Maximum Outgoing Vpn Connections

How many concurrent outgoing vpn's can windows 7 run, reason: i need to connect to sql servers to run queries in various servers in different countries and don't need the hassle of having to drop and connect all the time. Ideally would like to have 4 vpn's running from my machine.

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Please Follow Index to Quick Jump to the Message. Outgoing Mail Problem

When i first discovered picture mqil on my acct, i was thrilled. Now, i can only receive mail, i get annoying messages when i log off or switch browsers, that it could not be sent. I am have done initial troubleshooting, and do not use outlook so what is with that? I started using chrome a while back, but it happened then tool also, why does my cursor randomly jump where ever it wants to whenever i am typing? This has plagued me through 3 systems and happens in all programs i run.

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What Is Maximum Amount Of Ram That Win 7 Can Handle?

What is the maximum amount of ram that windows 7 os can handle?  Will it be able to use more ram in later editions, i.e. , By december 2009?

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Blue Screen When Hdd Is Used At Maximum Rate

My laptop is asus x50gl ap115 and i experienced serious problems in xp and windows 7 with it. It work perfectly with vista but i like windows 7 way more. The problem with windows 7 is that i sometimes get blue-screen ( wich i was told that don't exists with vista and windows 7 ) or it freezes. This happens when my hdd is used at maximum rate or in that area, more specifically, when i download movies from network or stuff like that. The configuration of my laptop is easy to find on www, i haven't made any changes to it. I don't have at this time any details of that error(bluescreen) but if needed i while take some pictures or something.

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Vpn No Longer Working

Windows 7 recent updates have now caused my system to no longer allow vpn connection using a linksys wusb600n (version 2) wireless connection. I can still use the internet but the vpn connection no longer works. It was working fine up till sunday but then started to work intermittently on monday, tuesday and wednesday but now it will no longer connect the the vpn. I tried connecting the box directly to the hub with a wire and the vpn works fine.

It definitely looks like something in one of the recent windows 7 update files has broken or changed the way the vpn communication is handled with wireless connections. I tried updating the drivers for the wireless card but that did not help either. Any suggestions?

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Security / Vpn Connection Problem

I have windows 7 professional installed and all my vpn was working fine until last week. I first connect to vpn, then, start a ssh session with any other server using a tool like putty, after 30 seconds (more or less) the connection with target server is lost. I think that it is related to security. Maybe windows update have installed something that is blocking my vpn. I have already tried to disable firewall and my norton anti-virus but it didn't work. I have also tried to uninstall some windows security patches but it didn't work either.

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Vpn Client Error 742

I recently bought an imac and i am running windows 7 ulitmate on vmware fusion. I am trying to set-up a vpn connection that i had on my previous computer which was running windows xp. When i tried to establish the connection error 742 - something to do with encryption, came up. From reading postings it is my understanding that if i am trying to connect to a vpn host that is running an earlier version of windows, i am unable to connect. I have no control over the settings on the host end and i have recently come across a 'workaround' solution that is applicable to windows vista. Is there a 'workaround' solution for windows 7 ultimate and if so i would greatly appreciate the help.

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Remote Desktop Failing With Vpn

Office = sonicwall 4060 pro
Home = windows 7 enterprise
Home = windows xp enterprise

I am using the latest sonicwall vpn client on both machines. I connect connect to the vpn with the xp machine. On the windows 7 machine i connect to the vpn but cannot connect with rdp, vnc or dameware. I have shut down the firewall and still cannot use rdp, vnc or dameware. I have enabled the firewall and allowed rdp. No dice. I have compared the vpn logs between xp and 7 and see no issues. On the xp machine when i log into the vpn my internet is disabled which is standard. On the 7 machine internet is still enabled.

I have uninstalled and ran the cleanup tool for the vpn. I did notice in device manger when i show hidden devices i don't see the sonicwall ipsec driver. I did a netstat - an an port 3389 is listening. I have to believe the problem is win 7 and not the vpn client. I cannot connect just fine with xp and this is running them side by side. I am at a loss. I have even done a clean install of win 7.

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No Network Connections

I just upgraded a laptop running vista home premium 64 to windows 7 and now that laptop has lost all ability to connect to any networks, wireless and wired. I've tried a different router and a modem to no avail. The laptop is able to detect the wireless network, how ever it keeps trying to reconfigure it, which is not what i intend to do, how is it possible for me to solve this problem without doing so?

Oh, and one of the error messages that i get is the infamous "wireless network adapter does not have a valid ip config". Anyone else find microsoft should stop suggesting to search for solutions online or through remote access when you can't connect to the internet?

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Manage Network Connections

In windows vista, when i wanted to troubleshoot connectivity issues, i would go to network and sharing center, under tasks i would go to "manage network connections". Not "manage wireless network connections"; just manage network connections. I do not have that option under tasks in windows 7. It is very frustrating. I do "helpdesk" for a local isp and often when they have both wireless and cable connection available, i will have them disable which ever one they are not using. That is just one example of an instance in needing to manage network connections, not just wireless network connections. How is this accomplished with windows 7?

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Losing Network Connections

I have a home network with a pc (windows xp), a windows home server, an imac, and a macbook pro, i recently added a pc with windows 7 64-bit. When the windows 7 pc starts, it discover all machines in the network, and i am able to access all the share files and folders in every machine, in other words everything works like is supposed to work.

After maybe 30 minutes or more i loose connection of the xp machine and apple machines from the window 7 pc, the network computers are still there, but i can not access the files, i have to do a restart to fix it. In the midtime when this happens if i go to the router settings page everything is fine, and from the others computers i can see and access the windows 7 files. Why is this happening. Does tcp/ipv6 has to be enable?

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Problem: No Wireless Connections Available

I have just changed from vista home to windows 7 professional on my laptop. The laptop will access the internet with a wired connection only. It now indicates there are no wireless networks to join even though my is one of 50 in the area. I asked windows to diagnose the problem but it has no suggestions.

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How Win 7 Manages Network Connections?

I have a question about how windows 7 manages network connections. I use my pc at work and at home. When at home, i only use a wireless connection, so i don't have any issues there. T work, i use both wired and wireless connections. By default, it appears as though windows 7 activates both adapters. Is there a way to configure the network connections so that if i'm docked, it uses the wired connection and turns off the wireless connection and when i undock, it switches to using the wireless network i have configured?

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Network Adapter Does Not Appear In Network Connections

I am able to connect to the internet and to other computers in the workgroup, but i am not able to see the lan connection for my network adapter. It is an nvidia nforce gigabit ethernet adapter.
I've tried reinstalling the chipset drivers but they cannot load and i have to restore the system to before the re-installation. Is there any way this can be fixed?

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