System Error Memory Dump Files

Upgraded from xp to win7 using custom advanced option. Install went ok. I have an 80gb hd w/2gb ram. The hd is about 1/2 free space. After opening a windows session for several hours, system error memory dump files occupy more than 35gb hd space creating the low disc space warning. In order to correct the problem i must restart using the chkdsk/f utility. When chkdsk/f is run step 4 of 5 takes a long time apparently repairing errors. When the reboot is complete the free space is again available.

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Bsod Memory Dump With Error Code 0x0000007f

Windows 7x64 working fine for a few weeks then out of the blue i randomly get a bsod memory dump with the error code 0x0000007f. I'm running a dell studio 17 with 4 gb of ram on windows 7 64-bit home premium. My system was running flawlessly for a few weeks since i upgraded from vista, then suddenly i started getting bsod memory dump error [code:0x0000007f]

I had a problem similar with vista on this computer, it was from a certain update from microsoft. After i removed the update it worked fine. I'm hoping it is something similar to this.

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Blue Screen - Physical Memory Dump

So, up until recently (november 18-20th) my laptop was working relatively fine. I had some updates from around the 10th that i hadn't updated with, and after having done so i began to receive physical memory dumps. My first solution was restoring to before i updated my computer, which worked. I reinstalled my updates after a good 4-5 hour session, but ended up with the bluescreen 10 minutes into a session shortly afterward.

I have looked at the thread from august, but those updates did not cause memory dumps. On the side, i removed the update causing a different bluescreen which i have yet to encounter, and i do not know if it is the on responsible for my dump (kb9xxxxx, lost the related forum). I am also trying to avoid testing this at all costs because i know the damage physical memory dumps can do to a computer. And somehow my windows vista question got put under windows 7?

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Physical Memory Dump - Blue Screen

First post here so hope someone can help me. I have a brand new pc amd althlon ii x2 630 processor, 4gb ram, win 7 64 professional. I randomly get the blue screen reporting a dumping of physical memory. The machine has been back to the pc vendor, twice which they ran cpu, hd and ram tests. All report ok. They have also replaced ram to try that. But still the same. T first i thought it maybe the software i was using being only 32 bit, but seems to make no difference, can be in my email and the blue screen or doing more demanding tasks in photoshop, it seems to make no difference.

Also, i can go for a week with no problem, then get the blue screen 3 times in 1 day? I've dried re-installing drivers, windows memory check reports no errors either. Ny ideas? Here is a memory dump report i save, 3 in total and all look the same to me. Problem signature:

  Problem event name:    bluescreen
  Os version:    6. 1. 7600. 2. 0. 0. 256. 48
  Locale id:    2057

Additional information about the problem:
  Bccode:    50
  Bcp1:    fffffa80089e2000
  Bcp2:    0000000000000000
  Bcp3:    fffff80002ad5a24
  Bcp4:    0000000000000000
  Os version:    6_1_7600
  Service pack:    0_0
  Product:    256_1

Files that help describe the problem:

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Blue Screen Memory Dump During Shutdown

So i am setting up windows 7 enterprise 32-bit in a computer lab, and most of the time when i perform a shutdown or restart i get a blue screen memory dump. I think it has something to do with an apple software product as the problem started showing up after i installed itunes and quicktime. I tried uninstalling all of the apple software and deleted all i could find in program files, but it has made no difference. I tried installing a hotfix that was said to fix this problem, but it didn't. (404160_intl_i386) my blue screen info is: stop:0x0000000a (0x8ac65bf0, 0x00000002, 0x00000001, 0x8286f1b9)

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Memory Crash Dump File (bsod, Product 768_1)

I am at a loss as to how to resolve this issue. I have run memory checks, even re-seated the ram cards, but to no avail. When trying to shut down the computer, i encounter a bsod with a memory crash dump that soon goes to a login screen. I am unable to shutdown, except via safe mode.

I have perused some older posts but there seems to be unique reasons for the problems, like specific drivers. Some of you experts have been able to open the dmp file and peer into the reason (driver) causing the problem. Can you kindly do the same for my case? I can attached a copy of the latest (today) dmp file in zip format, if it can be done later or through personal email.

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Blue Screen With A Memory Dump When Using Built-in Cam On Laptop

Each time i use my built in cam on my laptop a blue screen appears with a memory dump. I have done a system restore, error check, defrag, registry clean and error but nothing seems to help. I am open to suggestions.

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Error - System Memory - When Play Game

I have frequently used the free cell game that came with vista on my pc. Suddenly started to get a "critical error" message when attempting to run it: "the system has run out of memory. Try closing some applications and trying again. ". The other game (solitaire, hearts, etc. ) All seem to open just fine, but i don't use them. Any suggestions as to how to troubleshoot, repair or reinstall?

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Error - You Need At Least 256 Mb Of System Memory To Run

Error - you need at least 256 mb of system memory to run zoo tycoon 2. (Xxx mb detected), while trying to play zoo tycoon 2. Its saying i need 256 mb of sytem memory to run zoo tycoon 2 (0mb detected)yet our pc has lots of memory left, its like brand new, and windows 7. The game starts loading, but i get some message, and exits the game. Any help?

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Crash Dump Error At Startup

After putting in password windows starts to load after around 10 mins a message appears for about 2 seconds cant read it all but can catch the end of the message. Crash dump then screen goes blank computer shuts down then restarts and takes me back to password box i type in password and the whole vicious circle starts again & again & again frustrating tried restart, shutdown, f10, f12, all keys on keyboard but nothing interrupts this circle.

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Win 7 And The Shared System Memory

I have a nvidia go 7300 graphic card in my asus laptop with 4gb of memory, i installed windows 7 rc and like vista i can use only 2. 87gb of my memory because the rest is been used by the shared system memory for my graphic card. It's a bit stupid that anyone with 4 gb of memory can't use them. Windows should use the 4gb of memory and if necessary allocate more memory only the amount of memory needed and when isn't already needed free that memory so windows 7 can use the full 4gb. It's possible to fix this in future releases? Or is there a solution for this problem?

I have windows server 2008 installed in another machine with a ati x300 with hyper memory and windows uses the full 4gb even with a 1, 7gb allocated for shared system memory why windows 7 doesn't do the same?

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Shared System Memory Question

I'm new to window 7, infect i just booted it up today. My question is, when looking at my gpu, knowing that it has a 1gig ddr3 module on it, why does windows automatically allocate 1789 mb twords the  graphics memory.

In other words:
Nvidia 9500gt 1 gig ddr3
4 gigs system memory
Shared system memory = 1789
Dedicated  video memory = 1024
Total available graphic memory = 2813

Why does the system allocate so much memory, and how can i decrease it, or remove it, so that the memory that is being allocated can be used by the system and not by the video card. Or if i'm misunderstanding the changes that have happened from xp, could someone explain it to me.

System setup:
Gigabyte p55
I5-750 2. 66ghz
9500gt 1 gig ddr3
4 gigs corsair 1066mhz

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System Freezes During Memory Diagnostic

Built system 5 months ago. Worked fine for 4 months. There were no changes to hardware or freezes at all points of operation randomly. Will not complete windows memory diagnostic, will freeze anywhere from 5% to 20% completion of pass 1 of a 2 pass test. Tried all settings: basic, standard, extended, cash on cash off it didn't matter.

Please help, my components have warranties, is one of them bad. It wont complete any diagnostic without freeze. Is there any other way to identify the bad component or is it a setting that got screwed. I don't monkey with bios settings and generally haven't had any problems. This is my 3rd build and the only one i have had problems with. Running win7 x64.

Oh almost forgot this tidbit. Occasionally it wont reboot after freeze. I have even had to reinstall the cpu to get it to restart. Taking all proper precaution as far as not reusing the same paste properly cleaned etc.


Mb: asus m4a785td-v evo
Cpu: amd phenom ii 955 dual core

Memory: patriot g-series 2x 2gb 1333 ddr3 total of 4gb pluged into channel a

Video: nvidia gts 250 1gb pcie
All bios settings are set to auto

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8gb Of Memory And System Resources Shows 99% Used

Does anyone know why windows 7 ultimate uses all available ram memory. Have 8gb of memory and system resources shows 99% used. When i close programs memory usage stays at 99%. How do i free memory no longer being used by closed programs.system had 4 gig memory upgraded to 8 gigs still same issue. When i reboot memory usage is at 25% and within an hour i am at 100% without opening programs.

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Error - Cannot Read Memory - The Memory Could Not Be Written

I keep getting this error on opening internet explorer version 6 , 7 or 8, the instruction at 0x100073f3 referenced memory at 0x100073f3, the memory could not be written, how do i fix this.

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Windows Detected An Add-on Trying To Use System Memory Incorrectly

As soon as i logon to my secure work webmail account, i get a pop up = ulead mp3code v1. 0. 18 ulead system ( I then get the message noted in my question title and i am forced to exit windows. Thus, i am never able to check my work email from my new computer that uses windows 7/explorer 8. This never happened on my previous windows xp computer.

I was told to disable the 'sound' that plays when new email arrives. I have done this and it has made no difference. Digging deeper into the problem i read about dep which is getting far too complicated for me. What the heck is going on and how or who can fix this?

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Big System Files

Ok so i have windows 7 ultimate on my computer with a solid state drive that i have the os on. A seperate drive is used for information. My solid state drive is 30gb and im eating up 26gb for whatever reason. I used a tree mapper to see what files where killing my drive and i found that 2 system drivers where killing 14gb of space. "Pagefile.sys" is taking up 8gb and "hiberfil.sys" is taking up 6gb. Now this is in the c: drive, not in the widows folder. Anyone have any ideas as to what the issue is, if there even is an issue?

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Deleting Unwanted System Files

I need to delete old vista system folder such as "windows, intel, program files etc"

The story so far (but refer other posts from me")

Bought new vista pc (32 bit home premium)
Loaded w7 rc1 32 bit

Removed w7 rc1 but it left system folders. When w7 was released obtained upgrade pack loaded w7 64 bit as a clean start. This presented several options but i chose this setup pc had vista on c: drive. Ie was the system drive.

D: drive was a media drive with no system files after w7 installation pc was setup as multiboot at startup with w7 as the prime, vista a option. The installation changed the drive names swapping the c: and d: w7 was on the now c: and vista was on the now d: i could live with this?

After a while when i was comfortable with w7 i wanted to remove the multi-boot option with w7 and vista and remove all old vista system files on the d: drive. I did this using a program (see earlier post)

However this left the vista system files on the d: drive. I have been trying to delete these old unused (i think) folders.

This is what i have tried:

Tried to delete folders using explorer as administrator - access denied

Changed permission for administrator and user to full control - tried to delete folders using explorer as administrator/user - access denied

Utilized program driver cleaner - the file type ie.system folders does not appear in list so cant delete file (see earlier post)

Utilized drive management program in w7. Note it sees the system drive as the d: drive not the c: drive.

Used cmd.exe as administrator using the rd /s switch command - access denied.

Tried to reformat the d: drive - it tells me it cannot reformat the the system section. Note again the system drive for w7 is the c: drive - this is where all the required system folders are reloaded the w7 install upgrade disk and reinstalled w7 64 bit.

After completion nothing changed - i still cannot delete the old system folders on the d: drive and the system drive is still being seen by drive manager as the d: drive! At the moment i am going round in circles with this how do i delete these old system folders? There is a total of 20gig of unwanted files! It should not be this hard!

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Replace Win 7 System Files

I need to replace and register ieframe.dll as it has been corrupted and sfc /scannow will not replace it stating it is unable to repair this file and this is also affirmed in the cbs. Log file.

How does one find the dll files that were once in i386 and expand them, and second this seems to be an ongoing issue with windows 7 that this file corrupts, thus causing internet explorer 32bit crashes that further expand downstream to an inability to install anything excepting older install technologies, i.e. Old software. I also will save time for cut and paste mvps, 1. A repair install is never an option if steps can be taken to fix this and this has happened before and a clean install is not either, 2.system repair, resetting ie settings and removing add ons have not fixed this, 3. There is no malware, spyware and/or virus issues, 4. This is a typical error, you can replace multiple applications in place of xxxxxxx.exe, in this case it was iexplore.exe that was the victim of it. Why the heck did microsoft make ieframe.dll so near and dear to multiple important programs? I would love to hear a reason.

Faulting application name: xxxxxxx.exe, version: 8. 0. 7600. 16385, time stamp: 0x4a5bc69e
Faulting module name: ieframe.dll, version: 8. 0. 7600. 16625, time stamp: 0x4c2ae03f

Exception code: 0xc0000005
Fault offset: 0x0001f21b
Faulting process id: 0xbf0
Faulting application start time: 0x01cb4023d0dadb79
Faulting application path: c:program files (x86)internet exploreriexplore.exe
Faulting module path: c:windowssystem32ieframe.dll
Report id: 11f691f1-ac17-11df-8d26-002268487b45

5. My system is using the windows 7 signature edition ultimate, (lol. )

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Backup Issue - Some System Files Were Skipped

My question about backup in windows 7 is that i did a backup yesterday, windows not only saved data in libraries but it also backed up some files of already installed softwares from "program files" (which is included in system drive c:) but when i restored a software for experiment (after uninstalled it), unfortunately windows didn't back it up and gave a message "some system files were skipped because they cannot restored to original location. To restore these files, try a different location". So what does it mean? Can we not restore installed software? Also what's different between system image and windows backup?

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Blue Screen / Dump / Bugcheck

Since upgrading to windows 7 my computer randomly crashes with a blue screen then restarts itself in the safe mode option screen. I went to the event viewer and there it said "the computer has rebooted from a bugcheck. " Under the error. Under the critical event it said:

Event filter with query "select * from _instancemodificationevent within 60 where targetinstance isa "win32_processor" and targetinstance. Loadpercentage > 99" could not be reactivated in namespace "//. /Root/cimv2" because of error 0x80041003. Events cannot be delivered through this filter until the problem is corrected.

More however show up under both error and critical with this message:

Session "readyboot" stopped due to the following error: 0xc0000188 (sourse listed as kernel power).

How can i fix this so that my computer stops crashing on me ? This is getting very frustrating, i have already read other posts with the same problem and tried the suggestions there, but nothing has worked at all.

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How To Upload Bsod Dump File To Skydrive ?

This must be a dumb question, but i can't figure it out yet. Here is the situation:

I logged in and was able to get in skydrive created a folder, set to be shared with everyone.
When trying to upload the file from c:windowsminidump, it was rejected because lacking of administrator access right. This is my private/home pc, i recalled when created my user account, i set myself with full access right of an administrator, and just open the window control panel to verify it.

I also tried to drag the dump file from window explorer to the shared folder on skydrive without success. It must be a few simple clicks.

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Error - Out Of Memory

Error: out of memory error when i enter about my second game in combat arms (fps) by nexon. It shuts down the game everytime around entering the second game and gives me that error. I have had this computer for about 3 months now and this error only started to happen when nexon introduced voice chat and some new game features which took place in a patch about 1 month ago. How do you fix this error?

Windows edition: windows 7 home premium
Processor: intel core i7 860
Ram: 8 gb
System type: 64-bit os
Motherboard: p7p55d asus motherboard
Video card: geforce gtx 295
Builder: myself

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Error - No Memory In Allocsharedmemory

When i reboot my computer, i get the error box that says "no memory in allocsharedmemory. " How do i prevent this from happening when i restart my computer? How do i fix the "no memory in allocsharedmemory" error that i get when i restart my computer?

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Frontpage Error - Not Enough Memory Available

When saving changes in frontpage, receive error "not enough memory available" in windows 7. When trying to save changes using frontpage i get an error message saying they not enough memory available to perform the requested operation. My computer shows that i have 30mb of memory free, but over 1 gig available in standby. How do i get access to the standby memory?Not enough memory available to perform the requested operation. Close some programs to free up some memory. (Something in that area)

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Ie7 Error - Out Of Memory

While on ie7 i get an 'out of memory error - line 140'. After 4 or 5 clicks it goes away and page reloads.

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Ie7 Memory Error

While i am on the net i click on things and i get a message that pops up stating "memory full on line xxx". Does anyone know what this means? And if so how to take care of it?

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Memory Error And Dumps

I have a lg laptop, model r405, 2 errors keep coming up - the blue screen error (which is logged in a separate post) and memory error (this post), which i got after a few blue screen errors.
Upon running the tests in action center, i got this error message:

Action center - security - maintenance
Address a problem with ati graphics driver
Ati graphics driver has stopped working 8time(s), last occuring on 05/03/2010 5:32pm. Steps
Are available for addressing this problem.

When i look for details, this is the 'message details':
This solution could not be downloaded

Most likely causes: your computer was unable to download the solution at this time. Check to make sure your computer is connected to the internet, and then try to download the solution again later.
But the computer is connected to the internet and the connection is working - i am receiving email and able to browse.

Also, in the disk clean-up, there is 377mb in 'system error memory dump files' as well as 3. 37mb in 'system error minidump files' - i did not clear these in case you  needed more information on them.

This is the "problem details":
Source - windows
Summary - video hardware error
Date - 26/02/2010 6:50 am
Status - solution available
A problem with your video hardware caused windows to stop working correctly.
Problem signature
Problem event name: livekernelevent
Os version: 6. 1. 7600. 2. 0. 0. 768. 3
Locale id: 4105
Extra information about the problem
Bccode: 117
Bcp1: 861bc510
Bcp2: 930203ee
Bcp3: 00000000
Bcp4: 00000000
Os version: 6_1_7600
Service pack: 0_0
Product: 768_1
Bucket id: 0x117_tdr:2_image_atikmdag.sys
Server information: 51d496a8-3201-4c78-a0d0-9c39ce60dd0d

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Memory I/o Error 0xc0000056

The required data was not placed into memory because of an i/o error status of 0xc0000056. This error appears frequently after the computer has been on for a while. It requires a re-boot to get the system working again.

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Update Error - Referenced Memory

I can't run an update there is an error massage "0x09ec0068 reference memory at 0x09ec0068 the memory could not be written", can someone help me how to fix this.

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