Error Invalid Drive T:

Several installation programs fail with the message invalid drive t:. I've got a t: drive, which is a connection with a nas. The drive is active / connected. Can anyone give a suggestion?

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Error 1327 - Invalid Drive F

We recently purchased office home and student for our hp laptop. We have windows 7, and when we insert the disk-this is the message we get. Any suggestions?

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Error 1327 - Invalid Drive To Install

"error 1327. Invalid drive h" trying to install adobe acrobat. If i try to install acrobat reader 9 or even 8 i get the above message. I do have a drive h: but this is never asked for in the setup.

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Error - Recycle Bin On Drive C: Is Corrupt Or Invalid

Error message: the recycle bin on drive letter c: is corrupt or invalid. Do you want to empty the recycle bin for this drive? I recently purchased a new computer, running windows 7, and ms office 2007 small business. All was well until last eve when this message appeared!  The recycle bin on drive letter : is corrupt or invalid. Do you want to empty the recycle bin for this drive? I have seen different routes of solving this problem, but am searching for the proper way to handle this!

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Product Key Invalid After Installing New Drive

After discovering that my current hard drive was damaged, yet still functional, i decided to buy a new drive. After removing the old drive and installing the new drive, i next went to install my copy of windows 7 home premium. When i went to authenticate the cd-key, i received a 'not valid key' error. I double and triple checked the key that i received in my email when i purchased my copy of windows 7 from a student discount from microsoft. I feel that i would need to deactivate it off of the original drive before i install it on the new one, but i'm not sure as to how i would do so.

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System Error Atikmdag Error 52236 Invalid Parameter

I needed to upgrade bios and drivers from hp but i screwed up accidentally installed the graphics driver over the old which i believe is the same because it doesn't show a previous version next to it like the other ones i installed! Whats the best way to uninstall and update properly /not sure i'm a rookie maybe from amd and they do have much newer drivers , but if i can just use the windows update driver to fix thats fine also. Error only during logon. Fter this never again let windows do update from now on!Thanks!Also i see no adverse affects yet.

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Product Key Invalid - Copy Is Again Invalid

I have a toshiba satellite l355d laptop. About 3 months after i bought it microsoft said i had my copy of windows 7 was invalid so i retyped the key but it still said it was invalid. I tried to talk to someone at microsoft to resolve the problem but talking to them on the phone is almost impossible. After much frustration i bought a new copy and activated said thank you and everything was fine for a few months, now it says my copy is again invalid. How do i talk to a real person to resolve this problem?

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Displays Error - The Handle Is Invalid

Hp c5180 aio memory card reader. When trying to open the memory card, windows 7 displays error "the handle is invalid". "Computer" shows the networked memory card. When trying to open it, i get the following error message .

Location is not available
Y: is not accessible.
The handle is invalid.

If i right-click the icon and select "properties", then the memory card properties are correctly displayed. This memory card and hp c5180 work correctly on a windows xp machine. The hp c5180 is ethernet connected.

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Error - Invalid Ms-dos Function

Whilst trying to copy a outlook mail file from dvd back to a new hard drive the file gets about half copied and i get a "invalid ms-dos function" error. Didn't mr. Bill declare that there are no more old, evil dos left in windows 7? Clicking on the retry button starts over instead of trying to re-read the datablock it is choking upon.

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Error - Invalid Signature - While Downloading Programs

Original title: download problems, i have searched the forums and tried the answers previously given for downloading problems. I have done a clean boot and a restore but i am still having problems with all downloads, microsoft updates, itunes, everything. I have also turned my security off and this doesn't work.

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Error Message - Printer - The Arguments Are Invalid

Error message: printer: "the arguments are invalid. " How do i correct this, occurs only on startup and does not seem to cause any problems.

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Error - Invalid Access To Memory Location

I am trying to open a .exe file i downloaded online. I get "invalid access to memory location" when i attempt to open it. I've tried right-clicking to select "run as administrator", which gives me the error "windows cannot access the specified device, path, or file. You may not have the appropriate permissions to access the item. " I have also tried right-clicking and selecting "troubleshoot compatibility" to no avail. I am an administrator on my computer.

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Invalid Url Message / Ssl Error

When i try to login to my facebook using firefox i get this msg :
Invalid url
The requested url "/login.php?Login_attempt=1", is invalid.

Reference #9. 1c8a1d18. 1265396334. A8ba61d

When i try to login to my facebook using google chrome, i get a msg saying : this is probably not the site you are looking for! You attempted to reach login., but instead you actually reached a server identifying itself as a248. E. This may be caused by a misconfiguration on the server or by something more serious. An attacker on your network could be trying to get you to visit a fake site (and potentially harmrul) version of login. You should not proceed.

And then it gives me the choice of "proceed anyway" or "back to safety"  

I am totally lost n confused on these errors.

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Student Purchase / Invalid Product Key Error

My old desktop running windows xp died recently, so when building my new system today i took advantage of the offer for students to buy a new license for windows 7 through digital river. I purchased a license for windows 7 64 professional, downloaded it on my laptop and burned the iso to a dvd. After i windows from this dvd onto the new system, i received an error message when trying to activate the product that my key was invalid. I have checked my key several times and i am sure that i am entering it correctly.

Looking through the support center website (i tried calling tech support but there was no one on the line at this hour) it appears my problem is consistent with that of trying to use an upgrade license key instead of a full version license key. However, according to this thread, http://social. version i purchased should be the full version. I do own an install cd for windows xp from my old machine, and since the machine is no longer in use i should be able to use the product key to install windows xp on this machine, but it seems excessive to reinstall an old os in order to use a new one which i was under the impression that i owned a full version of. Is there an easy solution, or do i need to buy an expensive license for the full version of windows 7 to install it on my new machine?

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Error Invalid File Handle When Applying A Tag To A Group Of Photos

I am trying to apply tags to a group of photos. If i select about 10 photos in windows explorer, then go down to the bottom and enter a tag, sometimes i will get at least one error popup. The popup window has a title of "apply properties file" and the error is "invalid file handle". I am given an option to retry, and 90% of the time this succeeds. Any thoughts on what could be going on here?

Windows 7 ultimate 64 bit on a dell xps 17.

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Win 7 32 Bit Professional Activation Error - Invalid License Key

I bought the 32 bit professional version of windows 7 through the offer for students that windows had a few months ago. According to everywhere i can see online, professional can be installed on two physical pcs. I installed the os on my laptop shortly after getting it, with no problems. After the rc trial ran out, i decided to install windows 7 on my desktop computer, from the same dvd that i burnt the . Iso to and so on, and i didn't have any problems, at all, during the installation. Now, though, it's telling me that i have 3 days to activate windows. I thought that it already was activated- i put the key in, and i haven't used it on any other computers, so this should by the second pc supported. However, it keeps telling me that it isn't a valid license key when i try to put it in now. Why is it giving me this problem?

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I Get Drive Full Error When The Drive Is 90% Unused

Reported used space on drive c continues to climb, but no data is actually added; ultimately i get drive full error when the drive is 90% unused. I recently upgraded to windows 7 from vista home premium (64 bit each). Other than that, i don't believe there has been any hardware or software changes in months. My c drive (sata ii, ntfs format) has a capacity of 500 gb, although i don t have more than 60 gb of material on it, which is the amount reported on bootup.

However, after some usage, the hard drive "appears" to be adding data at the rate of 50 gb an hour, as if some video is being recorded to the hard drive, which it is not. In fact, if i disconnect from the internet, the reported disk usage still continues to climb. Within a day, i get a disk full error and i cannot save anything. In other words, if i right click on the drive c icon after booup, then click properties, i see that the drive will be 60 gb used, or a11% of so, but an hour later it will report drive use at 20%, or 100 gb, and an hour after that it's showing 150 gb of hard drive use, etc.

If i re-boot and then check the hard drive usage again, properties will report only the actual 60 or so gb of use, but an hour later, i'm back up to 100 gb and so on until disk full appears again and i can't save a simple word document. Ideas on what is causing this?

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Invalid Activation

I have a laptop for use away from home and my desktop for use at home. My desktop needs to be the same version as my laptop due to certain programs that i'm running. When i tried to upgrade it to windows 7 using my disk that i just bought for my laptop, it says invalid activation. Surely i don't have to buy a separate copy of windows 7 for each computer in my home, do i? I already have windows xp on it. I just need to upgrade it to 7. If i have to keep paying for multiple copies of everything from microsoft, i'll probably just migrate over to a mac next time i'm in the market for a new pc.

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Invalid Product Key

I'm trying to get help on-line or chat from microsoft and entering my product id for the upgrade i made from windows vista to windows 7 home premium. It is saying my product id is invalid which is because i activated it and it said activation was successful. I rebooted machine and tried again. Looked at system to see what product key was entered and it still has old one. Entered new one again, activated, again, successfully and still this product key is not working when i enter it into the help forum.

I need help because windows 7 keeps recognizing an unknown device usb - on and off and on and off and on and off. I have disabled it, i have deleted it. It keeps coming back. And media center is not working. Keeps looking for a freaking tuner - it will work on reboot but then if it goes to sleep or is on for awhile it stops viewing live tv (which i'm getting from my satellite stb hooked up). Have to reboot and often reconfigure the tv signal to get it to work - and that is if it agrees that the united states is the right region for media center to operate in! I'm losing my marbles please help. Can i just go back to my old system?

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Product Key Invalid

Two weeks ago, i bought myself new components, a copy of win7 ultimate 64-bi, t and built myself a new computer. Everything has been great so far except that in those two weeks i have now had to reactivate windows twice not counting the initial activation, and it's now asking for me to do it again, for the second time today. Each time it has said i have to activate again b/c it says that it has detected changes to my hardware. Even though there have been no changes. Now, the first time i simply called the number and did the automated activation.

The second time i wanted to get to the bottom of the issue b/c obviously there is a problem, so i contacted tech support by phone and was redirected to what i assume is the "activation department" and i don't think the woman understood what i was asking b/c she simply did the automated activation process for So i immediately called back and got another rep, who was very reassuring and understanding, but still not very helpful, he at least created a case number for me and told me if i have the issue again to reference the case #.

Well, i had the issue again, and just chatted w/ another rep who pointed me here. So, here i am, and here's the case # 1132402346 this time i am prepared w/ more information, immediately after the notice popped up i went to the event viewer to see if it had logged anything, and sure enough under windows logs>applications i found a log, "the software protection service has completed licensing status check" followed by lines of information. If you like, i would be happy to paste the information for that log to this thread if it will help.

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Invalid Key Product

I am writing to you regarding my windows 7 ultimate key, which still does. Not. Work ! I was given a replacement key by a microsoft support specialist, but it is *not* a working key . I get an error message saying only that it is not a valid key. I was promised a return call, but i have not heard from anyone from this specialist, or from this "technical support department" that was supposed to fix my windows 7 license. I am tired of this run-around.

I understand that i am not supposed to post my phone number here, so i won't. Can someone working for microsoft please message me with advice as to what i need to do. This is slowly but surely becoming a nightmare, as i'm staring on my black screen with a warning in the bottom right corner of my display where it says "this is a non-genuine version of windows".

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Invalid Key On My Sticker

I have a verson of 7 home installed on my desktop computer, it was an oem install done by the store i bought it from. They supplied me with the disk and put the sticker on the side, as per normal. Now, my c: drive is starting to sketch out, so i tried to make a new one from a clean new disk. Used the oem disk from my purchase and the key on my sticker, and got the "invalid key" message. It is my understanding that this is completely normal for windows, and that the solution is to spend about 5 days on hold by calling 1-866-234-6020.

I don't have 5 days to spend on hold, or even 5 hours if we aren't going to exaggerate. Is there any way to do whatever it is they do on the phone to make the key printed on my sticker work by email or some sort of live chat? I mean, i live way up north and i might as well just buy a new computer considering how much it will cost me to call that number on my cell phone. As a secondary problem, i also have discovered i've lost the disk for my laptop's version of 7 professional.

It was an upgrade disk and i (stupidly) kept the sticker on the disks case, so now i've lost both. Is there anything i can do?Both of these systems are currently functional. I'd like to make a new c: disk for my desktop a. S. P. Though because it may fall apart at any time. Thanks for your input.

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Product Key Invalid - How To Enter?

I just received in the mail the physical upgrade version of windows 7, 64-bit. I did a clean install from windows vista 32-bit. I thought that the product key would be in the package that contained the upgrade disc, but it was not. So during the middle of installation it asked for a product key and i could not find it. I later found it by tracking my order on the microsoft website. I then tried to enter this product key through the windows anytime upgrade found under the control panel, how ever it would not work. Do i need to enter my product key. (Everything seems to work fine with out it). If i do how will i enter.

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Warning Product Key Invalid

Right now - literally and after receiving yet another warning of "invalid" win7 bought from amazon. The registration check again reported the software to be invalid. But, out of again, i clicked the option to buy a registration which triggered a search, the result of which was (i'm looking at it right now): "windows validation was successful"

It's the screen with two pretty women looking pleased. Tomorrow this starts all over again on two machines but the difference will be one less day to live. While waiting to post this question, iran the procedure all over again on the nearby laptop - same result. Can anyone explain this? Better still, can anyone ms fix it? Not much fun waking each morning at my age to be told your software has only two weeks to live. That's probably longer than me! Ah well .

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Installation Product Key Invalid

I purchased windows 7 at my local walmart of installation on 3 pc's, the family pack. I purchased in november, but did not install until last month. I have the original receipt, disk, label. Why is it not activating and asking me to purchase another product key for another $100. 00? I have never used this one. The genuine label was and still is on it. Why should i have to pay more for something that should work from the original? This is not a copy of any kind. And it says 3 pc's. What is the problem?

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Walmart Product Key Invalid

While trying to update my product key after having being scammed buy yahoo! Shopping and digitalriver. It appears walmart had sold me an illegal copy of windows 7, i put in my product key and it tells me it invalid. Of course phone support is not available, they keep banker hours.

Dear michael taylor, thanks for your recent order. The item(s) shown below has shipped. You can keep track of this order's status, from processing through delivery, by visiting my account.

If you ordered multiple items, they may ship in separate packages. For faster delivery, we ship from different warehouses throughout the country. You will receive a separate email for each shipment. Please note:it may take 24 to 48 hours after your order ships for the carrier to update its tracking information. Save this email for easy returns. If you need to return an item from this order:

1. Print this email.
2. Gather the item(s) and all original packing materials
3. Take all the above to your local walmart store.

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Product Key Invalid Message

Attempting to reinstall windows 7 from the home premium 3-pack disc. Received "the unattended answer file contains an invalid product key. " Message. How do i get beyond this message to enter the product key that i have?I am unable to backup my system using win 7 backup (error message (0x0), but have a backup on hp windows home server that i can use for files and folder restoration.

Once the system is stable. This all started when i could not run any browser (ie 8, firefox 3. 6. 8, google chrome 5) for a few seconds. Received error message from the chrome 'crash': "the procedure entry point could not be found in the dynamic link library user32.dll. "Is there an easier solution than reinstalling windows 7? Is it possible to easily repair the user32.dll file?

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Invalid Key Code Issue

I have experienced the same issue as posted by the recent user in installing win7 pro. I'm running win vista ultimate, purchased the upgrade to win7 professional (because that was all that was offered by our school supplier). When i try to upgrade to win 7, it gives me the error " setup can't create a necessary directory for installation files". I have turned off the user control on vista. Any ideas? Can i get a deal and trade the win 7 pro version for a ultimate win 7 version? Can i use the upgrade on another vista machine?

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Win 7 Beta Key Invalid

I am stuck with activation of windows 7. I had obtained a beta product key from microsoft's website on 1st september '09 or so. But i didn't download the setup files at that time. I then obtained the setup from a friend a little more than a month ago. During installation when i entered the product key, it said that the key is invalid, so i installed it without entering the key.

Now i have run out of the 1 month activation period and windows has started nagging me at every boot. Please help me resolve the issue. I have a valid beta product key obtained from microsoft's website, yet it is being shown as invalid.

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Win 7 Reinstall - Key Is Invalid

My computer crashed and i had to use the reinstall disk that came with my computer. The disk included vista, but i was running windows 7 (which i downloaded from microsoft). When i went to reinstall windows 7 using the download files from my account order history page it accepted the activation key from my original purchase, but now it says i should register online. When i go to do so it says that the key from my original purchase is invalid. If i had purchased a physical copy it would work, so what's going on?

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