Unexpected Shut Down And Restore Point Does Not Work

For a few days i have been having unexpected shut downs. The computer just turns off. I thought it may be due to the heat wave. The room is hot and there may have been brown outs in my neighborhood. But it is not hot now and it still does this. Norton didn't turn up anything in a scan. I tried to go to a restore point from before these problems but upon restart i get an error message saying it could not complete the restore point, probably due to an anti-virus program running. So i turned off norton and tried again and it still won't go to a restore point. Suggestions?

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Unable To Create Restore Point, Unable To Shut Down

Running win 7 pro, been having problems for about 6 weeks, trying my best to resolve, but unable to.
Issues are 2 fold that i know of: when i try and shut down, i get blue screen of death and just hangs when i try and create a restore point, it fails (timeouts and says try again). I have tried turning off restore and re-enable, no resolution. The pc runs fine except the above 2 issues. I have deleted all un-needed software. - Does not resolve issues. I have run utilities to check registry (glary utilities) - does not resolve issuescan anyone suggest where i should look next?

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Unexpected Shut Down During Virus Scan

My son has a emachine laptop, when we try to run a full virus scan (norton antivirus 2011 beta) the machine will let the scan run and then after a while it will shut down due to an unexpected error. Any ideas why?

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System Fails To Restore To Restore Point Using Win 7

When i try to restore to a point i get a message that the restart failed and i should try turning off anti virus. I turn off the anti virus programs and still get a message that the restore failed.system fails to restore to a restore point using windows 7.

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Daily Restore Point

I want to know, how can i make daily restore point?

I used the source above to make daily restore point in windows vista ultimate 64-bit. There was no problem and every day i had a new point. Nothing was wrong till i upgraded my vista ultimate to 7 ultimate. Now, i tried everything to solve the problem, but none ways worked. I have unchecked "start the task if the computer is idle for" and also i created many triggers(daily, startup, at logon). And also my daily triggers are many, at several different times. I have checked the history tab in system restore task. It seems nothing is wrong in here.

All i'm seeing is: task triggered by the computer startup, task engine received message to start task, task started, action started, task engine received message to start task again, task started, action started and finally created task process( i have two created task process also because i have two startup triggers and i created two when i saw it can't create point), and same history for at log on triggers.

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Unable To Create A Restore Point

I purchased a anytime upgrade from windows 7 home, to windows 7 professional. For some reason my computer will not allow me to set a restore point. The upgrade stops until i provide a restore point. I need to work around this and install windows 7 professional without a restore point. The new operating system should correct all other problems. How do i do this?

Besides not letting me create a restore point my computer seems to have trouble detecting it's own dvd drive. Before i bought it the store was using it as the floor model. Since it was the last one they had, they run out of any installation disks. How would i reinstall the old system so i could install the new system? I need a windows 7 professional work-a-round

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System Restore Point Failure

I have been unable to use the window 7 restore point function in the expected manner. Along with other participants in this forum, when i attempt to restore my system to an earlier state i received a message stating "system restore did not complete successfully". Error 0x8007005 is being reported.

On the basis of responses to similar inquiries on this forum i have unsuccessfully tried to roll back my system to an earlier restore point by:

. Disabling (but not uninstalling) my virus protection software.
. Performing a selective startup
. Booting in safe mode.

In safe mode i was unable to access (or even find) the system restore screen from the control panel or by using a desktop shortcut that is available after a normal boot. My attempts to use system restore in this instance are of a routine nature but i want to have a workable procedure available if a critical need arises. I would also like to use system restore for non-critical housekeeping as well. In this situation i do not see uninstalling/reinstalling my security software or booting into safe mode as viable options.

As system restore is a key system security function in windows 7, i would very much hope that a simple, robust solution to the reported problem is available. I am using window 7 ultimate on a dual boot system (along with windows xp).

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Code: 0x8007005 - Cannot Create Restore Point

System has no restore point & will not let me create one.code: 0x8007005, i have windows 7 32-bit.

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System Restore Does Not Work

I recently had big problems with my dell inspiron 530 and it would not reboot. I finally got to the part of the safe mode where you can do system restore. I tried the 1st restore point and thought everything would work but all of a sudden i get a message that says system restore did not complete because of an error. I tried 2 more restore points and got the same message. Some way the system recovered and booted up the normal way when i started it normally. I would like to know why system restore would not work. Does the antivirus program need to be off or uninstalled? Does windows defender have something to do with this?

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Image Restore To Smaller Partition Doesn't Work

I have a 500gb disk with one partition running windows 7. I want to put the windows 7 into a smaller partition so i can make other partitions with a different file system, and load other oss.

The disk has only 60gb used.

If i partition the disk into 100gb partitions, then do an image restore, all the partitions are gone and it's back to where it was before.

Is there a way to do this?

The 'shrink' option under disk management only will allow it to shrink to around 250gb . For some reason.

I'm hoping there's a way to do this without a full re-installation.

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User Sets File Association Now System Restore Doesn't Work

On a brand new laptop the user copied some word files over, and they opened on the new computer just fine. Then they copied some more .doc files and they could not open them, so (they claim) they choose word as the default file association (which is fine, except it should not have prompted for that in the first place). After that all the word document shortcuts they created on the desktop changed to a shortcut with ie's 'e' symbol - clicking them flashes up a screen that instantly goes away (ie i assume) and ie's download file dialog then opens.

Further, an attempt to open ie acts the same way. Worse, running system restore does the same thing - flash, then ie files downloaded dialog - asking if i want to open one of the files listed (which are the . Lnk files to the word documents on the desktop). So short of doing a full system restore, and also short of manually copying the registry files from the last restore point (which i'm not sure is even possible on a windows 7 drive) what can i do to resolve this mess?

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Unexpected Display Off

I have purchase new laptop, lenovo g560 [ i3, 4gb, 320gb, 512 nvidia, 15. 6 ]. This has pre-loaded win-7 home premium. After using i am facing the problem for unexpected display off. My power setting plans as below:

On battery plugged in

Dim the display: 1 minute 30 minute
Turn off the display: 5 minute 30 minute
Put the computer the sleep: 5 hours never

My main problem is if the laptop keeps idle for 5 minute on battery or 30 minute on plugged in, it turns off the display for always. It never comes again until i restart it. Any key press, mouse motion or clicks nothing help to display on again. I have to restart it to get the display.

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Unexpected I/o Error 0xc00000e9

I clean installed windows 7 professional (full version) 5 days ago and now my system cannot boot (it had been fine previous days with multiple shut down/ restarts). I attempted to start up today and got "unexpected i/o error has occurred. Status 0xc00000e9" and some message about "windows has encountered a problem communicating with a device connected to your computer" even though i had no usb devices connected at the time. Startup repair is not shown as an option; only continue or escape. When i continue, it shows the "windows is loading" progress bar and it stops around 75% every time.

I do have the installation files available to reinstall the os, but am hesitant to do that bcs i am afraid if i do i will lose all my current data. Is that correct? I really don't want to lose everything just to get the computer to work again.

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Screensaver Won't Work - Monitor Won't Shut Down With Power Saver

My monitor won't shut down with the power saver set and the screen saver won't work either. It used to work but it doesn't now.

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An Unexpected Error Has Occurred On The Property Page

I am getting this error message whenever i try to backup my windows 7 home premium pc. My backups fail and when i try to go to a restore point, all the buttons are grayed out and there is no c:drive to choose to configure a restore point. I bought this computer in dec. '09 and i have never been able to set a restore point. In the box where i should be able to choose my hard drive there appears only the word searching. And it never changes and it's not working on anything. It's as if the entire security protection page is broken. Can anyone help me or tell me where i might look in the system?

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Backup And Restore - Windows Can't Find Restore Image

I created an image backup with windows 7. It created a large vhd file and appeared to complete correctly. I copied the image to my thumb drive and tried to do a restore. I can find the thumb drive and browse it and all the files are there but if i try to do a restore it doesn't find the restore image. I also tried putting it on a network drive - it can't find it there even though i point it to the share it is in. I've tried using a restore cd, as well as installing windows and using the recovery in control panel.

The folder structure is as follows
Under that folder are three folders
Backup 2012-07-15 232717

It seems odd there is no obvious way to just say this is the vhd - right here in this folder - use it and restore.

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.exe - Entry Point Not Found

Alright. The description of this problem is fairly straight forward. When ever i try to open programs such as trillian astra or itunes, this error pops up and the program obviously fails to start. Depending on the program the title of the error will differ.

Example: "trillian.exe - entry point not found" or "itunes.exe - entry point not found".

The error reads: "the procedure entry point aceal-, . Lrqoo$pi could not be located in the dynamic link library msvcrt.dll" "aceal-, . Lrqoo$p" is not exactly what it says but i cannot type some of the characters out unfortunately. Honestly, that's just what it looks like.

This error does not occur for just the two programs listed. It's about 11 different once but some are just background things such as java or startup stuff.

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Error - Procedure Entry Point Dwmhintdxupdate Could Not Be Located

"the procedure entry point dvmhintdxupdate could not be located in the dynamic link library user32.dll. "  Is shown on drive d [dual boot] after login screen. Windows 7 then reverts to black screen - only cursor is displayed. I'm running vista home premium 64bit on laptop on c partition. D partition has windows 7 professional 64bit installed. Both were running fine [using dual boot] until 4 or 5 days ago when windows 7 would go thru ordinary booting, login page came up, then window.
"The procedure entry point dvmhintdxupdate could not be located in the dynamic link library user32.dll. " If i click on the ok button, then the screen goes black and only the cursor can be seen.

After experimenting, i found i could use ctrl-alt-del to load task manager, and then could run various programs by using it - but of course i cannot get on internet since the network and wireless drivers apparently do not load. There is intermittent activity of the hard drive while the screen remains black - have no idea what this means.

Search on internet suggests that maybe maybe user32.dll is corrupt - but can't find anywhere to download a valid copy. I've tried all repair and recovery items after booting with windows 7 pro install disk. Safe mode boot produces the exact same result.system restore-i apparently didn't save any restore points! Booting to c drive - vista still works fine!

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Win 7 Failed To Startup - Freezes On Starting Point

I have a problem my desktop was a vista and is now windows 7. It suddenly shutdown and when i restarted it it says failed to restart. Please restore. I tried the restore thing but canceled it. Now, read all the forums, links and answers regarding my problem but same thing happens it starts up but freezes on windows is starting points. Just on there. I tried everybody reinstalling window 7, recovery advance system, start up, restore points. All were successful but when it restarts it freezes on same spot. Windows is starting.

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Restoring To Previous Save Point For Wordpad Document

I was working on a document in wordpad and saved it before going to bed last night. When i re-opened the document today, it was returned to the condition it was in last night before i started working on it. The computer did shut down unexpectedly and when i reopened the file the changes i'd made prior to the shutdown had been recovered. I continued to work, saved my files, and shut down the computer. Please tell me, is it possible to restore the file to atleast the recovery point? I don't understand how the information was lost to begin with.

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Windows Will Not Shut Down

Since installing all my drivers and programs on ultimate 64 windows will not shut down. If i try to restart or shut down it just sits there on the logging off screen forever. There is occasional disk activity. I've tried safe mode and windows shuts down perfectly fine. So i can only assume its a driver of some system setting causing the problem, all the drivers are the latest and are also used on a dual boot vista system.

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Pc Will Not Shut Down Completely

I have setup a dual boot system, xp & 7, on two separate hard drives. Everything was working fine for a couple of weeks. I am not sure what suddenly caused the problem but windows 7 will no longer shut down completely on its own. It spins at the shutting down screen. I have to hold to power button in to get the computer to shut down. I have tried restoring the computer to an earlier version without success. I have closed the anti-virus program and all other programs. I have also stopped unnecessary processes. It still will not shut down automatically. Windows xp still runs fine and shut down completely on its own.

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Pc Will Not Sleep Or Shut Down

My computer will not shut down or sleep, i am running windows 7 64-bit on an hp pavillion slimline. When i click either of these options it tells me it is going to sleep or shutting down, but the actual computer never does. It stays on the shutting down screen with the circled icon constantly spinning. Eventually it just cuts out like after some time, ill say about 5-10 mins, then restarts saying there was an issue shutting down. So for the past couple of days i been trying to fix this problem and it seems i cant do it on my own.

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Pc Does Not Shut Down Instead It Restarts

I have one of 2 problems. 1. When booting my pc, it shows a "verify dmi data pool" something like that msg. But it does not hang, i just want to get rid of it. Help? 2. When trying to shut down my pc (through start menu > shut down) it shuts down and at that same time starts up again (seeing it as i restart). I have tried unchecking the box at the pm in control panel, i have tried disabling power management in the bios. Is there any chance it might be hardware related?Sins the case was build these problems were there. If somebody can help me?

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Win 7 Never Shut Down / Off

When i start to shut down window 7 and it show logged off then shut down then it never shut off.

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Randomly Unable To Shut Down

I'm running windows 7 ultimate 64 bit. Sometimes my machine will not shut down. It will stay at the "shutting down" screen indefinitely. The circle continues to turn but the computer does not shut off. This happens randomly. Sometimes it may shut down in a few seconds, sometimes in
A few minutes, sometimes not at all. I have updated all drivers to their latest versions, but the problem still persists.

My system specs:
Intel i7 975
Gigabyte ex58-ud4p
His hd5970
Creative x-fi titanum
Win 7 ultimate 64bit

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Computer Wont Shut Down Sometimes

I upgraded from xp 32 bit home to 7 32 bit on my dell vostro 200 desktop. Since the upgrade when i shut down the computer sometimes it hangs on the windows is shutting down screen. After awhile it goes into hibernation. When i wake it up i get a message: windows has recovered from an unexpected shutdown. If i get the details they are:

Problem signature:
  Problem event name: bluescreen
  Os version: 6. 1. 7600. 2. 0. 0. 256. 1
  Locale id: 1033
Additional information about the problem:
  Bccode: 9f
  Bcp1: 00000003
  Bcp2: 860a2030
  Bcp3: 8292cae0
  Bcp4: 8676f460
  Os version: 6_1_7600
  Service pack: 0_0
  Product: 256_1
Files that help describe the problem:

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Pc Restarts Each Time I Try To Shut Down

I've looked through the forums to see if i could find a solution to this issue, but the most i've been able to find is that there might be an incompatible driver somewhere on my system that's causing this to occur. When i click on "shut down", the computer does shut down, but then it turns back on after a few seconds. I had a clean install of windows 7 ultimate (64-bit)done on the computer to wipe everything off of it and start from scratch, and this still occurs. My computer is an mpc clientpro 424. I've tried disabling automatic restart, and the issue still occurs. Can anyone help?

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Pc Forced Shut Down Will Not Start

I have been using windows 7 64bit for quite a while on my sony vaio laptop.couple days ago i forced it to shut down because i had to go quickly to do something and when i came back it would get passed the windows 7 logo place with a resulting blue screen error . I have searched around the internet and have been told to use the windows 7 dvd which i have done. However when using the dvd i have changed mi bios and set it to load and pressed a key in order to load from cd- dvd but when it says loading files after that i get my mouse cursor key and a black background and am stuck in it for ever :( . Any help would be greatly appreciate, oh and i cannot loading in safe mode or command prompt neither

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Pc Will Not Shut Down And Explorer Crashing

Hey, so when i try to shut down my computer it just gets stuck on the shutting down screen and i have to switch it off by holding down the power button. I'm fairly sure this is because the system cannot end certain processes but i don't know which ones. At first i thought it was itunes because it wouldn't open but would start a process that wouldn't shut down. Then i got it uninstalled and it hasn't helped. Now the other problem, maybe related? When i right click on the desktop explorer crashes (not ie). It doesn't just shut off but stops responding. For some reason i can still use the taskbar and start menu (i thought that was part of explorer). And my computer is constantly running at 100% cpu usage. Its an hp laptop running windows 7 and has had windows on it for at least a couple months running fine.

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