troubleshooter. I am having a problem with the sound first i did the sound troubleshooter and it says that there is no speakers or headphone plugged in but i have a notebook and the speakers are already in it what i should do?

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Game Sounds Come Out Of Speakers Instead Of Headphones

Been using w7 for a while, tried using my headset while gaming. Game sounds come out of computer speakers instead of headphones but i still hear voice through headphones. So i realize this is sort of a complicated question so hopefully someone will know what i'm talking about. I didn't have this problem with xp, specifically it happens when i want to play an online game and use a program like skype.

I'm using a coolermaster cosmos tower and it has the mic and earphone jacks on the front of the case, this is where my headphones are plugged in, same as always. For whatever reason i still get game sounds out of my main computer speakers instead of the computer routing through the headphones. Although weirdly while using skype i hear the other people's voices through my headphones, just not game sound.

I'm not familiar enough with w7 to figure out what the problem is here, i've tried fiddling with the sound settings but i haven't been able to get it right. When i plug the headphones in when music is playing such as itunes it's the same deal, my headphones receive no sound and the music continues to play on my computer speakers.

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Distorted Sound From Usb Speakers

"consider the following scenario. You connect a universal serial bus (usb) speaker to a windows vista-based computer. The audio sounds clear. Then, you connect another usb device to the computer. For example, this usb device may be a usb mouse, a usb keyboard, or a usb game controller. In this scenario, the audio from the usb speaker is now distorted. This problem occurs when the computer uses an open host controller interface (ohci) controller. "

The solution is ready for vista ( but not for windows 7, thus i have to endure buzzing and distortion whenever my computer is logged into windows.

Any info about upcoming fixes?

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No Sound From Monitor Integrated Speakers

I have an envision 9250 lcd monitor with built-in audio speakers. I upgraded from windows xp to windows 7 and cannot get any audio. My device manager still says i have no audio devices installed. How can i get my speakers to work again? In my device manager it shows a high definition audio device in my sound controller but in the properties it says that "this device cannot start. (Code 10). " I've tried updating the driver but it never updates successfully. I must have sound. How do i fix this?

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Win 7 And Dell Creative Speakers

I just purchased windows 7 desktop and am trying to use my dell speakers. (Creative) instead of the basics that come with the computer. But for some reason i can not seem to get the sound to function correctly. It either is giving me static or some sound but not everything coming through clearly. Is there something that needs to be installed or missing? I don't think it is something i am doing wrong as installing speaking is pretty basic. Everything goed through the green cord that is hooked in the back of the desk top.

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Creative Tech Sb X-fi Card No Sound From Speakers

Upgraded from vista to windows 7, and now have no sound from my speakers, driver up to date, speakers plugged in, says device is working properly. Running creative tech sb x-fi card, as i said drivers are up to date, don't know where to turn, everything worked fine before the upgrade. Any help?

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Altec Lansing Usb Speakers Issue

Win 7 64 usb sound issues, i first noticed this issue last month when i tried to run some altec lansing usb speakers. The sound quality was terrible. Currently i play my music of a network drive via my laptop. I have a cord from the speaker out on the laptop to my stereo. This is a pain. I want a sonos system but that will have to wait till i can better afford it. I found the soundblaster wireless at a great price. The sound quality is the same through this as it was through the usb speakers.

Both the speakers and sb wireless work flawlessly through my xp desktop. One thing i did that improved things was loading the correct driver for the laptop pointing device. It was defaulted to a mouse. Though the sound is better it is still terrible. I have searched wide and far for a solution and have noticed a number of people with similar probs, but no solutions. Having good sound played through usb should not be too much to expect. Win 7 seems to be the issue.system gateway nv52 laptopwin 7 64amd athlon x2ati radeon hd 32004 gig ram

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Dell Xps M1330 Speakers Not Working

Suddenly this morning the inbuilt speakers on my xps m1330 windows 7 installed(it came with vista) laptop stopped working

-Sound test in control panel gives 'failed to play test tone'
-No sound in headphones/external speakers as well.

Have tried every damn thing:-
-Re-installing sound driver from dell site (drivers and downloads) and (drivers and downloads)
-Re-installing driver from dell resource cd.
-Running install in compatibility mode, vista.
-Bios upgrade.
-Repair through windows cd.
-Checking 'windows audio' services in the windows process

In the dell diagnostics test, i can hear sound in speaker as well as headphones. And system restore doesn't have a recent restore point.

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Pc Sound From Speakers And Voice Chat Through Xbox 360 Headset

How can i get my pcs sound to come out my speakers, while have incoming voice chat come through my xbox 360 headset? I am trying to play a game through steam and talk with a friend through the steam overlay. Is there a way to have the game's sound play through my speakers, while having the incoming voice from the steam chat play through my 360 headset.

If it helps, i have my headset plugged into my 360 controller which is connected to my pc via the 360 wireless gaming receiver, which is running windows 7 home premium. And i have the most up to date drivers for my 360 receiver and my realtek sound card.

Any advice or tips that don't pertain to steam may still be able to help (which is why i came here), so feel free to pitch anything that might help. Because this issue may not be with windows i have posted this same question on the steam forums , too.

Edit: i should have stated that i am trying to do this on my windows pc, while playing a pc game (no xbox 360 involved, just alot of xbox 360 accessories that work for the pc).

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Connecting Realtek Hd Audio Sound Card To Surround Speakers

If anyone can tell me which cable i need to connect my old logitech subwoofer and speakers to my new pc. The sound card is the realtek hd audio, and only has one outlet. The speaker system is called xtrusio dsr-100, and has one digital plugin, and two analog for front and rear: i used to have it connected to creative sb live sound card with a digital outlet to the "digital" plugin in the subwoofer. The cable was with two trrs 3, 5 jacks, but that cable doesnt work with the realtek soundcard.

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Realtek High Definition Audio Not Recognizing Rear Panel Speakers

Everything worked great until last week. I had not made any changes and the update logs did not show any updates.

Issue: using "realtek hd audio manager" in the control panel. The back panel is not showing any speakers connected. (Tested speakers and working on other systems. ) No sound at all until i disabled front panel jack detection. Now i get sound threw the rear speakers but with static at 1/2 volume, no mute, and the "realtek hd audio manager" still shows no rear panel speakers.

Things i've tried:

Checking connections (cleaning connections)
Different speakers.
Un-installing drivers and software.
Updating drivers.
Rolling back drivers.
System restore.

Note: the "realtek hd audio manager" shows the digital connection and front panel as available but has faded out the rear panel even though the rear panel are the only jacks in use. I can usually solve these problems on my own and this is the first time i've used a forum to ask for assistance in 15 years. I'm just stumped.

Realtek high definition audio (onboard asus cg5270) - current driver v6. 0. 1. 6043

Os: win7 64-bit

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Cannot Get Second Monitor To Work

I am connecting a second monitor to my sony vaio-vgn-sz650n-by vga. Before upgrading from vista to 7, it was working just fine. After upgrading, i plug it in, screen blinks, but no display on second monitor. It is a dell g2210 by the way. I tried restarting my computer with monitor connected, without it connected, and went into the display settings where you can change resolution, etc. On the different monitors, and nothing there. Tried to "detect" monitor, still nothing. Tried updating the driver, nothing(maybe wrong driver?). I would love to get this problem solved as school is starting and i need to use my computer a lot, and really like having dual monitors.

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Audio Does Not Work

Im having problems with getting my sound to work on windows 7 rc 7100 32bit
I have tried using 2 sound cards.

1: creative x-fi extreme
For the creative i have tried using the creative beat drivers, the creative release drivers and the vista 32bit drivers with no luck.

2: onboard sound with intel dp35dp motherboard
For the intel sound i have used vista 32bit drivers since no windows 7 drivers are available.

I have 3 failed device in device manager. Pci simple communications controller, high definition audio device, microsoft trusted audio drivers.

All 3 come with this note.

Windows cannot load the device driver for this hardware. The driver may be corrupted or missing. (Code 39)

With or without the drivers the warrning does not change.


Intel dp35dp motherboard
3gb ram
E8400 core 2 duo
Asus nvidia geforce 8800gt
Creative x-fi extreme pci / intel onboard audio
Termaltake toughpower 600watt supply
Pioneer sata dvd burner

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Cannot Get Java To Work

Java shows as downloaded, but applets do not appear. Have followed directions for enabling in browser, managing add ons, and clearing browser cache, no work. Have uninstalled and re-installed. The messege i get when troubleshooting is this:

Error java (tm) installer
Download file c:userkathleenappdatalocallowsunjavajre1. 6. 0_18jre1. 6. 0_18-c-1. Msi is corrupt

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Cant Get Microphone To Work

As the title says, my computer does not recognize when i plug a microphone in. I am using a pair of headphones with a microphone attached to it. I have tried 2 different sets so i know the actual mic works.

Under control panel -> hardware and sound -> manage audio devices, recording tab, it says "no audio devices are installed" i have tried using 2 different ports and it still doesn't work.

I am running windows 7 home ultimate. Can anyone shed some light on what i can do?

Edit: i recently installed to windows 7 from vista, could it be that some sort of audio driver didnt get installed or xfered over correctly? How would i figure this out?

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Cannot Get Homegroup To Work

I have tried to set up a homegroup but it fails to work. Both computers are running windows 7. I have a wireless router which works for both computers as the internet is available on each. I set the homegroup on my computer and then go upstairs to my other computer and select join the homegroup. It asks for the password and i type it in and it works for a minute or two the returns with a message stating a homegroup cannot be setup on this computer. Why is it never as simple as the videos show?

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Xp Mode Will Not Work

I am trying to install the windows xp mode because i have a lot of programmes (structural design programmes) which do not work on 7 and i am downloading the windows xp mode installation file from microsoft page but it will not work and it says the file is corrupt. The file's name is "windowsxpmode_en-us". What do i do? I really need to work urgently. I'm i missing something?Before trying to install i did run the "cpu with support for hardware virtualization" checker tool and it was successful.

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Cannot Get Mic To Work

Under windows 7 none of my mic are working. I do have sound going through the headset but the mic won't pic anything up, this is with a usb headset. Same thing with my headset with jacks. My mic was working on 12-28, but nest time after that i tried to use it (1-2 i believe) it would not work. I've tried drivers and everything, but no go. Some more info, i have uninstalled drivers and reinstalled them. I have taken out my expansion sound card and just went with on board. I have rolled back drivers and even did a system restore to a point there i knew the mic worked and still nothing.

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Autorun Does Not Work

I have windows 7 as does my daughter - i have several cd-rom games that worked on xp, the autorun facility works on my daughters laptop and installs the games, however it does not work on mine!  I have tried all the help solutions and compared settings on my computer against my daughters and everything is the same and all settings seem correct. The only thing i cannot find on mine (or my daughters) is the nodrivetypeautorun command which would enable me to change the data to 91.

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Cannot Get Fallout 3 To Work

Can't get fallout 3 to work with win7, it worked fine with vista 32-bit, morrowind and oblivion work just fine on my win7 computer (same game engine, different versions). I've contacted bethesda and they responded with a completely generic copy/paste response, i'll throw the body of the email in here to get anyone who can help up to speed. Please note that the program is not tested or supported in windows 7. You may be able to run the program using compatibility mode in windows 7, but we cannot guarantee the program will function properly in this new operating system.

Program compatibility is a mode in windows that lets you run programs written for earlier versions of windows. Most programs written for windows xp also work in this version of windows, but some older programs might run poorly or not run at all. If an older program doesn't run correctly, start the program compatibility wizard to simulate earlier versions of windows.

To change compatibility settings for a program:

Note: do not use the program compatibility wizard on older antivirus programs, disk utilities, or other system programs, because it might cause data loss or create a security risk.

Note: if the compatibility options are grayed out, then it is a 64 bit program and cannot be changed. 1. Right-click the icon for the program.

2. Click properties.
3. Click the compatibility tab.
4. Check the box "run this program in compatibility mode".

5. Choose the version of windows the program was made for. For best compatibility, choose the latest windows version the program was written for. Check the system requirements for the program if you are not sure.

6. It may also be necessary to check the box for "run this program as an administrator. "

7. Click apply and ok

Fallout 3 crashes to the desktop on game-startup, i have reinstalled and have tried to load the game with no patches, no mods, no utilities of any sort, and it still crashes. I don't know what to do, and it seems questions related to this issue are going unresolved on the bethesda forums.

Here's my system information:
Os: windows 7 64-bit
Motherboard: asus p5n-t deluxe (nvidia nforce 780i chipset)
Cpu: intel core 2 duo e8400 (3ghz)
Ram: 6 gb corsair ddr2 memory
Vga: nvidia (bfg) gtx 285 1024mb (driver version 196. 21)
Sound card: integrated

(Just an fyi, i have the steam version, but i doubt that should matter. ) I used to play the game on windows vista (32-bit), and it worked just fine, the computer is exactly the same as it was before i switched to windows 7.

See the attached dxdiag for details, i doubt you'll find anything though. Ill throw the dxdiag on my skydrive for those that want to see it (http://cid-51b65177f7aebc51. Public?Uc=1 ) if the link doesn't work i will paste the text here. Sorry about the formatting i don't know how to fix it.

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