Backup Error - 0x81000031

Backup get error message and backup fails 0x81000031 win 7 ultimate external drive auto backup work in past. Have external hard drive 1 terbyte past auto and manual bk ups worked fine now can not get auto or manual backup to get msg cant find one of users and error code 0x81000031.

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Backup Error - 0x8007007b

I've done a clean install of windows 7 professional on a 64bit system and i'm trying to use windows backup to back up to an external hard drive. The backup is failing with a (0x8007007b) error. The backup has never completed successfully.

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Backup Error 0x80780048

Just ran windows 7 home premiums x64 backup. New dell pc with oem version of windows 7. Got the following error message after the back ran of about 16 hours.

"The disk that your backups are being saved on doesn't have enough disk space. "
Error:  0x80780048

According windows backup my backup size is 307gb. My entire c drive uses 344gb of space. I have a 500gb backup drive that started with 465gb of free space. But it does look like the backup has run.

My backup drive under properties now says:
Space used 306gb and space free of 158gb

While i have an error message i does look like the backup ran. I can tell of 100% got copies or just close to it. I have no idea what the error message means. I have more than enough space for the backup so the message is not logical.

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Backup Error 0x80070003

When running a backup when it gets to the end it says backup was unsuccessful. When i click to see the errors it says this:

Backup encountered a problem while backing up file c:windowssystem32configsystemprofile
Ew to be savedmusicuser. Error:(the system cannot find the path specified. (0x80070003))

Why is it trying to backup a nonexistent file and how do i fix it? I have googled and already run an error check and system scan with no errors found. I'm sure this is a folder that was created at one point and then i deleted it.

I just want to fix it so backup doesn't try to back it up

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Backup Error 80070005

New win7 pro build. I have the os on an ssd and a 2nd 500gb drive set up as drive d. I was able to do a backup of the os disk (c:, ssd) to drive d without errors. Then i messed it up.

I was "fixing" ownership and permissions on drive d to resolve access issues to media i had copied onto drive d. Ownership is set to myself (user) and permissions are set to full access by administrator and myself. This was propagated from d: root through the whole drive. At this point, i noticed backups were broke. I've tried a few permissions and ownership settings on d, and deleted the two windowsbackup and windowsimagebackup folder on d:.

The create a system image / where do you want to save the backup? Screen says local disk (d:) - this drive is not a valid backup location. If i were to select an external usb drive, its happy, but that's not what i want to do.

I wish to clear out the prior backup settings and start fresh with backups going to d:. How to begin anew? What are the proper ownership and permissions on a target drive for windows backup?

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Backup Error 0x80070424

I am trying to do a mirror image backup of my windows 7 system. When i go into backup and restore i receive the message "windows backup has not been set up"  when i go to the set up backup key i get "backup application could not start due to internal error. The specified service does not exist as an installed service. "  (Ox80070424  when i first starting using my windows 7 machile in december 2009 i did do a dvd repair disc and at that time the backup program worked.

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Backup Error 0x80070002

I've been having problems running windows backup on my hp pavilion dv6 laptop. I bought the computer in january and have been using the windows back up with no problem up until two weeks ago. I'm backing up to a seagate 1 tb external drive. The back up will start and finish, though it says the backup isn't complete because some files were skipped. When i click to get more options it gives me the following error code: 0x80070002 and says that it can't find a video file that i downloaded a few weeks back. I have deleted the file and, to the best of my novice knowledge, don't have the file on my hard drive any more.

I never ran backup while i had the file on my drive and can't understand why that file is the one that's causing my trouble. Obviously because i have deleted the file already i can't find it to try and delete it once again. I've run a disk check on my external and my internal hard drives and both came up clean. I'm not sure what the problem is and any help would be appreciated!Also, i tried to get to live chat support via microsoft and when i tried to use my windows product id key, the microsoft support page told me that my id was invalid. This computer came installed with windows 7, is registered and activated, yet for some reason it's telling me that my id is invalid.

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0x80070002 Error During Backup

While performing a backup from my c: drive to my d: drive i get a message: check your backup: the last backup did not complete successfully. Then i pressed the options button at lower right corner of window which then states: the system cannot find the file specified. I pressed details to reveal the error code: 0x80070002 the system image started at @57% completion through 77%. At this point, the progress bar went from 77 to 97% then produced backup did not complete successfully.

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0x810000015 Backup Error

This would be my second attempt at resolving this back up error. I am using a wd 1tb external hd, usb. It takes forever to perform the "backup" and i get this error code, and it also says cannot zip. I don't have any other backup solutions, nor zip monitoring software. There is 450gb available on the destination drive, and the c drive has 188 gb free. I can't initiate a backup without this error. Do i need to buy professional backup software? Why has this failed, when it has been in use since nov 2009 and backed up weekly with no problems? This was a sudden change in behavior, and no other software was installed during the period that was being backed up. Anyone have any ideas?

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Win 7 Virtual Xp Backup By Microsoft Backup & Restore

Windows 7 virtual xp backup by microsoft backup & restore - does it backup "both" c drives? I am running microsoft windows 7 professional with virtual windows xp. If i use microsoft backup & restore (and let it backup per its recommended selection), will it backup all my files on my "regular" windows c: drive as well as the virtual c: drive of xp?

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Backup Failed, Backup Drive No Longer Detected

Windows 7 kept bugging me about creating a backup, so i finally decided to. I chose to backup the default items onto my d: drive. I let it run, left for a bit and came back. It failed at 70ish%. Tried again. Same thing. I didn't have a whole lot of time left so i decided to just forget it.

I deleted the incomplete backup files on my d: drive (there was a c: backup file and mediaid. Bin) since there seemed to be no use for incomplete backup files.

When i got home and turned on my computer, post took longer than usual. My sata 2 drive was undetected. Sata 2 = my d drive. When windows starts to boot, it freezes when the windows animation is doing it's thing. I tried repairing and restoring from previously known good configuration and still nothing. I used my win7 disk to check for problems, and i even used that to restore to a point prior to my failed backups.

What else could i try? Why would my d: drive suddenly be undetected in bios, and why would a failed backup cause my windows installation to freeze? Edit: i unplugged the data cable from my d: drive and now windows boots. So deleting backup files royally screwed up my d: drive?

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Dell Datasafe Local Backup Vs Windows Backup

I recently purchased a dell desktop with windows 7. One of the first things i did was configure all of my back-upsettings / schedule in windows. I used the recommended windows default settings in regards to what data is being backed up and set my back-up location to an attached external wd drive. All seems to be working fine. That said this machine also has dell factory installed back up software (dell datasafe local back-up) that does it's thing and backs up data to a partition on the "c" drive. My question is if i've set up windows to back up my data to an external drive do i even need the dell datasafe local back up program at all? The concern is this program is using space on my c drive and if the c drive were to crash having the back up info on it seems kind of pointless to me anyway.

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Backup Error Code 0x80070017

I am trying to backup to an external hard drive (wd). It previously worked fine. Now it gives me an error code 0x80070017, cannot complete backup. What does this mean. The external hard drive is less than a month old.

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Backup Error Code 0x8100002f

Why can't windows backup find file "c:windowssystem32configsystemprofileflash"? No results in explorer either.

After running windows backup i get error code 0x8100002f after clicking "view skipped files" it shows error code 0x80070002 after not being able to find the "c:windowssystem32configsystemprofileflash" file. I've looked in exploer and the file does not exist, why? Win 7 ultimate 64 bit.

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Backup Error Code - 0x80070015

Error code 0x80070015 in windows 7 x64 home. Brand new clean install, and brand new external hard drive to backup to. I just installed windows 7 x64 home to my pc. I also just purchased a brand new external hdd to backup to. I setup the backup using the windows recommended settings, and every time it tries to backup, i get this error.

I tried to boot in safe mode, reboot, and then setup again with no luck. I am unable to use the group policy editor as it is not a part of the home version. This is not a dual-boot machine. It is the only os that i am running on a clean internal hdd. I can't seem to figure out what the problem is.

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Backup Stalls At 25% No Error Message

Backup stalls at 25%. No error message. Same with internal & remote cd/dvd drive.

Update: was able to stop backup. Action center no longer says backup is running.

1. Clicked start backup.
2. Cd/dvd remote drive used in previous backup not found.
3.connected drive. Recognized.
4. Backup disc not found.
5. Inserted previous backup disc.
6. Backup begins reading files on c:
7. Backup reaches 25% complete.
8. Burn to disc begins, drive light indicates data transfer for @ 1 minute.
9. Drive activity slows to slow flashing light, disc spinning does not stop.
10. Wait for 30 mins. Disc still spinning, backup stalled.
11. Click cancel backup. Disc still spinning after additional 10 mins.
12. Open task manager.
13. Close backup application & action center. Disc still spinning.
14. Click safe to remove hardware icon for remote drive/ g:
15. Disc ejects, i unplug drive.
16. Action center no longer says backup in progress.

If i start new backup again with new blank disc the process stalls again at 25%. This happens with external and internal drive. Backup folder found on disc is empty. I have wasted 10 blank dvds.

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Backup Error Code 0x80070002

I recently upgraded to windows 7 home premium 64-bit from vista home premium 64-bit, secured an external hard drive and have made several attempts at the windows recommended backup of files and system image to only have backup repeatedly fail with the message "the system cannot find the file specified" with details indicating error code 0x80070002. Nothing has been saved to my external hard drive. Similar questions appear to be vista specific. I am looking for a fix to a windows 7 problem.

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Error 0x81000033 - Backup Keeps Failing

I keep getting the error: 0x81000033 when i try do run backup. I have tried various backup devices all with ample disc space.

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Error 0x810000ff - Backup Had To Skip All Drives

After installing windows 7 prof x64 (upgrade from rc1), i configured a weekly backup but windows backup fails to backup my harddisk with the msg: "check your backup: the last backup did not complete successfully because winodws backup could not back up any of the drives included in the backup. Make sure that the drives are plugged in and working correctly. " As i'm trying to back up my primary harddisk, none of this should be a concern. Event viewer shows eventid 4104 and error 0x810000ff for this error.

I have binged for the error id and reviewed various backup related posts on this forum, but i have not found any solutions. I have also tried so select another subset of files, but no difference. I also deleted the prior backup location (in case it's related to differential backup issues), but hasn't made a difference.

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Backup Restore Error Code - 0x80070424

Windows 7, backup & restore, error code 0x80070424. Can not backup or anything else in windows 7 after doing a disk check or de-fragmenting my hard drive. If i don't do the disk check or de-fragment my hard drive it work fine, but as soon as i do  these tasks, the program give me an error code of 0x80070424 every time, and i have tried every fix that they had on the answer site. The only thing up to now that work was until i of course do a disk check or de-fragmenting was to use advance restore.

Either using the system imagne or a full restore using the windows 7 disk, but it doesn't last, and it give a error code no matter what if it backup, creating system imagine, changing setting or manage space. It give and error code of 0x80070424 sometimes it will also give 696, 693, 0x80070057, 0x8007002, 0x80070017. And my restore never works it says could not make changes to files no change were made to your computer, but beside that it works great. Just can't do any  disk check or defragment the hard drive. How long do you think that will last ?

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Backup Problem Error Code 0x01000019

I am trying to back up to an external drive(j). I keep getting th error message check your backup.
A shadow copy could not be created. Please check ''vss'' and ''spp'' application event logs for more information. Details: insufficient storage available to create either the shadow copy storage file or other shadow copy data.

Backup time 15/2/2101 9. 47
Backup location local disk (j:)
Error code 0x01000019

My external drive has 371 gb of space with 322 free

My c drive i am trying to back up is 81gb

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Error Code 0x80070003 Prevent Backup

I have a new laptop but can't back up files. Keep getting this message: "backup encountered a problem while backing up file: c:documents and settings release engineer. Macrovision application data. Error: (the system cannot find the path specified. (0x80070003)" when i try to locate the file myself i can't even find c:documents and settings. Is this something new in windows 7 explorer? I've read suggestions about scandisc etc. But this is a new laptop so i shouldn't be having disc problems already. Any suggestions?

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Backup And Restore Error - The Parameter Is Incorrect - 0x80070057

Configuring backup and restore (executing 'sdclt.exe /configure' as super user) causes error 'the parameter is incorrect' 0x80070057.

Background:  backup and restore was working fine here in windows 7 home premium until i encountered hard disk cabling problems and the backup would just die, or would freeze the machine. Event 129, 'reset to device, deviceraidport1, was issued' was realized in the event viewer. In any event, at some point i removed power from the machine without shutting down windows and that messed something up, i believe in the registry somewhere.

The cabling problems are resolved but now backup and restore "lost" it's configuration and trying to reconfigure (set it up again) causes the 80070057 parameter error when clicking on "save settings and start backup" (after changing source and destination files/drives and resetting my modified us regional settings).

The following were tried to no avail:1. Chkdsk /r on all partitions2. Sfc /scannow3. Clearing the appropriate registry entries in hklm (as documented elsewhere in this forum)4. Running in a clean boot state5. Running in safe mode6. Reading every appropriate forum post in here (some with questions not answered)the only thing i've found to fix it:clean installation of windowsi don't wanna do that if i can help it. Any help?

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Backup Error - No Writable Optical Drive Detected

I can't get a backup of netbook settings & files to go from acer aspire to wd passport essentials 320 gb hd. Error code says no optical drive detected. I am using a netbook w/o a dvd/cd player. Now when connected to the backup drive, i am getting "no writable optical drive detected. I just got this hd on black friday and was told by store personnel that it was compatible with windows 7. I even had ms to check the hd for problems, but haven't seen any problems with it yet.

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Backup And Restore Error - The Parameter Is Incorrect (0x80070057)

I have some problems with my backup program (backup and restore of w7). Normally i have scheduled a backup every fryday at 19:00 hours. The backup goes to a nas. Today the nas was offline and i was forgotten to turn it on. I turned it on and it came available as normal. Then i went to the "backup and restore" option of my control panel. There i saw the information that there was no backup done that night (correct) so i pressed the "backup now" button.

Directly the next message appeared: back up or restore your files

(Red cross) an internal error has occurred.
The parameter is incorrect (0x80070057).

There is nothing else i can do anymore with the program. Even restarting my system fails: the same error code is appearing again. Does anyone knows what is the matter here and how to solve this?

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Error - Backup Failed To Create To Shadow Copy

I have a seagate freeagent xtream connected to usb port. Ran the first backup and it completed successfully. The next scheduled backup failed as well as all attempts to start backup. The message is :backup failed to create to shadow copy on the storage location. Details: the specified object was not found. Error code: 0c80780034 i deleted the backup image on the drive and tried again . No luck. The drive has plenty of space. I can't find on the internet anyone with this problem.

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Backup Error 0x8078014b - Failure In Creating A Directory

I keep getting the following error each night. The backup should be stored on an additional 2 tb hard disk. A manual backup works fine. The auto backup is scheduled for 7pm each night does not work. It indicates access denied. The backup was not successful. The error is: there was a failure in creating a directory on the backup storage location. (0x8078014b).

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Backup Files To Dvd Drive Can't Change It To Backup To "c"

Win 7 wants to backup files to dvd drive can't change it to back up to "c" and can't get the back up utility to run. Instructions run you around in circles. Dvd back up always fails. Back up utility. Back up to dvd fails want back up to "c".

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Can't Backup To Dvd Drive - "backup Was Unsuccessful"

I can't back up to my dvd drive. "Backup was unsuccessful". I want to run a back up on my recovery drive has 4 gig space . How many gigabite space will it use? Will the back up overwrite the information or keeps on adding?

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Restore From Backup Error - The Media In Drive Is Not Requested Media

I have been unable to restore from a backups made to dvd. I am continually getting the above error message. I have just now created a new, fresh backup to dvd and then tried to restore a folder but continue to get this error message.

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