Aero View - Outlook 2007 & Other Programs

Update: these actually appears to happen when i have any program running, but it is not happening all the time. I noticed that when i have outlook 2007 (all office updates) running, when i move my cursor to "aero view" my open ie & tabs, they momentarily show but if i'm not fast enough i can select the ie/tab i want. The problem does not occur when outlook 2007 is not running.

The other problem i noted with aero view, is that when i 'right-click' on the ie icon (whether i have other programs running or not), the options momentarily appear but disappear to quickly to allow selection of an item in that menu.

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How To Enable Aero View In Win 7?

Yesterday, i tried to install lepord transformation on my windows 7 laptop. Which i was able to install correctly but after restarting my computer i couldn't open my computer window. So, i uninstalled the lepord transformation software. But since then my taskbar, and computer view has changed to old style ( looks like windows 2000). Not like windows 7 anymore. Even when i am changing the themes its not getting changed to windows 7 view. I just found out after exploring all the help options the aero view is disabled but its not giving me any option to enable it. Please help me to get  my windows 7 view back.

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Move Outlook Express Emails To Outlook 2007

Ok, i've read huge quantities of info on how to do this. I have my old folder saved from outlook express 6. I have a laptop with xp, outlook express 6 and outlook 2003 on it. I copied the outlook express folder to the laptop. Started up outlook express and changed the 'store' folder to the folder with my old saved mails. All the mail i can see in outlook express. Closed outlook express.

Opened up outlook, choose import and imported outlook express mail into outlook. I now have an outlook. Pst and a extend. Dat file in the documents and setting, outlook folder. So, i will copy these 2 files to a thumb-drive, then go to my windows 7 machine that has outlook 2007 installed and copy and overwrite the . Pst file on that machine.

Is this it? Is there going to be a problem with the fact that i created the . Pst file in outlook 2003? I read a few posts that i should not overwrite the original file, but to copy the new file somewhere else and just 'open' it in outlook 2007, is this correct?

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Cannot View Folders And Programs

Ive got issues with windows 7 that are progressively getting worse. It began with live messenger, affects mozilla and has now affected opening general folders. When i attempt to open a folder, it appears as an icon in the taksbar, and when i click to view it, it expands onto the screen, but keeps moving to the right of the screen and off the side almost instantly, meaning i cannot view it.

The folder/program are always active at the time, because when i have multiples open (eg watching movies in mozzila pages) i can see the thumbnails changing and moving etc. I managed to rid the mozilla problem by completely reinstalling it, but no luck with msn, and now i cant even open my computer or other folders. However when i run windows in safe mode i do not have this problem. When i right click the icon/s on the task bar i am only given options to view frequent folders (which does not work), pin to task bar, close window and open explorer(which also does not work). Ideas?

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Taskbar Aero Peek Not Working On Excel 2007

I'm having problems with aero peek for open windows on the task bar. Functionality works correctly for word 2007 but doesn't work for excel 2007. When you hover over excel icon on taskbar popup correctly show icons for open windows with titles but shows generic icon only - not preview of window. When you move over icon then excel window doesn't popup - only when you click on it.

I've tried using aero peek troubleshooter but doesn't find any problems. I've tried excel advance option for 'show all windows' but this doesn't affect problem either. Any suggestions advice appreciated. (Os windows 7 professional 64 bit - was clean install not upgrade)

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Office 2007 Programs Do Not Appear In Default Programs List

I have both and microsoft office 2007 installed on my windows 7 computer and i would like to use microsoft office as the default for all files it can open but it does not appear in the default programs list.

In fact, except for microsoft office outlook, none of my microsoft office 2007 applications appear in the default programs list! does appear, and when i click on it in the list and click choose defaults for this program many of the defaults are already set to the equivalent microsoft office application. But there are some associations (such as text files) that are not correctly associated, and possibly others that i don't know about. I'd like to click on microsoft word and then click set this program as default so that it will automatically open all the files it can.

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Oe And 2007 Outlook

I backed up my address book and saved it as a . Wab file. Then i upgraded my os to win 7 from xp64. I then installed 2007 enterprise. I then wanted to import my . Wab into outlook but it wont recognize file. Does ms offer any program that will convert . Wab file to . Pst? If not why not? Did anyone at ms even consider that someone may want to import their oe contacts into outlook? I have the same type of problem with my . Dbx files. This is so typical of ms.

Malkeleah gave me info to fix problem. I apologize for my outburst dissing ms. Maybe i flipped out because of all the crazy stuff ms has done in the past. Still the . Dbx thing kind of tweaks my gourd tho.

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Outlook 2007 Bug

After a clean windows  7 install, outlook 2007 places a space before each apostrophe on all outgoing email. I have found that use of ctrl + z fixes it, but we shouldn't have to use it each time. It is annoying. A fix at the source of the bug is necessary. My research finds this is a common new issue among w7/office users.

I have been using w7 since it's rc and hosted a w7 party last month - so i am not a newbie. This is not a formatting issue, rather a bug in the code somewhere. Let's get it fixed microsoft. Everything else works great!

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Cannot Start Outlook 2007

Win 7 pro 64 & ms office outlook 2007 has been operating flawlessly until today. Now when i boot i get the error msg "cannot start ms office 2007. Cannot open office outlook 2007 window".

I have tried the ms suggested remedies such as: deleting the outlook profile key from the registry, making sure the "run in compatible mode with. Box is not checked, rebooting, etc. But . To no avail. The condition persists. Running home brew system, 6gb high speed memory, i7 940 processor, evga 295 co-op video adaptor. Any advice?

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Outlook 2007 Will Not Open

Recently i have switched computers and upgraded to windows 7. I reinstalled my office 2007. In the beginning everything was working. After a day or so my outlook stopped working. My outlook gives me this message every time i try to open it. Cannot start microsoft office outlook. Cannot open the outlook window. The set of folders cannot be opened. The server is not your administrator if this condition persists. I need help. I am the administrator. No one else here has any know how for this kind of thing. And i just tinker around with computers getting lucky fixing them.

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Error When Starting Outlook 2007

When starting outlook 2007 a small "error" dialog box appears. Click "ok" box goes away and program loads.

Mircosoft 2007 outlook
Upgraded from vista to windows 7
Dialog box says "error"

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Outlook 2007 Start Up Problem

After reinstalling outlook 2007 and installing the quickbooks sync tool outlook now throws up the uac pop window (do you want to allow the following program to make changes to this computer?) Every time i start it. I've tried uninstalling outlook and reinstalling it, i've downloaded all the office updates. I've uninstalled the sync tool and it i still get the uac pop up every time. Not only that but the sync tool never even showed up inside of outlook (it shows up as inactive in the trust center-> add-ins window and reactivating it doesn't work). Since this is a known publisher what can i do to get outlook to stop triggering the uac?

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Ms Office Outlook 2007 Question

I currently have ms office home & student edition and want to buy ms office outlook 2007. Will outlook integrate into my existing office suite seamlessly in the same way as if i'd bought, say, office pro that comes with outlook as standard. Are there any differences in buying/installing them separately.

I'm using win7 64-bit. Please don't tell me to post in the outlook forum as that seems to pretty dead.

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Outlook 2007 - New Emails Appear Duplicated

I have just installed office 2007 on a new pc - on my old pc (windows xp) i was using outlook express. Before moving data from the old to the new pc, i updated outlook express to outlook 2007. All mail accounts were converted successfully, but when i receive new mail all mails appear double in the in-tray. I've checked the accounts settings, but my mail accounts only appear once each. I would be grateful for any help, as i've not been able to find any answers in the support databases - thanks!

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Microsoft Outlook 2007 Problem

I turned on my computer today and git the following message when i tried to open outlook:

"Cannot open your default email folders. The file c:usersmy nameappdatalocalmicrosoftoutlookoutlook (1). Pst is not a personal folders file"

I haven't changed any settings and outlook opened just fine yesterday. For the record i did a clean install of windows 7 ultimate about 2 weeks ago and re-installed outlook 2007. Again this was working just fine 24 hrs ago. Can anyone offer some help please ?

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Office 2007 Outlook Problem

I have a two-month old latitude e-4300 laptop with 4gb of ram, running windows 7 pro. It was initially a wonderfully fast machine, but i have had two serious outbreaks of problems. In both cases, i first noticed problems in outlook 2007, which i use to access amy work email account via the outlook connector. The problems begin with outlook taking forever to download my email, and sometimes returning a series of blank email messages with no content. The first time this happened, on advice of microsoft support, i tried to uninstall and reinstall office 2007.

It uninstalled, but would not reinstall. After hours on the line with tech support, the eventual verdict was that my .net files had been and hp technical support both failed to find a solution, other than completely reinstalling windows 7 and reloading all my programs and data – which i eventually technical support suggested that the problem may have been triggered a very large outlook. Pst file, then more than 6gb. So i archived it into several separate files. The working file is now less than 0. 6 gb, my two archived files each around 3 - 4 gb.

The problem with outlook has now returned, intermittently, and the performance of my machine has plummeted to a point at which i am barely able to work. Programs keep hanging in "not responding" mode, simple excel spreadsheets or explorer windows can take 15-20 seconds to load, web browsing has become intermittently glacial, and three times yesterday i had a blue screen failure while working on an excel spreadsheet.

I have uninstalled recently installed software, switched off services running in the background, cleansed programs from my startup menu, and nothing seems to help. Does anyone have an answer other than "buy a mac"? I simply cannot continue working with a system that needs a complete reinstall of its operating system and data every month or so.

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Unable To Access Microsoft Outlook 2007

I have microsoft office professional 2007 installed on my computer running windows 7. I recently have received the following error message "cannot start microsoft outlook. Cannot open the outlook window. " I googled this error message which sent me to the microsoft support website. It recommended that i disable the compatibility setting. I ran the "microsoft fix it" wizard which solved the problem, i was able to open microsoft outlook.

However, i had to create a new profile and lost all previous emails. This has happened twice now and i am looking for a permanent solution to this problem. Also, would like to know how to archive my emails and to be able to restore them once archived.

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Changing Import Destination In Outlook 2007

When i import messages from outlook express 6 to outlook 2007, all messages go to outlook mailbox, by default. Is there a way to change the destination folder? I want the messages to go to an archive folder (. Pst file), not the mailbox folder, because service provider has a size limit on the mailbox folder, and the number of messages to import is quite large. I've tried exporting from oe 6, and importing from outlook 2007. Neither approach allows me to select the destination folder. Please help out.

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Address Book In Outlook 2007 Not Functioning

I just converted my computer from xp to windows 7 and pretty much all went well. The following did not go well: address book - i exported from outlook express 2003 and imported to microsoft office outlook 2007.

- All contacts were imported to outlook 2007 correctly - i can see them, however, outlook 2007 does not automatically recognize an email account that exists in the contacts. Ex. If i have a contact "email removed for privacy" while in the to field of a new mail item i want to send.

- I type "123" outlook 2007 does not recognize the contact. I have to search within my address book for the individual. Outlook express 2003 did recognize the "123" and automatically populated the to field. Is there something that i have to configure differently in the address book of outlook 2007?

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How To Setup Outlook 2007 Using Cox Webmail?

Outlook 2007 windows 7 question, i am using microsoft outlook 2007 to access my cox email. I have it setup where i am able to send/receive through outlook with no problems. However, the way it is setup, the folder in outlook is a personal folder therefore when i login to cox webmail, all of my email does not show due to them being delivered into the personal folder in outlook. Is there away i can have all email messages displayed on both outlook and cox webmail? I am stumped.

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Cannot Access New Messages In Outlook Office 2007

Can't access new messages in outlook or windows live - new office 2007 installation. Tried to change or remove password from outlook (and windows live/connector) but i must have mistyped something and now i can't get my emails. I tells me to go to my secret question, which i have done - then it says "you've failed the login too many times". It also asks me to have them send the correct password to my email account; how crazy is that - since the only email account it lists is the one i cannot possibly access.

It does give me an option to have them to respond to a different account, but when i give them the gmail account it tries to work on the password i set up in gmail, not the one in outlook. How can someone reset a password when they can't even get into their account? Or how can we resent/delete password if after a few tries we are locked out for good?  Help, please! I haven't been able to access important emails for several days.

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Transfer Old Emails From Outlook Office 2007

How do you transfer old stored emails from outlook(office 2007) on vista to windows mail on windows 7. In the last few days i have had a clean installation of windows 7 and office 2007. Prior to this all files were copied to a secondary storage hard disc.

Widows 7 started up fine and everything is running well. On opening office outlook the system reconnected automatically and set up windows mail. In the past i had created a file structure in outlook to store old emails for future reference. So far i have been able to transfer all "contacts" and the structure of files used to store old mail but i am unable to open the old stored emails. If i access the storage drive and follow the path uusers****appdatalocalmicrosoftwindows maillocal folder i can get to my old files and can see that they contain all the stored emails.

I have so far tried all the import options within mail and copying file contents and whole files to the same location on the main drive. I even tried deleting files on the main drive and substituting a copy of the old file. So far i am unable to open the old emails.

I have also set up another user and gone through the whole set process from scratch again, but the result was the same. So, what should i try next? Am i working in the wrong area?

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Office 2007 Outlook Wont Open

Just installed office 2007 and used outlook wizard to configure outlook but now outlook won't open.
When attempting to open outlook it brings up a small screen on the upper right saying
"Configuring outlook " the  error message come up in another screen saying " the connection to microsoft exchange is unavailable. Outlook must be online or connected to complete this action. "
I click ok and it changes to a small box titled "microsoft exchange" with the microsoft exchange server:http://outlook. Ct. Za

I click ok again and another error comes up "cannot open your default email folders" i click ok and it clears the screen of all. Does the same thing every time. I am connected to the internet when doing all of the above.

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Office Outlook 2007 - Microsoft Exchange Is Unavailable

I am trying to configure microsoft office outlook 2007. When i open the program, it comes up with a message that reads "microsoft exchange is unavailable. " Since i don't use/don't know what microsoft exchange is, i click "work offline. " I then get a message that reads ""outlook cannot log on. Verify you are connected to the network and are using the proper server and mailbox name.

The connection to microsoft exchange is unavailable. Outlook must be online or connected to complete this action. " I then hit "ok, " and it asks me for microsoft exchange information, which i do not have. I hit "cancel, " and it says "cannot open your default e-mail folders.

Your profile is not configured. " I then hit "ok" and the program quits. How am i supposed to be able to configure my accounts when the program quits every time i try to open it? I would greatly appreciate some assistance! I have two comcast email accounts and my . Edu account.

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Outlook 2007 App Data Storage Location

When trying to move outlook. Pst from a vista computer to a win7 computer i had what i thought to be some strange issues. I easily located the . Pst on the old computer in the c:userslaurenappdatalocalmicrosoftoutlook directory. I wanted to paste this into the win7 computer. In outlook 2007 on the win 7 computer when i look under: tools > account settings > data files, it shows the . Pst file stored in; c:userslaurenappdatalocalmicrosoftoutlook, exactly the same location as on the vista computer.

However (on the win 7 computer) when i open windows explorer and look at that directory there is no "appdata" folder listed! I kinda solved this by copying my old . Pst to "my documents" and going into tools > account settings > data files and adding it as a new . Pst file then making it the default and deleting the other one. It appears to work fine. What continues to trouble me is why can't i see the c:userslaurenappdatalocalmicrosoftoutlook directory in windows explorer on my win 7 machine? It showed up just fine on the vista computer.

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Outlook 2007 User Account Control Problem

Every time i open up outlook 2007 i get a popup user account control window that asks me if i want to allow outlook to make changes to my computer? My user account control settings are one down from the top, seems like outlook should not be affected by this? I upgraded recently from vista home premium to windows 7 home premium and this has occurred since then. Don't get this problem when i open word, excel or other office products. Outlook is only app that i get this message. Never had the problem before upgrading. I am running mcafee.

I did read an old article that was similar to this problem on a non-microsoft forum that discussed win 7 beta issues. I don't want to do anything unless it from a microsoft forum.

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Outlook 2007 Does Not Read .eml Files / Attachments

How do i get outlook 2007 to read . Eml files and attachments? I am a web developer working from home. A lot of my clients talk to me via chat programs like yahoo messenger and skype. Often times, they send mail messages from a end-users to me over yahoo or skype that are . Eml files. These files describe bugs or other errors that end-users experienced.

I can't understand why i can't read "eml" files in outlook 2007. Right now, windows 2007 wants to use windows live mail to open these files. Is there a third-party add-on that will give outlook 2007 this functionality?

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Can't Email Photos From Photo Gallery Via Outlook 2007

Can't email photos from photo gallery via outlook 2007(not outlook express) once photos are attached in email, i get message "out memory or system resources. Close some windows or programs & retry"

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Transferring Outlook 2007 .pst File From Usb Drive

Transferring outlook 2007 . Pst file from usb drive to the outlook file system. In installing windows 7, due to a file fragment i could not find and delete, i was forced into a complete new install instead of an upgrade, and lost my outlook 2007 . Pst file. I have an earlier . Pst file on an usb drive, but the instructions provided do not work with windows 7. Windows east transfer instructions do not work either. How do i transfer?

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Sharepoint Calendar Appointments 1 Hour Out When Connecting Through Outlook 2007

We currently have a sharepoint 2007 environment in which we use calendars. When we connect to the calendar using outlook 2007, the appointment is out by 1 hour (2pm start in sharepoint calendar reads as 1pm in outlook). If i view the appointment through a browser, the times are correct. It is only when using outlook 2007. A little background. Western australia had trialled daylight savings (dlt) for three years and decided against it. To then remove dlt we needed to apply a number of patches. This has now been done to all servers in the environment including sql, mos, ad, and exchange. The client (win 7. 0) is correct. Times on all servers are correct.

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