Adobe Encore Freezes

I have upgraded from vista to windows 7. I have adobe cs4 master installed on my system which i reinstalled after i upgraded to win7. All of my pr grams work except encore. And sometimes encore will work and sometimes it will not. My system freezes at the same spot everytime when trying to open encore. I have contacted adobe support and of course they say it is not compatible with win7.

However there is alot of people who can run the program without any problems. As i have the same software on my laptop and it runs without any problems and it has win7. Can anyone please help me figure out why this program hangs up and sometimes it will open. I have tried everything including using the run in previous versions already.

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Adobe Cs4 Freezes Computer

3rd party software locks up my computer and they say it is a windows errori am trying to run adobe premiere/encore cs4 and when i import an asset my computer freezes and i have to reboot. However i have created a guest account with admin privileges and when i log into my guest account everything works fine on adobe cs4. So there is something wrong with my main admin account. But i have no idea where to look to fix. Adobe cs4 is not the problem it is my main admin account. I don't know if its a privileges thing or what it is.

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Adobe Flash Player

I uninstalled adobe flash player and everything that it comes with and still when i go to a website like youtube or try to download multiple pictures on myspace i get the message 'hello, you either have javascript turned off or an old version of adobe's flash player. Get the latest flash player. I have the latest version of adobe's flash player. I went to and downloaded the latest version and enabled my javascript per microsoft's instructions. Still won't work.

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Adobe Flash Problem

I have tried everything to download the latest version of adobe flash player. I have gone to the forums and uninstalled and reinstalled. I have logged on as administrator and tried the same thing but to no avail. I have ie 7 32 bit sp3 window xp media center version 2002. Does anyone have any suggestions or help? It shows up in my control panel but not in my program files. It says that the file has been downloaded on adobe site. But is not on my desktop or listed as a new program. I have checked my internet options and everything else and all is the way it is suppose to be.

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Msie7 And Adobe Flash

I have vista on a gateway laptop m series just now a year old. When i upgraded the adobe flash player to 10. 0. 22. 87 just recently (the old version would not play newer content on aol) i began getting error messages. A problem with adobe flash, explorer must close, or just freezing the computer and having to reboot, runtime errors. I have uninstalled and reinstalled so many times i have lost track. I took out shockwave completely and did not reinstall. I have norton internet security up-to-date.

I had read of people having problems with ie7 freezing but had no trouble until i installed this latest flash player. One of the game sites i frequent will not open the site half the time and then freezes the system. Even thought about upgrading to ie8 but then read about problems with that one so i thought i should ask the experts what they suggest. It is getting to be a real pain because flash content is everywhere so hope someone can help me out on this. Jo

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Cannot Use Adobe Flash Player On Ie

Using windows xp home edition sp2 on ie8. I begin. It was all working fine until either an upgrade to ie8 or when switching from avast free to avast license. Following reference from various forums, i downloaded and saved from adobe the uninstall and install files as attempting to directly install from adobe site did nothing. Not much success, even when disabling all from the tray and disabling av. Finally, used file hippo and downloaded version 10. 1. 51. 66. When i check on adobe version test the site asks to run add on. 'adobe flash player 10. 1d51'

When confirmed it sees the player as the correct version and names the operating system as xp. When i go to manage add ons shockflash object is there. Double click it and the remove all sites button is highlighted. I click on this to allow all sites and close. However, try you tube and it dont work. Go to, for instance, club penguin and its looking for a flash player.come out of ie, try again and shock flash object is not in the currently loaded add ons, back to adobe version test and again its looking to run the previous add on that i've just allowed for all websites!

Please help. Easy solution is to use firefox, which works perfectly fine but ie is essential for home schooling do i have an active x problem?Internet security settings seem ok. Using avg free as av

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Cannot Install Adobe Reader

Everytime i try to install adobe reader i get a box with the following message "this installation package could not be opened. Verify that the package exists and that you can access it or contact the application vendor to verify that this is a valid windows installer package" i have tried downloading via links to adobe from a variety of sites (including windows) and the same thing happens every time. The file appears to transfer but won't install.

Intriguingly, on the adobe site, along with adobe reader , you are offered a free download of a google toolbar - i did not want this but forgot to cancel it; the adobe download manager showed the two items being downloaded simultaneously - the toolbar is there on my desk top but no adobe!

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Installing Adobe Air

I'm trying to install adobe air v 1. 5. 3 on windows 7 running in parallels 5 on a macbook pro. The installation seems to progress normally but when it is done a) air doesn't show up anywhere that i can find as an installed program, and b) the program for which i'm installing air does not install or work. Using program compatibility and its troubleshooter indicates a compatibility issue, but doesn't say what it is and running the various options doesn't help. I've checked adobe's support forum, but without avail. How do i tell for certain whether air is working? If it is not, is there a workaround?

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Problem With Adobe Flash

I am having the same problems with a 64 bit computer and adobe flash, but windows 7 is making it worse and more frustrating. I thought i had solved the problem by installing adobe's beta program for 64 bits and making it the default player. It worked fine for the session, but when i signed off, the computer reinstated the old program as the default program. I tried the same solution with windows player and with quick time and each time the computer reset adobe flash as the default program. Why won't windows 7 allow me to change the default setting? And what do i do about it.

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Ie8 Will Not Download From Adobe

I have always been able to use flash, etc from adobe (marcomedia). But now, even clicking on to some of the links provided in these forums to downland, i keep getting error: ie cannot download (ex: adberdr930_en_us.exe) and other sites. Says: ie not able to open internet site. This happens on all adobe product downloads. This happened and have been fighting this for a month. Since going to web site and it said i needed to upgrade. Note: i installed firefox and then all flash, etc. Working fine. But would prefer to use ie 8 on my windows xp.

I have worked for two weeks with adobe forum experts with no success. And yes, followed all the directions to try and resolve. Please don't tell me to un-install and then install; have done that dozens of times. I have 32 bit system. I am the administrator. All security settings were not changed before or after and are correct. I have tried the compatibility view step.

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Issue Using Adobe Cs2

My problem is that the file previews appear upside down in cs 2. For example, if in i'm in cs2, i select file / open and then select thumbnails from the view menu drop down button, then the thumbnails appear upside down.

The reason this is an issue for me is that i just bought a lenovo t400 laptop with windows xp pre-installed through windows 7 professional downgrade rights, and once i install windows 7 i cannot go back to windows xp if i have an issue.

Now i must admit that this issue appeared when i was trying out a rc version of windows 7 so i do not know if this issues has been resolved in the release version. However, having worked in the software industry previously, i know that some issues would not necessarily prevent a build of the software from shipping if the issue only happens in a small number of cases. Any thoughts?

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Compatibility With Adobe Elements 7

I am considering upgrading from windows vista 64 bit to windows 7 64 bit (home version). I ran the compatibility check with windows 7 compatibility on my current software. It appears as though photoshop elements 7 is not compatible. There is a link under "action recommended" that says "get paid upgrade. " 

I am looking on the windows compatibility site:

I am translating this information as "elements 7 will not work on windows 7, so here is a free (paid) upgrade to elements 8 through adobe. " Is this correct? Am i missing something? I can not find any information on the adobe site that would suggest this to be true.

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Adobe Flash Player Not Compatible

I just bought a bran new dell pc with windows 7 installed 64-bit. I tried to download adobe flash player and it states they are not compatible. So now my videos and play list on my space will not work and i am having sound issues as well. I understand there is a way to go through a 32-bit  but not sure how to go about it.

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Adobe Elements 8 - Error 2329

While trying to install adobe elements 8 in windows 7 i receive error 2329 and cannot install this program. More of the error message c:config. Ms62b3a776. Rbf. Get last error 32.

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Adobe Flash Noise Issue

Ok i think i found out the problem here, i am running flash as a webcam model, and while people come in and out my room it makes noises, however if i am doing a bunch of things, the noises stop, i thought it was the sound card but it is in fact not the sound card, i used a usb headset to see the same thing, its almost like it doesn't want to work when i do other things. I am running a dual screen and i run the app on another screen. Assistance?

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Cannot Download Adobe Flash Player

Windows 7 downloaded to vista computer clicked 64 bit system when in fact it is a 32 bit. Now, cannot download adobe flash player. From my vista program, i downloaded windows 7 and inadvertently checked off that it was a 64 bit system when in fact it is only a 32 bit! How do i fix this? Is this affecting my ability to download adobe flash player? I have not been able to do this and it is really frustrating.

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Ie8 And Adobe Flash Player

I work on windows xp family. I've already installed adobe flash and macromedia players on my computer. Other browsers (chrome and firefox) work fine. But when i try to open a video clip, youtube for eg, in ie8, it displays a message that i need to install flash player. When i try to install again the later, the activex control warning message remains unresponsive on click and short while later, ie freezes showing the message that the site wants to install a module that can hurt your computer.

Leaving no means to install the player! Ultimately, i am brought to close ie through the task manager. I've uninstalled and re-installed ie8, but the same result!I wonder if ie has got any problem with the flash player? Or is there something that i am missing?Thanks for the reply.

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Adobe Flash Player Install

I looked at the site below but cannot install flash. I just got this computer and straight out of the box there are several features we could access on our old machine but cannot now and i think it is because of flash. Like i said i tried all the steps below (really! - Come-on!) And no luck. http://social. ollymax, you're not running 64-bit windows 7 are you? From the adobe flash player download page, you're downloading (saving) the installer, not running it (from the website) right?

Try this:
1. From internet options> security> internet zone, click on the default level button.
2. You still have the flash uninstaller and installer files saved on the desktop, right?
3. Restart in safe mode. Right click the flash uninstaller and run as administrator.

Start vista or windows 7 in safe mode Mspx

4. Restart into safe mode again.
5. Run the flash installer as administrator.
6. Restart.
7. From ie> tools> manage add-ons, make sure that the shockwave flash object is enabled.
8. Test flash player at http://kb2.
9. If unsuccessful, check steps 3 and 4 at http://kb2.

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Adobe Flash Player Failure

For months i have tried everything i could find on the internet to successfully load and play adobe flash player 10 in windows 7. I am not the only one. There are numerous complaints on the internet defining the problem and offering solutions, none of which works. I did find one that said that windows 7 simply does not recognize adobe flash player 10. It seems every video on the web is based on the adobe flash player. My question is why hasn't microsoft responded to the numerous complaints and offer a quick fix?

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Java Script And Adobe Flash

I know that this problem has been around awhile, but i have tried all the fixes and i will go insane if i have to uninstall/install falsh one more time. I can't even run tutorial videos for matlab!  This is the error i get:

"The camtasia studio video content presented here requires javascript to be enabled and the latest version of the macromedia flash player. If you are you using a browser with javascript disabled please enable it now. Otherwise, please update your version of the free flash player by downloading here"

I have uninstalled falsh using adobe unistall and i've updated flash using "%systemroot%system32macromedflash".

Is there a detailed process to go through so i can get flash to work?

It's flash version 10. 0. 12. 36  and java version 1. 6. 0. 15.

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Problem With Adobe Flash Player 10

I have home vista operation system, and i use internet explorer 8, but i have a trouble: i cannot see videos in youtube page, when i try to see videos the page show this message: "you don't have the latest version of flash player". Then i go to the link and i download adobe flash player 10, and i can see videos, but when i restart my computer the problem is again, and the youtube page show me the same message: "you don't have the latest version of flash player. Please, do you want to give me the solution to that problem.

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How To Update Adobe Flash Correctly?

Original title: "hi i was just wondering how to update adobe flash correctly uninstall old or install over old 10. 05 to 10. 1/ win 7 64?"I was wondering whats the best way to update adobe flash due to security flaws i haven't had any issues but i like to keep my software up to date. Also could i just manually update my graphics driver with the windows driver update utility by locating the driver myself for windows or should i do a full uninstall or just install over old driver my card is radeon 5770 with the 8. 66 driver and ccc 9. 1?

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Can't Install Adobe Reader

I am able to download the adobe reader but when i try to install it, i get this message: "the feature you are trying to use is on a network that is unavailable. " Then it says to try the browse, i tried the browse and got the same message!I just purchased this pc and windows 7 on 6/30/10 and everything was working fine until three days ago and i started finding out that i could no longer read data that required the acrobat reader and all other things started happening like not having the flash player any longer and getting the strange message on the 32 bit internet explorer that said " internet explorer unhandled exception". Did i buy a lemon? If so, what do i do  now?

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Adobe Reader Runtime Error

I am running windows 7 home premium. I have a problem trying to open pdf files either on my hard drive or via ie. The error message i get says:

"Microsoft visual c+ runtime library
Runtime error!
Program: c:program files(x86)adobereader 9. 0readeracrord32.exe

This application has requested the runtime to terminate it in an unusual way. Please contact the application's support team for more information. " I have uninstalled and reinstalled adobe reader 9. 3 from the internet several times, but i am still get the error. The pdf file will open, then this error box pops up, and i have to click ok which causes it to close the pdf.

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Problem With Adobe Reader 8 And Ie8

I've been using explorer 8 and adobe reader 8 together for months, with no problem. In the past there's been no problem with opening a pdf document from explorer or directly from the desktop.

I'm not aware of any changes to my computer recently, though automatic updates is turned on, so i wouldn't be aware of everything i suppose. I do think that the problem i'm encountering is associated with a recent explorer update, though.

Here's my problem:

When i try to run adobe reader 8 from the desktop or open a pdf document in explorer, i get the following error message:

Invalid plugin detected. Adobe reader will quit

When i click ok, another message appears:

The instruction at "0x2d830cbc" referenced memory at "0x00000008". The memory could not be "read". Click ok to terminate the program.

(The quotation marks aren't mine, they're part of the error message. )

I'm using xp sp3, adobe reader 8, and explorer 8

I have reinstalled reader 8 from the adobe website, but the problem persists. I hope someone can suggest a fix.

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Error Message For Adobe Acrobat 9.0

I have a problem with shut down and restore points and thus reviewing all errors. I have the following error message in the logs, source is sidebyside, and is happening even if i do not have the mentioned app (formdesigner) running. Can someone please assist and provide some recommendations as to how to fix this.

Activation context generation failed for "c:program files (x86)adobeacrobat 9. 0designer 8. 2formdesigner.exe". Error in manifest or policy file "" on line . A component version required by the application conflicts with another component version already active.

Conflicting components are:.

Component 1: c:windowswinsxsmanifestsamd64_microsoft. Windows.common-controls_6595b64144ccf1df_6. 0. 7600. 16385_none_fa645303170382f6. Manifest.
Component 2: c:windowswinsxsmanifestsx86_microsoft. Windows.common-controls_6595b64144ccf1df_6. 0. 7600. 16385_none_421189da2b7fabfc. Manifest.

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Cannot Open 64-bit Adobe Program

I bought a new dell xps 8100 64 bit machine. Then i installed my adobe cs4 and lightroom 2. Neither one will open. I am getting run around from dell and adobe techs. Both says its the others problem. Both want me to spent an additional 200 dollars, for software help, after spending 1000 on computer and 1400 for adobe products. I have used both on my old win xp system with no problems ever.

Now buy this great new high tech computer, 64 bit, and now can not use either program. Has anyone else experience a problem with this issue? If so, have you resolved it? Please help if you can. I have already spent over 5 hours on telephone between the two companies since i received my new computer 3 days ago.

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Win 7 Freezes

I have a dell inspiron 530 that i got about 1. 5 yrs ago - intel dual core2. 33 ghz/3 gb memory/500 gb hard drive/128mb nvidia video card originally with vista installed. I purchased an upgrade to win 7. It installed fine but now the computer after a few minutes use freezes to the point where i need to totally power down the system - ctl-alt-del has no response. I have been able to make this go away by having all power saving measures wide open to always on. It even froze when the only power saving measure was to turn the monitor off.

I have checked the dell site - have the latest bios/drivers from there and also updated to the latest nvidia drivers and still it freezes. Any suggestions? I'd preferably like to utilize the power saving features and they worked just fine under vista, its just the upgrade to win 7 that has caused it to freeze. Also, nothing found in the event viewer when it locks up.

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Update Freezes At 0%

My computer hasn't been working for quite some time now. My automatic updates have not been updating properly, it just remains at 0% when i move over the icon on the bottom bar. Also, when i try restarting my computer or shutting it off it freezes at the "configure updates - please do not turn off computer" screen. I left it on that screen once for 2 days and nothing happened. I have
Also noticed that most of my programs / games no longer work with the exception of programs like pokerstars. I am obviously not great with computers but any help would be great. I use windows vista: home premium 32b operating system.

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Install Freezes

I am running windows 7 ultimate and trying to install a program that they say is compatible with it. It is a scuba dive log program from aeris dive. When i start the setup file it opens install shield & goes through the initial parts, identifying the system, where the files will load etc but when it gets to the screen where it starts setup it just freezes.

I have tried to run it as administrator (i have admin rights) but no luck. I tried to run microsoft installer cleanup utility but that too locks up. I shut off all of my virus and spyware blocking tools and no effect. The file is ok as i can install it on another pc.

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