Network Error Codes 0x80070035 And 0x80004005

Error codes 0x80070035 and 0x80004005 when trying to connect to other computers and devices on the same network - cannot connect to shared devices. I have a network made up of windows 7 laptops, an xp laptop and a linksys (cisco) wrt610 n+n wireless router with storage attached to it via its usb port. From windows 7 pc a i can see and access all other pcs and storage devices. From windows 7 pc b i cannot connect (via the the file manager) to pc a or the network attached storage. I get error codes such as 0x80070035 and 0x80004005 when attempting to connect either via the ip address on the name of the device. When i ping the devices from pc b i have no trouble reaching them.

I disabled all firewalls, added entries to the lmhost file and a host of other tests and can still not connect to other devices from pc b. I can surf the net fine and do everything else - just not connect to other devices even though those other devices can connect to me. I have been in it for 22 years and worked as a network engineer on large networks and this one stumps me - anyone got any ideas. I have checked all the basics such as netbios, file sharing etc etc.

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Error - 0x80070035 - Network Path Not Found

Can't map a network drive on windows 7 (it used to work) error: 0x80070035 "network path not found" i used to be able to map my network drive and could do it once on windows 7. Now it won't let me and keeps giving me the error above. Any suggestions?

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Error 0x80004005

I'm trying to install plugin suite 5. 0 from onone software. I've installed it successfully on my desktop but i get the above error when trying to install it on my laptop which is a dell d830 running the same 7 professional 64 bit (not an upgrade, the real thing) w/4gb ram & 2. 0 ghz processor. Each time i try to install the software, i get the following message: 
"An unexpected error is keeping you from copying the file. If you continue to receive this error, you can use the error code to search for help with this problem. Error 0x80004005: unspecified error
Data2 , type cabinet file size3 638mb. I can't find anything about this error on onone's site or microsoft's website that pertains to this exact problem.

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Error Code 0x80004005

I recently replaced my laptop and the new one runs windows 7 pro. I have installed a program that ran on my old laptop using windows xp home. When i try to run the program i get this message, "error occurred: type mismatch, error no. : 13, routine: loadaddrebate - modsarstax2000".

I have checked the system32 files and note that there is a file "utilactivex.dll" which is dated 26/02/2008 which is the date of the program.

I have tried to run "regsvr32 utilactivex.dll" but get this error message, "the module "utilactivex.dll" was loaded but the call to dllregisterserver failed with error 0x80004005.

Not sure what to do now.

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Error Code - 0x80004005 - Movie Maker Live Not Working

Windows live programs uninstall and reinstall procedure "movie maker live" not working error 0x80004005. I have installed windows 7. Windows live programs have always been a problem with my vista home premium, and hoped windows 7 would resolve my issues. Sadly it did not.

Windows live movie maker will not start or restart and the error code is 0x80004005. Have looked for how to uninstall and reinstall, no success and windows installer says i still have all windows live programs on my system when i have removed them. I have a dell inspiron 530 with quad processor just over a year old and c drive of 500g, no space problems, can anyone advise me what i may do?

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Net Framework 3.5 - Error Codes 1 And 34

I need to be able to download and update to framework 3. 5. Every time i try to download it i get an error stating i can not proceed and get the following error.

[11/20/09, 19:04:42] microsoft .net framework 2. 0sp1 (cbs): [2] error: installation failed for component microsoft .net framework 2. 0sp1 (cbs). Msi returned error code 34.

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Error Codes - 80070570 And 80200053

Error codes 80070570 and 80200053 when trying to install updates, file is corrupt when trying to install any other download such as flash player, avg, or superantispyware. This issue seems to have started after verizon fios ran a thumb drive with their setup information. I have since attempted a windows 7 upgrade and the issue has not corrected itself.

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Error Codes & Corrupt Files

I am having problems with installing updates and software onto my laptop: -

Windows update, i get error code 80200053, microsoft security essentials updates, i get error code 0x80240022 (this is a new install but haven't been able to run as unable to update with any definitions) windows live messenger and mail installation, i get error code hr:0x8007000d

I restored my laptop to factory default but the problem hasn't been fixed. I am still having the same problems but also, i am unable to download programs like java or avg (before i tried mse), i get messages either relating to corrupt files or unknown publishers/certificates. I have been having these problems for over a week now, in fact both my laptop and my partners desktop are having the same problems.

Having spent hours searching these forums, i found another user who appears to be having the same problems as me and followed the solution provided i.e. Disk cleanup; sfc.exe and then checkdisk but the problems haven't been resolved. The log file from the sfc.exe suggested that some corrupted files couldn't be repaired and i have looked at the results but to be honest i haven't got a clue what to do about this. The checkdisk result came back clean though.

We have managed to obtain a copy of avg from a cd and run a full scan on both the laptop and desktop and no virus' were detected. The only items listed were tracking cookies which have been deleted or repaired and 2 items on my laptop advising broken digital certificates.

Can you please help me with this, i don't know what else to do to fix this problem?

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Error Codes 646 / Dt000 Cannot Install Updates

I encountered 3 failed updates specifying problems error code 646, windows update_dt000, kb980366, kb2202131, kb979440. Can you help me fix the problems?

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Two Activation Codes

I have installed an upgrade windows 7 professional on a windows vista home premium computer. I am having problems with a d:/recovery file and want to reinstall windows 7 to see if i can rectify the problem of low disk space on the d;/drive. When i try to reinstall windows 7 i get an invalid key message. The system file shows windows 7 but has the activation key for the vista. Each time i enter in the correct activation key for windows 7, it accepts the key, but the new number does not change in the system file.

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Using Different Product Key Codes

I recently installed trial version of windows 7 from internet and want to convert. I also purchased a three (3) licenses office home and student 2007 for my kids a couple of months ago. I have one license available and tried using the product key code to initiate my upgrade and received the following message: "the product key code is incorrect. Verify that you have the correct key, and then retype it. " Do i have to install the version from the disc that i payed for? If so, will it over ride the trial version that i installed earlier?

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Error - Specified Network Password Is Not Correct

Cannot access the win 2000 drives from my win 7 machine - i get the error message "specified network password is not correct" - even though i haven't changed the password on either computer. _ i have 2 computers on a home network, 1 is running win 2000 sp4 and the other was running vista home premium. While it was a vista machine i mapped the drives from my win 2000 machine onto the vista machine.

I have subsequently updated to win 7 home premium and now when i go to access the win 2000 drives from my win 7 machine i get the error message "specified network password is not correct" - even though i haven't changed the password on either computer. How do i get to my win 2000 drives from my win 7 machine?

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Error - Printer Cannot Be Contacted Over The Network

I have recently upgraded my laptop to windows 7, while the rest of my office still uses windows xp. I was able for a month or so to print to all printers, since upgrading. However, now it will allow me to print to all printers on the network except for one. The other people in the office are still able to print to that printer. What can i do?

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Error - 0x00000866 - Cannot Use Network Printer

An hp printer in our home is connected to a w95 laptop and shared to the homegroup. Other laptops, mostly xp, use this printer by wireless network. A new windows 7 laptop can not "persistently" use this printer. (Error 0x00000866) adding it as a local printer, selecting the correctly listed network location (serverprinter_name) as a port, allows printing until the computer is rebooted. After the reboot the print jobs just go onto the printer queue because the printer is described as "offline". There seems to be no way to put the printer "online". Is there any way to add the printer so that it can be used after rebooting? 

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Network Communication Error, Printer

I'm running win7 rc and am trying to get my hp c6380 wireless printer to work. Originally, i added the printer via the "devices and printers" window, and the correct driver was automatically downloaded and installed; however, every time i sent a print job, it cleared the computer and then seemingly disappeared. Test pages from the printer properties window also disappeared. Software that on vista recognized the scanning function do not even recognize the printer in win7. I've isolated the problem as being with wireless communication because when the printer is connected via usb everything is fine.

After i got to this point, i downloaded the driver and software suite from hp's website, deleted the printer (both the wireless and usb connection) from the devices window, and worked on manually installing the driver/software. Once i got the point where the software installer attempts to send and confirm a test page to the printer, i got a message that perhaps the firewall is blocking a port or two. I fiddled with the advanced firewall settings (which is out of my depth), then just turned the firewall off. Still no go. The installer continued to tell me that it couldn't communicate with the printer. I skipped this and finished the installation of the software, but still no go on printing.

Now, i just turned off the printer to see if the computer changed it's status (which happens in vista), and it didn't. To continue to prod, i tried to send a test page with the printer off. The test page went to the spool and sat there, never indicating that the printer was off, just waiting. When i turn the printer on, the test page job appears to finish and then never prints.

This is certainly not a do or die issue, but i'd like to make sure that my printer works (or that i can find a solution to this issue) with win7 so i feel confident in making the switch when it comes out. This is the the only essential thing that i can't get to work. Anyone got any advice or ideas?

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Network Error Shared Ip Address

I am getting the following error message occasionally:

"Another computer on this network has the same ip address as this your network administrator for help resolving this issue. More details are available in the windows system event log. "

I cannot find the windows system event log. I have another computer attached to the same router, but i have not created a home group or file sharing, and the other computer is not even turned on. How do i fix this? What are the implications?

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Network Adapters Error Code 10

I have continued to receive code 10 error messages (yellow triangle w/black exclamation mark) for the referenced adapters since upgrading the os to windows 7 ultimate (32-bit) from the original vista ultimate (32-bit) os. I initially disabled both, but finally uninstalled both in frustration. The os seems to be running fine without them. I have three questions: what purpose do these adapters servere they required? And if required, how does one go about reinstalling them? The equipment is a sony vaio, model vgn-fz485u (laptop), purchased new on may 24, 2008. I have ran sony's "vaiocare" which indicates that everything is normal(all green check marks). I hope that there is someone out there with the answers.

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Error - Printer Hp Laserjet Cannot Be Contacted Over Network

Error: "printer hp laserjet 4050 series pcl6 cannot be contacted over the network"i am running windows 7 64-bit. The printer worked fine on xp. I am getting an ip address for the printer, the drivers are loading through windows, but when i attempt to print a test page i get the above error. When i run the windows troubleshooter on the printer it tells me it can't help me.

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Error 211 - The Network Adapter Is Not Installed Properly

Error 211: the network adapter is not installed website says that this particular network adapter is compatible with windows 7 with no actions required. Quoted off of the website. Linksys technical support has no answer to fix the problem, no patches, updates, or drivers for windows 7. Also says that there are no compatible usb adapters for windows 7.

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Error 31 - Cannot Install Network Drivers - Installation Was Interrupted

Cannot install drivers for networking, error 31, goes 90% complete then "installation was interrupted". This morning i turned on my dell 1640xps laptop and got a screen resolution like 'safe mode' and a dialogue box showing progress of updating every driver i had. Had the machine 6 months and never seen this before. After the install my network drivers were reported as unsuccessful.

Used another machine to access internet and download new drivers but as the installation neared completion it reported an error 31, windows installer was interrupted, no driver installed. I've been working at this for 10 hours now and finally restored my machine to yesterday's config. What program did this? Something in windows update?

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Disconnected Network Drive Error Occurred While Reconnecting

"an error occurred while reconnecting x: to \companyserversharefolderusersjones microsoft windows network: the local device name is already in use. This connection has not been restored.

This is the exact error i get, on a windows 7 client workstation, operating in a domain environment with windows server 2003 domain controllers. Reconnection of assigned user drives is scripted, and is run on upon logging in. Windows xp client computers do not have this problem. Since the scripted-in-group-policy drives disconnect after a short while, i've created mapped drives to solved the problem. No good; they all still disconnect after a short while and the user gets a red x over the network drive.

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Stop Error 0x0000007f - Local Network Access

When trying to access a network share on a windows 7 home premium computer from a windows xp professional sp3 computer, the windows 7 computer crashes with a stop error 0x0000007f error. The windows 7 computer will restart and run normally if no attempt is made to access the network share by the other computer.

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Error No Disk When Downloading Audio Books From Library Network

Downloading audibooks from library network to ipod nano. Receive error message; windows - no disk; there is no disk in the drive. Please insert a disk into drive f: using a usb cable so unable to insert disk (if i had a disk) how can i correct?

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Error Code - 1606 - Could Not Access Network Location %appdata%

I am trying to install a program and i get the error code " 1606.could not access network location %appdata%. " I am trying to install a device recovery program for my sirius stiletto radio but i keep getting this error code" 1606.could not access network location %appdata%. " What is causing this issue, and how do i fix it ?

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Mapping Network Drives On A Home Network Issue

I have two pc on my home network, one is a desktop running window 2000, attached to this is an external hard drive. The second is a laptop running windows 7. Before i upgraded to windows 7 i was running window vista on the laptop. When i had window vista on my laptop i was able to map a network drive to both the desktop's hard-drive and also to the external hard drive attached to the desktop.

After upgrading to windows 7 when i try to access the desktop or map the external hard drive i'm asked for a domain password. When i enter the user id and password of the desktop i keep getting the request for my domain password. I don't remember setting up a domain password at the time of the windows 7 upgrade.

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Disable Network Adapter Then Re-enable It To Access Network

I have upgraded my system from vista ultimate to windows 7 ultimate, (language was and is dutch). Noe i encounter two problems.

1. The items in configuration panel are not accessible. When i click on one i get an error: windows explorer does not work anymore. When i make a shortcut of that item and enter it, i can access it.

2. Everytime i start windows i don't have access to my network . I have to disable the network adapter and re-enable it. After that it works. How can i solve the two problems.

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Network Computer Has Stopped Appearing Under Network

The network appears to be fully functional in all other respects, but it does not show up under "network" and i can only access the shared files on the other computer in the home network by clicking on one of the files listed in "recent selections. " Then, the other computer appears under the "network" heading. After navigate away from the shared file, the other computer disappears from under the "network" discovery is enabled.connection is via wireless router. Internet access and printer sharing are working fine also.

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Network Shares Error: "windows Explorer Has Stopped Working"

I have newly installed windows 7 ultimate on my laptop - clean, not upgrade. It is from maps and not a beta copy. When i try to connect to a network share, i get an error. "Windows explorer has stopped working". If i go to start > run and then type in \servernameusers, i am prompted for credentials. I enter domainnameadministrator and then the password, immediately i get an error message stating that "windows explorer has stopped working" then followed by "windows explorer is restarting. " And then the screen refreshes. If i open computer > network > servername, i am again prompted for the credentials, but get the same message. The username/password combo doesn't seem to make any difference.

One additional oddity, i went to control panel > "backup your computer", and when i was prompted for a network location to back up my system, i gave it the same network location and credential set and the system was successfully backed up to the network drive.

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Network Adapter Does Not Appear In Network Connections

I am able to connect to the internet and to other computers in the workgroup, but i am not able to see the lan connection for my network adapter. It is an nvidia nforce gigabit ethernet adapter.
I've tried reinstalling the chipset drivers but they cannot load and i have to restore the system to before the re-installation. Is there any way this can be fixed?

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Network Name

Running windows 7 home prem 32bit i just replaced my wireless router. I have 4 pc's connected in my network; 2 ethernet; 2 wireless. Prior to this change out when i placed my mouse pointer over the network strength meter in the taskbar of all pc's. All showed "banker".

When i started up the new router. The select a location window appeared on all pc's. I selected "home network". I had to do this on all pc's. All my connections are fine to all pc's. However, now when i place my mouse pointer over the network strength meter in the taskbars. I see on 1 pc. "Network 4", another pc shows "home 2". None of the pc's show the same.

I opened network and sharing center on one of my pc's; selected change adapter settings. I see the network . Its displayed as "local area connection" next line it displays network 4. And the next line my network card model is shown. If i right click, select rename. What is showing that can be renamed is local area connection. I want to change "network 4" to banker (which is was prior to changing my router). How do i do this?  

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