Internet For Multiple User Accounts

I have windows 7 32bit running on intel quad. I have 2 administrator accounts and i have made changes to the default settings to the privacy and other account settings. The problem is that whenever i connect to internet ( requires a user name and password everytime†i log in) this connection is under dial - up and vpn the internet functions normally , but when i switch accounts the connection of the†previous account is lost also i need to reconnect to internet again with account i have switched to.

Also the option while connecting "save this username and password for the following accounts -> anyone who uses this computer " is greyed out. Thus, im unable to keep my internet connection active simultaneously for both the accounts. I was able to do this in windows xp 32-bit.

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Synchronize User Accounts Between Multiple Pcs

So, i'm a high end user who does my own it at my 15 person company, and i also have 10 pcs networked at home. 6 have windows 7 home premium, 1 (a netbook) has windows 7 starter, and 3 (the kid's) have xp home sp3. All are legal and registered with automatic updating. All are in the same work-group and can call see each other fine. Several are 64 bit, most are 32 (all the xp are 32. I don't even know if there ever was a 64 bit xp home?)The question is this. Including the guest and admin accounts, some of the pcs have up to 8 user accounts.

I really want myself and my users to begin to have a seamless experience from pc to pc. I know how to use easy transfer to move the existing accounts onto the appropriate pcs, but despite extensive research i cannot discover a way to accurately keep the start menu order, desktop backgrounds, etc, in sync. So i would like to do one of two things:1) use synctoy2. 1 or some other method to synchronize the appropriate files regularly and automatically. 2) create an environment similar to terminal server that servers that user id those settings off of one machine, and saves the user's changes on that same machine.

I am already using one machine as a "media server"bandwidth and storage are no problem, have about 4tb with less the 1 in use and running wireless n draft nimo and wired gigabit. I would rather not purchase home server or any kind of premium program. Any advice or links to relevant literature are appreciated. If the xp machines can't participate in this that's no big deal the kids just use them to play internet games and watch movies.

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User Accounts

I am getting windows 7 ultimate and need to know how to properly set up user accounts: when i set time restrictions for my son, using the standard account, i will use the administrator account to do this. Do i set up an account for myself, as administrator and then one for him , standard account, password protected, then he can change his password later. Or can i set the time restrictions later even though he has password protected his user account.

In other words, can the administrator get into his standard account after he has password protected it? If i need to set this up in advance, do the time restrictions carry over to his user account, saved? Can he modify them? I hope i asked this question clearly, please let me know if you have any questions.

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Cannot Create User Accounts

I have a dell laptop with windows 7. I want to create new users on my computer. It has two now, one standard and the other administrative. I am trying to create a new user but whenever i get to the part where i have to name the new user account a message comes up that says : the specified account name is not valid because account names cannot contain the following characters /[]":;|<>+=, ?* Please type in a different name.

I am not typing this in but it is not accepting the name†i am putting. It is not accepting any name.

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Deleting Old User Accounts

My computers fairly new and a few weeks back after using windows media center and connecting it to my 360 for the very first time and re arranging which files it accessed music and pictures from it lost its desktop background, and refused to let me open any files and instead showing a golden pad lock next to everything claiming i didn't have permission, it began asking me for permission every time i started a program. Being unable to fix the problem (using restores and adjusting media centre settings) i created a second account, which ran without any obvious problem and so began to copy the data across onto my new account which for some reason has a padlock next to it as well.

When i came to delete my old account the computer told me that it could save all the documents and files from that account into a file under the name of my original account, which i did just to be safe. Anyway its done that and im sure that i want to delete the files now to free up my hard drive, but when i try to delete my old user account it tells me that im deleting files that are vital for windows to run, also theres a new account there as well called mcx1 thats taking a large portion of space, so basically how can i delete these old accounts and get my hard drive space back?

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User Accounts & Profiles

I have an acer aspire m3800 with intel core quad processor complete with 4gb ram and windows 7 32-bit operating system. I have both microsoft security essentials, and ca internet security suite plus. All software is up-to-date. A couple of weeks ago i had a problem with losing a user profile/account and not being above to create any new ones. This problem was solved by telephone with microsoft tech. Support (case no. 1130591745). After many hours we ended up having to re-load the windows 7 operating system.

Within the last 24hrs the screen became jumbled with many horizontal lines (like tv tuner static), and the computer completely froze up. I powered down from the power outlet, then powered back-up normally. Only the administrator's user account appears on the desk top now. The other user profiles still exist on the hdd (c drive) under the 'users' file.

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New User Accounts Fail Logon

I cannot get any new accounts that i set up to log in, they fail with the following message. "User profile service failed the logon. User profile cannot be loaded. "Happens with either new admin or standard accounts, my current admin and standard accounts still function. I got out my windows 7 (professional) disc and ran an "upgrade" hoping this would correct whichever file appears to be corrupted, but the issue still remains. I am trying to find a solution that does not involve a new or†reformatted hard drive and complete reinstallation, but not to hopeful now. Never had this issue with years on nt and xp. Ny†suggestions out there?

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User Accounts Easy Transfer

I will be using easy transfer to migrate all the possible files from our xp machine to a new windows 7 machine. I have been using the w7 computer offline for a course i am taking and set it up with the same 4 user accounts we have on our xp machine with the same names. If i choose to transfer "everything" including user accounts will the prior existence of those accounts cause problems with easy transfer? Will it try to create alternate user accounts?

I have a few empty test folders under three of the accounts since i had some problems setting up the accounts initially. My account contains a folder with a number of files for my course but i plan on copying them to a flash drive "just in case" they get clobbered by the easy transfer process. While i'm at it, should i install my program files after the transfer or before or doesn't it matter?

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Problem When Switching Between User Accounts

I am experiencing problems when switching between user accounts/profiles. The problem is when switching to another user account i receive only the desktop background and none of the icons. I need to push power button to go into sleep mode, then back on. At that point i get the user icon-locked. I click and then get into account with icons. If i right mouse click (when only background is available)†i can make selections and they are available when i am able to log on correctly. I do not have this problem with windows xp.

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User Accounts Control Mess

I seem to have created a mess in uac and i can't clean it up. When windows 7 opens up, i have buttons for two accounts, one is an admin account. That admin account is new, created yesterday. The other account was formerly†my admin account, but i changed it to standard yesterday, and changed the name too. I did this because i have been having problems installing some hp utilities, and one possibility i read†about was problems caused by using an apostrophe in†an admin account's name, which i had inadvertently done. So i†created a new admin account, changed the old one's name, and†changed it to a standard account.

Here's the problem:† when i go into†the users folder in explorer, the two accounts mentioned above are†not listed, but other old ones are, including the old admin account with its old name. That name†and another old account have padlocks on them. I'm assuming that can't be good, even though the only problem i've noticed so far is that i'm still not able to install the†hp utilities. I'm willing to give up on them, but i'm afraid it's indicative of other problems down the road.

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Unable To Login Through Standard User Accounts

In my home pc with windows 2007, i have made myself the administrator with a password and three other family members as standard users who do not need a password to login. All of a sudden, none of my family members are able to login. The moment they click on their user name, the message, "logging off" appears and it is back to the opening screen. However, i am able to log in with my password. I†created another user account, but am not able to log in using this too.

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Keeping Playlists Synchronised Across User Accounts

How to keep playlists synchronised across user accounts? I have two user accounts, one for work and one for home. I want media player to be exactly the same between these accounts, so that if i change something in one account it is the same in the other account. For example, when i delete or change playlists while i'm logged into the home account, the changes are not there in the work account. I spent ages updating media information for home made cds while logged into the work account, but those changes are not there in the home account. Is there any way to do this? I haven't been a windows user since windows 3. 1 and i feel very lost.

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Issue: Cannot Perform Any Task Using One Of The User Accounts

I've just installed windows 7 ultimate on an acer veriton m410. When logged in as administrator, the computer works without any problems. If i log in under my user name, there are several problems that take place. The first issue i noticed is i cannot explore "my computer. " I simply get an empty window and an icon indicating the computer is busy. Eventually, i get an error message that windows explorer needs to be restarted. I am not able to check the contents of my hard drive. In addition, when i try to log off from my user account, the computer stays on the log off screen continuously, and never logs me off. Again, if i am logged in as administrator, i have no problem logging off and shutting down the computer. Ny ideas†how i can fix this?†

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Deleting Files Of Previous User Accounts

I want to delete files of previous user accounts that are no longer used. The user account has been deleted but the files in the 'users' directory are still there. I can't seem to simply 'delete' them? Just tidying up now after a ok'ish move from xp to 7. Had problem with media center but microsoft help phoneline were very good.

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Manage User Accounts And Change An Account Issues

As a standard user, "manage user accounts" and "change an account" have no pictures, just blank frames. Under a standard user account, if i go in to manage user accounts (and there is a screen that comes up that makes me put in the admin password), the account pictures do not show under the "manage accounts" section or the "change an account" section. There are blank frames on those screens. If i am in the administrator account, it is fine. This computer was purchased with windows home premium and upgraded the same day as purchased to windows professional.

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Flash Player Wont Work On User Accounts

I have three home computers running windows 7 (64-bit). Adobe flash player runs on some accounts but not others. It runs on the administrator account on all three computers. It runs on some user accounts on some computers but not on other user accounts.

I have tried some of the solutions suggested elsewhere:
- I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling flash player; it didn't help.
- I have also tried downloading and running the subinacl program to change the registry permissions; it didn't help.

I understand from another posting that one person got this resolved by spending two hours on the phone with microsoft tech support. Unfortunately, it is not clear exactly what tech support did to resolve the problem.

As far as i can tall, the ie8 settings are identical for the accounts where flash player works and the accounts where it does not work.

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Setting Family Safety Locks User Accounts

I have 2 boys aged 6 and 9 year old, so i through it would be a good idea to set up family safety on the pc. So wanting to fully understand the scope of family safety i carefully followed †instructions and implemented the accounts. I ended up with 3 accounts, 2 for the boys, one each, both with passwords set as their names and one admin account that i did not touch at all!† All looked very good and i was pleased that i now understood a bit more about windows 7 and i had better control on my childrenís web usage/access. Started at this point!†

The pc was rebooted and the screen came up with the 3 accounts, all looking good. I then entered the relevant passwords to each account in turn and none were accepted, just the response "user name or password incorrect" !

I raised this with your forum and was directed to carry out a restore to the last save point, i did this and the pc came up, but i lost simply months of work effort and left very disillusioned with both my new pc and microsoft!

Very carefully again i set 2 accounts up for the boys and this time i did set a password for the admin account. On completion i switched user accounts and to my horror and intense disappointment i get the message "user name or password incorrect". My machine is locked out again!

Can you please assist me?†Iíve worked with pc Ďs on an off for 15+ years, iím not stupid and understand the environment, but this is killing me. Iíve starting to hate the thing i love and that managed all the entertainment to my house! All i wanted to do was improve the computing experience of my family!

The pc is a packard bell extreme running windows home premium. Please please help me to set up family safety accounts and understand what and what is going on here? I also do not have a password restore disc, so iím going to restore the pc again.

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Multiple User Profiles

I have a new toshiba laptop with win7 home premium. I have set up an admin account and my user account, with the guest account turned off.

There are multiple user profiles under the user file on the hard drive: administrator, public, steve, steve_2 and steve_2. Steve_laptop.

There is nothing in the pictures, documents and video files under steve.

There are music and documents, but no pictures under steve_2.

There are music, pictures and documents under steve_2. Steve_laptop.

There are also two listings under homegroup - both listed as: steve (steve_laptop).

Not sure what i did for this to happen, but i'd appreciate any help to clean up this apparent mess.

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Internet Lan Disconnects Multiple Times

I updated to windows 7 on a 64bit desktop and a 32bit laptop. The laptop is wireless to my linksys router with no issues. My hp printer is wireless and has no problem either. The desktop is hardwired to the router and will disconnect from the lan and the internet multiple times a day. The troubleshooter will say the default gateway is unavailable and it resets the network adapter. The connection will work for awhile again and then the cycle starts over. Never had a problem with vista, it has been since the windows 7 upgrade that i have had problems. I have checked my network adapter drivers and they are up to date.

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Types Of Administrator Accounts

How many types of administrator accounts in windows 7? I recently purchased my laptop with new windows 7 home basic 64-bit. When i used windows 7 first time i didn't gave password protection for administrator account and simply logged into into my system. After that i created new administrator account name of 'srinivas' with password protection.

Next day i logged in as 'srinivas' account and opened the cmd.exe prompt, it is pointing to: c:userssrinivas>

If i do the same thing by right-clicking on cmd.exe with run as administrator, it is pointing to c:windowssystem32>

Why is this difference in 'srinivas' account? This account is an administrator account showing in user accounts at control panel. Is 'srinivas' account is not equal to administrator account? If so why 'srinivas' account is showing as administrator in user accounts?

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Can't Share Internet To Lan From Huawei 3g Internet Adaptor

I am in severe need of some help because i am about to go crazy trying to figure this out. I recently upgraded my mom's pc to windows 7 and i'm having trouble getting her network back in order. She has a huawei mobile broadband adaptor (3g), model ec168, that i'm trying to use to supply internet to her laptop and xbox360 via her router. I had it working for the last year when windows xp was still on her pc, but since installing windows 7, i can't get it to work. I'm using the same settings as i was before but i get nothing.
Here are the settings that used to work:

1. I enabled internet connection sharing on her 3g adaptor and shared it to the lan adaptor.

2. I set the lan's ip address to "192. 168. 0. 1"/subnet mask was the usual "255. 255. 255. 0" and the default gateway/dns server fields were left blank (since the pc was serving as the gateway and the dns sever).

3. I turned off dhcp on the router and set the router's ip to "192. 168. 0. 10"

4. I left the xbox360 and laptop set to "automatic"

With these settings it worked like a champ on xp, but i get nothing on windows 7. Also, everytime i turn ics "on" through the 3g adaptor, it says that it has assigned the ip address of "192. 168. 137. 1" to the lan. Not sure why but it does.

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Ipv6 - No Internet Access - Laptop Cannot Connect To Wireless Internet

My laptop has connected with the wireless router before and had internet. But now it says its connected but says error when pulling up a webpage. When i go to wireless network connection the ipv4 has internet but the ipv6 does not.

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Security Updates Stop Internet Explorer From Connecting To Internet

All ie7 security updates i install (cumulative or not) cause ie7 to not be able to connect to the internet. I have to uninstall the security update in order to connect to the internet. I have windows vista 64, ie7 and cable internet. I have checked for virus's several time using microsoft security essentials and malwarebytes antivirus and it always comes back clean. I am also running windows firewall and have put internet explorer on the exception list as well as turned it off to see if that was causing it from connecting and it did nothing. Can someone please tell me how to fix this.

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Combining Live Mail Accounts

I have a windows live mail account which for some reason in my imported folders, storage folder has created an imported (1) folder with the exact folders copy that are in the imported folders however, neither the imported nor the imported (1) folders shows any contents. When viewing by opening my mail account, i can view all my mail in the imported (1) folder in windows live mail. The mail messages are shown in the folders in both imported and imported (1) folders but i cannot view any messages from the imported folder.

My question is, how can i synchronize the mail and where are my mail messages located?†I thought that if i could find where the mail messages are located, i could copy them and then delete windows live mail and create another account so that i would know where my mail is located.

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Opening Different Email Accounts In Ie8 Tabs

My internet browser was changed to explorer 8. I don't know how i can explain this problem better. Before i had this new browser, i can work on two different gmail accounts by opening two different explorer windows (not tabs). But now that i got this new one, i can't do this anymore. Everytime i open a new window and go to gmail, the email i was working on the other window opens up and if i log off that account, the other window will do the same. I want it like before. How can i bring this back?

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Wireless Internet Is Connected But No Internet Access

I just bought a new computer with os windows 7. As i was doing the set-up, it asked about the home wireless network and i identified it and entered the internet key. After the set-up was over, i cannot connect to the wireless network. It says connected and no internet access. It has the public icon and "unidentified network".

I have a "network error" window that keeps popping up that says "another computer on this network has the same ip address". I tried one of the solutions on this site to resolve it. I used the command prompt to release and renew the ip address and seems to not have worked. How can i get a valid ip address? And how can i make my computer recognize the home wireless network?

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Update Disabled Http Email Accounts For Mail

Which update disabled http email accounts for windows mail? Windows vista home prem. 32-bit sp2†amd athlon x2 2. 3ghz; 2gb ram;†internet speed: 2mbps download, 1mbps upload.

I want to set up windows mail with my hotmail account. When i try to do this, it tells me that windows mail no longer supports http servers(picture: http://cid-07a140e036627ead. Public/new%20bitmap%20image. Bmp), and tries to make me get windows live mail. However, windows live mail slows my computer down so†dramatically that i can't use it†and so†i want windows mail.

Is there an update or something†i can uninstall to make windows mail work?

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One Pc With Multiple Users

I have one pc with multiple users (with text-based passwords) oneguest account turned on (with a blank-password).

I want to share some files, some folders, and some libraries between different users but exclude guest users. I have not been able to do it with any of the share schemes that seem to always address computers on a network and not multiple users on a single pc.

What tools do i as the administrator use to share selected files, or selected folders, or selected libraries between selected user accounts on the same pc? Everything i tried in the "share" tools seem to fail for some reason that i cannot fathom. The entire set of files was copied over from a failed xp pc to a new windows 7 pc with specific files copied to non-public folders for specific users.

I know how to use the public libraries that all users can see, to include guest.

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Multiple Bsod

So as of today i have been getting multiple bsods i have no clue why, it happens when i am doing basic every day things such as browsing the internet, i have not gone anywhere suspicious of malware or anything like that so i do not think that is the case but it may be. Any suggestions? Log below. Additionally the bsod does not look how it should, it has solid black on the sides, i am assuming that is just a change of resolution because the bsod wont go as big as my screen but i could be wrong. If you need any more information please ask.

Problem signature:
Problem event name: bluescreen
Os version: 6. 1. 7600. 2. 0. 0. 768. 3
Locale id: 1033

Additional information about the problem:
Bccode: 7f
Bcp1: 0000000000000008
Bcp2: 0000000080050033
Bcp3: 00000000000006f8
Bcp4: fffff80002a98798
Os version: 6_1_7600
Service pack: 0_0
Product: 768_1

Files that help describe the problem:

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Multiple Taskbars

This isn't a question, but rather a suggestion for a possible improvement in one of the upcoming sps. It would be fantastic if windows 7 had multiple task bars. I, and many others, use multiple displays. It would be nice to be able to minimize and restore windows in the display they're currently resting in. Not to mention, the window shake thing is nice, but it would also be nice to just clear off the desktop of the active display instead of all the displays.

You know what i mean, windows team?† Make the displays more modular. I'm not complaining, just requesting a minor (to the end user) enhancement to the way the desktop(s) work.

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