Install Upgrade - Virtual Machine Wont Activate

College security class assignment to set up a virtual machine (using vmware). Have activated copy of windows 7 pro on my laptop (which is where i've installed the vm). Vmware says to use the same disk and product key used for host, which i did. Install went good and is currently running, but when itried to activate the vm i'm told to try a different key, that the key i tried to use was no good. Why would i need a different key for the vm, it's not even a real machine?

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Install Upgrade / Activate - Do I Have To Activate Win 7?

I recently ordered windows 7 off amazon because i was running a test version of windows 7 ultimate i believe and the test run was going to be up soon. I ordered a version of windows 7 home.

When the version i have tried to activate today it said my key wouldn't allow it because the version i had was an upgrade version. I being not so savvy with computers didn't realize there was a difference. It told to me to install an older version of windows and reinstall but i don't have an older version. I was wondering if it's needed to activate your copy or if it's just as a safety measure for the customer?

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Xp Mode And Virtual Machine

Recently i bought new laptop with windows 7 home premium 64-bit and have upgraded it to windows 7 professional through microsoft official web site without any problem. I’m trying to install xp mode and virtual machine so i can run some siemens software. While trying to install 64-bit xp mode system was giving the error "xp mode_en-us.exe is not a valid win32" so i downloaded 32-bit xp mode from microsoft site and installed it to machine without problem, however when trying to install windows virtual machine and xp mode updates i’m getting error "the update is not available to your computer"machine is hp dv6-2155dx and virtualization is already enabled in bios i’m also confused because i activated windows online and have id number, system says that windows is activated however when trying to get help from microsoft i get message that windows are not activated with their server!

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Install Upgrade - Activate Win 7 64-bit Help

I recently installed windows 7 home premium 32-bit on my imac computer (using vmware) and it works fine. My geek son said under that format windows does not take advantage of all the true hardware features of my imac so he installed the windows 7 home premium 64-bit on the same computer (using the imac boot camp procedure). My windows 7 home premium is a full install not an upgrade and it came with the 32-bit and 64-bit cd.

Now to my problem: when i bring up the windows 7 64-bit and go to systems maint i see the message "2 days until automatic activation. Activate windows now" when i click activate windows now and key in my valid product key i get the message "the activation server determined that the specified product key could not be used" i'm thinking mabe i should uninstall the windows 7 32-bit so my question is how do i deactivate my windows 7 32-bit so windows wont think i have 2 windows 7 versions on the same computer?

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Using Usb Device In Xp Mode Virtual Machine

How to reinstall xp mode virtual machine and have usb device to be seen by virtual pc. Reinstall xp mode virtual machine get usb gaming device recognized by virtual pc. I removed the virtual hd and pc for xp (i screwed up the xp) after installing xp mode. I currently have windows me running as a virtual pc. Is there a way to reinstall the xp virtual machine? Also, how do i get the virtual machines to recognize my usb gaming device?

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Install Upgrade And Activate - Product Key Invalid

I bought my copy of windows 7 ultimate on ebay 3 months back.initially the product key activated successfully and the wga validation was also successful. I have tried to validate several time without any issues. Now after 3 months windows comes with message product key is invalid and key has been blocked by microsoft, but still when i validate my copy of windows it validates successfully. Can somebody advice if was cheated by the guy on ebay. I am attaching the dump from mgadiag.exe diagnostic report (1. 9. 0027. 0):

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Re-enable The Virtual Machine Network Services Driver

To fix this problem, re-enable the virtual machine network services driver on one or more ethernet adapters or reinstall virtual pc. Upon opening the freshly downloaded virtual pc 2007 from the windows orb, i was presented with a caution-virtual pc dialog box. After reading the short warning i proceeded on trying to find solutions. I've uninstalled installed virtual pc a couple of times. I cannot find anything about virtual machine network services drivers. Can you help me?

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Install Upgrade - Cannot Activate Win 7 - Genuine Copy Problem

Running windows under bootcamp on new macbook pro. Purchased windows 7 home premium update. During installation asked for activation number. Because update copy removed dvd and put in dvd with full windows xp software. Did not appear to search dvd so ejected and pressed asked to insert windows 7 dvd and proceeded to install completely. Worked for a month with no problems. Now 30 days later wants me to activate and says cannot because of upgrade version. Restarted computer and now screen says don't have genuine copy of windows installed but seems to work ok. Talked to both support and activation on telephone. Both said to call the other. What should i do now?

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Win 7 Virtual Hard Drive To Install In Ms Virtual Pc

I test using microsoft virtual pc and virtual hard drives to emulate multiple operating systems and ie browsers on one machine. This is a core function of ensuring my products are can be supported on a wide range of environments. My company is not going to upgrade to windows 7 for some time but i expect many of my clients will upgrade soon. I'd like to tell them that i support windows 7 but i cannot find a virtual windows 7 with ie8 hard drive to install and test. Is microsoft going to make one available and if so, when?

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Xp To Win7 Upgrade To New Machine

I am moving to a new machine. New everything. I have 2 legal copies of win xp pro. One on present pc and 1 in the case. Can i use my xp in the case as the legal upgrade path on a new machine. It would be a clean install from scratch. Question on upgrade path.

1. Can i install from scratch from a win7 upgrade disk using my unused legal copy of win xp.
2. Do i need to install my unused legal copy of win xp o the new pc, validate the install then , upgrade to win 7 pro?

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Cannot Activate Upgrade

I recently got a new laptop. I installed my windows 7 upgrade kit on it. The problem is the computer was defective and i had to return in for a new computer. I now cannot activate my windows 7 upgrade on the new laptop as this is the second computer the key is being used for. The first computer has been returned, how do i activate this copy for this new laptop?

I know the issue is one license for one computer, but that is all i am using it for. The other computer has been sent back to the company as defective.

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Re-activate Online Upgrade

I recently purchased a samsung n140 with w7 starter edition, after a week i used the online upgrade to install the home premium edition, which installed with no problems. The problem i have is the netbook came with a restore partition, so if i have to do a complete restore, it will take me back to the starter edition. Part from using acronis to be able to restore the home premium edition, is there any other way, i have the upgrade key written down, but do not know if i could upgrade again from a fresh starter edition reinstall. Ny advice would be welcome.

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Activate Upgrade With New Key

I purchased a genuine windows 7 upgrade disc for dell pc. Installed it and activated the product. Went with clean start, used home premium 64 bit. Then i installed the same disc as an upgrade on this pc which is my hp laptop. Install worked took 4 hours. Then when i tried to activate the product, it said invalid activation code or key. I didn't know that the key was good for only one pc. I have located a new genuine windows 7 upgrade key for sale and want to use it to activate my product on this pc. Will i have to re-install the disc and possibly loose my programs, or can i just use the new key to activate what i already upgraded on this laptop. Please advise me as to how i can solve this issue with the least amount of time and pain. Thanks for your help. Tony

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Cannot Activate After Hardware Upgrade

About 4 months ago i migrated, reinstalled win 7 and went from 32 bit to 64 bit to see how well it worked. When i re-activated, from win 7 32 to win 7 64 bit i mentioned that if it worked well fro me i sould be getting a new motherboard and hard drive. That time arrived and i upgraded my motherboard, video card and hard disk. I installed win 7 64 bit on my new hard disk, but, now i need to re-activate it. The online will not allow me to.

The phone number 1-888-725-1047 tells me to say "continue" for help but after about 15 seconds it returns and says that no help is available. I have tried this number in the morning, in the afternoon, and in the evening. All the same responses. I have just two weeks to get this activated or i loose everything.

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Xp Mode / Virtual Pc Install Problem

I have completed all of the steps per the windows vpc website.

-> Completed hav tool

-> Completed three steps, in order on windows vpc website

-> Virtual pc & windows xp mode are in programs menu.

-> Virtual pc starts & opens as supposed to.

-> Windows xp mode displays popup "download windows xp mode" the setup file must be downloaded and installed for this feature to work. [Download] [cancel]

"Download" returns me to the three step process i have already completed.

Fyi - i have gone through the 3 step process several times all steps state that "install of update is already installed on this computer"

I have an asus g73jh with windows 7 professional 64-bit, i7q720, 6gb ram, 500gb hd.

What am i doing wrong?

How do i fix it?

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Upgrade As Clean Install Using Upgrade Media Using One Hard Drive

I need help with planning my upgrade to windows 7 from windows xp pro. Can i do this upgrade as a clean install using upgrade media if i've only got one hard drive? I'm currently running 32-bit windows xp professional and want to upgrade to 64-bit windows 7 professional.

My laptop only has one hard drive on it, so installing "fresh" to a separate hd isn't possible. Since i already back up all my data to an external hd, i'd like to just format the internal hd and install windows 7 onto that. Will that be possible though using upgrade media? How does it verify my existing xp pro license?

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Transfer Of Oe Files From Xp Machine

I have transferred my files to win 7's windows live mail e-mail program, but it has not (cannot?) Transfer the contact groups or the message subfolder arrangements. Is there a way to do this? Other queries on this forum have suggested helpful methods (and thank you, all), but they involve a lot of manual steps. If windows live mail won't do this formatting automatically, or nearly so, , is there another e-mail program i can use to accommodate my oe formatting?

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Share Printer From Xp Machine To Win 7

I would like to share a printer attached to a windows xp machine from my windows 7 64-bit laptop. I have enabled printer and file sharing on the xp machine and created a home network, "mshome. " I have changed the workgroup name on the windows 7 machine to "mshome. " I cannot see the windows xp machine. Obviously i'm doing something wrong.

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Slow Win 7 On Fast Machine

Well i have looked at the others having the same issue although none appear to be exactly like mine so here goes. I have a new machine and its running slow. The specs are :

Asus rampage ii extreme mobo, intel i7 950, 6 gb 1500 ddr3 corsair ram, coolermaster v8, in a lain li x 1000 case, various hd and a ssd, saphire radeon 5870 ati graphics etc.

This should kill windows 7 and there is no problem with over heating and i have the latest drivers and yes norton 2010 installed but everything was fine until last couple of weeks the only thing i can think of was installing windows live and skype around this time.

The issues are ie crashes for now reason sporadically at start up, programs take for ever to load and say they are 'not responding'. For some reason norton utilities always finds errors in registry which it 'fixes' this seems to make the machine at least work but not as fast as it should. I could try removing windows live or norton but i'm not convinced this is the issue. 'yet'.

Any ideas? Still looking for a solution tried the norton, skype everything is slow to load run and my processor is hardly ticking over. Installed the latest updates driver.

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Installing Office 2007 On More Than One Machine

Two questions: firstly, i have 2 pcs and a laptop. The first have xp and the laptop has vista. One of the pcs (both of which are over 5 years old) has a corrupt hard drive which can only be fixed via recovery disc. I thought instead of this i could buy windows 7 and install it on all 3 machines. Can i do this legally or do i have to have buy a separate windows 7 product for each machine?

Second question but related: i have microsoft office 2007 on my laptop but have the installation dvds. Can i install this on my two pcs legally?

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Allow More Than Two Users To Remote Desktop To A Machine

My team at work needs to be able to allow more than two users to remote desktop to machines (running windows 7, windows 2008 server, and/or windows 2003 server). How do we change the settings to allow this?

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Singer Ce 250 Embroidery Machine Not Working

I need to get my singer ce250 embroidery machine to work, i have windows 7/64 bit, and they apparently have drivers for vista 64 bit, i need it to work on my computer. When i try to start the futura program, i get a message that the usb cable is not connected, check connection and try again. Well the usb cable is connected, and it won't work. Singer says it has the patch for windows xp and windows vista 64 bit.

So thought that windows 7 should work as well, but i need help to get this resolved, or i'll have to go out and buy, a copy of windows vista or xp which ever i can get my hands on. Hopefully someone has a workaround for this problem, and my computer isn't capable of running a virtual windows xp or vista in windows 7.

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Programs Sewing Machine Brother 6000

Do you think its possible for a sewing machine to get a software problem? Obviously if its ran by software it could get a software problem. Brother 6000 isn't mainstream? Who would even bother except a rouge phd to invent the demise of sewing machine. Personal very personal very very personal. I fell in love with the quilt sewing embroidery machine the first time i saw the brother 4500 beautiful , computer operated, perfect. Then i got scared what if it had a computer problem and its difficult to get parts and service for a 2003 hp compac? Not many people own or even know what a brother 6000 is, or know how to fix it.

I am looking for a quilt embroidery machine if you have any experience and most have some computer operation to them. My sewing machine is not computer operated its just a regular singer. Then again i don't have to worry about a sewing machine virus and the issues of fixing it and worrying about it. The brother 6000 is about 10 thousand dollars , lota money for a sewing machine. In fact way to much for me. I just wonder if computer operated sewing machines get viruses? What is a good yet inexpensive one?

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Document Hangs In Printer Queue From Remote Machine

I have a homegroup with 2 computers running windows 7 x64. On the primary i have an hp color laser 1600 connected via usb. I can share files fine. Printer show up fine. The network is working fine. I print a document from the secondary computer and it shows up in the printer queue on the primary computer and says its printing but its not printing. I can't pause, resume or cancel the job. If i then print a document from the primary computer it goes into the queue but it can't print because the first job (from the secondary machine) hasn't finished printing.

When i reboot the primary matching both jobs print before i log on to windows. The file is getting sent to the primary but won't print until i reboot. All sharing is turned on. I've checked all the settings listed in other posts and nothing helps. I can print from the primary machine with no problem as long as there isn't a job in the queue from the secondary machine.

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Upgrade Or Clean Install

I have a dell studio one 1909 that is being serviced soon because the motherboard went out.
I ordered and received the window 7 upgrade packet from dell several months ago but was too chicken to complete the upgrade from the horror stories i have read. Would now be a good time to do this upgrade?  Would a "clean install" be better? Can i still do the upgrade or install of windows 7 even after the january 2010 free upgrade program deadline? Will i have any problems registering or activating window 7 now?

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Upgrade Vs Fresh Install

I'm getting conflicting information from repairmen and on the web about windows 7 upgrade. I'm currently running vista and am experiencing very slow response. I was advised by a retailer to buy a full version of widows 7 rater than a up grade so that i could do a complete fresh install from vista 32 bit to 7 64 bit and completely get rid of all traces of vista. My computer will support 64 bit. After i bought the full version i've had others tell me that i could do the same complete fresh install with an upgrade version.

I've just purchased a laptop with  7 installed like what i see and want 7 on the desk top to take advantage of a home network. Can anyone clear this up once and for all? Have i been swindled? 

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Can An Upgrade Be A Clean Install?

A friend of mine is getting a free upgrade to windows 7 home premium, as he bought a laptop right before windows 7 was released. Yes, it really is taking this long for people to get their upgrade discs through arvato. His question to me, and which i'm posing here because i have no personal experience, is whether the windows 7 upgrade disc can be installed as a clean install. I have advised him to do a clean install if at all possible, because of the many problems we've heard from people who have done in-place upgrades from vista. It's just that neither of us is sure of the mechanics of how to do that (or whether it's possible).

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Upgrade Or Custom Install

I had my hard drive crash a few days ago and dell is sending a replacement. The system came with vista home premium installed and i upgraded it to windows 7 in oct. I know i have to reinstall vista first. My question is twofold. Will i need to download all the vista updates before upgrading to windows 7? And, since i'm basically starting from scratch (no worry about files, settings, etc. ), Would it be better to opt for the upgrade option or use the custom option for a clean install? Any and all advice is appreciated.

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Install Before Computer Upgrade

I'm about to upgrade an older computer to windows 7. I've got a copy that i'd put on my home machine to test, now will be adding memory and windows 7 to my studio computer.

I've got a project that sorely needs the extra memory, which will require the 64bit os. My memory should be here before my 2nd copy of windows 7. So the question is, can i install from the disk i have, and activate with the new disk and serial number when it shows up?

I don't remember when in the install process it asks for the number.

If that would work, could i go ahead and start the process before the memory even gets here? I know if you change too much, windows thinks it's a new machine. But don't know how much of that it will let you get away with before it calls the feds.

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Error - 1053 - Could Not Start Print Spooler On Local Machine

Tries to add a printer, it says "windows can't open add printer. The local print spooler service is not running. Please restart the spooler or restart the machine. " Started services. Msc, trying to restart spooler and it says. Error 1053: could not start the print spooler on local machine. Tried to see the dependences, but everything seems to be started. Any ides?
Running win7 ultimate x64 
Have no printers installed at all, the service wont start.

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