Error - This Program Is Blocked By Group Policy

I'm having downloading files and an error pops up saying " this program is blocked by group policy. For more information, contact your system administrator"

1. The header reads "c:usermikeappdatalocalmicrosoftwindowstemperary filescontent. Iesmdco. "

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Group Policy Has Locked Me Out Of Programs

Windows update/microsoft update, access denied to programs, group policy has locked me out of programs on my own darn computer! Update used 2 auto update me on windows programs and microsoft programs as well, not anymore! I only get updates on windows and i cannot change any of the settings. I visit microsoft update and it tells me some like error # 0x80070002 i have been to mr fix it, windows online solution vista, help and support, ive been online with microsoft and they take me right back 2 where ive already been to a dead end!

Ive tried to reset update components even deleted the files out of the data store. Another problem is regarding problem reports & solutions- i can view all the problems and report them but if i ever try to view a solution forget it! I have tried many things to resolve this but i still get 'the page that you are trying to view cannot be displayed' quiet similar to internet explorer cannot display the webpage. Also i cannot start or stop many of the services on the group policy service it wont let me do either one!

Also i am using windows vista home premium 32 bit operating system. Every time i visit a solution center it tells me that i cannot use solutions regarding windows vista that i have to go to windows xp for advice.

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Disable Ie Add-on Via Group Policy

My organization recently began deploying sophos antivirus on our windows 7 32-bit workstations. After deploying to a subset of our machines, we encountered an issue where the sophos browser helper object (bho) prevented certain intranet pages from displaying. Sure enough, disabling the sophos add-on would then allow affected users to view the web page. I would like to disable this add-on on all machines for the time being, with the end goal of enabling it when sophos updates their bho to where it doesn't block content on our intranet.

I have attempted disabling the add-on by using group policy. The method i used is documented here: I've also attempted to disable the add-on by editing the registry per the same kb article, but i haven't had success with this method, either. Do you have any suggestions on what i can do to disable this add-on organization-wide while still allowing the ability to enable it later? 

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How To Disable Group Policy Restrictions ?

When i try to change some features/functions on my win7 system, the operating system blocks the attempts, telling me that the "group policy" prevents me from doing what i want and to consult my "system administrator. " Since my home doesn't have a system administrator or it department, this suggestion is useless. The latest incident was when i tried to add/change one of the desktop gadgets. When i research the group policy problem online, i'm advised to run the gpedit. Msc program but that results in an error, "mmc could not create the snap-in. "

How can i get gpedit. Msc to work or to disable the group policy restrictions on my win7 home premium system? (I've already set the uac level to "none" and my user profile has administrator's rights. )

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Group Policy Blocking Update Settings

I only have one admin account on my computer when i installed windows i chose do not check for updates just to get started now when i go under control panel >> system and security>> windows update>> settings i cant change anything and it says on top " some settings are managed by your system admin"and says something about group policy and i can't open group policy because i have win 7 home premium and i cant find any thing under registries(regedit).

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Hardlock Service Blocked When Installing Program

I am trying to install a program that used a service called 'hardlock' to verify its license.
But when installing windows 7 is blocking the service from being installed and started. This worked on windows xp.

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Error - Admin Policy Is Set To Not Allow To Install .msi Programs

Can't install programs (. Msi?), And the error message says that it's because the admin policy is set to not allow it. But i'm the admin, i've recently installed windows 7, and, as the title says, there are some programs i can't install. What i've noticed is that they are "msi" files (i think) - don't know if this means anything or not. I get an error message (red "x") that says that the system admin doesn't allow such a file to be installed, but i'm the sys admin. I took a gander at the admin tools (control panel), but i don't understand most of what's there.

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Error Invalid File Handle When Applying A Tag To A Group Of Photos

I am trying to apply tags to a group of photos. If i select about 10 photos in windows explorer, then go down to the bottom and enter a tag, sometimes i will get at least one error popup. The popup window has a title of "apply properties file" and the error is "invalid file handle". I am given an option to retry, and 90% of the time this succeeds. Any thoughts on what could be going on here?

Windows 7 ultimate 64 bit on a dell xps 17.

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Network Diagnostics Policy Not Working

I went to windows update and saw an optional update there and updated my laptop. After restarting my system for a while, i tried to connect my laptop wireless to my broadband, it did not respond to left click, i tried going to start button and click on connect to, after trying twice, it opened the connect to bar but it was blank and stuck. I tried right clicking on the wireless icon on the toolbar, it told me diagnostics policy is not working and asked me to turned it on, i tried many times but it wont work.

I have tried system restore to no avail. I have tried using services. Msc to restart windows diagnostic it does not open. Everything works perfectly fine in safemode in simple terms. I cant go to connect to on my start button and connect to a wireless connection. It does not open or when it does, it is blank and freezes. By the way i run a windows vista home premium. 32-bit.

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Home Group Not Working

I have 2 machines. Pc - running win7 ultimate 64-bit netbook - running win7 starter i set up a home group on the pc and then netbook cannot see it. I have done the following:uninstalled nis 2010 (on both machines)- reboot turned off windows firewall (on both machines)- reboot set up home group on pc looked for and connected to home group form netbook looked on pc and could see netbook turned on windows firewall (on both machines) - reboot - still working installed nis 2010 (on both machines)

- Rebooted could still see pc from netbook, but not the netbook from the pc two days later turned on netbook, could not find pc home group left home group on netbook joined home group on netbook - worked 1 way only left home group on pc recreated home group on pc left home group on netbook looked for home group - gone now here are a list of other issues that may be related:cannot use home share for itunes when i type net view i see (2 machines from the pc (pc and netbook), but 1 machine from the netbook (netbook only).

I cannot see the other machine when i look at the network map from win7 network and sharing i can ping each machine i cannot map a drive across machine (keeps prompting for user id and password)i am hoping this is something simple. My reason for the netbook was to be able to remote to my pc and easily share files.

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Home Group Networking

I have 2 laptops, a&b, with w7 home premium connected together with a crossover ethernet cable and can't get them to network with a home group. On a i have an air card for internet access, which shows in the network and sharing center as joined to a home group. On a i was able to create a home group and get a password and the unidentified network showed as a home network but after shutting down and restarting it is now a public network. Now both computers computer show as an unidentified network and as a public network. I am not able to chance either of them to a home network (or i don't know how to do that).

When i run the troubleshooter, i get the message "local area connection" doesn't have a valid ip configuration; not fixed. I have also received a message that tcp/ipv6 was not enabled, but when i check the controller properties, it is checked. At one point on b i was asked to put in the password for the home group, which i did, but got the message that it was unable to join.

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Network Group Issue

On windows 7 premium box is written that you can easily create a work group, but in my case it does not give me the choice to do so! I have 2 printers attached to my modem/router, but i cannot create a network group to be able to see the printers. All this was working fine with windows xp, and if i go to w-xp is still works fine. My question is is the box of windows 7 miss represented for a windows started, which i read in some publication that you can join  a home group but not creating one. What gives?

Am i not understanding the capabilities of the windows 7 that i bout. Please help me understand if i need to buy a different level of windows7 to make my network work and see my printers connected to my modem/router.

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Group Programs With Big Icons

I have my taskbar button properties set to "combine when taskbar is full" which i quite like as i have a wide-screen and having the old style taskbar is nice, but i also like it when icons all all under on icon but i still want the longer lable on top. Its quite hard to explain. Ill post pics at the bottom.

But basically what i want is it so new windows of the same program all sit under one icon, kinda like the default thing but instead of just being an icon it having the name of the window as well.

You can get it to do what i want by putting in on combine when full, and then opening loads of windows and then it chucks them all under one icon with the text of the program on it, but it only does this when the taskbar is full. I want it so it does it all the time.

So if you look at the attachment you can see that windows explorer has stacked all its icons as i opened loads of them and i have done the same with firefox and they both just say the name of the program on them. While i have also opened two vlc windows but as the taskbar it no longer full they have taken up two slots of my taskbar instead of combining into one which is what normal happens with the default settings, but remember i stilll want the text next to the icon saying what the program is.

Link to image http://i235.

Is this possible in anyway? Should i send this message off to microsoft to see what they can do?

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Local User & Group Management

Recently i just got my win7 upgrade to the home premium edition for my desktop, which is going well and runs smoothly in conjunction w/ my ubuntu laptop. During my setup process on any computer; i disable/rename the default guest/admin accounts just as matter of old habit from xp it days. Now imagine my surprise when i went to my computer>manage and didn't see the user accounts.

My question is, is this something not apart of the home premium edition of win7? And if it is apart of this edition, where did it get moved to?

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Transfer Group Of Files From Flash Drive

Windows xp has 'file' and 'edit' nothing remotely like them on 7, i want to transfer a group of files from a flash drive as a group, not singular, in one or at most 2 steps. Ie. There is no 'move. ' or 'copy.

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Network / Domain Group Enabled By Default?

Is network group or domain group supposed to be enabled by default? I ask this because i've heard from other people that having a network group allows other users to access/share your system. Also that none of these need to be enabled if you just want to be a single user.

Under computer name, domain, and workgroup settings it shows: "workgroup: workgroup" someone has been able to remotely control my computer for years now and i'm looking for any answers.

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Blocked Drivers

I got a new hp 610 laptop with windows 7 home basic operating system. On installing the "total protection" it gave me an error saying that a driver. Had been blocked by the operating system and disabled. It is not giving me an indication as to which driver it is.

It must be something to do with the firewall because i cannot get it to switch on. I have total protection running on my pc and previously on my other laptop but they were running on xp pro.
Have you had something like this before?

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Product Key Blocked

I have just installed(once again), my windows 7 ultimate on my recent formatted computer, because i got some problems so i had to do it. The problem is that i changed my video card because the other one stopped working. Now i put the cd key and it says that microsoft have blocked the cd key for use, and i will have to put another in 3 days. I think this is happening because i binded my cd key with my hardware when i had the another video card, so what can i do now? Where can i change it? The only hardware piece that changed was the video card, the other stuff is all the same.

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Blocked By Bing From Going To

I am using windows 7 ultimate 64-bit os factory installed on my hp high performance pavilion elite. This is a 64-bit system. I am experiencing frequent instances of bing coming up and blocking my attempts to go to web pages i select. One instance is trying to go to bing page comes up and blocks the attempt. Javascript is mentioned but not explained. I go to the sun web page to download java and am blocked trying to download 64-bit java. I am possibly an intermediate user and certainly not an expert and i am confused and frustrated.

Another problem with bing coming up to block is my attempt to download pictures as screen-savers from webshots. Each time i try to download a picture i am shunted off to bing! I don't understand. How can i get rid of bing, so i can use the internet as before?

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Access Blocked To Files

I recently set up my new laptop with windows 7 ultimate and transferred files from my old xp laptop. I'm finding several folders that tell me "access denied". I've tried to upgrade the access through file properties>security but often the permission upgrade boxes are greyed out so i can't even improve the security. It seems that a lot of the "denied" files are under my user name.

The workaround this is to slap a blocked file from my old laptop onto a usb key and then saved it a public user on my computer but what a hassle and how inefficient.

Any ideas on how to resolve my security issues?

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Downloading Files Blocked

I am trying to download a completed form from a government website and am getting the error message "to help protect your security, ie blocked this site from downloading files to your computer. Click here for options. " When i click to download file, i get the message "to display the webpage again, ie needs to resend the information you've previously submitted. " I'll click retry and am taken back to the beginning and start the whole circle over.

I have added the website to my trusted sites, have tried taking the privacy settings down to accept all cookies and have tried turning off popup blocker. Nothing seems to work to allow this to finish. I am running ie 8 on windows xp pro. The file is small in size and i've not had trouble until today.

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Activation Key Is Blocked

I bought 64-bit win7 in october thru the school program via download. I installed it at the time in a dual-boot configuration since it was going to take me a while to move programs & data to it (was going from 32-bit xp, had too much stuff that wouldn't run). I installed it & activated it no problem.

Eventually, i got fully moved to it & deleted the xp. About 10 days ago, i got what appears to be major ntfs corruption (machine wouldn't boot, if i put one of the drives - hardware 3ware raid1 - in another machine it didn't recognize a valid file system, etc. ). So i have rebuilt it, but it wouldn't take my key as valid during the install. I thought it was odd, but i didn't realize what was going on at the time. It's because it's an upgrade key and i no longer have xp on this system.
So now i have perused various websites and found 'workarounds' for getting it activated doing a clean install with my upgrade key.

But none have worked. And in fact, the last one returned the message that my activation key has been blocked! It's only been used/activated one time, on this same hardware, so i imagine it's the repeated attempts at activating it. I cannot find a number within the os to call ms about this. I can provide order details, key, etc.

Who do i contact, how do i get this resolved? If i have to install xp again and do a clean install while it's on there, i guess that's what i have to do. It's ridiculous, though. But it appears my key is no longer going to work. I am worried that i have been permanently locked out of what i paid for.

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Product Key Has Been Blocked

Yesterday i installed windows 7 (32 bit) in a virtualbox virtual machine; but the machine got corrupt; so i reinstall windows 7 again, today. I could not enter my product key, so i did the "slmgr. Vbs /ipk product key" then "slmgr /ato" (without quotes) and a few moments later a message came up saying that "the activation server determined that the specified product key has been blocked. "This is a legal copy of windows 7 bought at christmas 2009. (Which *** me off because i did not pirate it. )This is why i love apple; no product keys to worry about. (But i need windows 7 for some win-only programs. )I can see a lawsuit arising because of this issue effecting even legal copies.

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Intellitype Pro - Default Key Settings Group: Bank 1, S4-s8 Macro Keys Are Left

My question is when i restore defaults to the default key settings group: bank 1, all of my assigned macros turn to not assigned as they should but not s4-s8, it is only on the default key settings group and bank 1, for example my custom game macros if i restore defaults to the mall of the customized settings that i made return to not assigned as they should. But if i restore defaults to the default key settings group: bank 1, s4-s8 macro keys are left with what looks like something
Is assigned to them but nothing really is.

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Installation Blocked By Trend Microsystems

Trying to upgrade to windows 7. Says installation blocked by trend microsystems and i should delete the program. The program does not exist on my computer. Also, i'm rally bummed that i loose microsoft mail and there is nothing that easily replaces it. The free programs want to import from other email programs but not mail. It would cost me another $200 to upgrade to office 2007 pro.

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Software For This Device Has Been Blocked - Code 48

Can't find out where to download a dvd/cd-rom driver for windows 7 windows 7. My computer won't even pick up my dvd/cd-rom device. And it says it's actually up to date which is strange because it also says "the software for this device has been blocked from starting because it is known to have problems with the hardware vendor for a new driver. (Code 48)".

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Graphic Card Attributes Blocked

This is new build with windows 7 ultimate. I have a asus p5b-vm do motherboard, 3. 2 pentium 4, geforce 9500gt 2gb 128bit graphics card, 1gb ram kingston hyperx. Seagate 500gb primary, and a 250gb secondary. The attributes for the graphic card are blocked. Cant see the card in bios, display has none as well. I can see other programs and their attributes, publisher etc.

No nvidia card, just available memory from pci 2 way device. When i try to update the drivers for this graphics card  i get no device installed for drivers. Yet the system is using my card apparently with some generic drivers?

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Activation Product Code Has Been Blocked

I purchased a retail copy of windows 7 ultimate and installed and activated the 64 bit version successfully. After a couple of weeks, i received a message to say that build 7600 copy of windows is not genuine. However i'm still receiving automatic updates. The packaging appears to be the same as shown on the microsoft website as being genuine and also the disc has the holograms including the "microsoft" and "genuine". I have tried to validate the software and get the message that the product code has been blocked.

I have been on the windows script host and get the following:

Partial product key: dqtc2
Activation id: a0dce89c-3304-4157-b61c-c8ad785d1fad
Extended pid:00426-00172-067-063493-00-1033-7600. 000-0912010
Installation id: 01390212809129332393578444308785508652896074146621

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Reinstalled Win 7 Key Now Blocked

I just reinstalled windows 7 ultimate on my pc. I installed 1st a few months back but i had a problem some malware which i couldn't remove so i formatted my hdd and done a clean reinstall (something i do every so often anyway just stop things clogging up anyway). This was a week or so ago but now it says that the activation has failed as my key is blocked.

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Genuine Win 7 Key Blocked

Ok this is somewhat a long story but here it goes. I was installing a system driver for my motherboard that was released today. During the installing my computer froze and i had to reboot. Upon my reboot all of my usb ports stopped working as soon as, i hit the log in screen. I had no way to log in or control my computer as soon as i hit the log in screen. The system did not recognize that anything was wrong so i never was prompted to repair my os. I lost my windows 7 cd a while back though i had a backup on my hard drive i had no way of reaching it.

So i got a back up cd off my roomates computer. I tried to use it to repair my computer no detection of my hard drive or windows install as i later learned it was a home x32 version. So i got a x64bit backup from his computer which was also windows 7 ultimatex64. I installed windows on a different drive than my own so i could recover my backup off my computer. So after installing his backup and i recovered and burnt my back up cd, then i rebooted.

The setup screen prompted me i installed my raid drivers and tried to repair the drive, it would not even detect that i had a windows install on my raid nor my restore points however it said i had errors with my startup and i let it attempt to repair. Once again i got to my original windows 7 install log in screen and all my usb's were still disabled. So i decided to reinstall over the top of my original windows and planned to do a restore previous version once i got in to windows.

So all went well i got in to windows and highlight my windows folder to restore to 3 days before the system driver install but the option to restore was greyed out. I figured i must have to activate my windows and upon typing in my key i received a message saying my key has been blocked by microsoft. I bought a windows 7 ultimate x64 version over 5 months ago. It was certified as genuine from when i bought it up till today. It has been verified various times throughout those months.

I have been regularly updating my computer, verified on microsoft's download site as recently as 4 days ago, registered to my live account. I am 100% sure this is a legit key. I must have went through 5 startups / partial installs, 3 full installs but only 1 attempt at trying to activate my key. Why has my key been blocked i own my copy, no one else has ever got a hold of my key, it is only on my computer, i only tried to activate from my personal back up installation. What is going on? Why has my key been blocked?

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