Dungeons And Dragons Game Program Wont Start

I try to run the game dungeons and dragons online with a pc os win 7 , 64 bit. However i try all the compatibility modus, with or without admin rights, when i click the exe button, the only thing i see is the little window: will u run this program, and after this nothing happens . Someone have any idea what els i can try, because i don't get any warning of message of an error, nothing at all, it just dont run . I know its possible to run the game on this os system, others can do it.
Must be something on my pc i suppose , but i have no idea what it can be .

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Game Will Not Start Because It Cannot Find Flash Player 10

Windows 7: downloaded adobe flash player 10. Windows explorer search located program in c:users|archie's asusappdata. Appdata is not listed in folder list in that location. New game will not start because it cannot find flash player 10.

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How To Stop Program To Automatically Start On Windows Start ?

In w7 how do i tell a program not to automatically start when i start windows? The program itself does not have an option allowing me to disable its auto start.

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Game Civilization Ii Program Compatibility

I have the game civilization ii. It ran fine on my old windows lap top. When i tried to run setup on my new windows 7 computer i got the message "the version of this file is not compatible with the version of windows you're running. Check your computer's system information to see whether you need an x86 (32-bit) or x64 (64-bit) version of the program, and then contact the software publisher. "

When i tried to run the program using the program compatibility utility nothing happens.

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Associating Game With Program File

When trying to launch ms flight simulator x standard (with both sp1 & sp2 installed) from the games explorer in vista ultimate (32 bit) i receive an error message to set a program association in set associations from control panel. As a matter of fact all the games in my game explorer display this message.

I know how to set associations, i just don't know which file extensions (or files) to associate with which programs. I associated the extensions ". Flt" and ". Fssave" with program microsoft flight simulator(followed by the little 'r' trademark symbol). I found that in program files->microsoft games->ms flight simulator it is the flight simulator.exe. Yet i still get the error message. Shouldn't it have associated itself when i installed the program from the disc i purchased?

I have also used the disc to do a "repair installation", did not improve the situation.

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Can't Find Solitaire Game Program

I can't find the games solitaire, etc on my version of windows 7. Can't find system tools either. Seem to be short some very old & familiar programs.

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Cannot Install Game Error Message - Program Name Not Responding

Cannot install game error message "program name not responding" then computer freezes (vista 32 bit) hp model a6220a. I am unable to install settlers ii 10th anniversary op system 2000/xp (xp recommended) processor 1. 4 ghz (i have 1. 6ghz) memory 1gb (which i have). I get so far as to agree to terms and conditions click on "agree" then click on "next" and then i get the message "settlers ii not responding" and then the window freezes and i have to shut down to get rid of it.

I have other games that state on the box they are compatible but the same thing happens with them also. Before all this happened i successfully installed, played and then un-installed the original settlers ii game.

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Disable Auto Start Program

How to disable an "auto start" program within windows 7? There are programs i want to disable from the starting of windows, how and where do i find the options to disable certain programs within windows 7?

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Program Cant Start Because Srvcli.dll Is Missing

Srvcli.dll, it says "the program can't start because srvcli.dll is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem. And it happens with everyone of my programs even when my computer turns on!? So what the _ do i do im aggravated and ready to blow a gasket what is that stupid file?

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Program Will Only Start If Right Click And Run As Administrator

Program will start from a shortcut on the desktop if i right click and run as administrator. If i just double click it's not allowed to run. This is one of the biggest complaints i had with vista, now it's starting to pi@@ me off all ready. The program is vectorvest prographics 6.

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Program Cant Start Because Msvcr71.dll Is Missing

I cant download rumble fighter i just took my windows 7 computer out of the box. It says " the program can't start because msvcr71.dll is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem. I already re installed it where do i download msvcr71.dll from/

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Stop: C0000135 The Program Can't Start

Stop: c0000135 the program can't start because %hs is missing. Try reinstalling the program. Does anyone know what this is? I've been experiencing other errors and blue screen like kernel debug, but now that i have installed a fresh copy of windows 7, tonight for the first time i experienced a problem, beginning with the screen freezing, then crtl+alt+delete wouldn't work at all, and it ended up with the blue screen saying: ''stop: c0000135 the program can't start because %hs is missing. Try reinstalling the program. . ''

I wonder whether the cause might be because i have installed the windows 7 from a copy cd, not from original windows 7 cd, or maybe i use some music softwares and maybe any of them might cause this.

Whatever the cause is, is there a way of fixing it, or shall i end up with formatting and installing again a fresh windows 7? If any of you would tell me to do a disk check, i have tried before to chkdsk but funnily, windows 7 sucked in it. It was going damn slow, never would end. It would take days or weeks. You can't even make a de-fragmentation with the windows 7's  own defrag program.

My computer has this performances:

Asus n90s
Intel core 2 duo 2. 0
Nvidia geforce gt220
4 gb ram memory
2x500 gb hard disk

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Program Cant Start Because Msvcr7.dll Is Missing

"the program cant start because msvcr7.dll is missing from your computer. Try installing the program to fix this problem" how do i install msvcr7.dll?

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Error - Program Cant Start Because Rasapi32.dll Is Missing

When logging on or off, getting error message for logonui.exe "the program can't start because rasapi32.dll is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix this program. " This only happens when i boot up or shut down, all i do is click the okay and it logs in normally, my computer still runs fine after logged in.

My specs are core 2 duo e8400 @ 4. 0 ghz, 80gb wd raptor hard drive(main drive), 500gb wd green drive, 4 gigs of ram, asus p5e3 motherboard, radeon 5850 graphics card. The error is only an inconvenience because of having to click out of it, i am just worried it may cause problems later on.

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Program Can't Start Because Arccon.dll Is Missing

When i try to install a certain program it gives me the how can i fix "the program can't start because arccon.dll is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem. " If reinstalling dose not help. " Error, it even persists when i reinstall the program.

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Error Message - Could Not Start Program Due To Exe.rundll

How do i remove a program completely from my computer, as in, uninstall removed program software i installed , but, every time i turn on system file error comes up on screen stating could not start program due to exe. Rundll? Error message on startup, program can't start up due to exe. Rundll?

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Program Cannot Start Or Run Due To Incompatibility With 64-bit Version

I can't use a cd rom software with window 7. A message read "the program of feature cannot start or run due to incompatibility with 64 bit version of window". What should i do? I have a lot of cd rom programs that i use in my work with children. I can use it with window xp. Now i buy a laptop with window 7. I installed the programs, but i can't access it, cause there are incompatible with window 7 64-bit.

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Permanently Remove Program From Start Menu Recent List

How to permanently remove a program from start menu recent list? I would like to know how i can prevent a program from appearing in the list of most recently used programs in the start menu under windows 7 (pro).

For instance, "notepad" is in this list, but i only start it by double-clicking text files, never through the start menu. In this manner, 4 of 10 recent menu entries are shortcuts i'll never use and which take away space for other, more valuable shortcuts. I know that i can remove items manually using the right-click-menu ("remove from list"), but i would really prefer a way to make this permanent. Any ideas?

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Yahoo Messenger Error - Program Cant Start - Dciman32.dll Is Missing

Yahoo messenger error "program cant start because dciman32.dll is missing". What to do dciman32.dll is missing yahoo messenger system error?

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Unable To Open Email Attachments - Message: This Program Can't Start

Unable to open e-mail attachments on my new e-machines comp, message: this program can't start, msvcr80.dll is missing from your comp. , Try reinstalling this program to fix problem. Is there a free download of msvcr80.dll. My new e-machines comp. Will not open e-mail attachments getting message: this program will not start, since msvcr80.dll is missing from your comp. Try reinstalling this program to fix this problem. Is there a free download of this program?

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Opening Program Will Start Run32dll.exe, Raise Cpu Usage

Opening an older program will start run32dll.exe, raise cpu usage, but not successfully start the selected program while running windows 7 x64. Up until this point, i have had no problems with windows 7. My system came installed with it, and i have recovery discs (although not with me right now, more to follow). I installed a program the other day and set it for win 98/me compatibility mode.

After executing the program, run32dll.exe would start and while cpu usage would go up to 80-90, the selected program would not start. Is run32dll corrupted (viruscan and anti-spyware programs run)?  Do i need to reinstall windows 7 (i have a valid product key, can i use someone else's disc and my product key)? Can i just get a copy of run32dll and drop it into the windows system folder?

**Yes, i know that i should have the operating discs with me, but i'm currently part of the haiti relief effort and didn't really have time to pack. I don't have access to them, and i'd rather fix this than use the evil restore portion of my hd.

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Boot Start Or System Start Driver Failed To Load

Getting frequent blue screen errors in windows 7 professional, 64 bit. Checked the event viewer and the error id is- 7026. The system is not having any optical drive installed, and have disabled access to cd/dvd rom in group policy.

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Game Access

I have been playing internet games since purchasing this computer in december 2008. Recently, when i try to play games, i receive an error message:

" Access to this game is blocked, possibly due to windows parental control settings, or to file security settings. If you need access to the game, check your file security settings, or ask permission from the person who set up the windows parental controls for this game. "

We have not changed any of the file security settings nor do we have any parental controls set up on the computer.

I am the administrator and do not know why this has suddenly stopped working. I also tried restoring the computer to a previous date in the event that something had changed, but that didn't help either.

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Game Madagascar 2 Crashes

I'm playing this game madagascar 2  :d and i have some problems with it. Every time i start to play, after a few minutes it's blocking. Just crashes and i have to close it with ctrl + alt + del.

I don't know if there is a problem with the game or i have a problem with my display driver. I tried to check if my graphics hardware is turned all the way up and i went to display settings >advanced settings > troubleshoot and the "change settings" button is not working and i have the following message displayed:"your current display driver does not allow changes to be made to hardware acceleration settings" so what should i do?

I have a laptop toshiba satellite a200 1ax
Vista home premium 32 bit
Ati mobility radeon hd 2600

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Wow Game And Win 7

Hi please take a peek before you say to yourself " not that old one again! " I'm running the 32 bit windows 7 and every time i open the game all i get is flickering then crash. Had to build new pc after my old love give up after 6 years of consent use that's why i'm now on w7. I have looked at every forum there is and had a go at everything so far but still no joy . I have no hair as it is and im at a lost on what or where to turn to next , any ideas please ?

Amd althlon 11 x4 630
4g ram
Geforce 9500 gt 1g

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Game Freeze Issue

I have recently upgraded to windows 7 32x from windows xp. The problem i am having is that i can't play any games what so ever. I can install and play them from 5 to 20 mins long before they hard freeze and need to be hard rebooted. I have nothing else wrong windows 7 it only happens during game play. The game i have tested this on are:

Sims 3 with expansion
Batman arkham asylum
Call of duty modern warfare 2

My computer has well over the recommend specs for all these games and they are all legal copies. I have tried a fresh install on windows, all drivers are up to date and windows 7 compatible, i have tried stopping all non microsoft programs running in the back ground and also tried with just using one monitor (as i have a dual monitor set up)

Computer specs
Intel core 2 q9450
Corsair dominator 1066mhz 4 gigs ram
2x 8800gts 640mb running in sli
Windows 7 32 bit (6. 1 build 7600)

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Game Has Stopped Working

I can't figure this one out. I updated windows vista 32bit. I updated my graphics card and directx 9 drivers. I also tried reinstalling and i downloaded it from different places and got the same thing. I also tried disabling dep and running the game as administrator. I'm now out of ideas so any help would be great.

So basically when i launch the game it instantly crashes and a window pops up that says "game has stopped working" " windows can check online for a solution. " And you can click on either check online or close program. There is also a down arrow for details i click that and it says this: 
Stopped working 

Problem signature: 
Problem event name:appcrash 
Application name:projecttorque. Bin 
Application version:1. 0. 0. 0 
Application timestamp:4a8984bc 
Fault module name:kernel32.dll 
Fault module version:6. 0. 6000. 16820 
Fault module timestamp:49952034 
Exception code:e0434f4d 
Exception offset:0001b09e 
Os version:6. 0. 6000. 2. 0. 0. 768. 3 
Locale id:1033 

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Invisible Mouse When In Game

I got a new computer with windows 7 pro 64 bit. After i had installed my graphic card drivers, i wanted to play caesar iv. But in the game my mouse became invisible. It was there but almost invisible. I tried a lot with my graphic card drivers. Installed ne newest version, installed an older version. I changed some settings with my mouse and i tried to use another mouse. But nothing solved the problem. For one day it worked, but then my pc installed some new windows updates and now it doesn't work anymore.

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Game Running Fast

Ok, i am trying to install an old game onto my new pc. Beyond good & evil and the install all worked fine, but when i start the game it runs many times faster than it should but the audio runs at the correct rate. Not that it's possible even to finish a dialogue since a scene often ends in only a second or two, but i found this was a problem on xp and tried to do that fix at Unfortunately it doesn't work and says i don't have enough memory (i have 12 gb left on my hard drive so i doubt that) and if i run it in compatibility mode no matter what version i run it (example xp sp3) it says "xp must at least be service pack 2 or above" or something like that.

I have windows 7 with a dual-core processor.

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Lan Game Playing

I hope that there is someone out there that can help me. I am running windows 7 ultimate and nis 2010. I have the following problem. When playing lan games ( does not matter which game it is, ) i can not find any hosted servers nor connect to any. I can however connect any computer on the network download and upload to the computes. When i host the games everybody els can see me, se the severs and connect to it. I disabled al the firewalls. This problem is not just one game but all of the.

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