Cannot Change Time On The Taskbar

Once when i bought the computer it was fine. Then once i noticed that even though it was 5:10 pm sunday 4th of july, it showed that it was 1:10 am monday 5th of july! So i changed it. This is what i did:i clicked on the place where it showed me the time, and the clock and the calendar popped up. Then i clicked where it said "change date and time settings. " The window with the date and time and the time zone displayed came on, and i clicked the change date and time button, with administrator permission (which is me).

I doubled clicked the hour and used the arrows to set it correctly. And also with the minutes and seconds. And i changed the date. I clicked ok. Nothing happened- nothing changed, and the wrong time is still there. So what happened? How do i fix the time?

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Date / Time Format On Taskbar

This is regarding the date and/or time on the right-hand side of the taskbar. Mine only displays the time . I've looked and searched but cannot find a way to add the date and/or day of the week there (with the time). I've seen the time, day of week and date on some pcs, so it can be done. But how?
I also have 2 additional time zones which show when i hover the mouse over the time, which is fine - then the date and day of the week show in the popup, but i want besides my local time, also the date and day of the week displayed on the taskbar.

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Increasing Mouse Hover Time For Taskbar

I'm using windows 7 ultimate and i set it to auto-hide a taskbar for a long time ago. Usually, when i hover on it, it'll slowly show up, which made it different form xp, and i like it so much. But recently (just now) i noticed that it show up instantly when i hover on it and it hide instantly too after i move the mouse away. (I'm talking about the taskbar, not icons on it (the aero peek) which is working fine) i'm just curious if it has something to do with a registry entry?

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Taskbar Change

Today i noticed that when i scroll over the icons on the taskbar i no longer get a small image of what would be displayed on the screen if i clicked on it. I only get a small grey rectangle that gives me the information in text form. For instance, when rolling over the internet explorer icon that was previously opened as the google page, instead of the image of the google page i get a small grey rectangle that says "google - windows internet explorer". Can i change this back to what it was before easily, or what caused this to happen?

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Change Network Icon In Taskbar

Is there a way to change the network icon in the task bar to show network activity like other windows releases with the two monitors that light up and off?

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Can I Operate Xp And Win7 At The Same Time ?

Have an ide hard drive with xp and my programs on it. Am about to install a sata 2 hard drive with windows 7 home edition 64 on it. My question is: can i operate xp and windows 7 at the same time?

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Any Time Upgrade Or Reinstall

I recently bought an hp laptop that had windows 7 home premium installed on it. I have a copy of windows 7 ultimate (promo retail) that i would like to use instead. I have installed it but have found that most of the extra stuff that hp throws in does not work on standard installs if windows. I could easily do a system restore and use my copy as a any time upgrade. If i do this does that key become tied with the home premium or could i reinstall it at a later date(as a retail version) and restore the laptop back to home premium

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Two Different Audio Systems At Same Time

Is it possible to play the audio from a movie on tv speakers and at the same time have a different audio playing on a headset (example, kids watching a movie (media player) as i listen to pandora on a headset)? And if it can be done, what would it take to do this using the same pc?

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Win 7 Keeps Changing Time

And that screws up my tv watching and recording. It's very annoying. I've seen the problem here with vista (though my husband's laptop with vista never does it) and the only answer relates to the time changing on boot and having to do with the bios.

Well, my dell computer with windows 7 will change time even when it's left on and i checked the bios. The bios has the right time. When i noticed it tonight (it didn't record survivor), win7 said it was 3am. It was 9:15pm. I shut down the computer and checked the bios: 9:15pm.

I've even set this to automatically update every 4 hours. How did it get to be 3am? Will there be a patch for this win7 problem? I've tried turning off autosync, changing servers. And for awhile it stayed solid but then changed again!

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Speeding Up Start Up Time

Since microsoft does not recommend or support registry cleaning programs, how then does one speed up his system when starting up? There are programs that start with my windows application that i do not want, or need to start with windows, and they will not let me remove them from the start up menu. Aol to be specific. I do not want it running all the time, but it will not allow me to remove it from the background. There are others that i do not need tying up resources, and they do not give me the option not to load on startup. Windows defender is ok, but i don't particularly like it.

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Pc Restarts Each Time I Try To Shut Down

I've looked through the forums to see if i could find a solution to this issue, but the most i've been able to find is that there might be an incompatible driver somewhere on my system that's causing this to occur. When i click on "shut down", the computer does shut down, but then it turns back on after a few seconds. I had a clean install of windows 7 ultimate (64-bit)done on the computer to wipe everything off of it and start from scratch, and this still occurs. My computer is an mpc clientpro 424. I've tried disabling automatic restart, and the issue still occurs. Can anyone help?

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Apply Upgrade Second Time To The Same Computer

Windows 7 - family pack of 3, do i take a second hit on the number of upgrades left if i apply upgrade a second time to the same computer, after replacing hard drive (previous drive failed)?

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Os Boot Menu Time Setting

I don't know what this black screen is called , but its the one, where  u can choose which operating system u want to use. For example if u installed windows 7 and windows vista and u open ur computer  it gives u a choice  to choose which windows u wanna use. Basically i installed windows 7 twice and  now i have to choose between windows 7 and windows 7 the first one is the working one, the second one not. But it takes 28 seconds to be chosen automatically. I was wondering if i can either decrease these 28 seconds to 1 second for example or just remove the second windows 7 to make it run with the first one automatically.

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Regain Access To System Time

I am using windows 7 ultimate retail. I have a problem where my system time seems to always be between 3-20 seconds too fast. This is not much, but i'm a perfectionist.

I thought that i should try to update the time manually, so i clicked the time and date next to the systray, and chose "change settings for time and date", press the tab internet-watch, and hit "change settings" i get the error message "can not continue" "you do not have access to perform this your system administrator" now this is in norwegian, so i translated it.

I suspected this might be an error with my user account, that does have administrator rights. So i logged in on the administrator account, just in case, but the same error message appears there.
I have rights to perform any other task than this.

Any way to fix this?

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Laptop Clock Time And Date

New asus computer laptop with premium windows 7 package. The date and time constantly changes when i turn it off and reactivate it, when it is say down for a day. Shouldn't the internal battery and memory be keeping time and date. This is especially true if i put it in hibernate mode. The change is subtle may just change a few days off , but keep correct time. And sometimes both are off. This is a constant problem and only problem. Even have it set to synchronize with internet. I need to use calendar, but won't do me any good if this is going on.

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Internet Time Sync Problem

I'm having internet time sync issues, and i've done what i can to fix it. This is a brand new laptop running on win7 64-bit. I've already tried changing time servers, and each time i start up my computer, it's the same time that i had turned it off the night before. (Actually, this morning it was an hour after i turned it off. ) I've gone into the registry and changed the specialpollinterval to 86400, and still i'm having issues. The only anti-virus software i have on this computer, for now, is avast!

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Power Failure During Boot Time

I have a hp system that was upgraded to windows 7 home premium x64 from vista using the hp upgrade dvd. Everything worked fine until yesterday. The system restarted after a needed system update and by mistake i hit the power button during boot time. I press the button again to start and the system just does not want to boot. I have tried changing to onboard video on bios setup, system repair, system restore and safe mode but nothing seems to work. I also entered commands bootrec /fixmbr and bootrec /fixboot

During safe mode it just hangs at ahcxi64s.sys and then it restarts again. The system repair log shows below:

Root cause found:

Unspecified changes to system configuration might have caused the problem

Repair action: system files integrity check and repair
Result: failed. Error code = 0x490
Time taken = 849535 ms

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Hdmi And 3.5mm Audio At Same Time

Right now, i have a 46" lcd tv hooked up with a vga cable and a 3. 5 mm audio cable. I have a second tv, a 40" crt hdtv hooked up with an hdmi cable. I'm running them as dual monitors.

Windows 7 will only allow me to select one audio device (right now the onboard audio. ) I can easily change between the two, but i would really like to run both at the same time. Is this possible in windows? If not, is there any 3rd party software that can accomplish this?

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Only One Usb Port Will Work At A Time

If i connect two 500 gb external hds to my inspiron 1750 at the same time, they are both recognized by 'devices and printers' but only the one first connected can be opened in 'computer'. If i then eject both external hds and re-connect (pull out the plug and re-insert it in the same port) the hd that previously could not be opened now opens without a problem, normally. If i then re-connect the first hd, it then cannot be opened but is recognized in 'devices and printers'.

So - both external hds , their cables and the usb ports all work absolutely fine - but only one at a time. This is so in any combination of the three usb ports available. I can open a couple of flash drives simultaneously no problem.

I can open both external hds simultaneously on my tower pc with windows xp.

How can i get both external hds to open simultaneously on my windows 7 laptop, please?

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Wrong Format For Short Time

This is not properly a development question, but it is reflected in development -and i could not find a place to file bugs for windows 7. In windows 7 ultimate (i haven't tested with different versions of 7), when you set "format" in "region and language" to italian (switzerland) the short time is wrong. The default format is "h:mm tt" but

1) tt is ignored: the example shows for ex. "7:32" when it should display "7:32 p. M. "
2) "h:mm tt" is not the correct default, it should be "hh:mm"

Curiously, the date in the taskbar is in fact in hh:mm format regardless of this setting, and also .net's datetime. Now. Toshorttimestring() returns "19:32" in the example above. However other applications like mozilla thunderbird are influenced by this setting and resent from this bug (in a email program it's rather annoying when you can't tell 7 am from 7 pm). I would be thankfully if someone could tell me how to file a bug report as i couldn't find anything in connect or under my msdn.

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Slow Boot Time When Nas Is Not On

I just recently built a new computer and installed win 7 professional 32 bit. I have a nas that is turned off because i think it is about to fail. Making all sorts of loud noises and so forth. When windows loads it stalls with a black screen for a good thirty seconds before taking me to the desktop. It also warns me that it cannot connect to that nas. Before i told windows that it was there it would immediately boot up. Is there any way to tell it to not try to connect to it? I know i can just disconnect it within the my computer screen but i didnt want to lose my drive mappings.

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Organize Photos By Date And Time

How to organize photos by date and time? I am finally at a a point in life when i am no longer at the bleeding edge of technology and believe it has passed me by. I bought a new laptop with windows 7 so i could organize my photos. However, i cannot find a way to organize my photos by date then time. For example, a recent trip to disney world i have over 1000 photos from 5 different cameras; all have correct date/time stamps and i want to put all of these photos in one folder and organize by date and time.

Each picture's file name begins with the letter of the person that took the photo, and are then number sequentially. All photos are also tagged w/ individuals, park, event, etc. However, i cannot find a way other than date. Once i get them in order i will then make a slide presentation in movie maker. I need help. How do i arrange my photos by date and time?

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Play Sound Through Two Outputs At Same Time

I am using my computer as a home theater pc. I want to hook it up to my stereo receiver (denon avr1910), which is a "2 zone amplifier", or in other words, i can have my 5. 1 surround in my living room (zone 1) and also have speakers somewhere else in my house (only stereo) (zone 2). In my case, the zone 2 outputs connect to some devices that distribute the signal throughout my entire house, in stereo. So, my problem is, i need a digital input into my receiver for the surround sound (which i plan on using optical). My receiver also requires a separate analog signal for the "zone 2" (which i plan on using a 3. 5mm to red/white rca). But i'd like the computer to output it's signal through both ports, simultaneously. In "playback devices", it seems i can only select one output as the "default device".

Mainly, i use windows media center, powerdvd when playing dvds, and occasionally sound from the internet through firefox. I have windows 7 professional x64. The sound card is a creative sound-blaster x-fi. The motherboard also has integrated sound, with optical and analong. If it helps, both video cards are ati radeon 5770 (not crossfire), and if there's a way to output sound through the hdmi out on this card, i could use hdmi between the computer and the receiver to get the digital signal there instead of the optical. (I'd rather not, but it's an option if i can't get it on optical).

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Clock Utc Time Wrong

The windows 7 clock says my only choice for us cdt is utc-06. When i close the computer and reboot it resets the clock to utc-0 every time.

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Automatic Logout After Idle Time

I've searched the forum and found people asking about how not to get logged off, but i really would like to be automatically logged off after a period of inactivity (say, 2 hours). And i mean logged off, not just have a password-protected screen saver kick in. Is there a way to do this in windows 7 (i've got the home premium edition)?

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Run Time Error 9 - Subscript Out Of Range

Original title: "error code" title bar: schedulemessage: run-time error '9': subscript out of range seems to pop up when i start different programs.

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Unable To See Drive In Apple Time Capsule

I am unable to see my "z:" drive in my apple time capsule. The network installed without a hitch and internet works fine on my pc as well as macbook pro. I use z: to store my backups though i don't use their backup software. Every time i reinitialize or reset the wireless device from the pc i get slightly different results but invariably, when i try to access it, i get a dialog box that asks for my password and, invariably, it is rejected, although i have checked and rechecked my entries.

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Cannot Manage Backup Space On More Than 1 Drive At A Time

Cannot manage backup space on more than 1 drive at a time; can view backups on more than 1 drive at a time. I make image and regular backups to 2 different usb drives - because you do not know when a backup drive will fail. Win7 backup and restore gui allows one to view backups on multiple drives at same time via "select another backup to restore files from".

Manage space only allows to manage space on the currently configured backup drive. Further - if modifying the configuration to select a different drive - you are forced to start a backup before you can manage space on that drive. - "Save settings and run backup" there may be little space on the drive - so i will have to either cancel the backup after started or configure a useless  small backup so that i can then manage space on the drive.

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Run Time Error - 13 - Type Mismatch

I have a peerla program for apa formatting and am unable to use it. Every time i try to cite something, i get a pop up saying run time error 13 type mismatch

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Programs Taking Long Time To Load

Windows 7 - when i right click on any icon, in desktop, programs, my computer, documents, it takes 5 minutes for the window to open. Also any program in system tools takes 5 minutes to load. Windows explorer must be corrupt. Before i do a complete wipe, i was hoping someone knew of an easier solution to my problem. This is what i am running.

Here is the problem i am having when right clicking. After running several complete disk scans, registry cleaner, disk defrags, error fixes, device mgr. You name it, i have ran it, even from the cmd, there are no system errors, except for one minor error pertaining to my monitor display.
I have searched through all my hardware, and checked for updates, it always comes back as latest version installed already.

What is happening is when i "right click" any icon on the dektop, pgms, my computer, recycle bin, etc. It takes windows explorer like 5 minutes to open the little options window. Here is the problem i am having when i left click. When i go to system tools, and try to run defrag, it takes the same amount of time or more to open. Left clicking on 95% of all pgms. Works fine with no hang ups.

My thought is, windows explorer has been infected somehow but gets by all my system checks. I really don't want to do a wipe, but if it will make this issue go away i have no choice. I must add, that after my complete system check and defrag, everything worked great, but after the next boot, i was right back where i started with the same problems mentioned above.

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