Error Code: 0xc0000022 - Win 7 Won't Reboot After Critical Auto Update

Windows 7 ultimate won't re-boot after latest critical auto update_error code (0xc0000022). Since installing the latest windows update (critical update) i am unable to re-boot. (10th february 2010)
The computer posts and gets to the windows screen and when about to load up into explorer i get the following error message in a box. "The application was unable to start correctly (0xc0000022). Click ok to close the application. The actual application is explorer.exe. Application error. If i click on ok the screen goes blank. (Black screen). Hitting ctr alt del gives me the options but when hitting on start task manager i receive the same error this time the application being task manager with the same error code as above.

I am able to start up in safe mode and have tried to both use the built in startup repair (which is unable to fix the problem) and also have tried to go back to a previous version via system restore without any luck. The same errors appear each time.

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Auto Reboot Problem

I have an acer aspire m7720. It has 6gb ram, a 920 intel core i7 and nvidia geforce gt230 with 64-bit windows 7. I have been using it for 6 months with no problems but lately, actually just today, it started to restart automatically after a few minutes. Sometimes it doesn't even reach the user login page and it will restart. The problem has gotten slightly better, i think, as it only restarts every hour or so now.

I don't think theres a blue screen of death, but i may be wrong, as i have already disabled the 'autorestart in the case of a system failure' option.

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Error 0xc0000022

I tried to open google chrome the other day, and when it opened up i got an error message with it (the program still opened but it wouldn't load any pages) showing error code 0xc0000022. I am running windows 7 64 bit, use norton antivirus i got from my isp (though the problem started before i got that) and i am on an administrator account. There are two solutions i found online. One involved typing 2 cacls codes into the cmd as an administrator. When i pressed enter after the first of the two codes a line of text greeted me, saying 'access is denied'.

Then i tried to go to system32's properties, and change the read & execute settings for everyone, as another fix suggested. This was thwarted with a popup error message that also said my access is denied.

This should not be happening if i am an administrator, should it? I am very confused and in need of help. Another user on this computer has reported firefox and internet explorer having the same error on his account, though it doesn't happen on mine.

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Total Failure After Latest Auto Update

System was running great, i did a defrag and a virus and spyware scan on thursday and was playing star trek online and browsing the web without issues. As i logged off, i got the message to wait while updates were installed, . Last night i came home to find my desktop different and unable to go online. I checked with my isp and they said it was system issues. Virus and defrag again showed nothing wrong. It will not go to a system restore, it will not troubleshoot, it will not load the windows 7 disc for me to do a fix.

I have tried to start in safe mode, which also does not work. I attempted to remove and install a new video driver and it was unable to do this. I have used all the diagnostic programs in windows and they say there are unable to load. Any ideas as the moments the updates installed i have not had a working desktop.

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Error Code - 39 - Driver Update

Error code 39, is being displayed in the properties of the dvd drive, when looking for updated driver it states that the most current driver is installed and is best for use.

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Update Error Code - 80070490

My windows update system has stopped downloading the programs that it wants to install, how do i get it to install the updates again? The error code is 80070490, how do i fix error 80070490?

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Update Error Code 800700c1

I am getting error code 800700c1 whenever i try and install any vista updates. ( Apart from windows defender updates which install without a problem). I have been following various threads and have tried everything that i've found. I cannot run sfc /scannow as it tells me that it is not a valid app (i did run it as admin). However i do not have the windows vista dvd as the os was installed on the pc when i brought it new (oem) i have run checksur and get the following corruptions listed

(F)    cbs mum corrupt    0x800f0900  servicingpackagespackage_1_for_kb948610~31bf3856ad364e35~x86~~6. 0. 6001. 2123. Mum    line 1: 5x®

(F)    cbs mum corrupt    0x800f080d    servicingpackagespackage_8_for_kb948610~31bf3856ad364e35~x86~~6. 0. 6001. 2123. Mum    line 1:

I have tried rolling back to restore points but no joy. I've got about 10 updates to install and am running out of ideas or things to try.

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Error Code 937001 Update

I have a two month old notebook that came pre-installed with windows 7. There is one windows update that keeps failing to install stating error code 937001 for the update "system update readiness tools for windows 7 for 64x based systems (kb947821) april 2010. "Also everytime i shut down the computer the shutdown button has a yellow shield next to it, then when it shuts down it installs something. The update just keeps popping up to install.

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Update Error Code 80246008

I recently had to replace my hard drive, once doing so i used system restore disk and went though all the long processes. Now i am showing that i have 80 updates (of which some go back to 07) and alot are security updates. I have tries to update and get some updated were not installed. Failed 80 updates with error code 80246008. I have tried the trouble shooting of starting bits but receive the message that pops up when it doesn't start. I am at my wits end and just want pc to un correctly. I have windows vista, before crash we had the upgrades for windows vista but system was not backed-up after original disk were make.

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Update Error Code B56

Having trouble with updates as of a few days ago. Wont update and says windows encountered problems and gives error code b56. Last updates were today for kb915597, windows update for windows defender. I am operating on windows vista home basic, service pack 2, 32 bit version. My internet provider supplies my security - pc gaurd and i am currently on their total package. I also have defragment and scans scheduled to run every morning at 1am. I have searched on the net but cant find b56. I checked my memory and it says i have 70% free on my c drive and 90% free on my s drive.

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Update Error Code 646

I have two different computers in the house, both running windows 7 64-bit. My laptop has failed to install the following automatic updates during the last week, always giving error code 646:

Update for 2007 ms office system   kb981715
Security update for ms office publisher 2007   kb980470
Update for office onenote 2007   kb980729
Office outlook 2007 junk e-mail filter   kb981433

My desktop computer had no problems installing these updates even though both computers have basically the same startup configuration. Is there a work around for this or a place where i can go to try to manually install the updates?

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Update 80248015 Error Code

I have windows vista (64) and have norton 360 on my dell computer. I had a message on my update icon in the task bar that said windows update could not complete it's tasks. When i clicked on the icon it took me to the windows update program where i clicked on update and it gave the error code 80248015 and it said the connection was not maintained. I tried troubleshooting on my computer, tried on microsoft support page for windows, searched on google with no help. Can someone tell me a solution?

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Update Error Code 80070643

Windows update error code 80070643, updated all but not any office updates (see below), cannot restore before this update, any suggestions? Did the windows update on 4/13/2010, problems since then it never completes the office updates. Downloads kbn 981715/981433/980470, 980729 starts install and error 80070643. Whenever i start an office component it goes to windows installer box then takes 15-30
Seconds before starting.

Also if i start outlook, same thing then when i email same windows installer box. Tried restore, only goes to date after this update, i have been dealing with this for over a week and have tried installing a variety of way with no luck. I read a thread here about the "office source engine (ose) service" made sure to start that then tried the update again no good same error.

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Update Error Code 8007007e

I get a warning on my computer telling me windows could not check for updates automatically. So i run windows update and it tells me that an error occurred while checking for new updates for my computer. Then it says: code 8007007e windows has encountered and unknown error. Apparently since i bought my computer in feb. It has never been updated. I know this is a problem and i don't want my computer to be at risk. Please help. I've tried the trouble shooter and it gives no help. I've been going crazy trying to figure it out.

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Update Error Code 80070424

I think i have read every thread on here and other places about this error code, while i'm not super tech savvy i really need to fix this problem because i can not update anything on my computer. I can not use my itunes for my new ipod is very very frustrating!

I read somewhere on here that the problem may steam from having norton on my computer previously, my computer (hp w/ vista home premium) came with norton. After reading about it i uninstalled my current protection (free avast) and ran the norton uninstall tool from their web site (i did this today) and still no luck.

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Update Error Code 80070490

After having troubles installing windows vista service pack 2, and finally getting it to install only about half of the updates included in it end up being installed and now every time i try and install the rest it fails and every file comes up with error code 80070490

My computer is an hp pavilion dv 9000 w/ windows vista home premium

These are the files that are unable to be installed
Security update for windows vista (kb967723)
Securtty update for windows vista (kb97071o)
Update for windows vista (kb8973687)
Security update for windows vista (kb961371)
Security update for windows vista (kb975467)
Security update for windows media format runtime 11 for windows vista (kb968816)
Security update for windows vista (kb89735o7)
Security update for windows vista (kb8971486)
Security update for windows vista (kb971657)
Security update for windows vista (kb956744)
Update for windows vista (k8976470)
Secunity update for windows vista (kb961501)
Security update for windows vista (kb8971557)
Security update for windows vista (kb8969947)
Security update for windows vista (kb973540)
Update for windows vista (kb8972036)
Security update for windows vista (kb8974571)
Security update for windows vista (kb8970238)
Securtty update for windows vista (kb8975517)
Security update for windows vista (kb8973565)
Security update for windows media format runtime 11 for windows vista (kb954155)
Update for windows vista (kb8972145)

The last successful updates .net framework 2. 0 service pack 2 security update for windows vista service pack 2 and windows server 2008 service pack 2 (kb974470)

Update for windows vista (kb971737)

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Update Error Code 80070003

I have gone through the processes suggested to remove windows update error 80070003 and restarted the computer. The error was again present. When i shut down, this single update tries to install, gets to thirty percent, and then the computer shuts off. When i restart, i get a windows configuration error. The computer restarts twice, and then i can get to windows and work without issue. How can i solve this error for good? What is this error? Can i prevent it from coming back?

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Update Error Code 80072ee2

System - windows 7 home premium 32 bit, no service pack, upgrade from vista sp2 cannot download any updates. Before upgrading i removed mcafee so there is no antivirus at all, never been any other kind on the system. Tried some workarounds from the forum but no luck. Cannot download mcafee either from but can download just about everything else. Find this very strange. Been building, repairing and upgrading pc's for 20 years and first time became stumped. I am a qualified technician but cannot for the life of me figure it out.

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Update Error Code 80072f8f

Ok. So i am very distressed by my problem, and after reading a lot of posts and various microsoft support pages i am going to have to insist that you not try to copy and paste some generic unhelpful solution that you throw at all the newbies. If you can't help, just don't post. T any rate, my last successful windows update was on august 3rd. The update was "security update for windows 7 for x64-based systems (kb2286198), " and it was successful. Since then, no major windows settings have been changed and no software has been installed.

However, for no apparent reason i get the aforementioned error code (see topic title) every time i try to run windows update. My first instinct was to run a google search on the error code. It produced the following two pages:

I tried every solution offered by those pages, and nothing worked. My clock is correctly set, and sync'd with time. I ran the microsoft automated troubleshooting services. No dice. So then i searched around on your lovely forums here, and found the following topic:


I attempted to correct the issue by trying every single solution provided to the user who created that topic, including reinstalling the updated root certificates and re-registering the various components (softpub.dll, etc) as suggested. I temporarily disabled my third-party security software (eset smart security 4, and yes my subscription is current and all my third-party software is up to date). Windows update is the only functionality that appears to be malfunctioning on my machine.

My internet connection is fine, pages load without trouble in both firefox and internet explorer. I have rebooted more time than i can count. I am using windows 7 ultimate 64bit.considering that you're os software costs as much if not more than a cheap computer in and of itself, i consider a problem i can't solve (seeing as how i am a computer science graduate student at fsu) simply unacceptable.

The fact that not being able to update the os effectively cripples my thousand dollar laptop, i am understandably pretty irritated. Staying up past 4am trying to fix an os bug is not a valuable use of my time, and if any more productivity is lost i may simply opt to migrate away from windows altogether. Let me know if you need more information about my configuration.

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Update Unprompted Reboot

I run windows 7 prof. On my laptop and yesterday, the windows update service downloaded and partially installed some security updates. Then it asked me to save my work and reboot. I declined and delayed the notification by 4 hours. I continued doing this again and again and at the end of the day i put the laptop in hibernation. The next day (today) i turned it on again and continued my work for about ten minutes. Then all of the running applications closed themselves automatically, throwing all the unsaved documents away, after what the laptop automatically rebooted and finished installing the updates.

How on earth could this be possible?! Do i look like a slave of my os? I want to reboot my laptop whenever >i< want to, not whenever microsoft wants to!

What's going on and how can i fix this?
Thanks and sorry for my crappy english.

(By the way - i wanted to share my problem with the microsoft's technical support, so i went to the ms website, where i found out i just can't! The only option offered to me was to call them, but with a small note telling me they may want me to pay for it! What?! I've got the os legally - why would i have to pay if i wanted it to do its job properly?!)

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Microsoft Update Error Code 646

I have been having this same issue since october of last year. Same error code, but different numbers next to the update that will not install. I have searched for these codes, but i am not having any luck. It is very frustrating to know that everytime i do a windows update this same problem occurs. I am running on vista and these are the 3 that i need fixed please.

Security update for microsoft office excel 2007 kb978382
Security update for the 2007 microsoft office system kb978380
Update for microsoft outlook 2007 junk email filter  kb979895

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Keep Getting Windows Update Error Code 646

I keep getting windows update error code 646. I am running windows vista and i have been prompted to install updates for (kb951944, microsoft office suite sp2, kb979895, and kb967642) along with some optional updates. I have tried several fixes like going into computer management clicking service applications to services to windows installer and changing the status from manual to disabled and then back to manual to reset things. (Didn't work).

I have also tried downloading the following commands from this forum and saving to my desktop. I then ran them under administrator and then tried to download the updates again to no avail. The commands were:

Regsvr32 wups2.dll /s
Regsvr32 wups.dll /s
Regsvr32 wuaueng.dll /s
Regsvr32 wuapi.dll /s
Regsvr32 wucltux.dll /s
Regsvr32 wuwebv.dll /s
Regsvr32 jscript.dll /s
Regsvr32 msxml3.dll /s

Saved in notepad  as register. Bat to the desktop so that it can be ran. I have searched the microsoft website to look for a manual download for these updates but i have not found them.

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Update Failed Error Code 646

I have been getting this error for over 3 months, i have tried everything suggested, and now just getting mad. I thought it was fixed because in december it downloaded. The next time it did {or tried} to do a up-date it failed, {all attempts} i am having all kinds of problems now that i was not before the download in december, host +com something is not working etc, when i try and do some downloads i get a 404 code saying it is not there the kb # is 977839.

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Failed Update Error Code 80070bc9

Windows update is set to automatically update and it constantly fails to update one important update - update for windows 7 for x64-based systems (kb976098) (details below). It comes back with error code 80070bc9

Download size: 482 kb

You may need to restart your computer for this update to take effect.

Update type: important

Install this update to resolve issues caused by revised daylight saving time and time zone laws in several countries. This update enables your computer to automatically adjust the computer clock on the correct date in 2009. After you install this item, you may have to restart your computer.

More information:

Help and support:

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80072efe Error Code On Automatic Update

Running windows vista home service pack 2 installed. Firewall is working, as is anti virus; there are no conflicting programs. Internet explorer is working, but it just won't let me update >:( i have tried any and all advice that i have come across and i always end up in the windows 7 area. Can't afford to upgrade to 7. (Pity since vista is pants. ) So there it is i try automatic update, i get error code 80072efe and i have tried everything.

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Update Kb982524 Error Code: 643

I download update kb982524, will not install, get error message 0x643

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Update Kb982381 Error Code 80070020

After repairing the server manager refresh issue, i now get a different error when trying to apply update kb982381. The error is 80070020. I think it means file already in use by another process. The server is windows server 2008 sp2 x64. Ll cat and mum files have been replaced by known good ones. Wups2.dll has been registered. The software distribution dir has been recreated. Also tried installing the update with the web http proxy discovery svc stopped.

Tried rebooting and applying the update, all comes back to the same error. Sfc doesn't report any problems, and no usable info in the windowsupdate log. This server is the secondary node in a 2 node ccr cluster. Both servers are the same hardware, and software levels, apart from this one update. Manual install of the kb982381 - msu doesn't work either, fails with the same 80070020 error. Can anybody help?

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Defender Update Error Code 80040154

Windows defender update error code 80040154 and windows update error code 8004002. Please help. I can not update from microsoft website with another error code. I tried logged on as administrator and a regular profile. I'm using windows vista sp2.

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Looping Reboot Problem After Update

I've got windows xp on a asus a8v-e-se motherboard that has developed a looping reboot problem after updates. It won't go into safe mode either. Stops at a driver screen. I've used the recovery console using the xp cd and can see the update directories in the system-root. I followed the instructions listed in the forum to uninstall each update by navigating with dos commands to the update spuninst subdirectory and then run "batch spuninst.txt".

I get a bunch of "access denied" messages for each one (varies in amount of "access denied" messages per each but consistent for each. It doesn't look like the batch uninstall for the update is working. I tried to uninstall all of the updates from yesterday 2-10-10 (i had 10) even with the "access denied" messages but it still won't boot up properly. Any way to get around the access denied messages?

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Install Update On Reboot, Not On Shutdown

I have a question that i thought microsoft would have thought about and implemented years ago. When there is updates for windows that needs to be installed, why do microsoft only have the option to install these on a shut down? If there is any updates you get 2 options.

1. Shut down the computer and install updates.

2. Install the updates and hope that the update doesn't require you to reboot.

What i want is this.

1. The option to install updates when i reboot my pc because then i can install the updates if i go away for a while and the computer are updated, rebooted and ready to be used again when i get back. Even if the update doesn't require a reboot this feature would appreciated. Murphys law apples here. If you don't have the time to reboot after installing updates a reboot is required. If you do have time a reboot isn't required. And even if a reboot isn't required there is no harm done if i choose to reboot and install updates.

2. The option not to install updates when i want to shut down my pc. Sometimes i might just want to shut down the computer without having to install the update because i'm in a hurry. I don't want to have to wait for the updates to install before i can take my computer with me.

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