Unable To Sync Mapped Drive

My workgroup (with file and print sharing enabled on all computers) consists of 2 laptops running windows 7, 2 desktops running windows xp; 1 network printer; 1 wired router and 1 wireless router. I have mapped network drives which sync continuously. All computers run norton is. Workgroup has been stable for several months. Until one day last week i was able to connect to internet, entire workgroup, sync files on mapped drives, print, etc.

On that day last week i visited a client's office and tried to connect to my email (pop3) through client's wireless guest access, but access was denied. The next day when i returned to my office i was able only to connect to the internet. I was unable to find or connect to other computers using their name and unable to sync mapped drives.

My computer is no longer shown in the workgroup on the other computers. I can find and connect with the other computers using their network address, but cannot sync mapped drives. The problem seems like a file name recognition problem in file sharing function. What happened and how can i fix it?

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Mapped Drive Red X Disconnect

On a computer that runs windows 7, if you map a drive to a network share, the mapped drive may be disconnected after a regular interval of inactivity, and windows explorer display a red "x" on the icon of the mapped drive. However, if you try to access or browse the mapped drive, it reconnects quickly. This behavior occurs almost every day. My server is sbs 2008.

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Problem With Peachtree And Mapped Drive

My problem is the peachtree quantum 2009 can not detect a company data on windows 7, i do map the drive "where peachtree data is " and also set permission to full control , but still peachtree unable to detect data on mapped drive!, While in windows server 2003 no problem at all!

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Desktop Disappeared When Right Clicked A Mapped Drive

I don't have an error code - the windows desktop simply disappeared when i "right clicked" a mapped drive in windows explorer. Originally i mapped a shared folder from my windows home server to my new windows 7 system so i could stream music to that system through windows media player - it seamed to work though it kept having to update the library.

When the system was completely shut down, it could not re-attach the mapped drive even though i had provided all the connections information and passwords. Whs cannot join a domain so - in general - there is an issue with streaming music and video to my windows 7 system which is part of a domain rather than a work group.

When i "right clicked" the mapped drive from the windows explorer - computer window the little blue ring begin to spin and kept spinning for several minutes. When i tried to simply close the explorer window another notification box opened telling me that the program (windows explorer) had stopped responding. It then gave me three choices: restart the program; end program; or continue to wait.

I chose end program and the whole desk top disappeared, systray, icons, start button - the whole shebang was gone - though i did have a mouse pointer there was nothing i could do with it - the google search button was the only thing that survived. I had to do a hard kill and then restart the system. I tried this three times with the same results, the forth time i chose to "restart the program" and while it didn't close the explorer window it did allow me to restart without a hard kill.

My whole intent was to un-map the drive that would no longer connect because it is killing my start-up time as it tries to connect to that drive when windows starts - now takes a minute or two to start where before windows simply snapped open. I could be doing this wrong, but i have never had anything kill windows simply by "right clicking" on something.

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Cannot Add Files On Mapped Network Drive

I am attempting to connect to my server via explorer, yet mapping a network drive isn't working correctly for me. I can delete files/directories just fine, although i am unable to upload any files. The error message i receive is: an error occurred opening the folder on the ftp server. Make sure you have permission to access this folder.

Details: the handle is invalid. There should not be an issue with permissions as i can connect via command prompt without problem, and i can delete files/directories so i should have write permissions. I have never experienced this issue with vista before, and the tech support on my host has no idea either. I'm running windows 7 x64, build 7100. I'll upload a dxdiag if more information is required.

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Red X Appears In Icon For Mapped Network Drive

A red "x" appears in the icon for a mapped network drive in windows 7, even though you can successfully access the drive, i am on a wired network and only using windows 7 business on all, i know this happens for vista as well but now found it on win 7 machines, is there a fix for this? I don't have passwords on the computers and the mapped drives are set to reconnect at login.

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Sync Playlist To Flash Drive

Is there a way to sync a play list to a flash drive, they play that play list on another pc using wmp-12? When i sync a play list to a flash drive, the play list is not carried with it. Just copying the play lists to a matching folder on the flash drive does not seem to work. It would also be nice to have an option to carry album art with the sync too.

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Briefcase Change Sync Copy In Drive

I have been using briefcase for years. I have the original files on the flash drive i wear on a cord around my neck. This particular style of jewelry brands me a geek and proud of it. I have on my desktop computer a set of briefcases. Every morning when i get to my office i sync the files on which i have been working. One touch, it's great. I have on my laptop at home a set of briefcases. Every evening when i get home i plug into my laptop i synch the files on which i have been working. One touch, it's great.

The only part that isn't great is the russian roulette i play with drive numbers. When i set up my new office computers i had several things plugged into the usb ports and the briefcase assined the synch to drive g: instead of drive e: so now i get to my office and plug in my flash drive. I change the drive to e: and synch the briefcases project 1, 3, & 4. Then i change the drive to f: and sync briefcases project 2 & 6. Then i change the drive to g: and sync briefcase project 5.

Yes, i can delete all the briefcases and start over - which is what i will do if i can't find a direct solution. But i would really prefer to finally get some control over the "sync copy in" column.

Also, why the "briefcase is in use on another computer" message. It's not in use on another computer; i am trying to use it myself. It is extremely annoying. If it was in the process of synching i could understand, but it's just sitting there, synced, waiting for me. The flash drive has been disconnected. I should not have to shut down windows explorer to use the files just because it's a briefcase instead of a file folder. Is there any way to stop this message from popping up every time i try to access a file - besides shutting down windows explorer.

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How To Sync Folder On Pc With Folder On Flash Drive ?

I would like to be able to sync a folder on my flash drive with a folder on my pc. Is there a way to do so? Basically i would love to plug my flash drive in, right click a folder and sync it with one on my pc.

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Mapped Drives Problem

Windows 7 drops mapped drives from windows 2008 domain server. I have a windows 2008 domain server, and several windows 2003 file servers. I have 30 plus windows xp clients and now have 4 windows 7 clients. I have a login script on the server that maps out several shares; 2 from the win 2008 dc and 3 from the windows 2003 file servers. The script works fine and all shares on all clients get mapped; w:, r:, s;.

The problem is that on the win7 machine after a period of time the mapped drives get disconnected. Big red x shows up. If you click on the drives you get errors saying error occurred while reconnecting, local device is already in use or you get error message saying the specified network name is no longer available. If i keep trying long enough the drives reconnect and i can then get into the files.

This only happens on the win 7 machine and only happed to the mapped shares on the win 2008 dc.
Mapped drives on the other win2003 file servers never go away. I do not lose my internet connection or my connection to other server, pc or devices on the network. I have turned off auto disconnect on the server but that did not help. This is a serious problem for windows 7 and my office and i can not find a solution on the net just a lot of finger pointing. Does anyone have clue?

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Mapped Drives Refreshing Constantly

I am an intern, and my boss and i are really stuck. Our office is running a peer to peer style network. We have written batch files to run on startup of any computer that needs to connect to the servers (which are all various linux). The servers are set up properly to share with windows clients. This works on all of our xp machines, but for some reason the new windows 7 machines are constantly refreshing and losing connection to the mapped drives to one particular server.

I have tried replacing the network driver directly from the company's website (nvidia), mapping it through the gui, using net use persistent:yes, but nothing seems to work. I can't find anyone else having this problem. We thought it was an application conflicting (facetwin is installed on the server we are having this issue with), but we installed facetwin onto one of the windows 7 machines, and it still hasn't worked.

Facetwin is an alternative to putty that we used in the building for some time, and it is still used in areas. I can't remove the program from the server, but i don't think this is the problem. Please help. P. S. My boss purchased windows 7 home premium for these machines instead of pro. His 7 pro machine is having the same problem, though.

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Randomly Lose Mapped Drives

We have windows server 2003 r2 with shared drives. We have windows xp pro and windows vista ultimate workstations and have no problems with any of these machines.

Drives are mapped using a kixstart logon script

We have just installed 11 new dell optiplex 760 workstations with windows 7 professional pre-installed.

Randomly on several of these machines, users are reporting that they lose connection to shared drives. A red x is showing on all shared drives and double clicking on these does not work. The pc's are not idle at time of disconnect.

Trying browse to drives using servernameshare does not work.

When the drives disconnect users can still access internet and exchange server for email which is also on the file server.

Logging off and logging on again is also unsuccessful.

The only way to get access to the shared drives is to  restart the pc.

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Loss Of Access To Mapped Network Drives

I have a sbs 2003 with all the current updates. One of the networked desktops has been upgraded to windows 7 professional as a clean install. When the desktop initially logs in as a network user all the mapped network drives are visible and accessible. After a period of time the networked drives are not accessible as indicated by error: an unexpected network error occurred. I can see the server in the list of computers but cannot access it either. The only resolution is to log the user off and log back on.

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Mapped Network Drives Not Accessible To Bde

I have applications that use the borland database engine (bde) usually found in the control panel. Although my network drives (located on the server) are mapped with a login script and accessible in windows explorer, the bde does not see the mapped drives on this windows 7 professional 64-bitsystem. The user is setup as an administrator with full control.

The same user on a windows xp 32-bit professional computer has no problem. If i try to edit a file using wordpad on the mapped drive, i get "access denied" when i try to save the file. But i can delete the file or overwrite it with another file. I need to get the bde to acknowledge the drives. Any suggestions?

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Remote Server Support - Mapped Drives

Remote server support - explorer mapped drives - "searching for items. " Delay. I support w2k servers remotely necessitating mapping their drives (net use z: server$share /user:etc). When using xp pro this was no problem navigating the remote folders via explorer. Now with windows 7 pro, when i access a folder on the mapped drive, the "location" bar at the top of the explorer window starts showing what i'd call a search progress bar (green) from left to right and the bottom status message of "searching for items appears. This goes on for some minutes until i either get a "the specified network name is no longer available" or "the semaphore timeout period has expired" or both.

I've disabled virus scanning (avg). My guess is that windows 7 is trying to either index files on the remote drive or scan the remote drive for library additions, for my benefit. Any ideas how to make this behavior stop? I won't be able to use windows 7 as my support op sys with this kind of behavior.

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How Do I Use Sync In Email ?

We are sharing the same address and email on two computers. Even after i click or double click not all the emails that showed on the other computers were transferred to mine.

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Microsoft Usb Sync

When trying to upgrade from vista to windows 7 home premium, i keep getting this error message (even after removing the programs). I can't locate the microsoft usb sync. These devices might not work properly after the upgrade. Before upgrading, we recommend updating the drivers for these devices. Cancel the upgrade, open control panel and search for "update device drivers", or go to the device manufacturer's website to search for updated drivers.

Mobile devices: microsoft usb sync. These programs might not work properly after the upgrade. We recommend uninstalling these programs before upgrading. Cancel the upgrade, open control panel, and search for "uninstall a program". (Note: programs marked as * can be safely reinstalled after the upgrade. )

Citrix ica
Intellitype / intellipoint

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Ipod Sync Issue

I have an ipod 4th gen using itunes and have recently purchased a new computer with windows 7 64bit installed. I also have an iphone that i use with the same computer that works beautifully. The problem with the ipod is that when i plug it in windows 7 gives me a message that it needs to scan and repair my ipod, which after allowing this process, windows was unable to access this disc. Originally i thought the problem was with the ipod or itunes, so i restarted and reinstalled the software on the ipod, uninstalled itunes and reinstalled, which did not work. Next, i sent my ipod back to apple and they replaced it. Today i installed a fresh copy of itunes and synced my iphone first, which worked fine, but when i went to sync the ipod it gave me the error again and locked up itunes and i was unable to sync the ipod.

What am i doing wrong?  Is windows 7 blocking my ipod because it sees it as another drive?  Is there some setting in windows 7 to prevent this from happening? 

I am desperate, i want to like windows 7, but i never had any problem like this with my laptop which has the exact same setup except that it has vista installed. If i cannot resolve it i will end up going back to vista.

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Don't Want To Sync

I had this problem with vista in that it "insisted on trying to sync" to my sandisk memory sticks and there seemed to be no way to stop it. After much forming i came up with a solution:
Turning off the portable device enumerator service solved my problem.

I found out about it at some forum or another, i have tried about 10 different forums.
Follow this step to disable the service.

1. Click start and type services. Msc in the start search box and press enter.
2. Scroll down the list and select the service.
3. Right click on the service and choose the option properties.
4. You may change the startup type to disable or the service status to stop.

Many thanks to bindu r for the turnoff information.

It is seems to operate the same in windows 7, so i turned it off there also.

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Cannot End Sync Partnership

I can't delete a partnership in windows 7 sych center for a network share and it keeps trying to sync no matter what i do. Trying to end/delete the partnership from sych center itself shows no option to do so. I do get an option from windows explorer to "delete" it, but this doesn't appear to do anything. Disabling  offline files, rebooting and restarting offline files, just causes windows to continue to sync. The only article i found was here. Anyone have any ideas how to correct this?

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Cannot Remove Sync Partnership

This is the second time this has happened after i re-installed windows 7 to fix it the first time. When i have copied an w7 standard folder like my pictures slide-shows or moved the location of user-name downloads to a network share it has created a sync partnership and i now have a sync icon in the system tray.

How do i remove the sync partnership and thus get rid of the icon? The previous post in "can't end sych partnership" does not work and as you can see in their someone has mentioned that it didn't work for them either.

I cannot delete the sync partnership and i have already unselected "make available offline" on the folder yet the link still remains in sync manager. I have searched the internet and tried all sorts of suggestions such as adding format database to a registry key and taking ownership of the csc folder and deleting the offline hidden folders. None of this has worked and it seems that many people have the same issue. How hard can it be to simply undo a sync partnership?

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Hd2 Sync Error

I have windows 7, outlook 2007 and have created a new partnership between phone & laptop.

Problem ; -
I have 15 contacts that just do not sync
I have 113 calendar entries that will not sync

The 15 contacts are some of my most important ones - like family. All birthdays have not sync'd and yet other reoccurring events have sync'd fine! I have set the usb - pc to not use "enable faster data synchronization" and have switched it back on with the same results every-time.

If i use active-sync on my xp machine they go over fine, that is why i have the birthdays & contacts in the first place. The new windows device centre is rubbish! Anyone got any ideas how i can get my missing birthdays, contacts & other events into outlook?

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Xv6700, Win 7, Wont Sync

I have a verizon xv6700 that i have been using for 3 years. It syncs fine on my xp computer but will not sync on my new win 7 system. It connects and i can explore the phone, see files, move files, etc. , But when i try to sync it says it is syncing but it has been over 12 hours and it's still syncing, nothing is really happening except the little arrows are moving on the phone and the computers says "syncing". I have outlook setup exactly the same way as on the xp machine, same folders, contact list, exchange folders, etc. , The only difference is activesync 4. 5 on the xp and sync center on win 7.

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Cannot Sync Generic Windows Phone

Have just purchased a toshiba laptop with windows 7 installed. Am attempting to load the software for a windows 6 generic cell phone (htc polaris). Windows 7 does not recognize the installation disk for the cell phone. And when plugged in by usb it shows in the 'devices printers' screen as unspecified generic rndis, status- needs troubleshooting.

I have hit the trouble shooting button and it appears to go into search mode, (looking for drivers i assume). I have allowed the system to perform a search for the drivers but after approx 45 mins it had come up with nothing. I have searched the web, xda developers etc and they all say the cell phone should sync to the media player, unfortunately it doesn't. The only thing i have found relates to downloads for vista only.

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Itunes Freezes At Sync Mode

Ipod classic will not sync with my new windows 7 64 bit laptop seems like quite a few people are having this problem, well i've tried most of the options and still have had no luck. When i plug my ipod into itunes it recognizes the ipod but then freezes at the sync mode, the only way to get out of it is to go to task manager and exit there, ive done all the reinstalls etc. , But still have no joy the ipod will sync on my old xp machine, but i want to get rid of this and just have my new laptop running, is there anything i can do?, Or is this a problem with windows 7 64-bit and itunes.

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Internet Time Sync Problem

I'm having internet time sync issues, and i've done what i can to fix it. This is a brand new laptop running on win7 64-bit. I've already tried changing time servers, and each time i start up my computer, it's the same time that i had turned it off the night before. (Actually, this morning it was an hour after i turned it off. ) I've gone into the registry and changed the specialpollinterval to 86400, and still i'm having issues. The only anti-virus software i have on this computer, for now, is avast!

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How To Sync Win 7 Calendar With Ipad ?

How can i sync my windows 7 calendar with my ipad?

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Automatic Sync Of Gmail Contacts To Ms Outlook

After setting my gmail account into ms outlook, it became a dare mission to get my contacts from gmail to ms outlook. I did everything:a) exported the contacts to a csv file. Ms outlook does not recognize it. B) try to upload my contacts. No success either can you help me and tell how to do it? What are the right steps to exchange these contacts?

Ps; about hotmail account, even worst - i set it, going through all steps described and at end, it'd never worked, ie, got the emails from hotmail into ms outlook. How can this be possible? Both two applications belongs same company? Shouldn't be built in away that it'd be so simple and 'stupid' rather all this trouble?

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Sync Outlook 2010 Between Two Win 7 Computers

More specifically my goal is to sync "outlook 2010" calendar, contacts (including 5 sub-folders), tasks and notes between 2 windows computers?I have an office computer and a laptop. Both have windows 7 and outlook 2010. Both are on my home group. I currently use briefcase to sync specific document files between the two computers. (I am currently syncing my palm treo 850 to my office computer and then to my laptop via mobile device center but, the outlook contact sub-folders (5) won't sync without the new pocket pc 2010 version - not yet released.

Only the main/default folder syncs. Therefore, i have to find a new solution until pocket pc 2010 is available for a full sync. Unfortunately, any new computer-to-computer syncing set-up might exclude having the outlook contact sub-folders on my phone though. )Help?

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Sync Tunes To Mp3 Player Lost

When i sync tunes from wma to my mach speed essential mp 3 device, i have this problem: the older tunes on the mp3 player are erased when the newer ones are sync-ed. The essential tech help told me that wma 12 and win 7 has this problem wherein the previous sync list is automatically erased when a new list in sent to the player. Seems weird to me. Is this truly a problem with wma 12 and win 7? I know that the old sync-ed tunes are erased from my library after sync-ing. What if anything am i doing wrong?

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