How To Format Digital Photo View?

I need to format disk f, and i can't figure out how. I put in my digital photo viewer into my windows 7 computer (toshiba, satellite: l305d-s5974), it says i need to format the disk in drive f, and before that it said i need to format the disk in drive e. It changed when i put in my flash drive (staples flash drive: 4 gigabites). When i do try to format it, it says that windows was unable to complete the format (it said that too when it said i need to format the disk in drive e). I have searched all over the internet and i cannot find a single solution, even on microsoft's website. Please let me know when you have a solution as soon as possible.

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Can't Format Usb Drive In Ntfs Format

Can't format usb drive in windows 7i recently bought a kingston 64gbusb flash drive. This works fine but i need to format it in ntfs and windows format says it can't complete the format.

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Unable To View Thumbnails Using Detailed View

I am unable to view thumbnails in windows explorer while i am using detailed view. I only can see them when they are extra large. I can't see them in small, not in list, not in medium, just in extra large. I hate them extra large. I want to view them in detailed view. This is what i have done so far:under folder options/view i "unchecked" the "always show icons never thumbnails".

That did not work. I did go through tons of problems regarding thumbnails in the forums, but could not find a solution to my problem. I am using windows 7 professional 64 bit. I never had a problem with thumbnails in windows xp. Now i am struggling and i want to view my thumbnails again. I just don't know what else i can do. I must be missing something in the settings; but what?

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Unable To Format Drive / Unable To Complete Format

I install windows 7 on my drive d, i also have windows xp on my drive c, now i want to delete xp and format drive c, when i want to format windows 7 said "window unable to complete format", what i can to do?

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Digital Signature Code 52

I have tried to install drivers for an alba 1. 3 mp webcam - the cd rom that came with the webcam does not install correctly and when i follow the prompts from windows 7 to install a driver from the manufacturer's website i get the following message:

"Windows cannot verify the digital signature for the drivers required for this device. A recent hardware or software change might have installed a file that is signed incorrectly or damaged, or that might be malicious software from an unknown source. (Code 52):"

And that is despite windows 7 searching the alba website automatically for the correct driver!

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Download Through Digital River

I legally purchased a copy of windows 7 through an online store with the student discount price. The purchase comes with a download option of an .exe install or a . Iso to burn and install. I do not have a dvd burner and had to go with the .exe install. Ever since i purchased it i have not been able to complete the download, it stops at 70-80% and then does not complete. I took my pc over to a friends house and somehow his internet was able to finish the download. The problem is that the files downloaded were corrupt and one of them was even missing.

I've been pretty patient with this terrible service through digital river and do not want to go through another 2 months of trying to download something i've already paid for. Is there a way microsoft could send me an installation disk of the product that i can use my legally obtained product key with?

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Cannot Play Digital Copy

I just bought a new blu ray movie and it includes a digital copy for my pc. I have a nice computer(amd phenom 2x2 550. With 8 gigs of ram. Decent video card. Gtx 260 )

I recently upgraded to 64 bit and windows 7. Home premium.

Well i cannot play that digital copy on my pc. It installed it. But when i tried to run it an error came up. Don't know what the error is. But the window pop up says. Windows media player encountered a problem while playing this file.

I went to web help and they currently have no information on this error.

I am probably doing something wrong. Because i have heard many people play their movies via digital copy on their pc's .

I do not have my pc hooked up to any tv .

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Simultaneous Digital Audio Output

Windows 7 is about perfect for my home theater application with the single exception limiting audio output to a single default device. In my setup i have an hdmi cable carrying both audio and video to my tv and i want to use the toslink optical to carry the audio to a second receiver that powers speakers in other parts of my house. Question - do you plan to enable simultaneous digital (or simultaneous digital/analog) audio output in an anticipated service pack release? Please look into this because having to switch default output is a pain.

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Drm Digital Rights Management

When i log onto my local football team web site to see news and interviews, the following appear how can i solve this problem? Unable to deliver the license. There appears to be a problem with your system's drm component.

License delivery error: a problem has occurred in the drm component.

Error code: c00d2711 or 0xc00d2711
Error number: -1072879855
Error description: a problem has occurred in the digital rights management product support for this application.
Position: 1. 1

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Digital Image Suite 10 Will Not Run

Install digital image suite 10 in windows 7 digital image suite 10 that i used previously with windows xpis supposed to be compatible with windows 7. I was able to install it, but it won't run.

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Digital Declaser 5100 Printer Driver

Where can i find a windows 7 printer driver for my digital declaser 5100 printer? Windows has drivers for xp and windows 2000, but i can't find one for windows 7. Windows 7 add printer does not find drivers for my digital declaser 5100 printer.

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Windows Cannot Verify The Digital Signature Of This File

Windows update appeared today when we started one of our machines, informing us that there were a few updates to install. After reviewing the updates, we clicked the "install now" button, and it immediately failed with the error code above. I tried to run regedit for an unrelated reason, and it came up with an error dialog with "windows cannot verify the digital signature for this file.

A recent hardware or software change might have installed a file that is signed incorrectly or damaged or that might be malicious software from an unknown source. "After some research here and elsewhere on google, and not finding anything appropriate, we put in the win7 disk, started the recovery tools and tried to roll back to a previous system restore point (3 days old). The restore went ok, rebooted, but the problem persists. Next we've just tried to install some anti-malware software, but on trying to run the installer we get another error message stating "shellexecuteex failed; code 577" and then the same message about verifying the digital signature.

The computer was running fine all of yesterday, and has been running fine since just after the new year when it was upgraded to windows 7. No hardware changes have been made, and no software changes were made by users over the last week. The computer is an amd athlon ii x4 with 4gb of ram on an asus m4a78-em motherboard, running from a 64gb ssd, with a 250gb sata drive for data/programs.

Gpu is an nvidia 260, and it has a cd and dvd drive as well. It's connected to our router via the motherboards gigabit ethernet interface. It was running windows 32 bit xp sp3 until just after the new year. When we fitted the new ssd to replace an older hard drive we did a clean install of xp (slipstreamed with sp3), and then used the upgrade version of 32 bit w7 home premium dvd to upgrade the system. Since then the system has run flawlessley. On the machine is ms office xp, firefox 3. 6. 3, avg 8. 5 and a few games such as turbine's ddo.

The main user account used for trying to resolve these problems, and for running windows update and trying to install programs is a member of the administrators group. Firefox runs fine, as does office, and it plays the installed games just fine too. Avg reports being up to date, with no problems and has detected no threats. However, trying to view the registry with regedit, or start compmgmt. Msc or event viewer all bring up the "cannot verify digital signature" message. Can anyone offer an advice on what might be wrong with this installation please, and how we might go about resolving it?

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Keyboard Keeps Disconnecting - Digital Media Pro

My windows digital media pro keyboard works fine in xp, but my win7 home premium (64bit) keeps using it and then, seemingly at random, it no longer is connected and no keys or controls work. Unplugging the usb connector and waiting 2 minutes, then replugging restores the keyboard. Until it randomly disconnects again. Have installed the 7. 1 driver/software from ms website (which makes the keyboard functions all work, but does not fix the issue). No event logs for disconnects, but after each plug in i get 4 syslog entries, culminating in : any thoughts?

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Western Digital My Book Missing Driver

I have two wd mybook storage devices. Both worked on my previous pc running xp 32 bit. I have now rewed my pc running windows 7 64 bit. One device works the other doesn't and when i troubleshoot the one that doesn't the troubleshooter indicates a missing driver. Curiously the older of the two drives works ok.

I've been in contact with western digital who state they do not provide separate drivers as they utilise what microsoft provide, of course reading the answers blog microsoft state that its not their issue either, which leaves me, and apparently others, with unaccessible data & $100 out of pocket and no one is responsible. Can someone please advise where i can download the microsoft driver from that thewestern digital device relies on?

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Format Drive

Boot drive went bad, had win 7 64 bit on it. Installed new hard drive and went to install win 7 again. I forgot that it was a upgrade from vista cd. It won't let me continue the win 7 install and when i try to use my original hp vista recovery discs it says they won't work with the current operating system. How do i get rid of win 7 so i can reinstall vista so i can then use my win 7 upgrade discs?

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Cannot Format Drive

One of my systems had vista on a drive, then i installed seven on another one. So now i have a c: (seven) and d: (vista) i modified the boot menu so that system could boot direct on seven and do not offer to start vista anymore. Worked fine. (C and d are two separate physical drives). I cannot manage to format d:, seven complains with a security error message (not in front of the computer now, so cannot tell exactly which one, but it says that i am not an administrator, which i effectively am according to the user account management section of the control panel).

So :

How can i force the format of a hdd ?
What is this admin issue
How can i check that all the boot information is really located onto c:

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Error - Cannot Play Dvd Because There Is Problem With Digital Copy

Error: "cannot play this dvd because there is a problem with its digital copy protection between the dvd drive". Original title: transformers revenge of the fallen, when i put in the move it cannot play this dvd because there is a problem with its digital copy protection between the dvd drive.

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Error - Windows Cannot Verify The Digital Signature For The Drivers

Wireless cannot verify the digital signature for the wires adapter driver - after an automatic software update. We downloaded an auto update to our hp pavilion laptop running windows 7. This somehow disabled the wireless network adapter.

Error reads; "windows cannot verify the digital signature for the drivers required for this device. A recent hardware or software change might have installed a file that is signed incorrectly or damaged, or that might be malicious from an unknown source. (Code 52)". We attempted 2 system restores - problem persisted.

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Usb High Definition Digital Tv Tuner Will Not Work

Usb high definition digital tv tuner - microsoft windows xp sp2/xpmce/vista but now upgraded to windows 7. Purchased av labs usb high definition digital tv tuner with laptop with microsoft vista installed - but now it is upgraded to windows 7 and tv tuner and pc games for vista will not work / load. Do not want to purchase new ones - must be able to do something to fix.

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Western Digital My Book Usb Connection Problem

I have been informed by wester digital that it is not compatible with windows 7 and was informed to ask if there is a download or patchesfor this to work, i have loads of things stored on my book and im worried that i have lost it all.

This is the email i received from western digital

As this is one of our older models, it is not necessarily compatible with windows 7. The new operating system has not included drivers for some plug and play devices that were included with earlier versions, therefore this is most likely the reason why it is not recognised. You could contact windows to ask if they have a download or a patch for this but the drive should still be accessible on computers running xp or vista.

Page 1 in the manual shows it is compatible with xp and vista but not 7.

I hope that we have met your expectations today and that you are satisfied with our service. If you have any further questions, please reply to this email and we will be happy to assist you further.

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Format Micro Sd Card

I have a micro sd card that was formatted on my pc and place into my phone. For some reason my phone no longer recognizes my card and everytime i turn the phone on it asks if i want to format the card. Whether i format the card or not, it is not recognized by my phone. So, i turned to my pc once again. When i place the card in my card reader i receive a message that my card needs to be formatted. When i click ok, i get an error message that windows cannot format my disk. I am using windows 7 ultimate.

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Error When Play Dvd - Problem With Digital Copy Protection

Error when trying to play dvd: windows media player cannot play this dvd because there is a problem with digital copy protection between your dvd drive, decoder, and video card. Try installing an updated driver for your video card. Windows media player when i try to play a dvd using windows media player it will display this message: "windows media player cannot play this dvd because there is a problem with digital copy protection between your dvd drive, decoder, and video card. Try installing an updated driver for your video card. "I tried updating the video card but still the problem remains and i am unable to play my dvd.

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Error - There Is A Problem With Digital Copy Protection Of Dvd Drive

Error i want to play a video but it says that there is a problem with digital copy protection of dvd drive, decoder, and video card. Try installing an updated driver for your video card. Ideas:programs you are having problems with error messages recent changes you made to your computer what you have already tried to fix the problem.

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Dell Digital Sound Blaster Live Software Problem

I have upgraded from xp to windows 7 and cannot play audio files because windows 7 cannot find audio drivers. I was using dell digital sound-blaster live with xp but windows 7 will not install software drivers. I have tried to install several audio drivers but always get the same answer, computer does not recognize software.

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Cannot Find Driver For Canon Eos 10d Digital Camera

Windows 7 doesn't recognize my canon eos 10d when i plug it in via usb - can't find the driver. When i plug in my camera the computer makes a sound that recognizes the event but cannot find the driver for my canon eos 10d digital camera.

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Media Player Has A Problem With This Format

I am trying to run a genius eye312 webcam with w7. I have uploaded w7 driver and the device appears to be working, but when i try for playback i get "media player has a problem with this format". I have checked with genius help desk who suggest maybe a patch for w7 ?

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I Cant Format My Usb Thumb Drive

I was trying to open a file on my usb drive. It opened in another language. So got out of the word. I then tired to open another document and it saying "the e drive is not formatted. Do you want to format?" I click yes then it says "you do not have sufficient rights to preform this operation" i click ok then it says "the disk in drive e cannot be formatted". I nee help because it seem like it erased all of my documents on my usb and i need my documents asap! Is there anyway i can get my documents back?

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Format Disk In Drive F/sd Card

So this is the first time on my new computer that i'm trying to upload pics from one of my cameras. It has an sd card. So i put the sd card in the slot on my computer and it says i need to format the disk in drive f before i can use it. I never had this problem with my old xp computer. I really don't want to loose my pics. But after putting the card back into my camera now my camera has an error message of "card not initialized".

What the heck happened to my sd card? All i did was stick it in the sd slot. Didn't try to format it or anything after reading that it will erase all content. Help? Is my card bad now? Is saving my pics a lost cause? Why do i have to format it when it worked fine before? I have used my new computer to upload pics from memory pro cards from my other cameras numerous times. No problem.

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Date / Time Format On Taskbar

This is regarding the date and/or time on the right-hand side of the taskbar. Mine only displays the time . I've looked and searched but cannot find a way to add the date and/or day of the week there (with the time). I've seen the time, day of week and date on some pcs, so it can be done. But how?
I also have 2 additional time zones which show when i hover the mouse over the time, which is fine - then the date and day of the week show in the popup, but i want besides my local time, also the date and day of the week displayed on the taskbar.

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Wrong Format For Short Time

This is not properly a development question, but it is reflected in development -and i could not find a place to file bugs for windows 7. In windows 7 ultimate (i haven't tested with different versions of 7), when you set "format" in "region and language" to italian (switzerland) the short time is wrong. The default format is "h:mm tt" but

1) tt is ignored: the example shows for ex. "7:32" when it should display "7:32 p. M. "
2) "h:mm tt" is not the correct default, it should be "hh:mm"

Curiously, the date in the taskbar is in fact in hh:mm format regardless of this setting, and also .net's datetime. Now. Toshorttimestring() returns "19:32" in the example above. However other applications like mozilla thunderbird are influenced by this setting and resent from this bug (in a email program it's rather annoying when you can't tell 7 am from 7 pm). I would be thankfully if someone could tell me how to file a bug report as i couldn't find anything in connect or under my msdn.

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