Screen Freezes - Accessing Windows Media Encoding

Win 7 pro 64 bit, no experience rating available. When i run program to rate system, it constantly freezes the screen at "accessing windows media encoding". Have done windows updates, all new hardware including asus p5q pro turbo motherboard, 8gb corsair dominator pc-8500 memory, existing bfg geforce 8800 gts oc2 640mb video card.

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Screen Just Goes Black When Accessing Webcam Through Media Smart

When i click on my webcam through hp mediasmart my screen just goes black. Does anyone have any advice?

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Win 7 Freezes Media Programs

I recently installed windows 7 on my laptop. My computer works fine when i first turn it on, but after a while, most applications i have open (usually outlook, windows media player, adobe elements 7. 0 and internet explorer) gray out and freeze. Last night, i could not even copy music from a cd to my computer because the task could not complete and i ended up restarting the computer several times with no success. Skype is also failing and my contacts who are on line do not show as being on line. Do you have an idea of what the problem might be?

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Dvd Maker Encoding Error

I'm trying burn some files but the encoding always stops at 0. 6% before generating the following error.

[Window title]
Windows dvd maker
[Main instruction]
Cannot create the dvd
An error occurred when burning the dvd.


A bit more background info:

- I'm running windows 7 pro
- I haven't got any other burning software (such as nero) installed
- There are 11 . Vob files to burn
- That's 106 of 150 minutes
- There aren't any effects or customized menu

Has anyone got any suggestions? Searching on the internet shows that there are people who are experiencing the same problems, but i'm not even sure what codecs are and how to check whether i have the right ones.

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Install Screen Freezes

I am trying to install the 64 bit version of windows 7. I have the 32 bit of windows vista installed. I boot from the install disc and get through the language selection screen & then hit the install now button. After hitting the install now button it goes to the "loading set-up screen" and then just hangs. My computer is showing that it is doing something and the mouse still moves around the screen but the dvd drive doesn't start-up. I left it sitting there for about an hour and it didn't do anything else. It just stayed on the loading set-up screen.

I have am running a amd athlon x2 64 dual core processors, 2 gig of ram, and nvidia 8600 graphics cards.

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Hotmail Freezes On Screen

I cannot access my email account email removed for privacy as of yesterday 29th july. I access this ok in the usual way and my inbox appears but i cannot access any emails. I notice that there is a new configuration to the email now and wondered if this had anything to do with it. My wife on the other hand can access her email via msn in the usual way. I have closed down my side bar thinking that this may be using up computer power but i don't really think this is the problem as this made no difference. Any answers?

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Live Tv Freezes In Media Center But No Error Reports

Live tv stopped working in media ctr. I thought it might be nero installation and uninstalled, but still can't get live tv. It starts than freezes. (No error reports). When i check in task manager, it is still running. It worked before nero installation.

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Screen Freezes And Monitor Goes Black

Win 7 ultimate os, 32-bit pc. I use my system only during the weekends or sometimes in the morning before work. While working on the system, browsing or may be even playing songs all of sudden my system hangs or monitor goes black, at that time m left with no option but to shut down the system from ups. I have checked for virus, my sys is upto date.

I have done system restore, last known good configuration. Everything works brilliant after that, again after few days problem occurs. I dont have reason why my system is having this issue. I do download lot of songs. But like i said i scan each time. Please suggest, sooner the better.

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Screen Freezes After Login Within Few Seconds

When i first installed my windows 7 worked perfectly. Now when ever i log in after a few seconds the screen freezes. When i switch user and log in a again but i can't get past 10-15 seconds before the cycle repeats itself. I cannot function with this. Is my windows 7 defective? I thought windows 7 fixed this. My mozilla firefox browser also crashes 15-20+ times a day and my dvd drive does not work anymore both which worked fine and did not crash before when i had vista. Are both my dell studio 1737 and windows 7 home premium defective.

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Pc Freezes On Login Screen Upon Waking From Sleep Mode

I just upgraded my whole system: m4a77d mother board, ati radeo hd 4650, amd athlon(tm) ii x2 250 processor 3. 00 ghz with 4 gb of ram on a #@ bit windows 7 operating system. When hitting any key to weak my system from sleep mode i have notice that upon awakening my mouse and key board do not register. The login command prompt is flashing but i cant do anything. No mouse or key board action at all. I end up having to power down and then re-power my system. Followed by the time consuming three stage disk check. Any clue why this is happing and what can i do to fix it.

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How To Get Cursor To Show Up On Screen While In Media Center?

How do i get my cursor to show up on the screen while in windows media center? It did when i first got my new laptop a couple of days ago. The cursor shows up when i use any other programs. Cursor does not show on desktop.

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No Letterbox Screen Format On Dvd In Media Player

When i play a dvd in windows media player, there are black bands on the right and left side of the screen, but i want the true letterbox format with the black bands at the top and bottom only, with no black bands on the right or left. Can windows 7 do this, or can i download other media players that windows 7 will allow do show a true letterbox?

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Windows Media Player 12 Makes Screen Flicker In Programs

Windows media player 12 in windows 7 makes the screen "flicker" in some programs. I recently installed windows 7 home premium (x64 bit version) on my main computer, and so far am loving it. Recently however, as i've reinstalled many of the programs i had on my previous xp install, i started noticing this strange white flickering in some full-screen programs which seemed fairly random.

The game space empires: v, published by strategy first, is the most striking example i have found. Changing the program to run in windowed mode fixes the problem, but then i'm stuck with a window at 1024 x 768 resolution (can't be changed), which is a bit hard to see on my native monitor resolution of 1680 x 1050, not to mention aero cuts down on the performance by a fairly large chunk.

The problem seemed to come and go randomly until i noticed one common variable: i always had wmp open and playing music in the background whenever it happened. Closing wmp and running the program solved the problem every time. I've tried reinstalling wmp, reinstalling the other program, trying every graphical option in the program, all to no avail.

I'm using windows media player version 12. 0. 7600. 16415, and windows 7 x64 bit with all updates installed. This isn't the first major problem i've encountered with this version of wmp either, i can count at least 3 others, but nothing as annoying or disruptive as this.

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Accessing Internet

On my laptop (dell inspiron 6000) which has windows xp, i cannot access the internet by url icon or hotmail icon. I immediately get an ie error message stating there is a problem and needs to close. The error signature is: appname: iexplore.exe, appver: 8. 0. 6001. 1872, modname: sepsearchhelperie.dll, modver: 1. 3. 59. 0, offset: 0000fbb4.

Although a 'webpage' appears i cannot select 'tools' and when i select 'close' on the error message the 'webpage' closes. My desktop pc works a. O. K. With no problems accessing internet, and likewise with another 'wireless' laptop. I have contacted my url provider but without success in resolving this problem.

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Error When Accessing Emails

Error when accessing emails : "the instructions at "0x01724241"referenced memory at " 0x00000000" . The memory could not be read. Error message memory 0x00000000when refereed to another sight from my email (such as facebook or youtube) all works well, but when i return to my email i get an error message "the instructions at "0x01724241"referenced memory at " 0x00000000". The memory could not be read. I click ok and i'm back to normal. How can i prevent this message?

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Accessing Files From Xp Mode

I have created files in windows 7 that i want to access from xp mode - how can i do this other than copying all the files onto usb, going into xp mode and accessing them from the usb? Any way to go into the files which are on the same computer?

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Who Is Accessing Shared Files?

I run windows 7 ultimate 64-bit on a laptop that commutes with me between home and my office at university. When i am at school, my machine is assigned a global ip address, so i have the network set to "public". Today when i was exploring control panel, i noticed that "sharing" was turned on the "users" folder. When i went to disable sharing, i was informed that a user was accessing a file and would loose data if i disabled sharing. This concerns me because my data should not have been publicly accessible in such a manner. I need to determine who was accessing my files remotely, and more importantly what was accessed. Additionally, why was "users" shared in the first place on a public network?

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Accessing Files From An Old Installation

I have a pc that i have just built with new parts. I have taken the hard drive from the old pc and installed it as a 2nd drive. I am now having trouble accessing files. Specifically, i'm trying to get into the local data folder in my old user account to get an old iphone backup. When i try to access i get "access denied" and when i try to change ownership nothing changes.

When i go into security properties and try to remove the listing "account unknown(s-5-21-. )" It says it's receiving permissions from it's parent and to try turning off the option for inheriting options. Does anyone know where that setting is? I've tried searching for it, but with no luck.

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How To Tell If A Pc Is Accessing Files From Another Computer ?

How to tell if this computer is accessing files from another computer. Is there anyway to know if this computer is also being "watched" and sharing important documents with another computer?

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Bsod When Accessing And Using Network Drive

I use the apple time capsule as a wireless network drive to save and access my music files. When accessing my music files and some perusing around, i have been getting the bsod with the following information:

Problem siganture:   bluescreen
Os version: 6. 1. 7600. 2. 0. 0. 256. 1
Locale id: 1033

Additional info. :
Bccode: 27

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Accessing Printer On Xp Computer With Win 7

I have a printer connected via usb to a computer windows xp. I have that computer and a computer running windows 7 connected to a home network. I can see the printer from the windows 7 machine, but when i try to connect it tells me that windows can't connect and gives me an error message of x000000d. Is there ant way to make this happen?

I connected the printer directly to the windows 7 machine, loaded the drivers and it was fine, but i don't want it set-up that way. On the xp machine, i have the printer set to share.

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Win 7 Not Accessing External Drive

Help further to my last post with external drive access (cant open as windows denies access) i can see the drive via xp no problem but all my windows 7 machines have access denied. I have changed ownership and permissions on all window 7 machines but i still cannot gain access to teh drive which is frustrating to say the least!

Does anyone have any idea how to gain access to my external drive and all my music and photos?Windows sees teh drive as full of data where as the xp machine sees the correct level of data which is 135 gb of 500gb - is this the problem?  Do i have to go and buy another external drive but if i do what is to say it wont happen again.

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Accessing Xp Only Usb Device Seamlessly

Ok, while upgrading a setup to xp-professional, the problem arose that the old scanner didn't have a viable driver for windows 7 64. I just setup windows xp mode, and was able to load it with the xp drivers and an old image program to do the scanning. However when i try opening the program seamlessly, it opens with the usb connection to the scanner disabled, likewise i've had to manually activate the scanner in xp mode every time. Is there a way to change the default usb settings in xp mode so it can automatically claim that usb device every time it opens, including seamlessly?

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Speed Of Accessing A Network Server

I have a macbook. It is running os x, and windows xp and windows 7 on the same machine so i feel this is a good comparison. I have an in home wireless network through a usrobotics router. Attached to that router is a 500gb little file server. It's formatted fat32 and it contains many gbs of music. Anything attached to the router uses cat6 ethernet cables. When i attempt to access this server with win7 it can take over 1/2 an hour for it to list the contents.

When i attempt to access this server with win xp it can take only a few minutes. Os x grabs the data in only a few seconds. My questions:1)is there something in win 7 i should be tweaking to get it to access the data faster?2) is there a better way to setup the server for win 7?3) anything else you might think of.

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Error 0x80004004 When Accessing Email

I have a yahoo account, a and hotmail and i tried to sync them together. 'att' got in the mix somehow! I have three different windows asking me for passwords, and i don't know any of them. Only the windows live has remembered me and let me on!

Box1 says. Warning! Windows live mail
One or more messages in your outbox do not have a valid account specified. Would you like to use your default acct. To send these messages? (I always select yes, if i select no, nothing happens)

Box2 says logon hotmail (sing4ya2: please enter your username and password for the following server: server: http://mail. sync_v2. 0. 0.

Box3 says windows live mail. Some errors occurred. Unable to send or receive messages for the hotmail acct. (Sing4ya2). The operation was canceled by the user.

Server error: 0x80004004 server http://mail. sync-v2. 0. 0/sync.aspx

When i hit the 'sync' button, there's hotmail, yahoo, and a yahoo (2)(default) account. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Accessing Files On External Hard Drive

My old laptop with xp pro died. I bought a new one with win 7 home premium and i am running office home and student. To get my old files i removed the hard drive and installed it in an enclosure as an external drive. I changed all the security permissions  access to full control. I can see all my documents but when i try to access them i get a message that "excel (or word) can not access (the document name ). It may be read only or encrypted. " Any thoughts?

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Accessing Network Executable As Administrator Problem

I'm having a bit of a problem with accessing some stuff on our network. We have a network share full of installs for different programs that we use. There's only three groups listed in the security permissions that have access to the folder and all three have full control. I double-checked in ad and verified that i'm a member of all three groups including domain admins.

The problem is that while i'm able to browse the folders, create and delete stuff, whenever i try to run one of the installs, i get:

"You do not have permission to access \serverfolderinstall.exe"

None of my co-workers get this error and can run the installs fine. I used to be able to run the installs, but recently we moved the folder to a server running server 2008 and we all upgraded to windows 7 enterprise. We're all baffled as to what's going on.

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Accessing Excel / Word File On

I did recently did an upgrade from xp pro to windows 7 pro, all files are stored on c:drive to file named old. Windows but strangely i can not access some of those file, it says read only and permission denied. This also happens when i am attempting to save files to a different location, says access denied i do not have admin right. There is only one user profile created when doing an upgrade, i have important files, which i do not know how to retrieve them.

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Accessing Messages Imported In Live Mail

I am migrating from outlook express 6 (oe6) to windows live mail (wlm). So i changed the location of store in oe6 and imported the folders in wlm. It seemed to import them ok. But i can't access the messages in wlm? I even looked in "imported folder" under "storage folders" but the mail messages are not there.

I tried another thing. I changed the store location in wlm. It gave a message that it is copying 17k messages (which is about what i had in all the folders i had imported) into the new location, so i know they are there.

(1) how do i access those messages in wlm?
(2) i only see edb and some other files in the wlm store location but not the neatly organized folders that i imported from oe6? 

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Xp Mode - Issue Accessing Hard Drive With Files

So i've had windows 7 for awhile now. This was not a problem before. My harddrive recently crashed so i got a new c drive and re-installed windows 7 all is well except my windows xp mode. Before when i run xp mode i can see both my c and e (slave drive) and access all my files. Now i open windows xp mode and its has access to nothing. This was not an issue before. I can install programs via usb, but i need to access files from my slave drive to use within windows xp mode. So having the programs are kinda pointless cause i can't do anything in them. I have no clue why this is an issue it worked perfectly fine before.

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