Unwanted Popup To Desktop

Every time i log on i get the following pop up message box on my desktop: the aol software cannot start up correctly. Please try again, restart your computer, or reinstall the software error starting: ee://aol/frontier app error code:1

I access the internet by clicking on the ie icon on my bottom toolbar. I have aol as my homepage and it works fine. I have an aol shortcut on the desktop which i do not use. If i do click on the shortcut, i get the aol page that i have to sign on to, so i don't use this as i keep signed into the aol from the ie access. I have tried to reinstall aol and restarted the computer but i keep getting this popup box which is very annoying. How do i stop this from happening?

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Security Popup

I have recently upgraded from vista to windows 7. When i try to log in to my adp payroll account, a "windows security" pop up appears, instead of the adp pop up to type my id and password. If i type my id and password on this pop up, the adp website will not recognize my information and will give me a "log on attempt failed" message. I talked with my company it dept. And they do not know what to do. They are still using windows xp and have no problems logging into my account. My id and password are correct, they verified this while i was on the phone with them. What can i do?

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Update Restart Popup

First up - i don't know where best to leave feedback for microsoft so i'm going to post it hear for now and hopefully (if i'm wrong someone can tell me where i should have posted my comments).
Second - before anyone complains that my post is about vista and this is a windows 7 forum - i'm sorry, but trail of links i followed to arrive here was.

Windows forums -> (show all vista forums) -> windows update

And that brought me here? So, i have a suggestion about the way the windows update restart dialog should work. What i'm talking about, in case i'm not clear, is the tool-tip type window that appears down by the system tray when windows update has finished installing some updates. The pop-up reminds you that you need to restart your pc before the changes will take effect and gives you two options, restart now or postpone.

What's very annoying, and needs fixing, is that the pop-up grabs focus, and more annoyingly, the buttons have short-cut keys associated with them. Now this scenario doesn't happen every-time i get new updates, but today's incident was not the first time, picture this.

1, i'm writing an email, i can type quite quickly, so keys are being pressed at a fair old rate.

2, windows update finishes installing the latest patches and flashes up a pop-up which grabs the focus.

3, i had no warning this was about to happen, and seeing as the buttons on the pop-up have keyboard short-cuts, it's a lottery as to whether i accidentally press the short-cut for restart or the one for postpone whilst typing my email. As you can probably tell, today it was restart!

Normally, i would just curse microsoft and get back to it (once my pc had re-started).
However, seeing as the current tv marketing campaign for windows 7 features some random bloke in the gym claiming to have submitted an idea to microsoft and they implemented it, i thought i'd try and get my idea included. Perhaps this has already been fixed in windows 7 - in which case this has all been a complete waste of time! (Sorry).

Like i said at the start, if anyone knows where i can go to make product improvement suggestions to microsoft, please let me know and i'll re-post it somewhere else.

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Update Popup Reminders

I have a request. Is there any way to block certain updates to pop up on my computer? In this case specifically. There are 3 critical updates that i permanently get reminded about microsoft office. I do not own microsoft office, nor want to get office ever, i have zero interest, and i will never want it in the future either. So those updates are useless to me. How do i avoid getting reminded that those specific ones are ready for me to download? Could i "quarantine" them? Hide them?

Anything just to stop them from resurfacing day after day after day. And it makes me look in case updates of other nature would be waiting for me to download. They are becoming a total nuisance.
Would really appreciate whatever help someone is able and willing to offer.

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Disabling All Popup Features Of Taskbar

Setting the properties of the taskbar seems very cumbersome. I have tried for several hours to turn off all features of aero. I have use the right click/properties feature of the taskbar and deselected aero, and i still continued to get balloons, popups and the list of open applications. (As an aside, it took over an hour to discover that i needed to reinstall a manufacturers' video driver before i could turn aero off). I then went to the control panel, personalization, and taskbar, which brought up the same panel as before. I then used the local group policy editor, and turned all balloon notifications and thumbnails.

There was another utility, which i can't recall now, where there was another aero check box that was still checked, even though i had deselected the option from the taskbar. I then chose to go to windows classic view under personalization. Although i have been able to suppress thumbnail vies, i still haven't found a way to turn off the hover-over lists.

This is a significant intrusion into my work flow. I often work with 10 or more items open on the task bar. When the list gets long, it causes these lists to fill the screen. Since i set the taskbar to hold several lines of icons, this means that every time the cursor passes from one line to another, it causes several of these lists to appear. They interfere directly with my access to my applications, as i have to navigate around them to make them go away. I have absolutely no use for this feature, and would really like a more strait forward way to turn it off.

As another tip, since we are now on windows 7, how about a utility to identify and define the parts of windows (a "what's this" function). Some of my time was spent finding the names of feature so i could make the queries and search help files in the first place.

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Please Update Your Ati Graphics Driver Popup After Upgrading

After i upgraded from vista to windows 7 this pop-up is coming up every time. The catalyst control center is not supported by the driver version of your enabled graphics adapter. Please update your ati graphics driver, or enable your ati adapter using the displays manager. I have tried everything and nothing works. It is not affecting any performance issues but just annoying.

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Office 2007 Popup Files For Programs Could Not Hold

Office 2007 on window 7: why the small pop up files for certain programs could not hold when a file is closed ?. I just started using office 2007 running on window 7. I notice that the small pop up files when the cursor touches the icon at the task bar for certain program could not hold when one of the files is closed. The rest of the pop up files get minimize back to the task bar. If i need to close or access to another file, i need to click back the icon again to  get the pop up. The programs that have these problem are, excel 2007, outlook 2007, connect to remote computer.

Other program that could hold the pop up files when a file is closed are internet explorer v8, words 2007, acrobat reader. For non microsoft software like quattro pro the pop up can only show one small file even though many files are open. In my opinion, all the program icon should have the same feature for the purpose of consistency. i.e. To show up all the open files in the pop up and be able to hold when any file is close in order the user could go to the next file by sliding the cursor across, save the extra click to get back the pop up. May i know if there is a way to reset the window 7 os to enable similar feature on all icons?

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Unwanted Upgrade

I have accidentally upgraded my windows 7 professional oem to ultimate through the upgrade windows anytime tool, i don't have a product key and really don't want to have it, and was wondering if there was anyway of getting my professional back without losing all my stuff. I would really appreciate the help, and please spare the comments about what an idiot i am in doing this or asking me why i did it. Personally i wanted to see what the tool looked like and thought that it would have asked me for a product key before doing anything. Please help.

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Monitor Unwanted Auto Reset

I have recently installed windows 7 premium onto my desktop. It has been performing reasonable trouble free but this latest glitch has me perplexed. It has been hot, but the machine was performing well until i left it for a short time and came back to find that the monitor setting had reset to create a blank screen and the "not optimum mode. Recommended mode:1280x1024 60hz". I have restarted the machine and the program is restarting properly, but there is nothing on the screen, just this message.

The machine has quad core q6600 2. 4ghz *mb cache
4gb dual channel ddr2 800 mhz memory
Nvidia geforce 8600gt - 512 mb pci-e graphics card
Samsung syncmaster 710n monitor

I have encountered this on an xp machine and the solution is to interrupt the boot process get into the a mode where you can change the monitor settings, but this was done by a technician. Any solutions?

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Unwanted System Tray Items

I recently used revo uninstaller to uninstall weather watcher, weather watcher live and weather bug. Most everything was removed except for their system tray icons and options from the notification area icon control panel. How can i get rid of all traces of these apps?

I guess i can't attach an image here so, here's a link to a screen shot of what i'm talking about:


I had some other stray files that i was able to get rid of with regedit but, i for the life of me can't figure this one out. I hope i have this in the correct place. I'm sure there are files somewhere i need to delete which is why i chose this forum.

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Unwanted Scrolling In Drop Down Menu

This scrolling seems to happens randomly. Occasionally i get it to stop but do not know what it is that i do. When it starts to happen it the print drop down menu. I cannot print because the menu scrolls to fax and i cannot get it to stay on print. There is a fix i went to but you had to use a drop down menu to choose the language. I could not get the drop down menu to stop on english. Those are just a few examples. Does any one know how to resolve this issue?

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Deleting Unwanted System Files

I need to delete old vista system folder such as "windows, intel, program files etc"

The story so far (but refer other posts from me")

Bought new vista pc (32 bit home premium)
Loaded w7 rc1 32 bit

Removed w7 rc1 but it left system folders. When w7 was released obtained upgrade pack loaded w7 64 bit as a clean start. This presented several options but i chose this setup pc had vista on c: drive. Ie was the system drive.

D: drive was a media drive with no system files after w7 installation pc was setup as multiboot at startup with w7 as the prime, vista a option. The installation changed the drive names swapping the c: and d: w7 was on the now c: and vista was on the now d: i could live with this?

After a while when i was comfortable with w7 i wanted to remove the multi-boot option with w7 and vista and remove all old vista system files on the d: drive. I did this using a program (see earlier post)

However this left the vista system files on the d: drive. I have been trying to delete these old unused (i think) folders.

This is what i have tried:

Tried to delete folders using explorer as administrator - access denied

Changed permission for administrator and user to full control - tried to delete folders using explorer as administrator/user - access denied

Utilized program driver cleaner - the file type ie.system folders does not appear in list so cant delete file (see earlier post)

Utilized drive management program in w7. Note it sees the system drive as the d: drive not the c: drive.

Used cmd.exe as administrator using the rd /s switch command - access denied.

Tried to reformat the d: drive - it tells me it cannot reformat the the system section. Note again the system drive for w7 is the c: drive - this is where all the required system folders are reloaded the w7 install upgrade disk and reinstalled w7 64 bit.

After completion nothing changed - i still cannot delete the old system folders on the d: drive and the system drive is still being seen by drive manager as the d: drive! At the moment i am going round in circles with this how do i delete these old system folders? There is a total of 20gig of unwanted files! It should not be this hard!

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Getting Rid Of Unwanted Spam Programs

I was tricked into believing that my computer was infected with trojan virus and clicked a scan program that just popped out onto my screen. The program has now installed onto my pc and i can'r get rid of it. It is called cleanup antivirus and i can't delete it from the program data folder. It keeps popping out with a screeching sound every 5 mins highlighting that i have 31 dangerous virus in my computer and they request you to click remove button. It automatically directs you to a buy cleanup antivirus site.

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Deleting Unwanted Failed Updates

How do you delete unwanted failed updates from the view update history screen.

Intel driver update for intel(r) wifi link 5100 agn
Installation date: ‎17/‎01/‎2010 8:53 am
Installation status: failed
Error details: code 80246005
Update type: optional

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Live Sync - Unwanted Restoration Of Deleted Files

For the last three months i have had a recurring problem of deleted files from livesync re-appearing suddenly overnight out of the blue. I can verify that they are in fact gone from the directories of all three of my syncing computers (two on xp, one on windows 7). Then suddenly out of nowhere, 24-48 hours later, i get all the files deleted since january 2010 reappearing in their original directories. It's a huge headache and takes hours & hours to delete again manually.

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Unwanted Research Pane Appearing In Word Office 2007

Unwanted research pane appearing in word (windows 7, office 2007), keyboard then acts strangely, unpredictably, f1 key then doesn't work. Office 2003 was removed before installation of office 2007, and word 2007 seemed ok previous to this. While typing in a windows7 word doc (new office 2007) i suddenly get the research pane appearing on right of screen, un-asked for. Going to the review tab, proofing area shows research button highlighted (never selected by me); my keyboard (microsoft!) Then locks up and behaves strangely and i can't seem to do anything.

I can't find a way to remove or switch of this unwanted intrusion except by shutting down and rebooting but it has happened again and again. Got a 3000 word report to write, going crazy now. No joy with online help - in fact f1 button stops working during these 'turns'. Has anyone got any similar problems, or ideas where to go from here?

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Desktop Freeze When Programs Work Behind Desktop

Windows 7 desktop freeze when all other programs work behind desktop. When using any program, the desktop freezes so no icon can be selected/program opened. The only way to clear the freeze is to shut down. If however one chooses to use a program behind the desktop - it works fine. Anyone ideas how to prevent shutting down as the solution? I haven't heard anything like this on any other platform. At 1st, i thought it was a wireless freeze matter.

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Desktop Icons

How can i keep windows 7 from moving around desktop icons, be they shortcuts or folders, when i add new ones. It's  very frustrating to not have control over where specific icons appear. I want to be able to 'permanently' pin a specific icon to a specific location on my desktop so i don't have to go hunting for it and then waste a lot of time trying to get it back to where i want it!  I also like to use blank space between icons on my desktop to help me organize them, windows apparently does not like me to do that.

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Lost Desktop

I have a small ssd for the os and installed application software and i keep a lot of stuff on my desktop. To minimize ssd usage i relocated my desktop and other folders from the c: drive to another internal drive i have to support the ssd and everything worked fine till today. I went to the disk manager and i changed the drive letter to the other drive from e: to d: and now my desktop have only the recycle bin icon on it and i cannot put anything else on it.

I get the error message: e:c desktop refer to a location that is no longer there the folder on the other drive that held everything that was displayed on the desktop is still there intact. I am sure that if i changed the drive letter back to e: that it will fix everything but i would like for the second drive to be the d: drive so how can i associate the desktop with the folder on the d: drive again? I have 64bit windows 7 ultimate

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Vm Folder On W7 Desktop Help

I have installed a hp color laserjet 2840 mfp inside xp vm as there are no drivers or support for the scanner and fax features for this mfp under windows7 x64.

While inside vm, i have created a folder on the desktop called "scans". All scanned in documents are directed to this folder.

I want to link (shortcut, etc) this "scans" folder on my windows7 desktop, and other pcs on the network for that matter.

All attempts map, shortcut, or otherwise link any workstation to this folder have failed.

Attempts to "push" this folder out to the workstations have also failed.

Do you have any ideas?

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Remote Desktop

My computer at home is running windows 7 rc beta and all of a sudden it will no longer allow me to login using remote desktop connection. My isp has changed my ip address, which i do have the current one, but it will not allow me to connect. The ip address was changed due to a problem with the router and the router had to be reset to the default settings.

I've also had someone check my user status at home and i am a member of the remote desktop users group and my username does have a password. The network name is different now that the router was reset to the default settings and my computer at home can connect to the internet with no problems. Can anyone help me resolve this issue? Or any ideas of what is blocking my remote desktop connection.

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Desktop Icons Do Not Work

I recently downloaded and installed ie8. Unfortunately because my computer is 8 years old i could not run ie8 effectively. I uninstalled and deleted ie8 and downloaded and reinstalled ie7. Now some of my desktop icons that link to such sites as financial institutions and other websites do not connect to those sites. I can connect to my email accounts and internet explorer. Was there something in the reloading of ie7 that disabled these desktop icon links? I am running windows xp.

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Desktop Items Gone After Reboot

So i came home from work, and when i unlocked my computer it was mentioning something about damaged section on one of my 1tb hdd's. Windows 7 asked for reboot, so i accepted. Pc rebooted and a black screen came up and started to repair something. After 5-6 steps done pc rebooted again and log in screen popped up. After that i logged in and pc fully booted i noticed that my desktop items wore missing. Win 7 asked for recovery, so i accepted that, hoping it would solve my problems. After 10 min, and the recovery done i rebooted my pc.

Pc wore fully booted and icons are still missing.
I tried some trouble shooting, and after 2hr's of reading and clicking in win 7 i gave up.

I can't left click on desktop to multiple mark ether.

I cant find anything wrong, and nether can the troubleshooting program.

I have right clicked my desktop > personalize > change desktop items.
They're all marked in the box.
I have tried to end explorer.exe and boot it up again.
I tried to run backup image.

And nothing seems to help me.
Win 7 is installed on a 150 gb 7200 rpm hdd.
It's a clean hdd with only win 7 installed on it.

From my prospective i have to format c: and do a clean install.

I'll add a picture of my desktop.

http://img15. Imageshack. Us/img15/7619/desktopvj.png

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Missing Taskbar On Desktop

From time to time, my taskbar on my desktop at the bottom disappears. I usually notice it when my laptop has been idle for a few hours or more with the lid closed. It also occurs sometimes when it comes out from hibernation. The workaround, i found out, is to right click on the desktop, go to personalize, then screensaver and click preview.

Once the preview initiates, i move my mouse to leave the screensaver and my taskbar is back. It's the damnedest thing. Since i found the workaround, it's not really a big deal but just somewhat of a hassle to do this from time to time. Anyone have the same issue? I have an hp pavillion dv6 with windows 7 home premium also running on a 64-bit machine. Any thoughts on a possible bug?

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Desktop Icons Not Working

My wife's computer (mine is the same as hers, bought two, running windows 7), suddenly is having a problem with her desktop icons. They no longer work, must start programs by going to start, etc. Right click and left click, both do not work. If i reboot, an icon will work (start the program) once. But, on exit, no icon on the desktop will work any longer. I have run current avg anti-virus and malwarebytes. Neither shows any male-ware problems. Any suggestions as to why/how to fix dead icons?

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Cannot Resize Desktop Size

Can't get desk top to go to full screen the picture position function does not work. Called hp and they could not resolve the issue. It started when i pit windows 7 in my computer. So i have a 10x10 screen on on my laptop. When i go on line my web pages also are the same size and i cannot make anything full screen.

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Large Desktop Icons

I have just bought a new computer with windows 7 professional already installed. Can someone please help me. Sometimes i turn on my computer and all my desktop icons have suddenly gone huge. When i go into anything the type is also huge. I go into control panel and my icon size is still set to medium. So i change the size to small and restart my computer but it makes no difference. I log off and the next morning start my computer and everything is back to normal. I have not messed about with anything as i have only just bought the computer. Can anyone please help.

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Double Desktop Icons

I have added the most commonly used application icons to my desktop and when i press f5 or reboot i get doubles of each icon. I've tried removing one of each and then when i hit f5 they are all gone. When i check properties the target location for both "twins" are the same, yet when i open that location there is only one .exe file there. If i choose "hide" it hides both of them.

When i initially add an icon there is only 1 of that icon, until i press f5, or reboot, and then the duplicate appears. There are only 7 icons total (or should only be 7 - there's actually 14 showing!) This happens with all icons including my computer, my user file, and recycle.

There is only one user account on this computer (me) and i have administrator rights.

I am running windows 7 professional.

Any ideas on how to resolve this?

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Restore Desktop Icons

All my desktop icons have changed to the square red adobe reader icon. I have tried right clicking to restore icon but not successful. When i deleted adobe of my computer all desktop icons returned to normal. However i need adobe and downloaded it this afternoon and all desktop icons have turned into the red adobe reader icon again. If i click on e.g. Internet explorer, message comes up: adobe reader can not open. Blah blah. Help please. I do not know what to do and it's my own fault but i can't remember what i did to correct it.

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Desktop Icons Disappeared

I have lost all my short cuts on desk top, i can only get to the short cuts by going threw start, then going to my computer, and then to desk top file. Can any 1 tell me what ive done and how i get my icons back to desktop where i can use them. I have lost all my short cuts on desk top, i can only get to the short cuts by going threw start, then going to my computer, and then to desk top file. Can any 1 tell me what ive done and how i get my icons back to desktop where i can use them.

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