How Do I Make My Win 7 Genuine ?

How do i make my windows 7 "genuine"? I purchased a non-upgrade windows 7 home premium oem and installed it on my system while i was working on some problems my computer was having. After i installed it, i decided that i needed to replace my motherboard and hard drive. I replaced these two items and reinstalled windows 7. Now, microsoft thinks that i tried to install this copy on two systems and is telling me that "the product key you typed cannot be used to activate windows on this computer. Error code: oxc004c008 the activation server determined that the specified product key could not be used. "

This isn't a second computer. It's the same computer with a fresh hard drive and motherboard. How can i get microsoft to recognize this and make this copy of windows "genuine"?

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Cannot Make Any Backup

My pc have 1 hd 500gb with 2 partitions: c: about 175gb with windows and programs, and 1 partition e: about 265gb for backup. Also i have  external hd about 500 gb g: for al my documents. Now i want to make a system-backup (c: about 39gb in use) on my hd g: about 35gb in use. So i think there is enough place to do so. But backup give the message that there is not enough place! The same thing if i want to backup g: to e:. Even when i want to backup one file! Does any one can  help me?

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How To Make C Drive Default ?

When i updated vista to windows 7 ae e-drive was created called recovery. When i download a file or program the computer is trying to store on the e-drive instead of c. How can i make c the default and why do i need the e-recovery drive?

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How To Make A Program Available To All Users?

How do i make a program available to all users if the program was installed for one user. Basically the problem is that i created another user account but only a few random applications show up on it and i'd really hate to have to reinstall some +50 programs so my computer can function normally on my secondary user account. I am able to locate many of the installed programs by snooping around in explorer and have been able to run a few by creating shortcuts, but many of them (spybot, itunes, google chrome, the list goes on!) Do nothing when the .exe is opened and are rendered useless (on that account).

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How Do You Make Recovery Disk In Win 7 ?

How do you make a recovery disk in windows 7 or a install disk? I made one in windows vista is there a program in windows 7 that will make the disk that will reload windows like it was new.

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Cannot Make Wireless Network Using Xp And Win7

Trying to set up wireless network with desktop pc being an xp system and laptop is windows 7. Can not make either computer see the other or the printer connected to the desktop.

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Can I Make Office 2007 Run As In Xp?

I spent a great deal of money purchasing the fastest laptop on the market, as well as updating every feature that was upgradeable. I am running windows office home premium 7 with 8 gigabytes of ram on a 64 bit duo processor in the 3. 7gh range.

My problem is, i absolutely hate windows office 7. Is there some way where i can make it run as if it were windows xp as with other programs? I would hate to have to un-install the program and re-install office 2003 just because office 7 has was made virtually impossible to use, not to mention the $500. 00 i blew on it. Any help out there? 

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Update Make Pc Shuts Down And Repeats

When i start my laptop it opens to a windows update 3 of 3, shows 0%, says do not shut down pc. Does this for a minute and then starts to shut down. It continues to repeat this. I have tried to start up in safe and it does the same.

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Make Aero Work On System Without Crashing

Is there a way to make aero work on my system without crashing it? I recently upgraded to win7 home premium. Install went smooth, but after logging in i kept getting a range of bsod stop messages at random intervals, including 0x0a, 0x24, 0x50, 0x3b (saw that one a lot), 0x7e, 0x7f. Occasionally they would be preceded by a charming notification that said "display driver stopped responding and has recovered, " but i soon learned that message was only a precursor to imminent failure. Sometimes it would go days without crashing, but other times it wouldn't go five minutes before bsod after bsod. I finally discovered that all my problems went away if i selected a basic (non-aero) desktop theme.

So what gives? I have an onboard graphic adapter, the intel g965 express chipset, which claims it is aero-capable. I have the latest driver for it and dxdiag says it's a wddm 1. 1 driver. Dxdiag also shows i have 358 mb total graphics memory (64mb system, 294mb shared). I'm not a gamer and have not run any graphics-intensive programs since this upgrade. I do like the "aero experience, " but it's causing major instability on my system.

Other system info, if it helps:

Dell xps 210 (model dxc061)
Intel core 2, 2. 4 ghz
2 gb ram

Windows 7 home premium 32-bit*, upgrade version**

*I actually loaded 64-bit first, but with all the crashes i thought maybe that was the problem, so after a couple weeks loaded the 32-bit version and found myself in the same boat as before.
**Technically, i loaded the oem-supplied vista os just long enough to use the windows 7 upgrade disc. I've never actually run with vista, so not sure if this is a problem with "aero" or with "windows 7 aero. " Anyway, i'm very happy with windows 7, and now that i'm not in danger of losing my work at any moment i can go about my business. But i will never be completely satisfied until i understand why my system doesn't support aero, or what i can tweak to make it work.

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Live Mail - Do You Want The Program To Make Changes To Computer

When opening windows live mail a window pops up (user account control) do you want the following program to make changes to this computer? I have to click yes in order to open my mail. This has only been happening for the last day or two. I've never had a problem before it always opened up just fine. How do i make that go away?

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How To Make Disk Image And Avoid Licensing Issue?

My company wants to include laptops running windows 7 with a product we are selling. When we get these laptops, we often have to uninstall any bloat-ware, install our own software, and tweak some windows settings to get the machines in the state we'd like the consumer to receive it in.
. Very time-consuming process. It'd be nice if we could just have a master disk-image that we could apply to all the computers we receive.

However, this solution, i imagine, would cause some problems with windows licensing (as all comps receiving the image will technically have the same copy of windows). All the machines we receive have their own pre-installed versions of windows, so it'd be nice if there was some kind of imaging program that kept the windows-license on the machine, but changed everything else (windows settings, installed software. Etc. ).

Does anyone know if this is possible?

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Putting Hdd Into Raid 0 Make Nfr License Invalid?

Will putting my hdd's into raid 0 make my nfr license invalid? I have built my own desktop, and received a copy of windows 7 ultimate at the new efficiency seminar i attended in seattle. The dvd's inside are labeled as not for resale. I have a 1tb drive for storage, and would now like put my pair of 320gb drives (one of which is my current os drive) into raid 0 since i plan on doing some video editing on this system. The only change from the currently activated setup is the drive configuration.

The two drives in question will still be operating on the same controller, and in the same ports. What i am unsure of is whether or not this will be considered a change of hardware that would necessitate acquiring a new copy of windows 7 for this machine. That would stop my ability to make the change at this time as i cannot currently afford a retail box of windows 7 ultimate, or even professional, which is the cheapest edition i can use now. The only hardware purchases i can justify at this time would make acquiring an oem version cost more than a retail box. Will my nfr copy of windows 7 ultimate still be able to activate?

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Make Intel Graphics Control Panel Power Options Default

Downloaded intel hd graphics driver; want to make intel graphics control panel power options default (override windows power saver options) i've tried changing power settings in the intel graphics control panel but even if i select maximun battery life the aero theme doesn't change at all, so i presume the power settings haven't changed? Can i make intel's power options default instead of windows 7 power options?

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Genuine Win 7

Windows 7 has been installed for 92 days. Two days ago, started having problems (once the free support ran out) now it says that the copy of windows 7 is not genuine.

Running ona dell inspiron 530s
Previously had vista
Upgraded by purchasing the windows 7 home premium and installing on nov, 4 2009

Problems include:
Exceedingly slow
When rebooting - now it always wants to run check disc, then goes and deletes things (orphan files, etc)
Locks up

Now says not a genuine copy of windows

In an attempt to fix problems i:
Updated and ran anti-virus, spyware and malware
Pounded fists on table
Cursed bill gates

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Windows Not Genuine

I wonder if anyone can explain how i got this problem. Last month i built myself a new pc from scratch all brand new parts from a reputable retailer. I also bought a new unopened copy of windows 7 professional from the same retailer. I installed everything fine, windows was installed and activated. However a month later it is asking me to activate windows again! .

Using the supplied product key does not work and i get a message saying my copy of windows is not genuine at the bottom right of the desktop. No new hardware or drivers were installed and windows was installed in only this machine i am confused why i got this. Diagnostic report (1. 9. 0027. 0):
Windows validation data->validation code: 50
Cached online validation code: 0x0
Windows product key: *****-*****-cm74g-rphkf-pw487
Windows product key hash: 71brymecvasxedfumfu8zryhjvy=
Windows product id: 00371-177-0000061-85458
Windows product id type: 5
Windows license type: retail
Windows os version: 6. 1. 7600. 2. 00010100. 0. 0. 048
Id: {9998e34b-9bc4-4b1e-b2db-2fdd1ba9005b}(1)
Is admin: yes
Testcab: 0x0
Legitcheckcontrol activex: n/a, hr = 0x80070002
Signed by: n/a, hr = 0x80070002
Product name: windows 7 professional
Architecture: 0x00000009
Build lab: 7600. Win7_gdr. 100226-1909
Tts error:
Validation diagnostic:
Resolution status: n/avista wgaer data->
Threatid(s): n/a, hr = 0x80070002
Version: n/a, hr = 0x80070002windows xp notifications data->
Cached result: n/a, hr = 0x80070002
File exists: no
Version: n/a, hr = 0x80070002
Wgatray.exe signed by: n/a, hr = 0x80070002
Wgalogon.dll signed by: n/a, hr = 0x80070002oga notifications data->
Cached result: n/a, hr = 0x80070002
Version: n/a, hr = 0x80070002

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Win 7 Not Genuine

I purchased my lenovo computer with windows vista and purchased an upgrade to windows 7 from a local computer dealer in montreal. It worked fine until i needed help "re-downloading" my microsoft office 2007 from the microsoft help desk. They had me download a different copy than the one on my cd and since then my computer reminds me all day long that i don't have a genuine copy of windows 7 and that i need to purchase a new upgrade copy online. It no longer recognizes my product key that the dealer stuck to the back of my computer. Please help. Any ideas?

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Not Genuine Error

I upgraded my hp pc i bought last november up to a heavier duty gaming pc in mid february. I changed out the cheap oem motherboard to a asus motherboard and added crossfire ati video cards as far as hardware goes. I also put it in a new gaming case. The hard drive, memory, and sound card all stayed the same.

Everything switched over fine and had little installation problems. Last night after about an hour on my pc a pop up came and said my version of windows in not genuine and my background turned black. I was a bit bewildered and also a bit worried.

The reason being i kept my old crappy hp case with the windows id sticker on it up until last week (of course) and tossed it out. I figured there was no reason to keep it anymore since i haven't had any problems. I'm prolly going to be kicking myself in the a** for that. I should've at least kept the sticker i'm guessing.

Not knowing what was going on i ran a virus check just in case but nothing came up. So now i'm here. Why did it take over a month for the error to show up?  And is there anything i can do about it now being i don't have my windows 7 id anymore?  I know that hp uses a different type set up for windows so they can use several id's for the same copy. I just hope there is something i can do.

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Win 7 Not Genuine Issue

I bought a copy of windows 7 a few months ago, activated it just fine, and it has been running smoothly up until a couple days ago. I am getting the error balloon saying "click this message to get genuine", my desktop is black, and i have the watermark in the bottom right corner saying that my build 7600 copy is not genuine. I'm seeing a lot of people with this problem and am wondering if it is just a bug in the system, or if something is seriously wrong?

I attempted to re-activate my copy both online and through the phone service, but was unsuccessful. The phone service told me to attempt to reinstall my os, and the internet service told me spend another $150 just to make me genuine again. Can anyone help me? :(  

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Windows Not Genuine Error

I bought a commercial pc from a commercial company, alienware. I happen to be in possession of some better components, including a motherboard, since i build my own pcs all the time. So, i swapped out some parts and reinstalled windows using the included re-installation disc. This worked fine for about a month, but then a few days ago, the build 7600 not genuine error started popping up. Based on what i've read on the forums, i ran the diagnostic tool.

It returns information that indicates the windows copy is oem, so i would assume i am getting this error because of the new motherboard not having the same hardware bios flags correct?I wasn't aware there was a link between the windows copy and the actual hardware, never ran into this problem before.

If this is the case, why did this happen after a month, is there some sort of grace periodlso, to remove this, what will i have to do?  I am using windows 7 professional. Will i need to buy a full retail version or is the upgrade version a viable option?

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This Copy Of Windows Is Not Genuine

I am using windows & on my pc. I installed it and validated it. I have rebooted my pc twice since that time. I have just rolled my pc back to an earlier time. A time 2 days ago. Now i get the message my copy of win 7 is illegal. Why?

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Build 7500 Not A Genuine Copy

After i installed windows 7 my hard drive was full so i cloned my old hard drive to a new larger hard drive, but once i removed the old hard drive the pc won't boot up in the right bottom corner it says not a genuine copy. How do i fix this. Won't boot up with just the new cloned hard drive. In the right bottom corner says: windows 7  build 7500  not a genuine copy. Once i reconnect my original hard drive it boots up.

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Is Win 7 Copy Not Genuine Or Is A Virus?

I paid what i still believe to be a professional to install windows 7 on my system and it's been running great for over a month now. However this morning a little balloon popped up saying " windows is not genuine. Click this message to learn how to get genuine". And my desktop image turned into a plain black one with the words 'this copy of windows is not genuine" stamped on the bottom right corner. The terrible grammar in the balloon makes me think this is a virus and not that i was scammed by my computer guy. I'm terrified to click the message. I'm running all of my virus scanners (etc) and coming up clean and am backing up again just to be safe.
So what do you think?
Is my computer infected or just not genuine?

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Genuine Win 7 On Macbook Pro

Genuine windows 7 on macbook pro running in bootcamp partition with vmware fusion 3. 1. I am having a problem with windows 7 ultimate 32-bit. I installed windows 7 on my bootcamp partition and until recently it worked fine as well when i ran it in vmware fusion. When i boot into my windows 7 on the bootcamp partition everything is ok. But then when i run it in vmware fusion it says my copy is not genuine. I just went through the automated phone system and entered the codes and so now while i'm running in fusion windows is genuine.

I fear though that when i go back to running from the bootcamp partition, windows will say it isn't genuine again. I only have one copy of windows 7 and can only run it either from the bootcamp partition or from vmware fusion at any one time. How can i resolve this so windows no longer says it's not genuine when i switch between bootcamp and vmware fusion?I need to be able to run windows while i am on the mac side at times.

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Genuine Office 2007 But Cannot Update

I have a genuine copy of office 2007 running on my machine, and it constantly tells me to update to kb949810, but the update always fails. Half the time it informs me that the update is 0kb in size, but other times it puts it at around 750kb. Either way, it fails and then pops up again saying i need to update it. Frustrating, to say the least!

Diagnostic report (1. 9. 0011. 0):
Wga data->
Validation status: genuine
Validation code: 0

Cached validation code: n/a
Windows product key: *****-*****-77cbj-kytb3-v22fq
Windows product key hash: xn8b7sccpiokc1flf5v4v7cig4u=
Windows product id: 76487-oem-2214525-45769
Windows product id type: 3
Windows license type: oem system builder
Windows os version: 5. 1. 2600. 2. 00010100. 3. 0. Pro
Id: {be2dcb34-18cf-4186-8e80-3d5650252f49}(3)
Is admin: yes
Testcab: 0x0
Wga version: registered, 1. 9. 40. 0
Signed by: microsoft
Product name: n/a
Architecture: n/a
Build lab: n/a
Tts error: n/a
Validation diagnostic: 025d1ff3-230-1
Resolution status: n/a

Wgaer data->
Threatid(s): n/a
Version: n/a

Wga notifications data->
Cached result: 0
File exists: yes
Version: 1. 9. 40. 0
Wgatray.exe signed by: microsoft
Wgalogon.dll signed by: microsoft

Oga notifications data->
Cached result: n/a, hr = 0x80070002
Version: n/a, hr = 0x80070002
Ogaexec.exe signed by: n/a, hr = 0x80070002
Ogaaddin.dll signed by: n/a, hr = 0x80070002

Oga data->
Office status: 100 genuine
Microsoft office standard 2007 - 100 genuine
Oga version: registered, 2. 0. 48. 0
Signed by: microsoft
Office diagnostics: 025d1ff3-230-1_e2ad56ea-765-d003_e2ad56ea-766-0_e2ad56ea-134-80004005

Browser data->
Proxy settings: n/a
User agent: mozilla/4. 0 (compatible; msie 8. 0; win32)
Default browser: c:program filesinternet exploreriexplore.exe
Download signed activex controls: prompt
Download unsigned activex controls: disabled
Run activex controls and plug-ins: allowed
Initialize and script activex controls not marked as safe: disabled
Allow scripting of internet explorer webbrowser control: disabled
Active scripting: allowed
Script activex controls marked as safe for scripting: allowed

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Win 7 Activated On Network Saying Its Not Genuine

I have two computers i use at work, one a desktop, and the other a laptop. The it department installed their enterprise version of windows 7 on both computers and they were activated from there. Unfortunately, i had an accident with my laptop that meant it wasn't on for over a month. Also, i've been away from the office for a while. And i'm no longer on the network.

I finally put it back on a few weeks ago, my laptop started telling my copy of windows wasn't genuine. Last night, it informed me my activation period was over. So now i ask, what happens now? Why did my copy de-activate? And how do i get it back since i'm not currently on the network? Will this keep happening?

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Is Software Form Bigsoftsale Genuine?

How can i find out if bigsoftsale is a legitimate company selling genuine microsoft software? They are selling microsoft office 2007 professional & windows 7 ultimate for 179. 95? Their privacy notice states: once your order is processed during regular business hours, you will be emailed the manufacturers download link and product serial number. does not host the download on our web site. You must go to the manufacturer’s web site to download the program.

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Family Pack On Ebay Genuine?

I want to upgrade all the computer in my family's household (a mixed of vistas and xps) to windows 7 before i go back to school in another state. Unfortunately, the windows 7 family pack has been discontinued in the us but i was able to find packs that are sold for a premium over the original price on ebay. Even though they are more expensive, they are still cheaper than getting individual licenses. My worries is that the ones being sold on ebay is not genuine. Being unemployed and having no income, this would be my last gift to my family so wanted them to be valid and genuine.

I tried to reach microsoft to ask but was directed here. Can anyone check to see if these are valid family packs? I would probably bite the bullet and buy two packs.

According to the post, it comes along with a certificate of authenticity. The price is not too good to be true (which is an indication of counterfeit software) since it sells for a premium over the original cost. What worries me is that the seller is somewhat new and there is no retail packaging. If there is a good possibility that it is not genuine, i will probably not upgrade the computers.

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Message - This Version Of Windows 7 Is Not Genuine

Just booted up my pc and was greeted with the following message "this version of windows 7 is not genuine"? Now i know my version is genuine as i purchased it at a reputable dealer. Anyway it then booted further on with a similar pop up screen that said the same and options to get genuine or cancel. I selected get genuine to see what the story was it then said something about activating windows and returned a message that it was activated. Now the thing is i have been running my windows 7 pro from the time it was released?

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Genuine Win 7 Key Blocked

Ok this is somewhat a long story but here it goes. I was installing a system driver for my motherboard that was released today. During the installing my computer froze and i had to reboot. Upon my reboot all of my usb ports stopped working as soon as, i hit the log in screen. I had no way to log in or control my computer as soon as i hit the log in screen. The system did not recognize that anything was wrong so i never was prompted to repair my os. I lost my windows 7 cd a while back though i had a backup on my hard drive i had no way of reaching it.

So i got a back up cd off my roomates computer. I tried to use it to repair my computer no detection of my hard drive or windows install as i later learned it was a home x32 version. So i got a x64bit backup from his computer which was also windows 7 ultimatex64. I installed windows on a different drive than my own so i could recover my backup off my computer. So after installing his backup and i recovered and burnt my back up cd, then i rebooted.

The setup screen prompted me i installed my raid drivers and tried to repair the drive, it would not even detect that i had a windows install on my raid nor my restore points however it said i had errors with my startup and i let it attempt to repair. Once again i got to my original windows 7 install log in screen and all my usb's were still disabled. So i decided to reinstall over the top of my original windows and planned to do a restore previous version once i got in to windows.

So all went well i got in to windows and highlight my windows folder to restore to 3 days before the system driver install but the option to restore was greyed out. I figured i must have to activate my windows and upon typing in my key i received a message saying my key has been blocked by microsoft. I bought a windows 7 ultimate x64 version over 5 months ago. It was certified as genuine from when i bought it up till today. It has been verified various times throughout those months.

I have been regularly updating my computer, verified on microsoft's download site as recently as 4 days ago, registered to my live account. I am 100% sure this is a legit key. I must have went through 5 startups / partial installs, 3 full installs but only 1 attempt at trying to activate my key. Why has my key been blocked i own my copy, no one else has ever got a hold of my key, it is only on my computer, i only tried to activate from my personal back up installation. What is going on? Why has my key been blocked?

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Win 7 Not Genuine Issue Tampered File

I hope someone may be able to help me? I have bought an acer aspire 8942g. It's 3 days old. I had an issue with the graphics card drivers and did a factory restore from the hidden recovery partition using the acer erecovery software. I wanted to download virtual pc and it asked me to download a genuine validation tool, i ran it, it said not genuine. All of the things within windows state genuine and activated. I even had little blue genuine logos in my computer - properties.

I have an mgadiag report here, i noticed in another thread you asked for it for diagnostics. I notice it says tampered file, but i have tampered with anything. This is brand new out of the box, and these results are from the factory installed recovery partition! I have a coa sticker on the bottom of my laptop and it has a red strip with words on it. My eyesight isn't good enough to make out what that says on the strip though.

(Edit. I noticed that the last few digits of my coa sticker do not match what this diagnostic tool is reporting. So if i have a genuine sticker, but acer have used a different image on my factory restore. How do i correct this?

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