Setup Network With Win7 And Xp To Share Printer

I need to know how to set up a network with a hp windows 7 laptop, dell windows xp, belkin wireless router, and share a kodak printer between the two computers on the network. Whenever i run the setup disk for my belkin wireless router it messes up the internet connection and wont let me connect.

I tried to set up a network that way and it worked until for a few hours then my windows xp computer disappeared from the network but still had connectivity because it is plugged into the wireless router. I need to know if there is anyone that can help me resolve my problem and as soon as possible. Another thing i do is get on xbox live by plugging my xbox into my windows 7 laptop and half the time that don't work. Can anyone help me resolve this problem too?

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Share A Network Printer From Vista To Win7

Well i've been trying to connect my laptop(windows 7) to my desktop's printer (windows vista). I have the printer as shared but i still can't connect. I type in the right address but it still says "windows couldn't connect to the printer. Check the printer name and try again. If this is a network printer, make sure that the printer is turned on, and that the printer address is correct. " I've done all of this and still no connection.

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Cannot Create Backup To Network Share

Why did microsoft make backup useless in windows 7 home premium by disabling backup to network drive? Clearly a lot of development time went into the code necessary to prevent that. What was the reason?Windows 7 home premium - there is no way to use it to backup to a network share. I have a machine in my home designated as a server, and i'm using an open source solution to backups today.

I really like the concept of backup in windows 7, but for some bizarre reason ms poured tons of resources into disabling that functionality. It's almost as bad as the absurd limitation on manipulating groups (e.g. I cannot create a backup users group in home, that's another features that's limited to "pro"?!

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Cannot Delete Homegroup Network Share

Ok, so this is a bit of an interesting one! I setup a homegroup between 2 computers, a media center machine and a laptop. On the media center machine i shared a number of folders. These folders were shared in a couple of different ways. Some just by enabling sharing (right-click, properties, advanced sharing, share this folder), but one was shared by selecting share with homegroup (read).

All was good (if messy!)! But then i decided that with an upgrade to the machine i would sort out all the sharing and do it properly by adding the folders to libraries and sharing the libraries. During the upgrade i installed a new hard drive and i changed the drive letter for the drive where all the shares were located (the beginning of the problem).

None of the shares now work (although they do appear on the laptop, and in the network section of explorer on the media center). Unfortunately, i found i coudn't remove the shares! Right-clicking on a share in the network area of explorer (on the media center), properties, advanced sharing and disabling the share results in an error dialogue when you click ok because windows cannot find it!  The only way i got round this was to recreate dummy folders with the same names as before so that windows can 'find them' and then remove the share. This problem was compounded by the fact that you cannot 'see' where the share actually points to.

Anyway, after a bit of work this sorted out all the shares apart from the homegroup one. Because this only exists in the homegroup section of explorer (for some reason not in the network area of explorer - i don't know why) i can't right-click and unshare it. If i create a new folder with the same name in the old location and share it, this creates an additional share, and both list the contents of this folder! But if i then unshare it, only the newly created share disappears.
I'm assuming that windows must keep a list of the homegroup shares somewhere. I've searched the registry with the name of the folder but i haven't found anything (i think - it has references but i think these are search indexes).

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Printer Error Message - Cannot Print Problem With Current Printer Setup

This is a network printer and works for everything else except my word program and my windows program. I have rebooted my computer and i have turned printer off and on (although it is printing for others and for me for our work program which is not word-based or windows-based). Can you help me?

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Cannot Share Printer On Win 7 & Xp

Network all setup. Windows 7 shows both computers in network and displays printer on xp desktop when i go to "add printer" on new w7 unit. When i click on printer icon, message "access denied". I've tried all the trouble shooting tips and followed all the directions in help and on the microsoft site. Nothing helps. I spent most of the day playing with this already. (Vista laptop prints with no problem).

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Can't Share Printer

I have been unable to share my printer for a long time now. Today i found this in the event viewer. It occurs on every bootup which is why i am unable to share my printer. I have no clue what caused it, or how to fix it.

Log name:      microsoft-windows-printservice/admin
Source:        microsoft-windows-printservice
Date:          11/15/2009 3:51:05 pm
Event id:      315
Task category: sharing a printer
Level:         error
Keywords:      classic spooler event, printer
User:          system
Computer:      michael-pc

The print spooler failed to share printer hp deskjet f4200 series with shared resource name hp deskjet f4200 series. Error 2114. The printer cannot be used by others on the network.

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Share Printer With Xp And Win7 Machines

How to share a printer with windows xp and windows 7 machines. Need to share a printer with windows xp and windows 7, printer is hooked to xp and common router. Remember - this is a public forum so never post private information such as email or phone numbers!Ideas:programs you are having problems with error messages recent changes you made to your computer what you have already tried to fix the problem.

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Can Xp And Win7 Share A Printer Easily ?

I have an hp deskjet 5550 hooked up to my xp desktop, but want to be able to print to it from my win7 laptop. Is there an ~easy~ way to do this? The xp machine is attached to the network physically; the win7 is wireless. Printer sharing is enabled on the xp machine. On the win7 i've already tried going to 'devices and printers' and 'add a printer' but the printer isn't showing up anywhere. And yes, i've looked under 'network. '

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Share Printer From Xp Machine To Win 7

I would like to share a printer attached to a windows xp machine from my windows 7 64-bit laptop. I have enabled printer and file sharing on the xp machine and created a home network, "mshome. " I have changed the workgroup name on the windows 7 machine to "mshome. " I cannot see the windows xp machine. Obviously i'm doing something wrong.

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Share Printer Wirelessly With Xp And Win7

Basic setup: wireless router with ethernet connection to windows xp (desktop) and wireless connect to windows 7 (laptop). The printer is physically connected to the desktop. How do i share the printer with the windows 7 laptop?

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Share Printer With Win 7 & Mac

Sharing a printer connected to this computer. My lexmark printer is connected to this computer via usb. I would like to share this printer on my network, with a mac laptop?Can you walk me through the process please?

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Share A Printer Attached To A Vista Pc

I can't figure this out. I have my printer attached to my pc running vista ultimate. What do i have to do on my win 7 pc to share that printer? On te windows 7 pc i have 3 accounts - mine (administrator) and two user accounts.

From the administrator account i can go to the network and sharing center and i can click on the router icon and see the two pcs and then i can click on the vista pc (t500) and see the printer. The first time i did this it asked for a password and i gave it the user id and password of my vista machine and it installed some drivers.

Now the printer is visible in the printers and devices menu. Now i'm trying to print from a user account and i can't see the printer. So i go to the network and sharing center and i click on the router icon and i see the two pcs there. I click on the t500 icon and i can see the printer. When i double click on the printer, it tells me "access denied" what do i need to do here? 

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Can't Share Win7 Printer

The only way i could get my xp computer to print from my shared windows 7 canon pixma530 was to go into the properties box of my xp computer, create a new port and aim it to the windows 7 computer. I didn't have to upload a new driver because the old one worked. My xp printer was pointing to the shared printer on port vistapccanon530, i had to disconnect that port and create a new port to win7-procanon530. So i was able to jury-rig my printer into working, now my computer illiterate sister in portland is having the same problem! There is no way she is going to be able to go into the port tab of the printer properties and create a new port.

Is there an easy fix for this? Is it a permissions issue? I know that you have to create a shared folder and connect to it using a user id and password from the xp box to the win7 box but why do we have to jump through hoops to share a printer now? Did someone at microsoft fall asleep when they did printer sharing in windows 7?

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How To Share A Printer Between Win7 Pcs?

I am on a work network. All the machines are windows 7. I simply cannot get print sharing to work.
I have googled this problem, but each example assumed 7 to xp, or xp to 7, or 7 to vista, etc. This should be a no brainer, w7 is great except for this problem. Where i currently stand: local machine with printer connected has the following:

- Control panelhardware and sounddevices and printers
- - Right click on samsung scx-4300 printer (installed perfectly by itself under w7) - select printer properties.
- - - Select sharing and tick share this printer and give it a share name

- Control panelnetwork and internetnetwork and sharing centeradvanced sharing settings
- - Turn on network discovery
- - Turn on file and print sharing
- - Turn off password protected sharing

Network machine that tries to connect:
Do the usual steps to add the printer, and i get the error:
- Windows cannot connect to the printer
- - Operation failed with error 0x00000721

How do i solve this problem as the only way people on the network can print is emailing their documents to me?

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Share Printer On Win 7 Desktop With Vista

How can i share a printer on my win 7 desktop with a vista desktop? Our two side-by-side desk tops were sharing a usb printer, both running vista. When i upgraded to win 7 on the desktop that has the usb printer, the vista machine is unable to print. The win 7 desktop prints fine and the vista comp will print with the printer connected directly to it.

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Networking Issue: Cannot Share Printer Or Files

I am using a pc and a laptop. I have them connected via a ethernet network cable. The problem is i am unable to share my printer in the network. I have internet on both pc and laptop. I can see the 'host' computer via the laptop and i can see the 'guest' computer via the desktop. My printer is hooked up and i can use it on the 'host' computer, but not the 'guest'. Actually the only thing i can share is the internet connection. No files, printers, or anything else. The printer is set to share on the 'host', but when i search for it on the 'guest' laptop it is unable to find it. I know the cable functions because if i unplug it from the laptop i am no longer able to see the other computer and i go back to local access. My network icon in my system tray says 'currently connected to: network 3 access local and internet. 'we are able to ping both computers, our workgroups are correct, and we have turned on all file sharing settings already.

Both systems are running windows vista. Any suggestions on how to correct this issue?

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Can Win 7 Computer Share Printer Connected To Vista Pc ?

Can a windows 7 computer share a printer connected to a windows vista computer? My two teenagers just received new laptops for christmas, both run on windows 7 (64-bit). I have an epson stylus nx100 printer connected to a desktop{router is also connected to this comp} running windows vista (32-bit). I was wondering if i could share a printer that is connected to a computer running on vista with my two daughters' computers. I know windows vista doesn't have a homegroup option and i'm totally confused about how this whole thing works.

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Error Code - 0x000006d9 - Cannot Save Printer Share

Two issues - cannot save printer share with error code 0x000006d9 and machine share is not accessible from workgroup network. I am thinking these are connected problems, but here are the separate issues, first - the fundamentals:

4 pc network using work-group with two windows 7 (ultimate) and two xp. All worked well with the previous one vista/ 3 xp network. All but the windows 7 desktop behave well. The network is wired with a cable modem to a netscreen ns 5xt (hardware firewall to the outside and hub for inside), a netgear wireless access point and using (as said before) windows workgroup.

All naming remains correct on all machines, all discovery settings are in place and each has norton internet security for its local protection services. The win 7 upgrades were to the wirelessly connected vista laptop and a hard wired desktop previously running xp professional sp3.conversion of xp was assisted on the desktop by laplink pc mover upgrade assistant. All applications run seemingly well on both upgraded machines.

On the desktop - i cannot share printers. When i use 'networks and printers' from the start menu to set sharing on a printer i get the error code 0x000006d9 stating something like the configuration can't be saved. All local printing works well.

Also on the desktop - the computer name registers to all as on the network (it is discovered and mapped by each pc) but when i try to access from any other machine i get a general error message that states something like 'check your name spelling dummy'. This win 7 desktop can browse the shared folders of all on the network  and write to any.

A little added data - this unit can ping all other in the network successfully but none get a successful ping into the offending machine either with ip address or computer name (times out waiting for a response or says name cannot be found). It can ping itself successfully. It accesses the internet quite handily.

Solutions have been attempted without firewall (norton internet smart firewall - 2010), with firewall and with various permission changes. A final discovery was that the windows firewall will not enable because bfe is not able to start - error 5 - access denied (this was discovered trying to enable a possible solution due to some internet chatter that the windows firewall needed to be running to set up shared printers).

All other dependencies are running making me pause about why bfe is not (it is running on the win 7 laptop as well as is the firewall). Permissions have been checked in the registry for bfe and firewall settings (ports, allows, etc) have also been looked at with a very critical eye. Sfc was run with no problems encountered. All the ports for net drivers, win 7 networking and other shares are opened in the firewalls.

So folks - i have researched the internet and tried many of the suggested solutions to no avail. My apologies in advance if someone provides a solution and i say 'already tried that'.

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Setup Wireless Print Server Network With Linksys

How to set up a wireless print server network with linksys print server, to serve 64 bit win7 computer to print to 2 xp machines and the 64 bit win 7 machine. (There are no 64 bit drivers for the server). I have a win xp pro desktop & an eeepc netbook, both printing to a linksys wireless print server on to a canon i560 printer. Both xp machines are 32 bit & print directly to the wireless server. It is not yet a network printer.

I now  have a 64 bit win7 notebook. There are no 64 bit drivers for the linksys print server. It appears that linksys does not intend to ever provide 64 bit drivers for this. Can someone please tell me if it is possible to get the 64 bit notebook to print to the print server through the xp (host) desktop and how to do that? Or should i just discard the linksys print server and buy a more suitable product? 

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Setup A Wireless Network Between Desktop With Xp And Laptop With Win 7

I want to set up a wireless network between my desktop and my laptop. The desktop is a dell with windows xp and my laptop has windows premium 7. Do i need to buy a router that's compatible with both, or with just the desktop?

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Epson R2880 Printer Setup

Network printer with windows xp and windows 7 32 bit and 64 bit. Can anyone please advise how to setup a epson r2880 printer as a network printer? Host machine is running windows xp. 4 other machines in the area are running windows 7 64-bit. 3 different machines are running windows 7  32 bit.confused as to what drivers belong on which machines ultimate goal is all 7 machines being able to print to the epson.

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Cannot Print Due To A Problem With Current Printer Setup

Everytime i try to print i get "windows cannot print due to a problem with the current printer set up. " I currently have a cannon mf3200 and a 64bit operating system, when i tried to find new drivers it says i cannot install them because there is already one installed. Scanning works fine, its just printing that has a problem

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Setup Display Adaptor With Standard Vga Driver Before Running Setup

Ok, so while using windows vista it randomly decided to "delete" my drivers for my ati graphics card. I then upgraded to windows 7 but when i try to re install the drivers now with the cd it keeps telling me "setup your display adaptor with a standard vga driver before running setup" where do i find this adaptor and why hasn't microsoft realized that universal compatability is the way to go?Setup your display adaptor with a standard vga driver before running setup. "

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Share Printer Connected To Pc Running Xp With Pc Running Win 7

How do i share a printer connected to a pc running xp with a pc running windows 7? I have tried everything and it seems they are not compatible. If not, can i load windows 7 on the pc running xp?

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Share Printer From Xp 32-bit To Win7 64-bit

Can i share a printer from windows xp 32 to a windows 7 64?, I am trying to share my hp laserjet 2605dn that is connected to my desktop(windows xp pro 32bit) through usb to my other desktop(windows 7 home 64). The problem i am having is when i go to the computer that is running windows 7 and i try to add the printer already share in the other computer, it pops up a windows asking for the right driver.

So look for the hp driver for windows 7 64 bit version and unzip the files in both desktop but when i try to choose the right one neither file on the folder works. So my question is can i share a printer install on a win xp pro 32 through usb across my network to a win 7 64 os? If yes how?

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Share Printer Between 32-bit And 64-bit Win7

Hp printer is attached to computer with windows 7 64 bit and shared on home network. Another computer on the network with windows 7 32-bit can see the printer, but not print to it. I suspect it's a driver thing, but how do i install a 32 bit driver to access a printer on a 64-bit computer?

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Network Printer

Trying to set up a network printer and having problems. Printer is hp photosmart c5200 hooked up to pc running windows 7. It works fine on that computer. I have a laptop running windows vista that i would like to get to share the printer. Laptop is obviously wireless. Did have the same set up working on a pc running windows xp with no problems. I have the sharing tabs set on both pc and a homegroup set up on pc ( workgroup on laptop ).

Can access pc from laptop, but when i go to discover printer it is not showing up. Can access pc and navigate to folder showing printer. Have tried to manually add printer to laptop, but will not print. Did notice that laptop and pc are in different workgroups in laptop network set up, but can't figure out how to delete one and put them in same workgroup. Any help is appreciated

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How To Network Printer Between 2 Computers ?

My printer is connected to my pc with xp. It can "share", supposedly but my laptop with windows 7 can't find/see the printer or the network. How do i fix this? And i need to know in simple/easy terms.

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Cannot Print To Printer On Network

My main computer is running windows 7 , my laptop which is networked is using xp. I cannot print from my laptop. My printer is connected to my main computer. When i was using xp on both it worked fine.

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