Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 Compatibility

I installed ms flight simulator in windows 7. The installation went smoothly. And i could start ms flight simulator up till the homepage appeared. But: when opening "videoparts" (i.e. The instruction at the start, parts of ms fs with moving pictures) the programme closed and a message said: "a problem has occurred. The programme doesn't work well anymore. The programme will be closed. "
I tried to find if anything was wrong with the compatibility. But everything seems fine. I hope someone can help me with my favorite game-programme.

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Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 Disk Enquiry

I bought fs 2004 a few years ago and installed it on my previous computer and really enjoyed playing it. Recently i bought a new computer running windows vista basic as my old desktop was getting quite old and alot of problems were developing.consequently i uninstalled all the software off the old computer so i could reinstall some of it on the new computer. I managed to uninstall ms 2004 and had all the disks and information needed for the install on the new computer, however i was distracted during the installation and was busy making dinner in the kitchen.

During this period of time my three year old son thought it would be interesting to test the durability of cd-dvds by chewing and damaging my disk 4 of fs 2004, and therefore i could not complete the installation. I was wondering if there was any way that i could acquire a new disk 4 instead of having to pay to buy a full new version of fs 2004. I am a great fan of flight simulator and got a lot of use out of it, i would be truly appreciative of any help that anyone could offer.

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Microsoft Flight Simulator X Won't Run

Basically, i bought the game today and installed it on my laptop. The installation process was perfect, i registered the product and after the installation, the game worked. I played the game for a while before having to exit for a short amount of time. When i went to go back on the game, i inserted disc 2 (the disc it played on after installation) and it reads the disc but won't do anything. Everytime i click on the disc in 'computer' it just does nothing. Anyone got any ideas?

Oh and the specs of my laptop are as follows:-

-Acer aspire 5920
-Windows vista home premium
-4gb ram
-Ati radeon hd 3470 (256mb)
-Blu-ray drive

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Combat Flight Simulator 1 Does Not See Joystick

Please help! I bought a new computer a week ago running on windows 7.combat flight simulator 1 does not see the joystick at all.combat flight simulator 2 and other flight simulators i have sees the joystick perfectly. What can i do?

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Flight Simulator X Program Issue

I have installed windows 7 on my computer and have now installed flight simulator x and i am not able to register my product key. How do i register my product to be able to run my program.

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Driver Crashes Flight Simulator X

Vista driver "uiautomationcore.dll" crashes flight simulator x. I get this problem whenever i run fsx, if, i am in a second or third flight, and if i use the mouse to right-click a menu around 18 times. I've tried replacing the dll with the windows 7 version and done tons of other things mentioned on avsim, but i can't get it to stop crashing. Vista's report-problem solution only tells me that i need to run windows update, since it's a system driver, but there's obviously nothing to update.

I'm running fsx sp2 (crashed with sp1 and stock also) and vista sp1. I am at a loss as to why this is happening to me since all the other people. I've found that have had this problem have had it only because they were running the beta of windows 7, and were able to fix it by getting the dll from vista and putting into their windows 7 installation.

I am running windows vista, and as such i can't downgrade to windows vista. I did try upgrading to the windows 7 version of the file, and then it still didn't stop the crashes. One person did recommend downgrading to the 32-bit version of the file since fsx is a 32-bit program, but it didn't fix it.

On a side note, i'm really surprised it would happen to this game since it was made by the same company that made my whole operating system. This does not happen in any other games, and they're 32-bit also.

Microsoft® flight simulator x

Stopped working

2/27/2010 10:16 pm

Not reported

Problem signature:-
Problem event name:    appcrash
Application name:    fsx.exe
Application version:    10. 0. 61472. 0
Application timestamp:  475e17d3
Fault module name:    uiautomationcore.dll
Fault module version:   6. 0. 6001. 18000
Fault module timestamp: 4791a76f
Exception code:    c0000005
Exception offset:    0001dd8f
Os version:    6. 0. 6001. 2. 1. 0. 768. 3
Locale id:    1033

Extra information about the problem
Lcid:    1033

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Flight Simulator Is Not Working With Your Video Card

A window says "flight simulator is not working with your video card. Verify that you have the latest drivers installed for your video card". The flight simulator x would not allow me to get in because it says that i need to update the video card. I think the problem was that i ended up erasing the whole memory of the computer using a special cd, because once i did that and downloaded the software again, it stop working.

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Flight Simulator Fms Program Wont Run Because It Can't Find D3drm.dll

I am trying to download a flight simulator fms (via installation disc). The program won't run because it can't find d3drm.dll can anyone give me instruction on how to install this file.

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Microsoft Office Xp 2002 Compatibility

I am having problems using my old office xp standard 2002 disc from my old xp computer with my new windows 7 computer. Excel is missing some functions like the summation symbol on the toolbar which allows me to add numbers quickly. In fact, when i try to reload this office xp disc, microsoft says the product key i entered does not exist.

Best buy (where i purchased the computer in january 2010) tells me i need to buy a later microsoft office disc specifically for windows 7 for about $150 otherwise some things will probably never work correctly and i might even mess up the operating system. But some internet forums say just upgrade to office 2003 and all will be fine, except maybe outlook which i never use.

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Compatibility With Microsoft Office Xp Professional

I have a notebook (hp) with  vista home premium 64-bit os installed. It has an upgrade for win7 available free under an hp/microsoft upgrade plan. I have a microsoft office xp professional; vs. 2002 program that i want to use. Is the office suite compatible with any of the levels of windows7 upgrades? Hp's free upgrade is only available on this computer for the win7 home premium version. I need to know which works, or doesn't. If it is more cost effective, i would upgrade my office suite.

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Microsoft Picture It Photo Program Compatibility

I would like to upgrade from windows xp professional to windows 7. However, i have an older windows picture it photo from 2001 (not 2002) that i do not want to lose. Will i be able to install this program with windows 7 as my operating system? I would like to be sure i can install my microsoft picture it photo program (1997-2001 copyright version) on a new computer running windows 7.

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Compatibility Check

Attempting to install windows 7 ultimate 64-bit version on sony vaio laptop computer currently running windows vista home premium 64-bit version using the upgade option. Ran the install and got a compatiblity message about adobe acrobat 7. 0 as follows:

"Upgrading windows will affect the following devices and/or programs: these programs might not work properly after the upgrade. We recommend uninstalling these programs before upgrading. Cancel the upgrade, open control panel, and search for "uninstall a program". (Note: programs marked as * can be safely reinstalled after the upgrade. )

Acrobat reader 7:- i uninstalled the software in the manner directed by the message (i.e. Opened control panel, clicked on uninstall programs, clicked on acrobat 7. 0 and clicked on uninstall. The process said "uninstall successful". I then rebooted the computer ran the windows 7 upgrade advisor and everything was "good to go". I tried to install windows 7 again running the compatibility check this time and got the same message (see above).

I went through a full c-drive search (including hidden files) and found all of the files the matched with the search criteria "acrobat*7*. *" Found some files and file folders this way some of which i could delete without a problem, some requried changing the file permission. Eventually i erased anything matching the search criteria.

Reboot, retry to install windows 7 - result: same compatibility message. Allowed the install to continue. Almost three hours later with most of the install complete, got a message "cannot install removing installation files and reloading original operating system" or something to that effect.

Had sony tech support actually on my computer through their internet access trying to fix the problem and they found and erased a few more acrobat files and tried to install windows 7 with similar results. When the install screen hit the same acrobat 7. 0 compatibility flag, the chat i was on with the technician suddenly went dead.

I don't particularly want to play the "just uninstall programs until you get it to go" approach, nor do i want to do a clean install with all the legacy settings and software that is currently installed so.

Has microsoft addressed this with an option to install over the incompatible software (that is not there anyway)? Or are we all stuck wandering in the dark with expensive versions of windows 7 that cannot be used and equally troublesome vista os software.

Anyone out there have any answers or advise?

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Iphone Compatibility

Not sure if this is the best spot for this but here goes. I recently installed win 7 ultimate on my machine. Intel p45 mobo, core 2 quad processor, previously ran win xp. I plug in my iphone 3gs and nothing. At all. I am pretty sure it isn't a usb problem since all but one usb peripheral is found. (An external hard drive)  so i start to scour the net because i know surely there has to be a fix. All i find are posts about having a p55 mobo and itunes not syncing.

I have found nothing that is my problem specifically. The more i search the more i am starting to think that neither microsoft or apple are acknowledging/fixing the issue. Someone please tell me i am wrong and just haven't come across the right fix. I can always go back to xp but i would rather not. I have updated to the latest chipset, the latest bios, the latest usb drivers.

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Softphones Compatibility

One of my computers is running windows 7. I recently installed a softphone on it and for some reason it times out around 25sec. I had a tech from the softphone provider and he says its an issue with windows 7. Is there any truth to this and is there a patch to help solve this problem.

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Panasonic Pv-gs9 Compatibility

Is windows 7 compatible with firewire & driver downloads from panasonic pv-gs9? Have windows vista home premium. Can i download dv studio 3. E -se

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Hp 2605dn Printer Compatibility

I am running windows 7 professional. I cannot get the software to run my hp color laserjet hp 2605dn printer. I have tried downloading the drivers recommended, but they don't work with windows 7. The printer worked fine with xp. I don't think the correct drivers are available and the universal one is definitely of no use.

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Java Compatibility With Ie8

Suddenly when i access a chat forum that i've been using for some time it tells me that it "requires a java compatible web browser to run" i am not aware that any settings have changed. On the tools/internet options/advanced tab the java (sun) box is ticked as before. The tools/internet options/ security is set to medium as before. I have checked that java is still installed on my pc, and when i tried to download it again it told me that it was already installed. Any thoughts as to what i can try next?

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Cannot Run Compatibility Report

Cannot run windows compatibility report. When attempt to open receive the following: "the following issues are preventing windows from upgrading. Cancel the upgrade, complete each task, and then restart the upgrade to continue". The task listed is "windows needs to be restarted so necessary changes to system files can be made before continuing". Fter restarting windows and attempt to open windows compatibility, etc. I get the same messages described above. Anyone have any help ideas?

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Will I Have Compatibility Issue With Mcafee?

We just purchased w7 hp upgrade software. I have a current mcafee protection/subscription. When i install will i have compatibility issues with the w/defender disabling my firewall and auto activating? If i do should i contact mcafee or ms for solutions? I've had these issues with ms "updates", they are a real pain in the neck to deal with. Of course mcafee, wisely, will not say anything negative. I'm looking forward to upgrading and wish to avoid any sidestepping with potential issues.

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Compatibility With Adobe Elements 7

I am considering upgrading from windows vista 64 bit to windows 7 64 bit (home version). I ran the compatibility check with windows 7 compatibility on my current software. It appears as though photoshop elements 7 is not compatible. There is a link under "action recommended" that says "get paid upgrade. " 

I am looking on the windows compatibility site:

I am translating this information as "elements 7 will not work on windows 7, so here is a free (paid) upgrade to elements 8 through adobe. " Is this correct? Am i missing something? I can not find any information on the adobe site that would suggest this to be true.

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Cannot Change Compatibility Mode

I am trying to run an application on a new windows 7 pc. It runs fine with no special settings on an identical windows 7 pc (same model number, same os, same updates to the os). But on the second machine windows will not allow me to change compatibility mode to windows 7. It insists on locking me into other compatibility modes and then greys out the selection to change it back to windows 7. Worse, every time i run the program i have to answer the nattering question "do you want the following application to make changes to this computer?" - Yes!  Whatever! Just leave me alone and run the application!

1) how do i stop this nattering and force windows 7 to leave me alone and run the application?

2) how do i switch compatibility mode back to windows 7 (or eliminate compatibility mode altogether) for this application?

I have uninstalled and reinstalled the application several times with no luck.

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Office 2000 Compatibility

Have recently bought windows 7 (starter) netbook, on which i was hoping to use my pre-existing office 2000 word & excel files which are on flash drives (i have the 2000 program on disks) but all attempts to use these files engage the office 2007 suite, which i have no wish to use whatsoever. Is there any way round this annoying obstacle ? I have subsequently read that w7 & office 2000 are not compatible but would welcome any advice on how best to overcome this in the least expensive way please.

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Itunes Compatibility Issue

I bought a new laptop from dell with windows 7, 64 bit. I am apparently having compatibility issues with windows 7. When i open up i tunes i cannot hear any songs from my playlist or songs i download from their site. It's not my computer because i have sound otherwise. I have installed and uninstalled itunes several times to try to fix this problem, but to no avail. I have also sought the help of the support specialists team from dell, but they were not able to fix the problem and were quite rude. Does anyone out there have any suggestions?

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Lifecam Vx-3000 Compatibility

When i try to install webcam, lifecam vx-3000 i get a message that there are known compatibility issues with windows 7. There is a link to try to find a solution, but when i click on it it does not lead anywhere. On microsoft site, the webcam is shown as being compatibile with windows 7. What can i do? I have now managed to download new software but cannot install because i am now getting a message that set up cannot continue because the download was not digitally signed by microsoft - so stuck again?

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Explorer And Compatibility Files

Recently while in an application, i created and saved four data files in a *.txt format. When prompted to indicate where the files should be saved, i specified a sub-directory that i'd created on the c drive. However, when i went to find the files, they weren't there. So, i re-created them using the same application being very careful this time to make sure the directory i wanted them saved to was correct. Again, when i went to look for them, they weren't there!

Then, i clicked on the "compatibility files" heading above the explorer window and lo and behold, the files appeared! I clicked again and they were gone . And again, and they reappeared! My questions are . 1. Where are the files really? 2. How do i get explorer to put them where i want them? 3. And what is (are), "compatibility files" all about? I'm using windows 7 home premium.

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Ms Dos Compatibility Problems

I've been trying to run a rather old programme on my new laptop, the current operating system is window 7 -32 bit, home edition. I am trying to run a programme (originally designed for dos or windows 95) which requires dos to be run full screen, however i keep getting an error message telling me that the system does not support full-screen mode.

Im trying to find a solution that does not require me to partition my hard drive and install an earlier version of windows for the sake of the one programme.

Any suggestions?

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Dell Printer Compatibility

I recently had to buy a new laptop which had windows 7 installed. I have a perfectly good dell personal all in one printer/scanner/fax/copier, but when i went to the dell site to upload the proper driver, i discovered that they don't provide a windows 7 driver for that model because it is considered "obsolete". Their customer service (of course!) Tried to sell me on buying a new printer to resolve the issue, but quite frankly, i don't use the printer all that often and don't want to invest a ton of money in a new printer.

I tried to install the vista 32 bit version of the printer driver (another forum suggested this as a workaround), but that does not seem to be working. However, i could be doing something wrong.

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Gre Programs Compatibility

Hello all! I am wondering if i could get some clarification on a gre testing prep program i got from the official gre website. The program is called powerprep and it is designed for windows xp 32-bit os. I am currently running windows 7 64-bit and have tried running it in compatibility mode, but it still does not want to work. I am just wondering if there is anything that i can do to get it to work on my system. I have no intentions of switching back to xp just to run one program and i would prefer to not have to dual boot. I also don't want to have to take linux off my laptop, and even if i did it would be to put 7 on it, not xp.

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Inconsistent Compatibility Between Two Pcs

Two separate pcs, both using windows 7; one clean install, second pre-installed on new pc.
Old commercial program, worked on windows versions from windows 98 to xp (sp2).

The clean install pc accepts the old program under compatibility settings with no trouble at all. The pre-installed version will not install; have tried setting set-up.exe properties to xp(sp2) and to run as administrator. Also tried using compatibility trouble shooter without success.

Best that happens is five second 'active ring' display when selecting troubleshooter run program button. When set-up properties are changed as above, only effect of clicking setup.exe is a single 'bell tone'.

As the old program works on one pc, it should, according to microsoft information, run on the other as the compatibility function is available in all versions of windows 7. From this, i assume there is a setting somewhere in the system which can be changed.

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Foxpro 2.6 Compatibility Problem

I have purchased yesterday an acer timeline aspire 4810tz model laptop, preloaded with windows 7 premium software. In our official usage we are operating foxpro 2. 6 and i am getting a compatibility problem. Since we are running foxpro 2. 6 for all our programs, i require a solution for this.

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