Error Code 0x80070570 When Expanding Installing Files

When i attempt to install windows 7 on my new computer i receive the error code 0x80070570 when it gets to the expanding windows files stage. I also receive the message "the file or directory d:/$secure is corrupt and unreadable. Please run the chkdsk utility. ". I've tried formating, switching the sata ports the hard drive is plugged into, and switching the onboard device mode from sata to ahci and raid with no success. It is a 64 bit edition of windows 7 home premium.

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Error 0x80070570 Installing Win 7

I have tried the following:used dvd/usb tool to create a bootable thumb drive successfully booted from thumb drive to win7 install deleted all partitions from hard drive and selected unallocated space for win7 installation after file expansion, the error shows up i've used . Iso files for both win7 ultimate and home premium with the same results. I've seen posts that usb devices connected to a system causing this type of problem, so i also tried the following:from the recovery console in win7, i opened a command prompt using diskpart, i created a 5gb bootable partition on the hard drive i copied the contents of the win7 install dvd (now on my thumb drive) to this 5gb partition.

I removed the thumb drive and booted to this partition i ran the win7 install, selecting the remaining unallocated space on the drive for the install same error i had also seen posts about memory issues. The ram on the mini 10v is fixed to the motherboard as far as i know, so removing or swapping is not an option. I ran dell diagnostics against the ram and hard drive, and everything tested clean. This seems just silly to me. Any clues, anyone?

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Error Code 0x80070570

Trying to install windows 7 home premium oem on a windows xp system w/ amd phenom 9500 quad 4 gigs memory and raid "0" striped setup , but keep getting error code 0x80070570. Whats up ? I tried a windows 7 raid driver downloaded from asus but it will not except it in the load drivers for hard drive access in windows 7 install menu.

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Error Code: 0x80070570 - Cannot Create / Delete Folder

Trying to upgrade from vista on an hp dv6408nr. Dual boot using grub from a boot partition. Linux and vista boot fine. Part way through an upgrade a black error screen opened and closed before i managed to read it. Now i keep getting the following error message: windows was unable to create required installation folder f:$windows. ~Bt. An existing file or folder of this name could not be deleted.

Error code: 0x80070570

I am unable to find the f: drive to manually delete the file, and a search does not locate any file with that name.

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Upgrade Expanding Files Gets Stuck At 21%

I am trying to upgrade from vista to windows 7 and when the install program is expanding out windows files, the install gets stuck at 21%. What should i do? I am installing from the downloaded student offer version of windows 7. I have let the install hang at 21% for 16 hours before turning off the computer.

I haven't heard any upgrade from vista to windows 7 take this long. When it reaches 21% i can no longer boot up vista and i have needed to restore my laptop to its factory settings. I am running 32 bit windows vista and have bought a 32 bit version of windows 7 upgrade.

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Win 7 Freezes At Expanding Files

I have an hp dv4-1275mx and i have problems upgrading from vista 64 bit service pack 2 to windows 7 home premium 64 bit. I ran the windows 7 compatibility advisor initially and corrected any issues ( it now indicates that there are no issues), i updated all the components of windows vista before beginning the upgrade. I also updated all the drivers and pre-installed software that came with the hp laptop (such as hp media-smart software).

Anyway i purchased my copy of windows 7 online from digital river from a student promotion ( but i also received the dvd disc which i am using for the install)

The computer copies all the files and then when it moves to expanding files it goes to 20% and then reboots and at that point a secondary window pops up but flickers on the screen (it says something about continuing windows installation and asking if i want to cancel installation yes or no) this flickering window disappears at the 28% mark but then it only goes to 36% and then it reboots and it chooses windows rollback and informs me that the windows 7 installation was unsuccessful. There is no error code.

I called microsoft tech support and they thought it was a ram issue, so i interchanged  the ram modules and tried installing with the same result, and i tried only using one ram module installed during installation with the same result.

I then tried booting the laptop from the windows 7 disc and it starts off loading windows files and then it moves to a blue windows 7 installation screen and you briefly see a window pop up to select what language you want to choose to intall, but then it goes to a black screen and reboots the laptop.

Lastly hp informed me that maybe there was a conflict with some of the software installed on the harddrive with the installation disc, so i removed the harddrive from the laptop, hooked it up to another computer as a usb drive and reformatted the harddrive completely. Re-installed the harddrive and attempted to boot the laptop from the windows 7 install disc but i encountered the same problem as before where the computer reboots.

I thought it might be a problem with my dvd drive, but i rebooted my laptop with my recovery discs and it stared the hp recovery manager without a hitch, so i am pretty sure that there is no problems with my dvd drive.

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Win 7 Install Pc Freezes Up At Expanding Files

Windows 7 clean install may require special drivers either for the amd athlon 64 processor, for the wd sata hard drive, or the via gigabyte motherboard. My experience: i booted up factory legitimate dvd of windows 7 install disk and partitioned/formatted hard drive, installed sata driver (the same floppy with the drivers for the sata drive that i used with my previous windows xp installations), and proceeded with installation.

The install showed that it copied the files with no problem. Then at "expand files" the installation freezes at 18% expanded. I have experimented with the bios by selected raid or ide as the setting for the sata drive, but it doesn't work with either setting. The hard drive is an empty 80 gb western digital hard drive. I guess i need either a driver for the motherboard, the processor, or the hard drive.

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Error Code 2738 Installing Itunes

Itune error 2738  hii been to the itunes page http://support. and followed the instructions. I have even restarted the computer after following said instructions. So why do i keep getting the same error message?"The installer has encountered an unexpected error installing this package. This may indicate a problem with this package. The error code is 2738. "I have downloaded the most recent copy of itunes.

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Error Code 646 - Problem Installing Security Update For Microsoft Office

Problems installing security updates for microsoft office system and all related programs within the microsoft office system (error code 646). I have a laptop that runs windows 7 for x64 bit. Every time i try to install a security update for the microsoft office 2007 system or any of the programs therein, i get the error code 646.

Everything else seems to successfully update. This is truly aggravating because when i go to shut down my computer, i have to wait until the updates are installed before it shuts down, but then when i turn it back on and shut it off again, it still says i have to install the same updates from when i last shut down and therefore have to wait again until they are installed.

It's a never ending cycle. What the heck is wrong with microsoft office that makes it to where everyone seems to be having the same issues? Don't you think this problem needs to be corrected instead of just suggesting to download manually? Downloading manually takes too much time and honestly makes no sense. What's the point of having windows update if everyone seems to have to do the microsoft office updates manually?

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Update Files Won't Install - Error Code 646

I have tried most of the fixes here and none have worked here are the kb update files that don't install.

Security update for microsoft office excel 2007 (kb973593)

Download size: 8. 5 mb

You may need to restart your computer for this update to take effect.

Update type: important

A security vulnerability exists in microsoft office excel 2007 that could allow arbitrary code to run when a maliciously modified file is opened. This update resolves that vulnerability.

More information:

Help and support:

Security update for the 2007 microsoft office system (kb973704)

Download size: 7. 4 mb

You may need to restart your computer for this update to take effect.

Update type: important

A security vulnerability exists in the 2007 microsoft office system and the microsoft office compatibility pack that could allow arbitrary code to run when a maliciously modified file is opened. This update resolves that vulnerability.

More information:

Help and support:

Update for microsoft office infopath 2007 (kb976416)

Download size: 2. 1 mb

You may need to restart your computer for this update to take effect.

Update type: important

Microsoft has released an update for microsoft office infopath 2007. This update provides the latest fixes to microsoft office infopath 2007. Additionally, this update contains stability and performance improvements.

More information:

Help and support:

Update for microsoft office outlook 2007 junk email filter (kb977839)

Download size: 3. 2 mb

You may need to restart your computer for this update to take effect.

Update type: important

This update provides the junk e-mail filter in microsoft office outlook 2007 with a more current definition of which e-mail messages should be considered junk e-mail.

More information:

Help and support:

Update for microsoft office word 2007 (kb974561)

Download size: 8. 8 mb

You may need to restart your computer for this update to take effect.

Update type: recommended

Microsoft has released an update for microsoft office word 2007. This update provides the latest fixes to microsoft office word 2007. Additionally, this update contains stability and performance improvements.

More information:

Help and support:

I have copied the reg. Bat and run it , i have also deleted the files in the software dis folder download and to no avail, not sure if i have vista sp1 or sp2  installed it is 32 bit home prem this has been going on for about 3-4 months and i am getting short on hair to pull out now. If anyone can help i would be very great full and one pc will live another day and not learn to fly lol.

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Code 8007066f Trouble Installing Some Programs

I'm having trouble installing some programs that are important to security, some codes 8007066f, and the most is code #kb957789, i've agreed to all terms but still being failed.

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Error Installing Ie8

I used ie for years. Then, my computer started missing keystrokes when on a web page. I installed firefox and the problem disappeared. I would now like to try ie 8 to see if the problem still exists, but when i try to install, i get a message "newer version already installed" and it won't continue. I went to add/remove programs and it does not show up. Then i searched for "iexplore.exe and erased all occurrences, but the ie 8 installer still thinks ie is out there. How can i get back to ie without reformatting my system?

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Hotfix Error When Installing Updates

I am attempting to install some updates and then i get error codes 646 and code ff and a pop saying the hotfix installers stop working. The details are below:

Problem signature:

  Problem event name:    bex
  Application name:    hotfix.exe
  Application version:    1. 4. 1572. 0
  Application timestamp:    4919b4d5
  Fault module name:    stackhash_ede2
  Fault module version:    0. 0. 0. 0
  Fault module timestamp:    00000000
  Exception offset:    002d002d
  Exception code:    c0000005
  Exception data:    00000008
  Os version:    6. 0. 6002. 2. 2. 0. 256. 6
  Locale id:    1033

  Additional information 1:    ede2
  Additional information 2:    7505e0fed4887675456d7e9a94927581
  Additional information 3:    41aa
  Additional information 4:    9f18063ce460533af341babfbd939bb9

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Windows Application Error When Installing Program

With windows 7 running, i decided to upgrade an old program acdsees 7 to version 12, compatible with windows 7. When i try to install i am getting windows application error with this message "the exception unknown software exception (0x000000d) occurred in application at location 0x100122c4). Rebooted system and tried again, same problem. Tried fresh downloads and same thing. Tried trial version, same thing. Any ideas?

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Installing Silverlight 3 Error - Memory Cannot Be Written

Installing silverlight 3 (latest) breaks, gives a reference error saying the memory cannot be "written". I have been updating some computers running windows xp sp3 with all the latest updates, however, i installed microsoft silverlight on them after the computer was updated. After the installation occurred, (by the way, i checked "enable windows update" when installing silverlight), the update icon near the clock just disappeared (the icon which says you need to restart your computer).

So i was curious, and i went to, i then got a reference error saying that the memory could not be written to. I have done this on multiple computers, same type, all updates, service pack 3, and so on and so forth. After they had the latest updates, i tried microsoft update, no error. I restarted the computers and accessed microsoft update (at this point, i still have not installed silverlight 3), nothing wrong, no errors, no nothing.

I installed silverlight 3, then went to microsoft update, and the reference error occurred. I restarted, went to microsoft update, still errors. I even uninstalled silverlight, still errors. I even restarted after uninstalling silverlight. The errors still occur. So i am not sure what is going on, but now the computers who have had silverlight installed, can no longer be updated.

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Lx-3000 Headset Error Installing Drivers

I'm having trouble with my lx-3000 headset. I just installed windows 7 pro and the headset was working fine for a bit. I moved the headset to a different usb port and the os tried to reinstall the drivers. I then got an error message that told me the device was not recognized. I moved it back to the other port, i have deleted the drivers and done a shut down & reboot, and have had no luck at all. I've installed the life-chat, too. No help there either. The usb port that i moved it to was a port on the front of the tower. I'm not sure if i had the plugs reversed on the motherboard or something. I just don't know.

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Error 1402 When Installing Adobe Acrobat

Adobe acrobat 8 stopped working when i upgraded to windows 7. I was unable to either repair the program in place or remove it. At the suggestion of adobe, i used windows install clean-up to remove the remnants of acrobat 8 and attempted to install acrobat 9. Now i get a failure with an error 1402 and the path to the error key is unknown components and a lot of hex characters which don't offer me a clue as to where to find a bad record in the registry. At the further recommendation of adobe, i removed all of their products from my system. I still get an "unable to write" to a key that only exists in an "unknown" location. I need to work with pdf files and i am stuck.

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Error In Installing Sql Server 2008

When i am installing sql server 2008 on my laptop which has windows 7 64 bit operating system, it shows me the error: "microsoft .net framework installation has failed. Sql server 2008 setup requires .net framework 3. 5 to be installed. "
When i am trying to install microsoft .net framework 3. 5 on my laptop. It give setup error.
Please can give me the correct procedure so i can install and run sql server 2008 on my laptop.

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Folder Redirection Error When Installing Programs

We are using folder redirection for the users my documents folder. We have to install programs under an admin account just to install it because the users (who are local admin) get an error 1324. The folder path 'foldername ' contains an invalid character. I have tried looking at the registry but not sure how this will affect the the system as there are a series of areas that this foldername is located in. We do not need to screw up items even more for the user then we have too. Issue is also that even when installing it under the admin account the user account is not always able to open or run the application correctly.

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Hresult 0x80070424 Error Installing Programs

I have just gotten a new computer made, it is running windows 7 home premium 64 bit. I am having no trouble installing updates however, i am having a lot of trouble installing programs. I can install some programs such as vlc media player and songbird however, i cannot install itunes, ms office 2007 or the beta of ms office 2010.

I get this error when trying to install itunes: an error occurred during the installation of assembly microsoft.

Vc80. Crt, version="8. 0. 50727. 4053", type="win32", publickeytoken="1fc8b3b9a1e18e3b", processorarchitecture="x86".

Please refer to help and support for more information. Hresult: 0x80070424. And the same "hresult: 0x80070424. " Error when trying to install office. I have spent a long time trying to find solutions on the net and have found nothing which helps.

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Installing Realtek Driver Blue Screen Error

I tried to install a realtek driver but windows recovery had to start up from a previous image when i tried to restart my computer. What could be causing this error? Should i just re-install windows 7 all over again? Here is what the error displays:

  Os version: 6. 1. 7600. 2. 0. 0. 256. 1
 Locale id: 1033
Additional information about the problem:
  Bccode: c000021a
  Bcp1: fffff8a0014140a0
  Bcp2: 0000000000000000
  Bcp3: ffffffffc0000001
  Bcp4: 0000000000100510
  Os version: 6_1_7600
  Service pack: 0_0
  Product: 256_1

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Error Message - Error While Unpacking Program, Code 2

Periodically when i am at a web site using ie8, i get an error message popup:"error while unpacking program, code 2. Please report to author " this happens even while ie8 is left alone. I have tried turning off my security program - pc tools " spyware doctor" put it still happens even while i was on microsoft web sites. I also have all of the windows updates installed.

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Error When Installing Microsoft .net Framework 3.5 Service Pack 1

My computer encounters an error when installing microsoft .net framework 3. 5 service pack 1 and .net framework 3. 5 family update for .net versions 2. 0 through 3. 5 (kb951847) x86. I am running a hp dv8000 with windows xp (recently downloaded service pack 3). How can this be fixed so microsoft .net framework 3. 5 service pack 1 can be successfully installed.

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Error Message - Run Dll - When Installing Any Antivirus Program

Why do i get a "run dll" error message with any virus protection program i use. The message says:

There is a problem starting
C:windowssystem32configsystemprofileappdataoamingantivirusplusantivirusplus. 70701.dll

The specified module could not be found

I tried using a different antivirus program avg and it had the same error. I'm using avira antivirus right now. Can anyone give me an idea what is the problem?

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Error Message - Admin Privileges - Installing Printer Driver

Trouble installing hp printer driver (cp2020) with newly upgraded win7 os. Error message indicates the need for admin privileges, yet my user profile identifies me as the default administrator. Driver had been installed and was working with vista os. 3 mo old dell studio laptop.

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*.msi Not A Valid Win32 Application Error When Installing A Security Program

Whenever i try and install a security program i get the following: "*. Msi not a valid win 32 application". Noboby seems able to help. Vendors are all blaming another vendor. Meanwhile, i do not have any security on my computer. I am not terribly computer literate so please bear with me. I have rolled back, tried to run as an administrator, have downloaded software umpteen times (to satisfy vendors). This has something to do with microsoft installers. Anyone else had this problem?

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Error Code 31

I have developed a problem wth the microsoft virtual wifi miniport adapter on a win 7 dell 357. I tried to both disable and uninstall the driver and it keeps coming back. I have uninstall the wireless adapter driver and the microsoft virtual wifi miniport adapter keeps coming back with an error (code 31).

I tried to replace it with one from another computer but i keep receiving a message about trusted installer. I also received a message that the driver for a wireless printer 6500 is missing but the printer works fine. I see others have the same problem and none of the answers seem to work. I would gather that microsoft needs o have an upgrade.

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Error Code 43

An unknown usb device pops up as unable to install properly all the time, repeatedly. It can be uninstalled but simply reinstalls improperly over and over again. Ive reset the driver port itself but to no effect, no one including gateway seems to be able to fix it. ***? This is a huge problem as it interrupts everything im doing. Any help? Also, there is nothing in the port itself. Gateway wants to restart the whole system to when i bought it, thus deleting everything ive got on it so far- no problem except that i don't thing it will work because it seems that they're just going through the motions.

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Error Code 39

I am using windows 7 on a brand new home built machine. I have an sh-s223c dvd drive that worked to install windows and 2009 trend micro internet security. After that i keep getting a code 39 error message and cannot use the drive. I have attempted to uninstall the driver and then re-install it from samsung's website. I am having no luck. Can someone please help? All i seem to find for posts involve windows vista.

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Error - There Are No More Files

Error message on trying to save on hard drive "there are no more files" can not save files from any program: word, excel, firefox. Tried regcure, tried chkdisk full scan for virus and malware no luck so far.

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