Xp Mode Too Slow

Recently i bought a new hp computer with dualcore processor and 5 gb of ram, 64 bit system, which came with windows 7 home edition, and i intend of using it with my mastercam x3 64-bit. My software is not compatible to windows 7, so i bought the upgrade to windows 7 pro to be able to use the virtual xp mode. The installation went smooth, but in virtual xp mode the mastercam runs unacceptable slow. I dedicated 3gb ram to the virtual xp with no success.

Mastercam dealer told me that is the computer not running fast enough because the program run much faster on a old regular xp machine. In fact the task manager in xp mode, shows me only one core processor (although the computer has dual core, which is visible in w7 task manager) which is used 100% anytime i do any small task in mastercam.

Has the virtual xp mode just an emergency use under w7 and is it known to be slower? Will i get better result from xp if i downgrade from windows 7 to xp pro?

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Slow System Performance After Resuming From Sleep Mode

I am getting a slow system performance after resuming the computer from sleep mode. Using windows 7 professional steps tried already: 1. Updated the nvidia display card drivers. 2. Disabled the third party services and startup items. 3. Put the computer in the complete hardware clean boot, all hardware devices disabled through the device manager including the lan card, sound card, ports etc. 4. Put the power plans to balanced. 5. Now trying to use the process monitor to check the processes which are running and not working fine when resuming from the sleep mode. Any other help would be appreciated.

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Windows 7 Freeze In Normal Mode, Safe Mode Works Fine

I am out of ideas. Three days ago my computer started freezing within a few minutes after startup. Freezes with no mouse movement and no keyboard. Must shutdown using the power button. Happens every time i start in normal mode. Safe mode works fine. I have done quite a bit of reading and tried a number of things, so far to no avail. Quite a few error codes present, here are some:

Winlog 6000
Service 7001
Distrib 10005
Service 7026
Event log 1101
Kernel 41
Browser 8032
Load perf 3011
Load perf 3012

I have tried restoring, turning off all non-microsoft services, disabling sound, updating video driver, memory test, adjusting bios per g skill tech forum. All hardware showing normal operation in device manager.

I can't find the minidump .dmp folder in c:/windows. The only location i find for .dmp files is in the watchdog folder, and there are quite a few in there. Let me know if i need to upload them.

My computer is a couple of months old and has been working flawlessly until this happened with one exception. (I have been getting occasional monitor blanking for a couple of seconds followed by a notification that the graphics driver has stopped responding and was successfully restored. )

Windows 7 home premium 64
Intel core i5-750 cpu
Gigabyte ga-p55-ud3r mb
G. Skill ripjaws f3-15000cl9d-4gbrh ddr3 (2 x 2gb) ram
Evga nvidea gts-250 video
Realtec alc888 sound
Asus vh226h hdmi monitor

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Slow Win 7

Well i have looked at the others having the same issue although none appear to be exactly like mine so here goes. I have a new machine and its runing slow. The specs are :

Asus rampage ii extreme mobo, intel i7 950, 6 gb 1500 ddr3 corsair ram, coolermaster v8, in a lain li x 1000 case, various hd and a ssd, saphire radeon 5870 ati graphics etc. This should kill windows 7 and there is no problem with over heating and i have the latest drivers and yes norton 2010 installed but everything was fine until last couple of weeks the only thing i can think of was installing windows live and skype around this time.

The issues are ie crashes for now reason sporadically at start up, programs take for ever to load and say they are 'not responding'. For some reason norton utilities always finds errors in registry which it 'fixes' this seems to make the machine at least work but not as fast as it should. I could try removing live or norton but i'm not convinced this is the issue. 'yet'. Any ideas?

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Slow Computer

So basically my computer is almost "dead". When i play games i play them with 8 fps and before i played them with the 60 limit. My computer is pretty good and i don't know what's going on. It has 4gb ram 1 gb video card nvidia intel quad core 3 ghz and 1 tb hard disk. I've tried almost everything and with the gadget from windows my processor gadget always shows on the smaller picture like 60%. I need some help!Please! Can some 1 just tell me what exactly to do so i can fix it?

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Pc Has Been Running Slow

"pc needs a fix!" Windows 7 home prem 32-bit for the past 3 weeks my pc is simply been running slow. I would compare the issue to what you would see if your hd was asleep and the delay was as a result of it waking up. However, that cannot be so because the delay continues even after the 1st action and surely the hd is not going back to sleep in under 1 second. I have run ccleaner. It shows no issues, both as to registry and cleaner (filestemp, etc).

My anti-virus program is current. I see many free offers to run a pc analysis but i am always very hesitate about running such programs. You never know the source and you never know what might be left behind. Suggestions? 

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Slow Installation

When installing win7 ultimate 64 bit to a new clean ssd i get to expanding windows files and the percentage meter goes up very slowly or hangs indefinitely. I sometimes get an error saying that it cannot read the media eg cd/dvd drive.

Things i have already tried to solve this:-

- Install 64 bit and 32 bit version.
- Download new 64 bit and burn slowly to disc.
- Check that all hardware is not faulty.
- Check that the hardware meets min requirements and is compatible with win 7.
- Remove all ram but one stick.
- Remove all unnecessary hardware.
- Enable/disable almost every setting in bios individually before install. This includes disabling floppy, usb etc.
- Installing win7 on a usb flash drive.
- Updated drivers, bios etc.
- Many other things i have forgotten by now that others have been successful with. I have run out of ideas.

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Typing Slow In Ie

I'm a windows 7 (64) home premium user running ie 8. I've begun experiencing slow keyboard input within ie browser windows. (Other browsers, such as opera, firefox, and chrome, work fine. Also, the problem is only within ie. Even when the problem is occurring, i have no issues typing in other programs). It seems to develop over the course of a session-within a few minutes, i have to slow my input speed or characters are dropped. In time, if i don't pause with each key, i can't get complete words out.

The issue seems to have crept up. It was not an issue two weeks ago.

This is a relatively clean overall setup-i installed windows 7 with complete partition deletions about a month ago, and have been highly discerning in installing new applications.

Naturally, i worry about malware, but i've been diligently scanning with multiple programs (malwarebytes, windows defender, avast), and have yet to turn anything up. To be frank, i'm this machine's only user, and it's used with caution. I'm not plumbing the depths of the internet or downloading bootleg albums. It's used for work.

Any ideas? I could just switch completely to firefox or chrome, but i'm trying to troubleshoot.

System: acer extensa 4420 / amd turion 64 x2 tl-60 / 4gb ddr2

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Backup Is Slow

I have been backing up my files for almost 5 hours now! It's on its second dvd now and is at 61%. The percentage does move but very slowly! Why is it taking so long? Is there a problem or something, and if there is how do i fix it? Thanks everyone!Edit: i just got the following message when it was 63% complete: "windows backup found errors on the media while saving a backup on it and cannot use it for additional backups" then it asked me to put in another dvd, which i did.

Now it has continued backing up and is at 63% still. Ok, so how did it find errors on the dvd, when it was a brand new dvd? So should i still keep that dvd? I have been having issues with windows backup for the past 2-3 months and its really annoying!

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Explorer Is Very Slow

One one of my machines windows explorer is very slow. Additionally the standard file open/save boxes in applications are very slow. I installed a windows explorer replacement and it is very fast. I can live with the replacement (in fact i kind of like it), but the open/save boxes are still slow. And no, there is no malware on machine. The drives are not full, and any way it appears to unrelated to how much free space there is on the drive.

Just so there is no confusion, this is not internet explorer, but windows explorer (most people access it by clicking on "my computer" on the desktop. I say this because have searched around there seems to be confusion about which one is asked about. I have tried the suggestion about thumbnails and indexing. It has not helped.

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Very Slow Internet

Ever since i installed windows 7 pro x64 my internet has been acting weird. There are 3 other computers on the network running windows xp pro 32-bit and one running vista home premium 32bit. When ever someone else is downloading something or watching a movie online my internet slows down to sub dial up speeds from it's normal 3mbit speed. It only does it on this computer, when i am downloading something none of the others slow down at all.

It only does this with 7 also, it doesn't do this with xp or vista. I have searched all over the internet and have found nothing helpful. Everything i have come across hasn't worked a bit. I have reinstalled 7 a few times and even tried all the different versions of the ethernet card driver i could find and nothing helps.

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Backup So Slow

I have a brand new dell pc (intel i7 processor) running windows 7 home premium 64-bit. (Oem)
I have about 350gb of data that i have transfered onto the new pc. I have tried running windows 7 backup to two different external drives. It seems to take 24 or more hours to run a backup with windows 7.

On my old pc with vista it took 3-4 hours to backup the same data to the same drives
I can drag and copy files to a portable drive in about 3 hours

Here is what i did:
External drive shows 99% free space.
Ran error check on both pc and external drive.
Used settings for automatic fix file system error as well as attempt recover of bad sector.

Pc is running normally.
Power state is normal.
No other programs running.
Logged in as administrator  (i have no other uses. Just me as administrator)
Opened windows 7 backup.
Select "let me choose" what to back up.
Chose local disk "c" and "include a system image" box
Executed backup

This process should take a few hours, not a day.

What else can i try to speed up the windows 7 backup process?

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Slow Down / Freeze

I am running windows 7 ultimate 32-bit and have been running it for about 4-5 months and have never experienced this problem before. What happens is that after an hour or two windows slows down almost to the point of freezing. It takes a long while to respond to anything i do. Even opening the start menu can almost take up to a minute. I have almost no other applications installed as i have removed everything. I am just running kaspersky 2010 and an anti-freeze app that opens something similar to task-manager. This app runs fine once it has opened but takes a while to open as well.

It allows me to stop processes that take up too many resources but the problem is that none of my applications use an excessive amount of resources and stopping them doesn't work either. I have run hardware test and my ram and hd are fine. Have also tested my sleep, hibernate and power settings to the point of exhaustion but nothing seems to work. I do not know if this is a hardware error or a software problem as i am relatively unfamiliar with the more technical side of things.

Sometimes even my start-menu opens fine but windows explorer starts the slow-down. Does anyone please have any idea what might be causing this?I have 2gb ddr2 800 mhz ram and 3ghz core 2 duo processor. Any assistance will be greatly appreciated as i am running out of ideas. Please also let me know if you require more information.

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Dvd Drive Is Very Slow

I encountered another problem with my dvd drive " it does not work properly, as i can see root folder of dvd disk, but if i try to open any sub-folder or copy any file from root folder it freezes. For instance, i tried to start ms office 2007 installation from dvd but can't even execute setup.exe from root folder (was patiently waiting for 1+ hour).

After some research on the internet, i removed upper filter settings from windows registry (there is no lower filter). It helped a little bit, so i can see content of sub-folders (after 5-10 mins of waiting) but, still can't execute anything. Appreciate your help to fix it.

Computer details:

Msi p35 platinum, q6600, 4 gb ram, samsung sh222a, few sata hdds, nvidia geforce 9800 gtx
Windows 7 ultimate x64 (clean install from retail box)

Peripherals setup

Master: internal dvd-rw, samsung sh222a
Slave: none
Sata 3-7 various hdds (all seagate of various capacity from 750 gb to 1. 5 tb)
Raid: ide
P. S. The same setup works fine with windows xp

Ps. There are few files in sub-folders (winxp opens them in milliseconds). Also, i checked ide controllers, dma is enabeled for all drivers. Even log on win7 indicates tons of "error on cd drive during paging operation" events (no errors on winxp).

P. S. Cd cable is standard 40 pin, labeled as "ide cd cable" by manufacturer (asus). I've tried dvd in slave and cable select mode.

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Win 7 Slow Boot

Recently windows 7 has been slow to boot for me. This actually starts after the welcome screen, not during the windows logo part. It used to be that the welcome screen would pop up for only a few seconds and then the desktop would appear. Now it stays on the welcome screen a good 20-30 seconds, the screen goes black for another 30-40 seconds and then the desktop appears.

I've searched online and a lot of people say it's a faulty driver, however i have not installed any drivers recently. I've run a chkdsk and defragged my system with perfectdisk 11. Neither helps.
My systems configuration is a core i7 2. 66 ghz, 6gb ram, 1tb hdd and an nvidia gtx 260. I have windows 7 premium 64-bit. Any suggestions on how i can get my system booting like it used to without re-installing windows?

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Win 7 Slow Logon

I loaded windows 7 64-bit onto my ssd hard drive (intel x-25m) when i had an amd 4000+ processor and asus m32n motherboard. Recently i changed my motherboard and processor to an intel core i7 processor and gigabyte ga-x58a-ud3r motherboard. I also installed a edimax wireless n pci wifi adapter.

Windows 7 starts up fine up until i get to the login screen. When i click to login it takes around 40s to load the windows screen whereas before it would take about a second.

Should i reinstall windows 7 to fix this problem? I had to re verify the copy of windows because i changed the motherboard and processor will i be able to reinstall windows 7 again without having any problems verifying the copy? (Its the retail version of win 7 64bit).

Just a note i have a picture as a background for my windows 7 desktop so the solid color background thing doesn't seem to be the problem.

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Sudden Slow Reboot

I have been 'optimizing' windows 7 (using msconfig, stopping non microsoft services, uninstalling 'bloatwear' etc). The laptop rebooted consistently within 55 seconds. Then all of a sudden it's over 2 minutes. Thinking i had broken something by constant tweaking i eventually did a complete reinstall booting from the installation cd, reinstalled all the programs i wanted (firefox, ccleaner, avg, eve and a couple of adobe products). All was fine - really fast reboot until windows finds the time to install all the updates (22 of them) released since my windows installation dvd was produced. It seems to be this update that suddenly more than doubles the reboot time. Any suggestions? I can list the updates if necessary.

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Slow To Remove Devices

I couldn't find a general windows 7 group, so i'm hoping someone here can help. I'm using windows 7 home premium on a laptop, and frequently use a usb memory stick. The issue i'm having is that the application to stop the memory stick so that i can remove it is very slow compared to previous
Versions of windows.

In the past, all i had to do was single click the "remove hardware" app, and within a few seconds, the list of devices would popup. Now when i click the app, it takes easily 15-20 seconds before the list pops up.

If i go to my computer, i can right-click the device and click eject, and the process is much faster, but it's extra mouse-clicks i'd like to avoid. Am i doing something wrong here? Why isn't the remove hardware app faster?

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Xp To Win7 Upgrade Very Slow

I have the upgrade disks from xp to windows 7. I've backed up my files. I ran the upload advisor which states i need to run the 32 bit disk. I'm running it now with custom (advanced) option as recommended by notes in the box (and ms windows 7 site). However, the installation is hanging. 'copying windows files' is done but 'expanding windows files' has been at 27% for awhile. Anybody else had this problem? What can i do to fix it?

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Ie8 Slow To Close

I run vista home premium (32) on an hp pavillion dv6809wm laptop, 3 gig ram. I use ms internet explorer 8 and it runs as well for me as for anyone, most of the time- speed ok, page load ok- not too many issues. But it routinely does something that drives me fugbuck. When i go to close it, it disappears from the screen and from the taskbar, but the shortcut on my dt stays highlighted for anywhere from 30 seconds to >2 minutes, during which time i cannot do anything else.

I can't even open task manager to see if something is eating resources. I regularly clean out temp files and other garbage; i am savvy enough to do all the basic things that are usually suggested first. I also do not enable any add-ons except adobe pdf, do not use yahell toolbar or any other tool bars. Doesn't do it all the time, but at least one time in three. Anyone heard of this one?

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Slow Boot With Raid 0

I'm seeing a problem during boot-up on my sony z which has 4 x 128gb ssd drives in raid 0 via the intel option rom. The machine appears to take longer to complete the post process than it should. In the following video, you can see that after the intel option rom display, there is an extended time where the cursor blinks. While this happens, the hdd indicator light stays lit. Youtube - sony z vpcz11fhx/xq - slow post unfortunately, i didn't shoot any video of this specific machine before this issue began but i did shoot one on an "eval" vpcz112gx/s i had previously.

Youtube - sony z post time with raid shown and hidden. This behavior started after i recreated the raid volume. It only occurs when i configure the drives in raid 0. When i configure them as non-raid disks, but still use the raid driver, the boot times are normal. Also, ubuntu doesn't have this problem. Here is what i've done:booted from safe mode deleted and recreated the raid volume used the most up to date drivers, applied all updates does anybody have and idea why this is happening?  

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Print Slow To Start

Anybody else get this problem, any solutions out there? Everytime i print it to our network printer or to a local, the print takes ages to start even for single pages of text. It spools ok but when it switches to printing it just refuses to clear out and send to print. It just keeps hanging there. Eventually like 1 to 2 mins later it finally goes over. I am running win 7 pro 64-bit. I have tried disabling the isolated print spooler as recommended but it's still the same.

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Extremely Slow Download

I have been trying to download and install the windows 7 upgrade since dec. 30 afternoon. It is installing at speed of only 1. 1k/sec  this is not normal for me. I think over the weekend something corrupted some of my programs, i had to re-install some of them.could whatever it was cause the download speed to do this?  Should i wait for the dvd to arrive which i ordered along with the upgrade to arrive and then just install from it?  And should i do a clean install to find and correct this corruption? I scanned, cleaned, error-checked, etc. And nothing shows up. I have hughesnet satellite connection of 100 mbps. Any and all advice much appreciated!

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Slow Internet Performance

I've just received a new computer with windows 7 installed. It's running a d-link dwa 510 wireless network adapter to connect to a netgear modem/router. I have xp installed on my laptop connecting to the same modem/router and have no performance issues.

However, on my windows 7 pc the internet is running dreadfully slow. For example it took 15 minutes to load the home page. I would really appreciate some advice on what could be wrong with either internet explorer 8 or with my network connection.

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Slow Internet Connection

Have at&t service. Wireless service via 5530 hspa mini card modem (installed at factory dell) computer originally have vista ultimate installed with windows 7 upgrade. After i up graded to 7 internet connection is via internet explorer 8.connection via? Ipv4 nothing on ipv6. Is there something about this connection that slows down speed? Wifi connection has not worked (link 5300 agn modem) both have excellent signal is running mcafee security and is used at home.

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Slow Downloads Torrents

So i recently upgraded to a 5. 2 mb connection and my downloads are actually slower than when i had my old computer with the 1. 2 mb connection. I can hardly get torrents to download at all and they won't keep their speed at any consistent rate.

(Edit) i have looked at the help in the torrent program faq and done everything it said as well, the dl speed is also affecting not only the torrents but downloading off of regular other sites for drivers, wow add ons, etc)

The computer(desktop) is two weeks old, the router is brand new and win7 friendly. I've speed tested and can consistently get 5. 1 dl speeds on the site i go to and have tried several with similar results.

I've done the following already. Gotten rid of teredo, disabled ipv6, rolled back and downloaded newest drivers for all equipment involved, turned off firewalls, turned off and many other things i've seen in all the forums and help faqs i've looked for.

My internet browsing and video streaming are fine and my downloads no longer kill my internet surfing but this is rather frustrating with all the other issues i've had to go through.

Emachines et1331g-05w desktop pc with amd athlon ii x2 dual-core processor 250u & windows 7 home premium

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Slow Internet Browsing

My problem is when i browsing the internet whit my browsers (ie8, and firefox 3. 6) i experience very slow loading time in web pages in since few days. My download, and upload is not changed, i connect the pppoe modem(d-link) via router(tplink). The problem does not exist in few days ago. Its appear then when i install the security essential antivirus on my computer. Have somebody any idea to what to do?

I have the following system

Asus a8n sli deluxe motherboard
Amd s939 4200+ x2 processor
Gigabyte 9600gt
Samsung 320gb sata winchester
4 gb kingmax ddr400mhz
Windows 7 ultimate 64bit

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Pc Is Very Slow Browsing Internet

I have 3 devices on my network at home, all are new since christmas. All came with windows 7 loaded. My pc is very slow browsing the internet. The other 2 are laptops and browse the internet fine. We all share the same internet connection so the problem is not the internet connection. The laptops use a wireless connection, my pc using a direct ethernet connection to the router.

I have tried drivers, i tried updating the router. I searched the web and tried numerous suggestions with no luck in getting the pc to browse the internet at a respectful speed. Tests show my laptops to get 1. 3mbs on my 1. 5mbs dsl, the pc gets . 5mbs or slower. I thought it was the nic drivers but i tried 3 different versions and no luck.

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Slow Download Speed

I am experiencing terribly slow (20kb/s) download speeds yet 1mb/s uploads ( on my hp hdx series laptop. I have tried both wireless and wired connections directly to the modem and both are the same speed. I have updated all my laptop's drivers and the firmware of my wireless router (netgear wnr3500).

This laptop sold with vista where download speeds are fine but was eligible for the free windows 7 upgrade which i installed. The desktop running vista that is wired to the router has 8mb/s download speeds which is perfect. Please microsoft stop denying this problem isn't with windows 7 because it it, an also the countless others with the same problem would appreciate this being fixed right now.

List of things i have tried: changing power settings, disabling teredo tunneling adapter, disabling windows update, disabling ipv6, editing the registry, cleaning the registry

A screenshot of my ipconfig if it is helpful:

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Very Slow Download Speed

I bought a new top-of-the line hp pavilion when win 7 came out - fastest proc they offer, 12gb ram, win 7 64bit preloaded. I've had it about 2 months. The machine itself is lightning fast - but the internet download speed is slow. Would be faster to chisel in stone.

My home lan has the win7 box, my old hp running vista (4gb ram, about 3 years old) and an imac (4 gb ram, about a year old). All 3 machines are connected physically to the router (no wireless connections). It's a basic and no-frills network - i don't have a web-server, torrents, file-sharing or anything like that. Basic connectivity between machines, and internet access. That's it.

My isp is comcast.

Here are my ul/dl speeds:

     Upload    download   ping
Win 7   ~3 mb/s    1 mb/s    88ms
Vista   ~3 mb/s    20 mb/s   89ms
Imac    ~3 mb/s    20 mb/s   88ms

(This according to

The upload and download speeds on the old clunker vista machine and on the imac are as expected. The win 7 box upload is the same as the other machines - the download speed is slow. Less than 1/20th of the vista box or the imac.

I also bought a new linksys wrt210n gigabit router. Updated the firmware last night. Updated the drivers for the intel nic in the win 7 box. Problem persists.

Rebooted the router & cable model (and the win 7 box). Problem persists.

Disabled ipv6, discovery mapper - basically everything except ipv4, qos packet scheduler & file and print sharing. Problem persists.

Booted into safe mode. Problem persists.

Tried firefox, safari, chrome & ie8 - no noticeable differences.

Disabled norton a/v, firewall, win defender. No change.

Swapped the ethernet cable. No change.

There is only one net device in device manager - the intel 82567v-2  gigabit nic. No conflicts of any sort that i can see.

Ran windows update to get the latest stuff - then disabled it. No change.

Checked all the logs, ran diagnostics, and tried all the "netsh" tweaks i read about. No change.

So, ultimately, this machine i sunk about $3k into is performing (online) like a snail. It's almost unusable, especially since 90% of my job involves online stuff.

I've read dozens - no, hundreds - of similar threads all over the internet, with people reporting the exact same conditions - expected upload speed, awful download speed. So, this is obviously not an isolated problem, and it's not a problem with my isp, router, modem, nic, drivers, firewall, a/v or anything else. It looks like a win 7 problem - my question is, what is the solution?

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