Cdrom Error Wont Install

Tried loading win 7 64-bit on my desktop and i get the screen showing 1. 2. Select cd-rom boot type:. The problem is i can't select anything and i don't even know what 1 or 2 are. I updated my bios to no avail and have tried using both an upgrade version and a full version both new from the store. Is there a fix for this or a work around or something. I am pretty fed up with this new version already.

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Win 7 Does Not Support Sata Cdrom Drive

I installed windows 7 home premium from my lg gsa-h62l super multi dvd rewriter which has a sata interface. Device manager sees the drive as hl-dt-st dvdram gsa-h62l ata device. When i insert a disc, the drive spins up, the light flashes a few times, then goes, the hard disk led comes on solid. However, nothing else happens, and the hard disk led stays on solid. When i eject the disk, the hard disk led still stays on solid forever, i have to shut down the system to restore normal led activity on the hard disk.

I know the dvd drive is good, cause it still works fine on my xp computer. It also works on the windows 7 computer, if i boot up from bios with a bootable cd in it. However, if i boot up with the windows 7 cd in it, it goes past the starting windows screen, then hangs on the blue windows 7 splash screen. The mouse pointer still works. Ctrl-alt-del does nothing. The hard disk led is on solid. Have to force power shut-down. This is with the bios raid mode set to either ide or raid. If set to ahci, the computer boots from the windows 7 disc ok, but does not boot from the hard disk, which also has a sata interface. It hanhs on the circling windows icon display, the resets.

  I cannot do a system restore, since windows 7 was installed on a computer that had xp running on it.

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.net 3.5 Install Error

I am running vista basic and the automatic updates wont install microsoft .net framework 3. 5 service pack 1 and .net framework family update.

I have removed all previous versions of .net and still i am unable to use programs that need this functionality. If i try to install a program that needs .net i get an error message during the installation. I have tried using microsoft fix it and some guy named aarons clean_up tool for >net 3. 5.

Here are a couple of error log files:

[02/12/10, 08:22:12] msitosit: [2] crootcomponent::setmanager() - the windows installer package:
C:windowsmicrosoft.netframeworkv3. 5microsoft .net framework 3. 5 sp1vs_setup. Msi
Could not be opened.

Choose retry to try again. Choose cancel for exit setup.
[02/12/10, 08:22:18] msitosit: [2] crootcomponent::setmanager() - the windows installer package:
C:windowsmicrosoft.netframeworkv3. 5microsoft .net framework 3. 5 sp1vs_setup. Msi
Could not be opened.

Choose retry to try again. Choose cancel for exit setup.
[02/12/10, 08:22:19] msitosit: [2] crootcomponent::setmanager() - the windows installer package:
C:windowsmicrosoft.netframeworkv3. 5microsoft .net framework 3. 5 sp1vs_setup. Msi
Could not be opened.

And windows update gives me an error code 643 of wich the help files are no help.

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Error When Trying To Install A 32 Bit Program

I am running vista home premium 64 bit, purchased windows 7 home premium download, and i get an error message saying i am trying to install a 32 bit program and is telling me i have to do a custom install.

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Error - 0x000006be - Unable To Install

Windows 7 hates my hp lj4240 printer! I have tried the universal pcl 6 driver & also the 4000 series driver. I get the following error msg when i try to download drivers:

C:windowssystem32spoolsv.exe 0x88006778 caused a protection fault exception code 0xc0000005. Unable to install error=0x000006be

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Error Message When Try To Install New Software

I recently bought a dell laptop that has turned out to be a huge mess. When i first got it i immediately had to reinstall windows  7. I have had to reinstall it twice. Now the computer will not allow me to turn on the firewalls, i get an error message and anytime i try to install new software it will not let me. I can't even download any new virus software or upload from a disc.

Dell wants to charge me a boat load of money just to try and fix it. The computer is still under warranty but they will not cover what they consider to be software issues. I will wind up paying half of what it cost me just to fix a problem that clearly happened at the factor. Are there any suggestions for this problem?

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Error During Live Mail Install

When running the live installation program, to install live mail, i get an error message before it's completed: "one of the installation files appears to be corrupted. Hr:0x8007000d". If i try again the same thing happens, but the error code is slightly different: hr0x800b0004.

I've tried with other live components, but it's the same story, so it's nothing with the live mail files, but seems to be related to the live download and install tool. It worked when i still ran the rc, but not with the commercial version.

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Live Essentials Install Error

I have windows 7 home premium 64 and am current with windows update. However, whenever i try installing windows live essentials (whether through the wl_setup download or through windows update), i get the message 80072f76 windows update encountered an unknown error. Aware that the problem might be caused by firewalls, internet filtering apps, etc. I even tried running the update under safe mode with networking, but to no avail. I tried this multiple times at different occasions, btw. Any ideas?

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Install Error Code 800719e4

When i install the latest security updates that came out last week, they all installed, except 1. I have looked around at possible solutions, and cannot get it to install. I am running all of the latest updates and patches, except this one. I tried to do a clean boot and have downloaded the update separately and tried that way. I would appreciate any help anybody can give.

Cumulative security update for internet explorer 8 for windows vista (kb2183461)installation date: 8/19/2010 5:31 pm installation status: failed error details: code 800719e4 update type: important security issues have been identified that could allow an attacker to compromise a system that is running microsoft internet explorer and gain control over it. You can help protect your system by installing this update from microsoft. After you install this item, you may have to restart your computer.

More information:
Help and support:

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Error - Cannot Install Adobe Flash Player

Adobe flash player - cannot install adobe flash player, error message: "the requested site is either unavailable or. " Internet explorer cannot download install_flash_player_ax.exe from fpdownload. Internet explorer was not able to open this internet site. The requested site is either unavailable or cannot be found. Please try again later. " Is the error that i receive each and every time that i try to update the flash player from the adobe site.

It won't auto load and it will not, as illustrated above allow me to download the executable. I have version 8 ie and am running norton 360. I have disabled 360 and tried everything on the security settings for ie8 and still cannot get any relief.

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Error - You Must Be Logged In As An Administrator To Install This Program

"you must be logged in as an administrator to install this program" error when i am logged in as administrator; possible trustedinstaller security issue i am logged in as the only administrator on the computer. I am trying to install net nanny, which claims to be windows 7 compatible.

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Error - You Must Have Administrator Privileges To Install Drivers

Error message: "you must have administrator privileges to install drivers" - but i am the administrator! Attempting to install driver for a tascam us-122mkii usb 2. 0 audio/midi interface; and i got the above message. Is this an issue with windows or with tascam? Cannot install by either disk or download from tascam site, because i "do not have administrator privileges. ".

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Error 1327 - Invalid Drive To Install

"error 1327. Invalid drive h" trying to install adobe acrobat. If i try to install acrobat reader 9 or even 8 i get the above message. I do have a drive h: but this is never asked for in the setup.

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Error Code - 8007000b Cannot Install Any Program

I cannot installed any program, not even up dating my windows, error code 8007000b and for windows live messenger the error is microsoft. Vc 80. Crt  version 8. 0. 50727. 42

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Error 25015 Failed To Install .net 2.0

Just purchased a kodak esc9 printer. Spent 4 hours yesterday on  chat, then phone with kodak customer service attempting to load software. Told me to call back today. This must be a windows problem. The .net 2. 0 software is on printer disk, tried from disk and later from win download site. No luck after many, many, attempts after making different changes. Recently installed hard drive in different pc, had to recover windows, not a pleasant experience. That took days. Grrrrr. Is this related?  Have auto update turned on and am up to date with win and anti-virus. Any suggestions?

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Zte Wireless Modem Install Error

I'm trying to install a zte wireless modem and when it finishes installing the following error message appears: 1. 0. 0. 11b has stopped working

Problem signature:

  Problem event name: appcrash
  Application name: ejectdisk.exe
  Application version: 1. 0. 0. 11
  Application timestamp: 49c22df4
  Fault module name: ejectdisk.exe
  Fault module version: 1. 0. 0. 11
  Fault module timestamp: 49c22df4
  Exception code: c0000005
  Exception offset: 00001e75
  Os version: 6. 1. 7600. 2. 0. 0. 256. 28
  Locale id: 9226
  Additional information 1: 0a9e
  Additional information 2: 0a9e372d3b4ad19135b953a78882e789
  Additional information 3: 0a9e
  Additional information 4: 0a9e372d3b4ad19135b953a78882e789

I'm using w7 and the modem doesn't work because the modem is not recognized.

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Install Updates Error Code 646

I have been trying for nearly 10 hours now to install updates:kb982308

(Security update for microsoft excel 2007)kb979441
(Security update for microsoft infopath 2007)kb982158
(Security update for microsoft powerpoint 2007)kb982135 

(Security update for microsoft word 2007)kb982312
(Security update for the 2007 microsoft office system)kb982331

(Security update for the 2007 microsoft office system)kb983486
(Update for microsoft office outlook 2007 junk email filter)

I have read some of the numerous posts about this error code and tried some of the solutions to those (disable firewall, reboot and install) and also a couple of my own ideas (install through shutdown procedure, install individually) to no avail.

Below are some of the specs for my computer. Hewlitt packard pavilion dv7-1175 laptop windows vista 64-bit sp2 build 6. 0 intel core 2 duo 2 ghz 4gb rami am at a loss for how to install these, and am very ready to just hide them and forget about installing them.

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Cannot Install Office 2003 Error 1723

I'm looking for help in installing my office 2003 dvd onto my netbook. I've tried connecting a dvd drive to my netbook (no good) and followed that up with copying the entires contents of the dvd to my netbook via a flash drive (also no good).

In both scenarios, i'm getting the following error: microsoft office 2003 setup: error 1723. There is a problem with the windows installer package. A dll required for this install to complete could not be run. "

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Canon Wireless Software Install Error

I get an error dialog display saying "mp drivers-new port could not be created. :0000" when i try to install my wireless canon pixma mp640 installation sw onto my new lenovo ideapad y560 notebook computer. The lenovo's os is windows 7 home premium. I did not have this problem when i installed this same software onto my powerspec (micro center) windows 7 professional system desktop. Both computers share the same wireless network and both access the internet successfully. I tried the microsoft method and everything worked. Thanks for the procedure on how to install the wireless canon printer via the add printer windows 7 feature. The windows 7 professional version did all the leg work when the canon installation disk was used.

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Upgrade Install Error Code 0xc000005

I want to do a clean install on my computer because the old xp is a mess. I don't want to have to fix it or i'd just take w-7 back to the store. I run the advisor, it says .net 1. 1 isn't compatible with w-7 but doesn't give any suggests of what to do. But i really don't care if its compatible, i want to do a clean install. I ran the install program and now i get this error code: error code 0xc000005 - it says to reboot my computer and make sure the install resources are available. Rebooting does no good. What does this mean?

What do i need to do to fix it? So much for easier, they should have to take the commercials off of tv. I have had all kinds of issues with my xp system with .net files and virus and now this an apple is looking pretty tasty.

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Error Code - 646 - Can't Install Updates

I can't install updates kb973593, kb973704, kb974561, kb975960 - i get error code#646! Also, microsoft iatap adapter#5 root*isatap. The program i'm having problems with are, installing my updates, they wont install and i keep getting a error code #646. I tried to fallow the trouble fixing guide to fix the problem however, everything i read and tried didn't work! I have plenty of room for my memory and now i'm stuck! Also, my microsoft iatap adapter #5 root isatap

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Cannot Install Game Error Message - Program Name Not Responding

Cannot install game error message "program name not responding" then computer freezes (vista 32 bit) hp model a6220a. I am unable to install settlers ii 10th anniversary op system 2000/xp (xp recommended) processor 1. 4 ghz (i have 1. 6ghz) memory 1gb (which i have). I get so far as to agree to terms and conditions click on "agree" then click on "next" and then i get the message "settlers ii not responding" and then the window freezes and i have to shut down to get rid of it.

I have other games that state on the box they are compatible but the same thing happens with them also. Before all this happened i successfully installed, played and then un-installed the original settlers ii game.

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Error 31 - Cannot Install Network Drivers - Installation Was Interrupted

Cannot install drivers for networking, error 31, goes 90% complete then "installation was interrupted". This morning i turned on my dell 1640xps laptop and got a screen resolution like 'safe mode' and a dialogue box showing progress of updating every driver i had. Had the machine 6 months and never seen this before. After the install my network drivers were reported as unsuccessful.

Used another machine to access internet and download new drivers but as the installation neared completion it reported an error 31, windows installer was interrupted, no driver installed. I've been working at this for 10 hours now and finally restored my machine to yesterday's config. What program did this? Something in windows update?

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Error Code - 0x643 - Updates Fail To Install

Kb 953297 error code 0x643 and kb972590 e. C. 0x80070643. I have tried [windows fix it, ] [start ose service] and [register wups2.dll file].

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Program Install Error - A File That Is Required Cannot Be Installed

Program install error: a file that is required cannot be installed because the cabinet file setup has an invalid digital signature. Cabinet file setup 11. Cab has an invalid digital signature. When trying to install a software program on my windows 7 netbook, an installer information panel stated "a file that is required cannot be installed because the cabinet file setup 11. Cab has an invalid digital signature. This may indicate that the cabinet file is corrupt".

Thus the program would not load. Is the problem with the software or with the windows 7 netbook? If the netbook is the problem, can the faulty cabinet file be removed and replaced with a correct file? If so, how?

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Error During Install - Required Cd/dvd Driver Is Missing

I got a licensed copy of windows 7 ultimate last year from microsoft academic alliance but it was an rc version. Now it gave popup message that windows will expire so backup your data. So i downloaded windows 7 professional from same website at my university. It doesn't install while running existing windows. When i boot through the disc, setup starts loading files but after loading when i click next, it gives an error message " a required cd/dvd driver is missing. If you have a driver floppy disk, cd, dvd, or usb flash drive, please insert it now. "

I have a hp pavillion laptop with matshita dvd writer. Please help me what to do as i didn't find any driver.

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Error Code 646 Cannot Install Office Updates

I have had the same 7 updates trying to succeed for the past 2 months. Security update ms works 9 (kb2092914); junkmail filter update ms office outlook 07 (kb2279264); security updates for 2007 ms office system, access 07, outlook 07, word 07. (Kb2277947, kb980376, kb2251419. Now that i have checked the event viewer, these haven't went through since may. And when i checked my performance monitor, the index is like 4. 86. Every day has had software (un)installs failures, and the app failures is getting worse; 7 out of 10 days had some sort of app failure. (i.e. Word, ie, wm-player, word again, then ie stopped responding on me 5 times in one day),

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Install Error 2329 And Saving Downloaded Files

Increasingly i have noticed repeated errors concerning file access on windows 7. While uninstalling a program, i will get the 2329 error halfway through, and also errors while trying to save downloaded files (i assume something to do with 0 length files), messages informing me that the file cannot be saved.

I believe that these two errors are connected, and are caused by the slow response of the os and anti-virus software, keeping handles to files open longer than is required, leading to these errors.

 Any thoughts?

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Error 646 When Automatic Updates Attempt To Install

Several updates fail automatically to install and are listed as failed in update history error 646but when i install them manually they go on the installed updates list and if i try to reinstall i get the message that they are already on the system but still they show as failed in the windows action centre and on the updates history list. Which is it. Are they there or not?I have run a windows clean up. Tried deleting and reinstalling, rebooting. Still i get the failed message. These are 979441 and 982331. I have had problems with the automatic updates before but have been able to manually install and get the fail message removed. This morning when i tried again to manually reinstall i was told i did not require 441 and that 2331 was already there.

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Error Codes 646 / Dt000 Cannot Install Updates

I encountered 3 failed updates specifying problems error code 646, windows update_dt000, kb980366, kb2202131, kb979440. Can you help me fix the problems?

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