Cannot Run Compatibility Report

Cannot run windows compatibility report. When attempt to open receive the following: "the following issues are preventing windows from upgrading. Cancel the upgrade, complete each task, and then restart the upgrade to continue". The task listed is "windows needs to be restarted so necessary changes to system files can be made before continuing". Fter restarting windows and attempt to open windows compatibility, etc. I get the same messages described above. Anyone have any help ideas?

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Win 7 Install Hangs At Blank Compatibility Report

Windows 7 install hangs at blank 'compatibility report' i have run compatibility advisor and only need new printer driver. I waited about 30 minutes and nothing happens. Install starts, installs temp files, setup is started, i go online to get updates, accept license, choose upgrade install, checks compatibility.compatibility report is blank and the copy on the desktop goes to blank page online.

The taskbar showing 'collecting information' goes almost halfway and then just stops. Nothing happens. I am installing 32 bit windows 7 home premium as upgrade to vista home premium.compatibility check is blank after running and if i hit 'close' it just goes back to the 'install windows' page. How can i get windows 7 to install?

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Ati Drivers 10.3 Needs To Be Run With Compatibility Mode

Ati drivers 10. 3 have just come out, something a little odd, which may be part of the problems i've been having, when i right-click on the 10. 2 and 10. 3 driver installation icon, and choose "troubleshoot compatibility", and then choose "try recommended settings", it then says this needs to be run with "windows compatibility mode: windows xp (sp2)". Isn't this a bit odd as it supposed to be compatible with windows 7.

I'll do a bit more reading up before i try it. But the problems do seem related the some windows security settings, and it thinks the drivers might cause problems (though i am logged in as administrator and have full rights, etc, ) windows 7 64 bit.

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Win95 Game Wont Run In Compatibility Mode

I have an old sierra game (civil war generals 2) that ran fine in win 95, 98, and xp. When i try to load & run in win 7 compatibility mode says it requires wing32.dll in system32 file to run. I have put the wing32.dll file †in the system 32 file and i still get the same response when trying to start the program, compatibility mode goes in circles and program won't run. Any suggestions?

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Easy Transfer Report

I recently bought a new pc with windows 7 already installed. I performed a windows easy transfer of most of my stuff from my old xp to the windows 7 pc with no fuss, except when it was installing/saving the transferred data, it asked me for my old pc's password. I didn't know it, didn't even know it had one and neither did my husband. We tried all the obvious ones, then just gave up and closed that window down. And the rest of the installation/saving continued. Now when i go to view the report of what was transferred, i am unable to open it as it keeps saying that an error has occurred, and do i want to continue running scripts.

Then a pop up box appears with the following message. "Windows easy transfer post migration application has stopped working". It then searches for a solution, then says "it has a problem that caused the program to stop working correctly. Windows will close the program and notify if a solution becomes available". Then the report closes down and i cant view it at all. What can i do?

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Where To Report / Confirm Bug?

i think i've found a bug in windows 7. Where to report or confirm this? This forum?

P. S. To make it more clear, here is the situation:

Title: problem entering backslash character in standard open file dialog

Steps to reproduce
Use any program which uses standard open dialog (i will demonstrate on notepad), make czech keyboard available in the system.
Start notepad
Switch to czech keyboard
Choose file -> open
Try to enter backslash in the filename edit box using right alt /altgr/ + q key combination

Backslash character ('') appears

Nothing happens

Known workarounds
Use us keyboard (or other where backslash char. Can be typed directly)
Switch to us keyboard and back to czech - right alt + q will start to work for this instance of dialog

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System Diagnostics Report

I just built my new computer and installed windows 7 and have had the same problem with unexpected shutdowns. I generated a system health report and got these 2 failures:

Motherboard device status fail count
Motherboard devices.

Plugandplay device configured fail count
Plugandplay devices.

And clue what could be wrong with the motherboard? I got an asus p6x58d premium motherboards and as far as i can tell everything is installed correctly and there is no damage to the board.

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Upgrade Advisor Report On Devices

If the report says that "we don't have compatibility information about this device. " Does that mean it cannot support the device? How would i know if it can be supported? I tried using the microsoft online search for compatible devices but did not see the device i am using.

If the report says that "check windows update after installing windows 7 to make sure you have the latest driver for this device, otherwise it may not work. " Does that mean it may not support the device?

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Bug Report Dvd Maker

I have windows 7 home premium x64 with windows dvd maker file version: 6. 1. 7600. 16385 dated 07/13/2009 9:39 pm. When adding titles to be burned, dvd maker shows a time of 150 minutes on the dvd. It can not add mpg files correctly. A mpeg with 1:31 and another mpeg with 45 minutes and another mpeg 14 minutes shows 149 out of 150 minutes. This is incorrect since the blank dvd can only hold 120 minutes. Encoding starts and then there is an error. Nothing is written. I can create the dvd with 1:31 + 14 minutes dvd for 105 minutes.

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Cannot Use Crystal Ocx To Print Report

Software that we have and support that has run for more than 10 years no longer works on windows 7. Well, most of it works, except one small part that transfers control to an ocx to print a crystal report. I'm trying to figure out why it wouldn't work. It just hangs with the swirling blue wheel. Does anyone know what changed with ocxs in windows 7 that might make this not work? I've tried using the compatibility mode options and administrator access to no avail. Any thoughts? I'm looking for a backward compatibility type workaround.

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Update Will Not Run

†stops completely but no error message. No data is sent to the net. No update has been successful since feb 5, 2010. I uninstalled all updates for 2010 but this had no affect. Running vista home premium sp2 and new ie8 just re-downloaded. Will not run from start nor anywhere else. Cant figure this out. More info. Installed windows update as stated but no change. Finally got an error code of 80246008, but cant find any information on this.

Microsoft support ran me through the gauntlet in trying to get the update feature to work. Nothing helped. I have given up. The problem is not with the update but with the supporting process itself. Update will come up but will not download anything. That is where the problem is. No further response is required.

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Chkdsk Cannot Run

My laptop tries to run chkdsk every time i boot up but says the disc is corrupted and cannot run. I also cannot run system restore as it says the disc is corrupted and whenever i try to run backup it freezes the pc after about 80% completion. If i run chkdsk from a command prompt it gets to 4% and freezes the computer.

Apart from that the pc is working normally but i'm concerned that a bigger failure might be around the corner and since i'm struggling to back up i'm even more worried. I'd rather not go through the reinstall windows route so if anyone can offer any suggestions i'd be grateful. Btw my diagnostics tools say everything is aok.

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Getting Xp Programs To Run In Win7

Attempting to get windows xp run programs to run in windows 7. I had to recently get a new computer and was advised to get windows 7 - that my older programs would run on it. I am having trouble getting "magix mp3 maker" and roxio "easy media creator 9" to run. What do i need to do?

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Run 2 Operating Systems

I have purchased a dell computer with the windows (r) 7 professional 64 bit operating system and now have found out that i can not run some programs because of the 64 bit. I believe i can run 2 operating systems by creating a partition on my hard drive. This i have managed to do. I had 3 primary partitions (oem, recovery and then the one with the operating system win7) i shrunk the os drive, created a new volume and thereby created a new partition (logical drive).

Now i believe i could just insert my xp disk that i had from previous computer and it should prompt me where i would like it to be installed and then i would have 2 operating systems to choose from every time that i start the computer!†I am nervous to do that, as the microsoft help info says that it is important to install earlier versions first and that you could actually make the computer not work all together.

Am i understanding the microsoft info correctly?
How do i get around this?
Would†purchasing a win7 32-bit and letting them run next to each other be an option?

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Your Computer Has Run Out Of Available Memory

"your computer has run out of available memory. Flight simulator will now exit. You may not have enough free space on your hard disk drive. Run disk cleanup to free up space, and then try running flight simulator again. " I have tried adjusting the paging file size, and i have tried no paging file. But i still get this error message when i try to start fs9.

Windows vista home premium 64-bit edition
Processor: amd phenom(tm) 9550 quad-core processor
Memory (ram): 6. 00 gb

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Cannot Run Flash With 64-bit

How can i see videos when adobe says it cannot run flash with 64-bit?

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How To Get A Program Run On Startup?

Win 7 home premium†i'd like to get a temperature utility program such as realtemp or core temp running on startup.core temp has a setting to have it run on startup, but it doesn't. (Neither of these are installed programs, but standalone .exe files that i run with a shortcut. )I've tried placing a short cut for either program into the startup folder but still have to start either one up manually. If i run system configuration, with either shortcut in the startup folder, it shows it being set for running on startup, but it doesn't run.††††

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How To Run Xp Programs In Win7?

I have just bought w7 professional and luckily before installing i was advised to check my existing programmes. I have found that a large number of programmes i use day-to-day are not compatible or not tested, as they are more than 3 years old etc. Upgrading these programmes is not an option - they are ones built up over 10 years of web designing and to go through and purchase all upgrades to latest versions would cost be over £10k!Ie i use dreamweaver mx 2004 as it is suitable for my needs as i mostly hard code, so don't want to/can't afford to upgrade to cs4 web at over £1500.

And that's just one programme! I can't find any info on fireworks or other graphic programmes i use - even though they were all 'big names' when i got the software!What is the procedure about running in xp mode? How easy is this, and it is any better than just keeping my xp version and not going with windows 7 at allny advice welcome - my pc is my income so i don't want to erase everything only to find it's been a waste of time!

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Cannot Run Programs After Updates

On 17th downloaded and installed updates, service pack 2 for windows, service pack 2 for office 2007, update kb967642 for office, 5 security updates for office, silver light, after this i found that all installed widows games ie. Solitair, spider etc: would not run, error message executable for xxx game has stopped working. This happened on a previous occasion and after contacting the supplier of my pc we finished up carrying out a factory setting restore which removed all installed programmes.

I do not wish to do this as i have only had the pc since january 2009 and already carried out 2 factory resets for similar reasons. I have also now had a failure with an audio editing program which has load but on importing a music file the programme closes. I uninstalled all the updates except office service pack2 and update kb 967642 both of which did not give the option to uninstall in programs and features which had no effect on the games.

I have uninstalled the software for the audio program and reinstalled from the program cd but i still have the same problem. I could not carry out a restore as there were no restore points prior to the update install. The factory reset was carried out on the 11may2009 which is the date when the complete system was updated. My os is vista home premium, acer aspire m3201, amd phenom(tm) 9150e quad-core processor 1. 80ghz. Ati radeon hd 3200 graphics on board, realtek audio manager. Is there any way of restoring these items and any other programs that i have not used yet and may be effected? I am only a basic user with non/very little technical knowledge.

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Cannot Run Check Disk

I can't check my system partition. I can't run some† windows functions: calculator, paint, screen saver, maybe it's can't find the file to run (it's icon become gray, screen saver: can't find rundll32.exe). But it's still in my hard disk and can run if i find it out and click. I also can't run firewall because it's dependence services can't start.

So i think partition is error and checked it. On windows, not successful to run "chkdsk" with command prompt. And after restart it's can't check with the note about need to install some software to check. I've just uninstall some soft wares, include "microsoft visual c+ 2005 redistribution" (there are microsoft visual c+ 2005, 2008. I think it isn't important).

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Zoo Tycoon 2 - Cannot Run

My daughter has zoo tycoon 2 ultimate collection. She is running it on a win 7 32 bit computer with 3gb of ram. It ran fine for a long time. After a few months of not playing, she inserted the cd and launched the program. The "run, " "install, " "web site" screen appeared. She clicked "run. " After a moment, a dialog box appears that says, "please insert zoo tycoon disc 1 and click ok to run the game" or something similar. Of course, the disc is already in the player. Re-inserting the disc or clicking ok without reinserting the disc results in nothing.

I can browse the files on the cd. The player appears to be working properly - it plays dvds.
Angry daughter blaming the help desk (me). Suggestions welcome!

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Win 7 First Run Error

I have recently switch from xp to win7 and also have change the mb and gpu to a better one, i have used the upgrade†dvd kit and after all†installation process, in the first run appears this image:

It should do what is supposed to do (test cpu, gpu, etc. ) But after a waiting time this "lighting bar" it freezes while test the new gpu (obvious the gpu was there while the installation process)†then i reboot the computer and then the same image appears and it freezes again then have turn the computer off and then change the gpu to the old one (ati older model) and turn on my computer this image reappears again†but it can do the test to the gpu performance, so the problem is between the gpu and win7 my new gpu is a asus engtx 275 could it be a†win7 bug? I hope†ms releases a hotfix to this issue because when i have to format the computer i have to change to the oldest gpu again.

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Cannot Run .exe Files

Since yesterday i have been unable to open any .exe programs on my windows 7 computer. I have read numerous questions and possible solutions for this, but none has worked.

I get an error window saying:

These files can't be opened
Your internet security settings prevented one or more files from being opened

I have read about editing the registry but it hasn't worked. I cannot restore windows 7, as i have found out i have no restore points (oops).

I have run a full scan of my system with ms security essentials, and found nothing.

Can anyone help? If you need more details, let me know.

Additional info:
- I cannot for example open notepad.exe. But i can open a txt file and it will open in notepad.

- Same goes for firefox, ie and opera. Can't open the browsers directly, but if i run an html file and choose "open with" it will open in the desired browser.

- My ms security essentials doesn't run on startup (non of my startup programs do), but i can right-click a file and choose to scan it with msse and it will open and scan.

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Must Have Administrator Privileges To Run

Administrator account used, not recognized to make changes; downloaded windows live onecare, error 0x0c600c03, windows live onecare won't uninstall, can't use windows live one care clean up tool, says must have administrator privileges to run. I have windows 7. I downloaded windows live onecare and it would not work. I received error 0x0c600c03. Then i learned windows live onecare would not work on a 64 bit system, which is what i have.

I attempted to uninstall it and it would not uninstall. I tried to use the windows live one care clean up tool and it says i must have administrator privileges to run this tool. I am the administrator. Any help on how to uninstall windows live onecare is greatly appreciated. If anymore information is needed to help resolve this, please let me know.

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Cannot Setup Wmc To Run Tv

I have a new computer running w7 64-bit, with a hauppage hvr-1850 card. I also have digital cable with a motorola dct700 box running standard digital cable from my local cable service provider. I am trying to set-up†tv on my computer using windows media centre. However, i can only get as far as†the screen that deals with†testing the remotes channel changing ability. It works fine on testing -†so i check the appropriate box saying that "the set-box changed the channel correctly. "† I am then taken to a second small†window which†says"enter a channel number"†with a checkbox "ok". This takes me back to the first window again.

The problem is that i†get into a never-ending loop between these two windows. The next button at the bottom of the first window won't work to confirm satisfactory channel changing and i am only permitted to go back or cancel - neither of which i want to do. Please can you help as this is driving me nuts. S an alternative, i have tried to set up wintv7 and am having no more success, hence my use of wmc as this is supposed to be easier process.

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Run Update Online

I†need to run windows update from†instead of from control panel. Can i turn the "automatic" version off, or is there another way to get past it?The problem is that my isp restricts the size of the day's downloads, unless i download only during a certain time period overnight. I cannot afford to have my computer slow down to below dial-up speed during the day, and since i do not want to give windows update blanket approval for downloads and installation, i cannot restrict its timeframe.

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Run Mail In Win7

I am so screwed - my sony†crashed and so i had finally restore it to the factory condition (yes, i had too - sony, microsoft support and i went round and round about this - and it took months before i finally bit the bullet and swallowed my losses). So i decided to upgrade to windows 7 from vista as well.

I have saved my windows mail store, but microsoft's mail†import option†has pretty much always s**ked†and that hasn't changed in windows live mail. The import doesn't get everything. It corrupts the folder names. After i import, i don't know what i have . Probably doesn't pull in what's been compacted .

So i want my old windows mail client back to open my old mail store - how can i get it?

Can i run both windows mail and windows live mail on my machine? I don't mind†switching to windows live mail†- i just want to be able to get to all my old mail store.

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How To Run Parallel Windows?

I am currently operating windows 7. I have been given a very old program, which, when i attempt to install it, tell me that it is not compatible with my 64-bit version of windows. It will; however, work with windows xp. My questions is:is it possible for me to download windows xp and use it in parallel with windows 7? If this is possible could someone please describe to me where i can access the necessary downloads, and what other steps i need to take.

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Auto Run Directory

Back when i was running xp there used to be a directory that contained links or shortcut of programs that you wanted to start whenever you logged into windows. I'm using windows 7 and am looking for this directory without much success. I have some apps that keep running when i log in that i don't run (like instant messenger) that i want to not start. Don't know what this directory is called and the help isn't much help. Not even sure if windows 7 has this directory or it implements the "auto run" feature another way. Ny help would be appreciated.

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Cannot Run Other Programs On Pc After Update

Windows updated and now i can't run other programs on my pc what can i do?

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