Logon Delay On Welcome Screen

When i logon to windows 7 (ultimate x64), the welcome screen stays on the screen for about 30 seconds before switching to the desktop. Other user accounts do not show this behavior. My profile is by far the biggest on the system (2. 7gb). I've read that there is a bug related to solid background colors, where the delay behavior is mentioned, but i'm using a desktop theme instead (also, reverting to the standard background did not solve ths issue). Does anybody have any other ideas? Can i use a tool like bootvis to analyze the logon process?

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Mouse Delay Between Typing And Using

I just got a new laptop with windows 7. I had xp before and this has never happened on any of my previous computers. When i enter text, it appears to suspend the mouse function from the touch pad for approximately 5 seconds. For example, if i were to go back to highlight or bold a section of this sentence, i have to wait for 5 seconds before the mouse will respond when i try to use the touchpad.

I find this very disruptive to my productivity, to start with. In addition, i find it also affects when i play a game as well, and this is just not acceptable! Is there a way to change this feature so that the touchpad and the keyboard are both active at the same time?

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Shift Key Ignored After 1 Second Delay

I've on a windows 7 pc and would like my keyboard to do as it is asked. If i type 'hello world' quickly while holding the shift key down throughout, i get what i expect. If instead i pause for about a second before typing the world i get 'hello world'. This is not an effect i want. I often hold shift down for a while while highlighting text to cut or copy. If i hesitate, then the start point suddenly moves. Btw if i launch into virtual xp mode, the same effect is seen. Please help as this is very irritating and i've checked the 'ease of access' settings, which all appear to be off.

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Mouse / Input Delay In Win 7

After extensive testing with benchmarking, and using the exact same hardware with the exact same drivers i have reached the following conclusion. Any input within the system in windows 7, takes 30-32 ms more to be processed. My system is an i7 975, with 12gb 1600 mhz ddr3 ram, a raid 0 configuration of 2 velociraptor 10, 000 rpms and an hd 5970 graphics card. Which is basically an apex of performance as of december 2009.

Why does windows 7 have this slightly noticeable lag? Would reinstalling help? Could it be due to any of the above hardwares?

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Line-in Sound Delay While Recording

Line-in sound delay in windows 7 - how can i bypass the aspect of windows 7 that converts analog -> digital -> audio signals? I have a hardware setup that i have run exactly as it is on xp and did not detect a delay, and many musician forums describe this issue with windows 7. More precisely - i plug my guitar into my sound card, onboard or my additional pci card, either has a delay between when i pluck the strings to when i hear the sound and it is impossible for me to record.

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64-bit Boot Delay On Logo

I wish i could pin down exactly when this started, but it became much more noticeable after installing an ssd. When the windows logo first appears there are about 2 seconds of disc activity. After this, the computer sits there animating the logo for about 1 minute. After this idle time, the disc activity starts again and i am at the login screen in about ~10 seconds.

If boot logging is turned on windows stalls at the screen that notifies me that it is in boot logging mode. (After an initial scroll of drivers). I have installed the operating system multiple times. I don't believe that the rc1 release of windows had this issue, but i cannot remember.

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Delay In Caps Lock Key

I've recently moved from a computer with vista to one with windows 7. There's a noticeable delay in the operation of the caps lock key, whether toggling on or off. For example, if i'm typing and the cursor is on the screen, and i inadvertently hit caps lock, the cursor goes away for a couple of seconds, i get a caps lock icon in the lower right of my screen, and i can't type nor toggle the caps lock key again until the cursor comes back. On the old vista computer, this was essentially intantaneous. Is this built into windows 7, and can i make a settings change or a tweak to change this?

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Add Delay To Auto Hide Taskbar

Windows 7 taskbar on auto-hide, possible to add delay for hidden taskbar to reappear?Hello, i mainly work with my taskbar on top and with auto-hide on. The problem is if i am working with a maximized application and i try to close, minimize, or restore the window. My mouse cursor will sometimes miss and make the taskbar reappear from hiding. Is there any way to increase the timing in which the cursor can re-activate the hidden taskbar?I know it can be done with thumbnail previews of pinned items.

I'm hoping the same could be done to the taskbar either by software application or registry tweak to which i have not found a solution for yet to my specific problem. I am also aware that windows down and windows up will maximize and minimize the current active window, but i find it less of a pain to keep my right hand on the mouse at all times.

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Speech Recognition Slow / Delay Problem

My question pertains to windows speech recognition (wsp). I am using a fresh install of win 7 pro on a brand new dell inspiron with a core i3 processor and 4gb ram, so i assume system specs are not the culprit here. When i say "correct x" (where x is some word or group of words), there is an unacceptable delay before the correction dialog box (bizarrely titled the "alternates panel") comes up. I mean 30+ seconds here sometimes, even when there are only a couple of alternates offered. There is a comparable delay when i choose one and say ok.

To clarify, when i give correction commans, the dialog on the small wsp window shows that it is receiving my commands immediately, it just hangs for a long time before acting on them. Has anyone else encountered a similar problem? I need to use speech recog due to rsi in arms, and i've previously been using dragon a lot. I thought i'd try wsp, and i've actually mostly found it superior in so far as training time, accuracy, and overall integration with windows (though not in ultimate tweakibility). However, this one problem is major enough that i'm leaning towards moving back to dragon.

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Logitech G11 Keyboard Key Repeat Delay

I have been a user of the logitech g11 for about three months or so now, and i love it. Frankly, it's an awesome keyboard. Unfortunately, i have an issue with it. The '/@ key doesn't work properly - that is, it doesn't type anything until after the repeat delay has passed, at which point it repeats as normal. Basically, the first instance of the symbol i am typing never appears. I initially thought this was an issue with the keyboard itself - a hardware issue - but recently i used the keyboard on another user, and it worked as normal, leading me to conclude that it is a software issue - but whether it is caused by the os or its drivers i don't know. Operating system: windows 7 ultimate 32-bit

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Unable To Logon

I have an issue w/win 7 pro that, hopefully, you have an answer for. This is a fresh installation on a new hd. Win 7 starts up, in fact the shared folders are accessible on my network, but i'm unable to log on - the logon screen is frozen, cursor won't move and there is no keystroke response.

Everything was running fine until i performed a boot-time defrag - before that i ran sophos antivirus and 4 "malware" files were detected and deleted from system-32 folder.

I've attempted to start in safe mode, with last known good config, and in debugging mode; all - nr.system repair - 'os started'; system restore - 'cannot find image on this computer'. (I know that at least 4 restore points were created). I can access a command prompt through system restore, but it appears that i'm confined to the x drive.

Anything you can think of short of reinstallation? 

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How Do I Logon As An Administrator ?

How do i logon as an administrator to perform changes to my computer?

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Win 7 Slow Logon

I loaded windows 7 64-bit onto my ssd hard drive (intel x-25m) when i had an amd 4000+ processor and asus m32n motherboard. Recently i changed my motherboard and processor to an intel core i7 processor and gigabyte ga-x58a-ud3r motherboard. I also installed a edimax wireless n pci wifi adapter.

Windows 7 starts up fine up until i get to the login screen. When i click to login it takes around 40s to load the windows screen whereas before it would take about a second.

Should i reinstall windows 7 to fix this problem? I had to re verify the copy of windows because i changed the motherboard and processor will i be able to reinstall windows 7 again without having any problems verifying the copy? (Its the retail version of win 7 64bit).

Just a note i have a picture as a background for my windows 7 desktop so the solid color background thing doesn't seem to be the problem.

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Logon Service Failed

I have installed windows 7 3 times now and just had to do a system rollback today due to various errors within windows 7. Both home premium, starter and ultimate have all failed at some point. The latest problem appears that 6 ms updates went in (publish date 13th april) and upon reboot, and logging in it says the login service failed to start and then throws you back to the login screen. I had to start up in safe mode, log in and then rollback. I'm getting very frustrated now as the system won't remain stable for more than 1. 5 months before something happens.

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Cannot Logon - Password Problem

New hp pavilion with windows 7 preloaded (about a month old). Never had a problem until today. Two users, one designated the administrator. Working fine this morning. Shut down for the day, booted up this evening. Passwords for both accounts come up with "the user name or the password is incorrect". No num lock issue, no caps lock issue, i do remember both passwords and i am signing into the correct accounts (thanks ms). I have switched keyboards to see if it was a key board issue.

I have tried going through "safe" mode (still gets me to a point where it asks for a password for the designated users and, guess what, the passwords appear to be incorrect). I see many have had this problem. I have tried several of the resolutions suggested (many appear to be repeats and i am not sure whether they ever resolved the user's problems). Seems to me to be a bug. Nyway, since i decided not to make the move to a mac i am feeling very angry right now. Help!

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How To Turn On Automatic Logon ?

The registry entries we used to utilize autologon, no longer seem to work as they under windows xp.
Specifically, when choosing a windows only logon after installing novell client 2 for win7, the local windows account name does not pop up in the username field. Then, when you enter the proper workstation username, you must also enter the password. Previously, the password was supplied in the registry and was not required at workstation logon. Oddly, if you log to the novell network, the local user credentials *will* be properly used and the workstation account will be logged quietly and in the background without user intervention.

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Win 7 Does Not See .net Framework On Logon

Win 7 does not see .net framework upon log in. Prompts me to d/l .net framework 2. 0, but 3. 5. 1 is already installed.

Prior to loading win7, i did a vista windows update as recommended.

Installed win7 home premium over vista home premium.

Got the "d/l .net framework 2. 0" notice upon logging on.

Went into "turn on/off windows programs", and .net 3. 5. 1 is there, but turned off. Turned it on. Reboot. Still get the 2. 0 notice.

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Initial Logon And Program Issue

Alright first i have to say that i really love win 7 so far, but i have 2 issues.

1. Not sure if there is a easy fix and i just missed it, but when i first start up my computer (i have a password set), it instantly says incorrect password before i ever even attempt to input it. It works fine if i just hit enter and type it in normally but i don't understand why it won't wait for me to input the password the first time.

2. I have a m3a76-cm asus motherboard with via hd audio deck, but for some reason whenever i am in the options for the audio deck and i select "expert" which is essentially just the advanced options. I get a message saying "updating audio devices, this may take a few minutes. " The bar goes about 1/4 of the way and the program crashes with a message saying via hd audio cpl has stopped working. Now before i upgraded it worked perfectly fine, but since the upgrade process it has not worked anymore.

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Logon Process Initialization Failure

I have tried to upgrade windows 7 home premium from vista. Near the end it stops and says "log on process initialization failure" it also say check event log for more detail. I roll it back but don't know where to find the event log or how do i get pass that for installing windows 7 can you help me.

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New User Accounts Fail Logon

I cannot get any new accounts that i set up to log in, they fail with the following message. "User profile service failed the logon. User profile cannot be loaded. "Happens with either new admin or standard accounts, my current admin and standard accounts still function. I got out my windows 7 (professional) disc and ran an "upgrade" hoping this would correct whichever file appears to be corrupted, but the issue still remains. I am trying to find a solution that does not involve a new or reformatted hard drive and complete reinstallation, but not to hopeful now. Never had this issue with years on nt and xp. Ny suggestions out there?

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Logon Username Or Password Is Incorrect

When i first got my brand new laptop with win7, i thought i would automate the logon procedure. I think i used task scheduler, which looked completely different to windows xp (what i was used to)i managed to get this thing to run every time the computer starts, but ive made a silly mistake. I just put a login name and a password and forgot that windows uses "workgroup" as a default domain (or something like that. Such as alphacomputer/martin as the login part) because of my little error it now gives me that annoying error (the name or pwd is wrong) every time i boot the computer: so i have to type my password manually, each time, which is exactly what i wanted to avoid.

My big problem is i cannot find the little schedule that i put in originally. Please can someone explain how i can search for the scheduled task. It is so different from xp, and there are 225 active tasks once the computer is logged in as me. (I tried a quick fix downloading tweak for win7-which has an auto logon feature- and it fixed the problem, but unfortunately this version of tweak is not free and expires, leaving the original problem).

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Users Cannot Logon Unless Given Administrator Rights

Users cant logon unless they have been given administrator rights. After the last windows update, i am the only one that can log on to my user account. All other user accounts that do not have administrator rights can no longer log on. If you attempt to log on to an account that does not have administrator rights it starts to log on, then it logs off, and then goes back to the screen were you choose which user you want to log in as.

If i give the other user to administrator rights they can log on, and everything seems to work fine. But i don't want to give administrator rights to other users just so they can log on (this is a quick and easy way for my kids to mess up my computer). What can i do to fix this?

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Xp Mode Logon Connect Failed

I am using windows 7 ultimate and am trying to use the virtual pc mode to login to the xp mode. It has worked in the past, but now i get a login connect failure which reads, "the requested operation cannot be completed because the terminal connection is currently busy processing a connect operation. "

When i click on the ctrl+alt+del tab, nothing happens. I have tried managing the virtual pc tab and restoring, but there are no earlier restore points available. How do i get into the windows 7 xp mode now?

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Slow Logon When Logging Into Domain

We are having issues with our windows 7 deployment. When we first image a system its quick and takes less then 2 minutes to boot. After a few days the systems start taking 30 plus minutes to load. We have setup logging. Here is the section where the time gaps occur in the gpsvc.


Gpsvc(3e4. Cb8) 12:38:23:012 sync lock called
Gpsvc(3e4. Cb8) 12:38:23:012 writer lock got immediately.
Gpsvc(3e4. Cb8) 12:38:23:012 lock taken successfully
Gpsvc(3e4. Cb8) 12:38:23:012 taking console lock with timeout 29985.
Gpsvc(3e4. Cb8) 12:38:23:027 sync lock called
Gpsvc(3e4. Cb8) 12:38:23:027 writer lock got immediately.
Gpsvc(3e4. Cb8) 12:38:23:027 lock taken successfully

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How To Logon To Win 2000 Server ?

How can you logon to windows 2000 server using window 7.

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User Account / Local Logon Problem

I have windows 7 pro factory installed on a new computer. Trying to install an old program (genemapper 3. 7) using xp mode, i get the following error message. You have to logon to the local machine. I am the only user on this computer and have full administrator rights. The company said i need to logon with a local account, not a networked account. Is there a way to setup a non-networked account?

Our it person is confused by this, since i am logging onto the local computer. It is connected to the internet, and another novell network, but i do not logon to the novell network and still get the same problem.

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Win 7 Not Recognizing Correct Password For Logon

I have been using windows 7 for about 3 months with no problem. Yesterday, it started to give me the message: "user name or password are incorrect. " When i continue to log on, using the same password, it finally accepts it after 3 or 4 attempts. The caps lock is not on and i am sure of my password. I have tried going into the control panel and changing the password, but i get the same message, that the password (which eventually allowed me to log on to the computer) is incorrect. I have done a virus scan. I am wondering if this is a windows 7 glitch.

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Hide Administrator Account At Normal Logon

How to hide the built-in administrator account at normal logon? I am now using windows 7 pro at work, and i am trying to recreate the system we had previously on windows xp pro. Namely, i had it set up so that each computer had a standard user account and an admin account. I used the built-in administrator account which is invisible on the normal logon screen - you have to start windows in safe mode to access it.

I have been into advanced user accounts and enabled the administrator account, but it shows up on the standard logon screen - is there any way on 7 to hide this account like it was on xp?

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User Profile Service Failed Logon

I recently upgraded vista hp to w7pro. Fantastic! For 12 days. When i went to logon today i received a frightfully familiar road block. That being the logon failure. O/s functions as should by my account in the guest profile except that when i attempted to access troubleshooting and recovery options i was unable to "run as administrator" anything at all. Just keep getting the logon window popping back up.

-All restore points have vanished and i am 100% certain they were automatic and successful in creation prior to this event.

-Pre/post f keys do not function as they should.

-Received multiple "keyboard error" and freeze up in dos when attempting to boot from disc.
Any guidance is appreciated/.

Unable to logon (user profile service failed the logon) the only/primary administrator account. Unable to "run as administrator" from guest account. How do i work-around ups and/or uac to recover?

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Logon User Profile Service Failed

I have a two week old dell notebook running windows 7 home premium. It has two user profiles, mine, which has administrator rights and my wife's which has standard user rights. Neither is password protected. When i booted up tonight and clicked on my profile i got the message "user profile service failed the logon" and "user profile cannot be loaded". I  have logged on via my wife's account and clicked on manage another account which opens a dialogue box with my, the administrators name, and it wants a password and fails when i don't supply one.

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