Virtual Xp Mode

I'm testing running the virtual xp mode machine off it's own nic instead of natting. First i installed via nat and all works well but when downloading on either machine, one slows. So i decided to install a separate nic, told the virtual machine that was it's connection, and now it's running off of it's own ip, etc. The problem now is that it seems to have slowed the opening of programs on the virtual machine. Are there other settings i'm not configuring to make the virtual machine respond like it's suppose to?

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Xp Mode And Virtual Pc

Recently installed win 7 pro (64-bit)on a dual-booted (2 1tb hard drives, one drive with xp pro) machine. Virtualization is turned on in bios. Cpu is intel 3. 22. Ram is 4gb. I am the administrator and the only pc user. Yet when i attempt to install xp mode on win 7, i get the pop-up window that says: "the virtual machine configuration could not be created. User does not have sufficient access rights. " I have repeatedly uninstalled and reinstalled xp mode. Does anyone have any solutions? Email removed for privacy

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Installing Xp Mode In Ms Virtual Pc

I downloaded and installed the ms virtual pc and ran the xp mode install and update. When i go to start the virtual pc mode it is there in the start menu but there is no xp to start. When i start the virtual pc it goes through a startup load and ends in the virtual pc session on a dos screen asking me to 'reboot and select proper boot device or insert media in the selected boot device'. When i try to reinstall the xp mode files it tells me they are already installed. The pc is running windows 7 professional and is a core 2 duo e4600 cpu 2. 4hz and 3gb of ram. Can anyone tell me what the problems is here?

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Virtual Xp Mode Is Unreliable

I have a dos-based accounting program. It started complaining that it was unable to read a file. I looked to see if the file existed. It did. I replaced the file with a back-up copy. This did not improve the situation. I then shut down virtual mode. The window went black, but remained on the screen. Finally i shut down windows 7. When i tried the procedure again the same thing occurred. After this i removed both the virtual session and its hidden folder. Programmer for visual c+ 6. 0, and microsoft office including access.

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Xp Mode And Virtual Machine

Recently i bought new laptop with windows 7 home premium 64-bit and have upgraded it to windows 7 professional through microsoft official web site without any problem. Iím trying to install xp mode and virtual machine so i can run some siemens software. While trying to install 64-bit xp mode system was giving the error "xp mode_en-us.exe is not a valid win32" so i downloaded 32-bit xp mode from microsoft site and installed it to machine without problem, however when trying to install windows virtual machine and xp mode updates iím getting error "the update is not available to your computer"machine is hp dv6-2155dx†and virtualization is already enabled in bios†iím also confused because i activated windows online and have id number, system says that windows is activated however when trying to get help from microsoft i get message that windows are not activated with their server!

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Xp Mode / Virtual Pc Install Problem

I have completed all of the steps per the windows vpc website.

-> Completed hav tool

-> Completed three steps, in order on windows vpc website

-> Virtual pc & windows xp mode are in programs menu.

-> Virtual pc starts & opens as supposed to.

-> Windows xp mode displays popup "download windows xp mode" the setup file must be downloaded and installed for this feature to work. [Download] [cancel]

"Download" returns me to the three step process i have already completed.

Fyi - i have gone through the 3 step process several times all steps state that "install of update is already installed on this computer"

I have an asus g73jh with windows 7 professional 64-bit, i7q720, 6gb ram, 500gb hd.

What am i doing wrong?

How do i fix it?

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Unable To Print From Virtual Xp Mode

I have twice attempted to set up my hp laserjet p3005 printer in virtual windows xp mode and failed. I would like to be able to print from my dos software. Unfortunately windows 7 professional 64 refuses to run my dos software as well as some of my old windows software and i am therefore forced to use virtual windows xp mode. (Some of my old windows software refuses to run in either mode i.e. Flight simulator 2004)

I am wondering if i am assigning the wrong port to my printer. I read that i need to assign it to a 'ts' port. Some of these ports indicate that they are 'uninitialized. ' i tried one of these without success. The last port i tried†to use read: ts004 (martinvd: prn6)

As a test i open a command prompt window in virtual windows xp mode and type: dir >prn. The only noticeable reaction is the appearance of another command prompt. I have not yet attempted to use port lpt1. I have no problem printing from windows 7.

For those of you who wonder why i still use dos the answer is that writing a program with turbo pascal for dos is significantly faster than writing the same program in virtual c+ 6. 0, which refuses to install under windows 7! Programmer for visual c+ 6. 0, and microsoft office including access

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Bsod After Installing Xp Mode And Virtual Pc

I am getting the bsod after rebooting my machine after installing xp mode and windows virtual pc. After installing xp mode and then wvpc, the computer reboots and finishes the update. At that point i can bring up xp mode and use it. It is the next time i restart the computer i get the bsod. I have narrowed down the problem to the windows virtual pc update (kb958559) that is causing the problem, but no idea why. I can consistently replicate the problem and system restore is the only way to get the machine to work again. I was on windows 7 home premium and upgraded to professional using the upgrade anywhere. My chip will handle hardware virtualization and it is turned on in my bios (can't manually do it, but it is turned on by default and the windows tool confirmed it). Dell studio xps 9000. Any help would be appreciated. Getting a little frustrated at this point.

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Using Usb Device In Xp Mode Virtual Machine

How to reinstall xp mode virtual machine and have usb device to be seen by virtual pc. Reinstall xp mode virtual machine get usb gaming device recognized by virtual pc. I removed the virtual hd and pc for xp (i screwed up the xp) after installing xp mode. I currently have windows me running as a virtual pc. Is there a way to reinstall the xp virtual machine? Also, how do i get the virtual machines to recognize my usb gaming device?

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Bsod After Xp Mode / Virtual Pc And Update Installed

Used upgrade anytime to upgrade my home premium to ultimate. I installed xp mode windows virtual pc and windows xp mode update. The the programs installs fine but after the very next boot i get the bsod screen. In short it says there a errors with ndis.sys file at the top of the screen i get driver_irql_not_less_or equal. If i do a system restore back to before i install xp mode every thing work fine. But short of wiping every thing off and starting over how do i fix this problem.

System specs
Less than a week old dell studio xps 8100
Dual screen 1900x1080
Windows ultimate64
2. 8 g 860 cpu
8 gb of ram
2 terabites of hard drive space
Hd 5750 ati card.

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Lexmark 5000 Xp Virtual Mode Issue

I have win 7 pro. I also run win xp pro in virtual mode. My lexmark 5000 works fine in win7 but is not recognized in win xp. I re-installed the printer while in xp mode. It installed with no error and even got the window saying that a test page is being sent to the printer but nothing happens. When i go back to win 7 mode, the printer works fine. In xp control panel, setting, i can see the printer and it is checked as default but is not visible when sending a page to print. Any fix for that?

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Cannot Find Printer Port In Xp Mode / Virtual Pc

Have an older calcomp plotter. Used it with win xp. Drivers are not compatible with windows 7 (64). Upgraded to win 7 professional, downloaded xp mode and virtual pc. All went well. Installed my plotter in xp mode, but can't seem to find the usb printer port plotter is connected to. Know plotter works because as i was trying different ports the test printed to my hp printer that is set up on a home network. Have read different instructions, but they are over my head. Have hp touchsmart w/ three usb ports on back. Used one of these ports to attach printer. I think i have to do some set up of usb devices in xp mode, but don't fully understand what i should do. Anyone using xp mode and windows virtual pc with windows 7 who can explain simply would be appreciated greatly.

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Win 7 64-bit Virtual Xp Mode Issue With 3 Monitors

Windows 7 64bit, virtual xp mode. 3 monitors. Cannot drag virtual app to left monitor but can drag to right monitor. We have an app running in virtual xp mode on windows 7 64bit. We have 3 monitors. All the native applications can be dragged from the center (main) monitor to the left and the right monitors. But any virtual apps can only be dragged to the right monitor.

If you click on the far right of the title bar and drag the virtual app to the left monitor, the window disappears where it should be displayed on the left monitor and the window stops once the cursor hits the edge of the center monitor but the cursor keeps going on to the left monitor while the virtual app stops where the cursor was on its title bar. It doesn't matter what virtual app it is. I loaded office on the same virtual machine and all the office apps have the same problem.

I tried moving the monitors around, as long as the monitors are on the right as far as the display settings are concerned, i can drag the virtual apps to it. But any monitor to the left cannot be dragged to. I tried this on other computers, if the monitor is on the left, it cannot be dragged to.

But if the monitor is moved to the right of the main monitor in the display settings window, then it can be dragged to. This only effects virtual apps. Lso, if i just run the virtual machine, i can drag it to the left monitor.

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Program Crash When Running Filemaker Pro V4 In Xp Virtual Mode

Program crash when running filemaker pro v4 in windows xp virtual mode under the 64-bit version of windows 7 ultimate. With filemaker pro v4 running in windows xp mode under the 64-bit version of windows 7 ultimate filemaker crashes when i resize the xp window. Upon resizing the window the window goes black briefly and then†it looks like windows xp logon popup gets initiated before restoring the screen.

At that time i get an error message from filemaker indicating that the file may be corrupted. Also, if i shut down filemaker and try to restart it†filemaker will not start unless i completely shut down the virtual mode and restart it. This is a quite old version of filemaker but it has run fine under standalone os's†xp and vista.

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Xp Mode Virtual Hard Drive Storage Amount Issue

I installed xp mode last week on my 7 ultimate edition installation. Overall the virtual pc has been working fine, but i have encountered a problem concerning the virtual hard drive. Within the xp mode itself, the vhd shows that it is only using 19gb of space, but in the user accounts within windows 7, the . Vhd file is 60gb. I'm not sure why the virtual pc is doing this, but it is a major problem since my physical hard drive only has 150gb for the 7 installation, and the file cannot be defragged in 7.

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Can I Run 32-bit Xp In Xp Mode Virtual Host Under 64-bit Win 7?

Can i run 32-bit xp in the xp mode virtual host under 64 bit windows 7? I have a legacy program (for an alpha smart neo) that communicates via usb, and it is not compatible with 64 bit platforms.

I'm not sure if the 32 bit limitation is in a driver, or in the main manager program provided with the neo. On a related topic, can i load 32 bit drivers in the virtual xp under windows 7, assuming i can run 32 bit xp under 64 bit windows 7?

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Win 7 Virtual Hard Drive To Install In Ms Virtual Pc

I test using microsoft virtual pc and virtual hard drives to emulate multiple operating systems and ie browsers on one machine. This is a core function of ensuring my products are can be supported on a wide range of environments. My company is not going to upgrade to windows 7 for some time but i expect many of my clients will upgrade soon. I'd like to tell them that i support windows 7 but i cannot find a virtual windows 7 with ie8 hard drive to install and test. Is microsoft going to make one available and if so, when?

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Windows 7 Freeze In Normal Mode, Safe Mode Works Fine

I am out of ideas. Three days ago my computer started freezing within a few minutes after startup. Freezes with no mouse movement and no keyboard. Must shutdown using the power button. Happens every time i start in normal mode. Safe mode works fine. I have done quite a bit of reading and tried a number of things, so far to no avail. Quite a few error codes present, here are some:

Winlog 6000
Service 7001
Distrib 10005
Service 7026
Event log 1101
Kernel 41
Browser 8032
Load perf 3011
Load perf 3012

I have tried restoring, turning off all non-microsoft services, disabling sound, updating video driver, memory test, adjusting bios per g skill tech forum. All hardware showing normal operation in device manager.

I can't find the minidump .dmp folder in c:/windows. The only location i find for .dmp files is in the watchdog folder, and there are quite a few in there. Let me know if i need to upload them.

My computer is a couple of months old and has been working flawlessly until this happened with one exception. (I have been getting occasional monitor blanking for a couple of seconds followed by a notification that the graphics driver has stopped responding and was successfully restored. )

Windows 7 home premium 64
Intel core i5-750 cpu
Gigabyte ga-p55-ud3r mb
G. Skill ripjaws f3-15000cl9d-4gbrh ddr3 (2 x 2gb) ram
Evga nvidea gts-250 video
Realtec alc888 sound
Asus vh226h hdmi monitor

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How To Get More Virtual Memory For Games ?

My virtual memory is low how do i get more virtual memory for my games thats all i want to do i have deleted programs but still says i have no virtual memory and alot of errors appear game downloads but does not open to play. I get alot of errors when i start the computer like kernal32.dll. And low memory and virtual memory.

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Virtual Pc Driver Issues

I have installed microsoft virtual pc on my win7 machine with the hope of playing project igi. However, when i launch igi within the virtual xp machine, it gives me a d3d error message and the game will not launch. Normally i'd assume this was a graphics card driver problem so i downloaded my gtx285 drivers (xp version) within the xp virtual machine and tried to install them. I get the following error "the nvidia driver setup could not locate any drivers that are compatible with your current hardware" is this a driver problem or something else? Can anybody help me? I'm dying to play my old time favorite igi

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Virtual Keyboard Problem

I have a dual monitor setup on win7. One monitor is a 24 inch flat-screen lcd, the 2nd is a 19" compaq crt. I run win7 and ie8 and use the virtual keyboard when i input hebrew characters into hebrew programs. I now have a problem when i try to use the virtual keyboard.

When i click on the icon in the tray at the bottom of the screen an image as if a window (for the keyboard) seems to open quickly and just floats of to the top and left, onto the top of the second monitor and then off the screen via the top edge of the second monitor. This may now be an open window that is off both of my monitors so i can not use the keyboard? What is going wrong? How can i fix this so the window opens normally on my primary†monitor and stays put so i can use it?

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Compuserve Virtual Key

I have windows vista. I previously had compuserve classic isp. I was using virtual key with my compuserve service. I have discontinued compuserve classic. But now when i open internet explorer i receive a message that "there is a problem with virtual key shared cache and you need to restart your browser". After closing the window, internet explorer starts without a problem. I have uninstalled the compuserve software but it doesn't remove this message from appearing each time i open ie. Any suggestions? Do i have to reinstall ie software and how do i do this?

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Uninstalling Virtual Pc 2007

I did not realize i had windows virtual pc installed and i installed virtual pc 2007. Having virtual pc 2007 installed causes windows virtual pc to fail. I cant figure out how to uninstall virtual pc 2007, can you please help? I tried the command "msiexec.exe /x" in the windowssystem32 directory but it give the error "this installation package could not be opened. Verify that the package exists and that you can access it, or contact the application vendor to verify that this is a valid windows installer package. "

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How To Add Printer To Windows Virtual Pc ?

How do i add a printer to windows virtual pc when using windows 7? I have tried the add printer section in the xp vm mode but it can not see any of the printers attached to my machine. Both printers have drivers installed in windows 7 mode. I have tried manually adding the printer drivers but that won't work either.

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Microsoft Virtual Wireless Adapter

I have a dell vostro 1400 notebook with a broadcom wlan 1390 installed. Recently, i have upgraded the wlan driver to version 5. 60. 18 using the upgrade provided by dell bearing id no r242438. After the upgrade, i have confronted the following problem. The name of the adapter has changed in programs like stopcut and netcut. In other words, when i try to access the drop list to choose the name of my network adapter, i find the name of my ethernet adapter mentioned correctly, microsoft virtual adapter mentioned correctly, while my wireless adapter is labeled as microsoft instead of dwlan 1390 as it used to display before.

The adapter is displayed with its right label (dwlan 1390) in the device manager and in the adapters list in the network connections window. However, whenever i use a third party application to access my adapters list, the label i got for my wireless adapter is microsoft and not dwlan 1390. I rolled back to my old driver and i get the same result.

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Scrolling Problem In Virtual Pc 2007

I'm running virtual pc 2007 on a dell inspiron 1545 laptop with windows 7 as the primary operating system. In virtual pc i'm running windows 98 se, so that i can run some old ssi games (panzer general 2, pacific general). The problem i have in the games is that when i go to the edge of the screen to scroll through the map, rather than a nice smooth movement, it jumps all the way to the edge of the map, with no in between. It either doesn't move or when it does it's rapid uncontrolled movement to the edge. Is there any way to slow it down so that it behaves more like it did in a native setup of windows 98?

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Virtual Pc Configure Updates Failure

Trying to install windows virtual pc in win 7. Will not install, i get "configure updates failure" reverting changes†" virtualization is enabled, can't find anything wrong in system logs have tried installing different ways same error can any body help, this seems to be a big problem as i see a lot of people†having the same type of problem with different errors one would think that microsoft would fix the problem, sending a letter to them also.

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Home Premium 64-bit Virtual Pc

I was noticing that virtual pc 2007 is available on the list of student downloads, but there isn't a version that will run on windows 7 64-bit that i can find a link too, which kind of makes me sad since it would solve a lot of the issues im currently having with a c+ class i'm taking, teacher is making us use borland 5. 02 which i cant seem to get to work in windows 7, at least not completely, but anyway i spent most of yesterday and today repartitioning my hard drive and installing vista 32 bit on another section of my drive, but now i have to switch between them since all my visual studio 2008 projects are on my windows 7 partition. If a version of virtual pc 2007 exists for†windows 7 home premium 64 bit then please let me know.

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Virtual Disk Service Will Not Start

I have recently bought a new hard drive, and am trying to format it using the disk management utility. I get a "connecting to virtual disk service" message that stays there indefinitely. I retraced the problem to the virtual disk service in the services browser, and i can't get it to start.

If i manually try it, i get a "windows could not start the virtual disk service on local computer. Error 1053: the service did not respond to the start or control request in a timely fashion. " Message, and the services browser lists virtual disk as starting. The service is also there in the task manager's service tab under vds.exe, i cannot stop it (access is denied).

I have made sure that all the required services (plug and play, rpc, dcmo, rpc endpoint) are already started.

Setting virtual disk to automatic will do nothing after a reboot, just list it as "starting". I have tried disconnecting all my drives (dvd, three other hdds including the new one) other than the os drive, same problem. Tried safe mode, same problem.

I just can't get this damn device to start to format my drive :/

My computer is :

Intel e6400
Intel dg965wh
5. 5gb of mixed ram (mostly kingston)
1x 160gb seagate hhd (os)
1x 160gb seagate
1x 500gb seagate
1x 1tb seagate (new drive)
Windows 7 home premium 32bits up to date (yeah i know, need 64 for my ram. )

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Cannot Connect To Virtual Disk Service

I recently upgraded from vista to windows 7 home premium 64bit. I am not sure if the problem occurred then or later but here it is. I cannot read disks in my dvd drive. Windows doesn't recognize when ive inserted a disk. I then went to disk manager and after clicking on it the message "connecting to virtual disk service" comes up and nothing else happens. I have an hp m9515y pc. This may have occurred when i attached a wd elite backup. I have since disconnected the wd drive and tried uninstalling their software. The only anomaly i see in device manager is 1934 ohci compliant host controller's status is "the device cannot start code 10".

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