Upgrade Vs Custom

I haven't seen this question anywhere so i figured i'd come straight to the source. I just saw on one of the information pages for upgrading to windows 7 if i already own a legitimate copy of window xp or vista that i can buy and use any package which states "upgrade". Is this true? I understand that upgrading my winxp machines will mean a custom install but if you tell me i can do it from an "upgrade" package why would the sales people in the stores tell me i cannot do this? Obviously they want me to get the higher priced product but why contradict something that's easily found on your pages? Also, can i do an upgrade from a "full" product purchase?

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Upgrade Or Custom Install

I had my hard drive crash a few days ago and dell is sending a replacement. The system came with vista home premium installed and i upgraded it to windows 7 in oct. I know i have to reinstall vista first. My question is twofold. Will i need to download all the vista updates before upgrading to windows 7? And, since i'm basically starting from scratch (no worry about files, settings, etc. ), Would it be better to opt for the upgrade option or use the custom option for a clean install? Any and all advice is appreciated.

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Ms Mail Custom Upgrade

I am running vista, and have used ms mail for the last couple of years. I am trying to do an upgrade to win 7, and want to do a clean (custom) install. I just bought a copy of office 2007 with outlook, that i will install as soon as win 7 is installed.

When i try to export my mail from ms mail via ms exchange, so that i can move a . Pst to a memory stick and import it into outlook, i get a "the export could not be performed. An error occurred while initializing mapi" error. I'm stuck. I can't upgrade windows, because i'll lose my emails. I can't install ms outlook and do it, because i'll just lose it when i upgrade. Thoughts?

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Custom Installation Vs Upgrade Install

I'm planning on upgrading my vista 64 bit to windows 7 using my upgrade discs i got from hp. I'd like to make a clean installation rather than an upgrade install but there is a warning in the manual that if i choose to custom install, i may need to reinstall drivers that are not included in my discs. What does this mean? Does this mean that if i custom install windows 7, i may need to download programs in order to run my mouse, keyboard etc? (Sorry i'm an no computer techie).

Also just in general, is there a big performance difference between custom install and upgrade install?

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In-place Upgrade Vs Custom Install

I have three ways to upgrade my copy of home premium to professional: windows anytime upgrade, in-place upgrade (install windows over windows) and custom install.

I have two goals: a resulting win 7 professional installation with maximum stability and reliability; and no 'left-over' folders and files. By 'left-overs' i mean any folders and files from home premium now rendered unnecessary by upgrading to professional as well as uninstall folders (to revert to home premium).

A custom install achieves both goals, but it means i have to reinstall, update and setup all my software all over again.

An upgrade installation leaves left-overs behind. (And the conventional wisdom is that a clean install offers the possibility of improved stability and reliability vs. An upgrade. )

How about windows anytime upgrade - does it achieve both my goals?

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Vista Upgrade Or Custom Install

I'm trying to decide whether to do a vista upgrade or custom install to windows 7. I have a lot of programs/files that came originally with my vista computer or were downloaded through updates to my computer. I am not sure if they are necessary for my computer to run or not. My question is if the windows 7 upgrade is smart enough to only keep the necessary programs/filesor will my computer keep all of the vista files and use up unnecessary disc space? I hope my question makes sense.

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Custom Upgrade From Vista Wont Start

I am currently running windows vista home premium 6. 0. 6002 service pack 2 build 6002 (32 bit). It is regularly updated by windows update and has passed the windows genuine test.

I have bought a windows 7 home premium upgrade pack and as i want to access the full machine memory i want to install the 64-bit version. I am carefully following the "upgrading from windows vista to windows 7 (custom installation)" instructions. Upgrade advisor says i can do it. However, when i insert the 64-bit disk it says that this version is not compatible with my current operating system and does nothing and does not offer me the "custom install" option.

The 32-bit disk does work, but its not what i want.
Can anyone assist?

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Custom Mouse Keystrokes

The manufacturer of my mouse/keyboard have software for my mouse to allow me to change the features of each button on my mouse. Unfortunately, it is bundled with a bluetooth connection assistant which either i allow it to run at startup prompts me to connect my mouse which is a 5-10 min process and gets very annoying during update time, etc or when i am in a hurry just to check email and leave again. Or, i disable it from startup and none of my bluetooth devices are functional.

So, my only option to have my mouse/keyboard working without those annoyances would be to uninstall all of the bundled software and let windows manage my connections. A+ to microsoft for this one! With a simple mouse i wouldn't really need to set the buttons for anything, but this mouse has 13 different buttons to worry about and a select few of them are working without the extra software. Where in windows can i set my different keystrokes for different tasks, such as volume up/down, browser back/forward, media play/pause, etc? Or is there a 3rd party application that allows such?

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How Can I Setup A Custom Keyboard?

I'm trying to set up a keyboard such that each key is exactly where i want it. It's for arabic and i'd like the letters to be the nearest sounding english equivalent rather than the way the setup is in the arab world. So for example i want to be able to access a list and say: english arabica §
B šis there a way of doing this?

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Custom Installation - How Do I Restore Programs?

If i do a custom installation of windows over an old installation, how do i restore programs? Is it possible to restore the programs on the previous installation, i.e. From their installation folders in windows. Old? Or, will they not work due to registry keys left behind?

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Programs Left Over After Custom Install

I did a custom install thinking it would wipe everything from my computer like windows said it would, but it did not. Of course, there is the old windows file, which was a really cool thing for microsoft to do. The problem is now when i go to uninstall or change a program it only lists programs installed after the upgrade.

But all of my old programs are still in my program files. What was the point of a custom install if nothing was deleted? Are those programs no longer in my registry or installed, and now i can just delete them from my program files? If not, how can i get what windows told me it would do, and clean my computer up by doing a true fresh install?

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Custom Install Of Win 7 Fails

I have a full (not upgrade) copy of windows 7. The boot disk on my windows xp computer is in a removable tray, so i just removed the xp drive and put a new empty drive in the tray without having to open the case.

I proceeded to installing 64-bit windows 7 on the empty drive, including a pre-install of the disk controller drivers which allowed setup to see the drive. Everything went fine until the process got to "completing installation" and the computer hung. No keyboard or mouse activity was accepted. Both are wired, not usb, if that matters.

I reset the computer and tried to boot into windows 7, but it complained that the setup had failed and to try it again. I tried restarting the install 3 times and each time the "old" windows was saved to a windows. Old file, with incremented extensions. Each "old" folder is around 36 gb. I found this information by attaching the drive via usb to another computer so i could investigate what was on it.

I can't understand what could be causing the failure. I have recently done extensive testing of hard drive and memory with no apparent errors. Are there any logs of the setup on that drive that might explain the cause of the failed install?

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Will Custom Install Format Hard Drive ?

Just need to know if windows 7 "custom" install will reformat my hard drive, or simply install a clean version of windows? I have xp right now and i want to do a clean windows 7 install, but i want to leave my data on the hard drive, like my pictures, mp3's, documents, etc. I don't care if it deletes all my installed programs because i want to re-install my programs anyway. I just want to know if the "custom" install option reformats the entire drive, that's all. Anyone?

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Could Custom Program Files Location Be Specified Before Install ?

Could a custom "program files" location be specified before windows vista is install on a computer?

I'm a fan of running the windows operating system on low capacity high speed disks and off loading my programs and documents/data to other disks. This is a simple enough operation for the documents/data but there aren't a lot of options for the program files.

A popular windows "tweak" idea that gets close to what i want to do (if it actually worked) is tweaking the default program files location stored in registry so, as new programs are installed the default location given reflects the custom location specified.

The problem with this is the program file location values in registry do more then provide a default location for installing software. The programs that vista installs on the "c drive" during a normal installation need these keys unchanged if they're to be referred to correctly later on. So like many keys in the windows registry, they provide an answer to multiple versions of an inquiry and changing the answer tends to have further reaching effects then one might think.

So, as for solving this problem around separating programs from os, i see only two possible choices (neither of which i know how to pull off currently):

1. Make the change to the default program location before windows vista is installed (with a custom install disk or the like) so my custom program location is address from the get go, making every thing (windows programs included) install accordingly and insuring that there aren't multiple program locations to be confused over.

2. Some how, do some crafty registry work that would operate as follows: if a program asks for a default location to install a program, provide the custom location i specified, leaving the "programfilespath" and "programfilesdir" keys unaffected for the sake of the windows programs that by default exist on the c drive.

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Usb Ms Intellimouse Custom Button Assignments Are Not Working

Using a 4 button usb ms intellimouse for autocad with windows 7 and the custom button assignments aren't holding. Im using a 4 button usb ms intellimouse with win7 and when i set the buttons to use custom keystrokes for use with autocad, the buttons work but if i were to shut the machine down and restart it, the button assignments get wiped and i have to reassign them. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the latest drivers but that didn't help. Anyone have any clues or suggestions?

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Custom Install - Cd/dvd Device Driver Is Missing

I am doing a custom install in windows 7. After clicking on install i get a message, a required cd/dvd device driver is missing. How can i resolve this problem?

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Preventing Windows To Wiping Out Custom Toolbars From Taskbar

How to prevent windows to wiping out custom toolbars from the taskbar, i have a big issue with windows 7. I have two custom tollbars in my taskbar, one to simulate a windows xp quick launch and the other to open frequently used text documents. Each time i make a change, for example in ie8 internet options and restart the computer, these custom tollbars are wiped out and disabled. This is not the first time it happens. Last time it happen after having installed a windows update.

How to prevent these unwanted changes? They are very annoying because i have to do a lot of work putting the toolbars again, positioning them correctly and arranging the quick launch icons correctly. I don't like the windows behavior consisting to void years of user's habits each time a new operating system is released and much less its attempts to reset users settings like this. Ny suggestions?

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Epson R200 Printer - Custom Print Settings Save

How do i save custom print settings on epson r200 printer in windows 7? I recently purchased a new dell with windows 7, and i have an epson r200 printer. When i go to "advanced" print settings i do not see an option for saving them. For example, when using photoshop i want to save glossy photo paper type, photo print quality, etc. This is annoying because i need to reset them every time i want to print. I used to be able to save custom settings in windows xp.

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Custom Install - Program-files And Program Files X86

Custom install from windows vista hp 32 bit to windows 7 hp 64 bit leave 2 program files - "program files" and "program files (x86). Mostly same files in either folder. If x86 is needed, i don't mind but why duplicate entries with items like windows mail. I tried to to delete program files x86 without any success, and i would like to delete system-32 files in the windows folder plus any other 32 bit related items, if possible.

I do not want a system with duplicate and redundant files. Because two items that i downloaded and installed appear in both program files, i'm suspending any further actions on the installation until i'm fortunate enough to receive some help and/or advice from this forum.

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Upgrade As Clean Install Using Upgrade Media Using One Hard Drive

I need help with planning my upgrade to windows 7 from windows xp pro. Can i do this upgrade as a clean install using upgrade media if i've only got one hard drive? I'm currently running 32-bit windows xp professional and want to upgrade to 64-bit windows 7 professional.

My laptop only has one hard drive on it, so installing "fresh" to a separate hd isn't possible. Since i already back up all my data to an external hd, i'd like to just format the internal hd and install windows 7 onto that. Will that be possible though using upgrade media? How does it verify my existing xp pro license?

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How To Upgrade Hard Drive At Same Time I Upgrade To Win 7?

How should i upgrade my hard drive at the same time i upgrade to windows 7? I plan to upgrade my laptop from win xp pro to win 7 pro and want to at the same time upgrade my hard drive. I don't know what i should do to ensure that the win 7 install program recognizes the prior win xp installation.
Would it work to put the old (win xp) drive in an external enclosure connected via usb? Alternatively, what would i need to copy from the old hard drive to the new in order to have the win 7 install recognizes win xp?

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Cannot Upgrade From Vista Home As Straight Upgrade

Just obtain windows 7 professional and it states it is an upgrade for windows vista. When i start the upgrade the program states that because i have vista home i cannot do a straight upgrade. The box does not say so. Installing the windows 7 professional as an upgrade i find i cannot do it from windows vista home as a straight upgrade. It must be a full clean installation. The documentation does not say so.

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Xp Upgrade

Had registered copy of xp on backup laptop, xp crashed and requested xp disk to fix. I tried to fix but xp disk could not find hard drive so i installed windows 7 from copy i have on another computer. Everything works fine but windows genuine advantage now says i have 19 days to buy a new license key or apparently my computer stops working.

My question, can i buy a retail version of window seven professional upgrade to get a valid license key? How can i prove i had xp professional on the computer? There is a tag on the laptop with a xp product key but can i put the key in manually?

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Os Upgrade

How to upgrade my os ?On the pre-installed windows 7, how can we proceed for reinstall from scratch when no install media was given with the pc ? Is it possible to download or get them from somewhere ? I don't understand why they are not available with a new pc sold nother question, i switch to linux because it is far more performant, safe and reliable, but i have no choice every pc is sold with pre-installed os. Is it normal or can i get discount if i don't need windows ?

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Can I Upgrade?

i bought a second hand computer from ebay in july, which has windows 7 ultimate. Being a know nothing non computer type, i didn't realize that windows 7 had not even been released yet.

I received notification from microsoft 2 weeks ago that i was in fact running a trial version and needed to buy the proper release. I managed to get in touch with the ebay seller and he said he still had the computers original os software, xp, which i can have if i want.

I like w7 and want to keep running it, i'm not bothered about ultimate, the basic home will do me, but i'm not 100% clear on what my options are though.

I currently have:

Windows 7
Evaluation copy. Build 7100

Ideally i would like to go with the cheapest option which is an upgrade to home-is this possible?

I have been told i need to reinstall original os (xp) to qualify for an upgrade-is this true?

I am in the uk by the way.

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What To Upgrade?

I installed the rc and have used it with great joy until i had a conflict between outlook and 7.

After two hours of microsoft teck having control of my computer they sent me a link whereby i down loaded a clean full copy of 7. Old install went over vista. So i took everything of the computer and reloaded everything and i mean everything. Since then till now been great.

Now with the computer turning off i am in dire straights. Cant back up but more importantly i do not know what version i am supposed to purchase as i have been told the upgrade will not work and the full version loaded by the teck to sort out a flaw in the system will cost me $400 plus. Screaming here as i do not know what product i need to get. I have been waiting on microsoft to get back to me , 12 days now. I'm in trouble as i can't go back to vista or xp for that matter without redoing everything all over again; 1-2 days work.

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Upgrade On New Hd

I have an inspiron 1720 and am doing a switch of drives. I have windows vista installed on my primary hd and have bought windows 7 upgrade. I want to make my current hd the secondary drive and install a new bare drive as my primary drive.

Can i install the new bare drive as the primary drive, do a complete install of windows 7 using the upgrade version and then format the old drive to be the secondary drive? Or do i have to upgrade my old primary drive first with windows 7 upgrade and then switch it to be the secondary drive and then install windows 7 upgrade on the new primary drive?

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Is Win7 Best Upgrade For Xp ?

Is windows 7 the best upgrade for windows xp? Will windows 7 delete all of my programs after being loaded? Will my hp printer work with windows 7?

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Upgrade From Xp - Do I Need To Have Xp Installed ?

If i buy a windows 7 upgrade, and upgrade from xp to windows 7 do i need to have windows xp installed, because i currently have a virus and can not get into that hard drive, is it possible to present a old cd during the installation? Xp home edition to windows 7 home premium, currently i have a corrupt version of windows xp on it, would that be sufficient, is it possible to run the upgrade from the boot disk, even when i have a corrupt installation because of the virus.

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How To Upgrade Drivers?

I have been using win7 for the past few weeks and it was great! The only thing i didn't like about it that it didn't have aero in it. I did the windows experience index and it was 1. 0 :(. I checked out the "troubleshoot transparency and other aero effects" thing, and it said this: "video card driver does not support aero. " How do i update my 'video card'? The win7 os is on my desktop computer. I had to format win xp and install win7.

Oh, also, heres a few details of the pc:
Os: windows 7 ultimate
Ram: 512 mb
Processor: intel® pentium® 4 cpu 1. 60ghz
Video card:? How do i find the v. C. ?

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