Cannot Save Changes On Live Movie Maker

I have windows movie maker. When i save a movie and name it, and try to close out the window, it asks me if i want to save changes. I can't 'not' save changes, but when i do, and rename, somehow, several videos go into one video. I save, then name and when i try to close out, it has that pop up asking me if i want to save changes. If i cancel or say no, it comes back, so i change. Does someone understand what i'm doing wrong?

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Live Movie Maker Problem

I've been having some trouble with windows live movie maker. It was a bit frustrating to work with put i eventually got everything imported even though it kept quiting on me. "Windows live movie maker has stopped working". When i go to save it as a . Wav file, aka export it, it gets to 26% and stops working. These are the problem details.

Problem signature:

Problem event name: appcrash
Application name: moviemaker.exe
Application version: 14. 0. 8117. 416
Application timestamp: 4bc95aac
Fault module name: ad2mpegin.dll
Fault module version: 1. 4. 0. 21595
Fault module timestamp: 4731f315
Exception code: c0000005
Exception offset: 0001de76
Os version: 6. 1. 7600. 2. 0. 0. 256. 1
Locale id: 1033
Additional information 1: 0a9e
Additional information 2: 0a9e372d3b4ad19135b953a78882e789
Additional information 3: 0a9e
Additional information 4: 0a9e372d3b4ad19135b953a78882e789

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Live Movie Maker Cannot Unmute

Over the weekend, i was placing a few mpg videos from my panasonic video camera into one video file (wmv by using windows live movie maker on my windows 7 laptop). Something i did muted the program, and i cannot un-mute it. When i click on edit and then audio volume, the volume control shows up with a red muted sign. But i cannot undo it. I have used movie maker in vista for several years and have never had this problem. I was doing some of these edits quietly so not to bother my resting wife in our hotel room, however, my recollection is that when i began editing them, i could play back the sound.

Btw, the final file has sound activated, but i cannot adjust it in movie maker. The audio mix button on the home tab is not activated either. Is this because i do not have separate audio track since it is part of the mpg file?

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Live Movie Maker - Movies Have No Sound

I upgraded from windows vista home premium to windows 7 home premium. I downloaded and installed windows live movie maker from as instructed. Previous movies which were completed and in progress in the former vista program now have no sound other than added music when opened with windows live movie maker. The same individual video's taken from these movies when opened in windows live movie maker as a "new project" have sound. I don't wish to have to edit all my previous movies.

P. S: haven't tried the back-up files from external hard drive as yet, too scared that i might lose sound on these files as well.

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Live Movie Maker Audio Problem

I'm  trying to put together a video for work on windows live movie maker on windows 7 but im getting none of the footage's audio when i import it to windows live movie maker yet an mp3 placed over the footage works fine. My files are avchd which i know the new live movie maker on 7 supports and when i play the clips in windows media player, i hear everything fine. I already restarted my pc and checked the video volume. I really don't want to find a way to convert the my files at the risk of lowering the video quality.

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Live Movie Maker Only Opens As Administrator

My wife has windows 7 (i am running ubuntu 9. 10) and she got a virus. I wiped it out with the ubuntu live cd, but once the virus was gone her movie maker will only open with the admin shield. The uac comes up asking to allow or deny, and as a result, she cannot drag and drop pics into movie maker. Any help in how to restore it to its original settings or remove the admin shield. She wants me to fix this, and won't accept 'switch to linux' as the solution. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling but it still has the shield. I have also tried to find some way to get rid of the shield, but can only find lowering the uac filter.

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Trimming Videos In Live Movie Maker

1-if i want to remove a section of a video, i click "start trim" where i want the deleted section to begin, and click "end trim" where i want the deleted section to end. But when i do this, i still see the whole video with nothing removed. 2-should i click "start project" when i begin, or simply work with the video that i have placed on the story board?3-what is the wlmp file and why do i need it?4-is it ok to include everything associated with a project in a single folder?

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Live Movie Maker Storyboard Problem

I have recently bought a new dell laptop with windows 7 and i do not believe windows live movie maker is working correctly. I am quite familiar with the previous vista movie maker version therefore i know what to expect and have used it on many occasions. When opening a video file or downloading a file directly from my movie camera, i don't get a storyboard, but instead a whole series of identical frames, although they play the correct frame i cannot see that frame on the storyboard, all of which is very unhelpful for editing purposes.

Furthermore it appears that the application is stuck in 'select all' mode, characteristically indicated by a feint blue outline around all the frames. Also if i try to use ctrl a (select all) or the task command, there is no visible change on the screen to indicate that every frame has been selected (or de-selected). In an attempt to resolve the problem i have downloaded 'windows live movie maker ' again from microsoft but the problem still exists.

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Error 0x8007000e In Live Movie Maker

I have a new pc running windows 7 64-bit (i5 quad core processor and 4g memory)  and am trying to use wlmm to edit and publish video clips from a panasonic hdc-tm300 camcorder into a single movie. The files will import into wlmm, i can edit them and play the whole movie in wlmm but when i try to save the movie (in 1080p format) i get an error message 0x8007000e and the program refuses to save the movie. Unhelpfully windows tells me to delete the files that are incompatible but doesn't tell me which they are. I don't believe there are any incompatible files as the individual clips will all play in wlmm and wmc.
A related issue is that if i play the clips in windows live photo gallery or windows explorer the video is fine but the sound track is badly distorted with what sounds like a very loud old-fashioned film projector. The sound is fine in wlmm or wmc.
The files from the camcorder load, edit and play perfectly on my daughter's imac.

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Live Movie Maker - No Sound On .mov Files

. Mov files:i can play . Avi and . Mov with sound outside wlmm (eg in windows media player)i can play . Avi with sound inside wlmm. When i play . Movs inside wlmm, there is no sound. I am running windows 7 home premium and wlmm build 14. 0. 8117. 416 (i don't know how you get a later version, as i uninstalled and re-downloaded, and it still gave me the 2009 version, even though the help page lists later builds)i have seen a thread about this back in january 2010, but without an answer.

My variation on that question is that i am clear that the . Mov file has sound when run in media player or quicktime, and no sound when run in wlmm. Btw, how do you get a version other than the build i have? I have uninstalled and reinstalled, and still i always get this version, and not the 2010 version.

Btw 2 - please don't suggest converting . Mov to another format - i do not want to go to that effort and expense - i have a kodak zi6, . Mov is the format, and i need to get that working.

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Converting .mswmm Files To Live Movie Maker

Can i convert movie maker files to windows live movie maker? I just spent 1 week editing a video for my daughter's 2nd birthday coming up on sunday. I was running vista and using windows movie maker. My computer kept crashing when i went to publish the file so i thought i would try purchasing windows 7 to see if i could publish this 29 minute video. I even took out all the transitions and it doesn't have any music. Now, after spending all day installing windows 7, i find out movie maker isn't included and all my work is in a file i can't retrieve. If i purchase windows live movie maker, will it convert my . Mswmm file?

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Error Code - 0x80004005 - Movie Maker Live Not Working

Windows live programs uninstall and reinstall procedure "movie maker live" not working error 0x80004005. I have installed windows 7. Windows live programs have always been a problem with my vista home premium, and hoped windows 7 would resolve my issues. Sadly it did not.

Windows live movie maker will not start or restart and the error code is 0x80004005. Have looked for how to uninstall and reinstall, no success and windows installer says i still have all windows live programs on my system when i have removed them. I have a dell inspiron 530 with quad processor just over a year old and c drive of 500g, no space problems, can anyone advise me what i may do?

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Selected Project Is Not Fully Compatible With Live Movie Maker

I have in the past made holiday movies in windows moviemaker in win xp. I now try to play the project in windows live moviemaker and it gives me the dialogue"the selected project isn't fully compatible with windows live movie maker, so all the edits might not appear in your new project. The original project hasn't been modified".

The content does play minus the transitions or the music. What can i do to get round this or am i stuck with it. ?

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Avchd Mts Files Crash Live Movie Maker

Windows 7 ultimate
Core 2 quad
8gb ram

No other applications running
Loaded most current windows 7 drivers from canon support site.

Windows media player can play these hd movies created with a canon vixia hf20 camcorder
Right-click on downloaded mts (avchd) file on hard drive prompts to open with wl movie maker. Application launches and crashes-with small and large mts files.

This is a long-standing problem that has not been addressed. Why advertise that this program works with these hd formats if it only does so in your labs and not on real customer systems?

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Live Movie Maker Project File Loses Slides

I opened a windows live movie maker project file and it suddenly loses slides and/or videos and loses maybe 3-5 minutes. If i click on a title or caption and make a simple change, then click the 'undo' button, the missing minutes, etc are restored, but all the captions are misaligned and can only be realigned by painstakingly moving each caption. In an experiment tonight, using a copy on another drive, i had to 'find' the slides to get images to appear. All was fine until i located a video. That's when the file lost minutes. What's going on?

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How To Get Movie Maker Not To Split Movie Into Clips?

I use movie maker to compress videos or to put a split movie back together again. How do i get the movie maker not to split the movie into clips. This makes it so slow to load the movie, as if the combining/compression of 1-2 hrs was not already long enough. In win vista, the movie maker did not split into clips (or i have forgotten and can't figure out how to stop this). I have recently upgraded to win 7 and found that the live movie maker dosen't compress is the reason i am using the 2. 6 download.

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Windows Movie Maker

You get one edition of windows movie maker with vista, whereas you have to download "live movie maker" when you buy windows 7. These editions are not the same. I found the vista movie maker much more user friendly with time-line etc. , Which the "live movie maker" does not have.could somebody please guide me the site from where i can download, the movie maker that comes inbuilt with vista as i am not comfortable using the "live movie maker". I would like to install it in my copy of windows 7.

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Trouble With Movie Maker

My question is this: i was making a movie on windows movie maker, and before the movie was complete, i burned it to a dvd, and then i deleted the file from movie maker and from the computer and from recycling bin. I thought that i would be able to reinsert the dvd into another computer and paste it to movie maker and it would restore it to the editing timeline.

I have found that this was not the case and that i am unable to restore it to movie maker to continue editing by just inserting the dvd. Is there any way that i can transfer the movie back from the dvd to the movie maker so i can edit it properly? And also is there anyway to retrieve deleted items, that were deleted from the recycling bin?

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Problem With Movie Maker

I have transferred a dv film from my panasonic nv-gs75 camera to hard drive. The copy is perfect. When this is put into windows live movie maker to edit, lines appear on the time line film and finished film. They appear to be irregular lines that might tie up with camera movement. I had no trouble with xp windows movie maker. Help please. The film is avi when transferred. It is an hour film with no sound or sync problems. If the raw film is watched after initial transfer all is perfect and i assume you can not alter the format when dragging into the edit side of wlmm. Any clip of any size immediately has these lines even before the edit starts.

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Movie Maker Will Not Work

Ok i wanted to edit some videos of mine together. I remembered in vista they took it off the computer and on to their webpage( so people who wanted it could download it). I went to the windows site and downloaded the program. Now i can not upload videos to edit. It tells me its stop responding and shuts down. What did i do wrong? Does windows 7 not have movie maker? Cuz if thats the case i will down grade back to my windows xp stuff. Ok it will let me uplaod windows simple videos but my camera's video files are only avi files.

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Movie Maker Stopped Running

I downloaded the windows live movie maker for my inspiron 15 laptop after installing windows 7. Prior to that, i had been using a windows movie maker when my laptop was using vista. I had no problems making movies during my brief vista experience. Shortly after downloading wlmm, i created a movie from still photos. I planned on using the movie as a teaching tool in my art classroom. I saved the movie project so i could come back the next day to make the movie.

When i returned the next day, i selected open project, found the project, clicked on it, then got the message that windows mm had stopped running, and a solution would be found. But none was. This happened repeatedly. I have been unable to open the project. What could i have done wrong?

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Movie Maker Audio Problem

I'm trying to make a video, with loads of different clips of videos, but the music that i've chosen to go with it is really messed up. Playing the whole video through, from start to wherever i've got up to, the audio is perfect, but when i go to edit a specific part of the video, and need to see if the music goes with the clips, the audio that plays is a completely different part of the song. I've made loads of video's like this, and this is the first time i've experienced this problem.

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Movie Maker Has Stopped Working

I have been working in movie maker. When i try to edit or create a new movie, i get the error message, "movie maker has stopped working. " Brand new computer.

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Movie Maker Dvd Failed To Burn

Recently did a clean install win7 pro. Windows movie maker was included. I successfully created and saved a movie with wmm and set up to burn a dvd. Got the error msg: dvd failed to burn. Troubleshooting procedures: updated dvd drivers (they were current), reduced burn speed to slow, there are no video filters listed. Using verbatim dvd-r. Gateway multimedia fx530 2 yrs old. Raid 5. Lot's of disc space. It's a multimedia machine. 2 gb memory. 6 minute movie. I've scrapped several discs while changing speed and checking settings. This error msg appears at the last 1% of the process (progress bar).

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Movie Maker Issue With Video Length On Youtube

I am trying to make a video to put on my face book, youtube, i have finished making my video but when i try to put it on youtube it says the movie is 12 minutes long when it is 4 minutes long why does it say that and how can i change the length of the movie, one more problem when i import music to it it say the audio clip is double then what the song really is why does it say that and how can i fix this problem so i can start uploading movies i have been trying to fix this for three days now please help!

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Movie Maker Won't Open .mov Files

When i drag a mov file into movie maker on windows 7 pro 64-bit quad core notebook i get error message "the program can't start because safireu.dll is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem. " I have tried to reinstall from control panel > programs and replace and repair all windows live programs. I downloaded the windows live package again from the website and reinstalled from scratch. Still getting the same message. What are the options for a fix?

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Live File System Will Not Save File

Live file system will not save file!Windows 7 and udf will copy several files and then you get to the last file which is 700 meg and the space free bar under the dvd rw drive shows 1. 2 gig left. The copy starts and runs till about 350 meg left then it slows down all the way to 17 kbs and also till 10 k was left on the dvd. By this time about 5 hrs have gone by and the copy window has showed 1 hr left for 3 hrs. The cancel button won't work task manager when used will crash the system. You can force a shut down but then you have to reactivate norton with your purchase code. A search of the internet for me was no help at all.

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Save Dialog And Save As Boxes Appear Empty In Programs

Save dialog and save as dialog boxes appear empty in multiple programs. I cant save my work. I click 'save' or 'save as' in dbdesigner4, srcedit, and other programs, and the dialog is empty. The 'favorites', 'ftp', and 'file format' options show up, and the save and cancel buttons at the bottom, but nothing else. I cannot choose a destination directory, name the file to be saved, choose the file type, and when i click save, nothing happens.

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Jewelcase Maker In Nti Media Maker 8

I am having trouble with the jewelcase maker program in nti media maker 8. It tells me there is a problem and has to close; that it will notify me if a solution can be found. I insert a picture on the front of the cd cover just fine. I was only able to add the text for a few titles and guess what? Yep "there was a problem and it had to close" now i can't save additional text to the cover. It lets me type a few lines - maybe- but then when i go to save it tells me blah blah and then shuts down.

Also when i made a test print of what i did manage to save, i got one print and 5 blank pages. I chose to print only 1 copy and that's what the print window said before i hit print. Once it started to print the printer said 6 copies- with one being printed and 5 blank i'm running windows 7home premium on an acer aspire notebook that is less than 2 months old and this is the only problem i have. Can anyone help me with this please?

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Default Save To Location Reg Key / Save As Location To My Documents

Can someone please tell me the reg key that controls where non office documents get saved to by default when you click save. For most things it defaults to my documents, but what controls that. I am not referring to the places bar, rather the location that comes up when the save as dialog box appears. Currently i have users who when they go to save a copy of a pdf or create one using cutepdf writer it is defaulting to a network location that we'd rather they not save to. I want that save as location to be my documents. If i manually navigate to my documents and save and then attempt to save other pdf docs they default to my docs so i know something has to be keeping track of the change. Can someone help?Os is windows 2003 server and we have a citrix environment if that makes any difference.

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