Not Able To View Online Videos

Problem viewing internet videos, i recently purchased a toshiba satellite laptop with windows 7 (including wmp) installed. My browser is internet explorer. When i try to watch video on news channels (or youtube, or any other medium), the video will often stop midway, or after several seconds, and never resume. One channel prompted me to download flash player, which i did, but it has made no difference. The only system protection i have installed is microsoft security essentials. I've read several of the other posts which seem related to this, but they don't seem to have the answer i need. I'd sure appreciate any advice to address this problem.

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Unable To View Online Video

Embedded windows media player i am trying to view a movie embedded on a webpage. I know the server is working, as i can view the movie on another computer using the same network connection i am using now. The video continues to say "connecting to media", then finally says "ready" but doesn't play the movie. The error says that it encountered an error while attempting to play the file. If i go to web help i get this error message windows media player c00d11b1 my sound device is not having an issue, so i don't see why that would be the problem. Has anyone encountered this issue or have any idea of a way to fix it?

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Online Printer Not Recognized As Online

I recently upgraded to windows 7 professional from vista business. After upgrade, i was able to access a wireless hp c4380 series multi function printer thru my lan. Now for some reason, i can not longer print to this printer. When i run the troubleshooter, it tells me the printer is off line and to turn on the printer.

I have turned it off and back on and it still shows up as offline, both in the troubleshooter and in the control panel device window. I have not made any other changes to the computer or installed any new hardware or software. It just stopped working one morning.

I checked the router via my admin access and all devices are visible to the router. So why is the printer not visible as online to windows 7, all of a sudden. As i said, it worked for weeks, now it is invisible.

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Unable To View Thumbnails Using Detailed View

I am unable to view thumbnails in windows explorer while i am using detailed view. I only can see them when they are extra large. I can't see them in small, not in list, not in medium, just in extra large. I hate them extra large. I want to view them in detailed view. This is what i have done so far:under folder options/view i "unchecked" the "always show icons never thumbnails".

That did not work. I did go through tons of problems regarding thumbnails in the forums, but could not find a solution to my problem. I am using windows 7 professional 64 bit. I never had a problem with thumbnails in windows xp. Now i am struggling and i want to view my thumbnails again. I just don't know what else i can do. I must be missing something in the settings; but what?

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Win 7 Videos Not Working

Whenever i watch a video it plays for a while (30 - 40 mins or so) then the whole pc locks down, the only way to get it to work is to reboot the whole machine. Ctrl+alt+del doesn't work nothing works there is just the little circle indicating that the machine is busy with something. I am running windows 7 enterprise professional edition with a 3ghz p4, 2gb ram, 128mb gforce fx 5200 graphics card. I also have an internal tv-tuner and when watching tv the same thing happens. Any ideas on how to solve this problem?

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Cannot Open Youtube Videos

Using windows 7, 64 bit, new hp computer, have itunes installed for audio books, use ie, office pro plus, windows media player. When i try to use media player, i get:windows media player cannot access the file. The file might be in use, you might not have access to the computer where the file is stored, or your proxy settings might not be correct. When i try to view a youtube from e-mail or ie site, it goes to the youtube video, but will not play. Just black video screen. Have looked through many messages on line to try to fix, tried 7 or 8 that looked reasonable, but none worked.

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Cannot Play Videos All Of Sudden

I have an hp mini netbook with windows 7 starter. I've had it for about a month and haven't had any problems watching videos on youtube, ect. Yesterday i tried to watch a video and as soon as i click on the video, firefox completely freezes and i have to x out of everything. It just started happening and is continuing to happen.could i have accidentally uninstalled something to make videos freeze up constantly, and if so, what can i install so i'm able to watch videos again?

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Making Videos Stream Better

I run windows 7 on an hp laptop with 2 gigs of ram

Okay, with what i have, are there any tweaks i can make to allow, say, youtube to stream without constantly rebuffering

During the early morning, things stream fine, so obviously in the evening when so many are online my connection is slow

Is it possible to tweak something so the buffer will fill up, then youtube plays, while the buffer refills without interruptions.

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Converting Videos To Mp3 Players

I'm having problems with converting. When i convert a video i think they are saying it's not in the right format and i'm trying to figure out what is the right format for my sansa mp3 player.
When i try to sync it to my player this message comes up: your device requires that this file be converted in order to play on the device. However, the device either does not support playing video, or windows media player cannot convert the file to a video format that is supported by the device.

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Retrieve Flipshare Videos That Disappeared

How to retrieve flipshare videos that have disappeared? I have a dell inspiron 1564 with windows 7 and i've only had it a couple months. I noticed my hard drive was partitioned-the c drive was nearly full but the d drive was completely empty. I did some research and heard that i should just cut + paste some stuff from the c drive to the d drive, so i did that. But i think i lost some programs in the process. I have a flip ultrahd camcorder, which when you first connect it via usb port installs the software, flipshare.

I had over 100 videos stored in the flipshare library on this computer. However, just now i plugged in my camera and a message came up that said my flipshare library could not be found. It gave 4 options: browse/new/quit and one more i can't remember. I clicked browse and i looked through my files but i couldn't find flipshare anywhere. I couldn't figure how to make a new library either.

So i had to quit and go to the flip website to install flipshare again, in the hopes that maybe my library would be recovered, but it wasn't. It would seem that those 100+ videos have been lost and i am devastated. Ny thoughts at all on how to recover them? And why did this happen in the first place?

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Trimming Videos In Live Movie Maker

1-if i want to remove a section of a video, i click "start trim" where i want the deleted section to begin, and click "end trim" where i want the deleted section to end. But when i do this, i still see the whole video with nothing removed. 2-should i click "start project" when i begin, or simply work with the video that i have placed on the story board?3-what is the wlmp file and why do i need it?4-is it ok to include everything associated with a project in a single folder?

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Videos Don't Have Any Image Just Sound

My husband and i just bought a new computer with windows 7. He also bought a external hard drive to extract all our documents, pictures and family videos from our old pc (windows xp) and  transfer them to the new computer. Well, he decided to transfer only the documents and leave all the pictures and videos on the external hard drive in order to have more free space in the new one.

Our videos were on quick time and now when we access them we can only hear the sound but there is not image at all, where the image should be there is only a musical sign. Since our new computer has windows media player, we downloaded quick time thinking that it would solve the  problem but still we cannot see anything. What do you think the problem might be and how could we solve it.

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Computer Freezes While Downloading Videos From Youtube

A few days ago, while having a video conference with my friend from spain(i'm in ireland), my pc froze completely and nothing worked but the hard reboot. Now it's happening almost every time i try to download any . Flv video. Sometimes i can see . Flv videos for 1 hour, some times for 5 minutes before i have to reboot the machine again.

I was thinking it was firefox browser  but by my surprise it happened with explorer too. I was googling the subject and some forums suggest update drivers. And they are updated and still the same. Another sites blame on windows 7, but i bought my laptop in december2009 and never had this issue before. It's happening since 21st of march 2010. Why is faulty now? I've been on the same web pages always, no hacker's or weird sites. I'd really appreciate if some one can help me out with this issue before is getting worse.

My features are:
Windows 7 home premium
Hewlett packard hp g61 notebook pc
Pentium dual core cpu t4300 @ 2. 10 ghz
4. 00 gb ram
64-bit operating system

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Cannot Play Youtube Videos - Upgrade Adobe Flash Player

Cannot play videos such as youtube, i get a message saying "upgrade adobe flash player", but that's not the problem. Ever since i upgraded to ie8, whenever i go to youtube, the player won't play. It gives me a message that says i need to upgrade my adobe flash player. I've done that several times, and it doesn't help. I still get the same message.

Now here's the funny part. When i use firefox, youtube works just fine! Which tells me the problem is in ie. I would actually prefer to use ie instead of firefox (more familiar) but i'm at my wit's end trying to figure out what the problem is, or how to go about fixing it.

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Cannot Connect To Online Help

Whenever i search for help, i get the message "you are not connected to online help". I have set the options so that i should be. There is nothing wrong with my internet connection and this happens all the time. I am using microsoft security essentials and i would expect windows firewall to let it's own program communicate. I changed my router and had online help for about a day. When my computer downloaded the latest update from windows, (which was just supposed to be a verification program - my copy of windows 7 is legit, i got vista with this computer and upgraded to windows 7 through hewlet packard), online help stopped working.

I did a system restore to before i installed the update and online help was back. I downloaded  the windows cleanup utility and got rid of what was left of a previously installed version of symantec internet security, and online help was gone again. I tried doing a system restore to before i downloaded and used the cleanup utility, but now online help won't come back. What change are these programs making that affects my ability to use online help, and how do i fix it?

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Re-activate Online Upgrade

I recently purchased a samsung n140 with w7 starter edition, after a week i used the online upgrade to install the home premium edition, which installed with no problems. The problem i have is the netbook came with a restore partition, so if i have to do a complete restore, it will take me back to the starter edition. Part from using acronis to be able to restore the home premium edition, is there any other way, i have the upgrade key written down, but do not know if i could upgrade again from a fresh starter edition reinstall. Ny advice would be welcome.

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Online Video Problem

I bought a brand new sony vaio a couple months back with windows 7 home premium pre-installed. Everything seems to be working fine but when i get online to view videos, this is where the problem begins. Let's take youtube as an example. When i want to view the video. I let it fully buffer so the progress bar shows the full red line indicating that it is fully buffered.

As the video is playing it will stop all of a sudden and just stop playing even though as stated earlier, the video is fully buffered. I experience this with any video site. What is going on? I used other computers in the house and they didn't seem to have this problem, it only seems like my computer is going through this. Is this a problem with windows or something else?

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Online Activation Will Not Work

My computer came from best buy ready to go with windows 7 premium installed. I reformatted my hardrive and now am asked to activate windows 7. When i attempt to do this online i receive a message that states that my product key is not valid. I input the key from the label on the bottom of the computer exactly as printed. I tried several times. Each time the same error. I verified the input each time and had it checked by another individual. Each time the same result.

If the product key is not valid why has microsoft and toshiba provided it and it is on my computer?  

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Online Help And Support Not Working

When i run help & support off the start menu & type a search term & run a search it only finds the installed search results. It can't find the online ones. All i get is this message:-
You're not connected to online help, which shows you our latest content. Check your internet connection, and then try to connect to online help again. If you still see this message, the online help service might be temporarily unavailable.
 I have ticked the online help tick box & of course i am connected to the internet which is how i am sending this. I have disabled windows firewall & norton with no result. I have also ran sfc. This has been for a while now so is more than "temporary unavailable". I cannot think of anything else that is preventing this.

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Online Purchase Activation

I purchased windows 7, having upgraded my pc from vista. I apparently did not activate windows 7 during the lengthy downloading process. Although i am using windows 7 now, i get pop up messages telling me i have so many days to activate the product. When i go to the activation center on my pc, i see a 20 character number for activation, not a 25 character number. When i attempt to enter that number, i get a message that tells me i'm entering an unacceptable character after the first keystroke.

I only have about 2 weeks left before the activation period ends. What am i doing wrong? Can i just re-install windows 7. All of the necessary program folders and files i purchased are on my hard drive.

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Run Update Online

I need to run windows update from instead of from control panel. Can i turn the "automatic" version off, or is there another way to get past it?The problem is that my isp restricts the size of the day's downloads, unless i download only during a certain time period overnight. I cannot afford to have my computer slow down to below dial-up speed during the day, and since i do not want to give windows update blanket approval for downloads and installation, i cannot restrict its timeframe.

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Cannot Connect To Online Help When Using Windows Help And Support

Cant connect to online help when using windows help and support through start menu and other programs that connect to online help in addition to built in help. I have no problem going online. "You are not connected to online help, which shows you our latest content. Check your internet connection and then try to connect to online help again. If you see this message, the online help service might be temporarily unavailable".

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Media Player 12 - No Online Stores

I upgraded my sony vaio laptop from vista to windows 7 custom install. When adding album art to ripped cds i encountered problems of song titles, artists info being wrongly overwritten. I also could not access online stores as when i tried no stores were listed and the only thing that happened was that the word "categories" underlined momentarily flashes on the screen. I tried all the remedies i could find in forums but nothing helped. When running troubleshooter i got the library corrupted  and media centre wrongly configured messages.

I have now done a second custom install of windows 7 on my laptop and prior to adding any music to to the player library i have run the trouble shooter and get the same results-media player library is corrupted. I suppose when i rip my cds again i will encounter the usual problems. When trying to access online stores i again find no stores listed and the only thing that occurs is the word categories momentarily flashing on and off the screen. Can anyone help me access online stores. Any thoughts on why player library is corrupted after clean install and nothing added to library?

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Silkroad Online Launcher Has Stopped Working

After i installed and opened silkroad online on my windows 7 64 bit a error appears : silkroad online launcher has stopped working and a close program button. Any ideas about it? I tried to turn off the firewall and the antivirus software and launch the game again but it didn't work. I don't know what to do.

The whole eror massage: silkroad online launcher has stopped working. Problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available.

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Whenever I Click Any Video Online The Browser Freezes

I have windows 7 professional and whenever i click any video online the browser freezes and only way to close it is shut the program down as it just freezes up and program says not responding. It does the same thing in both firefox and microsoft explorer. I am not trying to watch it with any unusual media players and it does the same thing even when i went directly to youtube and tested opening any movie as i figured youtube is the most common video site/file format so if i cant open youtube i have a problem.

I bought this computer 1 month ago and haven't installed any media players and the only software i installed/updated since purchase that runs thru the internet would be acrobat, picassa, quicken, and filezilla ftp. I have the most current updates versions of microsoft windows 7 os, windows explorer, and firefox . What is going on ?

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Computer Broke - Win7 Was Purchased Online

Yesterday my computer broke and i lost my copy of win 7 home premium 32 bit. In order to get my computer system to work again. I had to install an old copy of vista ultimate upgrade from a disk i had, (my previous version of windows on this computer) because i didn't have a disk for the win 7 because i purchased it online from microsoft store. Also, after installing the vista ultimate upgrade disc i wasn't able to activate it. Would i be able to get another copy of my purchased product win 7 so i can reinstall it on my computer?

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Random Spike / Lag Online Game

I experience random lag spike when playing online game (rf online), i'm very sure this is not fps lag because my notebook can play gtaiv smoothly and this online game is kind a very old game (2001). I never get this problem when playing with xp. Some sites suggesting to turn off the multimedia scheduler, or disable auto-config on my wireless network connection, also did change the 'network performance throttling' on registry to be ffffffff. But none of them solve the problem. Last thing i did is reinstalling windows 7 and just put the necessary driver on it just for running the game, still the resource monitor displaying lag-spike on network grap.

My notebook spec:

Model g51vx-rx05 cpu intel core 2 duo p7350 2. 0ghz memory 4gb ddr2 800mhz (2x2gb)graphics nvidia geforce gtx 260m 1gb gddr3 storage 320gb 7200 rpm os windows 7 32-bit wireless intel 802. 11 a/g/n webcam 1. 3 mega pixel wired internet 10/100 ethernet, all with newest drivers from asus support page.

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Unable To Online Usb Thumb Drives

So on my one box here at work, i'm unable to use any usb thumb drives. When i plug them into the machine, they are recognized by the machine but never assigned a drive letter. When i go into disk management i note it identifies the disk, shows all the partitions but its status is offline. It won't permit me to put it online and gives me the message "the disk is offline because of policy set by an administrator. " I alone use these computers and no it guys touch them. Any thoughts on what and where this policy might be so i can change it?

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Network Printer Shows As Offline When Its Online

Network printer shows as offline when it's online at its locally connected computer. Printer is laserjet 4000 attached through a usb port. Printer driver is hp universal printing pcl 5 (v5. 1).computer which has printer connected locally is windows 7 professional 32 which has printer showing as offline is windows 7 professional 64 bit. Fter acquiring and implementing 64-bit printer driver everything works well for about 24 hours, then printer shows as offline. Trouble shooting says set printer to default printer - no change in status. Unlike vista, there doesn't appear to be any way to set the printer status as online.

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Cannot Play Audio From Online Streaming Video Through Headset

On my new windows 7 home premium system, i can not play audio from online streaming video (hulu) through my headset jack.

After looking around to troubleshoot, have checked here: on my taskbar beside the time, i click the speaker icon and can see the incoming signal for my hulu is coming in. On the control panel/sound i have tested the left and right sound output and it tests ok. So, why is the sound not getting to the headphone speakers? How can i make this work? Have tried both ie and firefox current releases and neither works. Was trying to watch the superbowl ads on Video works, but have no audio getting through.

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